Watch Anson Mount’s ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season One Wrap Message To Fans

In July Star Trek: Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount announced the main unit production wrapped for the first season but he noted at the time they would return in the fall for pickup shots. That work is now down and the man who plays Captain Pike has a message for fans.

Mount says the fans made this happen

After appearing in season two of Star Trek: Discovery there was a clamor from many fans including a popular online petition, wanting to see more of the USS Enterprise with Captain Pike (Anson Mount), Spock (Ethan Peck), and Number One (Rebecca Romijn). And in 2020 Strange New Worlds was announced as the next live-action Star Trek show, going into production in February of this year. In his season wrap video (also available on, Anson Mount offered his thanks, saying this all wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the fans.

As for a release date, we will still have to wait. Mount says that it will arrive “sometime next year.”

More from the cast

On October 1st Jess Bush (who was recently revealed to be playing Nurse Christine Chappel) posted a picture of herself and Ethan Peck (still in his Spock makeup) on Instagram. Her message thanked the “freakin stellar crew and cast who made the last 8 months incredibly special and thrilling and challenging and wonderful and warm.”


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And on September 30 Celia Rose Gooding (who is playing Cadet Nyota Uhura) announcing she had wrapped as well, showing a picture of her off stage but still in uniform.

ICYMI – Meet The Crew

Here again in the character reveal video from Star Trek Day.

The 10-episode first season will arrive on Paramount+ in 2022.

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I’m wondering if they’re hoping to release SNW to coincide with the relaunch of the recently announced international expansion of Paramount+.

That sounds like a good guess. Both are set for 2022, and it sounds like Picard will also stream on Amazon, so SNW and Prodigy will be Paramount+ exclusives, with the exception of Canada.

I think a lot will depend on how well post production goes as the expansion of p+ will be scheduled but SNW definitely fits the bill for a ‘flagship’ launch show.


I know that this is off-topic, but is Anson Mount a Bombshell or what?🚀

My wife and staff were all in agreement on that front back in his “Hell On Wheels” days and seem to love him even more now.

It’s on topic. So on topic. The. Only. Topic. #YesSirCaptain

Hell, I’m straight and even **I** recognize that he is.

This is the trailer I’m most excited about. They’ve done an amazing job keeping virtually everything about this series under wraps.

Welp, let’s hope we get a Star Trek show. Been a while.

You should just assume you don’t like it, then don’t watch it, then don’t comment on it, and then leave. Pessimistic fandumb is just the worst

WARNING for gatekeeping.

Wow, I thought this show wrapped months ago? I guess that explains why it’s not coming until after Picard. But great news.

But he did make a great point, this show is ONLY happening because of the fans. That’s literally the reason. And it’s ALSO why I always give Kurtzman credit, he does listen over and over again. Because of all the fans whining (or even begging) it’s why we got:

-A plethora of post-Nemesis shows and (finally) going forward again with Picard, Lower Decks, Discovery and now Prodigy.

-A return of legacy TNG era characters. Quite a few has shown up between Picard and Lower Decks alone. Janeway, Q and Chakotay will be the next batch to show up and who knows how many more will be coming in the next year on all these shows? (But yes we need DS9 characters to make their grand entrance soon!).

-Removing Discovery out of the 23rd century and throwing it far into the future which appeased both people who complained (bitterly) over its canon issues within the 23rd century and finally going into a brand new era/century many fans (like me) wanted to expand the franchise.

-NOT having the Section 31 show. Yes it’s still technically happening but it clearly got replaced with SNW because it was no question which show fans wanted…and didn’t want. Many, like me, suggested replacing it over the S31 show and that’s what they did.

-Yes, giving fans the Pike show AND also a return to more episodic stories.

Maybe some of these were already planned long before fans said anything but I’m guessing the majority of this happened because every website you went to, especially here, people were complaining about wanting more of these elements in future Trek shows. And now we are getting them! Yes I get it, just having this stuff doesn’t mean the shows themselves are better but I do think Kurtzman listens to the fans. Certainly way more than Berman did at least (and I ALWAYS liked Berman and always will) but Kurtzman seems to try more to please them, even is many still think he’s Satan. ;)

Oh forgot the Borg Queen is coming back too in Picard and had a cameo in LDS!

maybe the new movie will be a similarly fan pleasing exercise – which i guess would entail multiverse stuff Kelvin/Prime/Shatner (and Hemsworth as did you see how much Endgame made?!)

