Exclusive: Watch Seven And Raffi In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Deleted Scene + Blu-ray/DVD Giveaway

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and Steelbook on Tuesday, October 2nd. The release includes over 90 minutes of bonus content including exclusive featurettes and commentaries. We have an exclusive clip of a deleted scene and we are giving away a couple of copies too.

Deleted scene: Seven and Raffi search for Borgati

The following scene from episode 7 (“Monsters”) shows seven and Raffi debating whether or not Jurati was a Borg and provides more detail on how they were able to track Jurati to Deacon’s Bar in Los Angeles.

Here is a full breakdown of the special features for this release:

  • THE U.S.S. STARGAZER – The featurette takes a deep dive into the creation of the U.S.S. Stargazer from conception to build out and features exclusive time-lapse photography along with Production Designer Dave Blass, who brought the original TNG art department onboard, including the famed Star Trek graphic artist Michael Okuda and design artists Doug Drexler and John Eaves, to create the latest U.S.S. Stargazer.
  • THE CHATEAU – Led by Production Designer Dave Blass and Prop Master Jeff Lombardi, the featurette explores the transition of Picard’s chateau following its redesign and conversion to the Dataverse in season one.
  • THE TRIAL IS OVER – The intimate, behind-the-scenes look connects fans with John de Lancie, who reprises his role as Q, playing a significant part in the season 2 story arc.
  • REBUILDING THE BORG QUEEN – The featurette showcases actress Annie Wersching as she discusses stepping into the role of the Borg Queen. After 25 years, the iconic character returns through advanced design and production techniques, which are further discussed by Designer Neville Page, Prosthetics Master Vincent Van Dyke and Makeup Department Head James MacKinnon.
  • PICARD PROPS – Property Master Jeff Lombardi takes fans on a tour that showcases the various props created for Star Trek: Picard season 2.
  • PICARD PASSAGES – Alongside cast and crew, fans will follow the heroes from Star Trek: Picard through time and space as they encounter old and new friends as well as challenges in the latest season.

Arriving Tuesday

You can pre-order Picard season 2 now at Amazon: Blu-ray $42.99  and  DVD $29.95.

There is also a limited Steelbook edition Available on Amazon for 48.67

Blu-ray/DVD Giveaway

TrekMovie is giving away two copies of the Picard season 2 Blu-ray or DVD to a couple of lucky readers in the USA. All you need to do is to comment below telling us which character(s) from Picard season 2 you would like to see in their own spin-off series. The winner will be selected at random on Thursday, October 6th at noon Pacific. Please include a working email address so you can be contacted to find out where to send the copy.

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Seven of Nine

I would love to see a Seven of Nine spin-off series soon! I think that would be awesome!

Star Trek: Seven – see her adventures on the TITAN!

I’d rather see her time as a Fenris Ranger. It would be interesting to see the Star Trek Universe from a non-Starfleet point of view.

Same! From DISCO to Prodigy, we’ve got a lot of different takes on Starfleet going on right now, but it’d be nice to have a show that’s a bit more ambiguous about its relationship with SF.

Seven & Raffi!

Darn, when I saw the headline I was assuming it would have been the love scene with them which I certainly think was falsely sold to us with the trailer and pre-season interviews last year.

I don’t recall this at all? Are you sure this isn’t just wishful thinking? Lol

Perhaps. ;-)

Seven of Nine and Raffi would be great in a spinoff series.

Relive the memories. Relive the magic.

This is Picard they are talking about. Few memories and damned little magic.

Sadly, this is correct.

There was PLENTY of magic in the Androids’ invent/fix-anything wand.

Starfleet really could have used one of those after the burn.

Seven and Raffi would be a wonderfully empowering series

I want to see a 7 of 9 and Raffi spin off. Would be cool to see what kind of mischief they can get into.

How many spin off series do we need though? I think we’re already at peak Trek output, I can barely keep track of how many shows are on the go :p

Well, PIC is going to start its last season in a few months, so there’d need to be something on the slate to take its place. A spin-off series where a good chunk of the sets are already built and the potential lead already willing and available would be a logical and time/cost-effective choice.

The obvious answer for a spin off series is Seven of Nine. I’d really like to see a Ríos mini series with Rafi prior to him meeting Picard.

Wesley Crusher, Seven of Nine, Raffi, Soji, Elnor, Rios, and Jurati.

Rios and the Stargazer…

Seven of Nine would be the most natural choice for her own series – and it would be a great way to also catch up on other 24th and 25th century Star Trek characters from VOY, DS9, and Picard!

I’d like to see a Rios spinoff. I like the guy!

Yeah, working a 9-5 job in LA in the early 21st Century with a wife, kid, and mortgage. Sounds like a Star Trek adventure if there ever was one!

That’s why it’s not even worth discussing Rios. They effectively killed him off in season 2 unless we go back to the 2020s to see what his life became. And again we KNOW what he was up to because Guinan told us he basically helped people with his now wife which is great, but not something I want to see as a STAR TREK spin off show either.

