‘Star Trek: Picard’ Beams Into Streaming Top 10 Ranking (Again)

Star Trek: Picard wrapped up three weeks ago, but the third and final season continues to make waves… and make it into the Top 10, again.

Picard on the list

For the second time, Star Trek: Picard has made it into Nielsen’s chart of the top 10 original streaming shows in the USA, specifically at the number 10 spot. Unlike with broadcast ratings, there is a bit of a delay for Nielsen’s streaming rankings, so today they released charts for the week of April 10-16 which cover up through the ninth episode of Picard season 3.

Last month, Picard appeared for the first time on the Nielsen chart, ranking 9th the week of episode 5. Picard is the only Paramount+ original to make the chart twice since Nielsen added them to their rankings earlier this year. The Yellowstone prequel 1923 also made the charts once in March.

Last week, Paramount Global announced their latest quarterly results revealing they’ve added 4.1M subscribers to Paramount+ for a total of 60 million. Star Trek: Picard was listed as one of the drivers for the growth of the streaming service.

TNG stars surprise fans

For a feel-good Picard bonus, Paramount+ released a new video of fans giving testimonials about what Star Trek means to them—and each fan was then surprised by the Next Generation (and Picard season 3) star they’d been talking about.

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Star Trek Legacy. More Terry Matalas, please!

Ahh, I just don’t know. I love Seven and have wanted her to have her own show, but the intended lineup of other cast members just sucked or was uninteresting.

An entire series can’t be carried by just the lead.

Let me guess, you love Discovery and Strange New Worlds with its “Science, f**k yeah!” cringe dialogue? Cool. Star Trek: Legacy, please. With this excellent crew which actually seem like a crew and not set decoration ala Discoverse.

Were we watching the same show? There was plenty of inside joke dialogue in season three. I enjoyed the show, but it does remind me of the old line, everyone likes sausage, but no one wants to see it made. The closer you look, the worse it gets.


“I will make it a threesome” is so much better than people excited about science ::eye roll::

Yes, Star Trek Legacy with Alexander and kids of the TNG cast instead of something new.

See, the beauty of that line is this: Worf says it quite seriously. He isn’t trying to be funny. Riker points out that it sounds like…well…you know. And THAT is funny. This writing team understands how to write TREK humor. But on Discovery and SNW, the characters think they’re cute, and instead of using a situation to create humor, they use jokes and one-liners. Its not organic. There’s the difference between a team that knows how to write Trek, and a team that doesn’t.

I’m with you. Star Trek’s dialogue has always been “neutral”. That is, it didn’t sound like it was from a particular century. Why suddenly do characters in the 23rd century talk like they live in 2023 Gen Z America??? Its horrible, so I agree. On the other side, there is a lack of military decorum on the ebridge that’s very noticable. For God sakes, has anyone ever watched Crimson Tide? Hunt for Red October? Or even…I don’t know…..STAR TREK???? I was in the Navy, and I manned the helm once or twice. First off, you don’t speak unless spoken to. Period. And second, when the XO tells you to turn to course 123 or whatever, your response is not “You know I got this”. That is unprofessional. Starfleet is a quasi-military organization, and on Discovery and strange new worlds, people talk out of turn, and act like it’s “a day at the office”. Its ridiculous, and Akiva Goldsman, who “says” he’s a Trek fan, should be ashamed of himself to do this to the Legacy of Captain Pike. Pike, by the way, was written by Roddenberry to be a very private, austere man who kept his crew at arms length, similar to Picard. WHo the hell is this guy who says “hit it”, and makes his crew breakfast in his quarters every morning? Sorry to ramble. There’s just so much wrong with how they’re handling the writing. I could fix this in a day. Most of us could.

I also have mixed feelings Boring One, especially as the set up at the end of the finale was for a show with Jack Crusher as the principal character, not Seven.

I think it’s a tad unfair to the sidecar characters to say that because unlike TNG where there were seven seasons of essentially one-off episodes that let us get to know and become familiar with the characters – Picard S3 was a drawn out movie that only took the time to focus on it’s marquee characters. If you go back and watch Encounter at Farpoint, there isn’t much that the cast is given to make you say ‘I’m going to love this character’ outside of Picard, Riker or Data.

The character that I really do not want, Raffi, has had enough screen time for me to know I don’t like the character.

Jack is satisfactory, but a tad annoying.

We only need the Sidney Laforge sister, the other one better not show up.

I was just saying above, How Raffie was a very unlikeable character in seasons 1 and 2. And by the end of season 3, the writers redeemed her a bit. HOWEVER, Raffie has not EARNED the position of XO on the Enterprise. I don’t need 2 girl bosses in charge, Enough of that crap. Shaw was the breath of fresh air, and little testosterone that we needed back into Star Trek, and it was a balance. Raffie is too unstable still to get that position. Maybe after a few years. But she still needs a few years with Worf to come back at peace, controlled and mature.

“I don’t need two girl bosses in charge. Enough of that crap.”

Link us to your quotes where you objected to the Kirk/Spock, Picard/Riker command structure by saying “I don’t need 2 boy bosses.”

Well, the secondary cast did get some moments, but they just need a chance.. need to be focused on. After seeing Matalas’ work in this season and particularly in 12 monkeys, I think he’s a fantastic choice to work on whatever Trek they’d give him, but especially this.

I partially agree. Raffie was very unlikeable in seasons 1 and 2, and by the end of 3, I think Terry and his team redeemed her a bit, but putting her as first officer of the Enterprise…..BAD IDEA. we don’t need 2 girl bosses. It would be nice, as a guy, to have a male hero to route for, and men have not only been pushed aside in modern film and TV, but actually treated like garbage. Stashwick’s Captain Shaw was the breath of fresh air, and quite frankly, the testosterone boost we needed, and they killed him off. Raffie, as far as the fans go, HAS NOT EARNED THAT SEAT. Seven has. Raffie is a mess still, and needs a few years of discipline to get to that point. Other than that, bring on Star Trek Legacy!!!!

Oh, for crying out loud…

Dude, men are not hurting for representation. You’re just used to being so overrepresented that when it gets an eensy bit more balanced you think you’re being underrepresented when you still have more and better representation than anyone else.

– A man who realizes not all Star Trek needs to revolve around him

He’s rage posting “we don’t need two girl bosses” but never posted “We don’t need two boy bosses” when Picard and Riker took the D.