It would certainly be nice and get fans more excited that’s for sure. I’m not convinced IF the next movie does come in 2023 it’s going to be some big crossover thing with characters from past shows or anything. But I do hope if the movie isn’t about the Kelvin cast and they go back to the PU that will have elements of the shows at least. Do what the TNG films did and include a few characters from the previous shows, but maybe more than a cameo.

I personally think one of the reasons the Kelvin movies lost their appeal (among others) is because they were in another universe and it felt completely cut off from the other legacy characters fans got to know for decades. Now I had no problem with that at all and I just accepted both the universe and these characters as their own. But because there was NOTHING else going on with the prime universe at the time I think long time fans wanted to see aspects of it again and was less keen on those movies due to that after the novelty of the first film wore off. They had Nimoy but I think people still wanted a lot more.

And it’s probably a reason they are afraid to reboot Star Trek outright. The PU just has too much history and nostalgia for fans to do-over I guess. Plus it’s harder for Frakes/Riker to show up out of nowhere lol.

Haha, yeah the whole Kurtzman thing sometimes boggles the mind, but good for him for listening to SOME of the more legit critiques while developing the current Star Trek universe.

Btw, I read another post the other day that responded to my less than enthusiastic take on the Disco S4 trailer and they brought up a great point – that they looked at this year as the REAL inaugural season of the series set in the 32nd century. I think you alluded to something similar more than a year ago. It has given me a renewed perspective and a more positive attitude torward S4.

Finally, Mount’s message also caught me off guard as I thought production had finished a couple of months back too. This explains why I saw Peck and a production crew member at my local grocery store a couple of weeks back in Etobicoke (West Toronto).

I think it was officially finished back in August, but they had to do some pick-up shots recently – pretty normal procedure nowadays.

Yeah, Kurtzman is clearly trying hard to win the fans over. Now I don’t know if it’s just him of course, maybe CBS itself is responding to feedback and also trying to get the right mix of shows and elements for fans and pushing him in that direction at times. We just don’t know. But I do think they spend a lot of time analyzing what people want versus what they don’t want. The biggest one was simply to go forward again.

If nothing else, that was what most fans seem to have wanted when Discovery started and now we have four shows doing that, oddly including Discovery itself. And I have said in the past I don’t think they just moved Discovery a thousand years into the future to please fans. I don’t think anyone was really asking for that lol. I think they themselves was just tired of the limits a pre-TOS setting did for the show and just wanted the show to be able to do literally whatever it wanted and moved it away from all previous canon. They heard the complaints but it was only moved that far ahead because that’s really what they wanted to do themselves. I still wish they went this direction with the show on day one. But as others point out, we probably wouldn’t got the Pike show without it.

And I hope you’re right about S4. People do seem very mixed on the trailer. It’s a very different reaction to S3 trailer for sure. But yes, the GOOD thing is hopefully from this point on the show has a real direction now. Another issue Discovery always had, what is the show about???? Maybe this season we will finally know that lol.

But the fans are also asking for something that hasn’t been delivered yet…

Quality. When is he going to listen to us about THAT? Honestly, if he ignored everything but that I would be happy. Its the ONLY thing he really should be listening to fans about.

And you know that’s very subjective. Some people here, very few so far but still, DO like all the new shows and think they are great. But yes most of us are still on the fence with a lot of it but as I keep saying over and over again, it’s early. Every classic Trek show had the same growing pains in the past. Now most of those shows are beloved today. You know while I root for the shows, I’m far from apologist either. I have no issue saying what I like and don’t like. But long term they all have potential to be great IMO. We don’t know if that will happen with them yet but considering you are personally still watching them means you think they still have potential, right?

I personally love Lower Decks and hope PRO and SNW are great shows too out of the gate.

