New ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals First Look At Some Familiar Faces

The ramp-up to season two of Star Trek: Picard is picking up the pace following the announcement it will debut in March. Today Paramount+ released a brand new trailer revealing the first looks at some familiar faces.

New Trailer

Here is the brand new trailer…

NOTE: Version viewable in all regions is available on

New Details

Paramount+ has revealed a synopsis:

Season two of Star Trek: Picard takes the legendary Jean-Luc Picard and his crew on a bold and exciting new journey: into the past. Picard must enlist friends both old and new to confront the perils of 21st century Earth in a desperate race against time to save the galaxy’s future – and face the ultimate trial from one of his greatest foes.

New Guinan

The release of this trailer is the first official confirmation of Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg’s return to her Star Trek: The Next Generation role of Guinan. Paramount+ also released a brand-new image featuring Goldberg and star Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard.

First official image featuring Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in Star Trek: Picard

New Soong

The trailer also offers the first look at Brent Spiner in season two. He has said he is playing a new member of the Soong family.

Brent Spiner in the new Picard trailer

TrekMovie will have more analysis soon with our regular deep dive with screencaps.

ICYMI – New image and poster

Earlier this week, Paramount+ released a different image from season two.

Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard season 2 (Paramount+ via TV Insider)

And a poster too.

Season two of Star Trek: Picard arrives on Paramount+ on March 3rd.

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New showrunner, pandemic-enforced extended pre-pro time… I’m willing to be optimistic. Didn’t love what they did with them last year, but it’s still a joy to see Stewart and Ryan, and now de Lancie and Goldberg.

If there is a showrunner who can make a complex time travel story work, control the visual detail and tone, and make sure the coherence is there, it’s Terry Matalas.

After he landed the ending of 12 Monkeys, he’s got the credibility that he can pull this off. He’s likely a very good balance for Akiva Goldsman.


During season 1 it felt sometimes that Akiva Goldsman and Michael Chabon were pulling the show in different directions. Hopefully, the show will be more focused in season two but I guess it really depends on whether the two showrunners agree on the direction. Or if not that, then at least “the right” showrunner has the power to overrule the other one.

Agreed about this and this could be the reason why Chabon didn’t want to continue to showrun Picard. (Official excuse being he is creating his own show) This division between the two was most obvious in the season finale as all of a sudden the certain pace of the show shifted drastically into a different direction and some of the plots were wholly discarded. I trust Matalas for his stellar work on 12 Monkeys, but I am still a bit skeptical about Goldsman’s involvement with Trek. After all he is the guy who was responsible for Batman and Robin and no amount of Oscars would make that one go away.

That one of my favorite novelists couldn’t stick the landing for one of my favorite franchises was one of the first major disappointments of what turned out to be not a very auspicious year.

You said it. Goldsman, for all his faults wrote a stellar pilot episode, but Chabon’s episode two…jesus, I’ve never seen a show crash and burn so fast. It never recovered from that point.

I had no idea who he is, so I just looked him up on IMDb. 12 Monkeys I havens seen. But I have seen Nightflyers, Terra Nova and some of that MacGuyver Reboot and they’re pretty much some of the worst written shows of their decade (but … he was just a staff writer, so that might not include his episodes).

However I was surprised, that he has actually written for Star Trek before. He gave us one of the worst Episodes of Enterprise: the Vulcan Zombie Episode :-D

I thought 12 Monkeys was great the first two seasons, then it kind of fizzled out.

Impulse? Impulse was fine, and he was a co-writer. That wasn’t even in the bottom quarter of episodes that season, let alone the series.

In Terry Matalas we trust!

After rewatching 12 Monkeys a few months ago and falling in love with it all over again, I’m convinced he is definitely the right man for the job when it comes to trippy time travel and alt timeline stories. I love these Trek stories and it looks like he’s going to go full blast with it.

Is that a slingshot around the sun they’re attempting? LOVE IT!!!!

I certainly hope so!


Picard and the gang doing it old school!!!!

I caught that too! I freaked out! Haven’t seen the original Trek version of time travel since Star Trek IV. No more temporal vortexes for us!