The D had a male captain, a male XO, a male tactical officer, a male navigator, a male at Ops, a female counselor, and a female doctor.

The G has a female captain, a female Xo, a male tactical officer, a female navigator, a female at Ops, a male counselor, and a female doctor.

It’s the same spread as TNG, exactly, but he’s lost his mind because less men, and as he’s put it, more “girls.”

Yes. Terry gets what Star Trek is and can be.

As much as I love what Terry did by giving us relevant and earned fan service, the part that excites me about a Legacy show, is his ability to craft and weave a story that used those elements appropriately, but all the while telling a forward thinking story. All I want from a new, younger cast is to push the universe forward and not be so obsessed with the lore that it forgets to chart new courses. SNW is at its best when it isn’t so hell bent on tying everything in.

No thanks

Interesting to see the staying power of Picard.

One thing to keep in mind is that Netflix shows that drop all at once have an advantage. Amazon and Apple shows that have 2 episodes in the first season premieres are also advantaged.

Transatlantic on Netflix, which ranks above Picard for this specific week, had higher viewership minutes but is not likely to have repeated.

It will be interesting to see if SNW can crack this list.

If not, Paramount should wrap up the 23rd Century/Discoverse and plough full speed ahead with more 25th century Trek.

Or we could just have both? I’m sorry I don’t really get the issue when you have multiple shows on that can target multiple fanbases and demographic, why do you need to get rid of one to keep the other?

To me, I think it’s cool we now have new shows set in the 23rd/24th//25th/32nd centuries. It keeps things interesting IMO. I’m hoping we return to the 22nd century to get more Enterprise stories sand in time another post 25th century show with brand new characters. I actually would like the Section 31 movie to be set in a new century but I’m guessing it will be somewhere between the 23rd and 25th century, which I’m fine with too.

But the potential is there to expand Trek like we haven’t seen since the 90s.

Having Trek take place in three different eras seems to offer more creative possibilities.

The 24th century shows of the Berman-era were constrained to have the same fundamental visual look, same societal backdrop, same technology.

If the strategy is to offer a menu of shows for different market niches, keeping everything in a common era is a barrier to that.

Putting DS9 on a Cardassian-built station around a former occupied planet was a great workaround, so was sending Voyager to the Delta Quadrant, but all the better to have shows situated fairly far apart in time.

I agree. And I really loved how they differentiated the 24th century shows at the time and each had their own mythology so to speak. I can understand if you are a huge fan of those (and I certainly am as DS9, TNG and VOY are my top 3 favorite shows) you want more of it. But I think what they are doing now by having shows in different periods and formats is a lot more fun and interesting. And we are still getting stuff like Prodigy being (mostly) in the Delta Quadrant, etc.

But I understand too if you just want a show in the 23rd or 24th centuries too. Well guess what, you got them. But most of us, we want to see the universe spread out a bit. I love with a new season (and probably movies) we’re jumping to a different time period even if they are not that far apart like Lower Decks and Prodigy.

It’s an important aside, the writers are still on strike, the actors and directors are likely to follow, and Paramount Global is dog paddling furiously to keep its financial ahead above water. It’s not a bad idea to get to heavily invested in what comes next, when a very real possibility exists that what comes next is nothing.

Edit – It’s not a good idea to get heavily invested…


He’s not wrong. I really don’t think P+ has a long future in the streaming world, and it’s hard for me to envision what Paramount will do. Goin the Sony route and producing content for someone else to distribute might be the ticket. If they really got desperate for cash, they could certainly consider selling the Star Trek IP. I have no way of knowing what it would be worth, but you figure The Mouse paid just over four billion dollars for Lucasfilm (not just Star Wars) so I’d have to imagine Star Trek is worth substantially less than that, maybe one billion.

Yes he could be right. But I just don’t think predicting it’s end is anymore helpful either. AFAIK they are still making new shows and films and have plans to combine Showtime to keep things afloat. I agree it’s not in the best shape, it doesn’t mean it’s being dumped tomorrow either.

But it would be nice if the classic shows can go back to other streamers like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. At the time, I thought that was a smart idea to keep all of Star Trek in house. Now I think it was a mistake because they are probably losing tens of millions of dollars distributing the shows to other places AND it helps to turn new fans onto the new shows as well. Now you have to just hope anyone who subscribe to P+ will check out Star Trek, but it’s such a tiny amount of subscribers when compared to bigger sites like Netflix or Amazon. That move is probably creating less fans at the end of the day, not more.

And I don’t think Paramount would ever sell Star Trek. Lucasfilm was different because it was a small production company and run by one guy who created it. At worst, they would just put Star Trek in mothballs for a few years or just license it to another studio to make more of it. But I think the franchise is too valuable to just sell off completely.

That said, sadly I don’t even think it would be big enough for someone like Disney to buy. Trek is a solid IP, but it’s not the biggest either.

Paramount would be broken up and sold for parts before it ever sold its interests in Star Trek.

I hope it never happens, but this definitely feels a bit like rooting for K-Mart in the age of Amazon.

Paramount Plus isn’t just new original streaming content and old shows. It’s also tied to CBS, so everything that airs on the CBS network’s primetime schedule also streams on P+. It does have the weakest movie library, but between original shows, CBS, Showtime, MTV, Comedy Central, and its sports options, it can be relevant in other ways. I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

There’s a path forward to achieve scale and make a profit (WBD seems poised to do so with Max next year after some painful and divisive cuts). It’s just a narrow one, and the Paramount Global company around it is on shaky ground. Hence the chatter for years that someone (like Apple or Verizon) would swoop in and buy the whole company or another suitor (like Comcast) would pull a Disney and end up taking what it wants and leave the parts it doesn’t (or legally can’t have) to wither on the vine.

Not with the writing the way it is, no. They have to scrap this “day at the office feel” and make it feel like Star Trek! Neutral dialogue, in a quasi-military setting. Not saying “hit it”, and “you know I got this”. What Captain and helmsman talk like that? These characters are not in Star Trek, they’re on a set PLAYING Star Trek with their friends. Its ridiculous.


There is no monolith of ‘the fans’.

Again please – you and those who loved Picard season 3, but that’s not all of us.

Some of us would like more of the 25th century but were fairly disappointed in the quality of the back half of the season.

Yelling in capital letters doesn’t make it true that everyone wants what you want or would be interested to watch a new show as it was proposed in the final scenes of the finale.