I watch them for the same reason I still watch sports teams I am a fan of. One team I follow was pretty darn good 20 years ago. Won two titles. But since then has been crap. But here I am still following them and still watching their games. Even when I know they suck. Why? Because I am a fan and hope they will get better even when all signs show that will not be the case for a very long time at least. Star Trek was pretty good in the past. But the current incarnation has been awful. And there is no sign they are getting any better. But like your team each new season there is hope. Teams try to improve. But as a fan you check out the moves they made and figure that while it still doesn’t look good, there is HOPE that the new season will show unexpected improvement. So you still watch. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. That is called being a fan.

In regards to Trek, every Trek incarnation from Secret Hideout has ranged from complete garbage to below average at best. However with Prodigy and SNW, there is the hope that things might get better. But you never know until the season actually starts.

Dude I think everyone knows your sports team analogy at this point lol. And I get it.

But as you said you think the shows can still improve, right? That’s what I’m saying, the potential is still there. It’s just a matter of if and when they can reach it, but most of us are betting they can or what’s the point?

But you also know I’m not telling you not to watch it. I’m just hoping in time you will like at least ONE show! But that does seem to be a tall order given how much you are down on the others.

I would say for me Discovery has improved with every season. No nothing amazing, but better. That’s a positive, at least it’s not getting worse with every season (although it does sound like others really hated last season too). But I still haven’t seen season 4 yet. ;) Hoping Picard will be much improved as well.

Honestly, I very much am doubting the current shows are going to improve at all. Star Trek Discovery has a huge handicap in that there was just so very much wrong with it that nothing but a 100% complete overhaul I think can save it. That means new producers, writers, cast, production designers, characters… Everything. Picard and Lower Decks I think are salvageable but Lower Decks does not seem to want to be better and the direction that it appears Picard has taken appears to very much be a wrong move. The hope for the future lies in Prodigy and SNW.

To end on a positive as terrible as Star Trek Discovery has been (and it is indeed EASILY the worst of the lot) I agree that it has gotten better with each season. But do not misunderstand. It was darn near impossible NOT to get better after season 1. Season 2 was still complete garbage but it was slightly less complete than season 1. And season 3 they seemed to decide what they wanted to be. But what they want to be is bland characters with inane plots in a new time frame that doesn’t feel nearly as far in the future as they are claiming to be. So it’s still pretty darn bad. But at this rate it might reach mediocrity after 15 or 20 seasons!

I don’t know why fans who should know better keep repeating the notion that Trek series always take time to find their footing. TOS’ first season was its best by a considerable margin (and many of the best shows were in its first half), and while DS9 took awhile to attain consistent levels of quality it had a very solid pilot and the two final episodes of its inaugural season were amongst its very best. The only clear example of this “rule” is TNG, which did indeed take three full years to find its “voice” (i.e. a producer who figured out how to make it work).

I wasn’t a big fan of TNG, DS9 or ENT when they started. I learned to love them in their later seasons. Yes it’s all subjective but the MAJORITY of shows best seasons are in their later periods and rarely their firsts, would you agree?

And TOS doesn’t count. It only lasted for 3 seasons and it was the first show of its kind. I’m talking about the spin offs since they all had to compare to the original in some way.

Pinch me.

He is hot AF. Only eclipsed by Ethan Peck in his ears. Spock it to me! #PonFarr


And that hair… He’s just perfect!

I’m hoping the SNW show looks different from Disco and Picard show. Here’s hoping

@ VZX – We’ll get a good idea when we see the first proper trailer, but at this point I’m guessing there will be a very familiar look indeed to the effects and cinematography of the Discovery and Picard shows overall….which I have no problem with myself.

I’m already looking on the SNW show as an ‘alternate universe’ setting to TOS, but while I reckon it’s going to be a somewhat reimagined version of the original show overall, I’m mainly hopeful for some interesting individual stories amongst it’s run.

I don’t mind taking hours out of my life to follow a long, single storyline if it entertains and satisfies me in the way that say, Netfix’s 9-episode hit ‘Squid Game’ did….but I certainly grudge spending that amount of time on a season-long story that turns out to be bland and disappointing by it’s conclusion just because it’s got the ‘Star Trek’ name attached to it. Opinions vary on that of course, but at least there’s a much higher possibility this time around that there’ll be an adventure or two that I like amongst the various episode stories this new show will tell.

Mount is a great leading man for this show, and I reckon SNW has a good chance of bringing in a whole new fanbase to the premise. I hope it’s got a great intro. theme to draw them in when it’s on.

