‘Picard’ Stars Back “Star Trek: Legacy” Spin-Off Idea

The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard has moved into its second half today with the release of episode 6 and you can already see the seeds of a potential spin-off series forming. And some of the actors on the show are talking more about this possibility, with the showrunner confirming what he would call this new show.

La Forge family is ready for spin-off

LeVar Burton made his first appearance on Star Trek: Picard in the episode that dropped today on Paramount+. To promote the show, the actor went on The View with his daughter Mica (Alandra La Forge). Host (and TNG veteran) Whoopi Goldberg brought up how fans are calling for a Picard spinoff series that would include legacy characters like Geordi La Forge along with new characters like Alandra and Sidney. The Burtons were supportive of the idea, saying they were “down” for a spin-off. Burton summarized:

What the writers have done is they have really set it up well. You have got the next generation of The Next Generation. The La Forge sisters, one’s an engineer, the other’s a pilot. We’ve got Jack Crusher, Seven of Nine. It makes a whole lot of sense.

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge and Mica Burton as Ensign Alandra La Forge in “The Bounty”

TrekMovie posted a clip of this on Twitter:

Matalas talks “Star Trek: Legacy”

Showrunner Terry Matalas shared the above clip with the simple message “Whoa.” Yesterday, TrekMovie shared a tweet from veteran Trek designer Mike Okuda (who returned to the franchise for Picard) responding to a fan about the chances for a spin-off. Okuda noted Paramount+ will pay attention to people who subscribe and watch Picard.

A follow-up tweet from TrekMovie also used the hashtag #StarTrekLegacy, a term mentioned before by Matalas, who responded by confirming that his pitch for a spin-off would be titled “Star Trek: Legacy.”

Jeri Ryan is on board… shares petition

TrekMovie’s tweets about “Star Trek: Legacy” were also shared by LeVar Burton and Jeri Ryan. The Seven of Nine actress also shared a new petition calling for “Star Trek: Legacy” which already has over 10,000 votes. The petition comes from the Popcast guys on YouTube.

In 2019, a similar petition started brewing during the second season of Star Trek: Discovery calling for a new show featuring Captain Pike, Spock, and Number One on the USS Enterprise. By the season 2 finale, that petition had around 11,000 signatures and gotten the notice of Anson Mount. Eventually, the petition garnered over 30,000 votes which may have been one of the factors behind Paramount+ announcing Star Trek: Strange New Worlds in 2021.

Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “Imposters”

Captain Seven… with Admiral Riker too

Any new show would likely be led by Ryan, possibly as Captain of the Titan or another Starfleet ship. While he hasn’t jumped on this latest Twitter thread, actor/director Jonathan Frakes has made it clear he wants to be involved in a spin-off. In an interview with TrekMovie last year, he said he has often talked to Matalas about the idea, with hopes to both appear in the series as Riker as well as work as a director and possibly even executive producer. Earlier this year he sort of outlined how he saw the show (in Emmy Magazine), with Jeri Ryan as the lead:

Frakes imagines a ship where the characters of Picard would serve together (and with the family ties, there would be ample room for more legacy appearances): Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine as the captain, Michelle Hurd’s Raffi as first officer, Jack Crusher on the bridge, Geordi’s daughter Sydney “Crash” La Forge at the helm and Riker and Troi’s daughter Kestra graduating from Starfleet Academy.

“I could be like Charlie in Charlie’s Angels, the admiral they check in with,” Frakes suggests.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, Patrick Stewart as Picard, Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher and Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker in “The Bounty”

Waiting for Star Trek: Legacy

With the streaming pivoting to a new focus on profits and cost-cutting, it’s not likely that Paramount+ will be looking to release 5 seasons of Star Trek every year as they did in 2022. As of now, there is no live-action Star Trek officially announced for the streaming service beyond the fifth and final season of Discovery, which has moved to early 2024.

Paramount+ is expected to announce it is moving forward on a third season of Strange New Worlds soon. That announcement could be coming on April 5th, First Contact Day. It’s possible they could also reveal plans for the Academy series and/or Section 31/Michelle Yeoh projects that have both been in development for a long time. It’s unlikely Paramount+ would make any announcements regarding a Picard spinoff (aka Star Trek: Legacy) any time soon. Matalas and season 3 actors have made it clear there isn’t currently work being done on a spin-off. Any news about a follow-up to Picard would likely come well after the season wraps up and the network can assess how it performed, however fan support for the idea can only help push them along.

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Sidney La Forge and Ed Speleers as Jack Crusher in “The Bounty”

Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean and South Korea. It also streams internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com

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If it is done like PIC S3 where it is like a TOS movie era / DS9 type story/ship/frontier, sure. The TNG characters were fine, it always was the environment that dulled it down.
But they really have to fix the Titan bridge. It’s no where near as visually appealing as the SNW bridge with all the graphics and crew behind the Captain vs. people sitting in chairs in front of a board room.
That being said, TPTB can pretty much accomplish that with SNW. Eventually end up with Saavik, etc.
And you are stuck with the upcoming Burn….
What if you took the Titan and purposely send it far away (another galaxy) where you can then basically do a ENT reboot but on a colonization mission. You get the TNG crew, movie era ships and the TOS final frontier to discover and you escape the Burn to come.
Oh and have the Borg-AI-Control-Dominion alliance hunting them down. Or maybe you reverse it, you find out they’ve sent ships to X and the Titan has to go stop them from destroying all the races in that region.

They’re not really stuck with the burn doing a spin off in the 25th century as that’s a few hundred years off

Agreed. No matter what happens now any show prior to the 32nd century is now a prequel of sorts to Discovery. And we have to deal with the fact that no matter what threat our heroes get us out of one day the federation will burn so who even cares?

I think the Burn will end up being ignored (because it was really cringey what caused it) or they may take advantage of the Short Trek – “Calypso” and establish that Discovery went to an alternate future timeline and seasons 3-5 take place there. The ship in Calypso could be in the future Prime timeline and a miniseries can explore that story some more.

They’ll probably either not mention or retcon the hell out of Disco it is a cancelled series. Do they ever mention Enterprise beyond an easter egg here or there nope. Because it was a failed series. I also expect the Spore drive will be memory holed.

Enterprise is acknowledged. The name Archer comes up pretty often.

But it is clear that SNW and Picard Season 3 is erasing Disco and Picard seasons 1 and 2.
From the clear statement “Forget all that weird S### with the Stargazer” to a totally new look on Pike’s show from Disco. When Klingons return in SNW, guarantee that they are either TOS or TNG style Klingons and not Disco.

I know a lot of fans are always “Star Trek is about the future, must go forward” – doing so you either need to leave the existing environment of the Federation or do the show post Discovery.
But I also think those fans are wrong as long as you ensure the environment is exciting with space unexplored, things to learn and dangerous enemies (something TNG usually got wrong).
I am a huge TOS fan, id love a movie era series (PIC S3 to me rocks because it feels like a TOS movie era minus that horrid bridge on the Titan; this is what I wish TNG was in the first place but with Saavik and David Marcus on board) as it still felt one starship could make a difference and it wasn’t 1000 ships and humanity has nothing to learn.
Either way happy we have the awesome SNW, (complete with cool bridge), cool starship and you can transition into the movie era.
Ironically where you are really exploring the final frontier is ENT done post WW3 with Zephram Cochrane’s SpaceX type group trying to rebuild Earth while colonizing the solar system and the local stars with primitive ships having no clue what your doing. Can you still do it pre ENT, I think so!

They are definitely wrong. “Moving forward” is about the spirit and soul, and exploration of humanity as a species, not a year it takes place in.

Agreed but I urge caution on going too far in the future. If Trek is really about the spirit and soul and exploration of humanity as a species than the more into the future you go the less relatable, more us preaching versus learning, should be more peaceful, more dependable tech. This was ironically put into the Star Trek Writers Guide where it notes the year doesn’t matter but it’s close enough to our time that while FTL can be done, the people are still relatable and challenges still exist.
A good idea someone brought up below – the time/temporal wars alluded to by ENT and DIS. Use all the canon violations to your advantage, questions over what is the correct timeline, who can do what, etc.
I personally hate time travel because why the heck don’t you go back and save everyone but you can use that absurdity to your writing advantage and go nuts. No reason a PIC spin off couldn’t be fought by those characters.. (haha and the clone of JTK! Also Saavik should still be alive no? And if not, bring one of their multiverse versions in haha).

