Watch: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 NYCC Trailer Reveals Amanda Plummer As Villain And Brent Spiner’s Role

The Star Trek Universe New York Comic Con 2022 event wrapped up with Picard and a Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion. And a brand new trailer has all sorts of reveals, including the first look at the villain and Brent Spiner’s character. There are also new details on Geordi’s kids, one of which is played by LeVar Burton’s daughter Mika.

Picard season 3 NYCC trailer has big reaveals

The Picard panel featured series star Patrick Stewart and cast members LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner, as well as executive producers Alex Kurztman, Terry Matalas and Rod Roddenberry. And during the panel Paramount+ debuted a new teaser for the third and final season. Check it out… [international version at]

The trailer reveals Brent Spiner’s character this season is named Lore, has a quick appearance of the Enterprise-F, and ends with a look at Daniel Davis returning to the role of Professor Moriarty from Star Trek: The Next Generation. TrekMovie will have a full trailer breakdown and analysis in the coming days.

Amanda Plummer is season villain

It was also revealed that Tony Award winner Amanda Plummer (The Fisher King, Pulp Fiction) joined the cast in a recurring role as the villain Vadic. Amanda Plummer is the daughter of the late Christopher Plummer, who played Klingon General Chang, the villain of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Here is the official character description of Amanda Plummer’s role in Picard:

Vadic, the mysterious alien captain of the Shrike, a warship that has set its sights on Jean-Luc Picard and his old crewmates from his days on the Enterprise.

Amanda Plummer as Vadic

Geordi’s kids

The panel also produced more details on two new characters, the children of LeVar Burton’s Geordi LaForge. Mica Burton (Critical Role, Vampire: The Masquerade: L.A. by Night) and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (Cruel Summer) join Picard in recurring roles. Ensign Sidney La Forge is played by Sharpe Chestnut and is the eldest daughter of Geordi La Forge and helmsman of the U.S.S. Titan. Ensign Alandra La Forge is played by Mica Burton, Geordi La Forge’s youngest daughter who works alongside her father.

Mica Burton (L) and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (R)

Season 3 details

While we saw a lot in the trailer and got some details on some of the new cast, we still don’t have much on the plot for season three. Here is the latest official synopsis:

Picard features Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard, which he played for seven seasons on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and follows this iconic character into the next chapter of his life. LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, and Michelle Hurd star alongside Patrick Stewart in the third and final season of the hit Paramount+ original series.

February 2023

The final season premieres on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly on Thursdays. Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and is distributed concurrently by Paramount Global Content Distribution on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories, and in Canada it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

More Star Trek from NYCC

The panel is over but there is more coverage to come so keep coming back to for all the latest from NYCC 2022.

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Looks like an Odyssey Class from Star Trek Online.

It was.

Yeah it looks a bit too “gamey”. But still happy

Pacifist Worf, huh? Interesting.

We’re all going to die….

Woke Worf 🤣

Anyone notice if Dorn said anything at all during that panel? He’s normally quiet but I felt a little bad for him.

Why do you feel bad?

I hope Jadzia gets a name drop as a possible reason for the change in his attitude.

Omg… I was thinking…. Is that… Rhea Perlman?! Carla from cheers!? Lol

Amanda Plummer makes more sense. Daughter of Christopher Plummer, General Chang.

Is she really? I was wondering about that when I read the last name! If so, she certainly seems to have her father’s acting chomps.

Really, she’s had a long and award winning career! I’m gonna love watching her be a villain, again!

I’ve never seen her in anything. Looks like I have some research and watching to do this weekend!

She’s great in PULP FICTION

Oh wow she’s been on the scene for that long?

She most certainly is. And I would’ve been delighted to see her cast in any one of 1,771,961 roles that were NOT a sneering villain out for revenge against the Federation. Now, they’ll have to win me over. Nothing can ever be easy with these people.

Is that the number of tribbles on K7?

Give the man his prize.

Yeah, that captured my attention, too. Yet another “sneering villain out for revenge” — can’t put it better than that.

“Nothing can ever be easy with these people.”

Amazes me how infrequently it seems to occur to y’all that maybe the problem isn’t where you think it is.

The trailer made it look like this absolutely was a “sneering villain out for revenge.”

Any of you TNG move and I’ll disintegrate every last one of you

The biggest surprise for me was the reveal of Moriarty.

I think it’s safe to assume that’s gonna be the biggest surprise for everyone.

Seems a pretty obscure plot point to me for a series that will air in 2023. I really liked the Moriarty follow-up at the time, which was that genuine rarity of a sequel being superior to its progenitor in just about every way. But will most non-diehards remember it at all?

Hi highly doubt it. But in a way I think it’s a cool twist because as of late there seems to be a Sherlock Holmes resurrection between Robert Downey Jr and Benedict cumberbach and Henry cavil and the likes and maybe having one of those characters here will draw newcomers in

That was like 10-15 years ago though.

Yeh Cumberbatch hadn’t played Sherlock since 2017 (thought it was longer than that) and RDJ back in 2011. and I doubt most ppl even know Superman is playing Sherlock in a supporting role in those spoof netflix films with the Stranger Things girl

Just about everyone that watched TNG will remember him, so much so that he has appeared in other shows that give a nod to TNG. Plus this is another Star Trek show, so some level of prior knowledge will be expected. Also, being 2023 makes no difference as it’s not like the last time anyone seen TNG was the 1990’s.

Genuine question, where did he appear as a nod to Sherlock Holmes outside of Trek ?

I believe it was on “The Nanny”.

