Anson Mount Teases Filming “Something Different” Today For ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 3

Filming for the third season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds continues in Toronto and we now have a video update from series star Anson Mount who took time away from the set to share a video tour of his trailer.

Starting on episode 7

Anson Mount shared a reel on Instagram with a tour of his trailer while he waited to get called to do his makeup. In addition to noting that “the hair is tall today” and the need to get that under control, he offered this update on where they are on the production for season 3…

“We are plugging away. We are starting episode 7 today. And I’m very excited about it. It’s a fun one. I can’t tell you why, obviously, but it’s something different, something I have never done before.”

You can watch the video below…


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Production on the third season of Strange New Worlds began in early December after the 2023 strikes delayed the original planned start last May. With the 7th episode just starting, they appear to remain on schedule to wrap production on the 10-episode season by mid May.

The second season of Strange New Worlds, which wrapped up last August, and it was a hit for Paramount+. The show picked up a series of  Critics Choice Awards and Saturn Awards nominations. The full cast is set to return for season 3, which will also feature Scottish actor Martin Quinn as Scotty, who made his debut in the season 2 finale “Hegemony.” The showrunners have teased that more TOS characters are “inevitable,” although it’s unclear if we’ll see them in season 3.  Even though the show will remain episodic, the Gorn are set to recur as villains. Co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman did confirm the series would continue to “genre hop” and attempt to once again do it “bigger and better” in season 3. Paramount has not yet set a release date for season 3.

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Ricky believes Anson Mount is the single best part of SNW, bar none. DISCUSS!

Yes he is a great Pike and plays him very well, agreed.

He’s awesome. But they need to write for him better.

Yes, this^. He and Spock were both turned into village idiots in season two, imo. Loveable idiots admittedly, but still.

Exactly! There is a scene.. don’t even remember the season/episode.. where he exerts this relief over finding out a crew member is alive or something.. that is so on the nose. So over the top… it’s just not how a Captain would act. That’s probably a choice he was asked to do, but it just doesn’t feel like Pike at all. Smoldering emotion.. under the surface. Reminded me of that scene in Generations where Data find out Geordi isn’t harmed. Which makes sense.. Data is overwhelmed by his emotions, he had not learned how to control them. Pike acting this way annoys me to no end.

I think it was Una he was happy to see IIRC.

…what keeps coming to mind for me is an episode where all it seems he did was appear in the background in an apron awkwardly, walking in on conversations, holding a tray. Embarrassing. I know it was supposed to be comic relief, but I found it terrible.

I don’t mind that this series bounces around and he’s more in the background, but you’re right. It’s not as egregious as how they handle Spock, but it is annoying

I am trying to pretend season 2 SNW Pike doesn’t exist. Hoping for a season 3 reboot of his character. His character was actually much better in Discovery season 2.

Totally agreed, and I saw S2 of DSC so I get what you’re saying.

Very much agreed. I think Mount plays him well but the show is still mostly terrible because how the characters are written. Not as terrible as Discovery but they took these characters and made them feel like college students instead of the serious adult professionals you saw in TOS among other things.

It’s the same reasons I never liked the reboot movies much either although that version of Pike felt like a serious commander before they handed off the Enterprise to the 20 something kid and killed him off on the second movie but don’t get me starred on that (but I guess I already did haha).

I am hoping I’m season 3 he comes more like a commander and not everyone’s favorite dad.

NCC-1701 — Don’t lose that number! It’s the only one you got.

Anson Mount has been truly fabulous! When SNW first began, I thought I’d be watching it for Spock, but I’m not; I’m watching for Pike. Well, I love the other characters, too, including Uhura, M’Benga, La’an, Una, Chapel, and Ortegas. But Mount has been perfect.

Wow, I never thought I would see you say that lol

Yeah, I knew it would be a shock. :-) Of course, part of the reason is because they’re having Peck’s Spock behave much more like a human, which I find far less interesting. TOS Spock is safe and protected deep within my heart, and SNW Spock is an alternate-universe version to me.

Yep I’m the same way about Spock. I know this is an alt timeline Spock and I get that they get away with emotional Spock because of Leonard Nimoy’s performance in The Cage, but I still feel they take the emotion stuff way too far sometimes.

It’s funny to think about it this way, but SNW is the first Trek that I can remember that doesn’t have a true alien that acts like an alien.

TOS – Of course Spock
TNG – Data
DS9 – Odo
VOY – Kes/Neelix/Tuvok to a degree
ENT – Phlox and of course T’Pol
DIS – Saru
SNW – Spock might as well be just another human crew member eve though he is technically 1/2 alien. We had Hemmer but he is gone now

I still lament Hemmer’s death as for me he was SNW’s most interesting character by far.

