Analysis: Final ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals An Adventure In Timelines… And Guinan

Just days after announcing the March 3rd premiere date for Star Trek: Picard season two, Paramount+ released the fourth (and likely last) trailer. They saved the best for last as this exciting, fast-paced promo is full of clues for what is coming along with revealing a number of nods to Trek lore. Combined with the previous trailers along with what has been said by the cast and crew, a clearer picture is starting to take shape, but there are also new mysteries being unveiled. So it is once again time for TrekMovie to do a trailer deep dive. The following analysis is based on our own observations along with previous reporting, as well as some educated speculation. And it contains potential spoilers.

Instead of presenting the trailer as it rolls, we are going to attempt to re-order it into our best guess as to the sequence of events in season two, which will involve multiple time and universe settings, so strap in…

Starting in Prime 2400

Season two likely starts off after some time has passed after season one, so we will assume it is the year 2400 in the Prime Universe. This may not be a major part of season two, but it serves as a starting point. We see evidence of this in the official photo released earlier this week featuring Jean-Luc Picard back in uniform (a new variant, with a new pin that is an homage to the movie era style) with Laris at his Chateau on Earth. It appears that Picard has rejoined Starfleet as an admiral.

Picard and Laris at his Chateau (photo released earlier this week)

Laris advises Picard

The new trailer includes a moment between Picard and Laris at his Chateau, she tells him “you’ll have to let go,” possibly referring to some of his crew from season one, now that he is back in Starfleet.

Seven in action

We also get a clue as to what the other characters are up to at the beginning of the season, and maybe why Laris is advising Picard to distance himself. There is one quick shot showing Seven of Nine (with her Borg implants) on a Starfleet ship pointing a phaser with Dr. Jurati behind her. It’s possible Seven has returned to her Fenris Ranger ways and is seeking some vengeance. Or maybe she is there to help Jurati, who may be in custody for killing Bruce Maddox in season one.

An earlier shot shows Jurati in the same outfit looking startled, in front of a display showing her to be on a Starfleet ship.

Alternate 2400

Much of the new trailer takes place in an alternate 2400, a much darker one described by Picard in a previous trailer as a “totalitarian nightmare” caused by Q going back in time.

Walled Earth

An establishing shot shows Earth surrounded by a hexagonal defensive grid.

The camera zooms in to France, the location of Chateau Picard.

Q arrives at the new chateau

Picard wakes up in this new reality, aware something has changed. He looks up at the dome of an atrium where you can see the grid pattern in the sky. In voiceover, we hear Q, “Well hello, my friend.”

Picard, now in a different uniform, tours this alternative version of his Chateau in shock, which includes a portrait of a different and much more aggressive-looking USS Enterprise-D in battle against the Borg. He asks, “What is this? What have you done?”

Q appears, telling Picard “welcome to the road not taken.”

An angry god

Later Q is seen angrily snapping his finger, possibly to leave Picard on his own. Q could be angry due to Picard refusing a request. John de Lancie has recently stated in season two, Q has a “very strong internal motivation and a desire to get Picard to do something” and “a real sense that something’s got to get done.”

Seven faces a new reality

Seven of Nine awakens in this new alternative universe, and now her Borg implants are gone. Here she is likely just Annika Hansen, having never been assimilated by the Borg.

In voiceover, she asks, “Do you have any idea what has happened here?” and “Reality has been broken.,” as she inspects where her eye implant should be.

Elnor on the run

Picard’s Qowat Milat guardian Elnor runs through a marketplace, under fire from guards on walkways. This could be some kind of Romulan refugee camp or ghetto for aliens in this fascistic timeline.

Raffi can later be seen upset over a wounded Elnor.

Rios back in uniform

Cristobal Rios finds himself on a slightly modified version of La Sirena, now in an alternative Starfleet uniform.

Later in the trailer, a reverse shot shows La Sirena under attack from what may be a small Vulcan ship (note curved partial ring nacelles), which itself is being pursued by two ships of the same class as La Sirena. The Vulcans could be at war with this new Federation or this could be a renegade faction.