I’m not a “die hard” TNG guy. Only seen most episodes twice. Once when they aired and on my rewatch about 5-6 years ago. Most episodes I just didn’t remember because they were so bland and vanilla but I tended to remember the really good ones and the really bad ones. Those holodeck episodes all fell in the ‘really bad’ pile. So I recalled it but only because the episode was just so awful.

Looks great. I loved S1 and S2 so i hope S3 is just as good. I have seen Amanda Plummer in an episode of the Blacklist and she was quite good so can’t wait to see her in Picard. Great seeing Lore again but how and of course Moriarty should be interesting.

A lot of the Khan wannabe villains in Trek have fallen flat but Plummer is often a fascinating actress. Still cautiously optimistic.

Never quite understood the appeal of Moriarty, though.

Yeah, it has a feeling of Star Trek movies 10-13! ;)

But hey, at least it’s a woman this time so progress?

I won’t be shocked if she’s carrying some big bioweapon to try and destroy the Federation with in a big ship and we hear a ‘FIRE EVERYTHING’ line to keep with the revenge villain trope this franchise just keep pushing on us.

I have always liked Moriarty but I kind of thought he was done 28 years ago! They even brought back the original actor! Pretty crazy.

And Moriarty even looks almost exactly the same to boot!

He does! Perhaps he invested his Nanny money in anti-oxidants.

Lol I know, right?

Why do you think he was done 28 years ago? What about everyone else, were they done too?

He was in two episodes and the second one concluded his story. I mean until he showed up in this trailer, was anyone really wondering what happened to that guy in the last 28 years? They made it pretty clear lol.

But I’m the guy that says everyone will eventually show up again, so not that surprised…but still a little surprised. ;D

Moriarty!? Didn’t see that coming.

Seriously! I had a better chance of winning the lottery than guessing that one.

This looks like it’s going to be totally insane!

Lore is back! Which I PREDICTED months ago (me and like a thousand other people ;)), but still a pretty interesting twist. But the biggest twist that Moriarty is back???? Lore, I think was always a 50/50 chance but no one predicted Moriarty lol.

And did we see the Enterprise F??

It’s great to see all these guys back. It does feel like a homecoming. Can’t wait!

Yep. The 1701-F is in the trailer.

Yeah I went to the comments section on YouTube and everyone is freaking out over it lol. Looks like the original ship from STO. It’s nice how they are canonizing the ships from there.

I gotta know how he got out of his little holodeck box. I kinda always assumed it stayed on Veridian III with the rest of the Enterprise. Wait, does this mean the Saucer was in fact salvaged after all?

The saucer was salvaged and in put into the Starfleet museum. Placards at Starfleet Academy in PIC S2 confirmed it.
The details were shared by production designer Dave Blass last year.comment image

Oh sweet. Thanks Matt. I hope they recovered the remains of Kirk too. I remember in the comics Spock made a special undercover trip from Romulus just to bring him back to Earth.

That’s not particularly believable. It’s rather like calling the remains of TWA 800 an intact 747 and putting it at a Boeing museum.

Ya but it’s the 24th or 25th century when it happens. Tractor beams have been known to not only tractor things but keep structural integrity intact.

Ummm, wow! Ok, a LOT to unpack there! Moriarty? Curious how he got out of his box and where his wife is. Did he somehow duplicate the Dr’s holographic emitter? Lore? I thought Spiner was going to be playing someone he never played before? Curious what Vadic is so pissed at Picard about. Lastly…. WAS THAT THE ENTERPRISE?!?!?!

I’m wondering if this season is about artificial lifeforms rights.

And that was the Enterprise.

Awesome! I’m dying to know who’s her captain. I’m hoping it’s pacifist Worf lol

The Worficist – somebody exorcised the Klingon right out of him!

There’s never been a klingon to rival Vreen/Krenn in Ford’s THE FINAL REFLECTION. Read it for about the 80th time this last week

Hmm. Thx for the tip. I’ll have to give it a read!

One of the producers said Worf is a Captain, but not in command of a ship.

The Picard Season 1 countdown comics said that Picard told Starfleet to make Worf Captain of the Enterprise when he was promoted to admiral even tho they had reservations of Worf saving Dax and leaving a Cardassian informant to die during the war in DS9

If this season is about artificial life form rights, I really hope we see the Dr.

I remember Picardo saying ages ago he was negotiating to appear on Picard.

Oh wow, now that you mention it I totally remember that too

He said an old new character. So Lore is probably different in some way from what we’re used to.

He looked like his skin was Human toned

I thought I saw a bit of gold tint in there but I could be wrong.

I’m not sold it IS Lore…. Geordi sees that person, his brain jumps to a conclusion and he asks, “Lore?” A question. Spiner’s next line could just as easily be, “No.”

I think that would be weird to include his name just to be a red herring. And we knew Spiner was playing an old character. And in the original teaser trailer when they announced the TNG cast was coming back, he sounded exactly like Lore.

Oh lord. Watch it be “B8” or something

He’ll be “L8” to the party


To quote the nun played by Helen Reddy in AIRPORT 1975, he could become a best friend to himself, then rename himself masterb8.

I’d imagine that Lore’s matrix was put into a organic android body a la Soji?

Yeah, probably a gollum body like Picard…that would have been a good way to bring Data back. He could have finally become (more or less), what he sought to become all of his life.

Golem. (Gollum is the character from Lord of the Rings).

Golem (GOH-LEM, from Hebrew) is a concept from Jewish myth, a creature made of clay and imbued with life to do its creator’s bidding, a precursor to the idea of Frankenstein.

The F! And it’s an Odyssey-class!

No bloody A, B, C, D or E!!

Orrrrrrrr J!

Who is in that photo on the wall above Picard in the opening shot? Sisko?