I can’t wait for this!! So excited to see the return of old favorites Q and Guinan!

The region free version of the new trailer is found on the official site here:

“Sure, you slingshot around the Sun, pick up enough speed – You’re in time warp. If you don’t, you’re fried.”

It‘s just a jump to the left…

And then a warp to the riiiiiiight…

Looks good. Happy to see Whoopi is back. But I’m still not excited like I am for Strange New Worlds. In the limited visuals from SNW, it at least looks like they are making an effort to bridge the gap from DISC designs to TOS. Lower Decks and Prodigy are embracing the past, the canon, or the universe, whichever you prefer. But I feel like Picard (right now, not necessarily later) is like the grunge version of NuTrek that is throwing lifelong fans of the franchise a bone by inserting actors we know here and there in an excessively depressing setting that doesn’t feel like Star Trek.

Hopefully not too dark.

The aesthetic seems unchanged from S1 and it had the same sort of vibe to S1 which makes me a bit anxious on it.

I wasn’t too impressed with S1 either.
For me it had moments but the only episode I actually enjoyed throughout was the episode with Riker’s family.

Only a short trailer so I think I would be cautiously optimistic that it will turn out quite well.

Feels like Star Trek to me. Seriously, it does. Even Discovery does. What problems I have with these shows are not that they don’t “feel” like Star Trek.

Because let’s face it, TNG didn’t feel much like TOS once it got good. When it did feel like TOS, it was awful. Things have to evolve, and I am here for it.

Just do better with the writing, please.

I respectfully disagree. Picard while nostalgic (and I have enjoyed the nostalgia) has not once felt like seeking out new worlds and new civilizations. It’s a re-tread of everything done before. Discovery has had little moments of this but it’s mostly been buried in war, a Borg-like AI, a burn, and now an anomaly that is destroying space, enveloped in excessive crying and whining. I’m lucky to have something that looks like Star Trek because we didn’t have it for so long. But for me, I wouldn’t say that this feels like Star Trek. To me, Lower Decks and Prodigy have accomplished the “seeking out new worlds and new civilizations”. I respect your opinion and am glad you are enjoying the shows. I enjoy the shows and want them to be what I consider to be good, but so far most of Disco and Pic have missed the mark.

I have to agree about LDS and PRO and a big reason why they were a huge hit with the fanbase from the start.

The reality is that most of us love Star Trek in nearly any form, but I’m also guessing the biggest one is about exploration first and foremost. When all said and done, that’s the number one concept every Trek fan identifies the show as, seeking out new life and civilizations as you said.

Both Discovery and Picard in season one just did not do that in any shape or form. It had nothing to do with that. With PRO and LDS, it’s baked in to the premise the same way it was baked in to TOS, TNG, VOY and ENT.

That said, all of these shows are Star Trek. I know because they all have the title Star Trek on them. But I do think it was a mistake for Discovery first season to be about war when fans were just itching to do exploration again after not having it since Enterprise was cancelled (and was never really part of the Kelvin movies either). They are doing a lot more of it today though; another reason why I’m enjoying the show more. They are correcting all the early mistakes and trying to have the show feel more like classic Trek again. I just wish it was more of that from the start.

As for Picard, it’s not quite the same issue for me, but I understand why it would bother others. But since we knew Patrick Stewart wanted something infinitely different than what we got on TNG, I knew a big of that would be less exploring and probably more political based plot lines.

Ah I see. The issue you’re having is you have an extremely narrow view of “what Star Trek is.” Sorry to hear that.

Personally, I am not enjoying Discovery. But it still feels like Star Trek. It’s just not as good as I want my Star Trek to be. I am not really enjoying Lower Decks. Because it hardly even holds my attention. But I am enjoying Picard, enjoying Prodigy, and the short treks were excellent.

It’s all Star Trek, and if even if you don’t think it feels like Star Trek — it’s changing what Star Trek is, whether you like it or not.

So, frankly, I disrespectfully disagree with you, because I don’t really have much respect for that view and though process.