Crew reunited… and fighting

Eventually Jean-Luc and the whole gang find each other in this new universe, including a moment where they face down against some scary-looking security guys that could be partially Borg-ified.

Later Rios fights one of the black uniform guys in the atrium at Picard’s chateau.

Picard goes to 10 Foreward

In voiceover Picard says, “There is a divergence” and “I know someone who could help us understand the change in time.” Picard looks up to see a sign reading “City of Greater Los Angeles” and the “Foreward Avenue Historic District,” explaining why in 2400 the area looks somewhat contemporary, although there are some futuristic touches, like some Cardassian structural elements behind Picard.

Picard heads into the address marked 10, making it 10 Forward Ave, an obvious homage to the Ten Forward Bar on the USS Enterprise-D.

Picard enters 10 Forward Avenue, where an Andorian can be seen at one of the tables.

[EASTER EGGS: The panels on the back wall match ones seen in Ten Forward, and the sign for Aranis Lager matches one from the McCoy bar scene in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock]

Guidance from Guinan

Like Ten Forward, this 10 Forward is revealed to be run by Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) who immediately senses Jean-Luc has entered and orders up his signature beverage, “I’m going to need some tea. Earl Grey, piping hot.”

Picard, who has described his relationship with Guinan as “more than friends, more than family” warmly embraces her.

Presumedly, Picard is at this alternative 10 Forward to see Guinan because she is capable of sensing changes in timelines, as revealed in the TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Now seated for a drink, she tells him, “Your answers are not in the stars, and they never have been.”

The trailer concludes with more of their conversation, with Guinan telling her old friend, “I believe you have one final frontier yet to come” as the pair toast.

A plan takes shape

Picard is back on La Sirena with his crew, and in voiceover says “We are stronger, together.”

He says to Jurati, “You must bring us home.”

Escape time

Still in the alternate 2400, the plan is to go back in time, and the previous trailer indicated a big part of that plan was stealing a captive Borg Queen and plugging her into La Sirena. The Borg may have been defeated in this timeline, as indicated in the above painting at Picard’s chateau.

Prepping the ship for a Queen

Seven and Raffi work on La Sirena, possibly to prepare it for the Queen. Elnor stands guard.

Escape from Earth

The new trailer shows La Sirena and the crew escaping from Earth while being pursued by the Alternate Starfleet.

La Sirena is being pursed by what appears to be Alternate Starfleet versions of Steamrunner and Nova class ships.

Onboard are Picard and his crew, with La Sirena’s engine now glowing green due to the Borg Queen being plugged in.

La Sirena has to engage, resulting in exploding consoles and corridors on the pursuing ships.

Slingshot around the sun

La Sirena makes its way to the sun, using it in a classic slingshot to travel back in time, just like in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


The trailer actually starts with this time travel segment, with Picard in voiceover saying, “There are some moments that haunt us all our lives… moments upon which history turns.” We see Picard as time distorts…

This segment includes a series of quick flashes that could be from the moment of time travel or just trailer editing. The flashes include…

A 21st century astronaut reaching for a floating pendant.

Brent Spiner as yet another Soong.

Someone holding a knife.

Picard reaching out to Laris in a tender moment.

… and finally, Annie Wersching as the Borg Queen

Welcome (back) to Earth

And with all that, La Sirena exits the time vortex.

After exiting the time vortex, La Sirena approaches Earth, no longer surrounded by a shield.

Prime 2024

This trailer finally gave us a date for the time travel as 2024. We presume this is before the moment of divergence for the alternate timeline, making this still the Prime timeline. It may be unrelated but according to Trek future history, World War III kicks off in 2026 and the first contact with Vulcans comes in 2063, during the post-war period. 2024 is also the same year Benjamin Sisko traveled back in time to San Francisco (around 400 miles north of Los Angeles) and participated in the Bell Riots.

I love LA

Specifically, the gang is headed to Los Angeles, as made apparent through various contemporary establishing shots of the city.