Must be eatin’ at Sisko’s in NewOr

actually, i looked & didn’t see him, saw whoopi

Looks like Ray Charles to me.

I guess I’m the only one who saw Worf?

Have to watch that again (and again, etc.), but looks pretty good. Never was a fan of Moriarty, but anyway. Wonder what this woman is so pis*ed off about?

LOL that’s what I’m wondering too. She seems very angry at Picard for some reason. I remember having this discussion in an older thread and that the villain will probably just be someone new and unfortunately I was right. But looks interesting at least.

And yeah, Moriarty??? Never saw that one coming at all.

She very obviously has history with Picard but it doesn’t seem to be any history we are aware of in canon. I’m hoping beyond hope this won’t have anything to do with the Picard family like Season 2 and to an extent Nemesis did.

Oh Kahless, PLEASE have it not be another Picard family connection. We got enough of that in season 2. And no more Picard clones either. ;)

lol exactly

Feels like someone is bringing back all of Picard’s enemies? Would be very Doctor Who-y.

Star Trek No Way Home?

Spectre Trek!

It would be!!! Maybe that’s how Tasha Yar shows up: mummified, inside Armus!? 😨

Everything about that was amazing, but vengeance? Seriously? I’m so tired of Star Trek villains seeking vengeance. It’s such an overused cliche.

It really is. Even Beverly said it. It is what is always is lol. Still tho, it did look amazing.

It looks like Nemesis all over again.

If it is as good as Nemesis I’ll eat my hat.

Yeah I rolled my eyes when she actually said the word lol. Maybe she’s British Khan’s daughter who escaped from her cryo sleep and crossed into the Prime timeline to get revenge on Picard? Honestly, if that was actually the plot line, I don’t think anyone would even blink at this point.

Who cares! It’s the Enterprise!! :)

I mean, sure I’m tired of villains and vengeance plots… But we get to see the Enterprise-F!

At this point I don’t care if the villain is Sponge Bob.

Yeah I’m super excited to FINALLY get the next Enterprise! It’s no way they could hit the final season and leave it out. I’m more positive on the trailer overall, but I knew the villain part was going to disappoint me. But I can’t wait to see how Moriarty and Lore fits in to all of it though.

Moriarty is really getting me curious. Lore less so. Lore hasn’t been interesting since they jumped the shark with him in descent.

Also I’m still trying to figure out who those aliens with the clicking noises are. They remind me of those alternate dimension aliens from the TNG ep Schisms.

Yeah there are a LOT of villains in this one lol. Assuming Moriarty is one (but it’s Moriarty, he’s one of the oldest and iconic villains in literature). Lore seems like he will be helping Picard and company (and in a Starfleet uniform???) but who knows? Maybe he’s there to take over the ship.

It would be cool if it was the Schisms aliens. I always wanted to see them again.

It would be totally cool if it were the aliens from Schisms. I just don’t see why they would have a bone to pick with anyone.

Who cares! It’s the Enterprise!! :)

All of the problems of NuTrek, summarized in a single sentence. (Well, two sentences.)

:)))) +1

The problem with NuTrek is people who use the phrase NuTrek.

Why? That’s in fact what it is.


Fingers crossed they’re pulling some Simon Gruber style trickery here, with a villain who wants vengeance but really just wants the gold, er, latinum.

Danny Boy, I LIKE your reference…..alot. That was a great alalogy

Thank you.

Yep. Way overused cliche, but I’ve come to accept lowered expectations and creativity. Cinema, television and music are all in decline which is consistent with the fact that people in America are also. Why expect the arts to be any different?

At least they aren’t bringing the Enterprise E back to blow it up. Or crash it on some planet. My expectations are nil after season 2. I don’t think they could handle a 2 hour action script, much less write a 10 episode one. Its bound to be disjointed and full of filler. Like the first two seasons. If they haven’t course corrected as much as RMB is saying, and frankly i don’t believe it.

I was hoping for Moriarty! I figured it would be Lore, it’s good to see both. Not sure about Vadic how she will fit in. Also happy to see NCC-1701-F, curious to see who is captain. I am excited for this season!

I’m wondering if it will end up being Captain Va’kel Shon (even though he’s from Trek Online).

Lore! Moriarty!

NCC 1701-F USS Enterprise. Nothing more needs to be said.

My theory is that Moriarty is inhabiting an Android body and that Lore and Amanda Plummer are at his employ.

I wonder if Vadic is actually Moriarty in holo-disguise. That would somewhat explain why they’re targeting the Enterprise-D crew.

Wow. Looks like Season 3 will be intense. I really hope we get a better season.

Funny thinking about when Picard was first introduced as a show and they described it as an adult character piece show which it NEVER felt like to me but they kept saying. But now, it’s basically back to big bombastic action Trek like the movies again. And I’m not complaining, it’s just funny how we ended up back here pretty quickly.

When it was first conceived IIRC Stewart very much wanted Picard to be Treks Version of Logan. But after 2 seasons I think P+ realized it just wasn’t working and they weren’t going to net the TNG crew go out with a whimper again if they could help it. ESP with Kelvin pretty much done at this point.

I think it was OK to go the Logan route in the first season but I don’t think fans would’ve wanted that Picard throughout the entire show either. They still want Captain Picard, the guy who commands every room he enters, very decisive and of course gives those wonderful speeches Q comes to listen to. That’s the Picard they want.

And we knew it was going to be a bigger movie vibe because Matalas describes the season as the movie we wanted to see them go out as. So it was always going to be big and explosions everywhere but I hope it’s not too much like the Kelvin movies and it’s Worf and Riker jumping off stuff every episode. But we got the villain wanting vengeance trope once again so its feeling like the Kelvin movies in that way. And why I’m not loosing a lot of sleep if they are really done with those movies now.

