Kate Mulgrew Calls ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Characters In Live-Action A “Likelihood”

There is a little tidbit from the May issue of SFX Magazine which went by our notice, but based on some more recent news, it could be significant. It could possibly even be a hint at the return of Kate Mulgrew as Janeway in live-action Star Trek.

Prodigy crossover to live-action?

In a feature about the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy in SFX there was a brief interview with Kate Mulgrew, which included the following exchange:

Is there any chance we’ll see any of the characters in live action Star Trek in the future?
[She leans across the chair and grins] I think there’s a likelihood, actually…

It’s possible that Mulgrew is just speculating, but if she is talking about something specific, it could be related to Alex Kurtzman recently confirming that there is going to be a Star Trek Universe crossover coming up. So maybe live-action versions of the characters could appear in another Star Trek series. Of course, being that Prodigy characters are mostly aliens, any live-action version would likely involve a combination of prosthetic makeup, puppetry, and CG effects.

The Prodigy characters

Live-action Janeway?

Mulgrew plays two characters on the show: Hologram Janeway of the USS Protostar, and the real Vice Admiral Janeway. So she could simply be referring to herself. Earlier in the week, we reported about Mulgrew pondering the possibility of returning to live-action Trek after Star Trek: Picard wraps up its three-season run. It could be these are related and she is talking about her own return as Janeway, possibly with other Prodigy characters, or maybe even on her own.

Prodigy cast and creatives at NYCC 2021: (L-R) Dee Bradley Baker (Murf), Kevin Hageman (EP), Ben Hibon (EP), Kate Mulgrew (Janeway), Dan Hageman (EP), Brett Gray (Dal) and Rylee Alazraqui (Rok-Tahk)

For more on Prodigy and from Mulgrew, check out the May issue of SFX Magazine.

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Yeah I think it’s pretty likely too for both Prodigy and Lower Decks. They will just be taking a page out of the Star Wars playbook who is now making their animated characters live action. Ashoka Tano is probably the most iconic animated character in Star Wars today and she has now become a live action character and getting her own show. And other animated characters from TCW and Rebels have shown up in the movies and live action shows. Several characters from Rebels are currently in the Obi-Wan show.

Maybe some Star Trek fans might see that as a problem, but there is none at all. If you can make Riker, Troi, Janeway, Paris, Chakotay, etc both live action and animated then it works the exact same way for animated characters, ala Star Wars. And LDS and PRO are canon so it doesn’t even matter, they all exist in the same universe anyway. I would love a live action Mariner and Riker hanging out together! Or a live action Dal and Rok with Admiral Janeway.

Possibilities are endless!

Lord, I hope not. That might very well be the moment when Star Trek irreversibly jumps the shark and is no longer worth watching.

Well get ready because it’s probably going to jump!

I know you are not a fan of the animated shows but they are canon so nothing stops it.

You’ll forgive me if I pull a Martin Luther and say that I don’t consider them canon, not in the slightest — and there’s no academie francaise of Trekdom to force me to do so.

I have no desire, whatsoever, to see a Starfleet filled with nepotism, conspiracy theorists, dysfunctional workplaces, and so on. None of this would fly in the US armed forces today, much less in a utopia-ish 24th century.

No worries man, you don’t run the franchise, you just pay to watch it like the rest of us! ;)

The people who runs it though however do says it’s canon and that’s all that matters, especially since it’s obvious there will be crossovers in the future. But you don’t have to watch it either; that’s our only power in any of this, right?

Ultimately it wouldn’t matter if you consider the animated stories canon. You can treat it exclusively like a new alien of the week character if they eventually show up in the live action. It wouldn’t be much different from a fresh new character with little known backstory.

Hence my statement that “there’s no academie francaise of Trekdom” to force anyone to consider anything canon.

Personally I consider the new live action shows are in a parallel universe, similar to the JJ Verse. It is the better way to explain the drastic downturn in tone compared to the 1990 shows.

It is too bad they couldn’t find writers and producers with enough skill and creativity to mesh the news shows tightly with what came before and instead had to go with the lazy option of a parallel universe so they could ignore canon whenever they wanted.

That’s the way I like to fantasize regarding the horrid Enterprise series. It’s still canon though.

The kiddie and the teenage stuff is unfortunately canon whether we like it or not.


Are you ok?

“I don’t consider them canon”

You DO realize the nonsensical nature of that statement, right? None of us have any say regarding what is or isn’t canon. We each have our own opinions about what makes good Star Trek and what we will and won’t watch, but by definition, the only people who dictate what is canon are those in charge of the franchise. “Canon” refers to what the franchise holders consider genuine. That’s what the term means. You and I have nothing to do with what is or isn’t canon. It’s kind of like all those people complaining that Starbucks or other businesses are violating their First Amendment rights, even though that’s not possible since the First Amendment applies only to the government.

