Watch: Star Trek: Fleet Command Celebrates ‘Deep Space Nine’ Expansion With Cast Roundtable

The popular MMO strategy game Star Trek Fleet Command has added yet another series to its growing universe with a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine expansion. And to celebrate they brought together some of the show’s stars to talk about their time on DS9.

DS9 Roundtable

Scopely, the publisher of Fleet Command, sponsored a special roundtable featuring Deep Space Nine stars Nana Visitor, Colm Meaney, and Terry Farrell. IGN’s Scott Collura moderates a frank discussion about their seven years on the show.

Fleet Command adds DS9

Scopely continues to add more and more Star Trek content to their Fleet Command game with Deep Space Nine being the latest, as a sort of early celebration of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the series. Now Fleet Command” players can board station Deep Space 9 with a new story arc based on the series.

Sisko in Fleet Command

Here is the official description of the expansion and story:

Fleet Commanders will navigate a galaxy at the edge of destruction, unravel a conspiracy years in the making, and try to find a path to peace… before it’s too late. While exploring weighty themes like war, morality, and spirituality, players can also enjoy thirty new missions, Epic Refits, DS9 Avatars and Frames, and much more.

One of the new DS9 missions

The expansion also adds new game features and three new crew officers: Benjamin Sisko, Kira Nerys, and  Miles O’Brien. There will also be new in-game events which will include Deep Space Nine trivia and lore during these events.

O’Brien in Fleet Command

Fleet Command’s DS9 expansion follows the additions of content from Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds from earlier this year. You can check out the new Deep Space Nine content by downloading Star Trek Fleet Command for free on mobile platforms and PC. For more info visit

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How bout a tv expansion!!!

I’d watch it!!

Poor DS9 crew, while the entire TNG crew and Janeway/Seven of Nine/Chakotay/Tom Paris et al get their return (big or small), the DS9 peeps are left languishing. The series with the first black lead in Trek, a single father, balancing faith and duty, tackling the important and often grey areas of the Trek universe. Areas that arguably inferior/poorly written shows like Discovery/Picard, are trying desperately to replicate to poor results.

Actually, unless they get back some better writers of yesteryear or maybe use Lower Decks/The Orville peeps, might be best NOT to bring them back. Do we want such a great legacy sullied? Quite the conundrum.

We’re getting a few of them on Lower Decks reeeeaaaal soon when the Cerritos visits the station! First proper DS9 characters in canon in 20 years! This could be the start of a DS9 revival! :)

And it sounds like at least 1 or 2 will pop up on Picard next season too. Doesn’t sound like you are a big fan of that show (me either) but fingers crossed the last season will go out big with so many legacy characters back!

I love DS9 I wish they would do something new with it.

They will. Lower Decks and Picard are dipping their toe in these two seasons to see what the temperature is like. I am confident LD will do it right, Picard not so sure.

Good stuff. I watched the entire vid on youtube.

DS9 was my favourite. The dystopias that modern Trek seems to cliche into these days are sad. DS9 had proper gray areas and ambiguity, with people having to make the hard calls whilst paradise was shaking. Picard was Mr. Starfleet and for him to just think “f*** it, I’ll walk away” in a time of peril is just insulting. I dunno if these writers deserve the chance to continue the DS9 legacy, it was the first serialised Trek and still has as many awesome characters as the rest of Trek combined.

My favorite Trek series, and it was lovely to hear Terry Farrell show some love for Sonequa Martin-Green, and given this was before Louise Fletcher’s death, Visitor’s love for Fletcher’s performance.