Yes exactly. Starting out with a Logan like vibe is cool and all but lets be honest, they knew full well what the audience was tuning in for and it wasn’t that. We did in fact want TNG season 8, not Logan.

Agreed. I was happy season 2 we got to see more of the old Picard but now that he’s back on a starship again and with his old crew then I hope we see the Picard we grew up with, even while acknowledging he is still older now.

from season 1s Logan to the full on ‘legacy sequel’ of season 3 (or maybe TNG s8) TNGs Force Awakens (which had to be influenced by the success of ST09) or more recently Top Gun Maverick (which obviously took its title from Star Trek Picard)..

I guess maybe s2 was an attempt at Avengers Endgame? 🤔 (itself influenced by All Good Things)

But the problem there is that Stewart has completely lost his charisma. He absolutely does not command any room he enters any longer. Relying on that would be asking a great deal from the audience as well as Stewart himself. He just can’t pull it off any more. Not denigrating the guy. But he is over 80. Most folks loose a few steps.

Yeah he’ll never be the same Picard we got in TNG no more than Shatner will be the same Kirk we got in TOS. But at least aim for that direction. What bothered a lot of people in the first season is he kind of just let everyone step all over him. He never tried to take leadership like in the show and movies. But I also think because Picard was no longer a Starfleet commander by that period and the point was to see a man who left that role behind long ago and had to get it back again. He had a more leisurely life for over a decade.

Hopefully we’ll see him more in command and the confident character we got now that he’s back in Starfleet and running things again.

Shatner hasn’t played Kirk for 30 years. And there are no plans to bring him back. That said Shatner doesn’t seem to have lost near as much as Stewart has.

That might be the idea but the problem I described still remains. Stewart just doesn’t have it any longer. The script may call of it but Stewart is no longer capable of pulling it off.

Then just don’t watch man. Problem solved.

That’s a different matter. I was only mentioning that Stewart has lost a lot of steps in his older age. Many people do. It’s not a knock. Just a reality. He doesn’t have the same presence he had in his TNG days or even in the feature film days. It’s gone.

Please don’t turn into one of those, “Don’t watch the show” people. You know full well fans of something generally don’t just stop being fans because the current incarnation of the thing they are fans of sucks. There is a thing called ‘hope’. All fans have it.

If you’re this bitter and have said over and over again including in this thread you don’t feel confident this show or the others can even improve then what do want me to say bro? You say you have ‘hope’ but then want to challenge everyone who like this and the other shows. I mean there was a direct example of that when it was mentioned Robert Meyer Burnett said he happened to like the third season of the show and you want to question him on it because he simply said he liked it? Really?

If you are so bitter to the point you want to try and discredit others for even speaking positive on it after they seen it then that doesn’t sound like ‘hope’ to me, right? It just sounds like someone who is waiting to hate it no matter what. How else would you interpret it?

What I, and I think most others, would not want you to say is the tired cliche of “don’t watch”. That’s just not very realistic for heavy fans. If you don’t have anything to say besides that it would be better to not say anything at all. There is always hope. Prodigy showed this group is indeed capable of producing something that doesn’t suck. But the RMB example just doesn’t seem like a trustworthy source. How has this guy been able to see the show so very early? It couldn’t possibly be ready to stream yet. What he saw had to be very early cuts at best that are far from the finished product. What is his connection to P+ or Secret Hideout that he has such access? If he has a connection then it would be fair to think his opinion would be compromised in some way. Sorry but logic suggests his opinion at this early stage should be doubted.

If the show were complete and shown to a random test audience their response would be a better gauge. You seem to trust the guy. I don’t know him from Adam so forgive me if I have doubts about his take. And you can’t deny I have good reason to doubt him.

Dude, whatever. If you are this cynical about everything, I don’t see the point. And it’s tiring to have the same back and forth. So take it easy.

Well we just had Trek XIV cancelled so the fact this looks to be a new TNG movie (with a Nemesis meets Kelvin aesthetic) is most pleasing 😊

Honestly disappointed by this.

Looks like a lot of pew-pew fighting, explosions, concerned close-ups, an over-acting megalomaniac villain played in an extreme melodramatic way, and inappropriately timed wise-cracks.
So, same as the previous two seasons.

I mean To be fair this is really just a TV show in name only. They’ve been saying from almost the beginning they planed on treating season like a movie. And Trek movies have been about vengeance and ship battles since wrath of khan.

And Trek movies have been about vengeance and ship battles since wrath of khan.

…which has been much of the problem.


True, but there is Voyage Home, the one where the only victim of phaser fire was a hospital door knob.

In all fairness, the doorknob had it coming.

Ha! That miserable so and so.

And that movie was easily the worst Trek movie made. Pretty much the only Trek that was decent that did not involve revenge or huge set pieces was TMP.

Oh nonsense.

Sadly, that’s my impression, too. I was really hoping this would take the tone of the superb season one, or something like TMP. I can only hope that the trailer is misleading — in fairness, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Its like a remake of Nemesis. Its going to be incredibly divisive. Some fans will love it, others not.

It’s a trailer, that’s what you put in a trailer.

Well, a trailer is necessarily going to feature all the action bits rather than static clips of people sitting about talking. So I think your comment is a little unreasonable in that respect. But I share your disappointment with yet another big super-villain hell bent on revenge for something; that formula has been done to death on Trek, and particularly since TNG hit the movie screens in the mid 90’s and most of those villains ended up being altogether forgettable.

Reminds me more of NEMESIS than anything else. But with stunt casting

Nemesis has retroactive stunt casting

Nemesis into Darkness. Or i’m sure someone can come up with a better combo of those titles.

