Podcast: All Access Welcomes Back Some Old Friends On ‘Star Trek: Picard’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 133 - TrekMovie - Riker, Picard, Crusher,Seven

[Picard episode review starts at 13:40]

Tony and Laurie talk about an official-but-unofficial update on the status of Strange New Worlds season 3 and speculate about what else Paramount+ may be about to announce. They discuss Seth MacFarlane’s comment about being “cautiously optimistic” for an Orville renewal and have some good news for fans of Eaglemoss Hero Collector ships going back on sale.

Pivoting to Picard, they take a look at recent posts and comments from Michelle Forbes and Terry Matalas about bringing Ro Laren back in last week’s show, then dive into their review of episode 6, “The Bounty,” where they relished all the reunions, especially from LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner,  who make their first appearances  of the season, and try to put together where all the story points are headed next.

They wrap up with a fun moment courtesy of the German Defense Minister’s TNG ringtone, and Laurie plays us off with a tune from Brent Spiner’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes is Back featuring backup vocals from his TNG costars.


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Tony: German Defense Minister interrupted during a press conference with TNG ringtone.

Laurie: Brent Spiner’s Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back 

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I’m enjoying Picard Season 3 very much. I’m thinking that Troy on the Shrike may be a Changeling. This will be revealed soon in Ep 7, I’m sure. The trailers are often misleading, but one of the scenes shown was Troy at the table when Picard calls them in the finest crew in Starfleet.

Interesting theory! That would definitely be easier than getting the real Troi (for Vadic & crew).

Occam’s razor says it’s actually Troi: Vadic did say to track down all of Picard’s old associates and loyal friends. We know Troi plays a bigger role in the back half, and this gets her into the orbit of the rest of the existing cast (ie: Worf will rescue Riker and Troi will come with him).

That said, anything is possible, and that’s the fun here, there are so many possibilities.

Or the Troi on the Titan is the changeling…

Keep in mind, Riker doesn’t know Worf beheaded a Ferengi and took out gangster Vulcans. He only knows that Worf told him he was a “pacifist”. And that he is more sensitive. So, Riker is taking it upon himself to fight off everyone.

“Gangster Vulcans.” Ugh!

Happy Birthday Laurie!

Thank you!

On the question of why did Riker go to Daystrom Station? Picard asked for volunteers.

Just wanted to recognize Anthony for his wonderfully entertaining, detailed, and smart episode re-caps. (eg in last week Imposters review “Ro-oh”…c’mon now! LOL! :))

Aw shucks

Gizmodo has interviews with PIC composers that indicates A BUSY MAN cue from TFF figures in what is to come. One of my faves (when they are going down to the god planet.)

Along with the ‘Spock climbs down the stairs’ part of TWOK’s score, BUSY and MOUNTAIN are among my fave stuff in all of Trek film scores.

Also, for those interested, Matalas announced the soundtrack release, with an initial limited edition vinyl version.

I’d’ve figured DSC would get the only vinyl release, given they already have the platter that spins on the ship.

Happy Birthday!

Thank you for playing that song. I really liked it. I need to find a copy.

Great Podcast!

I truly enjoyed this episode. The MVPs of the episode were Levar, Mica, and Ashlei. Levar was terrific. I loved that moment between him and Beverly. It was beautiful. I loved his emotional conversation with Sydney. He had shock and pain in his expression only a father could have. So good! I wish we could have seen him as a father in TNG or films. What a great actor. I’m loving Ashlei and Mica. Please P+ do Legacy or ST: Geordi with the family.

Honorable mention goes to Ed and Jerri. I loved that scene on the bridge. I teared up seeing Voyager. That show meant a lot to me as a kid. I cheered everytime they got closer to home and felt the pain left by Arturo. That part just reminded me of how much I loved Voyager and it was wonderful.

Question: Didn’t Prodigy also mention the ships talk to each other? I feel like the story is headed in a similar direction.

I hope you had a great Birthday!

