Watch: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Stars Preview Where Their Characters Start Off In Season 2

Season two of Star Trek: Picard arrives next week. And thanks to a new video, we have a sense of where each of the main characters starts off in the new season. We have the video below along with a breakdown of the big reveals. [NOTE: There are spoilers]

Watch it

Today’s episode of The Ready Room with Wil Wheaton did double duty, discussing this week’s episode of Discovery and season four with makeup artist Glenn Hetrick, along with previewing the upcoming second season of Star Trek: Picard. This preview included a video segment called “Setting the Stage” which featured the Picard cast discussing where we find their characters at the start of the season, illustrated with clips from the show. There is also a clip from the first episode featuring a battle onboard a Starfleet ship.

You can check the character preview below (starting at 1:50), and the clip from the first episode (starting at 24:00). But, last warning about those spoilers.

Everyone is doing their own thing

Based on the clips and commentary season two will start with some time passing, over a year at least. This brings the show into the early 25th century. Jean-Luc Picard is back at Chateau Picard in France, and “being cared for” by Laris (Orla Brady).

Admiral Picard has returned to Starfleet and is heading up Starfleet Academy.

The season will also delve into Picard’s past, including flashbacks of him as a child.

Joining Picard to teach at the Academy is Raffi (Michelle Hurd).

And Elnor (Evan Evagora) is there too, as a cadet.

Seven (Jeri Ryan) has rejoined the Fenris Rangers and now commands La Sirena, kicking off the season battling some pirates. Her only companion is one of the Rios holograms.

Soji (Isa Briones) and Jurati (Alison Pill) start off on a diplomatic tour of the galaxy, to build trust for the Synths.

But Jurati is called away to help assist Rios. The real Rios (Santiago Cabrera) is also back in Starfleet, now a captain.

And the ship he commands is the USS Stargazer. The registry for this ship is NCC-82893 which is different than the Stargazer commanded by Jean-Luc Picard in the 24th century.

Rios brings Jurati onboard to investigate a “subspace anomaly.” Picard and Seven arrive to assist as well.

… and all hell breaks loose

The clip at the end of The Ready Room is set on the Stargazer, in the middle of an attack, with a security team working their way to the bridge amidst the chaos.

On the bridge, they find Rios, Picard, Seven and Jurati in the middle of a firefight.

The battle is with an unknown entity referred to as “she” taking over various systems via extending tendrils.

Picard orders a self-destruct as we hear the entity (possibly a Borg Queen) say “Picard” in a robotic voice, and he turns to face her.

In one week

The second season of Star Trek: Picard will arrive on March 3.


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I’m actually pretty excited about this. All the starfleet stuff at the beginning is going to be rad. Our first real glimpse of starfleet after Nemesis.

Real as in live-action, yes. But I consider Lower Decks and Prodigy as real as well. After all, we saw some really important vessels and people there

OT, I know— but, damn, Sally Kellerman passed.

She boldly went where no one went before. My condolences to her family and friends. May her soul live long and prosper.

That guy around 25:06 kinda look like Chakotay haha.

Apparently Picard was a newsie as a child.

So this would seem to mean that some of not all of the ‘sneak peaks’ Terry Matalas has been sharing which we assumed were S03 are actually S02?

Super excited!!

I seem to recall that, much like season 1, that everything we’ve seen only comes from the first 2 or 3 episodes. Can’t cite that, but I recall it.

Yep! It looks like things he was teasing for season 3 was for season 2 as well. We knew we would see a Starfleet ship this season but I didn’t expect our characters to be directly connected to it.

It’s really cool we will have a new Stargazer this season and Rios as Captain of it. Did not see that coming at all. I love these types of surprises like how we found out Chakotay is Captain of the Protostar and Admiral Janeway is on a new Dauntless in Prodigy. It’s all very unsuspecting but so welcomed too.

Man this all looks really really good!!! But yes trying to keep expectations in check. But my inner fanboy is screaming to type everything in ALL CAPS!!

But it’s funny how they basically all ended up back in Starfleet except Seven and maybe Soji. They even recruited Elnor lol.

The reality is as much as fans claim they want something different in Star Trek the producers know what appeals to most are a bunch of people in a Starfleet uniform on a bridge investigating a subspace anomaly, making first contact , visiting a colony, etc. It’s the biggest reason why so many are excited about SNW because it sounds like it will be TOS/TNG in that original form again. And on an Enterprise of course.

And rogue Picard with his motley crew angle works for a season or a movie but it would’ve felt really forced if these people were oddly just hanging out on Rios ugly cargo ship season after season. And we know they all end up back on it. But it’s easier to put them all back together when most are back in Starfleet as that central connection between everyone. It’s very refreshing.

So it’s great to see Starfleet as a big part of this show even if it’s just for the first episode or two before Q and the crazy time travel stuff starts.

And a new Stargazer! Not a huge surprise because we knew we would be on a ship in season 3 but it’s great we are getting it in this season first.

