The Shuttle Pod Crew Reacts To The Final ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Trailer

The Shuttle Pod crew gathered to go over the final trailer for Season Three of Star Trek: Picard that was released Sunday evening. Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt talk about their hopes, questions, and concerns for the upcoming season, which is billed as a “proper send-off” for The Next Generation crew.

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Great podcast as always. Thanks!

Good vibes.

Here’s hoping…

Great to have you back and also to hear your views. Fingers crossed we get the finale to TNG that the cast and crew so richly deserve.

Shuttle Pod Crew,

Thanks for doing the podcast. Since All Access is on break, you have successfully filled the void.

What did you think about the lighting? I had a hard time seeing some of the scenes in the trailer because they looked dark.

Definitely too dark. Supposedly not all of this new season is so darkly lit.

I hope not. I’m excited though. The trailer was terrific.

“He’s got a British accent so he must be French.”

hahahaha. That line didn’t get enough attention.

I am glad to hear you guys as positive as you sounded here on the podcast. I was disappointed by this latest trailer, but I am hoping it is all the dark/actiony bit for a trailer and doesn’t represent the actual full approach of the season. When I hear Robert Meyer Burnett talk about it, or others like this podcast talk about their faith in Matalas, it gives me hope.

Loved the podcast. It made my evening to find it posted. I’m glad the trailer didn’t give away any more of the story for this season.

My biggest concern was the “those were the days” line. But the more I watched the trailer it seems like it was edited to make it seem like that was Picard’s response about blowing things up and crashing the ship.

So hopefully the season is great and we’ll get to hear y’all talk about it a few more times. 🖖

Great podcast! “Those were the days,” for me, were those moments when Data and Geordi were down in engineering, recalibrating a phaser to emit a pulse with a 0.2 variance. Data would inquire about some human idiosyncracy, and Geordi would try to explain it, only to be interrupted by a command for senior staff to report to the ready room. That was the Star Trek I enjoyed. Those days are long gone.

All of those episodes are still there.

If only the makers of Picard knew that.


Yeah, I agree a lot. I wish I could be excited by this swan song for TNG but I can’t bring myself to watch Picard season 2 because I know it’s trash from everyone whose opinion matters to me. I can’t watch Disco, I think Lower Decks is silly, I don’t have an interest in Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds just makes me want to watch TOS. I wish modern Trek wasn’t such a pale imitation. I like that it dares to try new things in certain cases, but the writing never reaches the level of quality the stories and fans deserve. But as no less than 3 other commenters have said above – here’s hoping. All we have left is hope. When did that become the state of our franchise? What happened to confidently and boldly going?