Preview “The Bounty” With New Images, Trailer And Clip From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 306

This week Star Trek: Picard moves into the second half of the third and final season. We have details along with new images, plus a clip and trailer

“The Bounty”

Episode 6 of Picard’s third season is called “The Bounty.” The episode was written by Christopher Monfette, and directed by Dan Liu. It debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, March 23.


Now on the run, Picard and the skeleton crew of the U.S.S. Titan must break into Starfleet’s most top-secret facility to expose a plot that could destroy the Federation. Picard must turn to the only soul in the galaxy who can help – an old friend.

NEW Images from episode 6:

Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher and Patrick Stewart as Picard

Patrick Stewart as Picard and Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher

Patrick Stewart as Picard and Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, Patrick Stewart as Picard, Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher and Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker and Michael Dorn as Worf

Michael Dorn as Worf andPatrick Stewart as Picard

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker, Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker and Michael Dorn as Worf

Patrick Stewart as Picard in

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge

Patrick Stewart as Picard, Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge and Mica Burton as Ensign Alandra La Forge

Mica Burton as Ensign Alandra La Forge

Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher

Mica Burton as Ensign Alandra La Forge and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Sidney La Forge

Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw

Patrick Stewart as Picard and Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw

Previously released image from episode 6:

Michael Dorn as Worf


Paramount has released a trailer on social media.


A clip was shown at the end of the Ready Room (at 32:47):

The third and final season of Picard premiered on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It also debuted on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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Yay! Geordi!

Really hoping we get some answers this week about the monster inside Jack’s head — it’s a plot point that’s starting to wear thin.

I’ve been thinking about this. I think they may have introduced that plot point a little too early, because it’s likely to be one of the things that doesn’t resolve until the finale.

i wonder if Shaw is a fanboy of LaForge….being an engineer i could see him geeking out on a fellow famous engineer

That was my prediction a few weeks ago when I realized that Shaw’s dislike for Picard and Riker was probably due in part to his engineering background. Why would he not admire Geordi?

Hopefully he’s cooler to him than Geordi was to Montgomery Scott.

Yeah, that part of Relics didn’t make much sense. Geordi was already established to be a history nerd as well as an engineering nerd. He should’ve been a borderline scary Annie Wilkes kind of biggest fan for Scotty.

Right? That was the only time ever in Star Trek where I absolutely HATED Geordi.

Well his daughter is serving on the ship and that could be because he is a big fan of her father.

BTW LaForge should have been part of season 1 of Picard. he was Data’s best friend and should have helped Picard put Data to rest

Absolutely agree!

Yes, 100%! But then, Terry Matalas should have been allowed to rework (of not write) that entire season, and who knows what better material we would have gotten. 😉

*that’s: (IF not write)

Matalas wasn’t even working on the show then though.

Yes, I’m aware, of course! But neither was LeVar Burton; hence the “should haves” above. As long as we’re wishing, y’know?!

That’s not the same thing though. Burton has been part of the franchise for 35 years now playing an iconic character, Matalas hasn’t.

So, when wishing and spinning “what if”-scenarios in our minds, we have to follow stricter rules now? 😉

Seriously, I do get where you’re coming from, but since Matalas had worked on several Trek iterations before, and seeing what he’s delivering now, I think he’s fair game as far as wishes go. I would LOVE to see what he would’ve done, building on the basic framework of season 1!

Piggybacking on that really quick: the YouTube channel Popcast Unleashed streamed a very interesting discussion today (Raw Rant #6), with Picard writer and co-producer Matt Okumura, as well as Robert Meyer Burnett.

Their discussion about Terry Matalas’ approach, and the entire writers’ room process for season 3 in particular, is well worth the time! 👂💬👍

It’s funny I was going to watch that stream today but I got busy. But I’m going to definitely watch it now. The Popcast and Robert Meyer Burnett has both been the best things to watch discussing season 3, especially since they seem to get most of the insiders from the show. Matalas himself has become a staple on Burnett’s channel especially.

OK fair enough. And yes, I wish he worked on season one as well lol.

Sounds horrible. No thanks

I’ve never thought about that but you are absolutely right. Great observation!

