Sonequa Martin-Green, Kate Mulgrew, And “Spock” Help Launch Paramount+ UK

The continued global expansion of Paramount+ continues this month in South Korea and the UK. We have more details on launch events for the UK and the Star Trek content rollout plan for South Korea.

Star Trek stars help launch Paramount+ in the UK

Paramount+ launches in the UK and Ireland on Wednesday, June 22nd. On launch day, the service will include the first three episodes of Strange New Worlds, plus all four seasons of Discovery and all ten episodes of Prodigy. An extensive campaign is running to promote the launch, which includes more Star Trek elements.

There’s an extensive promotional campaign starring Uma Thurman that offers “a peek behind the iconic Paramount Mountain,” which is going out on TV, social media, and in movie theaters over the summer. The spot includes an appearance from Discovery‘s Sonequa Martin-Green as well as multiple Star Trek references, like the USS Enterprise from Strange New Worlds—and Spock’s coffee order. An extended commercial spot is below.

On Monday June 20, Paramount+ is holding a star-studded blue carpet event in London celebrating the UK launch hosted by Graham Norton featuring Kate Mulgrew and Sonequa Martin-Green. The celebrity guest list also includes Gillian Anderson, Jessica Chastain, Miranda Cosgrove, Kevin Costner, Viola Davis, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Naomie Harris, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Bill Nighy, David Oyelowo, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kelly Reilly, Michael Shannon, and Sylvester Stallone.

Update: Martin-Green and Mulgrew on the blue carpet

In addition, there is an extensive outdoor campaign running nationwide, also promoting Star Trek content on Paramount+. This includes advertising on London’s iconic double-decker buses. Paramount is also doing a “takeover” of London’s West End, transforming the capital’s entertainment district into an homage to its iconic stars, hit shows, and entertainment brands, including Star Trek. There will be a variety of large-scale installations and pop ups along with a “Walk of Stars” with 50 illuminated stars hung above four West End streets, a Paramount+ Experience, plus a pop-up space in Piccadilly Circus allowing fans to immerse themselves in replica sets, memorabilia, and stunt experiences (with some from Star Trek: Discovery). Other outdoor experiences include “Leicester SquarePants,” “Sheridan Street,” and a HALO installation in Piccadilly Circus.

Paramount+ West End Takeover

Of course, the campaign extends to the online world. The launch of Star Trek and other original show is being promoted on social media, seen in this tweet from Paramount+ UK.

Here is the Paramount+ UK on YouTube trailer for Strange New Worlds.

In the UK and Ireland, Paramount+ will be available online at and via the Paramount+ app. Pricing is £6.99 per month/£69.90 per annum in the UK, with Republic of Ireland pricing to be confirmed in the coming weeks. It will also launch on Sky platforms in the UK with Sky Cinema subscribers getting Paramount+ at no additional cost.

Paramount+ launches in South Korea

Paramount+ has made its first move into Asia, with the launch in South Korea on June 16th. Paramount has partnered with Korea’s CJ ENM for Paramount+ to be included in the number-one K-content platform, TVING. Existing TVING subscribers can stream Paramount+ content at no extra charge. TrekMovie has confirmed that Paramount+ in TVING will include Star Trek legacy shows and new originals. The first three seasons of Star Trek: Discovery are already available, with season 4 coming “soon” according to Paramount+. Prodigy and Strange New Worlds will be added on June 30.

Social media promotion of Paramount+ on TVING in South Korea

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I get, that “Artesonraju” isn’t the easiest thing to pronopunce, but … “Paramount Mountain”? Seriously?

It makes perfect sense, dunno why you have an issue.

Launching in Ireland too. I hear…..???

Did you read the article?

I can’t help thinking they’ve missed the boat here, and I can’t see it getting much traction on this side of the pond. With so many streaming service now and the increase in the cost of living, people are cutting back on services rather than subscribing to new ones. Nothing they’ve announced sounds particularly appealing to me other than Star Trek. And because they’ve delayed Strange New Worlds for the UK, it’s taken a lot of the excitement away from it. I can’t quite believe that we will still be weeks behind the US and that we won’t be able to catch up from the start. If I could have watched at the same time as the American fans, following along and engaging in discussions about it, I would have. But since I’m now already behind I will just wait until the entire season is available and watch in the week’s trial period, or maybe one month. I have no intention of keeping it. The whole debacle over Discovery and Strange New Worlds still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Strange New World looks great but this franchise is being badly managed by Paramount.