No but necessary, because I agree. At least, with your first half. I like time travel because it forces the characters to address more directly the strides they’ve made from humanity’s past — or in some cases, the stride’s they haven’t made.

They really have to come up with some kind of story about why the Klingons change looks … and it has to be clever. I liked the way they started to do it in Enterprise – the idea of an Augments virus

Agreed! It was as if Discovery just forgot about that explanation. I like the way Enterprise explained it too, neat tie-in with Kahn, etc.

No, they do not have to explain anything, and I hope they don’t. Just as it was a bad idea to explain them on Enterprise, it would be a bad idea to do it here. Just accept it as new makeup decision that didn’t work out and move on.

Absolutely agree! I personally believe retconning to “explain” what are simply advances in makeup/FX technology is totally unnecessary. Take the notion to an ridiculous extreme: do we have to justify within canon why Spock looks like Ethan Peck in one show and like Leonard Nimoy in another? Do the producers have to invent a subplot about the character getting plastic surgery at some point? Of course not! We all accept that it’s the same character.

Agreed, plus the New Jersey looked like the ships did in the original series, not the way they did in Picard season one.

They should really blow the minds of the fanbase and include the USS New Jersey in an episode of SNW.

Yes, that would be cool! I’ve been wondering if their intention as SNW goes along is to make subtle changes to the Enterprise so that by the end of the series it’s more in line with what we’ve seen before…

What a ludicrous comment.

No one is “erasing” Discovery or any other series. I love Discovery, so I think your idea sucks!

“Failed series” that got five seasons. Some of the best and most popular shows in recent years haven’t been as successful.

Not saying it was a wild, pop culture smash, but it definitely wasn’t a failure, and your righteously indignant insistence that it was won’t change that.

^THIS! Five years and multiple spinoffs is not a failure.

Where is Wesley ?!

It’s a shame Icheb was so ingloriously killed off, because he was Seven’s “legacy.”

Like Kirk, his corpse is probably in the Daystrom deep freeze, right next to Genesis. “There are always possibilities”, Spock said…and if Genesis is indeed life from death…we must return to that place again.

True but if there’s a spinoff , good chance we see Naomi Wildman .7 had a stronger connection with her in my opinion. Matalas already said he wanted her featured in season 3 of Picard . So good chance we would see her in a spinoff

If so, they’d have to recast Naomi. Scarlett Pomers (who, by the way, grew up to be a hottie) left acting 10 years ago to become a photographer and jewelry designer. She wants little more to do with Hollywood.

I imagine part of the reason she gave up Hollywood was because of people saying things like she “grew up to be a hottie.”

Oh that would be awesome. But if we do get Naomi I hope she still is her sweet self and wasn’t hardened by life in some way like pretty much everyone else.

I’d love to see Tom Paris too and get Robert Duncan McNeill more involved with the show as director/producer too

True, but he was such a dull and badly acted character.

Lorna Dune, the key issue is that Icheb successfully attracted and held the interest of the preteen audience he was targeted at.

A horrible death actually reduced his value to the library without significantly adding value on the other side of the equation. If franchise IP management is about maximizing the value of the library as well as getting subscribers and views, killing him off was bad IP management.

I am basing this on the reaction of our kids. They seem to be pretty representative of how Voyager became the most loved classic Trek show on streaming.

They loved Janeway, but the dynamic between Seven and Icheb was important to them.

All of them are teens now, but the way Icheb was tortured to death has significantly put them off and reduced their willingness to rewatch Voyager.

One has, as I have mentioned before, refuses to watch any new live action Trek until a season is over just because they don’t want to see that kind of gratuitous legacy character death again.

Loved that scene, loved that they did it, it was Star Trek at its finest.

He was worthless. That why he got caught.

I agree and that’s a good way to look at it. I wasn’t a fan of the death or the amount of gore they used in that scene, too.

Make it so.

Six episodes in, I’m leaning towards ‘Make it no’…

I agree. On balance, I’ve enjoyed season three immensely, although “The Bounty” much less than the fjrst half of the seasons. But it doesn’t follow that we need every character in a sequel. Things need to be kept fresh, and keeping the bulk of the crew as new characters is the only real way to do that.

Even BETTER CALL SAUL, with legacy characters like Mike and Gus and Saul himself, succeeded because of new characters like Kim Wexler and Lalo. And that one was a direct prequel.

As a TNG reunion season, I can accept a certain level of fan service. Bounty was a little overboard, but the first 5 were so good, what the heck they earned it. That said, I don’t want a spin-off to be all about legacy characters.

If we get a spin-off, my ideal would be Seven as first officer, and the only legacy character as a series regular. Other legacy characters could be guest stars if necessary, but not on a regular basis.

Strange New Worlds works for me because unlike most, I don’t have much of an attachment to TOS, so the way I view it, Spock is really the only holdover (Uhura, Chapel, and anyone else really feel like new characters to me).

But it’s also why i’m still mad they killed off Hemmer, he was such a great NEW character.

“I could be like Charlie in Charlie’s Angels, the admiral they check in with,” Frakes suggests.

He’s fantastic.

Yes, the Actors that want to go on can become some sort of mentor for the New cast. But they also should be aware that they are the “Stepping stones” for them. Perhaps in some Future episodes they could had an appearance from Flashbacks. But the Main cast are the New ones. There is only an One Way for them

Star Trek Legacy was also the name of a videogame.

Yep. It explored the origins of the Borg.

Kirk fought a sphere!

Here are shows I’d like to see:

* following people traveling in space in a profession other than Starfleet: artists, actors, musicians, journalists, politicians, doctors, etc.
* a show similar to TNG’s “First Contact,” in which a planet learns about the existence of aliens and that the UFP exists.
* a show that takes place in the 2160s, as the UFP is just being formed, the people forming the government hire historian(s) to consult on the project, which allows that story to parallel with the unification of Earth after First Contact, in both timelines, we see the effects of the decisions made by the new government on the general public. ENT or First Contact characters could be in it.
* an Earth-based series at any point in Trek history.
* a show set on a colony.
* West Wing: Rom

I’d also be interested in spinoffs such as:

* Rios, Teresa, and Ricardo fighting for medical equality in the 2020s.
* Jurati’s adventures over the course of the 400 years where she crafts her own version of the Borg collective while staying out of history’s way, waiting to emerge and reintegrate with the rest of the galaxy.
* Raffi, Seven, Worf, and Elnor on La Sirena, working for the Fenris Rangers, similar to the fanfilm series Star Trek: Aurora.
* a show about Book’s relief efforts after the DMA attacks.
* a show or miniseries that ties up the loose ends from “Calypso.” My theory is that the Discovery’s jump duplicated the ship, and that copy has been dormant and adrift up until the time when our Discovery emerged.

The think I thought could actually work is a late 21st century series with Lily Sloane (Alfre Woodard’s character in First Contact). It would chronicle the hitherto waved over period where humanity climbs out of WW3 towards the United Earth we see a few decades later in Enterprise. Sloane would of course know something of what was to come from her encounter with Picard and the Enterprise crew.

I like this. You set it Montana where Lily and Zephram Cochrane have a ragtag SpaceX type organization trying to get humanity to work together. They are then given a UESPA representative to manage first contact with the Vulcans and initial colonization of the solar system. Some of the drama is that UESPA is pre a real united Earth that the “oversight” is suspect. You can have colonization of the solar system missions, deal with the first contact with the Vulcans.
I’d have it where you have some Vegan Tyranny craft is still destroying all the civilizations around us and the humans decide to rescue a Vulcan science ship (this could end up the XCV-Enterprise). You can have Cochrane do the First Contact with a matriarchial society on Alpha Centauri and he ends up moving there, setting up an embassy. You can even have the Kzinti?
Allows you do a proper ENT reboot without having to reboot ENT.

Dang, that’s a cool idea, especially the Kzinti. Always loved them in that animated series episode.