I’m not trying to pile on with The River Temarc. We disagree on the animated shows but I understand why he has issues with them and I respect that of course.

But I am always confused when people make these odd declarations about what they feel is canon or not? I don’t mean just these shows, but anything, Discovery, the Kelvin movies, whatever. To me it’s like someone picking you out a shirt but you don’t like it because it’s blue. You can be unhappy with the shirt, but it’s still blue regardless. You can’t really change or deny that basic fact. You can just decide not to wear or buy it.

That’s the same situation. It’s not a ‘choice’ for people to believe what is or isn’t canon, it’s simply telling you canon mean it’s connected to the rest of the universe/mythology as everything else that is deemed canon. That’s just the reality like that ugly blue shirt you refuse to wear.

The good thing is right now, all these shows are pretty new minus Discovery. But everything else is still not over 2 seasons old yet. So there aren’t any big crossovers or connections to other things. You can watch all the other shows with currently neither PRO or LDS being a factor in any way. The shows have been completely ignored so far. So it doesn’t matter.

But yes at SOME point, they probably will start to become referenced on other shows. Maybe not in a big way anytime soon but the longer stuff goes on, the chances becomes higher and that’s why it’s canon in the first place.

Again, you have to look at Star Wars. TCW and Rebels were really in their own world when the new Star Wars movies started but the longer things go, the more canonized those shows have become to stuff like Mandalorian and now Obi Wan that doesn’t just reference those shows, but also share the characters and their story lines.

Maybe the animated shows will not ever get to that level with Trek but it’s only a matter of time it will be canonized with other shows or movies regardless. I remember when Enterprise got cancelled and some fans thought that show would just fade away into oblivion like people thought the prequels would in time.

Instead the complete opposite has happened and Enterprise has been canonized in every TV show and movie since it ended. Discovery has picked up its concepts like the Temporal Cold War for example. Archer’s name come up more today than any other Captain minus Picard for the obvious reason. And yes, because it’s canon. That’s how it works. What good does it do telling yourself that it really isn’t by that point even if you don’t like or watch Enterprise? You’re just denying a basic fact like the color of a shirt.

It’s absolutely appropriate to bring up a color analogy, because it illustrates my point quite nicely. Color is incredibly culture- and context-specific.

Russians do not have a concept of “blue.” They have only only a concept of “dark blue” (sinniy) and “light blue” (goluboy). They consider the two to be different colors altogether, not different shades of the same color.

Then there’s differing connotations of colors. Take red. In Asia, red symbolizes good fortune and prosperity: quite the opposite of in the West, where a failing business is said to be “in the red.” And the 10,000 men of Harvard will give you a piece of their mind if you refer to crimson as a shade of red.

Perhaps “basic facts like the color of a shirt” are more complex than you think.

Dude, that’s all fine. It still comes down to taste versus facts. But I did learn a lot from this post lol.

Just so you know, Lorna though has been all over the place regarding canon:

Lorna Dune
April 22, 2022 4:34 PM
Canon is stupid and meaningless.

So I find it a bit disingenuous that now, all of a sudden, she is being critical of someone for having a differing opinion on canon when she herself is on record here stating that it’s completely meaningless. LOL

That being said, I agree with you. Canon is canon, and it doesn’t make any difference whether we like a series or not. So yeah, of course LDS and Prodigy, and even Enterprise, are canon.

Folks, this is just an entertainment show. I have been a Star Trek fan since early 1960s. I will watch anything that has “Star Trek” attached to it. I don’t expect each product to be in the same mode as another. I enjoy the differences and how each addresses their place in Star Trek universe. They all are uniquely entertaining. Similarities are fine, but can become boring. Differentiation brings new opportunities and differing audience perspectives. I look forward to the day that the captain’s chair is occupied by someone who has a disability that cannot be altered and yet they possess significant intelligence and aptitude for command.

Of course you have every say in what you consider canon: it’s called voting with your feet, and it’s a time-honored tradition.

You dislike the English common law? Codify your new preference in a statute.

You disagree with Catholic church teachings? Nail the 95 theses to the Wittenberg cathedral.

You’re sick and tired of crappy Star Trek? Declare you’re happy with everything through ENTERPRISE or whatever and stop watching, or see the other shows as alternative takes, or whatever. (Oddly enough, people have been doing this since “Spock’s Brain” graced their black-and-white TVs in the 1960s.)

Contrary to your contention that “canon reference to what the franchise holders consider genuine,” there is no such thing as “franchise holders” and IP law endows them with no such power. That is *precisely* what mean when I say that there is no academie francaise to declare what is, and isn’t, canon.

Paramount owns Star Trek trademarks and copyrights: such IP does not include an official statement about What The Future Looks Like. All it does is endow its holder with the exclusive right to throw the STAR TREK label (and maybe its groovy font) onto a product and assure consumers it originated from Paramount. Your wholly-unrealistic standard is to treat any product with the STAR TREK label slapped on it as cannon. The better standard is to inquire as to artistic merit. The sublime is canon. The shit is for the sewer. This is art; aesthetics matter.