Star Trek: Laforge

Agreed. It made absolute sense that Geordi would be in season one and who Picard should’ve called on him to help. Another reason why season one was so weak.

Yeah missed opportunity there!

This love affair that was created with Picard and Data is ludicrous. It was essentially something they added to the films to give Spiner a more rounded role, and the relationship between Data and LaForge was pushed to the back burner after Generations. It was such nonsense, Picard was never THAT close to Data. Sure he respected him, and liked him. But love? Nah.

Can I just say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a weirder image from any Star Trek show than that first one?

Worf has his hands in his pockets!

I know you meant this just as a silly nitpick, but if it makes you feel any better, I don’t believe the episode ever shows him with his hands in his pockets like that. It’s likely just for the promotional picture.

I totally buy all that, but it’s still weird to see!

Terry Matalas said these photos were taken during rehearsals.

They don’t have pockets in the future? Or is it because warriors don’t use pockets?

<Worf voice>
“Klingons do not use….pockets.”

HAHAHA perfect! NOW I get it!

“Pockets are for Thursdays”.

Pretty use the jumpsuits didn’t have pockets….

David Gerrold has a funny story about how there are no pockets in the future.

Not too sure he’s ever had a costume with pockets.

Man, why can’t they light the show like they do with their promo images???? These look great and would look great on screen.

I hope for a color-corrected version on the Blu Ray with the lights on!

Yeah, these pics are so gorgeous and punchy!

Any chance “The Bounty” might also be a reference to the Bird of Prey on the display behind Geordi? A cloaking device might make things easier… Just a thought…

A cloaking device does show up in the main credits. That is probably for a reason.

There’s a reason Riker likes the word “burglar.” Need to be invisible to go burgle a dragon. I mean a station.

Oh wow. Yes! And isn’t the schematic in the graphics of the closing credits a device with annotated points in Klingon that then translate to English? This would be a lovely call back and mean that the Titan can fly around cloaked… and who better to install it than Geordi with some help from an old grease monkey like Shaw. I am LOVING this season. Pure joy.

That was my thinking also, that “The Bounty” is the BoP from TSFS and TVH but also a play on words concerning Jack

and don’t forget mutiny

There is a lot of ‘fanboy’ nostalgia in this one, this was the last of the 6 preview episodes.

Bordering on spoilers here. Best not to say anything at all.

“Fanboy nostalgia” does not tell you much. Anytime you get on the net, you risk spoilers.

Not to an episode that hasn’t aired yet. It doesn’t say much, you’re right, but as I’ve seen it, I’ve stayed away from making even the slightest suggestion of anything that the episode entails, because I don’t think it’s right to even make allusions (other than pockets)


That makes your reply about his post being spoilery even more spoilery actually. Since now you’re kinda alluding to things. LOL

I won’t spoil anything, but I suppose saying this does build anticipation that there are parts people will be very happy about. I’ve seen it also, it’s a shame there isn’t a forum where people can chat about this.

Why is Geordi wearing an apron?

I call that particular uniform the “Blacksmith’s Apron.”

Took me a while. LOL!!!

I’m guessing that either all the Titan crew members that transferred to Intrepid were killed by changelings or there’s still an epic fight to the death going down on that ship.

I was thinking the same. By my theory, they were all “assimilated” by changelings when transported over, effectively killing the solids, and turning them all into these new “fleshy” changeling hybrids. Scary sh!t… 😨

Right; I wonder if Esmar and T’Veen are on the Intrepid, fighting the good fight.

Chuckling because every Picard season has featured:
a heist episode, fan favorite character dies (Hugh, Q, Ro), a 9/11-level event, a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top (in season two it’s via the guy who interrogates Picard & Guinan), a young person discovers they have Jason Bourne/John Wick-level killing powers (Data’s daughters, Jurati once she becomes Borgified, Jack)

I wonder if there’s, like, a story skeleton that they have to follow.

Formulaic, to be certain.

Sometimes formulaic is bad. Sometimes it’s good. If it hadn’t been done twice so recently, I don’t think it would even be worth mentioning. But in a way, sometimes just sticking to an established formula can be a good thing, because you can just stick to the basics.