If there are any PTB on here, I’d love to pitch a pilot script! lol
When testing warp outside the solar system the Phoenix receives a distress signal from a Vulcan science ship captured by a remaining Tyranny artifact. Returning to Montana Cochrane informs the Vulcan embassy only to be surprised that they have no plans to rescue the ship, such a mission being considered illogical given the comm signal is at least two weeks old and engaging a Vegan Tyranny risks bringing back the force that once destroyed all major races in the quadrant. The newly assigned United Earth oversight has been told all efforts in Montana should be focused on securing resources and allies to rebuild Earth. Hearing the distress signal again the team decide however to mount a rescue mission anyway.

WOW! Have you ever tried righting a full blown script from one of your stories?

Oh thanks. My friend is actually a producer of films, my understanding is it is near impossible to get your script anywhere unsolicited.
I did write outlines as an example of how ENT should have been done and portions of a script to show how you try to seamlessly blend in tech limitations. I could put it online and even finish them as pre-ENT if you’d be interested in reading them?

I would, yes, I’m intrigued by what you’ve already outlined! I remember when TNG was on the air it was one of the few series back then that would accept unsolicited scripts. Shame they don’t do that anymore…

The biggest change I would have made to ENT was to make the crew space Boomers for UESPA, rather than Starfleet. That way, a lot of their naivete would be more understandable. I would have the MACOs in season three, and UESPA merging with them to form Starfleet after the war.

I always wanted to see a Trek series where the pilot episode was about a group of survivors in the aftermath of WW3 struggling for survival, where the pilot episode ends with news that first contact with the Vulcans was made. The rest of the series explores all that.

I think there is potential for an archaeologist series, I was actually hoping in the very beginning that Picard was going to be based on a new career in archaeology as that was always his second passion after Starfleet.

As for a 2160s series or slightly afterwards would be a great opportunity for a diplomatic based series on trying to recruit new members to the Federation and working out how it all functions together.

I don’t think there is any audience for an archeologist or Indiana Jones type show right now generally, let alone a franchise one.

What there is though is a significant market for espionage shows of all kinds.

An S31, show does make sense in this environment, and the odd archeological caper could fit in that, but not as a show on its own.

That would be cool and they kind of showed a bit of what that could look like in Lower Decks last season. Archaeology has had a place in Trek going back to the original series.

<i>West Wing: Rom</i>

Boggle. Just what does Sorkin’s masterwork have in common with Rom?

I guess he means political intrigue with Rom being in charge of Ferenginar.

It has been 24 years. Ferenginar is now a member of the Federation and Rom has been elected the Federation President.

I usually hate making lists of “what spinoffs I want to see” or even anything I want to see, because at the end of the day, it’s only setting myself up for disappointment because they’re not listening to ME.

That said, there are some interesting ideas here, particularly because they’re not the most obvious, which I appreciate.

These are just springboards for ideas, and as you said, it’s precisely because they’re not obvious ideas that I want to put them out there, to say we can really expand the idea of what a Trek series can and should be. While I would LOVE for any of these specific ideas to get implemented, I’m more interested in seeing ideas as different from past Trek shows as these ideas are.

You and I are simpatico.

Cool ideas! I especially like the Fenris Rangers series. I’ve been a fan of Michelle Hurd all the way back to Law&Order and the Glades and her chemistry with Michael Dorn as Worf has been awesome!

The Romulan War. Could be additional seasons of ENT, or if can’t get the old crew together, told from the point of view of a new ship and crew.

I’ve thrown out this idea before, but I’ll do it again: Route 66 in space.

I signed a petition once on change.org. Never again.
Unless, of course, you like mountains of emails from every fruit loop petition drive under the sun. Then, sign away….

Change.org petitions are almost useless. All they do is get you spammed.

Also this particular petition is run by a bad group of people. I’d stay well clear of them, their intentions are rarely noble.

Trek is Trek….

The actors and the showrunner want to do a follow-on series. What shocking and astounding news…No one saw was this coming…Next thing we know, they’re going to tell us that water is actually H2O…lol

I much prefer the title Star Trek Legacies rather then Legacy but that is just me.

While i know others like the character i don’t like Shaw i don’t find him a good Captain or a good Starfleet officer but if he is in a potential spin-off i hope they write him better then he is in Picard S3.

I would love to see 7 as the captain of a spin-off and i hope if they do a show that it’s closer to Picard or Discovery in terms of Storytelling.
I mean we already have an episodic series in SNW and imo there is no need to have all future Trek shows as episodic as there is room for both episodic and serialized stories.

Picard and Discovery have shown that Star Trek can do fantastic serialized stories. To me Discovery S4 is the perfect example of one of the best told Stories in Trek especially the season final episode ‘Coming Home’ which was pure classic Trek storytelling.

Picard S3 is also a great example of bringing older Trek characters into a more modern Trek storytelling style.

Regardless of how a potential spin-off show/any future Trek is made or written i look forward to seeing what Star Trek Universe boss Alex Kurtzman and his individual show runners (Terry Matalas, Kevin & Dan Hageman, Mike McMahan, Akiva Goldsman & Henry Alonso Myers and i hope Michelle Paradise sticks around as show runner for another show) have in store for us.


I get concerned with Akiva. Picard Season 1 and 2 was his, and it was a mess. If his role is increased and Henry Alonso Myers decreased in SNW season 2 and 3, it is cause for concern.

Has there been any indication that this is the case or did you just invent that?

Star Trek: Legacy, eh? Yes, please!


I really don’t like the title, though. It sounds like a bunch of old fogies at their 50th High School reunion. Star Trek: Federation or Star Trek: Frontiers maybe?

Ohhh…yeah, those are both good, too, especially Frontiers!

With Discovery being canned and Picard not coming back and Anson Mounts tweet about going on to something new, it makes me think that any new Star Trek will be put on pause.

I missed that one

Didn’t see anything doing a quick search on Mount’s comment. Taking on other projects does not preclude further seasons of SNW’s.

I do agree, though, past S3 of SNW’s, I’m not foreseeing any new Trek being greenlit for the next twelve months.

The horror. They actually have to focus on making one live-action Trek series good and not gimmicky. I’ll be happy if they can pull that one off.

They already have. But I’m with you: I think fans are getting spoiled by getting so much Trek lately, that the idea of just one show a year is somehow disappointing. Try to remember people, for over a decade we had none.

I do. If Paramount isn’t already seriously considering the Legacy format, they’re foolish. The sooner they green-light, the better. Being able to announce it with the Picard finale would be even better.

Mount tweeted “Time for something new,” then followed it up with a tweet about a new type of diapers. He never hinted he was leaving Star Trek for something new. It was all a diaper joke.

People love grasping at straws to claim the sky is falling on Star Trek. I wonder why some fans are so desperate to see the franchise fail?

Well, my try to flesh “Star Trek: Legacy” or “Star Trek: Titan” a bit out


If they want to give Seven more background and “Slice of Life” Stuff, then She could still be some time Commander Rank. No need for her to be Captain of the Titan from the start. So we could see how she made “peace” with herself to find a Home at Starfleet.

Also if she would be the Captain there is not much Private Stuff for her. I mean how many Episodes we saw with only Picard in solo action?

I know some ones, but hold your horses. i am talking about their Season1 or 2 Time. Later when the Enterprise D Crew settled at their Places, Picard got some Private Time. Because we know that Riker or other acting Captain Bridge Officer is capable to Fly this Ship, even the Doctor :).

So in other words, Picard and the Top Officers know that the Ship is in good hands if they are away.

We have here only Sevens off-screen Riders experience and her Time on Voyager under Janeway. Where her time on the Rider’s come from the Books. Perhaps She still has an deep connection to Janeway and this could be an Test balloon to bring Janeway back for some 2 Episode Story Arc.

No not Janeway as Hologram, the real one. Where Seven need the Help of the real Janeway or vise versa. it must not be based on the Borg’s (again), but on the Skills that made both Unique. Seven is high Intelligent right? Janeway is was also an Scientific Officer, right? Perhaps some Old Works that connects both

That’s for Seven and Janeway

Shawn could also become slowly around and get over his Survivor Gulity and begin slowly to respect Seven’s name, not useing her Human name. Sure that Name is on the Papers, but serioulsy most ofg the Time we called him Kirk not Tiberius, right? :). I do not want Shawn to change to much, he could just be the Deepshit from Chicago and the Crew still loves him, would it not be his Survivor Phobia against Seven. They also like Seven. So Shawn should get over it fast, not super fast like Tomorrow they are holding Hands and Singing “Kumbaja My Lord!”, no but with respect is the Key. Mind you all that Seven also needed her Time to get used to Human and warm up to the Voyager Crew and Vise Versa. it gone so smoothly because of Janeway and the Doctor

But what should Legacy should be about? Perhaps as the result of Picard Season 3, Starfleet come to conclusion they need some Boarder Patrols, special on the “badlands” or “outskirts”. Seven has experience of her Raider time, Shawn is flexible so one plus one = Boom USS Titan are the “official” Rider’s clone, just as Starfleet Ship. So if the Writer Room has already some Seven Rider Story written, try to adept it for the Titan

A bit in the Direction of Season 1, but focus more on “Gangster of the Week” Format. But this is up to them not me

Uff.. i already wrote so much that came out of my Mind and here is a good time to end for now. I hope you like my Idea

Lots of reasonable thoughts in there Worldwidedepp.