And on your Starbucks point, I suggest you check out the Pruneyard line of precedent adopted by several states. But that’s another debate.

“Your wholly-unrealistic standard is to treat any product with the STAR TREK label slapped on it as cannon. The better standard is to inquire as to artistic merit. The sublime is canon. The shit is for the sewer. This is art; aesthetics matter.”

And you’re still missing the point. That’s no different than saying a particular show or movie isn’t ‘Star Trek’ because they don’t like it. It has nothing to do with art, that’s what the show is regardless of your view of what Star Trek should be. We don’t get to make that decision other than not watching or paying for it. If you think the show sucks, no one can argue that point because it’s your personal opinion. But to say it’s not officially Star Trek is just denying a basic fact. Same issue with canon, you’re just denying what something is, not a personal view of it. Canon is whatever they say is officially part of the narrative, that’s what it is. Arguing about it is meaningless.

Well said, Tiger2. We don’t get to personally pick which shows are canon and which aren’t.

Saying something isn’t canon is just flowery language to explain an opinion about the quality. Not literally causing something not be canon.

It is akin to saying all these CW reboots are crap. Like “Walker” isn’t really Cordell Walker, it’s just a generic cop show with the name slapped on to lean on nostalgia and the new “Nancy Drew: Ghost Hunter” show isn’t really Nancy Drew.


I mean, we kind of do. That is to say, there very much is an official canon, and Paramount and the artists it employs are the ones who decides what that does and does not include, but at the same time they can’t force any of us to accept it, nor should they. Headcanon, Death of the Author, etc. are all very much things, and each of us is free to accept or reject whatever parts of the franchise we like if we so choose.

In fairness, there’s a difference between a Starfleet (or a US armed forces) that has them (which is nothing new to the franchise) and a Starfleet that is “filled” with them. Lower Decks may heighten or emphasize such things as part of its comedic aim, but nothing it shows along those lines is really exactly without existing precedent in Trek.

Good bye…

Well that’s certainly dramatic.

If you consider stuff Canon or Not Canon by your Feelings anyway… How could Star Trek jump the shark after all? All you have to do is considering that you don’t like as non canon and the shark is gone….

That’s what would be it? Not the Kelvinverse or the visual reboot?

It might seem counter-intuitive, but I could totally see the Prodigy characters turning up in live action, while it would be harder for the Lower Decks characters because they act much more childishly.

I absolutely love both shows, btw. But as far as LDS characters go, they’d have to tone it down a lot. Especially Boimler’s neurotic and hyper-active personality. But if they tone it down, is it still really Boimler? I’m sure it could be done well, but the margin between more realistic but still the same characters and way too cartoony compared to the other shows’ characters is VERY slim. It wouldn’t be hard to miss the mark. If they do it, I’d trust the LDS or PRO showrunners to do it, but I don’t think I would trust any writers of the live shows. Maybe Matalas, but after Picard season 2 I am really not sure. We’ll see how he does when he goes solo showrunner for season 3.

That being said, if it’s well done, I would really like to see it! As I said, the Prodigy characters are more nuanced, surprisingly, so I am sure they would 100% work, given the right special effects. And of course, any version of Janeway is welcome and would 100% work anywhere, that goes without saying.

Yeah they are comedic characters, but so are Quark and Neelix and those characters are not always comedic all the time either. They tone them down when the story calls for it. And it doesn’t stop them from being live action characters.

Riker is part of LDS and he plays a pretty bombastic over-the-top Captain Riker on that show (“Give me warp, in the factor of 5-6-7-8”). But we also know that’s not who Riker always is either. He can be super serious when the moment calls for it too. That’s the thing, we only look at them in that way because that is obviously the show. If they put them in another situation then we can see another side to them. If you ONLY watched LDS and only know Riker from that show, you would only think of him as that way and not the guy who stared down the Borg in BOBW.

I compare the LDS characters to a lot of the characters in the MCU. Most of those are also comedic and over-the-top fun superheroes, a big reason the MCU is so popular. And yet they are still many serious and downright story lines in those movies. They find ways to keep the spirit of the characters as mostly playful and fun and yet can still make a story where some alien kills off half the universe. They still remain who they are at their core. Mariner is not very different than Tony Stark: they crack jokes at every moment, throw out popular culture memes, use heavy sarcasm and likes, no loves, to turn their noses up at authority. Biggest difference is Stark wears an iron suit wile Mariner wears a Starfleet uniform. But they eerily have the same personality.

It absolutely can work but I agree it can’t be a direct translation of the show either, just a middle ground.

Yeah, Mariner also sleeps around a lot, just like Tony Stark does. Let’s use your MCU analogy on the other LDS characters, Tiger2. Who would Ransom be? Steve Rogers or Thor?

