Hero Collector Unveils New Range Of Star Trek Universe Ship Models

For years Eagelmoss Hero Collector has been releasing a series of die-cast Star Trek ship models covering the TV and film franchise. And now they are rolling out a new collection of ships, which will include ships from Star Trek: Picard, Discovery, and the upcoming series Strange New Worlds. We have a sneak peek at some of the first releases from this new line.

Hero Collector Star Trek Universe Collection

Under the umbrella title of the Star Trek Universe Starship Collection, this new series is designed as a continuation of Hero Collector’s popular Star Trek: Discovery Starships Collection, featuring new starships at the same scale, to keep collections compatible.  These hand-painted, die-cast starship models aim to perfectly replicate the most iconic starships from modern live-action Star Trek TV series – and each one is accompanied by an in-depth magazine, including ship specs, behind-the-scenes info, and interviews with designers.

Priced around $55 earch, the new line is set to launch in April 2021. Eaglemoss has revealed the first six ships in this monthly collection…

La Sirena: The hero ship of Star Trek: Picard, is a Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter which was hired by Jean-Luc Picard and helmed by Captain Rios, an ex-Starfleet officer himself. It was a discreet warp-capable ship, well-suited to the search for Soji Asha. You can pre-order La Sirena now for $54.95.

U.S.S. Zheng He: An Inquiry-class starship, the U.S.S. Zheng He was touted as the toughest, fastest, most powerful ship Starfleet had ever put into service. William Riker returned from retirement to captain it into battle above the planet Coppelius. The Zheng He arrives on May 24 and you can pre-order for $54.95.

The following ships don’t have release dates or pre-order links yet…

Romulan Bird-of-Prey: A retro callback to the classic Romulan designs of the Original Series, this antique Romulan starship was owned by the warlord Kar Kantar, and terrorized shipping throughout the Qiris Sector.


Fenris Ranger Ship: A small, aggressively-armed one-person starship, this vessel was piloted by Seven of Nine in her work with the vigilante Fenris Rangers. She used it to come to the resuce of La Sirena when it came under fire in the Qiris Sector.

Narek’s Snakehead: A nimble Romulan scout vessel, the Snakehead’s size belied its formidable armaments and cloaking capabilities. Narek flew this starship in pursuit of La Sirena, as it fled The Artifact.

Romulan Bomber Warbird: A new class of Romulan starship, this sharp-edged, angular warbird was employed by both the Romulan Free State and the secretive Tal Shiar in their exploitation of The Artifact.

To register your interest or subscribe to the collection, please go here: herocollector.com/StarTrekUniverse

Reminder: Build the Enterprise-D program starts this month

If you are looking for something a bit bigger, Hero Collector launches their “Build the U.S.S. Enterprise-D” subscription program in the first half of March. The program has you subscribe to regular deliveries of parts and simple instructions (without the need for glue or paint) to form your own 2-foot long U.S.S Enterprise-D model, complete with stand, detachable saucer, and internal lights.

Subscribers will receive four kits every month for $12.90 for each kit. There are a total of 120 kits, so it will take around 30 months to complete the model. The first two kits have an introductory price of $4.95 with free shipping and you also get some free pins.

For more details see our previous coverage. To register your interest, and find more details, photos, and videos of this amazing model, visit build-model-enterprise.com.

Keep up with Star Trek merchandise news and reviews at TrekMovie.com.

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Wake me up when Star Trek has something more affordable like Micromachines again. I don’t know how anyone can afford to keep up with expensive Star Trek products anymore. Star Trek Mego’s are a nice affordable product. Super7 will have 3 3/4” Reaction Figures of The Next Generation characters that are a little pricey for what they are but under $20. I’m just ready for Star Trek to have toys again and not just expensive collectibles.

I don‘t know, if you’re supposed to by every ship. I don’t even like most of the designs Eaglemoss sells. But I love my USS Orville, even if it was 70 Euros

I usually wait for sales and then focus on what I’m interested in, but yes I have a complete set of Star Trek Micro Machines and those things are amazing, but right now I’m focusing on collecting all of the Enterprise’s from Eaglemoss. Their shipping rates are terrible though and I hate that they are not ALL die-cast. I got the bajoran solar sailer years ago and in the process of the move the flimsy plastic pieces broke.

I pre-ordered the La Sirena a month ago. Going to have to wait a bit for the Zheng He. But I will totally be dropping $55 for it when I have the chance.

Ah, the Battlestar Zheng He


I don’t even know what this comment means…

It intrigues me though

Generally not a fan of the ship designs from Kurtzman-era Trek thus far, but the Romulan ship is cool. Definitely a fan of die-cast, though. Agreed this is pricey.