Revisiting 10 Forward

As we hear the Queen say “Earth, 2024” in voiceover, Picard beams to the same alley as 10 Forward with a few differences. He is now wearing a different outfit and the environment around the alley is even more contemporary. It’s possible there is a younger version of Guinan at this 10 Forward in 2024 Los Angeles. As an El-Aurian, Guinan is very long-lived and she met Picard on Earth in San Francisco in 1893 (TNG “Time’s Arrow“).   [UPDATE: The original version of this article placed this moment in the alternative 2400, but upon further analysis, it appears this is a different visit to the same location, albeit in a different time.]

[EASTER EGGS: Alley includes a Boxing poster homage to “City on the Edge of Forever” when Kirk and Spock traveled back in time to Earth]

The Queen’s warning

The Queen’s voiceover continues, giving us a hint at the team’s goal, saying, “A single change is vastly more dangerous than you realize.”

The Vulcan and the child

The Queen’s warning is cut with shots of what may be at the heart of why they are back in time, showing what looks like a contemporary human boy in a dark forest encountering a Vulcan man who starts a mind meld.

This could be the moment where the timelines diverged, potentially showing Vulcans on Earth earlier than 2063. It could also be a flashback to an earlier time and that boy could be an adult in the 21st century.

A connection to Picard?

However, the shot from the forest is immediately followed up with two quick shots of what appears to be another young boy and an adult Picard, all shown during the Queen’s warning about the dangers of making a “single change.”

Q offers Soong the Blue Pill

Cut to Q in a contemporary setting offering a vial with blue liquid in it to the character played by Brent Spiner, who he (and director Jonathan Frakes) have described as another member of the Soong family.

This Soong is seen later in the trailer inspecting a card with a curious design on it. The design could be in the shape of a Q. It’s possible that Q is passing himself off as a contemporary mortal human in the 21st century.

The woman in the red dress

With more Queen voiceover saying “none of our tomorrows are guaranteed”, Dr. Jurati walks in the middle of a Los Angeles street in a red dress.

Seven and Raffi: buddy cops

Seven drives a stolen police SUV, with Raffi at her side.

[DETAIL: License plate is primarily nines with a seven and a two]

Sevenaffi rescue Rios

The stolen LAPD SUV is likely related to another moment with Seven and Raffi hijacking a prison bus. Raffi uses a device that sends out a pulse, possibly to stun the driver.

Rios uses the opportunity to fight a guard wearing a Homeland Security uniform. He gets a little help from a fellow prisoner.

Seven cuts Rios’ restraint as he says, “This is a very bumpy century… but I think I am getting the hang of it.”

Someone finds the Queen

Possibly related to all the encounters with law enforcement, a contemporary police officer searches a dark (presumably landed) La Sirena, and he finds a Borg surprise.

Later Jurati fends off the Queen, crawling around the ship, possibly freed after the encounter with the cop.

And then there’s this guy

Amongst a series of quick cuts at the end of the trailer is a shot of Picard at a park in Los Angeles, and coming up behind him is a strange-looking guy with scraggly hair and white eyes. We really have no idea what’s going here.

Coming March 3

Picard season two arrives on March 3rd. It will be on Paramount+ in the United States, in Canada it will air on CTV Sci-Fi and stream on Crave, and for the rest of the world, it will be on Amazon Prime Video.


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Count me in as very curious.


Does Whoopi age? Maybe she really is El-Aurian.

I know you’re being kind… but Whoopi Goldberg looks a lot older than the last time she played Guinan. Whoopi’s great, don’t get me wrong, but she does look like the 66-year-old woman she is.

Wow. Guinan is back! I am eagerly waiting to watch Season 2. I feel the same excitement that I had when I was in college. Summer of 1990 I believe. Couldn’t wait three to four months to watch “The Best of Both Worlds II.” I have a feeling this season will be a LOT better!

