Chris Pine Says ‘Star Trek’ Cast Is “Ready” And “Excited” For 2023 Movie… But Waiting For Script [UPDATED]

A month ago Paramount announced they were moving forward with a fourth film set in the Kelvin Universe. While the announcement reportedly took the cast’s representatives by surprise another member of the original 2009 movie crew appears to be ready to get back on board the USS Enterprise, and this time it’s Captain Kirk himself.

Pine: I love Star Trek

Chris Pine is out promoting his latest project All the Old Knives and he is fielding questions from the press about the upcoming Star Trek film, set for a Holiday 2023 release. Talking to AP on the red carpet, the actor expressed his enthusiasm for returning to Star Trek, a behemoth of sci-fi spanning TV, Cinema, Memorabilia, Conferences and even – would you believe it – a series of popular online slot machines:

Yeah, of course, I would love to. I’m thrilled. I mean, this is the best gig of all time. [I’m] looking forward to reading a script, looking forward to getting back to work, looking forward to seeing the rest of the gang. Yeah.

You can watch Pine with AP below…

Variety pressed the star on his level of commitment to the project, and while he doesn’t know anything about the story, in the following exchange he seemed ready to return to space:

What’s the text that went around when you and your “Star Trek” co-stars all decided to do a fourth movie?
I think everybody was like, “Did you hear about this?” [Laughs]. We’re usually the last people to find out, but I do know we’re all excited. Whenever they want to send us a script, we’re ready for it.

Have they told you anything about the story?
We haven’t seen a script. I don’t know anything about it.

So you trust them that much that you signed on without a script?
I don’t trust anybody, but I’m excited. I love the story. I love “Star Trek.” I love my people.

And speaking to Entertainment Tonight the actor talked about getting back to work with his Star Trek co-stars:

I know we are all excited to come back and would love to come back. This is a tight family. We’ve been working together for fifteen years… I think we’re ready to get back to work and excited to see a script, whenever that should come in and excited for Matt [Shakman] to direct it and excited to work.

Pine’s comments about the cast’s enthusiasm echo similar sentiments from co-star Zoe Saldana (Uhura) last week. Being that Pine balking over salary renegotiations was the main reason the 2018 attempt to make a fourth Kelvin Universe film failed, his latest comments are encouraging. But with no script in the hands of the actors, it should not be seen as a done deal yet.

Chris Pine as Kirk with Anton Yelchin as Chekov and John Cho as Sulu in Star Trek Beyond

Honoring Yelchin

When talking to ET, Pine pointed out this Friday is the birthday of co-star Anton Yelchin, who passed away in 2016 in a tragic accident shortly before the release of Star Trek Beyond. Pine noted that date means “we all have it on mind.” And again echoing what Zoe said last week, Pine feels doing another film can honor the late actor’s memory, saying:

I think we always have him in mind and he’s part of the fabric of our family. So I think by virtue of going to work we always carry him with us.

You can watch Pine talk Star Trek with ET below.

Wants Kirk to come back home

After simply replying “yeah,” regarding the excitement over returning for Star Trek, Extra asked the actor where he would like to see Captain Kirk go in a fourth film, and Pine got practical, expressing his support for the film industry in his hometown:

I would like Captain Kirk to stay in Los Angeles, and to shoot in Los Angeles. So tax incentive, we’re looking at you, and we want to shoot here. So, make it happen, because all of Hollywood is leaving and going to England, and we want it back here. And I love England, but we want it back here.

The 2009 Star Trek movie and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness were shot in the Los Angeles area, but 2016’s Beyond was shot in Canada. No confirmed word yet on where producer JJ Abrams plans to film the new film, but hopes are to get it into production this fall.

See Pine’s Los Angeles plea below…

The film is set to be directed by WandaVision‘s Matt Shakman. The latest draft of the script is written by Josh Friedman (Avatar 2) and Cameron Squires (WandaVision), based on an earlier draft by Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser) and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel).

Paramount has set a release of December 22, 2023.

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Man, I always thought Chris Pine looked just like his Dad but that gray beard at age 41 makes him look like he is his Dad. Happy to hear the cast is excited about the project. I’ve always thought they were perfect for their roles and it seems like they have the right creative team to deliver a good flick. Cautiously optimistic for Kelvinverse 4.

Yea, does he really think that is a good look? Looks like a dude from a 70’s Esquire print ad for cheap men’s cologne. LOL

He looks like McCoy at the start of TMP very similar outfit and chain around his neck :) At the end of Beyond it felt like they were moving toward the Motion Picture era. Would be funny if he starts off like this at the beginning of the film then gets smartened up to retake control of the Enterprise because of X.

Yeah, he does look like McCoy in that TMP scene. Great observation!

Well it only took 3 and a half years, but it sounds like Pine and Paramount has finally made up!

I hate to be THAT guy, but I won’t feel 100% it’s happening until they are all standing on a set somewhere in costume reading off their lines. But this is the most confident I felt it will happen since 2018. ;)

For most of us, we just want more (and good) Star Trek. I’ll take it in any form and I do love these characters even if I been more critical of the movies themselves.