Wow that was unnecessary. If by Star Trek you mean it has the same name, ok. But just because something has the same name does not make it Star Trek. Additionally, I thought in the Trek fan community there was room for all viewpoints whether open or narrow. What’s the saying? “infinite diversity in infinite combinations”. Glad to see you’re carrying the banner so well there. And I wouldn’t say my view is narrow. I would say these shows are missing core/fundamental part of what makes Star Trek Star Trek and not any other show.

Kudos to Matalas, even more if that turns out to be Mestral from Enterprise, in a flashback.

I think I’ve figured out the plot! In this new version of 2024, Donald Trump succeeds in winning the Presidency again, and subsequently discards the U.S. Constitution, and installs himself a President For Life, leading to a totalitarian dictatorship that sweeps across the globe and ultimately the Federation in the future.

After traveling to 2024 and failing, Picard goes further back to 1957, where he recruits a wayward Vulcan named Mestral to mind meld with a younger version of the future dictator, and convinces him not to run in 2024.

If nothing else, that first paragraph would be a good premise of how the Mirror Universe got started. ;)

To be fair, I am being wholly sarcastic.

Of course I know! Still, not a bad premise. ;)

Just had to clarify. Because there’s inevitably someone who thinks i’m serious :)

Or the discussed Armageddon featured in First Contact.

Back in early 2016, when most of us thought Trump had NO chance of winning, I read a fan fiction story where they looked up the history of the Mirror universe to see where the Mirror one diverged from the main one, and in this story, the Mirror universe started when Trump won in 2016.

At the time, I laughed at the idea that Trump could win. Many months later, once he did, all I could think was, “Oh, my god, we’re living in the Mirror universe!!!”

No let Biden stay president, he’s doing such an awesome job (irony over).

Still better than the Insurrectionist-in-chief Trump! How that guy is not in jail…yet, is beyond me.

Biden has his flaws, and I don’t actually like him but.. talk about lesser of two evils!

LOL it’s not even close. It’s nice to have a President just being, you know, a President. And even if he still having major political problems his first year out, at least they are NORMAL political problems.

I liked him better before he lost is mind and his wife started letting others treat him like Weekend At Bernie’s.

Is it though? Kinda seems like things were WAY better when the other guy was in charge. Hence the buyers remorse that’s going around these days.

He’s not in jail because he hasn’t done anything illegal.

Uh no! Trump is total disgrace and POS of a President who literally tried to instigate a coup because his ego couldn’t just accept he lost an election.

I realize this is sarcasm but you are describing pretty much what we have going on now for real. It was Biden who has discarded the constitution and is attempting to force an authoritarian regime. Or it might be more like other powers are using him like they used John Gil in Patterns of Force. Probably led by his wife.

This is all got way too political…

Oh lord that would be too cool to be true

I like to nitpick. Why are the phasers the generic bolts of light now? I loved the beam of orange and the sound they made. This feels like a downgrade. Its interesting to see the Nova class ship, but why is it so dark and grungy?

I like that they gave the Queen a new look, but she just reminds me of Alien a bit now haha.

Because it looks better. The beam of light phasers never looked good on screen.

It looks generic now. Beam of light phasers looked cool and differentiated the show from everyone else.

It’s a meaningless stylistic change. I prefer the long beams myself, but I also don’t care very much. Give me good writing, and i’ll overlook most of everything else. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of some of the writing in PIC first season, and long phaser beams wouldn’t have improved its weak points.

Whoopi hasn’t been in Star Trek since Nemesis. Its nice to see her back. Hard to believe its been 19 years. I feel too darn old.

I also LOVE the twist that this is Guinan in the past, even if it’s an alternate past (I think myself and most people assumed her appearance would be in the “present”) . Though it does seem odd that she stayed on Earth for over 100 years (unless she left and came back, or we find out she never DID leave, and was on Earth when Picard recruited her for Ten Forward).

Being in an alternate timeline, will she remember these events when Picard gets back? She just might, as she does seem to have at least SOME knowledge of alternate timelines, as we saw in Yesterday’s Enterprise.

