Hero Collector Star Trek Ship Models Relaunching Through Master Replicas; Site Goes Live Sunday

Master Replicas

Fans of Hero Collector Star Trek ship models finally have something to celebrate since sales of the popular die-cast collection ended last summer when Eaglemoss ceased operations. Starting on Sunday, the remaining stock leftover after Eaglemoss closed will be available from a new officially licensed partner.

Master Replicas returns for Hero Collector and Star Trek

UK-based Heathside Trading Ltd. has inked a license agreement with Paramount Global Consumer Products to become the authorized distributor of Eaglemoss Hero Collector’s die-cast Star Trek ships. The ships will be sold on a new website—MasterReplicas.com—which goes live Sunday (2 PM ET). Ships will also be sold through selected retail partners.

The Hero Collector range is one of the most popular and successful lines of Star Trek products. Launched in 2013, it went on to include over 400 ships spanning the entire franchise, with ships in multiple scale sizes as well as special editions. Since the closure of Eaglemoss, the ships have only been available on the secondary market in limited quantities. Heathside has acquired all of Eaglemoss’ stock and will be making it available on an international basis.

Hero Collector Star trek ship models

The acquisition of the remaining Eaglemoss stock is believed to include some of almost every ship. Instead of releasing the entire stock all at once, the Master Replicas site will be making a curated selection of ships available every two weeks. The first wave will include 25 ship models, with each one available for two weeks or until it sells out. In some cases, the ships will be sold without the traditional included magazine (which will be made clear in the descriptions on the site). Pricing will be around the same as the original retail pricing, which is good news for collectors as some of these ships are currently only available at inflated prices on the secondary market.

USS Titan from Lower Decks is one of the ships in the first wave from Master Replicas

Heathside has acquired some ship models that were manufactured but never released, which will become available later after they are shipped in from China. Currently, Heathside only has the rights to sell what was the existing product line when Eaglemoss shut down, so they are not releasing any new Star Trek models.

Visit MasterReplicas.com to sign up for that newsletter and to start collecting again on Sunday.

XL scale NX-01 from Enterprise will be in the first wave

Reminder: Fanhome took over Build The Enterprise-D

And a reminder: In January, De Agostini Collectibles announced they had taken over the Hero Collector Build The Enterprise-D program, making it part of their Fanhome line. Those who want to restart their subscription should visit the Enterprise-D page at fanhome.com and register their interest.

New Fanhome site for Build the Enterprise-D program

Keep up with Star Trek merchandise news and reviews at TrekMovie.com.

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Nice! Still missing DS9 from my collection so hope they’ll make it in one of the next rounds.

Hope you got it. It’s already sold out.

I hope they eventually sell the Discovery-A model as i have all the hero ships from each Trek show including the original Discovery but i missed out on the A model due to having money trouble for a while.

No. :D

I’m sure they will since Discovery is a popular show among the Trek fandom word-wide. You may think it only gets hate but the love for the show outweighs the hate considerably.

At the same time, anecdotal evidence, probably mostly centered on yourself, is not proof that it’s loved either. It’s getting cancelled after 5 seasons. No matter how you slice it, shows get cancelled because they aren’t well-liked and aren’t popular. It’s been the IP’s flagship show since it launched. And it’s getting cancelled.

If you still want to play with anecdotal evidence, then I don’t know anyone who actually likes it. I’m a part of planning for the biggest trek fan group in my country, so that’s counting already at least a few dozen people I know personally, and maybe a few hundred I have listened to from a distance. And we’re not the USA, so I guess that counts into your “world-wide”.

Oh we don’t hate it. It’s just mediocre. It’s divisive for the fandom because it’s not mediocre throughout…it’s part brilliant, part lukewarm and part garbage. Sadly, not much of the first part. But in our community, we’re not so tribal about such things and bandwagon behind it’s moments of elusive quality, so we can recognize that overall it’s just not a very good show.

Can we seriously stop harassing this guy for liking shows and seasons most people here don’t, it’s beyond old. And I say harassment because every single time he gets flooded with comments about how everyone else hates whatever it is he’s talking about. It’s ridiculous. No need for this kind of comments all of the time.

Not only that, but the OP they’re attacking is also correct. People act like a show they dislike is somehow “objectively bad” — an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

Curious if they will redesign those ugly stands.