My preference would be to get an updated Enterprise that still FEELS like the version we saw on The Cage. But more important than that is the hope that the show is actually good. Actually at this point I’ll take mediocre.

CANNOT wait for this one!!!!!!!!!!11~!!11!1#

I wish them all the best for this show, its going to feel like the day I was 8 years old watching the first episode of TOS back in 1966. When both Anson and Ethan came to the STLV in 2019, I thanked them both for their individual portrayals of such beloved characters we have grown to love. Now we get a series with them…plus the added benefit of “other” beloved TOS roles.

Here is another thought about the presence of Dr. M’Benga. I think he was presented as a bit of a Vulcan specialist and perhaps was on board because Spock was a Vulcan on a mostly human staffed ship.

That occurred to me some time after the characters were introduced.

Hoepfully discovery disappears for good next year and SNW gives us a real flagship show

No offense but I just don’t understand why fans say stuff like this? You can COMPLETELY hate Discovery, no one is forcing you to watch or care about it. But why does it need to ‘disappear’? AFAIK, SNW is going to come on the air if Discovery stays or goes. And it’s now 1,000 years into the future. You can just avoid it both in terms of viewership and canon since it’s so far away from everything else.

And here is another thought, what if SNW just isn’t that good itself? I’m not sure how many times I have to remind people the same people who made Discovery that some now view as a virus are literally the same people making SNW as well.

And this is what gets me every time. Many of the Kelvin movie fans circa 2009 thought those moves were going to be amazing and bury the old Trek shows into oblivion; some even thought the Prime Universe itself for good. Those movies were now the de facto driving force of the Star Trek franchise for years to come and everything else will just be considered a remnant of the long ago. Now look where those films are? When Discovery came on, people were happy to be in the prime universe again but then acted like the TNG era was now forever dead; because now apparently Discovery was going to be the new de facto driving force that would bring back TOS in all its glory for years to come and no one cared about the 24th century or beyond anymore.

Do I need to go on?

Why can’t we just enjoy what we enjoy without constantly trying to make everything else we hate disappear? And have we not learned yet that none of this stuff are instant winners out of the gate after the Kelvin movies, Discovery and Picard? And Discovery is going to be part of the fanbase for years to come like everything else in one form or another. If CBS has their way none of it will be disappearing for the next 50 years.

Yes it’s a gamble for SNW, it is by the same people so the odds are favorable it may be the same quality of writing that’s seen discovery never truly get off the ground. But we live in hope.

Discovery will disappear from our screens hopefully in the next season or two. And yes it’s Canon, but only saving grace is they kept it far as possible away from everything else.

Have to call discovery out, it’s the flagship show for Trek right now, and it shouldn’t be. It’s 4 seasons in and it still has many character and writing issues. There’s many good characters in Discovery, but it’s weighed down by the poorer ones and rubbish storylines.

First of all, I’m really sorry I came off so harsh. I read it back thinking I blew up over one line lol. And to be honest I was on Youtube (bad place) where people were slagging off all the new stuff. I got into it with this poster who called the Kelvin movies and Kurtzman shows ‘total trash’ and said anything after Enterprise shouldn’t even be considered ‘real Star Trek’. I tried to have a reasonable conversation over it, but that didn’t exactly work out lol.

And then after reading endless comments like that, I came to your post and why I partly responded the way I did. For the record, I still feel that way but I could’ve been more civil over it. So I hope you take my apology.

That said, I still think its the wrong attitude to have only because I remember having this same exact attitude about Enterprise. I didn’t want it to disappear but I didn’t care it got cancelled either. I was convinced it never got better after first season. Then I went back to it, I felt completely wrong. It not only got better, it had the potential to be an amazing show if it kept going. Now if you disagree about that, then OK, that’s fair too.