Boimler’s gotta be Peter Parker, right? Shax is the Hulk, of course. Especially since the guy who voices Shax voiced the Incredible Hulk in the Avengers cartoons and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H cartoon. Mariner’s Mom comes off like Nick Fury.

Oh, yeah, also, Mariner actually could be Black Widow because of her mysterious past that no one knows about and Black Widow cracks jokes too. Ensign Rutherford would probably be Vision because he’s part cyborg. Ensign Tendi, with her being an Orion, would probably be She-Hulk. What do you think, Tiger2?

Am I spot on? Do you have some other ideas that I might’ve missed? Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

This may be taking things a bit more literal than I was suggesting lol. I was mostly just making the point MCU switches between comedy and drama all the time. Thor started out as a serious but still a fun character for example but has become more comedic fodder in the last set of movies. But my guess is if someone wants to make him more stoic and foreboding in Avengers 9 or whatever, they can probably get away with it as long as he doesn’t turn into The Batman or anything where the guy can’t even smile.

I’m not suggesting Tendi for example is suddenly going to become some hard edged no-nonsense character like Sisko usually is or a melodramatic weeping mess like Burnham unfortunately is, but she doesn’t have to be either. She can still be the same optimistic upbeat person that she is, but have a serious side if the story calls for it too. And yeah characters can just grow. Look at Picard the first five seasons on TNG and now look at him today? It’s like two completely different characters inhabiting the same body. Picard is now this happy grandpa who cracks jokes and talks to everyone like he’s their best friend. He still stoic Picard when the time calls for it, but he’s not the same Picard from TNG either and fans accepted that.

I was just joking, Tiger2, lol 😂🤣😄😀. You used an MCU analogy in your reply, I just wanted to see how much further we could go with that theory. And the reason why Picard changed is Gene Roddenberry passed away. You said it in your reply “the first five years of TNG he was a completely different person”.

Gene Roddenberry passed away in the 5th season. He had rules that the actors had to follow for playing his characters. After he passed and Rick Berman took over, all of that changed. They started letting the actors have more say in their characters, especially Sir Patrick Stewart.

That’s why there’s such a schism between Picard ’87-’91 and Picard ’92-’22. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

OK I gotcha!

And good point about Roddenberry although they were already changing things before his death in third season but I have to agree after he died they gave themselves a bit more freedom to make changes. It certainly explains why the show got better. ;)

Regardless of my personal distaste for LDS, this discussion here you have all had brings up why I think it would be very challenging to convincingly take LDS to live action.

Remember how crappy and disappointing the Scooby Doo and Flinstones movies (both cartoon comedyies) were? That’s what I would worry about. Prodigy is not a cartoon comedy, so that’s got a better chance to work here I thin (say like the Paddington movies).

Your thought here is correct. Berman was in full control by S3 and that’s when the changes happened rather quickly. It’s all covered in the 50-year oral history two-volume set — Volume II.

They only changed show runners after season two, Tiger2. Gene’s personal rules of conduct for how a Starfleet officer should act did not change until after he passed away. There’s an interview online that Jonathan Frakes did for Picard when he returned as Riker and during the interview he mentions about how him and the other cast members used to be given a big book, a bible, everyday until Gene passed and the book was rules on how Starfleet officer’s should act, what a Starfleet officer should or shouldn’t do. That’s what I’m talking about in my above reply, not the show runners changing.

Changing the show runners did not allow for the actors to have more creative control. Doing away with Gene’s rules did and that did not happen until after 1991. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

That’s simply not correct. TNG rules changed after the second season, not the fifth season. By the 3rd season, Berman was largely in control, and that’s when things rather quickly changed.

I read the same two books that you did, One Lion, The 50 Year History, and I suggest that you go and re-read them before offering up a contradictory reply to mine that makes no sense. Gene’s rules did not start to change after season two of TNG. They changed show runners from Maurice Hurley to Michael Piller in season 3 of TNG. Changing the show runners has nothing to do with changing Gene’s rules on how a Starfleet actor is supposed to conduct themselves.

Gene’s rules did not change until after his death because Rick Berman had a firmer grasp on the franchise going forward, post-1991. I suggest you go and Google Jonathan Frakes, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. He did an interview a couple of years ago when he returned to acting for Picard in “Nepenthe”. During the interview, he talks about how him and the other cast members of TNG were given a big book, a bible, when they were on the show and it was Gene’s rules on how a Starfleet officer should act.

While they were playing in Gene’s sandbox with Gene’s characters, he wanted these characters to be portrayed a certain way and I don’t blame him, they’re his characters, after all. So changing the show runners has nothing to do with Gene’s personal rules of conduct for how Starfleet officer’s should act changing and that did not change until after he passed away. Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

You are mistaken in that Burman largely took over in S3 and that’s when the writers stopped having to be as responsive to those rules and Gene’s mark-ups. Were his rules technically in effect, yes; did the writers still have to rigidly follow them as they did in the first two seasons; absolutely not.