You make a good point about Seven. She’s only been a regularly commissioned Starfleet officer for a hot minute – in universe less than a single calendar year, and hasn’t graduated out of the ‘training wheels’ of an accelerated development program.

While it’s possible that all the old guard fans who cried foul on Burnham’s promotions may inexplicably give Seven a pass just because she’s a legacy character, I’m dubious.

Matalas has been saying that he wants to make the show feel more like real wet navy. Putting Seven directly into the Captain’s seat without a significant time skip would fly in the face of that.

Yes, officers are promoted irregularly, especially in wartime, but putting 500 souls under an irregularly advanced officer commissioned less than a year is stretching credulity to far for the kind of fans that this show is transparently working to bring back to the franchise.

Burnham was at least a first officer recommended for promotion before her mutiny.

If they want to plan the Janeway & Seven Card, then i have an Idea. It’s something to do with Seven resolve to raise up as Captain. It could be similar to Troi when she finally regain her Rank (also her Blue Uniform). While the Drama is happen on the Ship and Shawn is out (not Dead), she struggles to save the Ship and has to sacrifice some of the Crew to save the Ship. (Like also Troi took to Rank up orWeshley Crusher’s same Life or Death decisions to Rank up. But Seven somehow remembers of Janeway in some Flashback or Seven succeed into contact with Janeway and asking for “former” captain Janeway advice to help her guide through this hard times.
There is so many possibility for both to meet up. The Problem would be Time & Space

I might watch it, if Jack isn’t in the picture. Sorry, I gave it a chance, but I’m not a fan. The cocky, mugging for camera, frat boy with a naughty secret act has gotten old fast.

I really hope that Paramount and Secret Hideout will insist this gets reworked before they green light it.

They’ve got to be monitoring all kinds of metrics.

Hard pass on Jack on my side too for what it’s worth.

Six episodes in he still isn’t engaging excitement or connection as a character. He’s just a plot device for Picard’s arc. Leaves me cold.

Having Jack in there makes it too much like Star Trek: Nepotism than Legacy.

The LaForge sisters dynamic actually works and doesn’t have as much of the “We’re telling you to love them because you love their father feel.” Partly because it casts a fresh lens on the same challenges that Tom Paris faced as kids of a senior officer but, where we know who the dad is. It also works because we haven’t had siblings on the same ship before.

Plus I don’t see a place for Shaw in this and he’s the breakout character (and actor) of the season.

Having Jack in there makes it too much like Star Trek: Nepotism than Legacy.


bring it on

Jack has been an intriguing guest character, along the lines of Lily Sloan or Sela or Tomalok. I have much less desire to seem him as a series regular on a weekly basis.

Jack is, along with Shaw, the best new character. Can’t wait to see him lead a spin-off.

To each their own then. I don’t like either character. Well, I take that back. I think Shaw is okay when he isn’t acting like a bitter divorced dad angrily shuffling AA chips between his fingers. The scene a few episodes back where he was all business rerouting the plot device and learned to respect Seven was good, I thought.

Peoples can change as you saw with Shawn, so give Jack also this change, we still have some Episodes left

You have a point…

My point is that Jack has had almost no enthusiasts (other than Alpha Predator defending him) up to the mid point of the season despite having a lot of screen time, a lot of ‘wins’ given to him at the expense of making other characters look less than competent, and a major arc.

I do think episode six made him more of a person and I saw a few people actually saying elsewhere that they like Jack as of late yesterday. So he has a bit more runway to engage audience interest before end of season.

We and the metrics crunchers will see.

Well, what makes Jack getting harder to accept for the fans, are his..well.. Surprise… Until now we did not know that Picard had an Son. Sure we got these Clone Projects going. But these are not Son or Daughter. But with Jack we have an Biological Son, all of the sudden. Also with Beverly Crusher, where we also known only had Wesley Crusher as Son.. So well, this need some time to sink into their Minds. Also for Picard and Jack here. With all good intentions behind on all of this. It’s take some time. To reach to each other out. Also what would Wesley say when he get back for an “surprise Visit” with Kore to his Mom?

Wesley: “Mom!, how could you keep it hiding from me, that i have an Brother! How dare you!” :) *making a Smile on his Face to Show he is not serious about that*. Yes, I am overacting here :)

Mother: “Well, Son you had not visit me for a while and i could not call you. So.. Also you surly noticed the Bond between me and Jean-Luc (important to use only his first name here). Also i was feeling alone and fearing that they would get after me and our Son, your Brother, because of Jean-Luc’s Power. (Rank & Legacy)”

Wesley: “Oh, yeah you have a point there. Also to be honest, i know it all along. They do not call me (or us, if he is visit with Kore) the Traveler for Nothing.”

Mother: “So what brings you here my Son? (Important!)”

Wesley: “I wanted to show Kore my Mother and my Half Brother, before i begin her final Training into getting her into my Club!”

Mother: “Oh, so you did found finally an Girlfriend!”

Kore: “No it is not like that, we really are just Colleges!” *Blushes*

Mother: “i am just kidding my Dear. I know my Son, i am happy that he found more friends!”

and so on :)

Sorry for the fan Fiction now.. i could not resist

Sorry. Wil Wheaton and Isa Briones :)

Repost (because 1te was recognized as Spam):

Well, what makes Jack getting harder to accept for the fans, are his..well.. Surprise…

Until now we did not know that Picard had an Son. Sure we got these Clone Projects going. But these are not Son or Daughter. But with Jack we have an Biological Son, all of the sudden. Also with Beverly Crusher, where we also known only had Wesley Crusher as Son.. So well, this need some time to sink into their Minds.

Also for Picard and Jack here. With all good intentions behind on all of this. It’s take some time. To reach to each other out. Also what would Wesley say when he get back for an “surprise Visit” with Kore to his Mom?

Wesley: “Mom!, how could you keep it hiding from me, that i have an Brother! How dare you!” :) *making a Smile on his Face to Show he is not serious about that*.

Mother: “Well, Son you had not visit me for a while and i could not call you. So.. Also you surly noticed the Bond between me and Jean-Luc (important to use only his first name here). Also i was feeling alone and fearing that they would get after me and our Son, your Brother, because of Jean-Luc’s Power. (Rank & Legacy)”

Wesley: “Oh, yeah you have a point there. Also to be honest, i know it all along. They do not call me (or us, if he is visit with Kore) the Traveler for Nothing.”

Mother: “So what brings you here my Son? (Important!)”

Wesley: “I wanted to show Kore my Mother and my Half Brother, before i begin her final Training into getting her into my Club!”

Mother: “Oh, so you did found finally an Girlfriend!”

Kore: “No it is not like that, we really are just Colleges!” *Blushes*

Mother: “i am just kidding my Dear. I know my Son, i am happy that he found more friends!”

and so on :)

Sorry Wil Wheaton and Isa Briones for the fan Fiction now.. i could not resist :)

“Jack has almost no enthusiasts” lol you need to get out more. Check other places than this website, he’s QUITE popular, I assure you.

Even a basic look at other areas of the fandom will reveal that, but if you want to live in your echo chamber where everyone agrees with you and i’m the only dissenting voice, by all means.

Actually I do get around and follow/read a lot of social media even if this is the Star Trek board comment on. I don’t think there’s a major platform that I haven’t checked out.

It’s that scan that made me wonder why there was mainly plot speculation around Jack rather than interest in or empathy with him as a character.

I see a bit of a change in that after episode six. I’m open to seeing how that trend goes.

