Podcast: All Access Says Goodbye To ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 1… And Looks Ahead To Season 2

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[Review starts at 11:19]

Anthony and Laurie talk about the music clip from Star Trek: Picard season 3 posted by Terry Matalas, then dig into an actual scene from episode 1 of Jean-Luc getting a signal on his old Enterprise-D combadge that was shown on The Ready Room. They chat briefly about TrekMovie’s “best of 2022” categories and picks, and after a quick look back at part 1, they launch into their review of part of the Star Trek: Prodigy season 1 finale, “Supernova, Part 2.” Spoiler alert: They loved it. They wrap up the year with news about the new Nichelle Nichols Foundation and the gift of a Leonard Nimoy-themed fanzine yearbook from 1968.

Happy New Year!


Listen To A Clip Of The USS Titan Theme From Star Trek: Picard Season 3

Watch First Clip From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 – Jean-Luc Gets An Unexpected Call

The Best Of Star Trek 2022

The USS Enterprise-E Appears In ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Finale Battle

Interview: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Writers Talk Body Swaps, Janeways, And What’s Driving The Diviner

How Han Solo’s “I know” line was ad-libbed in Empire Strikes Back


Tony: Nichelle Nichols Foundation Launches To Continue Her Legacy Of Increasing Inclusivity In STEAM Education

Laurie: The Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans’ first yearbook: cover, letter from Leonard (page 1), letter from Leonard (page 2), “Information Please” column, letter from the club president

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I grew up watching DS9/Voyager. It was my first contact shows. I watched the other shows later in syndication. For the first time in modern trek, I feel like we got a true sequel to those shows. Prodigy is the star trek show I’ve been waiting for. Without getting bogged down in nostalgia, the show reveals the aftermath of endgame. It shows a Starfleet looking for new ways to travel. It showed us what happened to the Borg and we learned the universe is much smaller thanks to the Transwarp corridors. Starfleet now has Delta Quadrant aliens in its ranks.

What I truly loved is how the show set up Chapter 2 for Janeway. They honored her character, the person she was, rather than try to create a story like….her mom hung herself so she ran away. It was the Janeway I loved with a fresh new spin and new story, a real evolution of her character.

I’m calling it….best modern trek series. Thank you Hageman brothers for teaching future trek writers how to balance nostalgia and create new territory.

Also, best music score and best finale would be great categories.

Hang in there Terry! I’m excited and ready to see Picard get it right.

Hi KevinB. I agree with everything you just posted about Prodigy and Picard and Janeway. Well said!

Let’s be honest, most fans wanted a post-Voyager show once Enterprise went off the air. Many of us wanted a post-Voyager show after Voyager lol. It’s sad it took so long to happen but once it did, you can see how excited people are because as you said, many of us wanted to know what happened with the Borg after Janeway poisoned them or the shape of the universe after the Dominion war and so on. I didn’t mind stuff like the Kelvin movies, but it’s NOT the same as having shows in this era in the prime universe again (and probably why those movies have become DOA). Especially for millions of fans who grew up with these shows and those characters.

And yes, these new creators really get that, hence why we have so many of these shows now. Why Matalas is promising we’re getting a Dominion based story line in Picard third season and so on. Why McMahan put his show literally a year after Nemesis ended. They all want to explore this time period for a reason.

And I think how they have handled post-Voyager canon for Prodigy has been great. It’s not thrown in our faces, it’s all very subtle and we’re slowly getting these back stories from Voyager. It’s a big reason why I’m loving it as much as I am, besides just being a great show on its own.

And yes Janeway has been such a great character(s) on this show. I’m very happy she’s going to be an even bigger focus in season 2 and hopefully on a new Voyager and a few more Voyager characters too! I’m excited, especially how great first season ended up being. This is **my** era of Star Trek even though I been watching Trek since the late 70s. It’s just so much to mine here. And I think the Hageman brothers along with everyone else on that show will continue to do a great job of it.

It’s a great time to be a fan! :)

It is indeed a great time to be fan. As much as I love Janeway (and boy, do I), Prodigy’s biggest strength, in my opinion, is the kids. It’s not that it’s a Voyager sequel, it’s also that they created memorable, unique characters and have put them into situations that are brand-new with tinges of familiarity, and everything they do comes out of who they are and what they’ve learned. It’s what I was trying to say on the podcast: They could not have made these decisions in the first episode. I look forward to finding Chakotay but I’m probably more interested in the adventures they’re going to have along the way.

Agreed! They did a fantastic job giving us a post Voyager fix while introducing great new characters and adventures. I can’t wait to see where the kids take us next.

Very much agreed! I loved all the kids probably by the third episode. It’s great to see them developing the way they are. That’s why their journeys is fun to watch because it’s the first Star Trek show we are seeing the characters earn their way to becoming Starfleet officers. And Janeway (both of them) are helping to develop who they are makes it more interesting since we known her for so long. It’s the weirdest Starfleet academy show ever lol.

I hope we see live action versions of them like we are getting with the Lower Deck characters. I think it will happen sooner than later as well.

Happy New Year! I binge watched all of Prodigy and was reminded of Ani and David. Did they stick with the show or share any final thoughts about the season with Tony?

Laurie! You are so welcome for the LNNAF Yearbook. So sweet of YOU to feature it on the podcast and say such nice things. I enjoyed my years in this club and in other early Star Trek endeavors. I’m grateful that the Trek fans of subsequent generations can see the value and uniqueness of those early efforts to celebrate all that Star Trek was ….and still is!