The Shuttle Pod Crew Gets Far-Out Again In “Best Of The Weird Part III”

The full complement of the Shuttle Pod crew re-examine four episodes that are considered oddballs, underdogs, or just plain weird episodes. Before they jump into the weirdness, the podcasters also announce the 100th episode contest winner. Then, on this installment of The Best Of The Weird,  Brian, Kayla, Jared, and Matt discuss “Spock’s Brain,” “Phantasms,” “If Wishes Were Horses,” and “Threshold.” Are these episodes as strange as you remember them? or just plain bad? listen along and see if you agree with the podcasters.

Contest Winner

Congrats to Shawn Bender and his awesome smiling with Frakes entry

Quark's Bar at DS9 with actors I've met at conventions

And a big thanks to all the contestants, we enjoyed them all!

Bonus GIFs

Find these and a few more on the TrekMovie Giphy page

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In the winning contest photo, who is the woman between Morn and Leonard Nimoy?

Emily Coutts – Keyla Detmer

Thanks, Dvorak. I didn’t recognize her out of costume.

The podcast stops after 30 secs…

The podcast stops after 30 secs…

Please fix it!

You are correct. I listened to it on Spotify and had zero problems.

Thanks for alerting us to this! The Spotify player seems to be picky, so we have changed it to an Apple Music player. That should work for everyone, whereas the Spotify player was only loading 30 sec for some users.