Bro you’re starting to get annoying. 🙄

This is the third time I’ve had this talk with you A. I’m discussing one show only and B. I don’t mean every.single.fan who has ever watched Star Trek in their life. I’m obviously talking about the fans who liked the season and the ones specifically campaigning for more. THOSE are the fans who have spoken, OK?

I don’t mean you or anyone specifically. And if you don’t want it, totally cool! I get it.

And bro it’s just a message board, it doesn’t mean much, we’re just messing around so relax. But can we please stop having the same conversation on every board now?

Yeah tone and specifically context can be hard online at times. And yes, we shouldn’t take every little thing so seriously on a fan board when it’s just people expressing themselves.

TG47 is a great guy, but a little sensitive at times lol.

Yeah he’s definitely a great guy and love reading his posts but he needs to chill out.

He constantly comes off offended because people are rooting for a show. I think we all understand how message boards work at this point and understand we’re not speaking for every fan out there. C’mon! When people say stuff like WE WANT THE PIKE SHOW or FANS LOVE TWOK! We all get it’s not the collective ‘we’, we’re just speaking in general. It’s just fans being excited for something, iIt doesn’t mean every fan out there agrees.

It’s 2023, does this really have to be explained?

And it’s funny people used to always get on my case when I was too negative about Star Tee (I waa pretty negative for a long time though lol). Now some get on my case when I’m being too positive and enthusiastic about it. 😅

And it’s just a message board…like none of thus matters. Don’t get so offended over every little thing.

You’re a great guy (assuming the gender) and I like to read your posts too TG1701 but reading this as an uninvolved 3rd party, I can say that you need to chill out too. There are 2 sides to this argument. TG47’s is no less valid than yours. IDIC.

So a Star Trek fan saying I want a Star Trek show on a Star Trek board is now a bad thing?!? Seriously??

I just said man I’m not speaking for everyone. Show me one post, ONE, where I got on someone’s case who said they don’t like the idea? Show me a post where I have got on anyone case for a difference of opinion??

I know TG47 have issue with it, he talks about it all the time lol. I’m cool with that. You don’t see me jumping down his or anyone’s throat about it because I DO respect his opinion and have zero issues with it. OK?

I’m just expressing mine. Seriously

And this is the third time this has happened. The last time he got on my case when I said I wanted more Terry Trek (in all lower caps that time ;)) when I responded to a poster and agreed with them. The guy jumped down my throat in a bizarre tirade I was saying I only wanted Star Trek shows produced by him, Kurtzman fired and all the current shows replaced, even though I made clear with the exception of Discovery I’m a fan of them all. I was only saying I wanted the Legacy show too. Is that OK to say? I’m getting tired of offending someone who seems to misread what I’m saying.

I have no problem with his POV and I agree with him over people who want Terry to make all of Star Trek in his image but I’m not saying that either so he needs to chill.

But this a fan board? In fan boards fans like to express themselves. Isn’t this supposed to be, what’s the word, fun?

Hey 1701, we’re trying to make this board for everyone.

I recall you’re feeling unwelcome and signing off for a while previously. I thought that was really unfortunate because more often than not I enjoy your comments elsewhere (where I read/lurk but don’t engage).

The thing is, I’ve noticed that as you and others have got louder, some of the newer, seemingly younger folk, bringing different perspectives, have gotten quieter. Losing their voices isn’t a good thing either.

So if your over exuberant expressions or those of others is inhibiting others it’s unfortunate too, even if all you’re trying to do is communicate loud enthusiastic energy.

The young ones would say, not entirely euphemistically or kindly , “That’s a lot of passion there.”

I agree it’s hard to read tone in text, all the more on boards where we’re all behind aliases.

I’ve enjoyed this place because a lot of different types of people join in with different perspectives, better yet from diverse countries.

But generational norms on social media are evolving rapidly.

It sounds like you may not have many Gen Z employees or kids, or even younger millennials in your life.

What was considered mere yelling-with-caps in the 90s is now considered at least an order of magnitude more obnoxious than that.

I’m an old fan who watched TOS in first run, but I do have lots of younger millennials and Gen Zs in my life. They are not shy to correct folks my age and younger, even when we are their organizational superiors.

All caps can get called out for harassing behaviour in my workplace. Or at least receive the dreaded ‘we can see you have a great deal of passion about this.’

Civility is important and so easy to lose. All the harder when the boundaries of civility are radically different across generations.

I’m not going to say “I’m sorry” for coming across as a downer even if my Canadian instinct is to say that (mainly because people outside Canada don’t know really what we mean or not when we say we’re sorry).

I will say that when you have a Canadian on a board feeling the need to reiterate ‘too much, too loud’, don’t yell or use generalizing language that makes it sound like you assume you speak for everyone, it might be worth taking a step back.

Ok man no worries 😊

I get your point but in reality the real problem is this is just a really small board. I’m on tons of social media like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. There are people just giving their opinions but big enough space to be on individual threads (or make their own) for like minced people to chime in.

Here it’s just a few members and you can only comment on specific articles. On Reddit there are specific threads fans like me can just shout to the havens about. Or if you disagree you can nake that thread about that too.

It’s nothing like that here. Everyone is shuffled in the same section all the time.

But I respect your opinion. I have never disagreed with you not wanting the show. I don’t get triggered over people not liking stuff and I definitely don’t when others do. I always say my opinion and I say it strongly but I recognize it’s MY opinion alone. No one has to agree or even care.

Yeah I agree with this as well. It’s not the ‘opinions’ here, everyone is being civil and not getting on anyone’s case for disagreeing (OK, minus one post I’ve seen), the main issue is you will always have more vocal people on message boards. And most are not trying to drown out others, they are simply passionate about it and have no problems saying so.

On a bigger board you can curtail that easier because people can just pick and choose certain threads and a board like Reddit is so big you can’t really ‘over take’ a board. Most people get drowned out in fact if they become too aggressive.

But here, it’s just a few dozen people commenting at any given time and I don’t think anyone cares if you yell about something in places like Youtube, TWITTER, FB, ETC when it’s hundreds, if not thousands of posts discussing something.

That’s the real problem. No one here has said anything remotely wrong or bad. People are simply saying they want a show and believe many feel the same way as they do. And yeah that seems to be the case WHEN you go to places like Reddit, Twitter, YouTube etc and it’s the same posts all saying the same things, ie, a pattern and a strong one at that. TM doesn’t live in a vacuum. There is a huge chorus of fans out there saying this everywhere.