This is not my opinion — this is fact and is all covered by “the people who were there” in this reference:

The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years: From The Next Generation to J. J. Abrams: The Complete, Uncensored, and Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek
Hardcover – June 28, 2016
by Edward Gross (Author), Mark A. Altman (Author)

Now, were they still “going through the motions” out of courtesy to Gene in Seasons 3 and 4 to kind of placate him, sure they were.

Live long and prosper, Johnny Diamond.

I’ve already told you that I read those two books, One Lion. You don’t even know how to spell Rick Berman’s last name but you’re offering an argument that simply makes no sense and has nothing to do with what I was talking about. Once again, I am talking about the ACTOR’S having more CREATIVE CONTROL over their characters and that did not happen until AFTER 1991, AFTER Gene died. This has NOTHING to do with Rick Berman gaining more power or show runners being changed because I am talking about the ACTOR’S having more creative control.

There is a clear dichotomy in Captain Picard. If you watch TNG before Gene Roddenberry passed, he behaves one way. After Gene passed away, he behaves another way from season 6 on and that is because Sir Patrick Stewart gained more CREATIVE CONTROL over him then he had when Gene was alive. This has nothing to do with writers. Now I’m not getting into a war of words with you period!

I know what I said and I know what I wrote and I know what I read. I’m 42 years old, not some kid. I’ve read the same books as you. Now that’s it, I’ve clarified my reply for the final time. Live long and prosper, One Lion 🖖.

Congrats on making fun of my typo. That’s about all you got here, as I’ve read those books 3 times, and I know exactly what they said about those TNG seasons as Roddenberry‘s influence rather quickly diminished. You are just plain wrong on this.

Have a nice day – I’m moving on.

Once again, talking about the ACTOR’S, not the writers. If you respond to my replies again, I will report you for bullying and harassment against a disabled person, got it? I am medically disabled with Huntington’s Disease and you keep harassing me, even though I have already clarified my reply to you. You just want me to say that you’re right and it ain’t gonna happen, pal!

You’ve been warned, pal.

Once again: Have a nice day – I’m moving on.

Once again, you’ve replied back to me just because you need to get the last word in. I have reported you to the moderators for harassment. I have asked you numerous times to leave me. All you keep doing is responding back to me in an antagonistic way.

I am disabled and you are straight up harassing me. Why don’t you go harass yourself and I’m telling you to leave me alone, otherwise this will turn into cyber bullying and there’s other more legal ways to handle that.

Go talk to someone else who agrees with your asinine point of view and your overblown arrogant ego and leave me alone!!!!!!!

I suggest both you make good and stop engaging with each other as it is only causing problems and filling up the forum with bickering.

You would have to tone them down for live action in my opinion but I think you can still do something that keeps the essence of those characters. I think for any live action crossover they should bring in the likes of McMahan to consult, kind of like how Marvel brought in James Gunn to write dialogue for the Guardians of the Galaxy when they they appeared in Infinity War and Endgame. If you did that and used the same actors where possible to reprise their respective characters then I’m pretty sure you could achieve a happy medium.

Regarding Prodigy, well I haven’t seen that yet, I’m waiting for Paramount+ to launch. However, it’s likely that any such crossover will be in the Picard time period by which point we’d be seeing adult versions of whichever characters appear.

Oh and maybe Mulgrew is also just talking about seeing Janeway in live action again. I think that too is a given at this point since she keeps hinting at it. I really want it to be in Picard next season so maybe that’s when we see her back. If so, that season can’t come soon enough now! ;)

This is what fans want!

I’d prefer it if Picard leaves some breathing space for the huge amount of legacy characters that show is already going to involve in S3. If she shows up on Picard, it’s likely only be a small cameo as there won’t be a lot of space. However, if Matalas gets another 25th century show, potentially focusing on Seven, there’d be room for Mulgrew to have a slightly meatier role, though I’m thinking recurring as opposed to a series regular.

But would Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan would want to do a show together, even if it’s just recurring? I know they didn’t like each other on Voyager, at least in the beginning. Did it ever get better by the end? Or did they patch things up after the show? If not, I wouldn’t rule out a scene or two, but a show together might be a stretch. But hey, what do I know? Maybe they don’t care about that as long as they get paid well and they like the project.

No, you’re right, Reboot. Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan didn’t get along together the whole time they were on Voyager. There’s a documentary coming out that’s going to detail how troubled it was behind the scenes of that show. I read an interview with Kate Mulgrew from, like, almost 10 years ago now and they asked her about what went on between her and Jeri Ryan behind the scenes and she told the interviewer that she apologized to Jeri Ryan, profusely, for what went on on Voyager back in the days.

