Watch: ‘Ready Room’ Chat On ‘Lower Decks’ Season Finale Features Bonus ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Clip

The Ready Room official  Paramount+ Star Trek aftershow with Wil Wheaton returned for the season two finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks. It included a chat with Lower Decks creator Mike Mike Mahan along with the bridge crew: Dawnn Lewis (Captain Freeman), Jerry O’Connell (Commander Ransom), Gillian Vigman (Dr. T’Ana), and Fred Tatasciore (Lieutenant Shaxs). And at the end, there was a clip of the upcoming premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy. 

Watch The Ready Room

The Lower Decks team discusses the finale, Belugas, season two, Shaxs and T’Ana getting hot, and even a smidge of season three. The Prodigy clip shows the introduction of Murf to the USS Protostar kids and it starts at the 29:00 minute mark. (Also available at

Star Trek: Prodigy debuts on Paramount+ on October 28.

Bonus Video: An Hour Of Borg ASMR

Last week’s episode of Lower Decks (“weg Duj”) ended with a moment on board Borg Cube 90182. Now  Paramount+ has released an hour of the oddly tranquil atmospheric cube.

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I knew someone would craft a long-form edit of the Borg “lower decks” scene and upload it to YouTube, but I did not know the uploader would be the official Paramoubt+ account.

I’m so excited for Prodigy! I’m grateful to have what I hope and believe will be another great animated Star Trek series to sate us while we wait for Lower Decks Season 3 to resolve today’s S2 cliffhanger.

Why give the opportunity for a million YouTube hits to someone else?

I bet that this will be the most viewed thing on the P+ YouTube channel.

McMahan on Twitter said it was his idea to make it an hour long because he got so many different requests about it and it looks like Paramount listened. And yes, I watched it lol. Maybe not the full hour but enough. And it’s definitely favorited!

I’m also excited about Prodigy. The ship alone looks cool. I can’t wait for them to explore it, especially since it seems like the show is based around the mystery of why its there. I’m dying for them to now show us a glimpse of Chakotay and his crew. I’m really hoping he’s on Voyager or Voyager A (or VOY as Boimler likes to say) but not holding my breath. Either way, the show is going to be more interesting that we know there is a direct Starfleet component to it and not just Holo Janeway teaching the kids how to steer.

And excited for any VOY appearances. If we don’t see either the Doctor, Seven, Tuvok or others show up at some point, someone did their job wrong. ;)

Why does Prodigy seem to have such bad lip syncing? Sorry to nitpick, but I’ve seen it in multiple clips now and it seems like something a production oughta get right.

I’m really looking forward to Prodigy, feels really final frontier. My only wish is that they had gone with a more alive “classic” bridge with colors, consoles, etc instead of it looking like a cockpit.

I’m really looking forward to Prodigy, feels really final frontier and glad to see aliens allowed to be alien!! My only wish is that they had gone with a more alive “classic” bridge with colors, consoles, etc instead of it looking like a window out a fighter (apparently the term I wanted to use is on the banned word list!) lol .

I have a feeling the Medusan is going to be the fan favorite.

The Medusan and Murf seem to be clear opportunities for kids’ toy tie-ins.

Does anyone know where those of us not in the US can watch The Ready Room? It used to be available on the official Star Trek FB page but I’m not seeing it and it’s definitely not on YouTube.

I just watched it on the official site

Me too.

It relocated to the official site more than a year ago when Wil Wheaton took over as host.