But Star Trek feels really alive right now. So much going on with so many different productions, time periods and now two separate universes happening simultaneously with tons of old and new characters. And we’ll probably get another show announcement within a year if not sooner. The next two years are going to be fun!

I have no problem being that guy….

LOL I know you don’t Phil! You have been the movie whisperer in all of this. ;)

For the record, I’m 90% sure it’s going to happen at this point. But I was also 90% sure it was going to happen back in 2018. I think it’s OK to give myself 10% of doubt until everyone is officially signed on and the script is done.

But it’s clear everyone wants to do it at least.

The Kelvin movies are a massive disappointment compared to the 10 movies that came before them, but they are still light years ahead of the garbage Trek being churned out on TV.

And no way does anyone want a TOS/TNG/DISC etc cross over

The last time we had anything like that was GENERATIONS and look how that turned out!

The greatest Trek movie never made IMO was a DS9 or at least DS9/TNG/VOY ie 24th century cross-over movie of some sort, but that was a long time ago now and the current quality of Trek does not deserve a crossover. Each aspect is too dissapointing indivudally. To bring them together would be a massive mistake of universe shattering proportions!!

Obviously the new films and shows are not your cup of Earl Grey so it’s really no point to convince you otherwise. I don’t love the films myself and in fact I wanted them to start over with new setting and characters since it’s been soooo long, but they decided to stick with them. So now I’m crossing my fingers hoping we’ll get something more interesting this time. And I mostly just look at these movies as fun distractions. I don’t see them on the same level as the other movies.

As far as the crossover idea, I think MANY want it actually. If you’re not a fan of the current films and shows, then that’s different. But for those of us who are, I think it’s a really popular idea. And it would make the Kelvin universe more ‘canon’ for some.

And no offense, I wish people stopped using Generations as an example of why it shouldn’t be done because A. It was one movie B. It was 27 years ago lol and C. the biggest of all, it wasn’t a TRUE crossover movie because Paramount didn’t want a crossover movie in the first place. Read up on the behind the scenes of that movie and you will understand what I mean.

Lastly I’m sure you know this, but there was some talk of a 24th century crossover movie with those shows as the fifth film. But then Nemesis happened and yeah!

And no way does anyone want a TOS/TNG/DISC etc cross over

A ton of people would want that, gatekeeper.

I’m sure there are some. But the comment is obviously hyperbole. Like when someone say “Nobody was at the game last night.” The comment is meant to convey that there is not a strong desire for such a crossover among the masses.

And many do not. Once upon a time Trek had many talented writers who could examine the world around them and craft a timely, great story that was entertaining without being preachy. To revert to some crossover currently popular in the comic book world which would appeal to a rabid fanbase would be to pass on a great opportunity to do what Trek has consistantly done best.

Once upon a time Trek had many talented writers

…which it still does.

Exactly! Lets hope Paramount uses one with this impressive cast to create a great standalone film.

If there is one high level criticism I have, is they haven’t let the Kelvin films stand alone enough. They didn’t take the opportunity to move forward after Trek 09. Beyond kind of did, but needed more. It’s time to give confidence that Trek can move forward without being beholden to previous iterations. You have a new timeline and can do anything you want. Go for it.


Thanks for speaking for all of us…and here I didn’t even know that “we” had those opinions.


i have a feeling that a ds9 movie would not be as good, lack the depth, characterisation of the tv show.
lots of battle scenes instead

I get the impression that when they went ahead and announced this they already had Pine and probably Saldana onboard. They were always likely to be the ones that posed the biggest problem in terms of contract negotiations and scheduling. It just didn’t make sense for them to so publicly announce this movie after all the previous missteps. It’s clear from the reports that came out after the big reveal that the majority of the cast was in the dark but the likes of Pegg, Quinto and Urban were never really going to pose as big of a problem in terms of contracts and scheduling. Don’t get me wrong, these are all talented, in demand actors who I’m sure no their worth but the studio will have more wiggle room on their contracts and their smaller roles allow for greater flexibility in terms of when they’re needed on set. Maybe the release window might change slightly but barring WW3 I’d be very confident in this movie happening now!

if ur wrong and we get WWIII instead of STXIV ..god help us all…

Indeed, I’d happily take something that makes Star Trek Nemesis look like a masterpiece compared to that. Let’s just hope the sanction’s, indirect military assistance, political pressure and Ukraine’s staunch resistance is enough to force a peaceful resolution.

but… you are always THAT guy.

Well I mean it has been 5 years and 5 different movie announcements lol.

At this point a lot of people have just kind of shrugged at these announcements. Can’t really blame people though, right? I’ve always said they obviously want to make a movie but seem really afraid to just pull the trigger over and over again. But it looks like they finally are making real progress and on the same page now and got Pine back. Great! I’m hoping it’s all smooth sailing from this point on.

I think there were many factors in it. Availability of the actors, their salary (especially Chris Pine), change in management at Paramount, the merger, etc. But there have been a lot of Paramount properties that have been stalled since then as well. Transformers, MI, GI Joe, etc.

Well, then you see my point lol.

