Get A First Look At “Ghost In The Machine,” Episode 17 Of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’

This week, we close in on the final episodes of the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy with the seventeenth episode. We have details and a couple of images.

“Ghost in the Machine”

Episode 17 of Prodigy is called “Ghost in the Machine” and was written by Chad Quandt and directed by Andrew L. Schmid. It debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, December 8.


When the crew gets trapped in the holodeck by a mysterious malfunction, they aren’t sure what’s programmed or what’s real.

New images:

Ella Purnell as Gwyn, Jason Mantzoukas as Jankom Pog, Brett Gray as Dal, Dee Bradley Baker as Murf and Rylee Alazraqui as Rok-Tahk

Kate Mulgrew as Janeway

NOTE: If more preview images are released ahead of the episode we will update the article.

New episodes of Prodigy debut on Thursdays exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and on Fridays in Latin America, Australia, U.K., Italy, and now in France as well.  The series will debut later this week in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the launch of Paramount Pus.

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Ahh the old “holodeck malfunction” episode. Is it 1990s again? Trek nation by in large got sick of those (including me)

But honestly ,its been so long that I don’t think I will actually mind this time around. .

Not me! Never tired of them! :)

Since Prodigy is introducing a new generation to Trek, the holodeck malfunction episode is de rigeur. I suspect that Waltke showed a lot of restraint in leaving this to the back half of season one.

Besides TAS gave us the very first of those with the Rec Room episode “The Practical Joker.”

Exactly! To be honest, I am a little surprised we are getting another holodeck episode since we already had one this season with Kobayashi (and a truly great one at that). But that’s also the benefit when you have a 20 episode season again. ;)

But these guys really seem to know what they are doing. They are showcasing all of Star Trek of course for new fans but it has the 90s vibe a lot of old fans love and wants a return to with these types of stories again. That reason alone is why I think this show and Lower Decks is getting so much praise in the fandom.

I wish it was 1990 again… As far as Trek is concerned, the good ol’ days are slowly returning :-)

There’s nothing wrong with the classics. Fun doesn’t have to die just because aging fans saw something similar two decades ago.

One thing some fans keep forgetting as well is that this is a show specifically designed for NEW fans and kids. It’s suppose to be introducing them to all the aliens, characters and types of stories many fans grew up with themselves when they first started watching Star Trek. Someone complained when they introduced the Borg on this show last month saying they were sick of the Borg forgetting for a 10 year who is watching Star Trek for the first time, this is a completely new species being introduced to them.

It’s not just for 40 year old fans, the point is to capture beginner’s imagination of this vast fantastic tapestry of this universe and it’s doing an amazing job at it too.

Oh, god, not another holodeck malfunction story. There are dozens of episodes with this same plot already.

If you’re 9 years old and PRO is your first foray into Star Trek, then you never seen those other episodes from 30 years ago. Again, that’s the target audience all said and done.

Star Trek is built on tropes.

Some on these posts are like “Sherlock and a detective story again? Really?”

Yeah that’s certainly true. And of course what every genre does obviously, especially science fiction. But that’s oddly why Star Trek is still so beloved because most fans like seeing certain tropes over and over again, as long as they do something fresh with it. I can’t get enough of time travel stories to this day while other fans complain they done it too much and tired of them.

And of course I get that too but there is a reason why they go to the well with certain stories, because they usually work. Ironically the best time travel story from these new shows came from Prodigy with Time Amok. That’s been my favorite so far. A Quality of Mercy was my second from SNW. Both did them in a way that was fun but fresh like the old shows did them.

I hope this episode will be a fun holodeck story!

I agree (and I, too, LOVE time travel stories in general)! Those that complain here, are wholly unimaginative… I mean, c’mon, haven’t the PRO writers proven by now that they know what they’re doing, and that they usually use a trope to both have fun with it AND move the overall narrative along?!

Like, maybe one of Chakotay’s crew used the buffers of the holodeck to hide in there (the titular “ghost” in the machine), and this is the episode where they find and free them, now that Okona has abandoned them?! As long as it moves the storyline forward through a fun little holo-adventure, I’ll be happy! 🖖😁

Just wait till those types find out who’s turning up in Picard season 3! (I just wish Stephanie Beacham’s character Countess Regina Bartholomew was at his side.)

I’m always up for a good ol’ holodeck malfunction episode. I never tire of them.


A holodeck malfunction story! Love those so much and happy we’re finally getting one again (although we did basically get one in LDS with Badgey and all ;)).

Can’t wait!

Holodeck malfunction episodes are always full of potential.

So long as they don’t go to Fair Haven, it’s all good by me.

R.I.P. Mr Saavik😔


Very sudden.
(Kirstie Alley has passed away.)

WOW! I didn’t even know she was that old. This is a gut punch. :(

The reports say she had been battling cancer. It’s never an easy death.

Rest in peace.

Yeah I had no idea.

I like the original series.

Me too! :)