So color me excited! Starfleet centered, Q, Borg Queen, time travel, a new Stargazer, alternate timelines, mysterious aliens, sounds like fun! This is Star Trek in all it’s fanboy goodness!

Haha, colour me the same. At first I did not want to see the spoilers or the trailer, but after a meh episode of Discovery, I really needed a boost and am I ever glad I came back to this story and watched The Ready Room clip.
Smart move by P+ to have both shows on next week. No matter what happens on Discovery’s finale next week, I know that I will also get to watch Picard. Thanks for the look ahead!!

We still have a few more weeks before Discovery’s finale.

Thanks Damar, I see they have two episodes left, so an expanded chance to end S4 on a high note.

Well as stated, it won’t be Discovery’s final episode next week. And if it were, man that would feel like a downer considering how lackluster the last few episodes have been. Yeah they stretched this season waaaaaay too long IMO. By the time they meet these aliens, something big will hopefully happen. Unfortunately Discovery is losing me which is a shame because it started out pretty interesting.

But I am very excited about Picard. Again, cautious optimism, but at least so far they are giving me everything I was hoping for this season to have, the biggest just a return to Starfleet again. So it looks very promising and it will be fun to have two shows on again for a few weeks at least.

I see they’ve update the Starfleet uniforms again. Not sure whether or not I prefer them over the versions from season 1, but the undervest, and the look of the fabric, does make them seem a bit closer to the early DS9/Voyager uniforms in some ways.

Oh and in case people missed it somewhere it’s been confirmed in an interview the Borg Queen is in fact a new version for this show. So I assume Alice Krige’s version was actually killed off by Janeway in Endgame.

And by Picard in First Contact. You’re thinking too three dimensionally.

Looks great! I’m looking forward to Picard season two

Well, the Defiant in DS9 had a different registry number than the Defiant in TOS (don’t know why), so there is precedent for that.

Likewise, the United Earth Starship Enteprise had a different callsign than the Federation starships of the same name.


Well, Enterprise was called NX-01… So the “01” in NCC-1701 may actually be the same “01” as in ENT… They just added “17”…

Just like this Stargazer is 8+2893… May that is how it is done normally, with the A, B, C, D, E .. J game reserved for special legendary line-ups..

Well, I’d say they may not recycle the original registry regularly but ONLY if the original ship was to be commemorated for outstanding achievements: TOS Enterprise, Voyager… those are legends. The Stargazer? Not so much. BUT, it IS actually almost the same registry, with only an 8 added…

Picard’s Stargazer: NCC-2893
Rio’s Stargazer: NCC-82893

The design aesthetic for the current era of Star Trek has resulted in a sameness that carries over from one series to the next. Yes, the same could be argued for the Berman era but that’s ultimately the point: TNG, DS9 and Voyager were of the same era, not different eras. Had a set photo leaked as simply an unidentified bridge and not the bridge of the Stargazer, speculation would have been which of the current series it was from.

Three series set in three different eras yet visually indistinguishable from one another.

Aren’t their four shows? Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks and Prodigy? I think there is a VAST difference between the visuals of Prodigy and Lower Decks owing to their animation style. Their LCARS might look similiar because they take place only a few years apart- so the same era. Picard only a couple of decades apart. The first six Star Trek movies take place over the same timespan (2273 – 2293) and they all have similiar looks more or less.

Discovery is the outlier here, but even then I think it stands apart with its own visual language. The ship designs are VASTLY different (for Seasons 3 and 4), the LCARS isn’t as cluttered etc

“Aren’t their four shows?”

There…are…four…shows! :-)

No I think Denny C talks about the three live-action shows in particular and it is true that they kinda look similar despite being set in three different eras now.

“The first six Star Trek movies take place over the same timespan (2273 – 2293) and they all have similiar looks more or less.”

Not really… They didn’t even have a consistent Enterprise bridge in between Treks 4 and 5 :-)

Looking at engineering and the transporter room of that ship, they simply recycled the TNG sets without any attempt at hiding it… So no, it’s always been that way… different era, same looks…

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

Prodigy and Lower decks are animated series so they pretty much stand on their own. My thoughts are on the live action series,

And it’s not so much the ships but the actual set design, lighting, reflective surfaces, etc. Discovery doesn’t look that far removed from Picard or Strange New Worlds. Because each series takes place in a different era, each show would have been better served with a directive to ensure that each series maintain its own visual style.

Well I don’t think we are supposed to take the exact designs “literally”… They are adaptations of an invisible fictional reality. If you think of it like that, it is easy to accept the TOS bridge as the very same bridge as the DSC / SNW Enterprise bridge, just realized by different means in different eras.

Berman Trek has also show ship from the future, e.g. Relativity. Those still look quite similar to 24th century designs but that’s due to the production era, not the actual fictional reality.