Everything you said is true, but why the movies constantly stalled to the point of eye rolling. And you have to remember, there has been a long line of people basically saying so and so movie was a done deal multiple times INCLUDING some the Kelvin cast in the past, not just random internet posters. And here we are yet again lol. OK, great. I hope this is really the one, but we’ve heard this before, right?

I mean, I don’t work at Paramount, I really have no idea how these things work beyond the basics. But I do know when a studio has real confidence in a property they move heaven and earth to make it happen. That’s why they are shooting two Mission Impossible movies back to back, because they are completely onboard with that franchise.

Star Trek, not so much. Again, what’s funny is the TV side there is complete confidence again because apparently they are all doing well or at least well enough. But remember it also took 12 years to get another one after Enterprise was prematurely cancelled. I think after Beyond failing really made them cautious and I don’t blame them at all. I’m still shocked another Kelvin movie is even being made frankly, but here we are!

As I said I’m 90% confident it will happen now given everything, but I was 90% confident the Hemsworth movie was happening until it wasn’t.

It depends on how they would have included George Kirk. Was he alive and in Rura Penthe prison or something. Not that i wanted a Kirk daddy issues movie anyway. But they needed to have a reason he didn’t die on the Kelvin. But the auto pilot was broken and he needed to stay to make sure the ship crashed like a missile into Neros ship. Sounds like an unneeded retcon.

Don’t get me wrong, the best thing to happen with the Hemsworth movie was that it got cancelled. ;)

No one seemed very excited about it and it just felt like the desperate ploy it was to get Thor to appear in Star Trek again to boost the box office. Funny we still don’t know what the basic story line was and it could’ve been interesting but I just really couldn’t begin to care if I’m being honest. Maybe if they turned him into a Borg or something would’ve piqued my interest because it’s something left field. But dead people being resurrected in Star Trek is kind of its thing.

It happens all the time with any franchise. But with Trek on TV, you have to look at who was in charge at the time. Les Moonves could not stand Rick Berman. Enterprise was finally hitting it’s stride when Moonves cancelled it.
And I would say that Beyond was truer to Trek than the first 2 JJ movies. People did not flock to Beyond because Into Darkness left a bad taste in their mouths. Then with JJ all over the map and his priority became Star Wars. And not to mention that the previous head of Paramount wasn’t a Trek supporter.
Unfortunately, you hear about the Trek starts and stops because of boards like this that jump on things as soon as any rumors or news comes out.
Trek has always worked better on TV. Yes, there have been some good Trek movies, but it’s best form is on TV. And that is why you have a set of successful shows on now. More than ever before. You have a wide variety of shows that can appeal to different audiences. They aren’t afraid to try new things and course correct if needed.
I wouldn’t mind if there was no more JJ Trek movies.
Most of the Next Gen movies felt like extended episodes. But that’s because you had tv makers make the movies. TOS movies were made by movie makers and it showed. JJ Trek movies were for JJ’s demo reel so he could get Star Wars.

I don’t disagree with too much of what you said. I obviously agree Star Trek just does better on TV than it does films. At least from TNG on. But I understand why Moonves cancelled Enterprise, the ratings were in the tank by it’s fourth season and it was probably the most expensive show on that network at the time. I know a lot of fans think Moonves was being evil but he was just being a business executive, same thing when TOS got cancelled. Not enough people were watching by then. And UPN was just a bad network in general. That’s why 20 years later we are still talking about Enterprise but no one is talking about UPN. ;D

And yes same issue with Beyond, it was waaaay too costly and it didn’t get anywhere near what the studio was expecting. Beyond was the most expensive film for Paramount that year and they were hoping it would at least do what STID did and it didn’t get close. But I don’t blame STID entirely on that either. As I have typed this about maybe 30 times now since Beyond came out, STID made more money because it didn’t drop very far in its second and third weeks just like the first film didn’t. In fact they both performed the same in subsequent weeks. But Beyond dropped hard in its second week and it never recovered. I make this point because if STID is what stopped people from going the first week, word of mouth should’ve at least sustained it better in the second week,but it didn’t. It tells me that people just didn’t flock to Beyond on its own although yes STID might’ve had something to do with it, but I doubt as much as fans seem to think it did. My opinion only.

As far as the next Star Trek film stalling for nearly six years now, it’s pretty simple to me. Beyond bombed and they were worried the next could bomb but the Kelvin movies have risen to exorbitant costs for a film franchise that made less than the Hangover movies. They needed to cut the cost and tried to do it back in 2018 with the next one starting with cast salaries. Pine said no, he walked and they been trying to figure out what to do since. They have come up with multiple options but they haven’t done it because either they were too costly or they felt they weren’t going to do what they were hoping.

So I don’t think it’s complicated, it seems obvious what the problem was. And I DON’T blame them. I completely get it. I predicted Beyond was going to make around $400 million 6 months before it came out. It made $60 million less than that. That’s the problem. And frankly unless the next one just hits a home run on a grand level, I still don’t seeing it doing more than that. And my guess is so does Paramount. If they had brains anyway. Hopefully that budget will be under $150 million this time around.