This is about selling existing stock. There’ll be no alterations except removing the magazines.

Are these pretty sturdy/durable, or do they break easily?

In my (admittedly limited) experience, the average models are thin plastic, with awkward stands. Not only do the stands intrude on the look of the model though, they break easily too if handled.

Now, these are meant to be displayed, so ideally you wouldn’t be handling them. But after moving twice, my Enterprise-D saucer section came apart (not broke exactly, but the glue holding the two halfs together just came undone) and the stand for my NX-01 snapped in half.

Maybe later models got better?

They’re a mix of plastic and metal. Some of’em are real heavy,and can topple over. But they do look good on display. I’ve only got the ones that I really like so that collection isn’t very big,lol. Some of them are kinda pricey too,for what you get.

Yeah, I only ever wanted the hero ships (and maybe some of the other Enterprises), but stopped after I got the E-D, Voyager, Defiant, and NX-01 in a batch off ebay because the quality was so poor.

It’s a shame the Johnny Lightning diecast line was so limited. The one I have (the original E) is one of the best presentations of a Trek ship i’ve ever seen.

You do need to be careful with them. I have a refit Enterprise that had the starboard engine fall off and I had to reglue it. I also have a Cylon centurion from BSG that lost an arm when I was taking it out of the box. It was backed too tightly in styrofoam.

Just as an FYI, the Master Replicas brand has had a very checkered past over the years. They’ve made some absolutely amazing collectibles such as a studio scale TOS USS Enterprise with working lights wich I own as well as beautiful replicas of many of the props from the shows. The brand has also changed hands many, many times and has filed for bankruptcy on multiple occasions, the most recent being a couple of years ago when they promoted a number of replicas based on 2001: A Space Odyssey which they took pre-orders for, took money from buyers, repeatedly delayed their release, then never shipped a single product and ultimately filed for bankruptcy, leaving buyers out in the cold. I’m not familiar with Heathside Trading Ltd. and not sure if any of the previous owners of the company are still involved but just from personal experience I would only consider purchasing something from Master Replicas if it is listed and can be proven as actually being in stock.

Back in the day the MR lightsabers were legit in the SW franchise line

I have quite a few of those as well. Really ahead of their time with the lights, sounds and contact sensors. MR made great products but they often overextended themselves and marketed more products than they could realistically release and support and that was their undoing on more than one occasion.

That poor fat ship, nobody wants it. I’m gonna need a drink.

Any word on whether they will be bringing back the graphic novel collections?

So it’s just gonna be selling off the stock and only the Star Trek ships? What happens, when they’re sold?

No not just the Trek ones.

Too bad I spent $400+ dollars on a year subscription that ended 2 months later.

The same Master Replicas who screwed people out of their deposits for HAL-9000 replicas?

I wonder if they’ll have a hard time selling the fat ones? Also can we all just appreciate how freakin good a design the original Titan is – and how shameful it is that the producers of Picard decided to “refit” it with this bs “neo-Constitution class” nonsense which looks like an ugly kitbash? Why would Starfleet take a perfectly modern, top-of-the-line starship and outfit it with…phaser banks? Aren’t the phaser arrays an obvious tactical advantage? Why would they slap an -A suffix onto it when it’s still technically the same ship? Why do the producers, writers and designers of modern Star Trek utterly fail to grasp these details?

-The old Titan was nothing special.
-The new Titan is fine.
-Letter suffixes have never been consistent.
-someone poured sour milk in your coffee.

The TOS movie era ships just look better. I was just thinking to explain this what they need to have is the Borg/Dominion coalition infect the new comp systems (maybe with more AI) and take control on Frontier Day, and then have all the movie era ships have to use strategy to take on their newer uglier counterparts.
That being said wish they had done this Picard arc but with Saavik and David Marcus, might have made a bit more sense on a lot of fronts.
Your pain though I shared on Enterprise but in reverse. Okay laser/phaser turrets = cool. Point defences. Missile launchers would be cool. Enterprise comes out, looks like an Akira with none of that. Like what the heck?

I’ve posted this a few times and no one responds, so I guess everyone knows the answer but me, but I didn’t realize Master Replicas was still a thing. I was a big fan of their stuff and assumed they’d gone away because I haven’t heard of them in years.