Now ALL that said, it doesn’t mean everyone agrees and they are entitled to disagree and say why, which, as far as I can see, people are doing just that. Maybe they feel they are in the minority, but again, that can happen on a smaller board.

Well said. So sick of the gatekeeping by that dude

Hey, ALL CAP’s, you seem a bit too heavily invested here. Know who else has spoken? The financial markets, that’s who. A twenty five percent layoff at Paramount Global means there’s a real possibility that what comes next for Trek is nothing. Nothing at all. You’re gonna do what the rest of us are, sit back and see how this unfolds. Yelling about it accomplishes nothing.

Bro it’s a fan board, we’re just having fun. If every Star Trek show got cancelled tomorrow my life would go on man. Between 2001 to 2017 I barely paid attention to the new stuff because I hated all of it and just watched the reruns of the old stuf I liked. Wasn’t a big deal. There is enough content now to last a life time. But we’re fans we will happily take more.

And we get it you think it’s all going to end up in a dumpster soon.Either way, I’ll be OK, I promise. 😉

Hi Phil, trying to parse the 25% domestic staff cut in the ‘ MTV and Showtime’ part of Paramount Global.

First it’s only in the United States. That’s interesting because it aligns with what CEO Baklish said at both of the last two earnings calls. That is, that they are going to focus on being truly global, and build content generation outside the US.

This has the air of making a one time major realignment out of being a historically American-centric entertainment company to the kind of international one that is a strength for Netflix. Baklish was the international VP before he was CEO and may have seen this as a necessary correction once Paramount+ rolled out through Europe and into South Korea

Since Star Trek is produced outside the US, in CBS Stages outside the US, with the writers contracted through Secret Hideout, this doesn’t sound as though it will have a direct impact on the franchise.

Second, McCarthy’s list of shows that had contributed to subscription pickups in the past quarter didn’t mention anything Star Trek. That’s not due to underperformance. So, it’s another confirmation that it’s not part of this announcement.

Now of course there are likely other cuts, ill news to drop in other announcements.

Paramount seems to be ruthless strategically. Star Trek aligns closely with the 3Fs strategy for Paramount+ ‘fandoms, franchises and familiar faces.’

However the numbers need to be there for the shows to justify keeping them in the lineup. SNW needs good streaming numbers in June-July. Those who never got around to completing their views of Prodigy need to do it.

Have you ever noticed how those two dudes always defend each other here and always agree on the major stuff?

I just starting watching it and it’s great. I hope he gets a chance to do Legacy since this is doing big numbers.

I’m still a little confused on if they retconned out the Riker-Troi daughter or not though. Maybe they mentioned her and I missed it but Riker has only been talking about the son.

They mention Kestra at one point – don’t remember exactly when though, but she is definitely still around.

That was super weird, right? Like when Troi says “Jack and Sidney, they’re our family too,” and I was like, “And Kestra, right? RIGHT?”

I’m glad she was absent and mostly ignored. I can’t stand precocious children.

They mention her like three or four times across the season but it’s weird she didn’t get named dropped in the last two. I feel like they didn’t want to have to answer if she was swept up in the borg thing or not so she just doesn’t come up in the finale.

I guess at least her parents didn’t forget about her completely like poor Alexander.

In the last podcast, Terry Malalas said they tried to write an episode with her in it but they couldn’t fit it in. So they intended something more.

I rewatched the season with my kids last weekend and I noticed the mentions of her just dropped off once the Borg thing started. It definitely felt like something like a line got cut in the last two or they couldn’t fit it in. Listened to the podcast and heard what he said and it makes sense.

Let’s see, where could she be?

They locked her in a closet.
She’s at the grade school Starfleet Academy. When she was assimilated, she phasered her teacher.
Alexander’s Intergalactic Sitter Service is taking care of her, with honor.
She’s really a Q

Wow, this is so cool. So correct me if I am wrong but this means that both SNW and PIC have achived this? I hope this means that (after the strike) Trek won’t suffer TOO much from the budget cuts!

Speaking of that, I am starting to see why every studio but Netflix (and Apple) are cutting back on programming. Like sheesh Netflix, way to hog all the ratings!

SNW has reached the top 10 as well? I didn’t know that but cool. But Paramount really should be trying to fast track the Legacy show and push the CW Academy show back. No one is dying for more 32nd century stories thanks to Discovery turning it into a melodramatic slog. Most fans want more adventures of Captain Seven on the USS Enterprise.

If we have Legacy, SNW, LDS and Prodigy for the next few years that would be a great line up!

Yep and can’t deny Netflix still rules though.

The Night Agent is very entertaining. Far-fetched sometimes, but interesting.

I have heard good things about that show. But I’ll definitely check it out now. Thank you for the recommendation.

This is a different metric. Paramount+ only started being included in Nielsen US streaming numbers as of February 2023.

SNW was top breakout new series in Parrot Analytics lists when it premiered in 2022. It was measured by Nielsen in season one.

Cool! 😎


Ohhhhhhhh…. OOPS! Still cool tho!


Still tho… *fingers crossed* I’m hoping SNW is going to make Nielsons top ten in S2!

Netflix borrowed money to high heaven to amass content and achieve scale. Now that it has, it has turned a profit, and everyone else is playing catch up. I don’t begrudge the media companies who have a foothold in distribution for wanting to catch some of the runoff as people turn away from broadcast and even going out to movie theaters, but maybe they should have settled for going all in on Hulu. It’s really only Apple and Amazon who have the deep pockets (and other agendas they are using Hollywood to forward) to last a very long time. Paramount needs this to work as it’s their bread and butter. I’m just skeptical if a streaming-only model in the future can ever replace the profits they were getting from Broadcast, even if they weather these years of losses. I hope so, because they’ll prioritize Trek content if it’s for themselves and not licensed to someone else.

Oh I agree completely. I made the Netflix comment as more of a Joke lol. Despite their massive ratings returns they are probably the company hurting more than anyone else. They don’t have the traditional model to fall back on. Also, part of their ratings has to be because they simply have SOO many more subs than anyone else does.

And ya when it comes to Apple and Amazon, they have entirely different business models. Apple cares about iPhone/iPad/Mac sales. Buy a device, get Apple TV+ for a year! With Amazon its all about get Prime and get all these features, including prime video. I am not saying they don’t care about their streaming divisions a lot but it is a bit piece of their quarterly financials. ESP Apple, AKA the only big Tech company not laying off in the 10s of thousands right now.