And not necessarily a formula for success!

Thrilled Geordi is finally here and in person. I’ve been waiting for him to finally appear.

But man, they’re just never going to bring on Deanna are they? Unless it’s for the last episode or two. Oof. Were those zoom things really all they gave her in the first six episodes?

I think there’s a pretty good chance they go to pick her up this episode, for her own safety. Plus, who wouldn’t want a Betazoid around to help suss out Changelings?

A few reviews mentioned she only had like two scenes in the whole first six episodes. I assume they meant the flashback and call with Riker. I could be wrong, and I’d love to be, but I’m guessing she’s not in the episode unfortunately.

I don’t think so. They’re introducing Geordi (and probably Lore and Moriarty) in this one. They’re spreading it out. But hopefully next week, finally!

Ignoring my previous comment lol, I actually think she might be, even though it’s probably only at the end. I just saw an interview Terry Matalas posted somewhere else where he said she couldn’t start filming in person till episode 6 and that she plays heavily in and features in the last five episodes of the season. So there’s that.

That’s very revealing about her availability. Because a lot of fans have been screaming that Matalas “did her dirty” and insisted that you can tell that Sirtis is unhappy with her role, given her demeanor in recent interviews. Typical fans…

I mostly thought that was all bullshit and overreaction but to be fair on one thing, Sirtis was on the cruise talking about she didn’t like that Troi was stuck at home being a stay home mother and being disappointed with that.

I don’t think that was her being generally unhappy or anything though, just that she didn’t like that one plot point.

Really?? That IS revealing. Where did he say that?

Not sure we’re supposed to post links to other outlets here, but look for the Collider interview were he breaks down episode 4. He talks about how she didn’t start filming in person till the 6th episode, says she plays heavily in the last five episodes of the season, and then says the back half of the season is “Troi’s season”.

Oh, that doesn’t necessarily mean she was unavailable though does it?

I read it again and it’s kind of worded where it can go either way. He’s acting like she wasn’t available till then. She’s apparently been hinting and saying that she was disappointed and unhappy with being left out of the first part of the season and Troi being left at home. I guess we’ll never know.

Just going to enjoy what we’ve gotten so far out of the season and look forward to the back half with them all together. Hoping it’s great.

I found the interview. It didn’t say she wasn’t available. Just that she wasn’t there during the filming of episode 4. They had to wait to film her scene till later.

She moved back to London from LA not too long ago, so I think it was much harder to get there for filming.

That had to do with the press tour.

Marina Sirtis moved back to the UK in 2021. Could be why they gave her limited screen time in the story. But as the story has been written, it makes sense.

She was in production two out of the six months. That’s a long enough time to be away from home in another country for a ‘guest star’ credit.

Her and Riker seem to be on the outs. So space Zoom calls are okay.

In real life, she lives in London now, so if this was all she could do, it is what it is.

I think we need to break into Geordi’s office. So many toys…

In one of these images is a miniature statue of Zefram Cochrane (which Geordi described to Cochrane in FC)

May have been Jonathan Archer’s.

I’ve been not so patiently waiting for Geordi and I’m so hyped to see some photos. Can’t wait for the episode. I think and I’m hoping that it’s going to be great.

Still can’t get over how the 25th century combadges are so heavily influenced from the ones seen in AGT. So cool.

Between AGT, STO, IDW and the Relaunch novelverse, this season has woven in numerous visual, character and historical parallels.

Paramount owns all the IP for the tie-ins. It makes so much sense to pull it in as appropriate so that the licenced products feel like they’re part of the same multiverse.

Yeah I love it as well, but those have been the alternate future timeline badges for so long on all the shows, it would be weird not to have them now.

Oh man that shot of Geordi at his desk is full of all sorts of goodies.

Looks like Kirk’s copy of “A Tale of Two Cities”, a Zephram Cochran statue, and a Vulcan warp sled. We’re gonna need a full series just for Geordi’s office alone

CBS Licensing needs to get on it and find someone to make the the leather jackets that Raffi and Jack are wearing.

Also they should make the Starfleet delta removable, in case a person doesn’t feel like flying their trek flag some days.