Can’t believe we will have 5 shows this year! It is unreal. After so much waiting after JJ Abrahams movies. So much waiting for Discovery and so much waiting during the Pandemic, this year, this year we will finally be watching new Trek episodes pretty much every week! :D

It gives me so much joy to see Guinan and Picard together. Guinan, Whoppi, she is amazing. All the TNG episodes with her were very VERY good episodes.

(JJ Abrams) :D

It’s really feeling like the 90s again with so much Star Trek on. And even better, a lot of the characters from the 90s are back in the new shows too! It’s so much fun to see so many different shows in multiple centuries and all with their unique story lines happening.

And we still have one more new show, Strange New Worlds, to look forward to!

While I liked the Kelvin movies for what they were, it was agonizing to wait years between each movie with no other Star Trek in that time. But Star Trek on TV is always a much better deal because we get it every week! And now that’s literally every freaking week lol. Between last August when Lower Decks second season started all the way until Strange New World ends in July, we will have had 11 straight months of Star Trek and only 1 week off in that entire time. And Prodigy or Lower Decks will probably start again the week after SNW is done!

It’s a great time to be a fan! :)

It is basically the 90s again. 2009-2016 was like 1979-86 (minus one film due to the mega 4y ID gap). Then you have Disco starting in 2017 like TNG in 1987 then gradually add more series over the next 5years (only more so now). The only difference being there’s no movies now, aside the constant tease of a mythical shapeshifting ST4/XIV

When I first saw that “defensive grid” over earth I thought it was actually the grid that Q used to entrap Enterprise at the beginning of Encounter at Farpoint. Are we sure its really a defensive grid or is it Q grid?

If my memory serves me correctly, Q’s grid was a square pattern.

Call it a “visual upgrade” :))

The grid actually reminds of the defensive grid around Vashti, as seen in the 4th episode of Picard (Absolute Candor).

Candor? You mean the Kryptonian city shrunk by Brainiac and kept in a bottle at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude?
Oh, wait……….

Could this Vulcan in the woods be the Vulvan that was left behind from the Carbon Creek Episode of Enterprise? They live about 200 years and he would have been left there in the 1950’s. Timelines match up and being that he was non human he might be living in the woods. Then again all he had to do was cover his ears and then he could just live in a city. He said he was gonig to go to one of the major cities – New York and LA? They seem to be loading the show up with Easter Eggs and wanting to tie up loose ends.

Cool idea, but the only thing I can think is Mestral was from an era in Vulcan history when mind melding wasn’t a common practice and highly taboo, I doubt that is what is going on here

Well, Mestral seemed willing to do a lot of things that other Vulcans would consider taboo. I doubt its him though. I don’t think they’re going to go with such an obscure reference. Besides, I always assumed that he found a cosmetic surgeon and told him that his ears were disfigured in a mechanical rice picker accident the first chance he got.

Wow, this was an amazing analysis and breakdown of the trailer! Thank you Trekmovie!

And it looks like we are in for an INSANE time travel story this season. I am SO excited now!!! Q is back! Guinan is back! The freaking Borg Queen is back! Totalitarian altered timeline. Vulcans are roaming around Earth in the present day. Borgified people hunting down the crew. Another Soong is involved. And finally the creepy guy behind Picard with the white eyes! There is SO much going on and the fun part is we have no clue what is going on! We’re only missing the tribbles to really shake things up! Oh and Romulans.

I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment but yeah I’m really intrigued now. This looks like it’s going to be a really fun and twisty story this season. And I realized we have at least two big time travel stories happening right now. Picard in season 2 and season 1 of Prodigy with the Protostar (apparently) being from the future and Captain Chakotay’s ship (who is somewhere lost in the past??). I just love Star Trek time travel stories and we have two very different versions of it happening now. I also love that the La Sirena is doing the sling shot around the sun time travel! They are going 23rd century old school! :)

I kind of thought after Discovery’s big time travel story jumping 900 years into the future, we would be done with them for awhile. But this is Star Trek, so nope! ;D

Tiger2, knowing how 12 Monkeys rolled, I’m wondering if we’re going to see more than one alternate timeline, with more than one attempt to fix time.

