Watch: Things Get Weird In Sneak Peek Of ‘The Orville: New Horizons’ Episode 3 “Mortality Paradox”

On Thursday, June 16 The Orville: New Horizons debuts its third episode, titled “Mortality Paradox,” and a brand new sneak peek promises it will be “existential.” Hulu has also released an inside look at last week’s episode “Shadow Realms.”

Sneak peek at “Mortality Paradox”

Inside “Shadow Realms”

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Uh, Uh as a non US citizen I can watch the video right here and doesn’t need to go to star trek com to watch the videos!!!! That is really cool. Imagine that would work for the star trek videos too. Maybe in the 22th century.

But how can they risk anyone from overseas finding out about their product and possibly giving them money for it it?!!!

Good luck, the people running Trek these days give the Ferengi a run for their latinum.

Definitely was not feeling episode 2. Braga recycling Identity Crisis and Genesis, having the crew indulge in all the horror movie no-nos, and putting the focus mostly on a one-off character who poor Penny Johnson Jerald has to do her darndest to fake chemistry with, largely by exposition. I don’t love a lot of MacFarlane’s humor, but it distinguished the show and this really serious tone isn’t quite working.

The Orville crew didn’t listen to La’an’s seven rules of security – “Let the tricorder do the investigating” instead of, you know, touching everything. It’s funny they both aired on the same day.

This looks kind of cool…I will be adding Hulu again later this year and will give this season a fresh chance to maybe finally get me into this show.

I was impressed that they didn’t magic wand Episode 2.

Loving the new season and the shows feels they’ve spent a bit more on the budget/effects etc. even though the first seasons looked good too.

Yes, the last episode felt very re-hashy from past-Trek stories, but I still enjoyed it and found it well executed. Looking forward to seeing more. Plus, which past-Trek actors pop up. Nice seeing John Fleck back again.

It’s weird; the guy playing the Admiral is James Reade, an actor I thought was fantastic on s1 of REMINGTON STEELE. He and a secretary character I liked were dropped for s2 (in favor of Doris Roberts, which led to my spending decades disliking her for no other reason than she got brought in to fix a problem which didn’t exist.) That was enough to make me stop watching the show completely, even though it was my fave new show that year and something i think I actually wrote a letter about to support its then unlikely renewal. (I think Young Indy was the only other show I did that for.)

Except for a bit part in BLUE THUNDER (he is the cop who looks up in shock as Murphy rises into view to give his wife a distraction and getaway chance), I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him in anything else since STEELE, though I know he did a VOYAGER long after I threw my hands up at that series. I just imdb’d him, and the guy has had a really substantial TV career, so I’m kind of glad of that, given that for years I’d say this was a guy who should have been given a shot to break out on his own, maybe in rom-coms and then bang-bang flicks. Kind of wish this guy had started film acting a few years earlier, because though young, he could have been a strong Decker contender in TMP.

Out of all the people they looked at for Decker, I thought Collins was among the weakest … he had done pretty well on a miniseries called THE RHEINEMAN EXCHANGE, where he somehow manged to come off like a blonde Bond, a note he sure never came close to hitting ever again (I think they took a lot of trouble to light him on that project, making him look tougher — they had a Mexican cinematographer who had shot for Peckinpah, so if I am remembering the series right after 45 years, it probably had a harder key light and less fill, which is often my ideal lighting for most dramas, sort of like TOS when when bridge lighting goes down in act iv sometimes, or the ‘ship out, freak!’ bit in DAY OF THE DOVE.)

Personally, I think Frederic Forrest and Tim Thomerson were the best bets, and I’d have taken either of those over Collins, Andy Robinson and the other guy from QUARK besides Robinson and Thomerson that they looked at, Richard Kelton, who played Ficus on that series. Kelton actually died of carbon monoxide poisoning during the shooting of TMP. Pretty tragic business – imdb has it that he had just started work on the CENTENNIAL miniseries and died due to crap ventilation in his Universal trailer. The studio got fined $750 bucks — big whoop! — and his wife eked out a fifty grand payout due to California law — I’m still appalled by the leniency demonstrated to Universal, presaging the TWILIGHT ZONE business that somehow permitted Landis and Frank Marshall to not only have careers, but to flourish. I remember that Spielberg managed to keep Marshall out of the country for the whole TZ trial, ostensibly scouting locations, to avoid being subpoeaned to testify, let alone be charged for his major major role in that affair.

Boy, this certainly is setting the day off on a bad note for me.

The comedy was what made this show good and unique. Now it’s just low-budget regurgitated old star trek. I have no reason to watch this show now.

This one was more fun than the first two which were severely under-cooked and dull. This one filled its time wisely, but like all Orville episodes, the ending is randomly stupid and sabotages the story. It’s interesting to see how much Gordon has matured, less obnoxious but still fun. Bortis was pitch perfect in this episode, he made this episode for me. But they did a great job utilizing the full cast. I still very much dislike the new character, cringey acting and written to be obnoxious and insubordinate.