It’s crazy how what would be big business for all the major media companies is just play money for Apple and Amazon. I’m glad they’re investing new money in Hollywood, but I also don’t want to see the industry co-opted completely by huge companies with other agendas.

Ya I totally agree. I like that they are adding quality programming to hollywood but I don’t like the idea that trillion $$$ companies can change the industry so easily.

This service just started rating Paramount Global, they’ve not rated SNW. I’d imagine if a bunch of people went back and binged SNW, it might pop up, but so far, no.

I hope S2 shows up on the charts!

Way to go, ST:P-S3! Very cool. Here’s hoping the trend continues with SNW-S2. Keep Trek strong.

Well done PIC season 3. Onward to Star Trek Legacy!

Yup I will gladly trade Lower Decks and Section 31 for Legacy. This is how you do Trek. #goterry

I would trade Legacy for the gamma quadrant but the gamma quadrant is worth way more than it.

Legacy could explore the Gamma quadrant via the wormhole. Would also mean a visit to DS9 too.

It could but I doubt it. I very much doubt it. It’ll just end up being about the Borg again and I’m not being fooled twice.

Keep Lower Decks & Prodigy as they’re near the same era (late 24th century/early 25th century). Scrap the Discoverse like SNW/Section 31/Starfleet Academy. You’re tied with pre-established canon with the 23rd century so silly making more adventures with Pike and crew beyond. Yes the Academy show will likely be 32nd century, but VERY few want that and that era is ‘meh’ IMO.

So, we know what you want to see.

I give you and Jame Cude kudos for saying it without attributing it to all fans.

After seeing what Matalas proposes at the end of the finale, I’m personally rather regretting having been an early adopter and signing the petition after episode 5.

It’s a fairly grimdark 25th century we’ve been left with. Socially a regression from aspirational Trek values, Starfleet nearly destroyed and riddled with influence and nepotism.

Matalas himself has ‘burned the world’ to save his favourites. I wish he hadn’t. An ongoing nostalgic tour to visit legacy characters and places doesn’t sound much like a premise.

I could still be interested in a 25th century show if Jack Crusher isn’t a main character, and if they dialed back on the nepotism.

But I wouldn’t be as invested as I am in SNW.

I actually find the 32nd century interesting.

The technology is new, interesting and genuinely feels futuristic. The art/production design is absolutely gorgeous, and bright in a way of no current science fiction show other than SNW.

We’ve been given some of the most fascinating new characters of the SH-era in Vance, Kovich, T’rina.

While I have always been cautious about the appeal of an Academy show, I had my doubts about Prodigy and Lower Decks and was completely wrong. If the creators of Academy have taken a lead from The Magicians, it could truly great and appeal to a wider demographic than its target niche.

IMHO its kinda ironic that you see the 32nd century as interesting but the 25th as gimark. It’s the 32nd century that literally burned. At least in the 25th the Federation is still alive and kicking. TPTB literally destroyed the world(s) to make a movie and Picard just followed the natural progression of canon from ST 2009.

Sure S3 was nostalgic but, hey, it worked and frankly after the first 2 seasons we needed it because that’s what everyone was expecting from the beginning so they kinda crammed 3 seasons worth of it into one lol. And sure the show is dark but all live action Trek has been post 9/11. It’s sad to say but that’s just the world we live in today and Trek is reflecting the world we live in like it always has.

A Legacy show *could* reverse all of that though. The Borg threat and the Changelling threat could be permanently gone now. The Romulan threat seems to have been taken care of in S1 of PIC. The Klingons are allies. I assume the Cardassians are still decimated. Minus the obvious need for a new threat this could be a rebuilding year of sorts for the Federation.

As for the 32nd century, my biggest problem isn’t even the burn itself. My biggest issue is that canonically speaking it makes no sense. It’s like TPTB did no homework whatsoever. In the 32nd century dilithium should mean nothing. In TNG they were on the verge of perfecting WARP witthout WARP drive. VOY of course had slip stream and transwarp conduits. And Daniels, who came a century before the Burn could transport Archer and T’Pol not just through time but across light years with Iconian like technology. No matter how many ships blew up, the Federation should not have been crippled for a century.

You know I agree with you and others issues over the Burn and 32nd century technology. Yeah, it makes zero sense the spore drive just wasn’t a thing by then. Even if you can buy Starfleet would for some odd reason just abandon the biggest technological breakthrough of all time SINCE warp travel itself, it’s no way you would buy no one else would attempt to do it once they knew its possible….after 900 years, but I digress.

But I also believe it’s premature to say we seen in the end all and be all of 32nd tech. We’ve seen a (very) small portion of it on Discovery and through a smaller more crippled Federation. I think there are tons of crazy tech out there that we haven’t come across yet. I would love to see how different people live on Earth for example, which we literally only saw for 5 minutes on Discovery so far. With the Academy show, it will open things up we haven’t seen on DIS (and another reason this show has become such a big disappointment to me).

But of course if you ask most fans what century they rather see, the 32nd century or the 25th, its a huge no-brainer. And while I don’t think they are going to abandon their idea of keeping the show in the 32nd century, there would be smaller cries over it if they compromised and put the show in the 25th century instead and you still get your Academy show with teenagers but can now revolve it around legacy characters and TNG era story lines. It won’t happen…but it would definitely stop most of the moaning over it.

Sure it could be true that there is 32nd century tech we haven’t seen yet. I totally buy that. But it still does not make sense that the Federation was crippled for over a century if that technology was ANYWHERE whether we have seen it or not. I mean, like I said before, Daniels had Iconican like tech that made WARP drive look like stone age wooden tools. And he was from a time well before the burn. It just makes no sense. At the end of the day? the writers of Discovery were at best lazy and at worst incompetent!!!!!

The whole point of pusing Discovery to the 32nd century was to stop defying canon and then they did it all over again!!!!!!!!!!! They are just the WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree about S31 ane esp Academy. But not SNW. The show is just too good IMHO. Sure it bends canon here and there with stuff like the Gorn but not too badly. And in other ways it fixes it like with the Klingons in the upcoming season. SNW is the quality prequel ENT should have been.

video unavailable :-(

That’s because you live in an enemy country that is not allowed to see this content, even though you probably subscribe and pay to see it anyway. It’s my case too, being in Canada, the bowels of the Earth… This is why this region-lock thing is idiotic. They end up pissing off their viewers. And before a know-it-all replies to me explaining the situation about rights and all that, don’t bother. I’m aware and impervious to corporate BS.