Also nice touch making her a bartender. Hope she has that phaser rifle, it looks like a rough part of town.

Well, we KNOW she left. That’s clear in GENERATIONS since she was among the El-Aurian refugees.

Ah yes. I always forget about the movies.

Speaking of Generations, she and Picard were both in the Nexus and could have a connection because of that.

I’m not sure it is the past. That bar is filled with aliens, which suggests that first contact was way earlier in this past, or that she is in the present day.

Not to mention the fact that both her and Picard are in there 24th Century outfits.

Didn’t notice that. Too bad. I liked it the other way.

If it’s Guinan of the past then how does she know JL Picard? She acted like they knew each other for years.

Guinan already met Picard in TNGsTime Travel into the 19th century.
But this isn’t Guinan from the past. The bar they meet must be in the future, i.e. in their present time t’s named 10 (without forward!) and outside there is a shield “historic disctrict”. Which is by the way a clever way to use locations from the present without making them looking futuristic.

Yes, but that was for a short time. I said it looked like they had known each other for years. But turns out it wasn’t a meeting in the past, I guess.

Wait, where are you getting that this is Guinan in the past? In Times Arrow she wore Earth clothing in the past but here she is wearing her 24th century robes. I thought this was the alternate 24th century Guinan.

LOL don’t we all!

But yeah it’s nice to see her again. We’ve known before even season 1 of Picard started she was going to be on the show, but to actually see her and Picard together is a great moment of nostalgia. Also love she’s working in a bar again!

Looks far better than season 1.

I think Season 1 looked equally strong from initial trailers. Ultimately, it was a good season undone by some poor pacing and rushed writing. It does feel a bit livelier this time, in spite of its darker plot, actually.

This was a nice surprise to see this morning! Just randomly clicked on Youtube and it was there. Loved it!!!! Soooo many questions lol. I think this season is going to be a crazy ride! And nice to see Guinan back!

Cautiously optimistic.

Cautiously optimistic. Wish the Strange New Worlds trailer would drop too.

How soon before all you guys start tearing down the show because it’s Different?

Feels like a cross between “First Contact” (movie), Future’s End VGR and Year of hell VGR

And a little of Enterprise’s Carpenter Street“.

Hard to to tell via trailers but Whoopi seems to have the same issue/challenge as Patrick Stewart. It fells like they are playing themselves and not the characters. I got Whoopi/”The View” vibes rather than Guinan vibes from that trailer.

Concur — I didn’t get the usual “placid, knowing, mysterious” vibe that Guinan usually gave off. My hope is that they were just leaning into the audience’s nostalgia when cutting the trailer. (I’m more hopeful about the Picard/Q dynamic, since my impression is that De Lancie liked needling Stewart as much as Q liked needling Picard. And it seems that dynamic be more central for the season anyway.)

But maybe Picard’s humanization over time (in the emotional sense, seeing as how biologically he’s moved in the other direction) will be part of the plot for the season? Fingers crossed…

Maybe but… you could tell that from her… ONE line of dialogue?

Got the same vibes, however (I assume) we see a younger, not older Guinan

Theory: Guinan is drunk.

I didn’t get that vibe, but I understand what you are saying. I guess we will see. Upon rewatching Picard season 1 again, Picard very much returns to form after his interaction with the Rikers. And I think that was part of the point, they help Picard find himself again

That’s true — in fact, I thought the character of Picard was most recognizable and familiar when interacting with them…

Yeah same! The magic came back with the three of them. It’s probably why that episode is so popular.

I got that too. She seems to have that “The View” swagger about her. Not the cool calm Guinan demeaner about her. But it’s been decades since she’s played the character, or any character for that matter so…

If that is supposed to be Guinan of the 21st century, shouldn’t they have de-aged Whoopi Goldberg? She (as Guinan) looks older than the last time we saw her in the 24th century.

She’s not in the past, she’s in the alternate present day (2399).

That’s very disappointing. On first watch, it seemed implied that he went to visit her in the 21st century, which sounded exciting. Darn.

