Gaming Update: ‘Timelines’ 5th Anniversary Event And ‘Jetpack Joyride’ Star Trek Crossover

If you are looking for some Star Trek while you wait for new episodes to arrive, you can try out some gaming. And three games this week have new updates.

Star Trek Timelines Fifth Anniversary Luau

The strategy role-playing mobile game Star Trek Timelines is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a limited-time giveaway and more. Now through February 2, players who roam the galaxy will be gifted with Captain Tom Paris, a free Luau Paris 5 Star Crew Member. During this time, the game will also introduce three new temporary achievements which when completed will grant players a copy of the Pineapple Paris Crew Member.

Trek Fans looking to celebrate all month long can also partake in the “A Woman of Conviction” limited-time event, set to go live on Jan 21. Players can join Sirella, wife of Klingon warrior Martok, to eliminate the parasitic beings controlling her husband and other top Klingon officials. By targeting the ship carrying Martok and Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick, players can eliminate the mother parasite and stop the invasion before it ends.

To download Star Trek Timelines, and partake in the anniversary celebrations, visit the App Store and Google Play stores.

Jetpack Joyride goes Star Trek

The mobile sidescroller game Jetpack Joyride has launched a Star Trek event, redressing the game with backgrounds, characters, outfits, and more from the Trek franchise. The trailer below pretty much explains the game and how it has been enhanced with Star Trek.

Jetpack Joyride comes from the makers of Fruit Ninja and is free to play, with the option of in-app purchases. For more details and where to download visit

Star Trek Online: House Shattered now on consoles

“House Shattered,” the Klingon-focused update to Star Trek: Online which launched on PCs in October was released this week on consoles. The update features a brand new playable episode, starring Robert O’Reilly from Star Trek: The Next Generation, J.G Hertzler from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Rekha Sharma from Star Trek: Discovery. Captains will also discover a new five-player Task Force Operation inspired by Star Trek: Picard, a full revamp of four missions from the Warzone Klingon Story arc, and a special event that allows Captains to earn credits for all-new rewards.

Star Trek Online is a  that allows players to explore the Star Trek universe from within. It is currently available on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit

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Can we get just one Star Trek game this decade that doesn’t see me as an open wallet?

Agreed. I wish we could get more quality games like Bridge Commander and Elite Force.

Yeah those are the best Trek games. The 25th Anniversary TOS game on the PC was pretty good too.

That Jetpack Joyride Star Trek game has less to do with Star Trek than the infamous “space fun” helmet toy. Jee-zis!

Man, that game looks so stupid.

Did I just see klingon dinosaurs there?

You sure did . That was great

Kind of reeks of desperation. “You know what this game needs? Klingon DINOSAURS!”

The Jetpack Joyride disappoints me. They could’ve at least made one of the jetpack options the rocket boots from Star Trek V!

Jetpack Joyride is still a thing? I remember it being rather fun when I still played mobile games.

Having to pay for Star Trek!?! That’s unheard of!