Star Trek Into Neminess

Wow Lore and Professor Moriarty. Enterprise. So much to look at. Season 3 looks to be Epic!!! So can’t wait.

A Generations Final Journey Ends..

I love this! So exciting to see these legends back in action

Oh shit!

I hate it. Another Space Revenge plot and supervillain. Looks like Nemesis meets Into Darkness without of any of Into Darkness social commentary. Looks atrocious and nothing like the TNG show. And we still have dark and drab colors and poor lighting. No hopeful optimistic future here.

Frankly, this trailer took my anticipation down a notch. Seems like more of the same undermotivated revenge-crazed villain nonsense. I am looking forward to seeing Amanda Plummer in this. She’s such an interesting actor. I will say, though, that I do like the look of what they’ve shown so far. Very cinematic. It looks a lot more expensive than SNW (although, to be fair, I like SNW’s look, too. Kind of harkens back to TOS in a lot of ways).

I wonder if part of the problem is that they’re hiring too many Treksperts to produce these shows. People like Matalas and McMahon may be able to win pub quizzes with their knowledge of the combination of Kirk’s safe, but can they actually write a good *story*?

Robert Wise was a newcomer to Star Trek back when he made TMP, and Nick Meyer even more so when he made Wrath of Khan. The latter jettisoned some of the iconic imagery of TOS in favor of design elements like the monster maroon uniforms and Kirk’s glasses. He showed real structural damage and casualties during space battles.

The only similar move that NuTrek has made was bringing on Michael Chabon for season one of Picard. Oddly enough, that’s the only NuTrek I’ve really enjoyed. (I grant that some folks disagree with that assessment, but at least he *tried* something new.)

These arguments/opinions don’t make much sense to me. McMahon has made what I think most fans of Trek would say is the best or second best of the NuTrek shows (and I agree with them). I think over almost 3 seasons, he has shown that he can craft good stories. And the episodes he writes personally are generally considered among the very best of LDS. The sense of humor may not be up to everyone’s liking, but most of the stories are solid both Trek-wise and just plain story-wise.

I don’t know how much of a Trek trivia expert Matalas is, but I do know he is a big fan. But so far, we don’t really know how good of a Trek story he can craft as he was only around for part of season 2 of Picard’s production, afterwhich he directed his attention to season 3. I personally am not a huge fan of his, but based on 12 Monkeys and not the limited bit I have seen of his Trek. I tried watching 12 Monkeys after hearing how well plotted it was, but bailed after a couple of seasons of what I felt was kind of meandering plot for plot’s sake.

As for getting non-Trek people in – fresh blood as it were. Yeah, Meyer worked out great for Star Trek, but a strong counter example was Stuart Baird. Famously brought in for Nemesis, he turned out what I think most fans agree is the worst Next Gen movie and maybe one of the bottom 3 Trek movies overall. (For me those would be ST:V, ST:Nemesis, and STID.)

I think what they need is Trek fans who understand what Trek is and is supposed to be about, and then the time and space to develop the show/season. Chabon and the showrunners of PIC season 1 notably started filming season 1 without knowing where it was going or how it was going to end (bad mojo for a serialized story). The showrunners for season 2 supposedly learned that lesson and had plenty of time to correct for it, but as I interpret what they have said covid delays and lockdowns caused them to change course. They couldn’t do what they had planned and instead did what they could manage. Yeah, you can blame Matalas for some of that being the supposed showrunner for at least part, but I don’t think it was an overly Trek-focused approach that doomed that season/production.

I am hoping having one consistent showrunner for a whole season, a set of actors who know what they are doing, and a set of characters who all have defined roles or purposes will finally give us a good overall season of PIC, but I must say that the tone of this trailer really undermines my hopes a little.

As for getting non-Trek people in – fresh blood as it were. Yeah, Meyer worked out great for Star Trek, but a strong counter example was Stuart Baird.

While yours is a fair point, it is also worth noting that Baird was the director, not the screenplay writer. The latter was John Logan, and I think the screenplay was pretty compelling; to the extent Nemesis had problems, it was in the execution, which tends to fall on the director. (I’m among those who think NEM is, though not perfect, highly underrated.)

Wow, and I think that Logan is to blame for most of the issues. Baird was a disaster, granted, but even with good or even inspired execution, NEM would still have been bad. (I can go for pages on Baird’s failings — a guy who has Jerry Goldsmith score all three of his features and still can’t deliver a watchable flick has got prob-lems — just weighing them against Logan.)

Matalas may be a big fan but in his case that fandom may get in the way of him plotting out a good story. McMahon is a big fan and he uses it by just throwing in as many fangasms as he possibly can. And I’m sure he knows that it comes at the expense of comedy and character. He respects the show so much that he just can’t bring him self to take good natured pokes at it. Lower Decks probably should have been written and conceived by someone who had no great love of Trek. Might have been more funny but there is also the problem with current day situation where comedy writers are afraid to write good comedy. And that bleeds over to even drama. Writers seem to be afraid to write quality characters. The Trek problem very well could be related to the overall writing and plotting problems that exist all over media today.

Great Trailer !
Nothing bad to say about it ,it washes away 2 seasons of Picard stink.
Its what fans have wanted since the series was announced ,going out on a high note !
So now its Speculation time , So who is Valdi ?
It seems She is really Pissed at Picard ,and giving off a this is all very personal vibe .,LIKE SHE WANTS PERSONAL REVENGE .
Unless she is taking over for some an unavailable actor in a part that was on the show but never named ,perhaps a character related to someone we have seen before?
Some one no longer around ?
Her ship gives off a Romulian vibe too…..
I’m going to guess She is Shinzon’s mom .
Yes he was a clone ,but someone had to take care of him while he grew ,at least till they dumped him in the mines right?
Anyway that’s my guess.
As for Lore is it? Still could be B-4 reassembled .
Or maybe Lore finally grew up and got Data’s point and is no longer evil .might explain the star fleet uniform . His scowl being you guys again ?

