Watch The Return Of Geordi La Forge In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 306 Clip

The sixth episode of Star Trek: Picard season three (titled “The Bounty”) arrives on Thursday on Paramount+ on Thursday. If you can’t wait, we have a clip and web promo to keep you going.

Geordi’s back… and he isn’t happy

The new clip (via ET) features TNG star LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) reuniting with his TNG co-stars Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), and Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher).

Here is the official synopsis:

Now on the run, Picard and the skeleton crew of the U.S.S. Titan must break into Starfleet’s most top-secret facility to expose a plot that could destroy the Federation. Picard must turn to the only soul in the galaxy who can help – an old friend.

More video from “The Bounty”

Paramount+ has also released a promo video for the episode on social media…

And if you want even more, another clip was shown at the end of the Ready Room (at 32:47):

“The Bounty” hype

Some of the Picard team have been hyping the “The Bounty” on Twitter, including episode writer Christopher Monfette and showrunner Terry Matalas.

Also chiming in is composer Stephan Barton.

La Forges on Ready Room and The View on Thursday

Tomorrow’s episode of The Ready Room will feature an interview with Wil Wheaton talking to LeVar Burton along with daughter Mica Burton (who plays Allandra La Forge) and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (Sindey La Forge). LeVar and Mica will also appear on The View, hosted by TNG guest star Whoopi Goldberg.

“The Bounty” debuts on Thursday, March 23 on Paramount+.

The third and final season of Picard premiered on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., and Latin America, and on February 17 Paramount+ in Europe and elsewhere, with new episodes of the 10-episode-long season available to stream weekly. It also debuted on Friday, Feb. 17 internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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When he comes aboard and is informed that Ro is dead, I want him to ask, “Should we flood the ship with anyon particles or is she for real dead?”

Ha yes… unfortunately this time, the particles would have no effect.

LOL!!! Good one!


Hi Geordi, Ro’s dead.

Crap! <starts walking into walls>

…what are you doing LaForge?

Just checking…

In case if some Hardcore’s was wondering why they did not fall trough the floor or such at that time. I have an simply easy solution, they where phase shifted so they where invisible, but Artificial Gravity still affected their Human Body Atoms so. That’s why Gravity still was working on them

You know Gravity and Black Holes are brothers, just the later is Big Chad like :)
So the flaw this new Cloak had was already on screen. It’s Gravity

Uuuh… 5 seconds in, the Starship on the lower right corner of the screen, below the Akira????
Oh my.! :O

I saw it too!!!

Kind of puts a slight middle finger to a certain visual reboot new Trek show. 🤣😂

I don’t think it’s meant as a front. For one they somehow implied that the one eventually becomes the other. And for another there is yet another ship above the akira which kiiinda looks like from that certain new show. So we will see.

Yeah, I wouldn’t view it as an affront to SNW at all (Matalas is clearly just paying homage) If anything, it’s a middle finger to naysayers and nitpickers to stop taking it all so seriously.

Though it is interesting to think that the Pike-prise could be refitted to become the classic Jeffries model.

Yeah, I think so too. Its a hommage to the classics, just as the whole show is. As a nitpicker (but not naysayer) myself, I don’t think its a middle finger to me. While I don’t think the SNW Enterprise would fit into that 288m long TOS vessel, I can gladly live with that inconsistency.

No, what I mean is, a jab at people who hate SNW for the inconsistent visuals. Like, using the SNW model sometimes, the TOS model others — it’s basically a tongue-in-cheek way of saying to people (who refuse to accept SNW because it looks different)… “stop taking this so darn seriously, it’s just a TV show and we’re just having fun.”

It may just be that the Pike-Prise is the second refit of the Constitution. We saw in S1 of Picard the SNW version of the Enterprise as a hologram in SF HQ

Granted there’s always been some issues with visual continuity, but its clear the SNW/PikePrise is what the Enterprise was supposed to look like at tha time.

Or, as I suspect is the case, both the original Jeffries and the SNW redesign are the same ship, and will continue to be shown interchangeably, based on how the showrunner feels about it.

I’m hoping the LDS crossover makes a meta joke about it.

Can we all just agree that FX were more primitive back in the 1960s — SIXTY years ago — and leave it at that? There is no need to explain Klingon ridges, sleeker ships, styrofoam rocks, etc.