Also Canadian here.

Most of the region-locked content eventually appears in a globally accessible version on StarTrek.com.

But why they feel they should be tweeting out a region-locked version at all is beyond me. (Certainly BellMedia isn’t tweeting out this stuff.)

Unless they really want to send out the message that the US market is still the ‘real’ market that counts. That’s certainly not what CEO Bob Baklish is saying.

However, it sounds like the other streamers are generally doing even worse on their social media campaigns!

I recently looked at the award nominations for social media promotions. Paramount Global (Paramount+, CBS and Nickelodeon) were the only major content firm nominated in just about every category. Sometimes more than one Paramount Global thing was nominated in a category. Netflix, WB show up occasionally but the difference is staggering.

And this is what I find annoying, that by doing this they do in fact give the impression that the US is the real market that counts. I have no doubt that even the combined other markets are less than the US but this is definitely a marketing blunder or at least appears to be so, as I’m sure there are legal reasons…

Meanwhile their CEO Baklish talks about how their growth is outside the US and more content creation needs to happen outside the US too.

I guess the rank and file employees in the US are going get the message in the most unfortunate possible way since 25% of ‘domestic’ staff are being cut.

Give us our Legacy!

I think we’ve already surpassed the point where it’s undeniable obvious that people want to have more TNG and (presumably) Berman trek in general.

100% agreed and with people working on the show who gets it (Matalas, Blass, Okuda, Drexler etc). Also please, no more generic Jeff Russo music. Bring back Stephen Barton and Frederik Wiedmann who did excellent with Picard.

I agree with this as well. No matter how you feel about any of them personally, those shows have all aged gracefully and people still love these characters. That’s proven every time one of them pops up on Picard, LDS and Prodigy.

I think the TNG era is really the epitome of Trek for a huge part of the fan base today. They obviously know that or you wouldn’t have 3 new shows in this era now with Picard, Janeway and possibly Seven leading them. I definitely want to see Trek go forward, ie, post 25th century with new characters and settings and why I support the Academy show even though Discovery is my least favorite one in the franchise. I want to see Trek expand and to be fair, it has been the last few years.

But I also think the Legacy show is what most fans want having the opportunity to develop both more legacy characters people grew up with but also create a new generation of characters to follow their footsteps in time. I’m really excited for the potential and what a TNG type 25th century show can bring with a nice mixture of old and new characters which would be expanding the Trek universe as well.

And Q is back, so it’s going to fun no matter what! ;D

People keep talking about the Academy show being set in the 32nd century but has this actually been confirmed by anyone official or is it just fan speculation?
I’m just curious because it keeps coming up again and again.

It’s speculation but its strong speculation as the official description notes gathering recruits after a 100 year absense or something to that effect. And also of course in DIS Tilly left for the Academy

The press release specifically said the Academy is opening up again for the first time in over a century. Where else did that happen other than the Burn? They also pointed that out in the episode when Tilly took the cadets on a mission they were the first recruits to be part of the new Academy..

But sure I guess you can argue there was another time it could’ve been shut down for a century in a post-Picard future somewhere but since we know the Federation and Starfleet was humming along through all those centuries, this period just makes the most sense.

Got it. So pretty big clues even though it’s not confirmed.

No worries!

Right there too! 😊

I want more TNG! I really like SNW and I don’t nind seeing new stuff but for me Trek has always been TNG/DS9/VOY in that order. That’s what I grew up with and the most invested in. So it’s really what I want to see more than anything.

Picard seasons 1 and 2 should’ve been what what season 3 was. That’s what fans like me haa been begging for 20 years instead of boring prequels and reboots like JJ verse. I just don’t care about stuff like that.

This is the Trek a lot of fans want again. And both the ratings and strong reviews proves it.

Some people.

Not ‘people’.

Don’t bandwagon people with other tastes out of existence.

Many old 90s fans who weren’t finding what they wanted in the newer shows got something they were looking for. That’s fantastic, good for the franchise.

But it wasn’t what all of us were looking for.

Many of us watched, but aren’t rewatching Picard S3.

Many of us loved the first half of the season, but are very uneasy with where the finale left the universe and with Matalas’ framing of his nepotism-based concept for a legacy tour show. It’s left a very sour taste in many mouths.

Like most of us here, I’ll watch all of it once. So, I would at least give a new Matalas show a try. As would my spouse.

My teens won’t though. They wait to hear if a season is worth their time. For Picard S3, that’s not happening. They have no interest in ‘kids of’ characters. Knowing legacy characters were back wasn’t enough to pique their enthusiasm.

They do watch Lower Decks, and one watches Discovery, another Prodigy. SNW gets sampled by all.

‘Terry Trek’ is built for younger boomers, GenX and older millennials and that’s it. It’s no way to build or sustain the franchise for the future.

I don’t think Data was implying everyone.

Tiger2, there’s a lot of bandwagon language happening here.

I don’t actually think it’s helpful when people share their own enthusiasm with bandwagon appeal language such as ‘the fans’, people, everyone etc.

It’s also coming across as a really American-centric attitude in an era when entertainment is global.

In fact, it comes across as marginalizing, devaluing, gatekeeping out those who like other things. Or, devaluing the preferences and interests of fans outside the US market. Not IDIC.

It’s genuinely great that Picard S3 reengaged a good number of TNG fans, and demonstrated that there’s an audience for going forward in the 25th century.

(Again, I signed that petition somewhere around episode 4 or 5, back when it had far less than 20k signatures.)

It’s also nice that we can see Nielsen numbers for the US for Trek shows. However, as CEO Bob Baklish has pointed out, the US is only one part of the Paramount market and they can’t succeed or make business decisions on that alone.

Again, I don’t think that’s what Data themselves were suggesting, that’s all And this is a message board, not an English class. People generalize things all the time man. How many times do you see comments like ‘Fans hate Disney Star Wars’ or ‘People want to see more Baby Yoda’. Apologies for the Star Wars references, I been on SW boards all day lol. But does that imply literally everyone? I’m guessing they are just speaking in general, yes?