Maybe she’s shinzons sister

Ardra? (Marta DuBois, the actress who played her in “Devil’s Due,” unfortunately died in 2018, far too young.)

Years ago, there was this constant criticism that trailers were revealing too much. I never fully and truly agreed until now. Did they really have to reveal Lore in this early trailer? I didn’t mind the reveal of Moriarty. He’s a hologram for goodness sake. What possible threat can he be? However, revealing Lore was simply too much, too soon in my opinion.

Didn’t Moriarty hack into and threaten the Enterprise twice? But yes, pulling a gun on someone really isn’t his style, is it?

Yeah but that was an awfully flimsy and a plot that was simply impossible to buy. And this is a show that features ripping people apart and reassembling them somewhere else! A holodeck character, no matter how it was put together, should not have the ability to take over the ship. It just doesn’t made any sense whatsoever. The concept of those episodes were just not thought out well at all. And it’s not a surprise that the Secret Hideout people thought including that was a good idea.

He some how get’s his hands on a mobile emitter

Instead of the Lore/Moriarty reveal I would have preferred at least a hint of what this story might actually be about. So far we have almost nothing to go on, and what little we do know (villain out for revenge) is frankly disappointing.

This is some of the worst news about the season for me. I don’t know why, but I have always disliked Amanda Plummer. I have never liked any character I have seen her play and I find her voice to be very annoying. I hope my dislike of the actress will not detract from my enjoyment of the season. The rest of it looks intriguing.

WOW I can’t wait.

Whatever happened to strange new worlds and space exploration? It looks like a 10 episode season of TWOK with different characters.

Disappointed but expected!

Especially considering that Nemesis through Beyond was all about the same kind of thing. They did their Voyage Home last season and it sucked. Star Trek is stuck in the same predicament as Star Wars, recycled plots. Remakes and requels. Empty nostalgia.

Agreed. The last four movies did the same kind of thing over and over man. None of these people have any original ideas to make a compelling story. Nemesis and basically all the JJ verse movies sucked for me. I give Beyond a little slack because at least it pretended to explore at least a little. ,🙄

I’m hoping this season actually has more things than villain wants to wipe out the crew for 10 episodes. That would get boring fast.

Last 5. Insurrection was about people seeking revenge. At least Nemesis contained some thoughtful moments and the final act was as strong as any Trek film final act.

I think he means against the Federation itself. In Insurrection, the Son’a was working with them against the Baku.

I actually liked the set up in Insurrection. It was actually original because we never seen the Federation openly work against a benign species before. Even Section 31 mostly just go after the A-holes lol. But per usual it was the execution that ultimately failed it.

I’m afraid one of our friends we grew up with won’t make it out of this series alive…

Geordi has kids – so can see him going ☠

That’s a good point. I think that Worf could go as well, die in a glorious battle defending others so he can make it to Sto-Va-Kor (sp?).

I love Worf so much that I would lose it if he did, but I can see it happen.

Looks good. Looks a bit too Nemesisy to me but I can’t deny how great it is to see the cast back. TNG is my favorite show bar none and love this cast so much. It’s a dream to have them all back together. 😎

But this is still Picard though, one of the worst Trek shows ever made along with Discovery. And more inane JJ verse villain nonsense who wants revenge. Does she come from another century too? But I hope this season really do those characters and that show justice! They deserve it. 🖖

It’s already confirmed there is no time travel so we will have to watch and see why she’s so pissed

The irony is two out of the the three Kelvin movies required no time travel and the villains were from prior centuries anyway. It is funny that all the main villains from those movies are in fact from another century:

Nero: 24th century
Khan: 20th century
Krall: 22nd century

At this point I doubt we’ll ever see another Kelvin movie again or at least in the near future, but by some miracle one happens, the next villain should be from the 21st or 25th century. Just for the consistency of it. ;D

They should use Colonel Green from the Savage Curtain.

Yeah Colonel Green would be great to bring back!

Wonder if the villain in Orcis ST3 (possibly Bryan Cranston) would’ve been from the past or future? I guess not as he just wanted the timeline restored (like most fans! lol) however Shatner Kirk was going to be CG deaged (maybe Generations era?) so something time travely was obviously going on..

It’s worth noting that Alandra and Sidney are also the names of Geordi’s daughters in AGT, only in AGT he has a son named Bret as well.

I’m guessing that Worf became a monk/etc on Boreth as he’s got that whole “peaceful man living a quiet life” vibe going on until Picard calls him back on a vow of honor.

BA in the A Team movie vibes

Somehow Lore returned. Although, JJ isn’t involved so we might get more than that ;)

The Rise of Picard . Maybe Plummer is Picards long lost granddaughter lol

lol, indeed! :D

I actually don’t even want to see that again.

Doesn’t that ship look like the mining ship from the Prime Universe that what’s-his-name used to destroy Vulcan?

Looking good but so not… intellectually stimulating.

That’s what I thought too. Narada?

Yes, that’s what I was thinking. Maybe she’s his mom, and a Romulan somehow. Maybe she’s a decedent of Tasha Yar through time. Maybe she is Tasha Yar’s granddaughter, maybe the pointed ears receded.


Reminds me of the deploying arms on the Scimitar too. Very Eaves-y.