Totally agreed. I wish they’d just pretend the original Connie was now the SNW version. But even producers have nostalgia for it, it seems, and can’t let go.

Agree 1000%

That doesn’t explain why the outer space and spaceship VFX on the current batch of shows is so horrific. I’d much prefer visible matte lines, if the ships actually looked sharp and objects in space had the kind of hard-edged clarity that is at least in the ballpark for how stuff actually looks, as opposed to all this gauzy space seen through dirty portholes.

This does have a precedent, kind of. VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA had great undersea ship miniature effects, but 30 years later SEAQUEST comes along and every time they showed an exterior of the sub it suddenly looked like SPACE GHOST it was so awful.

The CG on VOY and ENT was a big step back too, but the whole aesthetic of space is corrupt on these new live-action series.

And to refute the other aspect of your post, while many of the techniques used in 68’s 2001 were mostly traditional and somewhat primitive or at least long-established, the quality was and remains stunning.

I hope we get a better look at the ships in the episode because now the ship just below the space dock doors looks very familiar too.

The Stargazer perhaps? We know from the end credits that the Defiant, Enterprise A and Excelsior are there. The A is visible by the Akira and Constitution. Season 2 told us that the Enterprise D Primary hull is also there. To the left in that shot is the HMS Bounty and a Romulan BoP.

It looks like the Stargazer to me too

I agree for the most part, but those Trek shorts did commit the the crime of putting Kirk, Spock and McCoy and a classic episode on the discoprise like that’s the TOS ship itself. I just find it funny. Now, if you have a discoprise and TOS constitution in this episode..that’s something to think about.

What’s the Akira?

Akira class…the one that looks like a 24th century NX-01….was in First Contact and episodes of DS9.

Akira class starship, you can see it from behind in the background of the museum shot, above the TOS Connie

I almost with they didn’t. She deserves better than to be looped in with those other ships.

Oh my… I am in Canada, someone post a screen shot of that Connie?!?
How great to have it where the newer era ships are all hijacked electronically/AI and the TOS movie era and the Connie have to be used to take them out with innovative tactics…

I see it too.

Hoo boy.

This will totally not set the fanboys off.

Geordi looks great!! And very imposing. I’m super excited to get deeper into this part of the story. It’s going to be a late night for me. At least I’m on California time.

Between Mandolorian and Bad Batch dropping at 12am PT on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and now this at 12am PT on Wednesday night/Thursday’s been a long few weeks of long nights in the middle of the week for me

Glad I’m not alone here.

For me it’s 3:00 AM…

I hope I’m wrong, but I have a bad feeling about this one…..

I’m curious, because I have predictions on how fans will feel. What are your concerns?

This season has been fan service, but it’s played out fairly well dramatically. The faux pas’ have been easy to overlook. If this ends up being the homage to techno-bulls**t episode, suspending disbelief could be quite the heavy lift here….

You mean technobabble? Just because Geordi is involved?

Could be Chief O’Brian, technobabble ended up being deux ex machina filler for plenty of wobbler TNG episode. It’ll be a bad look for the episode if our heroes stop in just to fill up on some techno bulls**t

Well, it didn’t happen so this is just one more instance of a fan inventing something to be angry about.

I wouldn’t mind hearing Geordi say “phase inducers” or “warp plasma relays” just for old times’ sake.

There’s gotta be a starboard power coupling somewhere on that station

Some of us love the technobabble scenes because they are usually true to how science and engineering gets done even if the word and concepts are utter fiction.

TNG and Voyager always completely owned the process of problem solving through collaboration.

I need Picard to stop talking about it and do it. So far we’ve just seen Riker, Shaw and Seven actually delivering.

This show is aware of its past while taking characters in new directions. It is not fan service. It is Star Trek.

And…BOOM! That nails it.

Yeah, they played their Fan Service Cards so good that some little faux pas, as you wrote, is okay. Like how Shawn known the nearly eradicated entire Mankind Turbolift line and the Earring from Kira

“Tonight several Starfleet legends return…” For those that have seen this it is certainly an understatement😉. I’m very much looking forward to episodes 7 to 10.

I’m going to hazard a guess and say the several legends are of the duranium blend type and not the flesh and blood sort.

My guess is a longful sweeping pass by the Excelsior, E-A, Defiant and the TOS Connie

close… but the NX-01 refit was there too.

I want to love it, but this scene is all a little cringey.