As far as the TOS movies, literally only the first one felt like a true theatrical movie (very very veeeery boring one though lol) but the others were literally also made by either TV people or green directors. Harve Bennet, the producer of the other films, TWOK to TFF, was literally a TV producer when he got the job. It’s WHY he got the job lol. They were trying to make them cheap and fast. But I agree, they were better than TNG films overall.

logical views, arrived at through logical means

Thanks! I do try! :)

The Kelvin Universe feels like something way off to the side (it’s literally the only canon Star Trek property not in the Prime Timeline), and like the other JJ Abrams helmed franchise, the Star Wars sequel trilogy, it has a sort of “unrealized potential” cloud that has hung over it since Star Trek Into Darkness.

I just hope they break the formula with this new script. They did 3 action movies where the antagonist is a dude seeking revenge for some slight he feels done to him by the Federation/Starfleet.

A lot of fans are hoping maybe there will be a crossover between the next movie and one of the new shows. I don’t think it’s going to happen personally (at least not this movie) but you can’t completely rule it out yet; especially now that so much has changed since the first Kelvin film opened and not only is the corporation whole again, the emphasis is on Paramount+ these days. If you want that synergy between the streaming shows and films stronger, follow the lead of Star Wars, D.C. and MCU and tie it all in as much as possible.

And I think fans who are still on the fence with the Kelvin films will accept them more if there is a stronger connection to the Prime universe and future crossovers. I would pay a little extra money to see Picard showing up in the Kelvin universe needing Kirk’s help, but that’s just me. ;)

I think eventually we’ll get crossovers between the two universes and maybe even Kelvin Universe TV show, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least some Easter eggs in the next film for the new tv series. Discovery would seem the easiest fit given the period it’s set in and Prime Spock’s relationship with that shows protagonist. It could be as simple as Spock mentioning his foster singer, seeing the Discovery or they could really take the opportunity to promote Paramount+ by having Burnham appear, potentially even played by SMG.

I agree with most of that although I’m a bit confused with Discovery as a crossover since that show is set 900 years after the Kelvin movies are. Do you mean SNW?

I agree there will probably be Easter eggs of some kind if not a full on crossover. Also agree there will probably be a Kelvin TV show at some point I would LOVE that and they can start expanding the Kelvin universe more and hopefully with new characters.

I always assumed we would’ve gotten a Kelvin TV sow years ago. I know for most fans the Prime universe will always be the most important but they will still watch that too if one came. I always wondered why one was never made when these films were at their height of popularity?

I don’t think I explained that very well! What I meant was that when Discovery first started it was set relatively contemporary to when the Kelvin movies are set just in a different time line. In theory it’s possible that Quinto’s Spock could also have a foster sister called Michael Burnham. I know we’re kind of used to having new actors play the roles in the KU but from a promotional point of view it might make sense to have SMG play this version of the character too similar to how Michael Dorn cameoed as Colonel Worf in Star Trek 6.

regarding a Kelvin show I always got the impression that the split between Viacom and CBS might have made that difficult. Now that is no longer an issue I would think a Kelvin show is inevitable. My guess is that they’ll spin one off of a character, ship or organisation that they introduce in the next movie.

Oh OK, I understand now. But to be honest, I don’t know if they would go that far with it either. I can see SMG showing up in the Kelvin movie (in theory) as PU Burnham, but I think it would just confuse people if she was playing the KU version too. I mean it’s not totally out of possibility but I was saying this for years when everyone was suggesting that Quinto can show up as Spock on Discovery or Bruce Greenwood as Pike and that it was clear the studios want to keep those as separately as possible, at least cast wise. It was never in the cards.

Because the whole two universe thing is already confusing enough for a lot of fans (until VERY recently we know many were still convinced the Kelvin universe overwritten the Prime universe even though they been told long ago that was never the case). I don’t think they want to keep muddying that water. And Dorn was playing an ancestor of Worf in TUC, so it was a little different.

And I really really hope they don’t give Spock a sister in the KU. I think some fans are still having a hard enough time knowing he’s dating Uhura lol. And we know how popular Burnham being Spock’s sister went down the first time.

Yeah you’re probably right about the TV show, the divide just made things much harder at the time. And my guess is CBS never really cared about the Kelvin universe, it was the prime universe that was making them the money for decades so that was always going to be what they went with first when a new show came along. I still thought a Kelvin show could happen, but five shows later and nothing.

But now it’s a different world as you said and Paramount+ is the priority, so diversifying the shows more would only be a plus IMO. And I imagine there are still plenty of fans who became fans thanks to the Kelvin movies and would love a weekly show.

I totally get what you’re saying about having different actors for the Kelvin roles and you may be right, I don’t know how I’d really feel about them having the same actor/actress playing both Prime and Kelvin versions until they actually do it. My thinking is that Marvel have introduced the idea of variants into the mainstream zeitgeist and specifically the notion that you can have a mixture of both new and familiar actors playing different variants in the same universe so I think the audience could accept it. They could go the other way though and have a new actor playing Kelvin versions of Burnham or other Discovery characters. Whichever way they go Burnham and Spock wouldn’t necessarily have to have the same relationship. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be Burnham that appeared either. You could introduce the Kelvin variants of Georgiou or Lorca for example and then spin either character off for a TV show based on the Kelvin versions of their character.