If they do break out the museum ships, I want to see Seven captaining Voyager, Worf captaining Defiant, Jack captaining the Enterprise A, and Picard captaining a restored Enterprise D.

If they went this route, maybe the composers will look outside trek history to BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS and use Horner’s cues for when the various hero ships all join up and enter the fight.

Why not a cloned Kirk – Paul Wesley – aboard the Ent-A?

You’re gonna need a bigger clone (better, too.)

Jack, captain? The Enterprise no less? He’s not even Starfleet, let alone a captain. And on a purely fanboy point of view, he doesn’t deserve the honour of captaining the 1701.

Besides Sevens discomfort and feeling lost, it also seems they´ve forgotten two other things. 1) the fact that Beverly not only cut off Picard from her life but also the others. I would like some recognition of that. Maybe we´ll get that conversation between Beverly and Deanna? Lol, I already know we won´t.
2) Why does Vadic want Jack? Nobody seems interested in digging deeper into that storyline.

You can stop watching at any time.

Don’t be silly. We’re all watching so we can post negative thoughts on it just to read your arrogant snark on our opinions. I’m sure there are a bunch of psychology post-grads here basing their doctorate papers on your inability to understand the existence of opinions that aren’t bunny-rabbit positive. Also stand up comics looking for material…

Here we go again.

You Will stop with your constant flaming and attacking. Final warning.

Good points Emily. Hopefully these issues will be addressed in the forthcoming episodes.

I agree with Emily too.

I found many of the reunion performances in episode 6 awkward.

They could be awkward but the the direction seems to have made them more awkward than the script called for. This episode really needed someone from the franchise to direct. I wouldn’t have traded Frakes off the second block, but Roxann Dawson or Robbie Duncan McNeill would have been better choices.

As I have said on other threads, up until this episode, most fans’ reactions have shown more interest in Jack as a McGuffin than as a person. Emily’s right that the McGuffin plot-device element is still there unresolved, but now he shares whatever quality with Picard’s corpse.

Where progress was made in episode 6, is that there are many more comments across several social media saying that they like Jack and are interested to see more of him as a person. On Reddit, there’s even a well-upvoted post about how they “didn’t care about Jack till episode 6 but…”

Somehow being Picard’s son or his interactions with Picard just weren’t enough for most of the audience to connect or really care about the character himself. Whether it’s his conversation with Seven, caper with Sidney or his sharing Immodic Syndrome with his genetic father, this episode evoked a new response from many.

I am hopeful (maybe even confident) that the other things will get their moment, but I do wonder if that’s the end of Seven’s mini-storyline, which I found very compelling. We’ll see. Four episodes to go.

Yes, I´m confident we´ll get some kind of answer as to why Vadic wants Jack, at this point I trust Matalas enough to say that. It´s just strange nobody has mentioned it in a few episodes.

I also would’ve expected somebody (Jean-Luc, Seven, Shaw, Riker) to ask Beverly what she thinks about it. As his mother AND a doctor, she might have some thoughts!

As ever a wonderful podcast and Happy Birthday Laurie!

Nit-picks aside, I’m glad that you’re both really enjoying this season. I’m thrilled with what I’ve seen so far and it has completely smashed any expectations I had at the start of the season. As you know, the episodes drop on Fridays here in the UK and I didn’t get a chance to watch the latest episode until around 11pm (it was going to be my bedtime story so to speak). Big mistake! My mind went into overdrive for hours afterwards trying to process everything I’d seen and I couldn’t sleep. Not to worry, I thought the episode was fantastic and the call backs (especially the ships) earned and very well done. In particular, kudos to the score and the interpolation of prior themes from the Star Trek musical library which has been outstanding.

I just don’t want this ride to end and it will be a tough one when the curtain finally comes down.

Thank you for the happy birthday! I agree with you, I really don’t want it to end! Even when I have nitpicks and issues I am still enjoying this ride so much, and I definitely think about the episodes for a long time afterwards.

