The All Access Star Trek Podcast Talks Trill, Tuvix, And Thanksgiving On The Disco

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 14

[Episode review starts at 14:40]

Tony and Laurie talk about the latest Star Trek: Discovery production updates and then dive into the Trill pools (and other topics) in Discovery episode #304, “Forget Me Not.” Tony spots Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kate Mulgrew talking “Tuvix” on Twitter and Laurie recommends the best William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy interview ever.

Links to topics discussed in the pod

Production On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Has Begun

Two ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Fan Theories We Hope Are Not True

Emily Coutts Talks About What’s Up With Detmer In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3

Other mentions:

The auto-antonym game on Star Trek: Discovery season 2

Deep Space Nine – “Equilibrium”

Deep Space Nine – “Field of Fire”

Hannah Cheesman (Airiam) on Schitt’s Creek

Indiana Jones brings the right weapon

Deep Space Nine – “Rejoined”


Tony: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talking “Tuvix” on Twitter and Kate Mulgrew’s response

Interview: Kate Mulgrew On The Legacy Of ‘Voyager,’ ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ AOC, And More

Laurie: Mind Meld with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on YouTube and Amazon

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments.

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AOC on Tuvix is the best take of any politician this election season, god I love her so much. One of us <3

AOC is not my favorite politician but she is admirable. Barack Obama is my favorite politician personally. Tuvix lol

She knows what “Tuvix” is? I look forward to voting for her for President someday.

AOC is a HUGE Voyager fan. She idolizes Janeway and Kate Mulgrew and says she still watches it today.

This was one interesting episode. I loved that they went to Trill. Thanksgiving on the Disco lol

This episode was refreshing while the election is going on.

The election is uncertain at the moment but Joe Biden is winning in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and maybe Georgia. He won Michigan and Wisconsin so the election is heading in a positive direction for Biden. Trump threatens lawsuits and all that.

Hopefully this country can return to normalcy after the election

Not really much chance of it returning to normal until the inauguration. The lame duck session is going to be nuts. And, of course, we will still be dealing with Covid for some time even once Biden is in office.

Yeah, as far as this lame duck goes, whatever wildness you may imagine…may happen. Buckle up!!

That’s likely to take a while, even if everything breaks the president-elects way. Stay tuned….as at some point, I’d expect the moderators to start holding the line on the “no politics” edict on this site.

I’d welcome that, as long as the politics is kept out of the articles/interviews as well (I know in some cases its just reporting what actors said, but there’s a choice which trigger words to put into the headlines, for example ;)

Thanks for your feedback. and i know AOC is mentioned in the article but it was about Mulgrew/Tuvix. Please dont keep derailing conversations into election stuff. CLOSING.

I always enjoy listening to the podcast reviews, even if I often disagree on some of the finer points of the critics.

  1. I think Ian Alexander’s was good and more than serviceable. I do wonder however, why Adira needed to be played quite so young at 16. I am not saying a 15 year old cannot be madly in love, but since they actor is 21, even playing her/them at 18 would have been more compelling to me. I am guessing that Stamets and Culber are going to pseudo adopt Adira and since she/them qualifies as a minor by our standards it would make the age choice make sense.
  2. I loved everything about the dinner scene, including Georgiou’s presence. I think she brings a very different quality to Star Trek and this season will really be about setting her up to recreate Section 31 in this new future-present. I remember Alex Kurtzman saying that the script and idea for her series that Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt wrote was “Unforgiven” for Georgiou. A redemption story makes sense. (More on that another time.)
  3. I like the character choices for Culber as MD/counselor and almost everything in this script, but I didn’t like his read of the opening voice over. I imagine a log being less dramatic. (that’s one of my overall critiques of the show: too much melodrama.)
  4. Some have complained that the trans character Grey is already dead and that we are back to “kill your queers.” I get that, but I think that would be shortsighted. The other option would have been to make the lover character cis, which would have been also fine, but in this iteration we get two trans characters in a very uniquely Star Trek relationship. I am also weary of all the publicity the showrunners gave to the fact they are trans. Just do it.
  5. I love the fact that the stable minor characters are getting a chance to become three demensional. TOS never really accomplished much of that for Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov. TNG just had dayworkers. DS9 did the best.
  6. It annoys me too that they haven’t yet established Culber as CMO and Reno as Chief Engineer. It’s just a silly distraction that we don’t need. Clearly Nahn is also Chief of Security.
  7. I think this is thus far the best season of the show with 4 out of 4 well written, directed, and acted episodes.

More please.

I think if they’re going to redeem Georgiou, it can’t just be that everyone forgives her first. My biggest issue with her is how everyone is just used to having her around now and nobody seems to be taking issue with her. She went from being a brutal dictator and mass murderer (and eater of Kelpiens) to being the sassy aunt with a punchline. They can’t just keep her around for edgy commentary, it doesn’t make sense. We’ll see…

Yeah, she is the only element of Discovery I am not liking this season, and for that reason. Plus her asides are really jarring in tone (for me) in 90% of the scenes she is in. I really hope they figure something out for her character; a redemption arc was the thing I have thought from the beginning was the only way to “fix” her character as a hero/anti-hero. She just doesn’t fit otherwise.