Yes, love the look! 🖤 😊👍

These faces make me smile!

I just love how that yellow [uniform] pops on screen (more so than the other two colors.

I kinda wish they would have held off posting some of these pics to be honest. Better to be surprised (even by a bit).

Ten Forward, quelle surprise… LOL

“I just love how that yellow [uniform] pops on screen (more so than the other two colors.”

Same! It really shines. 🌞👍 Red and blue/teal should’ve been given some extra treatment in post-production — they were sitting on this season for months, and could’ve really used the time to fix all these minor color & lighting issues.

“Ten Forward, quelle surprise… LOL”

Right?!!! More like Ten Backward, by now… 🫢 It was either this, or Chateau Picard. 😝

Based on the graphic behind Geordi, he’s in his office at the Fleet Museum. I will geek out so much if we get a glimpse of the Enteprise-A, Excelsior, and Voyager once again!

I hope they have it where the newer TNG era ships are all electronically hijacked that the Ent-A, Miranda’s and Excelsiors have to take them out with superior strategy! How great would that be?

Nah, I bet the mark II changelings have gotten into the bio neural gel pack system.

Boy they love that 10-Forward set. :D J/K, I’m fine with it. Excited!

I did not initially care for the Ten Forward Holodeck or the Titan-A, but both have grown on me over the course of the first five episodes. Especially the Titan-A. It’s a beautiful ship.

There’s a bird of prey on the display behind Geordi so that must be the HMS Bounty in the fleet museum. I bet they needed a cloaking device and Geordi being in charge of the museum knew just where to get one.

The fleet museum isn’t a spare parts house. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Anything of use would have been removed long ago.

I’m projecting a nit pick here….it’s already been confirmed Geordi heads the fleet museum complex. A Starfleet mothball or reserve fleet would be ships maintained by the service, in some state of readiness if they are needed. A museum ship has been stricken from the service, deactivated, and put up on public display. Antimatter has been drained, deuterium tanks are empty, weapons have been removed, so tourists can safely walk the corridors Kirk or Janeway walked.
I surely hope our heroes don’t show up looking for some spare ships. This is Star Trek, not the movie Battleship.

USS Constitution was a museum ship and to this day remains a commissioned ship in the US Navy. HMS Victory, in permanent dry dock at the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth, also remains commissioned with the Royal Navy, although (unlike Constitution) she is unlikely to sail ever again.

Old Ironsides commissioned status is more in recognition of her history, as opposed to her combat readiness. She’s a well-preserved antiquity that gets towed out into Boston Harbor on occasion, fires the cannons, on rare occasions she does set sail on very short voyages near her port; her value now is as a recruiting tool. There’s no universe where the Navy crews her up, puts a detachment of Marines on her, and points her out to the Atlantic with orders to hunt pirates.
Geordi’s job is to keep his museum pieces presentable. Not functional.

As others have speculated, maybe they’re looking for a cloaking device from a certain Bird of Prey, which shares its name with the episode’s. Although, you’d think that would’ve been removed for study long ago.

Not to mention completely outdated and most likely vulnerable to newer sensor technology.

True, though I suppose Geordi could modify it or something. You know how that goes. Something something technobabble, we can do it but don’t push it too far, Captain.

I wonder where Starfleet is with cloaking tech on the whole at this point. Does the treaty with the Romulans still apply?

I do miss Geordi’s technobabble.

I guess we will need a follow up series set in that time period to answer such questions about the status of relations between the Federation and Romulans.

I bet together with Shawn’s knowledge of the Titan under Skin Hardware, he and Gerodi are capable to “Update” this Old Cloaking Device to get the Job done, but surly with an “Nerf” like their old Trail of gas or Heat

Also, there is Geordi’s Daughter that surly can migrate their “old Wisdom” to Up to date State of Art Technology

Something alike Energy when Picard said on the Bridge “Should you not saying Warp 9.99?” :)

“hurry Picard, my Duck Tape Attached Cloaking Device are about to overheat the Warpcore and this can turn out Ugly!. Because the Extra Cooling System is on their last Breaths” this kind of “Nerfs” i mean

my Mass Effect Fan Boy guess: Perhaps we get something like the Normandy “Silent Run” solution here

Do they really need it for study? That tech, banned in the past or not, is seriously out of date. Admiral Pressman had MUCH better tech that they could utilize and I am not sure the treaty of algeron is still in place following Shinzon’s actions and then the destruction of Romulus.