I mean the stuff between them was so bad that Robert Beltran played mediator to them and he said for many years after Voyager that he would never do a Voyager reunion ever because of all the bad memories he just had associated with the show. But they’ve done some cast reunions at conventions since then and on the Star Trek Cruise. And Robert Beltran is on Prodigy so I’m assuming everything is fine just like Kate Mulgrew said. Because the odds of Seven bring on the Janeway show is probably 100-1.

You can’t do a Janeway show without Seven. She was Janeway’s surrogate daughter so it wouldn’t be right to do a Janeway show without her on it. Live long and prosper, Reboot 🖖.

They made up years ago and frequent Star Trek conventions together now. Them at a con in 2015:


They would be fine.

Yep! Also anyone who says you can’t do a Star Trek series without Seven and Janeway together to do a Star Trek series somehow must’ve missed the last two seasons of Picard, as well as the first season of Prodigy. Lol.

You don’t have to have Seven as a regular for a Janeway series just like you don’t have to have Janeway as a regular for a Seven series. One could argue that this is preferable, but it’s moronic to say “can’t” or “must” in discussing the need for them to be on the same series.

The chance to once again star in a TV show has a funny way of papering over old wounds.

Putting $ in the checking accounts of older actors provides for remarkably fast healing power. Lol

I’m not suggesting anything major for Janeway in Picard season 3. I’m actually thinking more of a cameo appearance or pop in one episode the same way Troi did in season one. Just a nice way for her and Seven to reunite. Seven does not exist without Janeway; so it would be nice to see them together at some point. I don’t really think it will happen on Picard. but hey I didn’t think we would be talking about Sybok ever again and yet here we are. I think these guys love their nostalgia bait more than we do lol.

But even if she doesn’t appear in Picard, then the next show sounds all but guaranteed at this point, especially if it is a Seven spin off show or she’s just part of that one too.

I been seeing a lot of people throw out a Star Trek: Janeway show including this board. Yeah many of us would want that but all Mulgrew is suggesting she may make an appearance at some point and not running a show again. And she’s basically doing that on Prodigy now. But I think it’s more than inevitable live action Janeway is on her way in some form now! :)

I don’t know if Janeway will show up in Picard season 3, Tiger2. If she does, it won’t be until the very last episode. I can see a scene between Jean-Luc Picard and Kathryn Janeway involving Picard retiring fully from Starfleet and he turns over his uniform and badge and tells Janeway it’s in her hands now, meaning the safety of the Federation and Starfleet. I can see something like that happening but it wouldn’t be until the final episode.

Our new villain and Dr.Crusher are going to take up the majority of Picard season 3. As a matter of fact, I think I know what gets Laris to leave Picard. I think Beverly Crusher is going to show up at Picard’s chateau, asking for help. He invites her in and they get reacquainted and have some wine and Laris notices the interaction between the two of them and how familiar they are with each other and she realizes that Jean-Luc Picard is in love with Beverly Crusher and not her and instead of continuing to pine away for a man who doesn’t feel the same about her as she does about him, Laris decides it’s time for her to leave because Beverly is Picard’s true love.

What do you think, Tiger2 🙂? I think this will be the beginning of Picard season 3 because Orla Brady left the show after shooting episode 2 of the third season. It makes sense to me, unless they kill Laris, which, with a dark show like Picard, is always an option. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

I would totally love to have Picard and Janeway in a room together. The funny thing is I threw out the idea of her appearing on the show really for her and Seven to reunite; but completely forgot how cool it would be to see her and Picard mix it up too. One of the best moments of Nemesis was that scene between her and Picard. Would’ve loved to have seen them in the same room together. Out of all the Captains, those two seem the closest of entities; especially once Picard lightened up (a lot) in the movies and grew a personality lol.

I stopped throwing out plot theories on these shows long ago because they are usually 99.1% wrong lol. But I would be fine with your idea of Crusher and Picard getting together again. I do think it’s what fans want but then it’s so odd the writers basically put Picard and Laris together at the end of season 2 so it may not be that easy. They obviously knew McFadden was coming back before that season started so it may be more complicated. I really don’t need a love triangle between Picard, Laris and Beverly but we’re obviously getting one in SNW between Spock, T’Pring and Chapel so wouldn’t be too shocked they go down that road in this show too.

Or maybe they will completely subvert our expectations and Crusher will be happily married with someone else….like to Geordi! Ok, maybe that’s too much subverting! ;D

Yeah, Geordi could be with Crusher but I’ve got this weird feeling that Geordi is actually married to Leah Brams. He fell for her pretty hard on TNG. Maybe their paths crossed again while Geordi was stationed at the Utopia Planitia shipyards, you know? Heck, for all we know he could be married to Sonya Gomez, right 😀😄?