I’m sorry, you’re clearly not on other platforms. Either that, or you just willfully ignore all the people talking about how much they love the character and Ed Speleers. It’s like the people who claim Burnham or Tilly are “universally hated.”

But please tell me again how i’m literally the only person in the world who likes the character, it’s absolutely hysterical.

As of this evening there are a total of three on this board who say they like Jack and would really like to see more of him.

Each place has one or two.

I have seen the entertainment media hyping him. But up until episode six, Shaw followed by Sidney have had the most enthusiastic interest among original characters.

You don’t have to believe me that I am on other places. I’ve just been posting here on Trek for years, and have kept this as my place for Trek conversations. But that doesn’t mean I don’t avidly follow the conversations elsewhere.


Shaw. No “n”. Named for actor Robert Shaw, who’s character in 1975’s Jaws is a lot like the Titan’s captain.

It’s not just Jack’s character, it’s the actor.

Yeah, he’s awesome. A great addition to the franchise.

Aaron J. Waltke

Replying to @benroethig @TrekMovie and 2 others
I would love for the Prodigy crew to show up in Star Trek: Legacy.

The key that would make this possible would be Seven and Janeway or, more realistically, Voyager’s MHD Doctor and Admiral Janeway. Because we need an excuse to have Seven appear where the MHD Doctor is an eternal hologram program.

But then we need the Prodigy avatar of Seven or the MHD Doctor. Another advantage of the Doctor is that he can’t age thanks to the program, which is not the case with Seven…. (Sorry, no offense meant)

Also with the Monitor Greenwall the Prodigy Avatars could be seen for the Real Person Actors to interact with them

Place where this could happen: Holodeck Accident while having the Sideeffect of Prodigy Season 2 “Start” (You know what Wormhole i mean). Perhaps to give the Writers more time, when Prodigy are going back

You know “Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)” with Star Trek Vibes… Okay enough. I just have these coming out of my mouth, sorry

You’re not bad. You’re just drawn that way.

If the LDS/SNW crossover is a huge hit, I can imagine those characters and Prodigy characters showing up on the legacy show too. But same time, I think it’s a bit harder for them, not for being animated, but the time difference between those shows. They probably don’t want to reveal too much of those character’s futures when they are still being developed on their own shows. Add the fact both shows are focused on seeing the characters eventually rise through the ranks, it probably creates more issues.

But it’s Star Trek, so they will figure something out if they decided to do a crossover.

You know this Episode with Data closing an Dimension Rift? Where for an Split second there where 4 or 5 (do not remember clearly anymore) at the same time doing the same thing, closing the Rift with some Anti matter? At this split second he knew what is happening and did not get confused with his many “Dimension” Twins, so he got his Job done. So perhaps this kind of Rift Accident happen again and that would explain the CGI Prodigy Avatars working together with the Real Life Actors. But it is up to the “Guardians of Star Trek Lore” if this become really cannon from then or just an “fan Service/Filler” Episode

The Episode i mean is Season 1 Episode 23 “We’ll Always Have Paris”

Oh yeah I rewatched that episode not that long ago in fact. Sure anything can be possible with Star Trek and yes they do a lot of ‘alternative future timeline’ stories as we literally got in the season finale of SNW.

So that’s a good point, they can always do something like that if they wanted to bring in the Prodigy or LDS characters and not tie them down so much in future canon.

The demand for a spin off by both fans and actors seem to now go beyond how much people were begging for a Pike show. I mean people were already demanding one once they heard Picard was ending after season 3. But to see how amazing this season is, the level of quality and writing I haven’t seen in decades and how great the cast has been, it’s really a no-brainer.

And Matalas has managed to do something I didn’t think it was possible and bring over fans who has has had a hatred of modern Trek since 2009. I never thought those people would like much of anything and now a lot of them have praised this season. Even the Red Letter Media guys like this season and they swore off even reviewing Star Trek anymore after how much they hated Discovery and Picard.

It’s really catching people’s attention in a positive way. I was even skeptical after the first two seasons this show would be worth anything talking about, but my Kahless, this is some great stuff we’re getting and I truly hope it continues.

The question is what spin-off not if.

Let’s be careful distinguishing what Matalas and company are proposing vs the elements of the show that are actually demonstrating fan enthusiasm.

The Seven and Trek-nepotism show being pitched by Levar Burton doesn’t seem to match the Star Trek: Titan, Shaw and Seven show that’s had growing fan excitement over recent weeks.

People seem to want to see more of Riker, but not in every episode.

When I see fan posts advocating for a new show, they talk about Titan – Shaw, Seven and Sidney LaForge.

Regarding Jack, they seem to talk about squeezing him as an afterthought, perhaps as some kind or cadet or med tech. More often than not, he’s not mentioned at all. The other bridge crew are mentioned about as often.

As I’ve noted her however, Speleers seems to think he’s up for a leading role. Who actually is advocating for this?

Even if there were growing fan excitement for the character (which I just don’t see anywhere), Jack Crusher is another Book-type rogue that don’t see fitting with a ship-based show.

(Did anyone ever care about Book as a character other than as Burnham’s love interest? Why would anyone want to repeat that? Do we need another pseudo Millennium Falcon for unknown reasons?)

This Seven as big sister Jack pitch is lame when juxtaposed against an authentic sibling pairing like the LaForge sisters. Especially when neither had a significant parental relationship with Picard. (This feels like ‘Data was Picard’s best friend bumph.)

I know I’m being provocative here. It’s intentional.

As much as many of us are enjoying the season, let’s start talking concretely about what we want or not in a new 25th century show and whether the version of a new show being pitched really is the one we want.

I don’t think people really care what the actual spin off is as long as most of them are in Starfleet uniforms and a few legacy characters are in it. That seems to be the one prevailing through line in all of it…and Seven is a part of it lol.

I think you’re over thinking it a bit since fans have actually been receptive to every new show so far, right? Picard being the perfect example. People didn’t really seem to care what the actual premise was at the end of the day, they just seemed happy A. we were finally getting a post-Nemesis show and B. that we’ll see more TNG characters in time.They didn’t seem bothered by anything else and was fine with having new characters, Picard out of Starfleet without an Enterprise, etc. Now the overall reception wasn’t as strong as people liked, but that had very little to do with the premise, they just thought both seasons sucked overall.

In other words, it will just depend on the execution more than anything, the make up itself probably isn’t a big deal to most.

But yes, I also think the producers realize fans gets most excited when you put them on a starship with some of their favorite characters again. In what direction they go in, we’ll have to see, but I don’t think it really matters to be honest with you. It could be a Jack and Seven show or or it could be a Janeway and Riker show, fans are going to be invested as long as what they are presenting is good.

And I think Burton suggesting it will be all their kids running around on the new show is a bit exaggerated too. Sure I can certainly see Crash LaForge as part of the new show but I don’t think both sisters would be there full time. And yes maybe they will find a way for Jack to come back full time and be on the ship, but dude, you can’t be too surprised by that. These are the same people that took all the outcast characters in season one and threw them all back in Starfleet in season two lol. When they had Elnor in the Academy it told me they knew the show will always work better as a Starfleet based one and was going that direction from that point on. When they ‘promoted’ Seven to Captain by the end of last season, that sealed it. So can I see Jack in a Starfleet uniform in a few years, um, sure. What stops it at this point after what we got so far? The guy may be running his own ship by then lol. And I won’t be too shocked if Beverly rejoins Starfleet by the end of this season either.

Because end of the day, we all know they know fans want to see this format continue and they would be happier if it continued on another Enterprise lol. But if the Titan survives (which I’m still skeptical about) then that would be fine too of course since we gotten VERY familiar with that ship now.

I do think people do care how the spin off is constructed.

You’ve just made a strong case why it has to be a Starfleet ship-based show.

All the people who’ve complained repeatedly about uninteresting main characters and not knowing the bridge crew names on Discovery are also demonstrating that how the ensemble is constructed matters too.

We are seeing a lot of Sidney LaForge, but I don’t by that any of the other bridge crew are more significant than the ones on Discovery. The have the advantage of bumpy forehead alien identities to distinguish them but that has had zero relevance to the plot so far.

And I find it difficult to believe that Seven and Jack won’t be criticized for Mary Sue promotions the way Burnham and Tilly were. Matalas can put the naval trappings in, but it won’t feel like real Trek navy if the captain and crew don’t appear to have earned their ranks.