I meant just after its arrival on Earth in the 23rd century. Presumably Starfleet would be highly interested in the latest Klingon cloak at that time. Kirk said as much. Whether they eventually reinstalled it into the Bounty for historical purposes is anybody’s guess at this point. Maybe Geordi will explain.

Ahhh. Thank you for the clarification. You’re right. Legal or not, I have no doubt some part of Starfeet, even if it was Section 31, would have taken and reversed engineer the tech. But don’t forget, this is not the first time Starfleet has had this tech. It happened in TOS during the episode The Enterprise Incident.

Which begs the question: how often do the Romulans and Klingons have to update their cloaks, and how often does Starfleet have to steal one?

It’s a good question. But I don’t think either the Romulans or the Klingons got to the tech the federation had where they could cloak and traverse through objects. If they could they could single handedly turn the tides of the Dominion War!

I’m sold on the newer TNG era ships having been electronically hijacked (AI controls?) and the older more manual ships (Miranda, Connie, Excelsior, etc) have to take them out with more innovative imaginative tactics. Could explain why Titan A was built to movie era specs.

Nothing beats analog! Geordi, where are those 3 1/4 floppies at?

I think I would freak out if Picard ended up on the bridge of the 1701-A LOL

I thought I saw the A, in one of the trailers when they come up to the Museum (trailer with the good music). Can see the blue nacelles and the blue dish.

Fingers Crossed!!!

If we saw that legendary ship this season, I might need to have an ambulance waiting for me!

Picard says “engage”, to which Geordi replies, “only if we all get out and push”.

Oh sheesh don’t get my hopes up LOL

I have a feeling this episode is going to be great! But then, I think all of them have been great so far. Fingers are crossed that we see some of the favorite old ships that Geordi has been caring for.

I’m really looking forward to binge watching this entire season in one day when the last episode is released.

I really hope Kira and Admiral Janeway show up.

Kira because she’s the closest thing the Federation has to an expert on Changelings and Admiral Janeway because of the conspiracy within the Federation and Starfleet.

I also feel that Seven should be allowed to voice concern for her friends in Starfleet (i.e. the crew of Voyager).

Why should Picard and Riker be the only ones allowed to bring their crew back together, right?

And if they’re looking for allies within the Federation (i.e. people they can trust), they should start with the Doctor. Changelings cannot mimic a hologram.

I think Matalas has said Janeway is dedicated to just Prodigy for now. I hope for Kira too tho.

It would be logical.

Does anyone have an International Preview link for me? I would really appreciate that

It’s good to see Geordi back again. I have seen his STO Avatar and even Worf’s one there, but i really like the Original ones. Nothing beats Life!

About Geordi helping out:
I bet if they do not plan to use the Cloaking Device Card, then the Titan will get some new Fake Look. But, before this happens the Clamps on the Saucer section must Fit with the New Old Part, too. There is no really Time to refit other Ship saucers section Clamps to the Titan, right?

But i bet, Geordi and Shawn are capable of integrate some old Cloaking Device on the Titan

Oh, yes, this “giving Titan an Fake Makeover Look” is my Speculation, if they do not have Cloaking Device at hand now or are build out of Old Ships of Security. But The “New Titan” is still an Ship that want to Visit Earth and i bet the Changelings have their Eyes peeled around and Time is the Key here

Check the site.

The ‘sneak peek’ is included in the end of last week’s ready room.

The preview seems to go up there later.

The season has been fan service. Very well done, but still fan service. So visiting the fleet museum plays well into that. They are there looking for some spare parts.

To reply to your speculation, you’d only likely be able to swap out saucer sections with similarly classed ships, Galaxy class with another Galaxy class. Swapping a Galaxy class to a Sovereign class ship wouldn’t likely work because of the overall differences in configuration. It would also likely play hell with the flight dynamics as well (yes, that would still be a consideration in a zero-g environment).