A few points:

1) they clearly DID de-age her to some extent.
2) they were wise not to try TOO hard, because to make her look like she would have that long ago would have been VERY costly and time consuming if they wanted to do it convincingly. Just look at Data flashbacks in Season 1. Better to not try too hard, and…
3) …just accept that she — and others — won’t look the proper age because in real life she is indeed older than the last time we saw her. 20 years older, as a matter of fact.

1) I think they dyed her hair but that’s about it.

3) Agreed. They did a pretty good job with Spiner last season but you can’t chase youth. At least not yet. We just don’t have the tech to do it effectively. I remember seeing Patrick Stewart when they de-aged him for Wolverine and he looked ridiculous.

Someone on Reddit pointed out they travel back to 2024, literally both the same year the Bell Riots started and when Sisko, Dax and Bashir were also in San Francisco when and where they started.

That is really really trippy! You have to ask was that merely a coincidence or are they trying to tie in a bigger connection to both; especially since we will see them in a sanctuary district.

They’re going to be in 2024 LA, not SF. Right year, wrong city. However, you are correct we did see a sanctuary district in LA in the earlier trailer.

Yeah I know obviously, but the Bell Riots were still a nationwide event. I don’t think they would directly bump into the DS9 crew or anything (but wouldn’t that be insane lol), but I do wonder if the story itself now directly involves the Bell Riots?

Why place it specifically in that year then? And unlike Voyager and the Eugenics War not even being referenced in Future’s End, we know the sanctuary districts will be acknowledged at least.

Either way, it would still be insane if both crews actually traveled back to the same time, just from different years. I went and checked that the riots start in September of that year.

No doubt 2024 is purposeful. My issue was with your phrasing, you used “also” implying the Picard crew was in SF.

OK, I understand, but I think it’s pretty clear we know where Picard is! I could’ve worded it better though.

Come on now, maybe in the alternate reality the State got the LA to SF bullet train complete before warp drive was discovered.

lol, good one.

Awww, they have to at least reference the Bell Riots. It’s just too much of a coincidence not too.

I actually think that may have been intentional, and I mentioned that when the first trailer dropped (there was an easter egg mentioning the sanctuary districts). Just as Discovery put the ship further into the future than the furthest we’d seen before (the furthest being Daniels’ 31st century, I think) — this was likely a deliberate move so as not to cause any conflicts that would make fans scream “BUT BUT WHAT ABOUT…!”

Yeah I think so too. Before, I was under the impression they would be traveling to 2022, the year the season took place in. But now knowing they deliberately pushed it up to 2024 is telling. Again don’t want to get ahead of myself (but I’m very good at that ;)), maybe they wanted it to coincide with the year of the Riots for a specific reason; especially knowing that begins major social reforms that pushes Earth to become a more egalitarian and socialist society in the future.

Yeah it would have been great to see them run into the DS9 gang, but remember that was prime history and this is obviously in an alternate past, so things could be drastically different or similar. Anything could happen!

I don’t think this is an alternate past. I think this is a past that is common to the prime future and the alternate future and 2024 is the point at which time forked. Otherwise why would Q be bothering interfacing with Soong at all?

Curious to know if they reference Sisko/Bell in Picard S2 or just as the ‘Bell Riots’? Or totally alternate timeline event with the mysterious Vulcan and Borg Queen and Q….and 25% style change for VIACOM marketing purposes in the mix?

ooh, he can swing by and say hi to sisko!

I hope it’s just coincidence. That DS9 two parter was not exactly DS9 at their best. It was an amazingly weak episode and would be better if it weren’t mentioned at all.

It’s one of my favorite episodes and the epitome of Star Trek at its best when confronting social issues head on through a science fiction prism. In other words, I hope they DO reference it. ;)

Agreed. I consider it as a high point of Star Trek, too.

If it actually confronted a social issue cleverly (as Trek has done to varying degrees in the past) I would agree with you. But there was none of that in it. It was just one of those silly sci fi dystopian futures situation. Far Beyond the Stars did a better job, and even that episode wasn’t all that good. Trek does those things better when it is more subtle about it. The ones that are blatant (Like Let That Be Your Last Battlefield) just aren’t very good.

