Paramount+ Announces European Launch Dates For Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, And Italy

Following the June launches in UK, Ireland, and South Korea, the expansion of Paramount+ globally will continue this year with more launches, bringing more original Star Trek content to fans in Europe.

Paramount+ Europe 2022

Today Paramount Global announced their Paramount+ streaming service will launch in Italy in September, which will be followed by launches in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France in December. Like with this week’s launch in the UK and Ireland, it is expected that Paramount+ will be available on its own and via Sky Cinema wherever that service is also available.

Also, like with other international versions of Paramount+, the European Paramount+ streaming services are expected to include legacy Star Trek shows and movies and three original series: Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Prodigy, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Amazon Prime Video is expected to continue distributing Lower Decks and Picard internationally.

In addition to other original series like Halo, Paramount also announced a number of localized (non-Star Trek) series, with plans for 150 international originals by 2025 (Variety has a breakdown of some of the newly announced series).

Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One, and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock.

More Europe and global launches with SkyShowtime and Paramount+

For the rest of Europe, Paramount has partnered with Comcast for a new service called SkyShowtime, which will also launch later this year. The service will include Paramount+ original series along with shows from Showtime and Peacock. SkyShowtime will be available in Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. Specific programming, including Star Trek, has not yet been announced for SkyShowtime.

Logo for SkyShowtime

Paramount expects to have paid streaming services available in more than 60 markets by the end of the year globally, covering the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Paramount+ had its first launch in Asia last week in a partnership with TVING in South Korea, with plans for more launches in Asia in 2023, including India. The company has also committed to begin expanding into Africa and the Middle East in 2023.

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December for Germany? They gotta be kidding me. I don’t know what’s so difficult about opening the service for any subscribers from any country at the same time… Every 18+ adult entertainment site is able to do just that… I don’t need dubbing, I don’t need German subtitles and certainly don’t need German age certificates! Just freakin’ open those darn gates…

I really hope you are right and it will be available on its own without any necessity of subscribing to Sky…

I think the most problems are the licences for the different countrys. I also live in germany, but I watch the english version right now.

Who isn’t ?

That’s a problem for Netflix and Amazon but not for Paramount. They own all the content they’re showing. So there’s no licenses. The Exception would be european licenses they gave out beforehand but most of those have expired by now. So with Trek it’ll be only Picard and LD that stay on Prime for a few more years.

The pre-Discovery series are all on Netflix in the UK. I think that may still have a few years to run here, even if they’ve pulled them back in the US.

Now is that true for al Paramount films and programs that are popular, or you just talking about Trek? Because while you and me might be focused on one type of programming, Paramount needs to think of their biggest hits on their portfolio which isn’t just agent o be Trek.

While you and many others don’t need or want to access streamers through their television boxes, the lesson CBS All Access had in the US was that not being a set box option with the major cable providers really limited their subscription growth and viability.

It was a major thing for Paramount+ to get added as an option in the recent Comcast negotiations, and to be available as a stack option on Amazon Prime’s app.

So, I expect that part of the deal in getting Sky on board was to hold off on the Internet direct access option.

I agree that it’s exasperating, but it’s likely essential if Paramount is going to be a viable global streamer in the long run.

Well…. I think its not “ohne” to create a working server infrasturture and also they will need all the “Genehmigungen” especially “Passierschein A 38”. But what to say, as you propably know Germany is a digital “Entwicklungsland” and the web is “Neuland” for all of us. All of us? Well, except all the people who grew up with it ;)

Me too. Until it arts a lot of shows will have bern pirated. I think i’m gonna subscribe for one month to binge watch all the missed shows in the dubbed version and then cancel it again. But I bet that they of course make only one episode per week available instead of the whole season at once. That already killed the flow in Discovery S3 and 4…
Thus said, looking forward to see a “new” episode of Disco in free tv in 30 min….just took them 3,5 years…

That’s what Disney did when they launched in germany. Pretty sure it’ll be the same here.

They’re going to post the first three episodes of SNW and then weekly on Wednesdays in the UK. Unfortunately they won’t just “catch up”. Hopefully they might do more in markets where its launching later – I think all of Discovery will be on there from day 1 (but then its also been available on other services already – Apple and Pluto TV at least).