From what we’ve seen already in the trailers, it seems that the costume designers and their team have been given rein to up their game for this season, and the quality looks so much better than the workmanship of season one.

There are definitely production advantages in tweaking with costume changes and redressing sets vs vfx.

I honestly would hope so. I forgot a lot of the details of 12 Monkeys until I rewatched it a few months ago and you’re right, not only would they throw in multiple alternate timelines, they would also travel back to the same scenes at times and you saw them from different angles. Time travel stories are so tough to do in general but that show did it in every crazy way possible.

But since we’re only talking ten episodes (and Matalas said season 3 is a completely different story), they may not go too crazy with it either. It may just be a straight forward go to the past, change back that one thing that caused all the problems and go back home. That’s what most Star Trek time travel stories usually does. But this will be the first time we get an entire season of it and not just one episode or movie, so it could be much more layered. Maybe something in the middle?

I was thinking something in the middle myself.

10 hours gives plenty of opportunities for more convolutions in time than a single theatrical release like First Contact or a two part episodic story of the kinds we saw in TNG and Voyager.

It’s not going to get into the layering of a four season arc that 12 Monkeys achieved either.

What it does have that 12 Monkeys didn’t is an established canon of Prime timeline history for both the universe and the characters. So, it won’t have to carry the same world building load.

By the way, I’m assuming that the content in these trailers doesn’t go beyond the first third of the season. There’s lots of opportunities for further timey wimey twists beyond what’s already been shared.

Yeah these are all my thoughts too. It may go a little beyond just going to L.A. 2024, but so far that’s all the trailers have suggested. But maybe in the season itself they may jump a few other places in the timeline. That would be a lot more interesting of course.

Year of Hell kind of did that as we saw the timeline change multiple times but the ship itself never changed time periods either.

So like you I do hope we get something super twisty. That’s why I love time travel stories, you can be very creative with them and to give Trek credit, they have done their share of creative TT stories, including Prodigy in the last episode.

Happy New Year ;) Quite a lot to unpack from the trailer; the mods here have actually done a fantastic job with all the screenshots and analyis. I’m going to be careful about speculating too much because trailers can sometimes be deliberately misleading as a way of avoiding major spoilers (GoT trailers used that tactic very well, for example). But I’m thinking the kid in the forest scene with the Vulcan might be important to the changes in the timeline:

1. The scene happens in the late 20th or very early 21st century, and the kid grows up to be World War 3’s Colonel Green.

2. The scene happens in 2024, and the kid is Zefram Cochrane.

3. The scene happens in the early 24th century, and the kid is Picard.

That mind-meld may have had “unintended consequences”, with the cascading butterfly effect laying the foundation for the dark alternative future.

PS. Thanks for your message on the Q thread last week — I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to reply before the weekend. I agree that PIC Season 2 does look very interesting; I’m cautiously excited about it too. Regarding the “other topic” we’ve been discussing — Yes do let me know your thoughts after you’ve finished watching all of it. Try to check out those articles and twitter feeds I mentioned too; there’s a lot more info there. Some helpful folks on Reddit have also summarised LE’s further interviews in recent months, where he went into further details of the possible explanations and the implications of it all.

I had also speculated whether the kid might be Cochrane but according to Memory Alpha he was born several years later. Apparently, he looked much older than he was supposed to be in First Contact.

Interesting. If they keep that as canon, I’m leaning even more towards the kid being the future Colonel Green or someone similar.

shots of what may be at the heart of why they are back in time, showing what looks like a contemporary human boy in a dark forest encountering a Vulcan man who starts a mind meld.

The “dark forest” scene may also be a reference to the “Dark Forest Theory” from the famous sci-fi novels, proposing why humans haven’t openly heard from aliens yet (notwithstanding the AATIP footage etc). The theory suggests that the galaxy is like a dark forest quietly stalked by hunters, where other civilisations have to behave like predators themselves (or at least remain silent) as a defensive tactic to prevent becoming prey.