Maybe I’m just lacking imagination but I fail to see what the benefit would be of setting a new show in the Kelvin timeline instead of the Prime timeline. It’s highly unlikely that they would get the whole Kelvin cast for a weekly TV show so the strongest connection to those movies would be maybe getting one or two minor characters from those movies spun off.
When they introduced the Kelvin movies the biggest selling point was popular characters (the TOS crew) but done with blockbuster production values like they had never been done before.
A Kelvin TV show wouldn’t have those popular characters. And all the Prime universe shows on Paramount+ now have blockbuster production values. The visual style of the new shows is pretty similar to the visual style of the Kelvin movies. In fact, there are some fans that still think that the Paramount+ shows are actually set in the Kelvin timeline.
So any Kelvin timeline TV show would most likely look extremely similar to the current crop of Paramount+ shows set in the Prime timeline. It would be hard to tell them apart. And at least the 3 Kelvin movies we’ve had so far haven’t really set up any compelling canon that really sets them apart from the Prime timeline and that would be worth exploring more.
So what would really set a Kelvin TV show apart from the Prime TV shows, except for the technicality that it takes place in a parallel reality that, however, is almost indistinguishable from the Prime timeline?

Purely because of recognition. If you ignore the Kelvin Universe it’s 20 years since a Star Trek movie was released in cinemas. Put simply there’s a whole generation out there that’s only real exposure to Trek is through the JJ movies. They’re obviously looking to grow there streaming platform so having their next movie be a springboard for a new TV show exclusive to Paramount+ makes sense commercially. They don’t need the whole cast to do this they just need a strong connection to the movie. Much like HBO Max are developing multiple spin-offs from The Batman which for the most part will feature mostly new and cheaper casts.

As said the idea of a Kelvin TV show is just to expand Star Trek into a bigger multiverse, since it already is. They wouldn’t need the whole cast or any of the cast at all (but I’m sure they would try to get one or two to star it it) just make it clear it’s separate from Prime.

It’s just a way to tell more Star Trek stories and to take something people already know and want to see more of (well some people anyway ;)). You do make a good point though, it’s not too indistinguishable from the Prime universe which has always been the problem for me. But it’s not too late to start either. We still seen very little of this version of the universe so far. The TV show could actually take it in crazy directions that the films never did and why it could be really fun.

All that said, I still think the chances of a Kelvin show is slim to none, at least anytime soon. But since it’s all about expanding Paramount+ these days (and I think a big reason another movie is even happening) I’m guessing no idea is completely off the table if it can get more Trek fans to subscribe.

Wow, I just watched a video on Youtube with Charlie Cox discussing his return to the MCU as Daredevil but not the exact same Daredevil from the Netflix show and the video went into detail about him being a variant in the MCU. It then discussed how future actors will be playing more multiple roles of the same character in the multiverse like we saw in Loki and looks like Dr. Strange. Then I came here and saw your post.

So I can see that being done in Star Trek if the need arises or they simply want to keep the same actor. I still think they would try to keep the TV and movie side as separate as possible in terms of the cast but nothing stops SMG from appearing in a Kelvin movie as Spock’s sister if they decide to go that way.

But if they did that, they have to make it very, very, very, very clear she is in fact the KU version of the character. We know the biggest issue with these movies is they played it too coy with it being a parallel universe, unlike the MCU. And obviously the Mirror Universe has been doing that with the same actors from the beginning, but again, it’s treated as a parallel universe to the PU in every way.

So I agree, it can happen. I hope it doesn’t though since you know how I feel about Burnham being Spock”s sister (ie. I hate it ;)), but same time what’s done is done now.

while Trek did do the multi-verse idea years previously, w/ the MCU (and DC to a lesser effect so far) opening up the idea of cross-pollinating time lines to a broader audience and seeing it accepted and enjoyed (when done well)….there are always possibilities

Yes. JJ was the right guy for Trek 09 and SWTFA, IMO.. but he’s not terribly imaginative at story. Nostalgia is his primary thing and I think he’s a much better producer than a storyteller. He’s a fine technical director, and he’s good with character but Trek needs to move forward. If JJ hands it to the right creatives then this can work.

agree – JJ is a fantastic producer / director but not the broader story guy – at least not with an existing franchise. I don’t know why they don’t get more of the trek-lit authors involved – put those folks in a room and let them crank out a multi-year, multi-show arc and then let the writer’s room in the shows do the scripting – kind of like what the Lucasfilm Story Group was supposed to be : \

At least they didn’t bring back Shatner Kirk and make him a worthless maguffin. They way Abrams did to Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker. The JJ Trek films are no way as bad as the Disney Star Wars because its an alternate universe you aren’t ruining the legacy. Spock was important to the plot of Trek 2009. Luke didn’t even need to be in the so called sequel Disney Star Wars trilogy. He doesn’t do anything at all. Even less than Shatner Kirk in the awful Generations. At least Rian tried to redeem Luke from how JJ wrecked him but too little too late.