I keep thinking about the episodes as well Laurie. It’s been so good thus far that I’m in a pattern of doing a first watch on Friday, a second on Saturday and then a third the following Friday just prior to watching the new episode. It’s been incredible in every area for me with terrific performances, nice pacing and organic call-backs. I just couldn’t have asked for more!

You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about the TOS constitution vs the SNW constitution and how some nitpicky fans can’t reconcile PIC showing the original. That take makes even less sense when you consider how easily we accept new actors in old roles.

For example, if Picard were to go into the museum and see portraits of Captain Pike, Number One, and Spock, would it bother you if they showed Jeff Hunter, Majel Barrett, and Nimoy and not Mount, Romijn, and Peck? Would you be able to reconcile that, or would consider it breaking canon?

It seems to me that — until they say otherwise — SNW/TOS is all interchangeable. Now, you might say “well, actors are a different story because we accept that they can’t resurrect the same actors,” and that’s true, but that just shows that fans are able to accept of a real world reason for a change in appearance.

And in the case of the ship, the real world reason is that the original models (and their interiors) aren’t a good idea to lead a flagship big budget series, but totally work in the context of a visual cameo.

So if it wouldn’t bother you to see Jeffrey Hunter in a portrait of Pike, just accept that the TOS Constitution Class is the same as Pike’s on SNW.

…that is, until some misguided producer decides to explain it all away in an ill-conceived three part story.

Thanks once again for this podcast, and happy birthday, Laurie!

Some thoughts about the speculation of a Changeling-Borg alliance or a Borg domination of the Great Link, and other variations on this theme. Anything is possible or can be contrived somehow, but I am skeptical of this line of thought. The Borg were introduced as driven to assimilate technology and caring little about the creatures who invented them, except as subservient drones. The Founders have a disdain for “solids” (as we’ve seen this season). Although they are supremely gifted geneticists, did we really see much by way of Changeling technology? Yes, species evolve and can make common cause against an enemy, but there just seems to be too fundamental a gap between the Borg and the Founders to me. Yes, they both have “hive minds” of a sort, but I dunno. We’ll see.

Thank you for the happy birthday wishes!

Been loving season 3 of Picard so far, and these podcasts. After watching The Ready Room, there was a hint that the Face is not a Changeling, and that episode 7 is titled “Dominion”. The guest was not revealed due to being a major spoiler. Although I think it makes sense for Sid to appear as Bashir, once I heard the title of Ep 7, I immediately thought Jeffrey Combs! Hope we get to see Weyoun #??

Yeah, I caught the Ready Room tease as well. I am wondering, thinking of the DS9 episode “Chimera,” if the surprise guest will be Laas (J.G. or Garland Hertzler) as the leader of the breakaway faction from the Great Link that Worf mentioned a few episodes ago. And, if so, what role he is playing with regard to Vadek.

So, speculating what might be in Hangar 12 at the Fleet Museum that might be helpful: The Enterprise D saucer on a star drive section left over from the Dominion war; the Enterprise E; Picard’s original Stargazer; the NX-01 Enterprise.

Although the NX-01 is in the Fleet Museum, and it would make sense that it could be involved in Frontier Day, I don’t think that’s it; it’s 250 years old. Terry’s has been making big connections to the movies, so the E-E would make sense, but my gut is telling me we will see the “fat one” on-screen.

Mike, I didn’t mean to steal your comment! For some reason I didn’t see it in the thread. I think we are both onto something about the D!

Laurie/Anthony/Has anyone discussed Alandra’s mention of “What about Hanger Bay 12?”….Geordi chastises her for it. If I had to guess that is the inside of Space Dock behind the Space Doors. Since a Galaxy Class wasn’t visible on the outside AND Patrick Stewart made that comment last year he had forgotten the D Bridge had carpet…..Could it be the D in Hanger Bay 12? (Rebuilt engineering section of course.) Or an even deeper dive, “The Challenger” a Galaxy Class that Geordi commanded in an alt-timeline episode of Voyager? Don’t Commodores & Admirals get to choose their own ship?