Agree. This is a joke and not a very funny one. Germany is a bigger market than UK and any other European country by the way.

Bigger than the UK?! Nah. lol

I believe the biggest market for Trek outside the US is the UK, followed by Germany and Australia.

Surely bigger than Ununited Kingdom a.k.a. Small Britain after Scoxit and Irish Reunification in 2024. :-D

By people, but not by expendable capital. Going by how much money people actually have in their pocket, germany is one of the poorest contries in all of europe :-D

You must be joking. Germany is the fourth biggest economy in the world with a powerful and diversified industry. Also by expandable capital Germany is in the top 10

Do you happen to know if Germany is a market that requires services to provide a certain percentage of content either in that language (not subtitles), or produced locally? Many (though not all) markets have some restrictions.

Its one of the primary reason even far more cash flushed companies don’t do World Wide in one feel swoop.

Since Paramount has far less capital to leverage then say Disney, Warners/ Discovery or Netflix its only logical that its going to be harder for them to expand and have to be slower going to do so.

Out of the major media companies Paramount has the least amount of Capital to leverage to expand, and keep up programming. So that’s certainly going to be an ongoing issue with expansion.

Germany shows almost everything dubbed and not subtitled, but has a lot of self produced content too. But I don’t recall that there is a restriction.
Until the mid 80s Germany had only 3 public tv stations with only a handful of foreign tv-shows. Some blockbuster tv-shows like Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica were not availble there, while it was shown all over the world!!! Both were my favorite shows, THE favorite shows of my childhood. We could only see that in foreign public tv-channels like dutch tv. We didn’t get a word, but we talked the day after in primary school about “Kkkknickt Ridder”. We asked our clueless teacher what that meant and she said “Knight” means “Ritter”. So we were watching “Ritter Reiter”… hahahahaha…
That changed with cable-tv and private networks, when a lot of these shows arrived delayed…

Definitely disappointing. But then, a lot of countries have made it actually hard to launch a service, as they require a certain percentage of content to be “local productions” – which may not be what the viewers actually long for, but what politicians added to support the local film industries.

December for Germany? Unacceptable. Immensely negative policy. Never seen such bad marketing.

What is the consequence of “Unacceptable” ?

Not watching Discovery and Strange new worlds and instead watching Kenobi and Mando on Disney+ and Rings of power on Prime

So you wouldn’t watch Kenobi, Mando or rings If p+ would be available yet…. ?

The consequence of “Unacceptable” ? Germany might stop exporting Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and prohibits the Öktöberfest in the USA. :-D

We would have P# by end of the month ;) lol

Frechheit so spät in Deutschland zu starten. Schieb dir die Serie in den Arsch Paramount.

Oha!!! 😳…😅…😂

Aber da haben sie die sich doch ursprünglich schon rausgezogen :-D

Das war jetzt aber ein pöhser Cherz… Auf den Poden mit dir! :-O

Danke Gott für den Google Übersetzer!

If you translate that forwards and backwards, something else comes out. :-D
God be thanks, that you that not from chinese for- and backwards translated have. :-D

Gosh darn it, and I thought my German was perfect!

This is great news for those in Europe.

I still find it too bad that The Netherlands isn’t getting P+, but SkyShowTime… but it’s understandable given the largely crowded streamingservices on the Dutch market.. I just hope that every Trek-series/movies will be available on SST.

What’s SkyShowTime?? I don’t think our marked is that crowded. Basically it’s Netflix and HBO Max, and a few uninteresting local things. I really need Paramount+.

So….still nothing for Belgium ? :'(

I’ve been waiting forever as well and its frustrating because the Netherlands has it and we keep being forgotten :(

Finally! I didn’t expect it to happen so soon tbh. I feared we‘d have to wait until late 2023 or maybe even 2024.
Since I was born in December, I‘ll consider this Paramounts birthday gift ;-)
Can’t wait to catch up on Prodigy, Strange New Worlds and TMP Director‘s Edition (though those might be out on Blu Ray by then, admittedly).

Sorry what about BE-NE-LUX i am from Luxemburg and we are not include in the Paramount plus expansion. France and Germany are. We are forgotten again, like HBO MAX we are not in. Why? When do we get Paramount plus in Luxemburg ? We are riche but we are small that is why we are not on your screen, but do we have not the right to get your service too ?