The Vulcan in the scene may have transmitted the sheer dangerousness of the galaxy via the mind-meld, possibly as a warning; or possibly the kid was traumatised by the experience of encountering telepathic aliens in the middle of the night. Either way, since the kid is a critical historical figure, it sets humanity on a different path, eventually resulting in the fortified Earth and more militaristic Federation of the altered timeline, including a human race that may have behaved far more ruthlessly towards hostile alien species such as the Borg. For the sake of survival and self-preservation, humans have become one of the hunter species in the galactic dark forest.

I’m just throwing darts at the board here, of course, but this would make sense.

A bit more speculation, just following on from this:

When the kid grows up, he unites Earth against the perceived “threat from aliens”, and his attitudes are heavily skewed by his traumatic childhood experience. So in this timeline, there is no World War 3 and no global nuclear holocaust — but in terms of attitudes towards aliens, humanity becomes much more warlike and xenophobic. The totalitarianism is another legacy of the dictator this kid grows up to be.

The dilemma for Picard could be the question of how to rectify this, since in a way it’s a “no-win” scenario.

Happy New Year to you too Jai!

Yes, your number 3 theory that it’s Picard seems to be the one I seen the most online. And it would at least make more sense to the timeline in terms of the Vulcan’s presence there.

But it would be much more interesting if those were Vulcans in the 21st century. Cochrane or Green would be crazy if it was either one of them. I don’t know what how changing Cochrane would change the future much in terms of it being more militaristic though. We saw what his Mirror Universe version did on Enterprise and attacked the first contact Vulcans but I don’t think they would repeat something like that.

Green would seem the more obvious choice between the three seeing where the future goes and could follow his Nazi like ideology into the 24th century. But of course it could just be some new character altogether. It could even be the new Soong (I just thought of that as I typed it ;)).

As for our other discussion, yes definitely! As soon as I finish the last few episodes I’ll give you my thoughts. But it’s really good. And I looked up some of LE other interviews on Youtube in the past few months. So will be a lot to talk about when I finish!

But thanks for turning me on to this documentary. It’s been an eye opener to say the least.

For people keeping score at home. Picard is now just one trip behind Kirk for Captains who has time traveled to past Earth! But our crews have gotten around quite a bit!

Captain Kirk four times: 1. 1969 Omaha 2. 1930 New York 3. 1968 New York 4. 1986 San Francisco

Captain Picard three times:1. 1893 San Francisco 2. 2063 Bozeman 3. 2024 Los Angeles

Captain Sisko one time: 1. 2024 San Francisco

Captain Janeway one time: 1. 1996 Los Angeles

Captain Archer two times: 1. 2004 Detroit 2. 1944 New York

That’s a lot of Earth saving of the past! And apparently every major past Earth event they had to correct only happens in America for some reason. ;)

Discovery, Prodigy or Lower Decks haven’t time traveled to Earth’s past…yet. But give it, yeah, time!

I don’t know if Discovery or Prodigy will ever do that, but I will be shocked if Lower Decks never does a time traveling to contemporary earth episode.

It would be harder for Discovery to time travel now given it’s in a century where time travel is banned after the Temporal Wars….but don’t forget they also ran into Carl/Guardian of Forever last season and they could run into him again some day. ;)

As for Lower Decks, it’s kind of crazy they haven’t done a time travel story yet after two seasons. That show is all about reliving every crazy Trek trope out there. If ANYONE is traveling to Earth’s past it seem like it would definitely be that group. We have at least another two seasons for them to make it happen.

They should travel back to 1999 to the time of the Galaxy Quest convention.

Or at least have “Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures” playing on a TV in the background somewhere.

C’mon, all they need to do to save Earth in 1999 is stop the Moon from leaving orbit. Obviously, they succeed!

Wow, obscure reference on line 1! Martin Landau would be proud!

You could also include both Kirk and Picard as going to Earth in the Star Trek Generations movie. I assume the Nexus was Earth. Unless they build log cabins and have horses on some other planet?

It wasn’t really Earth. It was just an illusion.