Let alone keeping their Warp Bubble stable, that was not designed for that New Ship Mass

Perhaps we could see some (more) “Scotty” & “Geordi’s” MacGyver Solutions. Like in the Gigantic Dyson sphere Episode

IMHO WARP bubbles do not need to take mass into account to that degree. WARP is about folding space. What is in between the fold should technically not matter, just the size of the bubble.

And as we’ve seen before in TNG, that can be adjusted. The Beverly alone in her universe being the best example.

What would be a consideration is flight dynamics under impulse drive. A source of thrust on a starship, even in a Zero G environment, will create flight stresses on the structure of a ship. Swapping out differently configured primary hulls would cause problems in load (thrust) distribution.

Sure. But theoretically flying inside a warp bubble would be like flying through simple space. There should be no zero G and technically you don’t even need to fly at impulse in the warp bubble. A modern day space shuttle could traverse the path if it could have created the bubble. That’s the whole point. There is practically no distance from A to B.

Well I’m not sure about that. We all know that the Galaxy class had a detachable saucer section. Although never seen on screen the sovereign class was supposed to have one too. The fit might not look right but that might not mean they can’t connect if backwards compatibility was not built in, which is a very real world thing in technology.

I’d not expect that level of compatibility when swapping out differently configured primary hulls. I would expect compatibility on several mission critical systems, though. Gravity plating. Sensors. Interface consoles. Warp core components. Clearly weapons.

I’d mentioned elsewhere that’s going to be a substantial nit-pick, if our heroes show up at the fleet museum in the next episode with a fleet of ships at their disposal, all primed and ready to go. If Starfleet has struck a ship, before it goes on display to the general public, anything of use would have been stripped from it first. Like warship museums of today, they are kept presentable, not functional.

That’s totally fair

I’m so tired of Ten Forward being the only holodeck program. It feels so boring and lazy. If it’s a budget issue, it would have flowed better to have so many of these scenes in whatever the Titan’s crew canteen is.

It’s the sunk cost of the built set. That’s how elaborate it is. They did the same thing in season one by having the La Sirena holodeck recreate Picard’s study at the chateau. Just poor planning by people who’ve never made TV before and Matalas having to inherit it. But think of it this way: the money they’ve saved reusing this set, despite not making much sense, has helped them afford more important things (guest cast, new sets we both have and haven’t seen, space VFX shots).

Matalas was co-showrunner in season 2 when that set was being built. He didn’t just inherit it. People act like Matalas just came on board in season 3 because they don’t like season 2, but he started working for the show in late 2019 or by January 2020, over a year before season 2 filming started. The season 2 story was broken down by early 2020, with multiple plot points being Terry’s ideas.

I’m not one of these Terry Trek muffins stanning for his installation as Lord of Trek. Your point that he was co-showrunner proves my point. I don’t think very much of Mr. Goldsman’s prowess when it comes to producing television and a lot of what did not work about ST:P can be safely assigned to his decision-making.

Keep in mind seasons 2 and 3 were shot back to back. Just because Matalas was involved with Season 2 does not mean he had much to do with it. There was a LOT going on all at once and he is only one guy.

A lot of Alex & Akivastans in the comments, amirami. Those dudes, who’ve done nothing but light piles of Paramount’s money on fire, are somehow immune from criticism. Anyway, all that said, I recall Matalas using the word “inherited” in relation to the set. But I could be mistaken and that was some other commenter’s or article writer’s word choice. Regardless, whoever’s decision it was to build the 10 Forward Bar, it was a dumb one. Not just because of s3, but because it was stupid to build a bar set during a pandemic when securing a location like that would’ve been doing some holders of empty retail places a favor.

Fair enough. A real bar could have taken the place of “Ten Forward” and saved money. And also, if you are going to build a set for Ten Forward, why not just give us the REAL Ten Forward?

You’re exactly right. And it’s worth mentioning that Season 2 has a compelling story, fascinating themes, and lots of good stuff. The problem was in how it was all put together and executed, particularly in the second half, after he left.