My guess is they very well might reference it but that is mainly because I don’t think this writing group can resist it.

And yet, Past Tense is not only highly rated in the fan base it’s usually on every top 10 or top 20 list when ranking the best episodes of the series (which is saying a lot for DS9). Look it up, any list, chances are it will be there. So again, you can certainly disagree but Past Tense is considered a great story for a reason. Because it’s exactly the type of story that makes Star Trek great. And you usually have a lot of contrarian outlooks here so not too surprising you don’t like this one too. ;)

But yeah it’s what makes Star Trek so good. IMO. In many opinions.

Far Beyond the Stars is much better received than Past Tense. And I admitted that episode handled things a little better, although still in a way too blatant way. DS9 was my favorite post TOS series but they did have their share of dog episodes. Seems that can’t be avoided. But neither represented DS9 at its best. But there were a number of other episodes that handled things much better.


When Q appeared, for a second I thought they play the theme song of the mirror universe ENT intro

We haven’t seen any female members of the Soong family. I think its high time for Brent Spiner to appear in drag as Great-grandmother Soong!

Well, he was in drag in A Fistful of Datas. And Lal, Soji, Dahl, and Julianna were all female members of the Soong family.

Weren’t they androids? I wouldn’t count them as part of the family.

Julianna was a perfect replica of a real person though, with her memories uploaded to an Android body.

Looks like Noonien built the first golem after all. Wonder if Alton and Bruce used his or Ira Graves notes?

But Julianna was still artificial.

Wow, i too just went on YT this afternoon, and there it was!!! Completely unexpected but a great way to begin the weekend! Of course, after watching I immediately came to for reaction!
I know many do not like the serielized format of the show, but since that is the format, so be it. Looking at the trailer, I can’t help but think the preview looks like a trailer for an awesome looking motion picture. But, intead of a movie, it is for a 10 part seriel streaming TV show.
Looking forward to next week’s episode of Prodigy, Discovery’s return next month, the premiere of Picard S2, and the May 5th Picard finale and premiere of SNW!

Sorry for the unbriddled optimism, but I have a feeling that May 5th is going to be a great day for Star Trek! Happy Friday everyone!

LOL I did the same thing DeanH!

Usually when a trailer premieres I find out about it here first or another Trek site. So it was great to just have it pop up on Youtube without any warning. And yes I came here for the reaction as well. ;)

And honestly, I been having such a great time since Lower Decks season 2 began last summer followed by Prodigy and then Discovery (and then Prodigy again ;)). The last five months have already been great for me in terms of Trek shows and oddly it feels like it’s just getting started.

I’m just excited to see how the first half of season 1 of Prodigy and Discovery will wrap up! Then we are on to Picard and SNW!! So lots to look forward to!

And it’s not only amazing the Picard finale and SNW premiere episode will both air on the same day, that’s also my birthday! So I’m getting two beautiful birthday presents that day! :)

Haha May 5th will be quite a day for you!!

Btw, I read someplace that the new Kenobi show will premiere the day before on May 4th. For now, I have not purchased Disney+, so sadly I will simply miss that one. At least Picard and SNW will hopefully make up for it the next day. Oh yeah, I still laugh at Wil Wheaton playing himself on the show The Big Bang Theory when he dresses up as a Vulcan science officer when he attends the premiere of a new Star Wars movie – too funny!

I should’ve said I’m HOPING they will be great birthday presents. I remember my feelings for the LAST Picard finale but fingers crossed!

You should get Disney+ if you’re that much of a fan. Or just wait until the show is done (I think it will be 6 episodes) and just binge it and save money in the process.

It’s actually fun to have a Star Wars and a Star Trek show come out side by side weekly. For fans of these two properties it is surreal what is happening right now. Once you get over the bitter fans, their complaints how these properties are just shells of their former selves, everyone who works on them today are complete hacks and should be fired, it’s really a great time lol. I’m enjoying Boba Fett but not on the level I’m enjoying Discovery or Prodigy, but still fun to watch them all.