Because there were humans showing emotions? I’m not getting it.

Because of the writing, performances, and editing.

They can’t all be Code of Honor I guess…. <eye roll>

…all of which are solid.

Awkward and badly written

Based on this clip and the photos released, it looks like the Titan must drop Riker, Worf, and Raffi off at Daystrom Station before going to see Geordi.

They needed to bail to go snag a cloaking device is my guess.

All the feels!

Have to admit the hug between Geordi and Bev worked for me. Hey, want to escape a decompressed cargo bay for old time’s sake?

*Casually turns into a neon glow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for the feels*

Soon as Geordi was done with his hugs, he went straight to the holodeck for some Leah Brahms time

When you touch my engines…..

Man, Gates McFadden thought she had some s**tty dialouge.

I have a feeling he doesn’t need to. He has the real thing.

I’ve noticed they’ve been putting a bunch of TOS sound effects in this new season. No idea why.


Original sound designers not still around to bitch about it.

Because they rock and are memorable?!!?!?
Works for me.

Matalas is a huge TOS movie era buff.

Given today’s episode, I think it’s because Shatner is going to be in the final episodes.

If anything it’ll be Paul Wesley. Shatner recently came out and called modern Star Trek garbage, so i’m not sure they’d want him back.

Nostalgiabait, the whole point of season 3.

Not watching the clip until I see the show, but I do have to ask why they have so many uniform variants now. There’s the standard uniform; Riker’s version; Ro’s version; Geordi’s version; and the leather jackets.

Riker also retroactively got a new version of the TNG movie uniform.

Seems like TMP redux. :)

Well Geordi is above the rank of Captain so that has always been the case. And both Kirk and Picard had alternate uniforms in TOS and TNG respectively as Captain.

Hopefully it’s better than last weeks. I was in the show until I was taken out last week.


If you love fan service, you’ll be damn near orgasmic. If you hate it, it’s time to gouge out your eyes.

On the full screen version of the episode trailer, About 15 seconds in shows exactly what they are looking for at Daystrom. Didn’t catch it at first. Plain as day.

It will be interesting to see what they need that for. Good catch.

what was it

It was…
The Data/Lore/B4 synth body which turned out to be what was holding the station manifest they needed. He was right there in the episode preview. Well, the version of the preview on the Star Trek website.

Just done watching. Too many fanboy and geek moments. And a bit of dodgy writing. But overall, I LOVED IT!

My prediction when I first saw this one is that it would be a make-or-break episode. Not just because it’s past the halfway point… fans still on the fence will either be all-in now, or totally checked out.

Been dying to talk about it too because I have many thoughts, and because I haven’t seen 7-10, I am also free to speculate openly.

My fear: are they going to have Worf captaining the Defiant, Seven on Voyager, and Picard on the E-D in the finale? Will they clone Kirk and put him on the bridge of the A, and form a Star Trek All-Star Armada to defeat the NuDominion?

It sounds too silly to be true, and Matalas proven that he’s better than that so far, but boy…it really feels like it’s headed that way after this episode.

I wondered that myself. I really hope not. Yet at the same time, I really hope so.

Well, they did just cast a new Kirk… and Matalas did say his goal this season was to “correct the mistakes of the TNG films” and Kirk’s death is often seen as one of the biggest…

One of my headmates (prefer that term over alters or personalities) has a whole lot of thoughts that he’s super hesitant to share because he’s not sure if he’d be accepted or believed or anything. (You’ve talked to him before I believe and I think he’s talked here too, he’s the one that adores Weyoun.) His thoughts are kinda overwhelming all of the rest of us but I think one thing I can say is that part of him hopes for the overdone new Trek trope of a fleet showing up to save the day at just the right moment but instead of it being only the ships at the museum, he’s hoping for either Garak and the Cardassians or someone representing Odo and the rest of his side of the Dominion.

This episode is simply amazing.

Curious: are you someone who genuinely likes fan service? My prediction was that anyone who doesn’t like that sort of thing would hate this one.

I’m indifferent to it. If the story is good, and if the fan service isn’t distracting, I don’t care about it. For example, the scene on the bridge — while egregious fan service — does lead to a nice character beat with Seven.

I don’t mind a bit of subtle fanservice. Unfortunately Season 3’s fanservice has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Awful. But fans ignore the terrible writing and cheap nostalgiabait, so sad.

We agree, but for different reasons.