Podcast: All Access Star Trek Has A Lot To Say About This Week’s ‘Lower Decks’ Episode About Nothing

[Review starts at 17:48]

Matt Wright from Shuttle Pod steps in for Laurie, joining Tony to break down the latest news including a TNG cast reunion for a Picard panel at New York Comic Con on October 8, more ship details from Terry Matalas, and hints about Raffi’s evolution in season three. Plus Discovery has wrapped up writing on season 5, Paramount Plus continues to expand into Europe, and Kate Mulgrew is talking more about returning to live-action Star Trek.

After the news, the podcasters dive into the fourth episode of Lower Decks season 3, “Room for Growth,” with both enjoying a Seinfeld-like episode that was sort of about nothing and yet full of character comedy.

They wrap up with a recommendation on a thoughtful TOS YouTube analysis and some silliness from New Zealand regarding the police and a Klingon flag.


‘Next Generation’ Cast To Reunite On Stage At New York Comic-Con For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Panel

Paramount+ Launches In Italy With New Star Trek Including ‘Strange New Worlds’

Writing For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Has Been Completed

Interview: Terry Matalas On USS Titan Backstory, Seven And Riker’s Roles & More ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3

Interview: Michelle Hurd On Her Stuntwork And Raffi’s “Evolution” In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3

Jonathan Frakes Defends Icheb’s Gory Death & Jeri Ryan Explains Seven’s Different Voice In ‘Star Trek: Picard’

Interview: Kate Mulgrew Talks Janeway v Janeway On ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Plus Hopes For Live-Action Return

Kate Mulgrew: There Have Been “Conversations” About ‘Star Trek: Janeway’ Show, Fans Could Make It Happen

See The Cerritos Crew Encounter A Classic In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Comic Mini-Series Debut

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Mobile Game In Development… Featuring Badgey [Launched this week]

Seinfeld – “The Bizarro Jerry”


Matt: Star Trek’s Most Important Message (TOS edition) [EC Henry]

Tony: ‘Racist’ flag in Wānaka actually Klingon insignia [Otago Daily Times]

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After several eps that were taking the show in a bit more realistic direction for Star Trek without the Simpsons-level crap, this weeks ep was a step back to the middle school level comedy and head–scratching hijinks.

I am hoping this ep is an outlier, because so far this season has been nights and days better than the first two seasons where the immature crapfest stuff was center to the series.

Agree, I struggled with the first two seasons, and nearly gave up initially but I’ve been enjoying it a lot more this year. Less obnoxious tone, a little less hyperactive too.

Yes, exactly!

I like seeing Edosians back in action. I wish that the live action shows would bring them in too. Maybe Arex will pop up on Strange New Worlds.

That would be a huge challenge for them but I’d also love to see it. Even just one scene would be enough.

I really enjoyed this weeks episode, it was a lot better than last weeks

Off topic: but are the Start Trek movies leaving Paramount + ? I saw them all in the “watch before they’re gone” section in P+. Weird if true, they just got them all back!

Anyway, I agree this LD episode was a lower quality than the rest of season 3 so far. But it was still fun. Is the writer of this episode, Cochran, the same guy that won Survivor a few years back?

The Trek movies regularly come and go from Paramount+. It is rather annoying. Also, it seems that they have eliminated their special Trek zone that brought all of the Trek shows and movies to one page.

Re: Movies: yes the streaming licensing deals Paramount made with the Trek movies are bizarre, we keep hoping/assuming they’ll settle down in the next year or two as these various deals end.

Re: Cochran: Yep same guy. He went on to do comedy writing in Hollywood. He’s been a part of the LDS writers room since the beginning.

Thanks for the response. BTW: If you are Kramer, Tony is Jerry, and Laurie is Elaine, then I can be your George! Just saying…

You can be Elaine. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is awesome but I bow out of any Seinfeld-related shenanigans.

OK ok, the ep was good, put that aside.
I just really want to know, does Laurie dance like this?? :)


There is no dancing over here until I’m done with Covid. Then I’ll dance like this: https://youtu.be/7szk0ybN7JA?t=10

May you recover quickly from your anti-covid hypospray and be dancin’ up a storm! 👍

Oh it wasn’t the hypospray, it’s actual Covid. Not dancing yet, but ready to podcast!