Watch: Jean-Luc Is Here To Save The Galaxy In New ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Promo [UPDATED]

Season two of Star Trek: Picard is just a few weeks away and there is a brand new promo full of little hints on what is to come.

Time has been broken in new season two promo

Today Paramount+ released a new promo across its social media channels for Star Trek: Picard season two. It features a mix of footage from previous trailers along with some intriguing new footage.

UPDATE: Promo has been removed from social media. We’ll add back if/when it’s put online again.

TrekMovie will follow up with more analysis on this trailer soon. The second season of Star Trek: Picard season debuts on Paramount+ on March 3rd.

Another ship shot from season three

Even with season two still to come, production on season three has been going since last September. Over the weekend we posted an update on what the showrunners have been saying about season three along with some images being teased by Terry Matalas, mostly featuring a new Starfleet ship. Today the executive producer share another one showing the attention to detail going into this featured ship for season three.

Eagle-eyed fans will spot the panel on the captain’s chair that includes a “Jettison Pod” option, an easter egg reference to the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Court Martial.” TrekMovie retweeted the image along with a message calling out the work of production designer (and Trekkie) Dave Blass, who responded with some more detail.

Season three of Star Trek: Picard will likely have to wait until 2023.

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OMG OMG OMG Can’t wait! Just please please please don’t suck!

Nice trailer but it has to be significantly better than S1.

Yes most Trek shows get better as they go along – so i’m optimistic.

They should definitely leave it at 3 seasons if 3 is the best one. Don’t drag it out.

An intimate character study.


Like the music very much. Very cool beat and very unexpected for a show like Picard. I mean, the opening theme is the opposite! :D

Thank you TrekMovie, for the updates and the announcements! Eagerly waiting to watch Season 2!

Just no more incestuous Romulan siblings, PLEASE.

I honestly still cannot believe someone got paid for that idea.

Kirk died on an unpopulated planet fighting to save millions of people he never knew nor would never know. He did it because it was the right thing to do.

Why is Star Trek now all about saving the galaxy?! It’s either, save Earth, or save the universe. They opened that Pandora’s Box and now they can’t close it. Dial it back.

This will be terrible.

Glad someone else here is also unimpressed. Nothing I’ve seen so far has me thinking it’ll be any different to season 1, which was a complete trainwreck.

Bad example using Generations, since the big complaint from fans was that Kirk didn’t die “once again saving civilisation as we know it”. That the exit wasn’t worthy of him.

The relative small scale of saving everybody on the neighbouring Veridian IV, a planet whose inhabitants we never even see and so never feel any connection to —- compared to say the bigger options of dying saving an entire Federation of worlds, or preserving the peace with a bitter mortal enemy despite his own personal feelings.

Not my own feelings, I should point out. I totally get Kirk’s Generations deaths, since he essentially gets two bites at that cherry and you can pick your favourite. Saving everybody on the Enterprise-B and ignore the fact he somehow reemerged to lend Picard a hand in the future, only to die again.

The exit was ABSOLUTELY worthy of Kirk. He died doing something he believed in. Whether fans liked the movie or not, you can’t argue that his death wasn’t “worthy” of him because he died fighting for the values he held dear. To paraphrase from the Talmud: “But man was vreated alone to teach you that whoever kills one life kills the entire world, and whoever saves one life saves the world entire.

I know they’re not your own feelings, but dying for people he didn’t know is a worthy cause, because it was righteous. I can think of no higher heroic deed than to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the one.

because shorter 10-12 ep seasons are serialised and about a major event that the heroes have to deal with, usually ELE.

Yes, but it does not have to be saving the universe every. single. time.

At least its not another villain hellbent on space revenge. Like almost every single movie since Khan. Or blowing up the Enterprise again.

Borg Queen looks like she is going to be vengeful…….. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wants revenge against Seven and Locutus.

Bad *ss! This is what Star Trek should’ve been from the beginning! Thank God for Akiva Goldsman. Totally loving the Mayor of Kingstown / Picard of Spacetown vibes.

This is what Star Trek should’ve been from the beginning!”