Generations isn’t a great movie, but I’ve never thought it was awful. I think it is a masterpiece next to The Last Jedi. It definitely needed six months more prep time, for another rewrite that would have satisfied Nimoy and fixed Kirk’s death scene, plus time to update the Enterprise sets for movie quality. But they didn’t have it because of Paramount’s usual complete incompetence. Even so, it is a decent movie, firmly in the middle of the pack of Star Trek movies, in my opinion.

hey, nothing wrong with LJ in my opinion and many others

You’ve got Abrams confused with Rian Johnson.

I understand and appreciate the sentiments of the ‘I don’t buy it until the director yells “action” for the first time’ crowd.

But the fact that I’m even commenting on this article shows that I think this is the highest chance of happening since Beyond. I have faith this time it will happen. As a general rule I have ignored most of the new movie threads.

I don’t know what is going to happen
But, I am Cautiously Optimistic.

Can’t wait to see the Kelvin crew again!

I predict that in addition to the Kelvin cast, you will see Shatner, Martin-Green, and Bakula, and maybe Stewart as well. There’s every reason to try to make this a multiverse type thing. Will it work? It might! I can imagine people showing up in droves to see the Shat play Kirk one final time.

I doubt SMG or Bakula will show up (bakula more likely in Picard or SNW) but add Hemsworth, Bana, Cumberbatch (cameo. so ppl can lose their minds when Dr Strange pops up), maybe McDowell for some crazy nexus fun. plus deepfake TOS cast (movie era) and Montalban (had Khan like villains every other movie may as well bring back the real deal)

To quote Bones… “Deepfake my a$$…” I want Keon Alexander to play Khan, or Zahn McClarnon… No Data-Luke-treatment in the next 20 years for any Trek character again…

i mean DF just for cameos

Oh, SHIT … Keon Alexander would be an awesome Khan!

YES! He’d chase us round the moons of Saturn, round Medina station and Ringgate’s Flames… :-)

I think there is a possibility but as a fan I sincerely hope not. I’d rather see the KU remain the KU. Especially if it means crossing over with the dredge that is P+ Trek. All 3 KU films are master works compared to what we have been getting from P+.

yay even number! (j/k III is great, X isn’t, XI is, XII…?)

That even number thing is a myth.

A very stupid one, at that.

Looks like he is playing McCoy from the Motion Piccy in that clip

A little known, seldom-used reserve activation clause…They drafted him…

That was exactly my thought as well.

Strange… last time this fourth KT move fell apart, it was due to him and the other Chris not signing up. Now there are one happy fleet…

That said… can’t believe it’s been 15 years… 10 years short of TOS-TUC and exactly the same time TNG crew had been active…

bit like Bond. Craig is now longest serving 007 (not taking into account Never Say Never Again).,

Yes but he has made 5 films while Moore made 7 in less of a time frame.

Apparently this is a ‘new’ team of executives running the studio and the company has more money now so things have changed I guess. Or Pine may has settled for a little less. We’ll probably never know.

A long time has passed though for three films that were never huge hits in the first place. I’ll be really curious to see how much this film will ultimately cost. I still don’t think it’s going to do that well and hopefully they keep the budget under $150 million this time.

I don’t want to be the naysayer here but unless he is under an NDA not to say what the real status is these two quotes from Variety don’t instill a lot of confidence.:

Question: Have they told you anything about the story?
We haven’t seen a script. I don’t know anything about it.
Question: So you trust them that much that you signed on without a script?
I don’t trust anybody, but I’m excited. I love the story. I love “Star Trek.” I love my people.

I mean, you would expect that he’d know what the story was about if the studio was actually in negotiations with him, let alone if he’d actually signed on to do the movie.

But at least he isn’t saying that he wouldn’t do it if they asked ;-)

He might have been told the story but isn’t allowed to say anything about it as JJ is known to be strict about secrecy. Perhaps they are still in negotiations with the other Chris and are waiting to see which script version gets used. There was also a change to the writers not long ago so the script might not even be finished.

I’m just going to be honest, I don’t think Pine really cares lol. I mean he probably trusts there will be a decent story but he probably just want to play Kirk again regardless. And outside of Wonder Woman, the Kelvin movies are still his biggest films. I don’t think his participation comes down to what the film will be about or even how good it is.

That said it is odd none of them have even read the script yet, but at this point it’s not a shock either. ;)

The fact that none of the cast seem to have any idea what this movie is about just leads me to question whether Paramount has actually started any serious discussions with them about appearing in the movie.

It could still all work out in the end.

I kind of agree with you that Pine probably doesn’t really care either way. Hopefully for him, it’s a handsome paycheck and an opportunity to spend some time with people he seems to like. But the movie will most likely be a light popcorn flick without much depth and nothing that challenges him as an actor.

Dude, all of it is really is still a big question mark. I mean they are all saying it’s happening, so that’s really really good news. But yeah, I don’t know if Pine is saying he’s 100% on board now or is he saying he will be 100% on board once he reads the script? It sounds like the former to me, but it could very well be the latter. You’re right, they could all still be negotiating which is why others still remain pessimistic it’s a done deal. Actors today have learned to parse everything to a crazy level but that’s what happens when they have all these PR professionals coaching them on everything. The Discovery cast have become pros at it lol.