And while not a huge Big Bang Theory fan I did watch that one and laughed hard!

I’ve said it previously, but the S1 finale of Picard was solid in its own right, but was very disjointed and out of tone from the rest of the season.

My spouse, who had been meh on most of the season after a strong premiere, finally got around to watching the two-part finale several weeks later. When I asked what they thought, they said “That was really great!”

Goldsman gets criticized for the difference in tone as he directed the two-part finale. But it was clear that Charon and his spouse Ayelet Waldman held the pen for those.

So, it wasn’t just that the show was targeted for a different audience, it show runners couldn’t discipline themselves to target on a specific audience.

How awesome it would have been to experience this adventure with Data, Riker, Worf, Geordie, Troi and Crusher! It would have been a REAL showdown after nemesis for all of them, and by God, EVERYONE of them would had earned that, everyone of them is alive and everyone of them would be up to do it!
But I seems like rather the fans nor Stewart nor the makers of star trek cares about them anymore.

The show is not about the TNG crew specifically, it’s about a retired Picard. But Stewart himself said he would love to see the entire cast together again, but it has to make sense to the story. And the show still has another season (and it could even continue beyond that one) so there is a chance we can still see everyone together in the future.

They could also bring back Kirk or Kira or Neelix. Every main character in Trek deserves more stories, but this show isn’t about everyone. It’s about Picard.

“.. EVERYONE of them deserves it..” I meant in terms of: Picard only is the Picard we know and love because these people are/were his family in both the show AND also in real life.

You forgot Wesley. And Robin Leffler.

They deserve nothing. That’s called nostalgia. Characters have mostly been brought back so far with subtelty which is how it should be

My guess is the point of divergence is by Q Who, and Picard blew up the cube while it was regenerating and then went back with all their scans. Federation militarized much more quickly and ended up falling apart, leading to a couple of wars, one in which the earth led anti-borg superpower went to the Delta quadrant, caught the queen, and destroyed the collective. Somehow going back to 2024 and involving Soong is a way to prevent that from happening, maybe giving him a key to AntiBorg tech that didn’t involve weapons, maybe a virus of some sort. Dunno. Looks interesting.

I am intrigued.

It feels like:
1) “A Christmas Carol” where Q is the Ghost of Christmas Alternate
2) With a huge helping of Alice down the rabbit hole to fuel an exceptionally intricate drama…
3) Where Q will end everything with a lesson that Picard will begrudgingly value but wish he could have avoided entirely.

Could be good.

Impulse observations:
Lookie, we’re slingshotting around the sun. Time travel f**kery to follow.
2024? Things really go to hell just in time for the Paris Olympics.
Brent Spiner is looking a lot like Randy Quaid these days.
I’ve lived for hundreds of years, and the only practical skill I’ve picked up is bartending?

I think Guinan is just on Earth to observe it and be part of the culture. She’s not trying to influence it in any way.

And she’s an amazing bartender! ;)

She must really love serving drinks.

….and even a car chase! Trailer is promising – looking forward to more.

Just as long as it doesn’t involve dune buggies, antique motorcycles or jet skis.

Still never got the perceived hate on the dune buggy in Nemesis.

Made for an OK little action sequence, and yeah, not the most inspired Trek set piece but, not terrible either. IMO.

My only beef with the Argo scene was from a filmmaking standpoint it didn’t advance the story any. It was just a chase because it was felt the film was slowing for a bit there and someone felt it needed something to liven things up for a bit. From a story standpoint there are all kinds of Prime Directive issues with it that no one said anything about. I like Nemesis quite a bit but that Argo sequence was one of the things I was not a big fan of.

To be a Soong, is to be a clone.

Q is the devil on Picard’s left shoulder…

Good lord… How many Soongs is Spiner going to play?

Regarding the trailer… It’s not exactly inspiring. The trailers for season one were better. Do not confuse that with season one being good. Just saying the trailer and only the trailer was better. I’ll watch it. But not expecting anything intriguing.