TG47, you seem to be taking this a little too seriously. Who is marginalizing you here? Who has told you your opinion is wrong? Who has devalued your POV? Dude, I’ve read every single post of yours, no one is even challenging your opinion, they are simply talking about their own. Can you point out one member here who has told you your opinion doesn’t matter? We HAD a guy like this, but thankfully he’s gone now.

And that’s because it’s a message board, people are just being enthusiastic about their favorite franchise. And yes, people generally say things they want (or don’t want) on it. No one is telling you you have to agree with them. I remember for about 2 years people were hollering for a Pike show. There were people constantly yelling GIVE US THE PIKE SHOW! For the record, I wasn’t one of those people (at the beginning). I didn’t have an issue if one got made, but I wasn’t pushing for it either. But every time a fan said people wanted it, I didn’t get upset about it because I understood they were simply talking about allll the people who were pushing for one. That’s all.

Dude, people are just excited for a show. That’s a GOOD thing. But no one is suggesting everyone wants the same thing. We’re Star Trek fans, when does that ever really happen lol. But same time, when there is clearly a big consensus that enough people DO want something, then yes it’s going to get expressed over and over again, ie,, the Pike show, correct? That’s ironically why we have the shows we have now. That’s why so many of them LIKE Picard season 3 got made in the first place because it’s fans expressing what they want and the right people listening.

End of the day there will either be a show or there won’t be. If there isn’t, everyone will simply move on to the next thing (if there is a next thing). If there is, the people who don’t want it will not be forced to watch it. That’s really it. But it’s very odd to me people are getting upset because others are enthusiastic about a show. That’s why we have message boards in the first place, right?

Well said, it’s all about opinions and reading someone consistently disagreeing with every post is tiring to read. To me each series should be different so don’t get the problems with a Legacy series that so many people want.
Personally I think there is a large amount of Star Trek fans wanting a show that continues the universe that TNG,DS9 and Voyager started. That’s the part of the Legacy series that excites me as it has only been briefly explored in Picard.
We have had 3 pre Kirk series now Enterprise, Discovery and SNW.
I am probably one of the few here that actually enjoyed the previous seasons of Picard as it was different as I did DS9 so I do also find the Academy series intriguing also as it will not just be another starship show. I will give every Star Trek series a chance and it is good that they are different and TM will create a great Trek universe I feel. Loved 12 Monkeys, bought the Blu Ray and didn’t know what I was getting into, so was a pleasant suprise

And dude, no offense but it really gets eye rolling whenever it’s something you don’t like being said you blame it all on us Americans lol. You do this ALL the time man. Something you disagree with, it’s ‘American-centric’. Maybe just MAYBE not everyone who disagrees with you or like something you don’t are just us myopic Americans. This site like every site is global with fans from every region of the world participating. UNLESS they say where they are from, I really think it’s wrong to assume it’s just one group of a nationality, age group, gender about anything.

And here is a crazier thought, maybe it’s other Canadians who also want a Legacy show too JUST like, believe it or not, there are some Americans who don’t want it at all either.

You constantly seem offended over fans labeling other fans and yet you do yourself over and over again.

“It’s also coming across as a really American-centric attitude” – Speaking of nationalities; I’m a german based in Germany.

“Or, devaluing the preferences and interests of fans outside the US market.” … and on Amazon GERMANY Picard S3 peaked at position 2 of ALL series in Amazon Germany.
So I think it’s ok when I express a little bit of excitement – and only because I didn’t wrote “Picard is liked by people BUT NOT IN EVERY COUNTY, REGION, VILLAGE IN THE WORLD AND ALSO NOT BY EVERY HUMAN BEING” I think it’s not worthy of making this a big subject out of that and it’s actually pretty clear HOW I meant this.. if someone is not looking for a thing that, with “good” will, may have the potential for criticism.

“Like most of us here, I’ll watch all of it once” – If this is the case I’m not sure how it can go in the top ten -twice-.. Maybe new fans..?

And of course I know that there are -people- who like stuff, and -people- who don’t.. Sorry for not being precise enough.

I think most people understood what you were saying dude.

I think (hope) so too buddy… but… you know.. maybe because of the name I chose here -SOME-😉people expecting highly detailed expressions from me 😜

#StarTrekPicard got a little shoutout from @Paramountco in their Q1 financials press release, citing it as one of the drivers for 4.1M new subscribers to @paramountplus

Wow fantastic news! :)

In other words, Picard helped grow the market! Not a shock obviously, this is probably the biggest thing for a huge swath of Trek fans in over 20 years. TNG is still king over 35 years later! It’s just nice to see it’s being recognized as such.And it’s more proof the Legacy show is really a no-brainer.

I have said I have no issues with having a 32nd century Academy show, but a Captain Seven show on the Enterprise G with the opportunity to draw in other legacy characters from TNG to VOY is just begging to get made.

Again, I can’t think of a single draw back why Paramount wouldn’t want to do this show knowing all the fanfare it will get? And especially seeing how big this season did in the ratings and all the lavish praise it brought.

Then they laid off twenty five percent of the company. So there’s that…..

LOL Phil, are you going be gloom and doom on every post now? Yeah man, I know. Paramount is in a rough spot. There is a great YouTuber named Dan Murrell who people has probably come across before (and formerly worked on Screen Junkies) who made a video about it literally a day ago laying out the issues with Parmountt+ and the financial difficulties it’s in right now. It all sounds very dire lol. He seems to think if any of the big services will be the first to go it could be this one. And the way he lays it out, I have to at least contend with that possibility.

BUT he also made a good point that a lot of people in Hollywood have big egos and they don’t want to be the first to admit they failed at something and could just keep throwing money at it. So we’ll see. Besides Star Trek, I actually think Paramount+ is a great service now and I don’t want it to be the UPN of streaming lol.

BUT as long as the service IS around and they keep saying they will make more Star Trek until then, we just have to cross our fingers more will come in the next few years. And of course if P+ fails, it doesn’t stop them from licensing the franchise to other studios and streamers.

Isn’t the star of Beef one of the Titan’s bridge crew?

Beyond Belief…

Not “the” star. And also, his Beef character’s mother is played by Patti Yasutake.

I’m a bit more tepid on Legacy than I was expecting to be. I love Seven and Raffi and also loved Shaw ( I wanted a burly hairy Captain Rios show but that prospect was taken from me too) so the original idea of a Titan-A show was very very exciting. But the less than subtle hook we were left with felt a bit heavy handed and kind of disingenuous. With Pike we had their journeys continued leave with a smile but the end of Picard was a flat out sales pitch.

