‘Star Trek Online: House Shattered’ Available Now – Watch Launch Trailer

The newest season of Star Trek Online is available now on PC. House Shattered continues the Klingon War, and includes a number of characters voiced by Star Trek vets.

Star Trek Online: House Shattered

Starting today, players can explore House Shattered, a brand new season which continues the Klingon War with characters like Aakar (voiced by Robert O’Reilly from Star Trek: The Next Generation), General Martok (played by J.G Hertzler from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and Adet’Pa (played by Rekha Sharma from Star Trek: Discovery). The update also features a new five-player Task Force Operation inspired by Star Trek: Picard, a full revamp of four missions from the Warzone Klingon Story arc and a Special Event that allows Captains to earn credits for all-new rewards.

House Shattered is now available on PC and will release on PlayStation4 and Xbox One on January 12, 2021. In addition, STO is now available on the Epic Games Store.

House Shattered Launch Trailer


Star Trek Online’s Year of Klingon

The Year of Klingon continues! After the tragic events which unfolded at Khitomer during House Divided, Captains have been labeled as enemies of the Klingon Empire. Players must seek refuge on Nimbus with Klingon captain, Adet’Pa, brought to life by Rekha Sharma from Star Trek: Discovery (Fans may also remember her as Commander Ellen Landry from Rise of Discovery). Also on the run are General Martok (voiced by J.G Hertzler from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and J’Ula, sister of T’Kuvma. The Klingon matriarch’s general, Aakar (voiced by Robert O’Reilly from Star Trek: The Next Generation) has teamed up with J’Mpok to hunt players down with stolen Mycelial weaponry. Without taking sides in a brutal civil war, it’s up to players to end the bloodshed and re-establish peace in the galaxy.

A full list of game features released today with Star Trek Online: House Shattered includes:

  • Brand New Episode – In the new episode “Partisans,” players will head to Nimbus to seek out Captain Adet’Pa and stop J’mpok and Aakar.
  • New Task Force Operation – The newest update introduces “Synth Wave,” a five-player space TFO that serves as a reenactment of the deadly Synth attack on Mars in 2385 as seen in Star Trek: Picard.
  • The Widening Gyre Event – In the next month, Captains can play the newest episode and TFO to earn credits toward the new 4-piece Imperial Rift Space Set.
  • Klingon Remaster – Players will discover a full revamp of four missions from the Warzone Klingon Story Arc – Bringing Down the House, The House Always Win, Mars, The Bringer of War and Alpha.
  • Experimental Ship Upgrade TokenStar Trek Online debuts new tokens which will give T6 and T5U starships a Universal Console Slot an extra Device Slots, and an extra Starship Trait Slot These items can be earned through gameplay, or purchased from the Zen Store.

More House Shattered Screenshots

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game that allows players to explore the Star Trek universe from within. It is currently available on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit playstartrekonline.com.

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The attempt here to create a hybrid look between Berman-era Klingons with Discovery Klingons is interesting. I wonder if Klingons ever show up on Picard if they will try something similar.

Yeah, really neat. They even included those STID helmets. They did a similiar thing for the Romulans on PIC so yes, I’d really love to have ALL Klingon styles in one series! Including TOS!

Is that a Klingon Lightsaber I spot there? Please give us those in live-action productions!

I’m annoyed by Klingons with pointy ears.

TNG. Birthright. Worf pulls back her hair to see pointed ears and immediately is disgusted.
Klingons Don’t have Pointed Ears. I can get passed romulans with variations on forehead ridges. But the pointed ear Klingon crap needs to be changed back.