Watch 7 Minutes Of Gameplay From ‘Star Trek: Resurgence’

Last December a surprise announcement during the Game Awards revealed Star Trek: Resurgence, a third-person adventure game. Now you can get a first look at some gameplay, featuring Ambassador Spock.

Star Trek: Resurgence gameplay

Star Trek: Resurgence is an interactive narrative adventure game coming this Spring to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation5, PlayStation4 gaming consoles, and exclusively on the Epic Games Store for PCs. It is set shortly after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Players assume the role of two principal characters, First Officer Jara Rydek and Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz. The goal is to “unravel a sinister mystery involving two alien civilizations on the brink of war.”

The game will also feature Ambassador Spock. And today IGN revealed gameplay footage featuring Spock interacting with the Jara Rydek character.

The game is being developed by new studio Dramatic Labs, with a team composed of industry veterans, including twenty former Telltale developers that have worked on games such as The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones: The Telltale Series, and Batman: The Telltale Series.

ICYMI: Announcement trailer

This was released last December.

More details including an interactive FAQ can be found on the official website at

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Shut up and take my money. Hahaha Looking forward to this. I love what they have done with Spock here, whoever is voice acting is matching that raspy tone and cadence perfectly. It’s uncanny.

Yeah, he’s very good!

Good grief that’s a fine Leonard Nimoy impersonation.

I mean there’s probably some audio filters being employed to improve it, but as it stands, the intonation and cadence is damn near perfect.

Quote on the official website:

Star Trek: Resurgence is a single player experience without microtransactions, DLC, NFT’s or other additional monetization models.”

I wouldn’t mind seeing some DLC for it at some point, more story is always welcome. But glad about no NFTs. People engaging in that kind of scam and the for-profit environmental destruction it entails can get in the sea.

Given that its’ currently listed as an Epic Store exclusive for PC, I assume that means it will take at least a year before the exclusivity deal ends and it appears on Steam.

That is a FANTASTIC Nimoy impersonation! Not so great in terms of the animation, but I guess they’re still working on it. I’m glad there won’t be NFTs, though. Those are a scam.

It’s interesting, they released “gameplay” footage the other day of an enlisted Petty Officer (points for making one of the playable characters an enlisted crewmember which we rarely EVER see) and he was walking from the shuttlebay to a turbolift to engineering. It played out in a cool way but yeah the animations are a little wonky. It did make a note that it’s in progress and not finished so hopefully the animation is more lifelike by the time they’re done. Also, the other thing that worries me is that while you controlled the character’s movement, and could stop and look around see the cargo being beaming in and out on the transporter pad with classic TNG sound effects and all, I’m wondering how much of this is basically quicktime sequences with dialogue choices. I hope the gameplay feels like a 3rd person adventure title and not something where you have very little engagement.

It uses the Unreal engine (the same engine the Mass Effect games use). So the phaser battles will probably play out like a third person shooter. We’ll probably also get various puzzles, like the hacking minigames from Deus Ex.

Ok Spock impersonation is uncannily impressive but the scenario is also scarily relevant to current events.

I think that is intentional as Trek has always mirrored current events in its stories.

Bummer, not appearing on the Switch. I would’ve jumped on it.

Nor on PC. They’re alienating a good chunk of the audience with this limited release exclusively on the $500-plus systems. I too would jump on it for a Switch version :(

Uh- it says right in the article, “and exclusively on the Epic Games Store for PCs.”

Seconding this, totally. Not releasing on Switch is ignoring a huge audience. Can’t understand it.

Interesting choice to have Sean Connery voice Spock apparently, before his own passing. I mean “Sha Ka Ree.”

Is there no chance someone can examine the work done on The Secret of Vulcan Fury and figure out a viable way to resurrect it in some form? Such a shame for those performances to remain locked away.

There’s a a little documentary on Secret of Vulcan Fury here on this link, bit of sad end unfortunately regarding the games files

Thing about those recordings was they were all over 60 and didn’t sound like they did when they were on TOS. Shatner and Nimoy are also bad actors when they don’t have anyone to play off of. It’s still a loss if those performances are irretrievable.

There’s a documentary on YouTube by a guy named Retrohistories that talks about Secret of Vulcan Fury, however its a sad end for the game files and recordings. I tried to post a link but the comment got deleted I think.

Thank you, I will take a look, and thank you for the forewarning!

Is this the original voice of Leonard Nimoy? Sounds totally like him although the speech pattern seems somewhat “digitally”.

The voice is pretty great. Nimoy’s likeness is really off, though. If you didn’t tell me it was him I wouldn’t have known.

This looks really good. Reminds me a bit of the Telltale games.

I’m more excited for this than I have been for any movie or show made since Enterprise ended. If they can tweak the animations to be a little less… “Disney’s Hall of Presidents” in appearance then I think this will also be able to be cut down to a pretty solid animated “episode.”