But I have a feeling Pine is onboard just as long as they come to whatever they agree to pay him. And there is nothing wrong with that. TV actors have no clue what they are shooting week to week, they signed on just trusting the producers/writers for years on end. And most movie actors do sign on to roles without a script. That’s 90% of the case with the Marvel films actually, especially once you’re locked in a contract with all these big franchises. So, I guess we’ll have to see.

But I’m not expecting anything deep or compelling either. As you said it will probably just be a fun light-hearted adventure movie and that’s OK. For me, it’s why I just look at them as fun distractions. I’m not looking for Interstellar or Arrival with these films. I know a lot of fans were in the past and why so many became disappointed with them. But they are what they are. I ONLY ask the next one just doesn’t have a villain who wants to wipe out the Federation for vengeance. They can just NOT do that, I’m OK with anything else.

All the cast has been saying this since 2016. Eight years later…..they are still saying it.

“Being that Pine balking over salary renegotiations”

Oooof. I cringe every time a writer uses the “Being that” construction. Nitpicky, I know, but it’s a colloquial, non-grammatical phrase that pro writers should know not to use in professional writing.

This isn’t a school report or official release. It’s a fan site. You understood what they meant.

Personally I cringe at grammar nazis who feel the need to publicly belittle other people’s writing style and aren’t able to appreciate that not everyone receives the same level of education, often through no fault of their own.

Let’s dial back the whole grammar “nazi” thing. Nobody’s being sent to a gas chamber.

It’s a well known internet phrase. It doesn’t mean literal nazis.

It may be well-known, but it’s still an offensive phrase.

Language, vocabulary, and grammar changes constantly. Many phrases you think of as “proper” today would never have been accepted a few decades ago.

You may not like it (I cringe when I think that “would of” could one day become accepted), but it is what it is. Plu, you’re also talking about a franchise that uses “to boldly go.”

(Bad example. Split infinitives are not and were never improper English.)

This is wrong. There has never been a rule against splitting infinitives. In Victorian times it was recommended in a style guide that it should be used carefully and people misunderstood that this was a rule that couldn’t be broken.

I didn’t give it as an example of changing grammar, so bad example for you to cite as a bad example of changing grammar.

“To boldly go” is proper English. Split infinitives are not improper grammar.

I love that we’re getting so much different Trek. JJ movies, Discovery, LD, Picard, Prodigy, now SNW. I don’t watch them all, but there’s definitely something for every fan to enjoy, which is wonderful!

(and the grousing fans who don’t enjoy any of them can finally leave the fandom!)

(and the grousing fans who don’t enjoy any of them can finally leave the fandom!)

That will never happen lol! You know that some fans just like to hate watch for the opportunity to grouse!

There’s definitely one here on this site who makes being visitor to TrekMovie very difficult, because they just continue to disturb meaningful discussion.

I’m totally fine with disagreement, and fans who don’t like this or that. But ceaseless grousing and hatred and interrupting other discussion just to be a debbie downer is MADDENING.

I actually like that there are different shows as well. It was the one decision Kurtzman made that was sensible. Different kinds of Trek in different styles. The problem isn’t the concept. It’s the execution.

I SO agree with that! That’s what excites me more than anything, the diversity in all the shows and films. Even if you’re not a fan of all of it, chances are you like some of it (but yes, as you said there is a segment of fans who deem all of ‘nuTrek’ as non-canonical trash, but there is nothing you can do for those people. I’m talking reasonable fans which the majority are IMO.)

It’s fun to see so many formats, time periods and now universes. There was a time some fans acted like you can only do prequels versus a sequel. Or Prime universe versus Kelvin universe. It has to be one or the other. Now we find out you can actually just do it all. ;)

This is what makes Star Trek exciting today. You have shows in the 24th century, others in the 23rd. One in the far future. One is a comedy, others are hard drama. Some are more action based (well pretty much all of the live action shows and movies). I just love the various time periods, to see where the Federation and the galaxy is at any given time. And with the Kelvin movies returning, it will be fun to see where that version of the Federation is today in a completely different universe.

And I do watch it all. I don’t LOVE It all, but I generally enjoy most of it. DIS and PIC has been the hardest to truly get on board with (and why they are currently my least liked shows) but I have my fingers crossed this season of Picard will be better at least and I just kind of accept Discovery will probably never be a great show for me, but a decent one at least.

I am not a fan of Discovery, but I love to see it succeeding for those who are enjoying it. I am not a fan of LD, but same thing.

I would love love love if they tried to replicate the dated style of 90s Trek as a fun little single season limited series, just to tickle us 90s fans. Heck, I’d hate it, but do the same thing for TOS!

I don’t know, to me it feels like LDS HAS done that. It’s only a year after Nemesis and follows the same style of story telling with the other 24th century shows, it’s just with comedy. But maybe you mean a straight forward show.

And all the new shows have the same look off the 90s shows at least. That’s why so many liked first episode of Picard season 2, the Stargazer really does feel like a continuation of that era.