Yep, time travel definitely occurred in that film as well.

Well no, because they didn’t time travel to Earth, they were simply in the Nexus that whole time. They did end up going back to Veridian III, so yes technically time travel was involved. But in terms of Earth, Legate Damar said it, it was just an illusion. They were never physically on the planet or anywhere near it. If Kirk imagined himself chopping wood on Vulcan then that’s where Picard would’ve found him. Not remotely the same thing.

They exited the Nexus long after it had left the planet–because they’d gone back in time.

Dude, I’m only talking about past Earth time travel stories! I don’t know how much more plainer I can make this lol. They time traveled back to Veridian III, not to Earth. And the Earth scenes were them just being in the Nexus. It’s an illusion of a place, not actual time travel.

I’m not just talking about time travel in general. There are over 50 time travel stories in Star Trek at the moment, so clearly I’m focusing on a narrow part of it.

Hey – I think we can add some.

Didn’t Kirk also go to Florida (Assignment Earth) – 1968

Sisko – Trials and Tribbleations (23?? I’m not good with the whole ST year tracking…)

Yes bmar, I’d been thinking that Tiger2 had missed a couple of instances.

That said, knowing showrunner Terry Matalas other work, I would be very surprised if fixing reality only involves one, single simple travel to another time.

A. Yes, I DID include Assignment Earth. It’s number 3 on the list! I just put New York because that’s where Kirk and Spock originally landed to find Gary Seven. It was just a quick note to reference the episode overall, that’s all, not to mark every location in the episode.

B. Trials and Tribbleations had nothing to do with Earth. They time traveled back to the the original Enterprise and the K-7 station only. So why it’s not included.

To make this clear I’m only listing their time travel journeys to Earth, because it’s something literally all the shows had one thing in common, at least the classic shows. Obviously all these shows did tons of time travel beyond what I listed. Janeway/Voyager would probably win the record of biggest time traveler if I was including all the jaunts through time.

And yes there are some technicalities I didn’t include like Sisko going back to 1950’s New York in Far Beyond the Stars because it was really a vision by the prophets and not real time travel (and it wasn’t included in Memory-alpha). Or Archer traveling back to San Francisco in one scene a few years before he took command because it was done through Daniels for a few minutes and wasn’t mission based, etc. I just included direct time travel stories where they went to Earth and had to change something to save a future timeline or stop someone from exploiting the past.

I even thought of adding several instances of time travel forwarding in time like Archer going to the 31st century or Picard being on Earth 25 years into the future in All Good Things, but decided to keep it about going back in time. Yes I thought hard about this. ;)

Got it.

Cool! :)

If you go beyond the captains you might add Quark, Rom, Nog and Odo going to Earth in 1957 in “Little Green Men”.

Sure of course! I was only comparing the Captains since they do the most time travel overall (and usually followed by their trusted Vulcan first officers ;)).

What about Picard travelling back to Earth with Q when life begun in All Good Things?

Sorry, I should have read your post till the end. Doh’

No worries! :)

A Spaceship from 2400 and its not possible to lock the doors so some Primitives like that Cop can not enter ?

Maybe the Queen unlocked them.

The way I became excited when I realised the ships from the trailer were two Novas and a Steamrunner!

So what, Jurati is brainwashed by a malign influence once again? She does appear to be the weak link doesn’t she? (sigh) I’m still not over the gut punch of anger I felt after watching season one-all those weeks yelling at my TV like Grandpa Simpson-but what the hell, since I have Amazon Prime I’ll watch this for ‘free’. But I don’t for one second expect it to be good.

UPDATE NOTE: We made a small but significant update to the article. It appears that Picard visits 10 Forward twice. Once in the Alt 2400, where we see him talk to Guinan, and then again in 2024 LA, where we only see him beam down outside the alley. But based on his outfit and the environment it does appear these are two different visits

The license plate is clearly some reference to 7 of 9. If you add the 7 and 2 together, you get 7 9s? 7 out of Nines? Something like that.