BTW… I noticed that they toned way down the “alternate fascist timeline” thing for this trailer. I have some theories for that.

Second star to the right… And slingshot to the 21st century!

I guess it’s impossible but that little kid getting that mindmeld should be Tripp.

I don’t even think it would be possible for it to be Henry Archer.

Tripp was born in the 2120s. I don’t know how that can be him unless the story takes place beyond the 21st century.

I love the address of Guinan’s new bar.

The font on the door number appears to be the same one used on 10 Downing Street. (Note the slanted “0”.)

Doesn’t the “Kelvin Timeline” present a problem to the dilemma in this?

The changes done by Nero that create the Kelvin Timeline in 2009 Star Trek do not negate the Prime Timeline, or cause Prime Spock and his memories of the original flow of history to fade away. So its already established canon that a point of divergence in the past into “a road not traveled” doesn’t mean the original timeline ceases to exist.

Unless they go with that somehow Q’s bullshit has changed that, the story is not really premised on them “saving the future” as much as it is just Picard and his crew trying to get back “home.”

The effects of time travel depend entirely on what kind of story the writers want to tell in each instance. Call this the old model.


I really loved how they did it for the Kelvin universe, but it’s not sustainable for Star Trek as a whole going forward. Especially since we’ll probably get another 50 time travel stories in the next 20 years.

If it was just those movies and NOTHING else, then maybe it would’ve been fine.

The old model works best and for most fans that’s what they are used to anyway. And I always saw the first Kelvin movie using a different model once they went through a black hole created by the red matter. In that case they literally just went to another universe, but just back in time.

Maybe the Guinan in the Kelvin timeline can sense that something is wrong.

Kelvin Guinan was on the kelvin and got taken out by Nero before she could contact the bridge to tell Capt Robau something wasnt quite right

hey whoopie!! dont turn guinan into quark!!

If she did Guinan would be a lot more interesting, though.

Are those Nova class ships chasing La Sirena in the opening scene?

Two nova class looking ships and a steamrunner class looking ship

Sooo glad to see some TNG era ships return. The fleet or one class we never saw before was just lazy.

Happy about that as well. And they did say season 2 Starfleet would be more involved in the story so probably will see more ships in the 24th century scenes.

Everyone looks alike in the Soong Family. I like to believe Patrick loves having Brent around, someone to shoot the breeze with, so he’ll continue to be a part of the show playing different Soong family members til the end of the show.

Since Brent is able to play many different characters at once, it’s his take now on “a fistfull of Soongs”! :-)

Ha. Whoopi says “Earl Grey tea… piping hot” and that is the beverage he drank on the old show. This is gonna be good. I will subscribe now just so I don’t forget later.

I love Guinan. Glad to see her back!

Looks like we got a Steamrunner and Nova class at the ten second mark… maybe they listened to all the people who took issue with their copy and paste Federation Fleet of last season and they actually reached back into cannon this time for some TNG ships!

Lovely ships!

The very last shot of the trailer of Guinan looked sinister like she was about turn into Q or she had some glint in the eyes that made her look like she was about to morph. Perhaps that’s the CGI taking affect…also felt data/Picard scenes past season had a believability about them, won’t judge the Guinan scenes yet but seems a little off from the characters we know.

Other than that looking forward to it

Suspect Picard may have to work with the Borg queen to fix the timeline. The dilemma Q had given him….join forces with your mortal enemy to fix the future.

No sign of the Enterprise yet….perhaps season 3…

I’m looking forward to it, but for the first time, I saw Whoppi Goldberg in a Guinan costume instead of Guinan who happens to look and occassionally sound like Whoppi Goldberg. During the original run Whoopi brought some kind of extra acting gear that made her entirely disappear into the role and made you forget that at the time she was an incredibly recognizable and popular actress (Sister Act, Comic Relief, etc…) I’m not getting that feeling with the trailer

Well it looks like one mystery is (partly) solved with Guinan. She is in fact in the 24th century in those scenes talking to Picard. One of the breakdown vids I watched on Youtube showed an Andorian in the bar.

That puts things in better perspective.