I’m not sure if Beverly ever remarried. If she became head of Starfleet Medical, I doubt that she would have the time to settle down, she’s the most like Captain Picard when it comes to putting their career over their personal lives. Or maybe she retired and is doing a Doctors Beyond Borders thing out in space, going planet to planet trying to help out the ones who were invaded by the Dominion? We’re definitely not getting a love triangle, that’s for sure, because Lari’s is out of the series by episode 2.

If anything, the show will end like it began with Picard picking grapes in the vineyard 😄. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

LOL I’m watching First First Contact again as I write this (GREAT episode!) and Captain Gomez is on right now. I always knew that Ensign had potential! :D And I’m sure you know this since you are well informed on all things Star Trek, but Gomez was supposed to be Geordi’s love interest….but it’s probably why you brought it up now that I’m thinking about it lol. But hey, she was single on Lower Decks, but who knows a few years later. ;)

As for Beverly they are hyping her story line as something very interesting next season so who knows? I’m good with whatever they do with her. I can’t wait to see her and Picard in the same room again! It’s going to be fun to see them all in the same room again.

Wow this thread is suppose to be about the Prodigy characters and we’re going on about Picard lol. Too much Star Trek these days to keep it on one subject! ;)

Too true, Tiger2. I gave my thoughts below about how they might bring the Prodigy kids into live-action so I already discussed that subject. As for me bringing up Sonya Gomez, I do know a long time ago that she was considered to be a love interest for Geordi but I think the actress had zero chemistry with Levar Burton and that’s why they’re relationship changed. But, to tell you the truth, I did forget about Sonya being considered as a love interest for Geordi until you reminded me.

Thank you 😀. I don’t know it all when it comes to Star Trek. I do know quite a bit but I don’t know it all. And some stuff I have forgotten about, such as Sonya Gomez being Geordi’s girlfriend.

And, yes, it is possible for Sonya and Geordi to be married because Lower Decks takes place in 2384, right, and the Picard show is almost 20 years later, 2401. So it is a possibility, Tiger2. Live long and prosper, Tiger2 🖖.

I bet my last strip of latinum that Janeway pops up in P3. Get me more coffee….!

Really really hope you’re right dude! 😃

We need more Janeway in our Star Trek!

Yes, live-action Rok-Tahk 🙂!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve wanted to see a live-action Brikar since Zak Kebron was first introduced in the New Frontier novels 25 years ago 💖! Stuff moves really slow in Star Trek 🤣😂😄 but it looks like it might finally be happening 🙂. I have a funny feeling that we’ll see the live-action versions of the Prodigy characters in the Janeway show.

If the Janeway show takes place in 2401 and Prodigy is in the early-2380’s, then that would mean that the Prodigy characters would be adults and probably officers in Starfleet by 2401. I’d definitely be interested in seeing them as adults, seeing how they turned out, that would be really interesting to see. If they’re getting information about the Brikar from the New Frontier novels, then, by 2401, Rok-Tahk might not even have her rocky exterior anymore. Because in the New Frontier novels, when Zak Kebron hit a certain age, he shed his rocky exterior and he had a softer exterior, almost like skin, afterwards.

Zak Kebron wasn’t too happy about that 🙂. Maybe they’re gonna do that with Rok-Tahk and by the time the Janeway show rolls around, she won’t look like a walking mountain anymore, she’ll have a more humanoid appearance? If that’s what they’re gonna do, then that rules out a lot of prosthetics right there. So it is possible for them to do the Prodigy characters in live-action and it wouldn’t be so costly.

It just depends on what direction they want to take them in so they don’t have to spend tons of money. Then this way here we get two sets of the characters in canon, right? We see them as kids on the animated show and then, on the Janeway show, we see them as adults in live-action and we get to see how they turned out after they went to the Academy. I think that would be pretty cool and it would make me even more excited for the Janeway show, if this is the direction that they’re gonna go in.

Also, if this is the direction they go in with showing the Prodigy kids as adults and officers in Starfleet, then now it makes even more sense why Kate Mulgrew all of a sudden changed her mind and wants to do another live-action Star Trek show now.

Live long and prosper, Trekmovie 🖖

Rok-Tahk is one of the worst “just so” instances for me. I don’t like that the universal translators obviously try to keep a persons normal frequency range when translating through all of Star Trek, until we get to Rok-Tahk where it shifts her from a low gravely voice, that we actually heard in the first episode, to a high pitched kids voice. Totally unbelievable from a Treknology standpoint.

It might have been slightly better if they had given a story moment like the translator started out low at first until Rok-Tahk found she could mess with the translator profile in the computer. Then after flipping through a few frequency ranges she exclaimed she really like the high pitched sound.

Not everything needs to be explained out, man. Maybe Hologram Janeway did something to the translator? Or better yet maybe Rok-Tahk likes sounding like a little girl because she is a little girl? It’s called imagination, use it.

If a little thing like a translator in a kid’s cartoon bothers you, you have some real problems. Live long and prosper, Jeff 🖖.