The irony is a lot of the people bitching about the Kurtzman shows are a lot of the same people who stopped watching Enterprise at the time too. But now that show is ‘real’ Star Trek to them. It’s the exact same strange revisionist history fans have with Star Wars. I remember the prequels being pretty well hated and shunned when they were in theaters. But compared to the sequel trilogy, now they are masterpieces lol. No one seems to remember that time anymore…but I do. ;)

To me, I’m only saying I KNOW Discovery is still far from a great show. You read my posts. I don’t pretend the show is well written either. It DOES have a lot of problems. But for me, no more than what Enterprise had at this point. I did like Enterprise third season more than Discovery’s but it still had issues too. And its a bit unfair to say it’s four seasons in when the fourth haven’t started yet lol. But yes, I was also very underwhelmed by the trailer too and said so. I can’t deny that. But it could actually surprise us and turn out amazing, right?

I just wish fans can accept they will not like every show or movie without trying to see them end or pretend like they never existed. And we have to stop living in nostalgia ALL the time or Trek will always look back and never forward. I’m very happy to at least see a lot of the legacy characters back but if people think it will help them relive TOS, TNG, VOY, ENT, etc, I don’t think it will, least not the way they want. And where the resentment come from a lot of old fans. And yes I will include SNW in that now. I think it can be a good show but I still think MANY will complain about it just like everything else because it still won’t feel like TOS.

Ironically why I want Discovery to live longer and prosper because for the first time since 1987, Trek is trying to really look forward again. And I want that to continue…just with better writing. ;)

While I always appreciate reading your long-winded but excellent posts, for this one I’ll do a bit of countering. First I agree that looking forward is important, that is how franchises survive but not at the expense of totally disregarding or “erasing” the past. No matter how problematic that past stuff maybe I think people need to give it the respect it deserves. But there is also something else that I recognize when I watch modern shows and compare them with the older ones (yes, this includes the Star Wars prequels too) and that is the fact in most of the modern shows and films I don’t see the heart or the innocence of the originals. It seems like newer things were made by cynics for cynics (or realists, true fantasy and science-fiction also seems to me to be disappearing these days) So everything new for me seems to come from a much more realistic perspective and while most people will find this to be better, I actually prefer my science-fiction to make my imagination work and take me to another world or society for 2 hours or 50 minutes instead of hitting me over the head with the issues that I see all the time in the news anyway.

I certainly wasn’t implying we should forget the old shows. For me, it’s the total opposite, I still want them embraced as much as possible. It’s a big reason I love Lower Decks now. I’ve said this before that show feels like the ‘glue’ to the entire franchise right now because it leans on everything from the past. It’s why I’m excited about PRO and SNW because it’s still bringing in elements from previous shows, in those cases Voyager and TOS. I’m a fanboy I’m always excited to see the old shows represented in the new stuff!

And I think they have realized fans want that too and why practically every show is now a call back to the past. Every one except ironically Discovery being so far away now.

But it’s also perfectly fine to try different ways to tell new stories in Star Trek too. That’s what I was mostly talking about. And Discovery tried that. It was the first serialized Trek show. It was also much darker, which I know was an issue for many. It was too much ‘The Expanse’ and not enough “Star Trek’ for some. And we been over the visual canon stuff a hundred times. And I think people would’ve been fine with all of that if it was just a better show overall. The problem was it wasn’t very good so I get why people have issues with it. It’s all over the place in both tone and theme as well. It is kind of a mess of a show lol. But it’s a show that is still growing too and it deserves a chance to do that like the others got; especially since they moved it a thousand years to give it a new direction.

I was only saying I don’t understand fans wanting the new shows cancelled just because A. they don’t like them or B. it’s not entirely what they want. Isn’t it just easier to not watch them? If you’re that down on it, fine, then just ignore whatever you don’t like and focus on the other shows out there. At the end of the day, you will still have TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT all there safe and sound to enjoy forever; assuming you’re a fan of all of them. They’re not going anywhere. In fact it seems to be the total opposite because now CBS is trying everything in their power to remind both new and old fans about those shows and to check them out on Paramount+. That’s a big reason why Prodigy even sounds like it exists.

But I also agree the reason why fans love the old stuff is that it had a lot of heart. Even if you weren’t fans of all the classic shows they all had the same optimism and hope and what has been missing in the new shows, minus LDS IMO. But again, I think that is changing. To bring it back to Discovery, that’s literally what season 3 was about, bringing back the optimism and spirit that was lost once the Federation fell. Rebuilding the Federation is that same analogy of what Star Trek represents to us. That’s literally why I want the show to continue; to see it go in that form now that they have a clear direction where to take it.