Preview ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Premiere With New Photos Plus Clips From “The Star Gazer” [UPDATED]

After almost two years, Star Trek: Picard returns for season two. We have new photos and a trailer to get you started.

“The Star Gazer”

Picard season two kicks off with an episode titled “The Star Gazer,” which evokes the name of Jean-Luc Picard’s first commend: the USS Stargazer. The season will kick off with the much-anticipated return of John de Lancie as Q. Picard is back on Paramount+ on Thursday, March 3, along with the Discovery episode 411.


Starfleet must once again call on legendary Jean-Luc Picard after members of his former crew – Cristóbal Rios, Seven of Nine, Raffi Musiker, and Dr. Agnes Jurati – discover an anomaly in space that threatens the galaxy.

Jean-Luc and Laris at Chateau Picard:

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and Orla Brady as Laris

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and Orla Brady as Laris

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

At Starfleet Academy:

Michelle Hurd as Raffi and Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Michelle Hurd as Raffi and Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Michelle Hurd as Raffi and Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and Evan Evagora as Elnor

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and Evan Evagora as Elnor

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and Evan Evagora as Elnor

Michelle Hurd as Raffi, Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and Evan Evagora as Elnor

A visit from Admiral Whitley:

April Grace as Admiral Whitley

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and April Grace as Admiral Whitley

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and April Grace as Admiral Whitley

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and April Grace as Admiral Whitley

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and April Grace as Admiral Whitley

Previously released photos:
Preview and Clip:

This preview video gives you an update on all the characters as they start season two.

The latest episode of The Ready Room with Wil Wheaton includes a clip (starting at 24:00).

UPDATE: Clip with Picard and Guinan, plus Stewart talks Picard with Whoopi

Today Patrick Stewart was a guest on The View where he and Whoopi Goldberg talked about working on TNG and Picard. They also showed a clip.

ICYMI: Season two trailer

This is the latest trailer for season two, released last month.

New episodes of Star Trek: Picard premiere on Thursdays on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on Fridays where Paramount+ is available around the world. In Canada, it airs on CTV Sci-Fi Channel on Thursdays, and streams on Crave on Fridays. Picard is also available on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video around the world.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Picard news and analysis.

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It sounds like we might be moving from the La Sirena to a slightly more traditional Star Trek setting.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing if so.

I think they’re going to start off as more traditional Starfleet, but it looks like they will be back on La Sirena once time gets screwed up.

Rios is back as a captain in the trailers and Seven has La Sirena so I expect to see more Starfleet.

Funny that staging the show in a more traditional Starfleet setting would be a subversion of expectations, but in this case I was genuinely surprised to find that this appeared to be the case. I would have been pleased if they did not make this choice, but I’m so glad that this does appear to be the case. It makes the whole universe seem hopeful. It feels like it was one very long episode and that in the end everything still ends up with light and hope. Very Trekkie.

No not at all. I was fine with the first season premise but this is the thing fans want to see. I don’t think many was super happy to see Picard being retired and just hanging out on his Chateau. Most were probably OK with it, but prefer to see him as a vital part of Starfleet again.

And it makes total sense because he only left Starfleet over the Synth/Romulus issue. Once all of that was resolved he had faith in the organization again and reinstated.

I bet this Stargazer scene is the only Starfleet scene across the entire season. Then we’re going to spend the rest boldly going to the 21st century.

I’m hoping they don’t get too Starfleet. One of the things I most looked forward to with the previous season was that it was finally a show with a civilian cast of characters. We’ve had 55 years of Trek with a focus on Starfleet, which means we’ve only scratched a minuscule part of the surface of what the Trek future is like.

There are so many possible shows about civilians in Trek we could have:

* following people in a different profession, such as journalists or actors or cargo haulers (like the fanfilm series Star Trek: Aurora)
* a show about the reconstruction periods post-WWIII and post-Earth/Romulan War
* a show from the perspective of a world that just learned that aliens exist (basically the TNG episode “First Contact”)
* a colony
* an embassy

Agreed; I liked the ragtag found-family vibe on the ship at the end of S1. But I guess if they really have solidified these last two seasons as Picard’s send off, they wanted to get him back to his Starfleet roots as a launching point.

I don’t disagree but the fact five out of the seven characters are all part of Starfleet again was probably done for a reason. I wasn’t shocked to see Picard and Raffi return to Sttarfleet because neither wanted to leave it in the first place. Those were born out of the situation. But when I saw Rios and even Elnor part off it, that was kind of shocking. Rios didn’t leave Starfleet out of bitterness or anything, but he did seem happier just being his own man. Dr. Jurati of course was the only one officially part off Starfleet in first season but you would think murder may get you thrown out but I guess there are reasons.

Of course not surprised Seven is still not in Starfleet. She’s already been assimilated before, so I don’t think she will ever completely go that route although she can work along side them like she did on Voyager.

But I definitely agree with you I definitely want to see something more civilian like in the future. Being on a colony is probably the most ideal choice since you can have Starfleet involved here and there but it would just be people trying to make a new life for themselves in the final frontier. A reason why I liked the Maquis story line because it’s the closest Star Trek has ever gotten to showing it.