Attacking the dude personally because he disagrees with you on one ep?


Are you serious? I tell the dude to to have some imagination and that’s an attack. Grow up 😄🤣😂😄🤣😂😀!!!!! If you respond to my comments again, I’ll report you for bullying and harassment of a disabled person, got it?

“It’s called imagination, use it.”

“If a little thing like a translator in a kid’s cartoon bothers you, you have some real problems”

You said what you said, dude. In my opinion this comes across as rude and unnecessary. If you disagree and think this is appropriate that is your prerogative of course.

Moving on now…have a nice evening!

Just like everything you say comes across as rude and unnecessary. I have medical issues, what’s your excuse? I think it’s appropriate. I’m not here to have conversations about translators.

I’m not a writer on the show nor am I one of the tech experts for the show. The person made a snide remark about Rok-Tahk so I responded kindly. I don’t know anything about translators. I don’t watch Star Trek to learn the ins and outs of the technology. I watch it for the stories and the characters and the ships.

Now if you don’t like that, tough! It’s my prerogative why I watch Star Trek, not yours. Once again, I stand by my response and if this continues, it is cyber bullying and there are other legal ways to handle this. You are now attacking me through other remarks that I make and that is cyber bullying, especially since I’m disabled.

Now I’m done, got it? And I’ve reported you to the moderators. Now leave me alone. If you don’t like me or my replies, then stop responding to them or to me, got it?

I’m not interested in this sort of discourse. Have a nice evening!

Let’s end this endless bickering. Both of you just stop replying to each other.

Well said, Jeff. It took me completely out of the story as well.

Weird how your getting personally attacked for this opinion you have on that ep?

I’ve actually wanted to see a Brikar character since they introduced Zak Kebron in ‘Starfleet Academy – Worf’s First Adventure’ ;)

Yes, I completely agree. I never read that story though. My first encounter with Zak Kebron was as the gruff, sarcastic security officer onboard the U.S.S Excalibur under Captain Calhoun. I was in middle school/high school when those young adult books came out.

At that time in the early-’90s, I was primarily just reading the main books that came out for each of the regular titles, like TOS, TNG, etc etc. When I was younger, I wanted to be Captain Kirk in my imagination, not Cadet Kirk. Same goes for Captain Sisko and Captain Picard. I wanted to be them in my imagination.

Same goes for Riker and Dr.McCoy and Scotty or Data and Geordi too. I wasn’t too big on Spock either back then. And, yes, I did read the books that focused on Troi, Dr.Crusher, Uhura, Dax, Kira, Captain Janeway etc etc too. I was 12 when I started reading Star Trek so I related more to the male characters in the franchise at that time.

Now I appreciate Star Trek as a whole because I understand and appreciate what every one of the characters and actors that have portrayed them has brought to the franchise. But I’m also 42 now and not 12 😀. Back then, Worf was one of my least favorite characters on TNG so I wasn’t interested in reading those books about his time at the Academy. And the DS9 ones with Jake and Nog really didn’t interest me either because I didn’t even like them on DS9.

So I didn’t see any value in reading the young adult novels growing up. I might give them a try now though because I see Peter David wrote the story you’re talking about and I love anything and everything that Peter David writes. Plus, I like Worf more now than when I was a kid so it might be fun to read this story. Thanks for bringing it to my attention 👍😀.

Live long and prosper, Corinthian7 🖖, and thanks again for letting me know about this story. I always wanted more stories with Zak Kebron and now I can get my hands on a few more stories to enjoy with him in it.

I’m 6 years older than you so I was probably a little older than the target demographic for those books but one of my younger brothers had it and as I liked Worf I gave it a go. I recall enjoying it but I can’t remember much about it now. I’m fairly sure a few New Frontier Characters made their debut in that story though 🖖

errmmm ermmmm ermigawd ermigawd errmmmmm!!!! !!!!




Already had a strong feeling Janeway would appear in S3 of Picard, but now even more. Don’t think it’s as big as the TNG crew, but I’d settle with a cameo. Next to a scene with Seven, she really needs to have one with Picard, finally.

If Janeway gets to come back, surely (if he wants to that is) they at least ask back the Emissary of the Prophets??? ;)

Didn’t realize this show was still a thing even. Not surprised though, nor would I be for a live action reboot/spin-off/whatever. Just like Disney, paramount needs content for thier streaming service. It doesn’t have to be good, just so long as the subscribers have lots of options to scroll through…

It’s only been on for 10 episodes lol. You make it sound like it’s been around for years. It’s only in the middle of season one (its 20 episodes first season) and it was renewed for second season after its fifth episodes. We still have a ways to go before we even see season 2.

Huh? It is still in season one?

Perhaps, but… Prodigy is good, I’d say.

Nah, that’s her agent and/or her checking account campaigning for this me thinks. LOL