It feels like they’re just setting up to repeat Discovery’s mistakes, papering over with legacy character attachments and aliens and hoping for the best. I don’t see that Matalas has fixed the model.

What I’m saying is as long as the show is good, then ultimately people won’t care what the premise is. Of course everyone will always have their personal preferences and what they want to see. But most understand they are not going to always get their wish and will naturally give whatever show or movie happens a shot. You’ve heard me whine about how much I don’t like prequels but no one from Paramount ever called me and asked me what I would personally like to see on the air. I’ve still given all of them a shot and most of them eventually won me over as I love ENT today and enjoying SNW so far. So yeah that’s what I mean. It won’t really matter if you’re just invested in what is being presented. But yes, it doesn’t mean everyone will be won over. I think that point has been made since 2017 lol.

As far as if fans wanting more Starfleet based shows, yeah I do think that is probably what the overwhelming majority of fans want,in SOME form. It certainly bares out on message boards and social media and I simply think TPTB are listening to that specifically just based on their actions so far. Again, go back to 2018 when we were first told we were getting more Star Trek shows in the future. Do you remember what those shows were? They were Picard obviously, a Khan show (ugh), Section 31, the Academy show and an animated show (which turned out to be LDS). Those were all the potential shows at the time, but notice what actually made it to air, basically all ship based shows.

The more alternative stuff like Khan, S31 and the Academy show never made it. Instead we got ship based stuff like LDS, PRO and SNW. Picard was the one show that wasn’t Starfleet based that got on, but as I said they revamped that show to be Starfleet based in its second season and now it’s basically a TNG clone in it’s third. But as I and others been saying about Picard, that’s really what Stewart wanted, but they probably always wanted that show to be Starfleet based and just wore the guy down lol.

Even Prodigy will be more Starfleet based in its second season but that was obviously the plan from the start.

But none of this is by happenstance. In the early days, there was a push to bring in more diverse shows and settings. But it looks like they either got pushback on it or simply realized that fans just wanted shows on a starship and now we got it. I have said 100 times now I’m convinced that’s why the Section 31 show was pushed aside for SNW because SNW was the traditional and safe show. It’s literally the most ‘Trek-y’ show we’ve gotten since Enterprise. Everything about S31 sounded the opposite of that and exactly why the divide is so big now over it. Again, a S31 show like the Academy show may still happen (and if it’s good, people will be won over) but it’s obvious why those aren’t on the air today. But now that we have so many ship based shows, it’s less of a big deal I guess.

But I also think that’s different because for most fans out there, that’s what Star Trek will always be to them, about ships exploring the galaxy in some form. Again, this was proven even back in the 90s when we got DS9, which I lot of fans loved, but I a lot of fans DIDN’T love. So what did we get after that one, Voyager. And after that, Enterprise. And then the Kelvin movies, etc. As beloved as DS9 is considered today, no one has still tried to emulate anything like it. That’s probably for the same reason why every show is now a Starfleet ship based show today.

Oops sorry I went on such a rant about the starship based idea I ignored everything else lol.

IDK, I just think we have to see how it all lands by the end of the season. And it’s a little unfair to compare the Titan crew with the Discovery crew because it’s only been 6 episodes. DIS has been on for four seasons now and there are still people out there that doesn’t know all the bridge crew names. I’m not one of them but it took me until season 3 to remember all of them lol.

And if I’m being honest, it’s really about the TNG cast at the end of the day along with Seven and Shaw. I’m not really disagreeing with your point, but the focus was always going to be on the legacy characters. But there are still more episodes so let’s see how they are used.

Agreed, I was shocked that Red Letter Media liked it as they are usually snarky/down on almost everything…

Same. They’ve often reminded me of the worst parts of the fandom, but I was pleasantly surprised to seem them like this season, even enjoying the new characters like Shaw and Jack and Sidney.

OMG yes! I watched their reviews of both seasons of Picard and they were brutal lol. I honestly thought they were still going to hate this season (and despite all the fan fare about it, there are still people out there not completely won over by it as we been seeing on this site too; but do seem to be in the minority so far at least). I was actually surprised that they like it.

And while RLM definitely has a ‘reputation’ they haven’t been hard on all of NuTrek either. Mike seems to adore the Kelvin movies for example. I didn’t mean to lump him in as hating those movies like others have but I now realize my post my read that way. I know he at least loved the first one, but he can’t stand Discovery on any level lol. But it’s not an all or nothing issue with everyone concerning the new stuff; just the more ‘outspoken’ critics on YouTube.

But I’m glad they were opened minded enough as well about this season which convinces me we’ll probably get a spin off show with so much praise from all corners so far. Matalas has really done the impossible IMO.

He really has, I wonder how many elements of the season he’s had bouncing around in his brain all these years just waiting for a chance to implement them?

Thank you Tiger2

Really enjoying this season, it is special

You’re welcome! :)

Why do the characters have to be related to legacy characters? Just tell new stories with new characters! But unlike Discovery, make them good characters!

We’ve gotten unrelated characters for decades. We’ve gotten them recently (Discovery). We’ve gotten legacy returns mixed with new characters (SNW/PIC).

Personally I have no issue with them following the children of legacy characters, something the franchise has never done.

Miral, the daughter of Belanna Torres/Tom Paris is also in starfleet and should be featured in any ‘next-next’ generation too.

It’s almost as if there weren’t billions of sentient beings on the hundreds of Federation member worlds, some fraction of which might actually end up serving in Starfleet….

That would be COOL!!

I keep saying it, so I’ll drop it here too, I would rather Miral join Worf and Rafaela on an S31 show, ideally with Yeoh.

I’ve mentioned that I think Dalila Bela would make a fantastic Miral Paris.

She’s a talented and skilled young actor, who has already held down a beloved main cast role in ‘Anne with an E’.

It’s her spunky childhood role as Agent Olive on Odd Squad (which our kids loved when they were of the age) that makes me think she’d be a great Miral.

She’s Latina, and she would bring her own Gen Z fanbase too.

I would love to see Legacy made. They just need to turn the lights up and let us see everything.

Agreed, The Orville shows that you can light a starship and not have it look fake…

Legacy or not, they really need to have Todd Stashwick’s Shaw in the show too. He is the character that keeps things grounded, and keep the runaway nostalgiafest in check. He’s got the rank to stand up and snark with any of the legacy characters, and also is frankly a damn capable captain. And, he’s just a great character. Like Anson Mount, he’s a lifelong Star Trek fan and appreciates the Trek universe, and its always fun to watch a genuine Trek fan land on one of the series.

Yes, fresh New Eyes from the Outside can refresh Star Trek

That’s a good point!

Yes it does make a whole lot of sense as Picard S3 is The Greatest Trek of All … the 21st century.

I’m torn. I enjoyed SNW and felt like I was seeing real Trek on TV for the first time since Enterprise went off the air and “good Star Trek” for the first time since DS9 left the air. This season has raised the bar of what Trek can be as a streaming series. Granted, we still need to see the payoff but maybe Picard has set unreasonable expectations for a follow up series. Maybe the payoff will be so good we’ll all be like “yep, this is a perfect goodbye.”

I’ll take any Trek show they give me. However, Paramount should be aware, if they pull back on Trek (i. e., only one or two shows) I’ll cancel Paramount+ and only buy the discs when they come out. Currently Paramount+ has very little, beyond Trek, that I’m interested in.

I’ll take any Trek show they give me.

…which means they’ll give you any Trek show you take. 

I’m paraphrasing the much more eloquent T. Boone PIckens here, who once said, “if you want a deal real bad, you’ll get a real bad deal.”

+1. That said, if he’s less discerning, and genuinely happy for whatever is delivered, well… I envy him!

I agree about the rest of their library. I liked the movie about the couple that bought lottery tickets, but that’s been about it for the new content they provide. I’ve been keeping an annual subscription because of the classic shows in their library, but many of them are woefully incomplete even shows like Perry Mason, Happy Days and the Brady Bunch. Happy Days and Brady Bunch have so few episodes and they’re so random I’ve wondered why they bothered to have them at all…

The beauty of a Legacy show is that it could reinvent itself constantly. You can get a couple years in which Janeway is the focus, a couple years in which it’s DS9, spend a season with the Traveler. it could be a revolving door of new and old characters as they are assigned or associate with the same starship. That might make a good economic sense for the studio and it could easily become the longest running Star Trek series ever. Hmmm.