The Actor that plays Professor Moriarty on Star Trek is American. Daniel Davis was born in Arkansas. His British accent is so good, the actual British actor on the Nanny (tv show) was told several times to get hints from him to improve his accent. 😁

Ha yea, my jaw hit the floor when I learned Davis is from Arkansas. Amazing.

Similar to the guy who played Higgins in Magnum P.I. I think he was from… Texas maybe.

Go check him out in Hunt for Red October.

Right, and captain of the Enterprise no less.

Huh? Presidental wannabe Fred Thompson played the captain of the (aircraft carrier) Enterprise in that movie, not?

“Admiral?! Ad-mir-al…”

Fred Thompson played Admiral Painter, who commanded the battle group. Daniel Davis played Captain Davenport, who commanded the actual ship.

I either forgot or never realized that. Time for a rewatch. :)

But to be fair, the movie doesn’t go out of its way to explain the command structure of that ship. It’s way in the background to what’s happening in the story.

I always thought tHfRO would make a good template for a offshoot Trek film. Romulans develop a new kind of cloak. Romulan commander fears it’s meant to start a war, steals the prototype. Starfleet Intelligence officer figures out what’s happening and ends up going on a wild adventure aboard the USS Dallas, with a short detour to the Enterprise. Imagine the Painter/Davenport conversation but it’s Picard and Riker.

I dig it!

HFRO was loosely based on an actual incident during the Cold War involving a Soviet frigate called Storozhevoy.

Interesting. I’ll have to look that up. Thanks.

Check out “Soviet Disasters,” a 1988 book by James Oberg, who is probably the leading Western expert on the Soviet/Russian space program. IIRC has an entire chapter on the incident.

Will do. Thanks.

There’s no such thing as a ‘British’ accent. There’s over a dozen of them and they are VERY distinct from each other. No everyone is middle class and lives in London.

Basically true of any language. You can take the boy out of Duluth, but not Duluth out of the boy, to channel Hoshi Sato.

What there *is* however, is a kind of standard pronunciation of many languages — kind of the “Queen’s English” (OK, the king’s English now) used on the BBC. Or the Columbian/Costa Rican standard accent in Spanish rather than Mexico or Barthelona, or Russian from St. Petersburg rather than the Lower Volga, etc.

I just finished watching Robert Meyer Burnett’s video discussing and analyzing the trailer. And as some people know, he has watched the entire season and really loved it. According to him, what we see in the trailer is only a small portion of what the season is about and says the villain in it and the revenge plot is not really what it seems either. He’s basically saying it’s a misdirect. She’s definitely a villain but not in the way the trailer is portraying her.

So if that’s true, that’s kind of a relief. I DO like the trailer but I can tell a lot of people are kind of over the uber-villain for revenge motif. I accept all these shows and movies will always have a villain of some kind but at least come up with a different angle. And according to Burnett, she does have one. He seems to really like the character a lot. He also says how and why Moriarty is there is unique and interesting.

He keeps praising this season while reminding people how bad he thought season 1 and 2 was, so I’m still cautiously optimistic. And just seeing the cast back and doing their thing looks like it will be a lot of fun!

I was a little underwhelmed by the villain reveal here. My mind immediately went to, ‘Oh great, just what I always wanted – Star Trek vs. Edna Mode!’ However, I do like the Plummer connection.

But good to hear this is a misdirect.

Yep felt exactly the same way. Now I’m a little more relieved at least.

Thanks a lot. Sounds like a total relief…

It would be a relief, if we ignore most everything else RMB has said and done this century up to the TV restart of Trek a few years back. The guy seemed like a very intelligent and deftly funny critic of things TREK in the 90s, but since then he seems to have become ‘unsound’ – to quote how they describe Kurtz’s methods in APOCALYPSE NOW.

His involvement with the needing-to-be-indicted Peters on AXANAR was the final straw for me, so even if his op of KurtzmanTrek has been largely (but not entirely) a match with my own thus far, his rave over s3 doesn’t inspire confidence (and the idea that they might have showed him the whole season in advance just to get him on their side seems like an overtly-political maneuver, like something a studio would do for Harry Knowles back in the Aint-it-cool-news heyday, and so I find it particularly disconcerting and disheartening.)

I have to wonder about the intelligence of some of these people, then. Fans are sick of stock revenge villains. The writers seem to be, too, if what Burnett is saying is true. Why, then, would you showcase a stock revenge villain in your introductory trailer? Do these people not know how promotion and marketing work?

“Let’s make sure people think it’s about the thing they hate!”

They knew people hated the Beastie Boys scene from Star Trek 2009 as well, but it was prominently in the Star Trek Beyond trailer. So i think they are that clueless.

A promo marketing team isn’t necessarily under the purview of the makers of the actual show. It’s also a teaser, we’ll get at least one more trailer before February.

Remember how many misleading UPN ads we got for Voyager? The promo for “Real Life” was all about the space tornados, “Think Tank” had the announcer ask the immortal question, “Does Jason Alexander want Seven of Nine for her mind… OR HER BODY?”

A promo marketing team isn’t necessarily under the purview of the makers of the actual show.

Which still goes back to the general question about intelligence. And teaser or not, this is the first official impression many of us will get from the show. If I hadn’t happen to see the above comment, I would walk away thinking it’s yet another villain-of-the-week seeking vengeance and the fate of the entire galaxy is at stake. And I’d probably go see what’s coming up on Disney+.

Because the people who make the trailers aren’t the same ones writing and producing the shows.

Same thing with newspaper headlines. I’ve had op-ed pieces published with radically different headlines than the one I’ve submitted, to the point where in one case the headline actually contradicted the point I made in the article itself.

But they’re hired by the same people, who should have some sense about this.