My significant other is becoming very annoyed with me over the past three Discovery episodes; almost every time Georgiou is on screen I can’t hide my annoyance. The actress is bad, the character is bad, and the writing is bad. Why was Georgiou even invited to dinner? She’s a supervillain!

I am also flummoxed by how “dark matter energy” is going to do anything substantial with the spore drive. It sounds like hand-waving magic. Remember when Star Trek writers put in at least a minimal amount of effort to sound intelligent.

I really miss smart Star Trek.

I want to like Discovery so bad. I loved 3×01. But each episode since has these scenes that bother me and it’s wrecking my enjoyment.

Now on Fridays, The Mandalorian comes along and pulls off episode after episode without these poor production/writing decisions. Why can’t Star Trek do that again?

I’m supposed to be a Trekkie, dammit, not a Star Wars fan!

CBS, if you’re listening, get someone smart back in charge of Trek!!

Dark Matter, Discovery-version, played a role in Mae coming to inhabit Tilly in S2.

So, let’s see where it goes. Not every speculative science story needs to wrap by the last act of an episode.

(By the way, the hard scientists in our household and extended family have been rolling with Trek-science for a few decades now, and this isn’t tripping us up more than previous series.)

I guess you’re right, Star Trek is often very far from hard sci-fi. But I like when it used to attempt to sound smart and futuristic.

I just don’t see how “dark matter energy” is a solution. Maybe it’s the start of some kind of explanation, but it doesn’t make sense to me how or why “dark matter energy” is even interacting with regular matter or energy in the first place. I’d like to know what specifically they are trying to do but all Tilley said was “we’ll use dark matter energy to navigate the spore drive.” How, exactly? They might as well just say “we’ll use magic to navigate the spore drive.” Couldn’t they at least try to reconfigure a concentrated tachyon beam that would reverse the polarity of the dark matter, turning it into regular matter and releasing it’s dark energy as a unique form of charged plasma that could engage the spore drive? I came up with that off the top of my head, but didn’t Discovery hire some scientific advisor woman last year so she could come up with something better?

Maybe I’m being too critical, but I really, really want to like this show. I was 100% there at the season premiere, but after the last three episodes my love for Discovery is once again waning, just like Season 2.

Laurie and Tony, you continue to make very entertaining and thoughtful insights into Discovery. But I worry you are a little too forgiving of it’s flaws. Star Trek can and should be better!

Ok PeachesXtreme, I get where you’re coming from now.

I believe I’ve made the same critique.

Discovery and Picard seem to be overcompensating for some critiques of Trek technobabble, which reached its zenith in Voyager.

The problem is that even when the science is ok, the way they talk about it in Discovery often doesn’t feel like how people who do science actually talk and the process doesn’t feel right. Interjections of the kind “the power of math people” or “I like science” mostly don’t happen, and when they do they are said ironically.

All the geeking out enthusiastic technobabble from Geordie LaForge or by just about all of the characters in Voyager just seems more like how science and engineering get done. And Voyager is the most streamed Trek series on Netflix, so it doesn’t seem like the writers should shy away from it.

Glad you’re listening and enjoying it! Since the goal is to ENJOY the Star Trek we’re watching, we definitely are inclined to forgive some of the smaller things that bug us. Speaking for myself, I have episodes I loved from previous seasons and some I really disliked (like the last chunk of season 2 or the season 1 finale), so this season has already been a big improvement. We will always give honest opinions, but I know that I am always hoping to have a good time when I watch. So our conversation reflects that.

Thanks for mentioning the DS9 episode Equilibrium with Dax returning to the pools on the Trill homeworld. I will definitely check it out before watching E4 again. Incidentally I really liked this week’s episode – on so many levels.

My guess is that the Federation is on Q’Onos. Michael wouldn’t know anything about the Khitomer Accords, so she would be shocked to find out that the Federation and Klingons were working together. Daniels also mentioned that the Klingons were part of the Federation by the 26th century.

I was thinking about that! I’m torn between thinking it’s Qo’noS and thinking they will steer clear of Klingons this season.

It was weird that Jett was missing, but it makes sense that Georgiou was at the dinner. Saru doesn’t know that Georgiou is getting a spin-off, so he’s assuming that Georgiou will be staying aboard Discovery indefinitely. She works closely with the bridge crew now, and will continue to work closely with her. Her mental health and relationship with the crew is as important as anybody’s. She is a part of the Discovery family.

I feel like that would make more sense if she wasn’t a brutal dictator who killed a lot of people, including her own advisors. She hasn’t indicated that she thinks she’s ever done anything wrong, which makes me wonder why she gets invited to dinner parties. I am all for a redemption arc, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe if someone had protested her being there, Saru could have given a reason, but nobody did.

THIS! So much so this!

Space Hitler isn’t their friend. She makes it clear she doesn’t even want to be there outside of being around Burnham. And why would Saru want to invite someone who literally ate his own species? I’m shocked she didn’t make a crass joke about it at dinner.