Podcast: All Access Star Trek Does “Penance” With ‘Picard’ And Meets “Species 10-C” With ‘Discovery’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 82 - TrekMovie

[Picard review starts at 16:51 / Discovery review starts at  46:46]

Tony and Laurie start off the week’s news with the Strange New Worlds teaser trailer, covering what both is—and isn’t—in it. They give the latest update on Paramount+’s plans to be the exclusive home of Star Trek and talk about Mike and Denise Okuda winning a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Art Directors Guild. They dig into Tony’s recent interview with Picard co-showrunner Terry Matalas, give intel on the show’s ships from  production designer Dave Blass, discuss the recent wrap of season 3 (and likely the series as a whole), plus look at new hints about the rest of season 2 from the latest promos.

After that, they review Picard episode 201, “Penance,” then segue into reviewing Star Trek: Discovery‘s penultimate episode of season 4, “Species 10-C,” then speculate briefly on what might happen in next week’s season finale.


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Water tentacle in The Abyss

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The shield around the Earth was the Donald Trump Wall of the evil Earth future was what I got from it.

I don’t think the wall was their to keep aliens out. Q said that instead of finding ways to stop destroying the planet, humanity put it on life support. Its a solar shield to negate the effects of climate change.

I thought it was climate-related as well, but the Trump wall theory is also good… you’re probably supposed to get that vibe too.

I thought the badges had a Space Force vibe

Did you mix up Balok and Jolene Blalock at the end? :-)

maybe, it was recorded after only one coffee very early in the AM. But hard to mix up those two… don’t think Jolene is into Tranya.

I like your podcast. Keep it up! That’s all! :)

Thank you! We will!

Y’all are so entertaining. Even when you’re doing twice the work. Picard is off to a great start. Can’t wait for part 2 of the Discovery season finale. Since we’ve already effectively lost Tilly and Gray I don’t think anyone else bites it. We waited all this time and the story behind the name Cleveland Booker was a bit underwhelming. But Reno cutting it down to the 5th is sending me.

Reno to the rescue! Very random time to get that story, but she made the most of it.

Speaking of the teaser trailer for SNW. Trek Culture on youtube had a video go up about 10 things you missed from the trailer. But it wasn´t the teaser! It was an entire trailer that apparently went up…somewhere. They hade screenshots and everything. Strangely enough it´s nowhere on the internet as far as I and several others can see.

On to Discovery : I actually really liked this episode. I thought it was exciting and fascinating to see them get closer to understanding and communicating with 10c. The same way they did in Rosetta. The journey to get closer to 10c and the DMA felt a bit too long at times but it was well worth the wait. You mentioned the film Arrival. That film and novella it is based on heavily centers on the challenges of communicating with a species whose language is so completely different from ours.
I would have like for Stammets and Adira to have been called to the cargo bay to help with the problem. I miss seeing them on screen.
I also loved the screaming scene with Saru and Michael and also started laughing when they did. I thought it was a nice lighthearted scene in the middle of so much heavy.
As good as I think the show is I do think they could do better with the paceing.

If a crewmember on the Enterprise or Voyager went missing like Reno did they would summon security. And maybe, like check her quarters? That whole thing was weird.

As you I liked the Picard episode. I kept wondering why everyone at the evil rally wore black. It´s like they´re saying that the more black clothes you wear the more evil you are.
One thing I missed in the first episode that was brought to my attention in the podcast Desi Geek Girl. In the scene where Picard turns to Seven and asks if it´s the Borg, it´s because he cant hear them anymore because of his new synth body.

Agree, there should have been a full-scale search for Reno, reports back from security, etc. And as I said on the pod, I don’t buy that Stamets was looking for her all day, because he would have found her! They could’ve bought some time by realizing EARLIER that she was missing and had a search.


Great podcast as usual!

Here are a few of my tidbits.

Disco: It was a great episode. It had a TMP vibe. It felt like an old school sci fi mystery. I have enjoyed the themes and characters of this season (communication, empathy, uncertainty, transformation, value of life, and unity in a crisis). I am looking forward to the finale. I do agree with Tony. This will be more enjoyable in a binge watch.

I kept hearing Sulu saying in my head, “12th Power?!”

I understand Book being blinded by grief with his unholy alliance with Tarka. How could we expect him to deal with grief when his entire species has been destroyed? How would anyone react? It just took Reno to throw a proverbial glass of water in his face to realize he needs to wake up and think clearly.

Tarka reminds me of Henry Starling from Voyager. I’m going to go to the future and bring back technology even though it may destroy the solar system. It might or might not happen. Lets find out. I felt Tarka had the same vibe.

I agree with both of you that a security chief is needed.

Picard: The totalitarian cliche has gotten old. I felt these themes have already been covered in new and old trek a dozen times.

However, the characters were great, the writing was so precise, and I was scared they were going to get caught the whole time. I was on the edge of my seat. Their performances sold me on this storyline and I will get over my issues quickly, because WOW, they were magnificent.

Thank you for letting me post my tidbits. LLAP!

Yeah, I think Reno got to the heart of Book’s grief beautifully. Interesting connection between Starling and Tarka… Starling was interested in getting rich and powerful, which of course blinds you to the needs/safety of others. Tarka KNOWS the damage he’s going to cause and doesn’t care (whereas Starling assumed Janeway was lying about it), and I still think there’s more to his story. Only one episode left, though, so I could be wrong.

I’m not sure how anyone could have suspected Tarka in this episode. When this episode begins, his plan has already failed, and they’ve left the galaxy, and then they end up inside of an indestructible hyperfield early on. Without knowing that Tarka was capable of fooling their super computer and attaching a cloaked ship to their hull, they had no way of knowing that he was anywhere near them.

It’s not that they should’ve guessed he’d attached Book’s ship to Discovery, but that no one was even ASKING where Book and Tarka were. Time and time again we’ve seen them surprise Discovery with some kind of surprise action, and yet they aren’t even wondering about them? No one’s assignment involves trying to track them? It just makes them seem neglectful.

I assume someone at Starfleet Security is trying to track them down, but that wouldn’t be Discovery’s job when Discovery isn’t even in the galaxy anymore.

It seemed odd that no one even mentioned them; they’ve already learned not to underestimate them, and there they go again, forgetting all about their existence!

I’m with you here. Discovery is in an entirely different galaxy on an impossible mission with low chance for success from which they may never return. The rest of the Federation should be responsible for tracking and apprehending Tarka while also staging an evacuation mission for Earth and Co. Everyone’s going through a lot and things are slipping through cracks which makes sense as this season is also about the pandemic. I’m even going to blame the missing Security Officer on this…an essential worker has yet to be replaced! 😂