Imagine everyone involved in production art being little Benny Russels… They are provided with visions from that fictional future but are limited by their era’s production values and tastes. That’s the way I look at it. That way I can mentally reverse engineer TOS and SNW into being “the same” while looking different.

Agreed. I guess my frustration is that Picard should have presented an evolution of what we last saw in Nemesis and Discovery could have gone in a radically different direction with its jump to the future.

The reimagined Enterprise bridge and the bridge of the Stargazer don’t appear to be a century removed from each other and the bridge of Discovery doesn’t look 1,000 years removed from the rest of Starfleet in the 32nd Century.

Stargazer! YES! NCC-82893… Hm, they just added an 8 before the original NCC-2893 registry… Interesting!

Will Weaton is unctuous. Very annoying.

I love how overly enthusiastic he is about everything to do with Star Trek.

Good gig for Levar Burton to take over.

International audience link please??

Usually, the Ready Room is available internationally at but this one isn’t for some reason.

Why am I sensing a post-Picard Stargazer mini-series……

Please make it so

Another “subspace anomaly.” Terrific.

Love it, so it looks like it’ll start off positive before taking a dump on the fans yet again and becoming dreary and depressing.

Dreary and depressing…. like reading the boards on this site?

To quote the legendary physician Phlox… “Optimism, Captain!”

Were those Deltans?

I was wondering the other day, while doing a sickday TOS Movie marathon, why we didn’t see more Deltans in “Star Trek.” I tend not to think of bald officers strictly as Deltans, because (a) Picard, (b) Sisko, and (c) I’m bald and my celebacy oath doesn’t seem to be able to be stricken from my Starfleet records.

True, but this seems to be a planet of exclusively bald people.

Anybody has a mirror for international? Can’t see it anywhere.

This looks FANTASTIC… though I have to wonder why Jurati isn’t in prison.

She was acting through mind meld control from Romulan Oh. So, she wasn’t responsible for the assassination.

Was she, David? Oh presented Jurati with a scenario of how things could play out if the androids weren’t held in check-a scenario that, in the final episode, almost came to pass. A hard truth may have compelled her to betray, but brainwashed? Not really.

I’m super excited for this show, although the “Ready Room” spoiled quite a bit of the mystery. At the same time it has made me more enthusiastic for what’s coming. Although I suspect it will be brief, I can’t tell you how extremely gratifying it is to see a TNG-era ship and crew again. I would do anything to just have a show set on a ship in this time period, that’s all I want but I know we’ll never get it.

That being said, the Picard production does look higher quality than Discovery, to me that much is obvious. More location shoots, better actors and production quality, there is a huge advantage to shooting in California.

Most shows shot in Canada LOOK like they were shot in Canada.

Can’t say I’m super-thrilled about everyone landing back in Starfleet; one of the few things I really liked about S1 was the ragtag crew going on adventures vibe. But knowing the show is just three seasons helps with that – makes it easier to look at as if it’s a movie trilogy and this is just the second chapter set-up. And it does make Q showing up to kick over a few ant hills more intriguing if we’re starting from a point that’s closer to Trek “normal”. I do wonder if making Seven the captain of La Sirena is setting her up for her own spin-off once PIC wraps up.

I can’t help but feel a tremendous sense of “wow” right now at the state of Trek. The 10-C mystery and these pics showing a familiar-yet-updated Starfleet aesthetic is just amazing. Old and new: the best of both worlds.

Could this be a kind of “Backdoor-Pilot” for a Stargazer Series ?
Sir Patrick could make Guest-Appearances in the future and Rios, Raffi and the others being placed in the center ?

I think this is quite likely. I was surprised in S1 how much of an ensemble the show was, especially given the title (and even considering that Sir Patrick’s age might make him want to share the burden in terms of set-time). And Matalas has hinted that he wants to do more 25th century stuff…

I got such a thrill seeing the uniforms! I know we’ll probably only see them for the first episode or three before it’s a back in time, sort of season long “Future’s End” but if we’re going to do all that to save Starfleet and the timeline and whatnot, I’m glad we’re getting a moment with a ship and the academy–what we wanna save–before we kick on to that plot. I’m fully ready to be excited and open minded about this season :D

{waves of extras run right into the line of fire, sometimes right next to our heroes, who are untouched}

Relieved to see that plot armor survives into the 25th century.

Anyway, that clip was better action and VFX than anything the Next Generation ever did. Eat your hearts out, Berman, Moore & Braga. Picard season 2 is gonna be EPIC!!!!!!!

It’s 2022. TNG premiered in 1987 and the last film of film of that era was released in 2002. The visual effects of today cost far less to produce than 20 years ago and the budget concerns for streaming today are not what they were for broadcast and syndication.

The hull of the Stargazer! The bridge! Everything looks….as it should! Woohooo!

I’m confused as to why Starfleet Command allowed Picard back into the fold. Because he accused them of being racist murderous conspirators? Or because his own pigheaded naive stupidity almost led to the annihilation of the galaxy?