A show set in the present? Ok

I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1, so I’m really excited for Season 2.

It looks like bringing on Doug Drexler and the Okudas has paid off!

This trailer has a strange Killjoys vibe to it, but also that of a late 90s VOY trailer. I think it was “Dark Frontier”…

I missed the teaser and apparently it’s been taken down now. But that’s a good thing because there must’ve been a major spoiler in that trailer otherwise why would ViacomCBS take it down? I don’t want major spoilers in regards to what’s coming up on Picard in season 2. But I do have a thought about the ship that we might be seeing in season 3 of Picard.

After looking at this latest picture of the Captain’s Chair and reading what Terry Matalas said over this past weekend about Captain Kirk and the TOS-Era movies being his era of Star Trek and how Picard season 3 will be a “game changer” for canon, I think this ship we’re seeing is the Stargazer. Every picture we’ve seen of this ship so far has that classic Star Trek feel to it. This ship looks and feels like it’s from the TOS-era, right after The Undiscovered Country, maybe 2330’s. Q is supposed to play a part in season 3 of Picard too, maybe something goes wrong when Picard and crew make their way back to the future?

Or maybe Q sends Picard back to the Stargazer for some reason and the rest of the La Sirena crew wind up back in 2399 and it’s gonna be up to them to try to figure out when and where Picard is so they can save him? I’m just speculating here but I really think this ship is the Stargazer. I cannot wait for season 2 of Picard to start! I am highly looking forward to the return of Q and Guinan and seeing what other surprises lay in store for us.

Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖.

Occam’s razor says it could be the actual Stargazer refit. We don’t know what happened to it after it was found in TNG

It could be. But I really think it’s the original Stargazer. I think Q’s shenanigans are gonna land Picard back on the original Stargazer. I think something happens and Picard doesn’t take command of the Enterprise.

Terry Matalas said that the next season is a “game changer” for canon so that’s why I think it’s the original Stargazer. Maybe the Battle Of Maxia never takes place because of Q? That would mean that Picard never lost the Stargazer then and that would also mean that he never took command of the Enterprise. That would be “game changing”, wouldn’t it?

So by giving him back command of the Stargazer (which the loss of her has always haunted Picard.)and I read somewhere that Picard is supposed to have a son in season 3 too, those two things would definitely make next season a “game changing” one, right, if they were to happen? I hope they don’t redo the Picard having a son storyline, it’s been done twice now. Three times, if you count Wesley as an adopted son. But the writers are gonna write the story they want to tell, right? Live long and prosper, Duncan Macleod 🖖.

If Picard never takes command of the Enterprise that effectively erases TNG from existence. Not sure they would go that far.

That’s not what I meant. For storytelling purposes, Q could put Picard back on the Stargazer. Everything could reset itself by the end of the season. They’re not gonna do away with TNG. What I think they mean by “game changing for canon” is the fact that the Stargazer will be fully introduced to the Star Trek Universe, if the ship is the Stargazer.

We will finally get to see her, fully, and meet her crew and that’s something that was only touched upon in the books. Q is in the 3rd season of Picard as well as the 2nd so it’s very easy for him to pluck Picard off of the La Sirena when she’s returning home from their time travel trip and plop him back on the bridge of the Stargazer right before the Battle of Maxia. It would tell a more personal story with Picard because the loss of the Stargazer has always haunted him. Imagine if he had the chance to undo what he considers to be his greatest mistake, don’t you think he’d take it?

Plus, there’s talk that they may introduce a son for Picard this season. That’s what they mean, I believe, by “game changing”. Nobody said anything at all about erasing TNG, DIGINON . It’s just like creating this alternate universe that is being introduced this year and, at the end of the season, we’re back to normal and that alternate universe is gonna be gone 🖖.

The promo is still on yt,I just watched it. Kinda cool.

One Nursing Home at a time presumably.

It feels weird its Picard saving the future again but without his crew or the Enterprise. Its not First Contact. But it gives me similar feelings.

So that’s 5th or 6th season of new Trek where the protagonist must save the entire galaxy. Wow.

“Save the galaxy”

Just like all other kurtzmantrek.