I don’t mind the Ten Forward set but it is pretty obvious it’s only being used to save money. It’s also very odd it’s the only holodeck program they been running that only Picard and Riker have any attachment to who aren’t part of the crew.

I do prefer it to Voyager’s tropical resort holodeck program. That was overused too.

I agree they should have a mess hall set or recreation lounge or something they could use in addition to the Ten Foward bar to make the budget constraints less noticeable.

In Voyager you could tell that they had the budget for one big holodeck set that was swapped out once a season or so—the tropical resort, the French bar, the Irish village, Da Vinci’s workshop.

Yes, finally Geordi is back! I thought he may show up in episode 5 but it’s great to see him back now. So now five of the gang will be together on the Titan with Worf also showing up. Hopefully Troi is next in episode 6.

But the show is on fire and it feels like it’s only going to get better now with the stakes so high and they are on the run. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Troi makes the most sense to come back. You have a Changeling issue. Why not get a telepath on board to help if you can?

So what color is Raffi’s uniform because in the video it looks red, in the pics it looks gold?

I really hope Geordi gets a chance to crack a smile and laugh before the end of the series. I miss Burton’s infectious laughter and every promo image or clip of Geordi so far has seen him looking pretty dour.

Me too. But the only time he ever really laughed on TNG was playing poker or with Data.

Geordie looks pissed in one of the photos. I don’t blame him, especially since Picard put his daughter in danger. I can’t wait to see the great Levar Burton again. I’ve been a fan of his since reading rainbow.

I still wish he got the Jeopardy gig.

😮‍💨 I am bowing out of the rest of the season after episode 5. I’ll lurk and comment if I like something that happens and will still be paying attention to this last half.

But I have to be honest, this season has lost me, especially from a DS9 perspective. To me it feels like they’re just redoing the war but this time Picard is the main and leading protagonist instead of Ben Sisko and nothing that made it work the first time around is there anymore. And by that I mostly mean Odo. I’m not asking for Odo himself in this season because I know it’s not possible. When I say that I mean someone from within the Dominion that will openly say that this is wrong and is not what they should be and someone that we knew that about from the very start. Right now this season doesn’t have that, so I’m just left grasping at straws to try to guess what might be that role because it’s not Worf. Worf doesn’t even come close to filling that. As of now I’m left wondering if Jack Crusher was a plant from Odo’s side although that makes no sense.

Another thing that made it work in DS9 (in part because of Odo) is that you got to see them through the perspective of other people within the Dominion like the random Jem’Hadar First of the episode or whichever Vorta is around, mostly Weyoun. It just isn’t the same without either species to me. The Changelings doing everything by themselves just doesn’t work for me.

Like I said already, I’ll be following along still and see if it improves for me any but as of right now, this season has completely lost me.

Although I don’t agree totally (I’m now really enjoying the season, since episode 3) I get what you mean. Getting the Changelings without the Vorta and the Jem’Hadar (so far) and without Odo, feels like cherry pie without the crust. It’s just the goo.

Just the goo. 😂 That’s a great one. Thanks.

And thank you for understanding too.

Trek writing has been very formulaic for a long time now. This season is no different. At the end of episode 10, our heroes will all ride off into the sunset, possibly further adventures await. Once I adjusted my expectations to expect some world class fan service, I was able to roll into this and enjoy it for what it is. Fan service. Stewart and McFadden have been great chewing the scenery. It’s been a beautiful show so far, a great vehicle for fan service. Another season of this would be tiring, though.

It’s not serving this fan anything. All it’s given me so far is Liam Shaw who is one of my types of Trek characters. And that’s not enough to influence how I feel about everything else at all. So I’m out.

Especially since I could never get into TNG and Picard is a character that I cannot stand in any way. So again, it’s not giving me anything.

I was lured into this season with the promise of DS9 and VOY legacy. Instead I’m getting nothing on the latter (PRO is doing a much better job of being that) and the former just turned out to be Dominion War 2: vortaless edition. It was better the first time around, I don’t need to see it occur again unless I’m rewatching DS9.