“With so many streaming service now and the increase in the cost of living, people are cutting back on services rather than subscribing to new ones.Nothing they’ve announced sounds particularly appealing to me other than Star Trek.”

Cost of living? What is lfe without Star Trek? I live for Star Trek. If I had the choice between a sandwich and an episode of Trek I would always choose the episode, even if it meant certain starvation… I task you, destiny, I task you… put me to the test. I am radical enough to pass it :-)

Thanks for making me smile Garth.

There’s plenty of us in the UK that will get this without spending an additional penny as it’s going to be included for any existing Sky TV customers that currently subscribe to Sky Cinema.

That’s not entirely correct. If you have Sky+ you will not get Paramount+ as the app requires either Sky Q or Sky Glass.

Apologies in advance Sebastian as this is 100% going to come across as petty one upmanship but Sky+ customers likely will get the Star Trek shows as Sky state:

‘There will be a standalone Paramount+ app for Sky Glass and Sky Q, whilst Sky+ will have a range of content automatically available on their set-top box.’

I guess we’ll start finding out tomorrow :)

The situation has basically permanently made me find alternative ways to get the shows.
Yep, it’s missed the boat.

They ain’t cutting back on buying a pint at the local!

Too saturated here for streaming services and let’s put it this way, star trek isn’t exactly a big draw for a general audience…

Won’t take off here unfortunately

They may do what they did in the US: start pulling other films and stuff they have rights to from other streamers.

I have to say that as a UK resident I’ve not seen any advertising for Paramount+ so far. I live just to the west of London and I’ve not seen any billboards, advertising on buses or on TV etc. I did a search for the standalone app on the ROKU streaming stick but it sill wasn’t listed.

Hmm… Where is Kate Mulgrew in this clip?

I think she’s part of the in-person launch event along with Sonequa Martin-Green. I’m surprised they haven’t got someone to represent SNW given how much they seem to be promoting it as their flagship series.

That’s because SNW is filming in Toronto right now for Season 2.

They have the Enterprise

No better host than Graham Norton btw…

AFAIK Disco is still the flagship for some weird reason. That’s why Disco not Enterprise is on the graphic.

I was fortunate to be part of the UK&I marketing team that made that decision (though my role is SEO-related). Star Trek: Discovery is Paramount+’s biggest series worldwide and will continue to be the anchor for all things Star Trek in the UK and Ireland.

I know this date since weeks. But no words for the rest of Europe. So dissapointing.

Wasn’t it a partnership with sky for the rest of Europe. I believe at least that’s what they’re doing for Germany. 🤔

Wonder what role Uma would’ve played in Tarantino Trek

Uma… Una… Una… Uma.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Was that a small hint of a Gorn? Definitely a lizard type creature hanging on in Enterprise in the U.K. trailer.

Will Paramount/CBS finally stop geolocking all their Star Trek videos on YouTube so they can’t be watched in the UK (without a VPN, anyway)? Or will we continue having to mostly watch crummy Instagram or Twitter versions (or rely on re-uploads for as long as they stay up)?

My thoughts exactly! And I feel that anyone insterested in watching Trek has already done so,and doing so,so this is just too little,too late.

They wont change anything. Overseas is a very distant 2nd priority for CBS/Para

Makes me wonder how much they’d loose if it wasn’t shown outside the US at all,lol! Not that it will ever happen,but sometimes things earn more outside the US than inside.

They better have the new TMP Directors Cut…or there will be trouble.

I thought I read somewhere on TrekCore it isn’t going to be on the UK version of Paramount+ at launch, only the original theatrical version, so it could get added later

looks like they paid Uma $1 less than she asked for….thats her level of enthusiasm in the video

Disappointed to not see ST:TPM Director’s Cut available at launch of Paramount+ UK
I hope they make it available soon. Annoying that UK content is less than US version