Good intell Tiger2. As one who actually liked Picard S1 (despite some glaring mis-steps), but not S2, I was wondering exactly what to expect next. It is good to hear you and others are encouraged RE S3.
Ultimately, most want to see some form of TNG reunion, despite what Sir Patrick prefers, so it is not surprising that IMO, this latest trailer seems to have a TNG movie-like feel to it. February can’t get here fast enough haha!

Definitely agree. Even though people do seem a bit soured on another villain who wants to take down the Federation, people do seem to love seeing the cast back together. And the chemistry looks like it’s still there like it was 20 years ago. And it probably helps because they are all best friends in real life and part of each other lives. So that connection really looks and feels real.

The season could be really bad but I think if people love seeing these characters again most will enjoy it on that level alone unless they do something to a character fans don’t like. But we’ll see.

I’ve heard you discuss this before but I just can’t help but think this is not genuine. There has to be a reason why he would suddenly like this and not the first 2 seasons. The fact that he was allowed to view the entire season so early just sets off the “red alert” as it’s not something that can be trusted.

Maybe because he thought it was a better season?

I mean I didn’t love the first two seasons of TNG, DS9 or ENT (but didn’t hate any of them) but fell in love with their third seasons. Star Trek is infamous with the third season being the ‘improved’ one.

And end of the day you can still hate it even if he really loved it right? No one is saying because he liked it it means everyone will. It just gives us hope if one guy who hated the first two like this one, maybe more will feel the same way. But none of it is a guarantee regardless.

I been following Burnett and his scorched earth policy to all things modern Trek for a decade now. It’s no reason for him to make this up. And if he really didn’t like it, he would’ve respected Matalas and just not say a thing until it aired. Rob’s a good guy, he’s just very passionate about his geek hobbies like we all are.

OK. You trust it. To me the entire situation just doesn’t pass the smell test. The only thing that gives me hope is that the trailers and pre-season propaganda for this season are very similar to that of S2 in that everything pointed to the season story being complete garbage but the actual season itself was not quite as bad as presented ahead of time. So maybe it’s possible this season will not be as bad as is being presented as well.

Yeah it could be completely awful. I’m only saying its possible it is really good too. I mean it is possible. Star Trek usually gets better as it goes so we’ll see. If it sucks you know I won’t have any issue saying so. But yeah, fingers crossed.

It is possible but it is also possible I will get hit by a bus tomorrow. It’s just unlikely. *sigh* The more I see from Secret Hideout the less impressed I am with their ability to deliver quality. Only Prodigy not sucking has given me hope that it is possible, however unlikely, that SH might get lucky and make something that isn’t sub par.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this….

Wrong franchise :)) That is the other Star thing.

The Star Warsification of Star Trek has escaped you?

I may be more hyped about the return of Prodigy, but the Enterprise-F and a new starbase that reminds me of Terra Venture from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy are what I love best about the Picard final season trailer.

The spirit of Data is an essential part of the magic that creates this special tng-vibe. Like Spock’s spirit is essential to the tos-feeling.
If that’s not back, tng will not be back.
Like tos wouldn’t work without Spock.

Perhaps. But I could see 7 of 9 fitting into the TNG crew in lieu of Data.


That’s all I’ve really been waiting for. This is the villain I wanted. I’ve always thought that Lore simply being disassembled ran contrary to the rights that Data earned. Lore should have had a trial or something. I’m THRILLED to be getting the TNG cast together again, but having Lore back is the icing on the cake. Can’t wait!

I was always a big fan of the Professor Moriarty storyline… so much so that PM has been my handle on the Trek BBS site for over 20 years ;) So you can imagine my utter astonishment to see the criminally underrated Daniel Davis reprising his role from *28 years ago* !!

Do not disappoint us, Star Trek Picard producers. STICK. THIS. LANDING.

What would be nice is if they can really push his villainy this time.

What would be nice is if they could make him a three-dimensional character, rather than a mustache twirler. They pulled this off very nicely in “Ship in a Bottle.”

(Picard:” I wonder, is [Countess Regina Bartholomew] involved in some illicit scheme of yours?”
Moriarity: “She is a woman of the utmost rectitude.” Picard: “you must love her very much.”)

Compare this textured writing to that of Nero “kill everything” in NuTrek.

Some of it looks exciting but I’m sort of annoyed by that mustache-twirling, revenge-seeking caricature of a Trek supervillain… I try to get the best out of it. Maybe it’s the last time we get such a villain and the next entry will commence with the exploration, awe and wonder :-)

BTW, you may be interested in discussion of the trailer by R. M. Burnett (who praises PIC S3, after not having liked S1 and S2, and T. Matalas) at
R.M.B. also discussed designs with T. Matalas and Doug Drexler in his Trek-day video. Five Vulcans of four recommend.

It says Amanda Plummer was in Pulp Fiction. I remember her now. If I am not mistaken she was the young woman with Tim Roth trying to rob the diner and she gets on the table and says “I’ll execute every one of you MF’ers.” Wow. Would never have recognized her. Of course Pulp Fiction came out almost 30 years ago. I can still recognize Tim Roth but not her.

Great trailer! But what a poor reveal of the Enterprise….just thrown into the trailer without any fanfare

Right? Especially after all the fanfare they gave the Titan-A. They should’ve just kept it secret instead of throwing it casually in there

Agreed. It was missing the Alexander Courage fanfare and slow tease.

Perhaps the crew summon Moriarty to pit him against Lore

That’s an interesting theory, but just because Moriarty was smart enough to beat Data does not necessarily mean he is crafty enough to beat Lore. Or doesn’t it?

Beating Data is really not that hard.

Loriarty :-)

I like that idea. Use a villain to defeat another villain trope. That works for me!