Too bad it’s not Admiral Hubbell…

Also, the first two comments? Absolute *chef’s kiss* Star Trek fan.

I’m loving all the new shows, but I’d love to see more civilians, especially a show focused specifically on civilians. That said, I’m really excited for season two, because I loved DS9’s “Past Tense,” and they’re definitely going to be dealing with a lot of the same themes.

I would also enjoy a civilian focused show, or something akin to an adaptation (loosely, of course) of KRAD’s Articles of the Federation.

Curious how they address what Jurati did in season 1. 6 months seems like a short amount of time to let someone off with a warning for murder…

She was given the equivalent of “mentally incompetent to stand trial” because of the combo of the PTSD of the vision she received and the potential for mind manipulation after melding with the evil-Admiral romulan/vulcan lady. I also asked this previously and this seemed to be the accepted rationale though I also find it hard to swallow.

It could be a personal jurisdiction issue. While it’s never stated whether Maddox had renounced his Federation citizenship in order to do his research, that could become the loophole. Soong effectively sentenced Jurati to public service in Et In Arcadia Ego, so the only justice she would be subject to is served (or is currently being served, with Jurati attached to Soji’s work).

Not like it’s the first time a regular character committed a crime and it was not mentioned again.

Bah, Starfleet justice is soft. Kirk stole a starship, and got another command as punishment. Worf always seemed to threatening to kill someone on DS9, without so much as a night in the brig to cool off. You have to look really hard to find a captain that actually lost their command for violating the Prime Directive….

Don’t forget that Worf killed Duras…on the Enterprise! That being said, Duras totally deserved it.

Kirk stole the Enterprise, lost his son, saved Spock, traveled back in time to grab a couple of whales to save Earth, brought them back, saved billions of lives and repopulated an extinct species. You can understand why they gave him a pass.

Yeah Sisko did poison an entire planet and to this day I don’t even know if anyone from Starfleet bothered to even question him over it. But to be fair no one is using it…anymore.

If starfleet has a class on decapitation, does Elnor have to take it?

“discover an anomaly in space that threatens the galaxy.”

Another one?!? lol

Eh, people used to use the phrase “anomaly of the week” to describe most episodes of VOY.

The problem here is it’s now the focus of an entire season or quite a number of episodes… so it looms larger. I certainly find it irritating.

It could literally be the focus of one episode.

I realize this is a Star Trek fan site, so I’m asking the impossible, but…let’s let it play out first?

Only a bit more common then time traveling spatial anomalies. Is something really anomalous if its occuring regularly?

A little over two months away and we still haven’t seen any clips (or even images!) from Strange New Worlds! By comparison, Picard season 2 has been promoted endlessly for over half a year now!

The reasoning I’ve heard people guess is that we’ll get that investors meeting trailer after Picard premieres.

As soon as Discovery ends, we will begin to see more SNW images, interviews, trailers, clips, etc.

Raffi seems to be wearing two uniform variants.

Good catch. The one with the white trim looks hideous.

Supposedly they are the same uniform. The trim is metallic and picks up light. Now we have uniform lens flares!

My first thought is that they were trying to imitate (I’ll not open a can ‘o worms by saying “canonize”; oops, too late) the Lower Decks uniforms. I really don’t see why they feel the need to change uniforms every season and on every show. It is becoming theater of the absurd.

I like those new uniforms! They are an inverted version of LDS…

I wonder if this anomaly is related to the anti-time anomaly from All Good Things.

It has to be. This is what they have been suggesting. It has to be a continuation, but knowing how these new shows are now moving forward, maybe it is to put some closure.

But didn’t Picard prevent that? I would not be surprised if the anomaly is in the Devron system though

I have been thinking about this for a while, wondering if this season was going to pick up from that moment. It makes total sense. Picard even got a new body to get rid of his Irumodic syndrome.

I am happy with whatever they throw at me this season. I am thrilled they are back for two more seasons. However, will be awesome if they pick up from this POV. To pick up the story from All Good Things. What will happen, from our 90s future, now present time perspective.

I thought about this all the time. But looking at the trailer I see nothing. No medieval crazies yelling at the Château. No dwarfs. Not even a beard! :D

Those tunic uniforms do not work without a belt. They just look like sacks … and they still look pretty cheaply made. What is it with Picard and the lower producion value? I don#t particularily like Discovery, but at least you see the money on the screen

Was gonna post that they needed a belt too.

And yeah, the production value of the uniforms has been so-so. The mid-2380s uniforms did not seem to fit right around the neck area. But, the 2399 uniforms were very nice.

Really annoyed that the First COntact/DS9 uniform they used for Data looked like crap. Like really bad.

Oh boy… ANOTHER Anomaly.

Oh boy, another anomaly! :)

Remember when Star Trek had consistent uniforms? Now it’s like, every season we must make new uniforms in 5 variations. At this point Starfleet isn’t patterned after the military, it’s more like a country club where members can collect each year’s free shirt


LOL I was just thinking about it when I ran into your comment. Whoever is in charge of designing uniforms for these shows are probably in heaven because it seems like we are getting new ones every freaking season now. It’s one thing when you have five shows all in different eras, so that gives them an excuse to go a little crazy. But each show they are coming up with new designs one after another. We already got two different new uniforms on Prodigy and that’s been running for ten episodes.