I like that idea!

As if the OTT fan service and nostalgiafest in SNW, Picard, Lower Decks and Prodigy isn’t enough. Let’s make an entire series of only legacy characters kids all together for some convoluted reason.

I think that idea is really exaggerated. Only two of them are even in Starfleet now, La Forge’s kids. I don’t see Kestra in a Starfleet uniform since she’s not even a teenager yet. And no one has mentioned Alexander, Worf’s son, at all this season and he was never in Starfleet anyway. Technically Soji is Data’s daughter but she has about as much of an impact on the show these days as Alexander does, meaning not at all. The irony is I thought it would be Soji who would be instrumental in future seasons and a possible spin off show. Guess not. Now that Data is back, I wonder if she will be mentioned? Maybe she will show up but not counting on it.

Jack may end up joining Starfleet which I can definitely see happening but we’re talking 2-3 characters tops.

I get that fans are frustrated by not getting “all new all different.” Even DSC had some connections to the past. But… clearly audiences respond to this sort of thing. Not to mention that if it’s good, it shouldn’t matter.

I’m guessing Emily subscribes to Doom**** and Nerd***c.

There is obviously a big divide in the fanbase for people who want a lot of fan service and old characters and people who want something new. I don’t think you have to call Emily any of those names just for wanting more original stories and characters, I think others agree with that, including me as you heard me say a dozen times now.

But I have accepted the reality that’s probably not going to happen again any time soon. I’m convinced what every new show we get from this point on, especially if it takes place in the 23rd, 24th or 25th century will have a legacy character to lead it. For marketing purposes alone, it makes sense. The question is how much will a show rely on legacy characters and based on all the shows we have today, the answer seems to be a lot lol.

Again, I try not to sound like I’m both sides of the fence but I’m basically am. I think majority of people are. But yeah I can still understand others like Emily wanting ONE show that is at least original and doesn’t fall back on old story lines and characters. Ironically Discovery was currently that one show today and now that it’s cancelled, there’s goes that. ;)

Tiger2, appreciate your comments here.

I really enjoy seeing both sides represented. We can and should have vigorous and thought-provoking discussion without putting each other down.

I am enjoying both SNW and Picard season three.

I also want to see new characters and see them having them always being made service the needs of legacy characters (or their offspring). That was my disappointment in season one of SNW where Hemmer literally was created and killed off to service Uhura’s story.

So, I want new characters, with no attachment to legacy characters, to be created and have their time in the story and audience spotlight so that we can grow to know, respect and love them as much as the legacies.

Exactly! I said this before, for most people it’s not either/or, most fans happily accept both. But I understand what Emily is saying obviously. I wasn’t disagreeing with her overall point, she’s not wrong in that sense.

And yeah many of us want to see original characters. The irony is that’s why most of us who wanted to see Trek go forward in the timeline again. Once you put a show or movie in the same period where there are dozens of legacy characters, then you can’t be shocked they won’t be utilized.

The best example was Discovery because they said early on we’ll never see Spock and that lasted for one season lol. My guess is if DIS stayed in the 23rd century it would’ve been a revolving door of TOS characters like SNW is getting now. That’s why so many of us was generally excited when they moved it so far ahead because they had no choice but to create new characters and story lines, even if the show still didn’t deliver as I was hoping.

…and they form a rock band, playing gigs across the quadrant!

We don’t need a ship full of relatives and TNG-era characters.

Shaw and his new crew, including Seven and probably including Sydney, yes. But please no more, at least not as series regulars.

TNG made the right call in leapfrogging 100 years into the future and keeping legacy TOS characters at bay.

Can you explain why the literal next generation is a bad idea though? It’s something we’ve never seen the franchise do, so there’s no precedent. I like when they try new things. If done well, why not?

Star Trek: Nepotism seems to be quite the opposite of the merit based aspirational society that lets every young person dream of going forward with what the can learn and accomplish rather than who their parents are.

I know I’m being harshly provocative here. There’s no intent to stir things up for their own sakes.

The conversation needs to be had though.

This isn’t SW, rooted in fantasy genetic lineages. It’s Star Trek.

The thing is that it’s true that any profession with a calling of service will attract many in the next generation of a family. Military, physicians, religious ministers, firefighters.

So, having Tom Paris struggling against the pressure of that legacy as one of an ensemble was great. Having Sidney LaForge – or even Sidney and Alandra as sisters to react to the legacy very differently – would be fine.

(I have no issue with Mica Burton, Levar’s real life daughter being cast because I can sense the inklings of sisterly rivalry and support. If it works, great.)

Centring an entire show on literally the children of TNG characters is too much though. It flies in the face of the principles of meritocracy that the franchise embodies, however imperfectly.

Especially when Jack Crusher seems like a self-insert character for the action hero Patrick Stewart seems to have always wanted Picard to be instead of the spectacular TNG captain that fans (and serving officers) deeply admired.

In nearly 60 years of Star Trek there has only been one moment when I have felt “That’s not Star Trek. It goes too far in violating Trek values.” That moment was Archer’s choice of torture in Enterprise.

If they really frame this around nepotism in some misguided idea that it’s the way to exploit legacy characters, I think they’ve misread which franchise IP they own.

I’m not sure I’d watch it.

Even dubbing it “Star Trek: Nepotism” shows an overly cynical, bitter attitude that makes little sense when there is no such series that even exists yet, and even as teased, we have no idea what it might actually be like. This preconceived hatred for your own imagination is mind boggling.

I have no feeling for it one way or the other, but if it’s led by Seven and includes Jack and Sydney, I think it already has potential.

Also, the whole “it goes against the merit based aspiration society” is BS on multiple levels. Because:

1) If you mean the show itself is nepotism, that’s simply untrue, as only one potential member of the cast is related to the legacy actors (Micah Burton)
2) if you mean in-universe, I see nothing in-story that says they haven’t earned what they’ve gotten.
3) we. don’t. even. know. the. premise.
4) nepotism is already rampant in Trek, if not familial, then friend-based. People who are close to important characters get commands, get their own shows, etc. Why? Because it’s a TV show. These are characters that the audience follows. If this show is popular, they’ll want a spin-off that includes these new, popular characters.

So you’ve just decided you don’t like it, you’ve already decided you won’t even watch because…why? Is it because you don’t like these characters? No. It’s because of some made-up excuse about meritocracy that doesn’t even make any logical sense.

My guess? You just don’t like the idea because it’s not the precise thing you wanted.

Chill dude, please.

Not every challenging conversation is rooted in hatred, bias or someone just wanting their own way.

What I’m saying is that there exists- right now – a fairly significant social conversation about how parents’ established networks in various industries and professions provides a basis of inherited privilege and advantage. Part of that privilege growing up in a family that shapes someone to be successful and competent in a given profession or industry.

This social conversation calls that ‘nepotism’ and the pejorative slang term ‘nepobabies’ are very high profile right now.

I loathe the pejorative, but I take the point that Generation Z (which our own kids are part of) is quite riveted and engaged on the question of this kind of privilege.

But myself, I can see that many kids do follow in their parents footsteps even if that’s not the path I chose for myself.

As I noted in my comment above, there’s a very long history of service professions or vocations being followed down in families.

So, on one hand that’s a realistic thing to capture in Star Trek where being a Starfleet officer is a life of service and sacrifice. On the other hand, leaning hard into that in the midst of a broader social backlash against perceived advantage, seems like an a risky concept to advance the franchise and the brand.

This is why I am saying it’s really important to take a step back and think this through in terms of the aspirational society Star Trek has always promoted/advocated.

Is something like this off-brand for the franchise? If it’s kind of on the line, is this the wrong time to risk it?

I fully admit that I am being provocative laying out the alternative interpretation of Legacy as Nepotism. Here are some concrete questions.

How could children of legacy characters increase the reach of a potential show?

What’s the risk of turning off aspirational Trek fans? How many?

Could including some ‘children of’ characters actually be a way, through allegory, to have stories about privilege, influence and nepotism with a Trek story?

How many children of legacy characters on one ship is too many?

When does including legacy characters make it seem that Starfleet is a very small club vs a huge organization with hundreds of officers on each ship?