Same. He was such an interesting and fun curmudgeon

Thank you for saying this! That was a needless death for a really cool character.

DS9 had a great supporting cast of fantastically written recurring aliens.As well as Odo we had Garak (my favourite) Gul Dukat, Quark and family and not forgeting Worf.
We were really spoilt in that area.
We could also point out that TNG had Worf as well as Data.

Absolutely with Garrack, Nog, Rom, Quark, DuKat (although since he is the enemy of the series I didn’t really count him)

Wow great observation.

I really like SNW but yeah they could definitely do a better job in this department.

And Spock does come off way too human on the show, especially with the ridiculous romance with Chapel.

In other word Peck’s Spock isn’t behaving like the character he is portraying. I do like the actor so it is a pity that the writing for him stinks so much.

Peck is a wonderful actor; I certainly don’t blame him for the scripts. I just wish he was allowed to play an actual Vulcan and wasn’t used for stupid comedy episodes.

Ah really? “Alternate universe” is a bit harsh. SNW Spock will get there. I think they’ve explored his humanity and now they’ll start steering toward the Spock we know and love from TOS. Peck definitely has it in him to portray our Spock, and the writers will get there with his arc.

I certainly don’t blame Peck at all for the scripts; I think he’s doing a lovely job with what they give him to play.

And the alternate universe thing is a mental trick I use to ensure my own sanity. :-) I can get a bit obsessive about Spock, and the only way I get through those Spock-as-comic-relief episodes is to tell myself it’s AU. If you’re less insane than I am, then more power to you. :-)

Well, I for one would give that nod to Ethan Peck, but I love Anson Mount! Seems like he’s probably a real nice dude too

“Something different, something I have never done before. This episode I have only three gallons of gel in my hair.”

A prequel to turnabout intruder?

Sorry, it’s been so long since I’ve watched Turnabout you’re gonna have to unpack that one for me.

It was the last ep of TOS where a woman with an axe to grind for not being about to become captain takes over Kirk’s body so she could have her own command.

Personally this is the ep of TOS I like to forget,

Thanks, but I know what the episode was about in a broad sense (no pun intended). I was wondering about how it connected to my hair gel joke.

But maybe it’s obvious and I’m not getting it right now. Been a long day.


LOL just a guess but different personality = different grooming perhaps? I dunno just a guess.

Cheers as well.

Obsessed with the fridge full of coke zero like we used to have before something we caught at the beginning of the year changed our tastes in food and drink.

Wow, is that like a hidden code sentence? It reads like an obscure sentence in a newspaper ad that a spy in a foreign country would read to give him the go-ahead to take down the bad guys’ safe house. ;-)

I don’t care what anyone says, Coke Zero just tastes better than real Coke. Unless it is the glass bottle version,

Diet Coke is the only real Coke, period.

Ha true that

I tried Coke Zero once, definitely not for me lol.

Oh no, not another Big Swing?

What silliness will we have to watch this season?

I’m not saying it was Vulcans… but it was Vulcans.

It’s probably the rumored ballet episode.


If you don’t like trek taking chances, go back to watching Enterprise and Voyager. You’ve got 11 mediocre seasons.

He’s just great. Love him. Looking forward to the next season!

A silent movie Episode?

Titan Up!

haha, I noticed that too! Titan Up, Anson!

They did the musical episode. Muppet episode should be next.

I would watch the crap out of a Strange New Worlds/Muppets crossover. But, only if it was actual Jim Henson Muppets.

I’m not even kidding.

Oh we’d all watch it. The only cringey part would be whatever dumb explanation the writers would come up with to explain why Muppets all of a sudden exist canonically.

Inevitable: Crossover with Rick and Morty. He prepares to play Rick.

It’s puppets, isn’t it.

Well hey it worked for Star Wars…

I knew it. His hair is getting its own episode.

I would be so thankful to never hear anyone say ‘Big Swing’ in regards to SNW again.

In other news, Section 31 wrapped filming today.

Wait, really? Why does that seem really fast?

It’s about average, perhaps a little quick for an action movie. A movie shoot is usually 30-90 days. This was something like 50, plus they had weeks of pre-pro.

What’s amazing to me is how most of the TOS and TNG movies wrapped filming 6 months or less before they came out.

True, those churned out pretty quickly too.

It’s cool he’s a Titans fan. Of course he grew up in Tennessee. But is it a hint that the USS Titan will make an appearance? Probably not-ish.

Can’t wait to see it in 2025 or 2016

Unless this is a time travel joke, I assume your one’s a two?

Yeah, typo.


I never noticed how broken his nose looks before

Bald cap Pike!