Starfleet is going uniform crazy post-Nemesis. Or maybe Paramount made some special deal with a cosplay company and getting fans to buy as many of them as possible.

Is April Grace playing the same character she portrayed on TNG?

I’m just imagining Hubbell got married (or otherwise took on a new name) and got some serious promotions (not necessarily in that order).

Anyone catch the title of the book Picard is handing Elnor? “The Many and The One” by Spock.


I see in that same screenshot that they are standing by a display that has the USS Excelsior on it. Pretty cool.

This is all very exciting. Season 2 looks promising. I just hope each episode have some rewarding moments.

I’m in the United States so it doesn’t affect me, but why do I have the feeling that Paramount Global will pull the same thing from underneath the rugs of the international fans and remove Picard from Amazon Prime Video just mere days prior to debut?

I care about the international fans, but I worry just the same as them that they would pull the same thing they did with Star Trek: Discovery in November.

I Recall they Said that this will Not happen

Well according to my tv guide, Picard S2 is still scheduled to premiere on Prime UK, Friday March 4th. For whatever that’s worth.

I like how the new cadet uniforms mirror the offset point at the bottom of the shirts of the old TNG uniform

25th Century hemlines are more advanced than 32nd Century ones.

Nice of Elnor to make history as the first Romulan cadet in Starfleet.

Yeah great for Elnor! It’s exciting to see. It reminds me of Nog being the first Ferengi in Starfleet.

Yeah, this used to be a pattern in the TNG era shows. Almost all the shows had a “first” of a species in Starfleet. TNG had the first klingon in Worf, DS9 had the first ferengi in Nog and Voyager had the first Borg in Seven of Nine.

Picard’s uniform is super cool. It looks old school navy, 23rd century, but yet only Sir Patrick Stewart could pull it off. Very aristocratic! I love it!

I’m glad Rios made it back to Starfleet.

I’m not clear that this is a uniform so much as a civilian suit.

I won’t lie but even to this day I still really really miss TNG! I loved all those characters and I realized rewatching the entire series last year for my grand rewatch I still have tons of nostalgia for it the most out of all the classic ships (but I love all the classic shows from TOS which is what made me a fan in the first place at the ripe age of six years old through Enterprise). Of course it’s a big reason so many fans was excited to see Picard coming back because he was bringing a big part of that show back.

Even though Picard as a show overall felt disappointing to me in many ways, it still brought back parts of the TNG era I missed, certainly revisiting a lot of those characters. But I know to many it didn’t feel like TNG as much as they hoped. I don’t mean being on the Enterprise or anything, just the lack of optimism and hope in a more unified universe that TNG brought to so many fans. The spirit of the original show wasn’t as strong as they kept telling us it would. I didn’t have a big issue with that actually but I understand why it did for others. But I have a feeling this season will bring more of that hopefulness back. Being a part of Starfleet again will hopefully accomplish that.

I was trying SO hard not to go into season 2 with high expectations after feeling let down with season one. But I can’t help it now, I have not been let down by a single reveal of this season yet. Every new piece of information has me more enthusiastic. The show already had me when Q was revealed but being on a new ship and another Stargazer just brings a smile to my face. No it’s not the Enterprise but it doesn’t have to be either. It’s just nice to see it going in this direction again.

I just love being back in this era again more than anything!

I’m curious as to what location they filmed this. I thought at first that it was the observation deck of the new Academy of Motion Pictures, but the scaffolding is too ornate. Wondering if it’s somewhere in Santa Monica or Orange County.

I watched a video on Trekyards recently and they made a great observation of how these new flap uniforms are now the new thing that started with Lower Decks. But we also recently saw Admiral Janeway’s crew on the Dauntless with similar flap uniforms on Prodigy.

So its pretty cool we are starting to see real consistency between the three 24th century shows. Subtle but nice. This is the stuff fans want to see and a more unified looking universe like the classic shows did with each other.

Although, I’m more hyped about Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The 4K Director’s Edition than the new and returning shows, I’m digging the new Type B Starfleet uniforms and cadet uniforms in season two of Picard.

Videos are US only. The View has it’s own channel. Most of the others are on Universo Star Trek channel.

Costumes look fan made, and the off duty clothes still look like Banana Republic. What is the creativity?

Considering it is Star Trek good thing these characters are now actually in Starfleet, hope they keep it that way and don’t go back to the boring , drab cargo ship.

Shouldn’t the doctor have faced some sort of consequences for her actions, rather than being a featured member so soon? They went from duty to the truth to letting people , this character get away with murder? 🤔 Odd narrative choice.

jurati was not under her own control it was a combo of the commands implanted during mind meld and the images she got from that mind meld that caused her to murder Maddox she had no control over her actions

The whole Starfleet thing only lasts till the time travel as for the rest of the season they are back on the la sirena

That clip with Guinan, Whoopi just does not sound like Guinan from TNG, it’s like she is playing herself now, same as Patrick