Hero Collector Expands Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collections With Classic And New Show Ship Models

Hero Collector is expanding its subscription services for fans of classic starship models. The Star Trek: Universe Collection joins the Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection to satisfy the franchise’s new and old fans.

Two collections of Star Trek ship models

The Starfleet Starships Collection gives fans the opportunity to collect essential Starfleet vessels, including the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 and Enterprise NX-01; while the Star Trek: Universe Collection introduces three new ships from Star Trek: Discovery, including the U.S.S. Discovery-A (Refit), Section 31 Deimos-Class, and Cleveland Booker’s ship.

Hero Collector USS Enterprise-D

The ships in both collections are as screen-accurate as possible, with CBS Studios overseeing every phase of production. All the ships are made of die-cast metal and high-quality resin, then carefully hand-painted. All are produced at the same scale to maintain collection compatibility and come with a base and stand for easy display. Each ship model comes with a magazine that includes a detailed ship profile, behind-the-scenes information about its creation, original sketches, and artist/designer interviews.

Magazine for USS Discovery-A

Starfleet Starship Collection

Each model is between 4-5 inches. Among the ships in the monthly Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection–which will eventually encompass 60-plus ships–are:

U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-D: Captain Picard commanded the crew of this 24th-century Federation Galaxy-class starship. The fifth Federation starship to proudly bear the name Enterprise, she was the Federation flagship from 2363 until her destruction in 2371.

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656: A 24th-century Federation Intrepid-class starship, the highly sophisticated Voyager became stranded in the Delta Quadrant in 2371. Though all aboard expected it to take 75 years to return home, Captain Janeway and crew made it back in seven.

Enterprise NX-01: The first-ever NX-class starship, the NX-01 was launched – under the command of Captain Archer — by the United Earth Starfleet in 2151. Among its numerous accomplishments, the NX-01 helped destroy the Xindi weapon.

Hero Collector USS Voyager

As always with Hero Collector’s Starships Collections, fans can sign up for a monthly subscription or purchase ships individually through the Eaglemoss shop or specialty retail. The monthly Starfleet Starships Collections subscription costs $20.95/ship (plus shipping) with two ships arriving each month. The first ship (the USS Enterprise-D) starts off with an introductory offer of only $4.95 (with free shipping). For more info or to sign up for a subscription visit www.herocollector.com/star-trek-starfleet or purchase ships individually at the Eaglemoss shop.

Star Trek: Universe Collection adds Discovery season 3 ships

The Star Trek: Universe Collection features ships from the new live-action series Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery, along with the upcoming series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. There are 30 ships planned and each model is between 5-9 inches. New ships joining the Star Trek: Universe Collection are:

U.S.S Discovery-A (Refit): The U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031 underwent an extensive refit following the ship’s sudden arrival in the 32nd century. It was upgraded with futuristic technology and recommissioned as the NCC-1031-A.

Hero Collector USS Discover-A (refit)

Section 31 Deimos-Class: Section 31 secretly developed and deployed a number of stealth ships, with the Deimos-Class serving as mothership. Based on a Federation design for a smaller intel science destroyer, it was extended to nearly 900 meters in length.

Hero Collector Section 31 ship

Cleveland Booker’s Ship:  Book’s small scout ship is equipped with a cloaking device, subspace communications system, and several faster-than-light propulsion systems. The ship’s “morph” capability lets it reassemble into different configurations… even mid-flight.

Hero Collector Book’s Ship

The monthly Star Trek: Universe subscription costs $49.95 each (plus shipping) each month with one ship per month. The first ship (the USS Zheng He from Picard) begins the subscription with an introductory offer of only $9.95 (with free shipping).  For details about a monthly Star Trek: Universe subscription, visit www.herocollector.com/star-trek-universe and purchase ships individually at the Eaglemoss shop.

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I want them all.

Just realized that the droidish assistants to the Diviner on Prodigy bear a significant resemblance to the Section 32 ships in Discovery.

Who would have thought it?

Nice to see some internal connections across the new shows despite the very different formats.

so, no good ones then?

There are plenty of good ones. Your sarcasm has failed.

Book’s ship doesn’t even look like a ship, imo. But everything else looks nice enough. Hoping for some better ship designs when SNW arrives, and hopefully for PIC S2.

How is this different from eaglemoss? Is it at all?

Perhaps TrekMovie could clarify, but it seems that Hero Collector is newer branding for Eaglemoss franchise “partnership” lines including Star Trek and others (Marvel, DC, Disney, LoTR and more).

Love the ships! Though I’m a little baffled why they chose to put those huge clips on the Discovery-A nacelles. It’d be way less obtrusive to just use clear plastic struts, wouldn’t it?

Agreed. I think these photos must be of a prototype, because if I’m not mistaken the Discovery-A has a new silver-blue hull plating, there’s no visible hull markings either. The texturing looks a bit too deep, as well,as the radial bits around the edge are flush with the surface, not raised.

Those giant clips ought to be replaced by a clear plastic connector, similar to the way Eaglemoss inserts clear plastic into the warp nacelles of some ships, so the “connector” is sandwiched inside the metal parts on both sides for stability but only exposes a thin strip to represent the gap.

I noticed the hull color and nacelles, but nothing else about the change. I think Discovery doesn’t dwell on the VFX shots of the ship nearly enough. Those beauty passes we’ve been blessed with since TMP made the ships beloved characters in their own rights. Now they are just excuses for flashy and often very busy shots. I miss the majesty and hope that comes back in Strange New Worlds. The Big E deserves that!

The Discovery-A is just… 🤦‍♂️ detached floating nacelles…I hate this show. Only good design in the whole lot is Shenzhou

Apart from Discovery itself I liked most of the Season 1 Starfleet designs. They would have worked pretty well in a show with a 25 century setting. Maybe there could have been a reason, why Starfleet went back to smaller ships and a more diverse lineup of them.

oh what could have been, had they given the reigns to actually talented writers and producers.

The Discovery really seem like it would’ve been a perfect design for a 25th century ship. It just felt SO out of place in the 23rd century as a starship. Every time they showed off the Enterprise and Discovery in season 2 side by side it look like too different organizations built those ships.

Or maybe they should’ve made it an NX class ala, the Defiant and made it easier to explain the design better

Are these ships EVER in stock? Every time I visit it just says notify me…for the good ships, not some random Ferengi Marauder

So… The “new” Starfleet starships collection (60 plus issues)… is it a repackaging of some of the Star Trek starships collection (180 issues), considering only starfleet vessels?… it looks that way…can anybody confirm if this is the case?
If so, as a longtime collector of the eaglemoss ships, I would only have to focus on the Star Trek Universe ships, correct?

Outside the Discovery Enterprise, I think the ships from Discovery and Picard are my punishment for complaining about the Enterprise B, C, D, and Uss Voyager.