I don’t even know where to begin lol. You’re taking this WAY too seriously. It’s a sci-fi TV show. Your “aspirational society” nonsense is just that, where it relates to the concept of a show like this.

janeway tortured an equinox crew member to get at ransom in that show, which was a few years before Ent

“Matalas and season 3 actors have made it clear there isn’t currently work being done on a spinoff “
They can say that all they want. NDA would stop any producer or actor from revealing anything before it airs or the studio decides to let it be know.

I do believe them when they say there is currently no work being done. But I also believe it’s carefully worded. I definitely think there are discussions happening, perhaps even actors signed up, they just haven’t started actually working on it.

I could very well envision an announcement of a new series before this season ends.

Yeah pretty much. They were tip toeing over the idea of a Pike show until it was announced. There were plenty of ‘yeah we’re talking about it’ but nothing beyond that until the show was announced. I imagine same thing is happening here. And if the views are going through the roof and with all the goodwill behind it, I can’t imagine them not talking about it at least, especially when it’s the one show fans are actively pushing for today.

No one is making waves pushing for the Academy show. ;)

If work is underway, it would be development, breaking and writing the pilot and first season to pitch.

Okuda and Blass have been absolutely clear that all the Picard sets in California have been broken down, but also disposed of in dumpsters.

Deep in their tweet replies, they do acknowledge though that key interior fittings were packed, shipped and stored.

When people asked if they were in Toronto now, they didn’t deny and may be seen as obliquely confirming.

Nothing new is coming up in Ontario under any preproduction name for CBS Studios or Paramount on either the confirmed or rumour sections of the guild notices.

All that said though, with the Picard interior fittings relocated, and Matalas having already run a show in Toronto and surrounding areas, there’s no reason why one of the shorter pieces with one of the legacy characters couldn’t go into production quickly.

I’m also thinking about something like the Short Treks with Number One, Spock and Pike that were completed before greenlighting SNW.

How about a few one-shot longer Treks while Matalas makes the adjustments to his concept based on the feedback and metrics from Picard season three?

They could look to Star Trek Online for inspiration as it takes place in the 25th Century ala 2409. Combine Picard’s 1st season cast with Jack Crusher and Laforge daughters and you might have something.


Paramount Plus would likely keep Strange New Worlds as the flagship Star Trek show, along with Lower Decks and Prodigy.

Yeah I think all those shows will be fine but I really hope we have four shows now that Discovery is done and this one will be it. I prefer it over the S31 and Academy show by a huge margin but I wouldn’t be shocked if one of those were next considering how long they both been in development.

Agreed. I have no interest in a S31 or Academy Show, especially if they’re set in that future timeline. I’d be interested in seeing Michelle Yeoh in a show exploring her command of a starship before Burnam came aboard though, but not her mirror universe character in S31.

Star Trek: Legolas!

You can combine franchises… imagine the possibilities!

Star Trek Lego. I want to see a show where everyone is animated in a LEGO style.

I’d actually love to see that! Heck, I just wish they’d let Lego make a Star Trek line…

The reason why Lego has never done a Star Trek set is a agreement made with Lucasfilm when they wanted to make Star Wars sets they were told they were not allowed to do any other rival sci-fi franchise sets and that agreement stayed in place even after Disney bought Lucasfilm

Woah, I didn’t know that but it makes sense. Well we’ll NEVER see a Star Trek Lego set then. I has the sets that MEGABLOKS made a few years ago and LOVED them, especially the bridge. I wish they had made more like a shuttlecraft, engineering or sick bay. So many possibilities…


What I want to see is Star Trek Traveler. Wesley Crusher is a character who deserves a chance to show who they’ve become. Plus, Wesley and Kore Soong’s travels would offer a fresh, yet familiar exploration of the Star Trek universe. A dichotomy Trekkies love. As for a LaForge fam show, I’m down w it. After Spock, Geordie has been my one of my fave characters.


I think that’s a longer shot than most because Wil Wheaton has said he’s not really interested in on-screen acting much anymore. I suspect his appearance last year was only because it was a cameo.

But he does do a lot of voice acting. Perhaps if it were an animated show for kids, I could see it happening.

Actually the more I think of it, a teen-focused animated series would make a lot of sense, exploring different time periods and introducing younger fans to a wide scope of Trek.

Keep Shaw as Captain and I’m in.

I will be SORELY disappointed if he’s killed off this season…

I’m humming in the turbolift, eagerly awaiting his heroic death. Good riddance.

I think he’s a fantastic character. I had never heard of Todd Stashwick prior to this, and love his portrayal.

I’m sure you’ve learned by now that he played a minor character in an episode of Enterprise, right?

Yes. I signed the petition for Star Trek: Legacy as well.

Make it Shaw.

Me too, figured it was a good way to show support.

If Terry Matalas is the showrunner and they can bring back the creative staff from Season 3 of Picard, I would watch a Star Trek Legacy show.

Absolutely. I’m going to be following his career avidly from here on in. He ‘gets’ it.

I want another station based series in the vein of the Vanguard novels, but more episodic.

A forward base supporting exploration operations in an unexplored region of space. With the assigned ships being rotated every season.

Yes! I’ve always thought it would be interesting to do something around the K-7 station from TOS and show what had happened to it years later…

I think a show with all the children of the TNG crew would be cool, but I may be in the minority. It would star Jack Crusher, both La Forge sisters, Alexander Rozhenko, Soji Asha, and Kestra Troi-Riker.

I can’t say I’d ever dream “yeah show me the children of my favorite characters” but i’m firmly in the camp of “why not?” especially as we’ve met a few of them recently and they’re strong, compelling characters.

My only issue with a proposed series might be how contrived it would have to be to get more of them involved. Unless say, the premiere is a Zod-like villain hunting down the children of the Enterprise crew, and then they simply decide to stay together (ala Prodigy).

That said, there’s nothing other than a few off-the-cuff comments from some of the actors that such a series would involve anyone beyond Sidney and Jack as far as the kids go.

I’d like this, too. It made be called “fan service”, but that’s what I’m paying for. I’m a fan of the show, paying for a service and that’s the kind of content I enjoy. Connections to what came before make me happy and are good escapism. I’d be interested in seeing what these people are doing within the “family business”.

I’m not sure I’m 100% behind the title Legacy. Sounds almost like a Trek documentary

i’m onboard with Star Trek Legacy! but i would prefer that its captain shaw and commander seven on the bridge. shaw is too much fun not to keep around. i like frakes idea of him being charlie and sending the crew of the titan-a off on new adventures.

i could also see them doing the show on the new titan-b and have it be bill krause’s endurance class starship (i’ve always loved that design and would be a nice mix of riker’s titan and titan-a styles)

i feel like DSC and SNW could tie into enterprise and be part of the temporal cold war and thats why the constitution class in PIC S3 doesn’t look like SNW one cause archer changed the timeline during the temporal cold war

It would be a great episode: Archer travels forward into time and is found by Pike.

That’s a good idea, your spin off could end up being the time wars alluded to both in ENT and Discovery and then you get lots of ethical questions like what is the correct timeline, etc. This could be fought by your PIC spin off characters (I’d say throw in a clone of JTK too though !) lol
Also Saavik should still be alive.

Ya see- when TPTB actually listen to the fans, which we know a good potential storyline / series is introduced into or within a series – it becomes successful. ST:SNW! Nuff Said.
So this could be a really great opportunity to green light this and begin working on it……otherwise, we don’t need a Section 31 series…….I don’t think too many people really care or want that in the first place.

Listening to the fans would kill Trek. Trek fans have awful taste.

Totally agree. They should do what THEY think is best, and let it succeed or fail on its own merits.


Which is why I fully support “Star Trek: Last of the Summer Wine.”

LOL. I can close my eyes and imagine it right now.

Only if we see a scene where Geordi must explain to his daughters that he once created a sexy duplicate of their mother — before they’d met and without her permission — on the holodeck and fell in love with it.

I certainly like Jack.
I’d be happy to see him back for more.

Same. fun character, talented actor. I think fans just like stolid characters, and he has to lively a personality.

I rather see new young characters. I don’t want TNG: Last of the Summer Wine.


Liam Shaw needs to be captain for this new show, not 7

So yet another obvious “Actors would accept job” story.

A Star Trek series featuring Jerry Ryan as captain of the Enterprise 1701-G would be awesome.