It’s another reason so many people were put off by season 2. They had so much potential for Rios and he was probably the biggest fan favorite of season 1 easily when you don’t count Picard and Seven. And then they gave this huge tease of him having his own Starfleet ship which got everyone excited to only totally ruin it by the end.

I guess they had already decided they were going to eliminate most of the new characters for the TNG cast return but you could’ve still kept the character around for future possibilities like they did Elnor and Soji.

I do wonder if Cabrera said he wasn’t interested in returning. P+ knew there was fan interest in the character, otherwise I doubt he’d had have gotten a prequel book. And, as said, while very other member of the new crew has a potential path for return, they very solidly closed the door on Rios.

he wouldn’t have had to return. They shot seasons 2 and 3 together.

One of the few things I did like from PIC S2 were the brief moments of Raffi and Elnor acting as surrogate family. So I’d love to see Seven, Raffi, and Elnor as a loose family unit in a PIC spin-off.

Seven of nine either set before season 1 or after season 3

Definitely Seven of Nine. Raffi can tag along, of course, and I’d love more Elnor (such a shame we won’t see him in the final season of Picard). All the cards are on the table for an adventure/exploration/diplomacy/etc early 2400s show with Jeri Ryan. Or at least, they will be, once we’ve met more of this ‘next next generation’ the cast and crew have been mentioning.

Seven of Nine

I would like to see a Rios spinoff showing him navigating the preWWIII Earth and genuinely trying to help people. Maybe they could tie him in with the Khan Podcast…

Definitely a Rios spin-off series. He was a great character.

Shame they left him in sh@tty 2024. Probably my favourite new Star Trek character since Saru.

Raffi hands down

Seven of Nine

Raffi, Seven & Elnor is what I want… and add in Tom & B’Elanna daughter Miral.

Like 90% of this board, Seven of Nine without a doubt! Rios would’ve been my second choice, but given his ending in this season, that’s a pipe dream now.

And I don’t want the Blu ray. In fact, if I win it, I promise to throw it in a trash can, pour gasoline on it and set it ablaze without so much as opening it! I’m the last person you want to give it to. I just wanted throw my hat in for Seven! :)

I would like to see Seven of Nine

I would like to see a Rios and Teresa mini series.

Worse season of Trek every produced. Unwatchable beyond the first 2 episodes. Potential squandered.

Seven of 9

I want a Rios prequel!

7 of 9 for the win!!!!

I’d love to see a dying Q have a spin-off.

Seven of Nine

Like almost everybody on here, I’d give Seven her own show, and have her zip around the quadrants (!) from one adventure to another, with a supporting cast and cameos from TNG, DS9, PIC, VOY, …even LDs! Have her and Raffi lead the way, and throw in random folks like Elnor, Garak, Bashir, Jake, Worf, Torres, Paris, Tendi, and poor old perpetual ensign Kim for good measure; mix it up and make it FUN (a la The Orville)! 🤞😁✨️

Seven of Nine!

Elnor in as a ronin type in Starfleet Academy, further exploring facets of Romulan society.

Why no 4K?

I think Seven of Nine could carry a series or mini series.

I think season 1 Jurati deserved a spin-off but now I’m on the Seven of Nine train. That way we could see more of the Voyager crew as well.

Elnor or Tallinn or better yet Rios. All would be fascinating to learn more about

Captain Rios of The Stargazer!! I think that shop may have sailed (into the past), but that’s what I would most like! I’ll also take a Seven spin-off, and I actually we’ll be lucky enough for that to really happen!

Of course we need a Seven and Raffi spin-off!

A Seven and Raffi spin-off would be the absolute best present to the Trek universe!


All that work into designing and modeling the Stargazer just to show it only in the very beginning and end of season 2 then (presumably) dump it entirely for season 3.

“WHAT?! Do not underestimate the value of a good bender”


These writers…

Seven of Nine

I’d like to see a spin-off mini series about the Jurati Borg collective.

Hmmm….intriguing Secret Half-Sister.

I’m liking TrekMovie conducting market research on Paramount’s behalf :D

TBH, during season 1, I was certain Rios was the candidate for his own Starfleet spinoff. He definitely has the chops, the acting skill and I thought he was pretty good in the show Salvation as well.

Now that they’ve commissioned Seven into Starfleet, she’s the clear choice for her own command and show!

Star Trek: Raven

I just finished Barry, and all I can hear in my head is, “I am The Raven.”

Like the majority, Seven of Nine.

Honestly, I’d like to see what a time-displaces Chris does in the 21st century leading up to the Wars (Eugenics/WWIII) There’s great potential for trying to do the right thing with the values of the Federation amid that chaos. Who knows, his actions might end up giving rise to the “Temporal Prime Directive” early.

A Dr. Jurati Star Trek series.