Does anybody have any speculation as to what the Walking Dead extra is doing stalking Picard in that last photo?

Speculation: It isn’t Q who changes history, but this Walking Dead race. Q just gives Picard a chance to right things.

I absolutely cannot wait for this. Discovery became great in season 2 and Lower Decks is great, my hopes are pretty high for SNW but Picard is the special one.

I can understand why it wasnt everyones cup of tea, hell maybe my brain was completely overode by nostalgia, but I found the storytelling of season 1 to be fantastic. It had action and all this and that but the way it was delivered being so much intimate and grounded in the core of its characters really worked for me. And it does its ensemble justice which many Trek shows dont do, a lot of characters get forgotten and are just there.

None of the other shows no matter how much I love them can make me as excited beyond words as this can and the trailer only served to amp up my enthusiasm.

I hope there are as many seasons of Picard as there can be.

The devoted Trekker in me is going to watch this, but I will have no qualms spewing my dissatisfaction across the internet if it sucks!


Is the code to the shield that surrounds Earth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?

That’s the kind of password an idiot would put on his luggage.

Why do these new shows make the space scenes so dark? I can’t see any of the ship designs. Please make it bright a la TNG and TOS (not remastered TOS). I don’t care if we don’t know where the light source is coming from. Let’s say it’s coming from ‘hope.’

Couldn’t agree with you more. To borrow from Alien a bit – “In space, no one can (see).”

FYI, a short version of this trailer ran during the NFL AFC game (on CBS) this evening.

Anyone know 7’s age?

Do the Borg nanites extend her life by repairing DNA and tissue degradation that normally come with aging? Just curious to know if she will live for a few hundred years.

Also in all of this, am I right in saying that Soji / Isa Briones is not seen anywhere in this trailer? Is there a reason?

She was in the first trailer if I recall correctly.

Perhaps more would be too much of a spoiler.

According to Memory Alpha, she was born in 2350, so that would make her about 50 in Picard season 2.

Don’t you know 50 is the new 30 in the 24th century? ;-)


Thanks all!

blue vial, woman in a red dress…..

see what they did there…..

So, it’s look like 2024 the begining of that Terran Federation of year 2400.

The grid around Earth actually reminded me of the planetary shield from Buck Rogers.

I mean, I’m glad that new Trek is getting made, but I’m really looking forward to SNW and a return to a weekly, hopefully non-serialzed storytelling of Trek tv. Disco and Picard are really just long form movies. Which is ok, but it’s not the idealized form of Trek (historically speaking). Sure DS9 ended up serializing to a degree, but not to this current degree. But also, times change and the viewing expectations of the audience changes. But just thinking, how would you cut a trailer for say, Season 3 of TNG? Would it be THIS intense and explodey? If it was cut that way and you wanted that, you’d end up being veery disappointed :D

This has been worth waiting for! We will open up a bottle of Chateau Picard to enjoy while we watch the first episode.
We have friends who will be on the Star Trek Cruise V so I hope they get to see it aired while aboard.

Where’s Dahj?

Rewatched season 1 and really thought it was excellent. Second viewing certainly helped pick out the nuances of the writing (which I initially thought had a lot of plot holes). Bring on season 2


it’d be great if everything shown in the trailers was only from the first 2-3 episodes and the rest of the season takes an unexpected turn…..i’m not really up for 8-9 episodes of season 2 being in 2024 Los Angeles.

[[Presumedly, Picard is at this alternative 10 Forward to see Guinan because she is capable of sensing changes in timelines, as revealed in the TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”]]

Didn’t the crew have no memories of the alternate timeline, even that it existed? From Picard’s point of view, Worf said something was emerging from the rift, then said something like, “Whatever it was, it’s not there anymore.” Picard also couldn’t figure out any possible way Sela could be Yar’s daughter. Even Guinan didn’t seem to know all the facts — she said she knew that Picard had sent Yar into the past (or onto the Enterprise-C), but she didn’t know the circumstances. How would Picard know that there even was an alternate timeline, let alone that Guinan knew about it?