Lower Decks is Trek as Rick and Morty. Which is fine for those who want that. What i’m talking about is more like The Orville. I don’t like that show, but I do like how the cinematography and design have captured ’90s Trek.

But that’s what I mean, if you take the comedy and broad jokes away in LDS and just play the stories straight, it would feel exactly like the 90s shows. That’s exactly why I love it. The stories themselves are pure Star Trek IMO.

Would you at least agree it’s captures the look of the other shows? McMahan partly got the job because he made the unofficial TNG season 8 guide a few years ago. In many ways both he and Seth McFarlane seem to have the same love for Star Trek, but both translate it through comedy since that’s where their talents mostly sits. I would actually like both of them to try and make a more serious Trek show someday.

But I’m not trying to convince you to like it or anything. It’s definitely an acquired taste. I like Orville too but not a must-see either.

I’m hoping for a show that is hopeful and optimistic. a Trek atavism. Not a dark dystopian show. Crossing my fingers its Strange New Worlds.

On a minor note, I don’t care where they base the studio, but I will say, I hope they continue to get out of California for location shooting. It makes the Trek universe feel bigger when everything doesn’t look like Southern California. Ultimately, I want a great story first.. but I loved that Beyond looked so different in terms of the outdoor environment.

So, basically we have a car, but no engine. I’ll believe this when I see it.

I think that at this point it is the announcement of a car, but no car. There have been several previous cars announced…

No tires, either. Or a steering wheel, but who’s counting?

Looks like Pine is ready for the role of Captain Pike, based on the ST:SNW teaser. ha ha

I would like to see Pine’s Kirk go in a different direction from Shatner’s Kirk in that he stays an Admiral in Starfleet.

They were able to bring Beyond in under the cost of Into Darkness due to shooting in Vancouver and Dubai, not using ILM and not using film at all, making the film digitally. Avoiding the costs of LA location and taxes. and the film massively flopped. Sounds like Pine wants a 200 mill plus budget.

Well they did but it’s not like they saved tons of money either. Beyond only cost less than $5 million of what STID cost. But yes I know part of it had to do with other factors like the production starting late and upping some of the cast salaries (like Pine’s ;)), but I still think it would’ve been up there regardless.

And I think what Pine is saying is that the film should get a massive tax break to justify it. He’s arguing that films move to other places because L.A. is making it more expensive when they don’t have to and it’s sad the city that built the movie industry is now become ridiculously expensive to the point you are getting $200 million budgets. So I understand what he means.

But sadly this is how capitalism works. I live there, everything has been crazy expensive for the average resident for a long long time because they can get away with it. The city isn’t hurting for business and they figure Hollywood isn’t hurting much either when movies (not Star Trek) can make a billion dollars, so they will charge accordingly. It’s a vicious cycle.

Here! Yes, absolutely, shoot the movie here! I can’t wait to see ST Kelvin Film #4!

Pine & Quinto were snapped together on the street in NY yesterday so they are obviously meeting up to discuss & or meet with the writers!

I’m very excited to have Star Trek back on TV. I would love to see some great Star Trek films in the future. It’s gotten to the point with these movies though that I just don’t care anymore and fail to see the point. JJ Abrams really is an overrated talent and these films just haven’t galvanized into much of anything meaningful. I’ll watch it. I’ll support it. But, eh…

I love how he keeps using the word excited. And of course he is because his salary demands are going to get met this time.

The six million dollar man :)

his films tend to make money so he gets the going rate.

I don’t know if I agree with that. Outside of Star Trek and Wonder Woman, most of them have flopped or just broke even. He’s never had a true hit outside of those. Remember when he was going to be the next Jack Ryan? Didn’t quite work out there either and that was a relatively low budget film.

They been trying to make him a big star for awhile, but it still hasn’t really happened. But he’s not hurting for work these days either.

Wonder Woman 84 was a major flop. Not to single it out Warner’s DC had a mess of them. More flops and barely break evens, than hits.

Will we finally get a Trek movie about a madman genius who betrays the Federation and can only be hunted down and beat into paste by Kirk or Spock? I’m longing for that story where the Enterprise is blasted to smithereens only to be put back together again in time for the next one. Oh, also, we need Spock to lose control of his emotions.


Khan returns. Steals genesis. Comandeers a klingon battle cruiser. Starts an intergalactic war with the klingons . The Enterprise gets destroyed. Then the Borg turn up. With Nero as Locutus. New Enterprise 1A. Vger appears. Only Shatner Kirk can save the day. with Soran. Timelines converge ,or do they…

Star Trek Into Destruction.

also Spock encounters his big sis Michael (halle berry) and his bro sybok (CGI Connery) upon whom he administers a beatdown

I for one have really enjoyed the reboot. Having grown up with TOS, there’s no real reason for me to have expected a TV series I loved to have legs this far along in life. The reboot was fun and I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to next year. While I poked around this site, I noticed the Strange New Worlds trailer. And while I like Captain Pike as any Trekker would, it got me to thinking about a real missed opportunity: Faran Tahirhad only a short time on screen as Captain Robau, but I thought he was spectacular. He’s a character I think they should have built a franchise around. He was Starfleet material.

I think they are too old to play those parts.