Have appreciated the Eaglemoss models from afar, but never actually given any serious thought to buying one.

Like you, I do like die-cast, and had quite a few models (not Star Trek) when I was younger. I guess that, at these sort of prices, I’d just be too wary of chipping them.

I like the Romulan design too. That’s the one I would have gone for.

I just bought the Zheng He! Can’t wait!

Couldn’t you have just pressed ctrl + v and saved yourself 55 bucks? Lol

The art of starship design has been completely lost in this era and Star Trek toys are now focused solely on collectors.

Well said. Over-designed, inelegant rubbish from Eaves.

They’re disgusting, ugly ships. Hard to believe Eaves designed the Sovereign and Akira classes. He’s fallen off big time.

The Akira was designed by Alex Jaeger.

Quite right, Cody. I stand corrected of course!

I’m such a sucker for these starship models. I’ve given waaay too much money to Eaglemoss over the years, in fact I just bought a batch of four on sale, including the Ent-F. But I don’t buy anything from Kurtzman Trek – it’s too expensive, I don’t have enough room, and…I don’t like any of the designs :( I mainly collect Starfleet ships, but even the Zheng He doesn’t seem worth it to me, maybe because it aggravates me the CGI artists on Picard just copy pasted it 80 times, making it seem so cheap. I like ships that feel special. Serena doesn’t interest me either, it’s such a bland vessel. I remember when starships were given as much character as the people on screen…but now it’s just, CGI spaceship go brrrr

Such a shame, all the grandeur of the ships from previous years has been lost, and you’re right that the ship once had as much personality as the characters. All originality has been lost. That cut n’ paste in the Picard finale was disgraceful.

These look great! Definitely getting the Zheng He.

That said, five years later, I despair of ever seeing the Kelvinverse 1701-A. They could sell me two if they also did a “Probert version” based on Sean Hargreaves’ concept art.

I know the KT is sort of in limbo, but it’s still odd to me that they did an XL rendition of the weird refit skinny nacelles version that got trashed, but not the new hero replacement ship.

Like I had no idea what Seven’s fighter even looked like, as it was a quick moving blur seen at a distance, yet we get a lovingly rendered model! Ships seen for maybe ten seconds get their own models, but not the one that we saw being built in detail, and launched with a beauty spin-around shot, at the finale of what possibly might be the last KT film?

This is just a guess but maybe they want to keep the option to redesign the 1701-A in case they actually do a continuation of the adventures of Pine-Kirk and crew.

Would love the A! Both versions,regualr and XL. A friend of mine who works for EM said,you never know,when I asked him about it,lol!

Those new ship designs look ugly. The older ones had some elegance and sleekness to them. I don’t think this “boxy” design is working for Trek. This is like the designs changed from a Toyota to a big American off-road truck.

Someone please tell Eaves that not every Federation starship needs angular hard lines everywhere. Those nacelles on the USS Copy Paste are a trainwreck. The class and sleekness of the TOS/TNG era has been completely lost. What a shame.

Eaglemoss making the Zheng He is super smart- they’ll be able to make convention exclusives for the next century thanks to the Cut and Paste Fleet.

La Sirena looks like it escaped from the cover art of an old Atari game.

Lol – so true. I’m fairly sure I got hep-C just looking at that awful “hero” ship.

Is the La Sirena supposed to be painted like Eddie Van Halen’s guitar? That’s not a joke. Is that supposed to be a reference to VH?

I’m sorry but the new ship designs of the new shows just look so ugly and bad to me. I just really miss the look of the ship designs of the old shows (and clearly not alone in that). I just can’t get over the hero ships of DIS and PIC are some of the ugliest ships I have ever seen. I am getting use to Discovery but the La Sierna is just so generic looking it can literally be in any sci fi universe. I can’t imagine wanting it for free, much less paying to display it somewhere in my house.

I pre-ordered the Zheng-He. This will probably be the last one. Im running out of room. If they release a XL edition of the Odyssey Class or if an Enterprise F (canon) shows up on Picard which is about 75% unlikely they would get my attention again.

I was up for this series but the price / frequency of release are too high and the quality of the Zheng He put me off going for any of them. There are no shots of the underside of the Zheng He for good reason. Zoom into what parts you can see and the Eaglemoss model really does accurately depict the screen model, ie: poorly detailed. The promo-shots show that the nacelles are misaligned and gappy and the weird tonal effect on the Bussard collectors looks too cartoony on the scale they chose; almost as if it was designed to be a smaller model and then scaled up.