Not too sure how you got the idea that Voyager and DS9 were being revisited. The reunion season of TNG was being hyped early on, even if Sir Patrick still doesn’t want to call it a reunion show.

Regardless, if TNG was never your thing, you’re entitled to that.

It was said a few times by Terry Matalas before the season started airing, I didn’t pull that out of nowhere.

It may well have, I might have missed it in the mountain of hype about the TNG reunion. Again, you’re entitled, TNG isn’t your thing.

Thank you for understanding.

Thinking this over, season three is trying to start the work of drawing together the 24th century plot threads of DS9 and Voyager into one shared backdrop/context that can be taken forward into a new show.

Of course Paramount wants to draw all the Berman-era fans back in, but is unlikely to make 3 different early 25th century shows.

So, there definitely were messages sent out to intentionally draw in DS9 fans, just as Picard has tried to draw in Voyager fans with Seven since season one. I can see why Gritizens and other DS9 fans woukd be frustrated.

However, just as every Picard season before has been constrained and shaped by what Patrick Stewart is willing to allow the writers to do with the character, this season has prioritized TNG’s legacy characters.

More, it’s still using both TNG characters and context as well as DS9’s history in the service of Picard’s journey. So, if you’re not, at base, drawn in by the journey Patrick Stewart is willing to play for Picard, I can see how this season could fail to hold you.

Really, the bottom line is that Picard as a show really has to end this season so that the writers can tell bigger stories with an ensemble of new and legacy characters rather than just a single hero’s journey.

Exactly this.

What I would have liked to see was a show more like what Chakotay’s original mission in Prodigy was. One about a ship assigned to the gamma quadrant with mostly new characters and the token legacy character could have been someone like… idk… Ezri Dax. Or maybe Julian Bashir. Other legacy characters can come and go as the story calls for it, but not take the story over.

On this hypothetical show, their mission could be just to help the people of the gamma quadrant learn to trust the Federation more after the war. Show us the ways the Dominion is better and, dare I say, redeeming itself under the guidance of Odo. Silly idea but include a rehab place for Jem’Hadar and Vorta, where they learn that there is more to life than fighting and serving the Founders and having them leave it free to chose their own paths instead of the ones chosen for them. Here you could have some legacy characters (any surviving Vorta or clones of ones you saw that had died [there were still others besides Weyoun]) mixing in with new characters. After all, what could be more Trek in itself than that.

After that Lower Decks episode where they were trying to do exactly that with the Karemma, I just assumed that would be the direction the story would be taken in. Prodigy itself kinda solidified (ha pun not intended) that for me when the Protostar just kinda… hung out… in the Gamma Quadrant unbothered. Nobody rolled up to say hey please leave or tried to attack them or anything. Furthermore it was implied that Starfleet was actively in the quadrant when Lieutenant Frex asked if he was being reassigned there.

So this was a shock because it came out of nowhere in my perspective. What I thought was the path that was started at the end of DS9 and I felt like LD and PRO had provided proof of that that was the route being taken. There was no set up for this, no hints of it. There was nothing even suggesting there was a splinter group of Founders out there.

This storyline could have worked in the show that I tossed out in this comment. Maybe spend the first season or two setting it up, just like DS9 did with the original war, only maybe don’t take as long with it. Maybe my idea is not very practical for a show but it would have worked so much better for me over what PIC has done so far.

Sorry if this made no sense.

Fair enough. I’m feeling that we just keep getting more ‘movie Picard’ and the Picard of TNG that I admired is mostly gone.

So that’s not so interesting, especially as, with Picard still the title character, everything and everyone’s arcs are still about his journey. His resolution with Ro was one of the few satisfying moments with him. I’m finding myself unexpectedly not enjoying Beverly.

I‘ve enjoyed Riker, Seven and Worf, so that’s still of interest beyond Shaw, but I can grasp your perspective.

Thank you for understanding.

The Changelings we’ve seen on the show so far are a breakaway terrorist sect. They’re not the Dominion.

I know that. I said repeatedly that what I said is what I feel like the season is doing. Then in my original comment I said “someone from Odo’s side.” I know that. I acknowledge that.

Episode 6 did not drop

You’re a day early.