Also I just can’t stand Jack, upon retrospect his fast track to ensign didn’t make any sense and he borders on Mary Sue a little (must run in the crusher family). And I’m not being cruel but Jack can’t be older than 21/22 and…nah. The timeline of the La Forge sisters raises questions too.

Legacy would need quite the rework for me. Retcon the ship back to Titan. Do away with Jack. Cadet Elnor in the main cast. Ignore Kestra she’s way too young to be going to the Academy. And ultimately it needs a purpose, I love me some fanservice but that can’t be the core of the show, Picard earned the TNG reunion by building to it. Legacy needs a purpose and an adventure of the week on a Constitution variant isn’t enough because we have that in SNW. Maybe I’d feel different if the ship were nicer looking I don’t know.

Matalas needs someone to edit his ideas, I could easily see some criticisms of legacy akin to the criticisms of George Lucas being over indulgent and unsupervised.

Yeah these are all valid points. I loved season 3 but it had a LOT of flaws lol. And I’m one of those people who would’ve preferred just a new Enterprise and kept the Titan as the Titan. I do think that is a big point of contention from some fans because it doesn’t feel sleek or advanced enough and yeah it’s weird to just wipe out Titan’s history with a new name. In fact considering it was the ship that helped saved the Federation its name would be held up.

I don’t mind if the Enterprise isn’t the flagship, but yeah, it felt a bit odd to get to know the Titan all season, then just rechristen her.

There was 22 years between the Enterprises C and D so surely interim flagships are a thing. Maybe the Yamato-D was between them so the Titan-A could have been given that prestigious honour instead of being renamed, carried on its own legacy. That would have been a good message for the show that anyone can become a hero and forge their own legacy but no. Say, I wonder what the flagship was between the NX-01 and 1701

I would have preferred a diff ship as well. The worst thing about S3 for me was the Titan herself. Although I suppose it is kinda cool that a new-“constitution” class starship is now Enterprise.

Yeah, there does seem to be a division on the Titan itself. I didn’t love it either but it grew on me. But I don’t really think it needed to be a ‘Neo Constitution’ class and all of that, it should’ve looked like a 25th century ship instead of a quasi 23rd century ship but Matalas let his fanboy hang out big with this show lol.

Its funny because I was reading a lot of people didn’t like the look of the Enterprise F and was happy that wasn’t going to be the hero ship if the Legacy show happens. Now I’m seeing comments where people would rather have the F back. Go figure.

Ya. I get where Matalas where coming from being a fanboy of the movie era ships but it just didn’t make sense to me that starfleet would go back to such old school designs. I mean I get his arguments about Ford retroactivly making mustangs and stuff but still, they don’t actually make 69 mustangs.

Where. Where is Beverly Crusher a Mary Sue. Also lmao everything you think of as being one came from Picard actually. So call the right parent one here

I assumed it was an obvious Wesley joke. My apology for it not being obvious enough.

STPS3 will be the first nu-Trek I buy on Blu Ray. I hope these ratings will encourage the powers that be to get Legacy moving sooner than later (WGA strike notwithstanding).

Fingers crossed…mine certainly are. ;)

I think this shows quite openly which Series should be next on the schedule: Legacy. Let’s go for it. I think Matalas & Team offered splendid work.

Cool to see Picard S3 in the Nielsen charts though i wish they started counting Paramount+ in their ratings earlier but at least now it has been added.

While i enjoyed S3 it wasn’t perfect imo as it had some major problems in the writing department.
With all 3 seasons of Picard S1 remains my favorite season of the show with S3 in 2nd and S2 in 3rd.

Hopefully if Matalas is the show runner for a Star Trek Legacy series he learns from the mistakes he made with S3 and writes/runs the show better then he did S3. There is room for major improvement from him imo.

I’m looking forward to seeing if SNW and Discovery get into the Nielsen top 10 as well as both shows appear in the top 10 on Paramount+ when new episodes air and they both also have brought new subscribers to the service.

I just hope that Paramount+ money problems (which led to them ending Discovery earlier then planned even with the show being one of the most watched shows alongside SNW with both shows having millions of viewers) and the writers strike doesn’t endanger the future of any other Trek shows currently being planned or ones in currently in production.

What i love about the new Trek shows is that each show is different to the rest and i hope any future shows also follow that path.

This should increase the chance for a TNG Movie. The old gang is also definitely speculating on it

The Prophets are smiling upon us. In their infinite wisdom they delivered this writers’ strike to halt production of the Academy show, giving those in charge a chance to reconsider moving full steam ahead with Legacy. I think an official announcement will come shortly after the end of the strike, Prophets willing.

Hopefully the Prophets are whispering in your ear that the strike will be over shortly, because this writers strike has also halted production of SNW. My non prophet eyes are telling me this strike will last a long, long time. Hopefully long enough to cool the nostalgia fever sweeping Trek these days….

Phil…can you take down a notch. Dude, we all know the score. But I don’t think all of Trek will die off in six months either. It’s funny but no one seems worried there will be no more Marvel, DC or Star Wars. Maybe it will have a huge impact going forward. But until they say the Academy show or Section 31 is cancelled, let’s just hope it will work out and at worst, things may get delayed a bit.

And there has been nothing but nostalgia since 2009. Do you think that’s going to stop any time soon? It hasn’t for the last 14 years.

I sure hope the nostalgia stops soon. 14 years is a long time for a trend. About as long as westerns in their heyday, which were also based on nostalgia.

It has to end some time. All good things… well, until they’re at the poker table yet again.

And the only way to REALLY do that if you go forward with the franchise and set the new shows in a post-Picard period, like 50+ years at least. It doesn’t have to be the 32nd century obviously but as long as they continue to set shows between the 23rd-25th centuries it will never change. They just can’t help themselves.

Either that OR just reboot it in a completely new universe, but no one seems to want to do that either…probably because they can’t use the legacy characters lol. And yeah they will probably just do what they did with the Kelvin universe and give us more alternate versions of these characters, so that probably wouldn’t solve anything.

And deservedly so. Cheers. It was a fantastic season.

Good to see that like Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, a TOS ep (Obsession) is still making the charts decades later.

I enjoyed Pic S3 for TNG crew sendoff and fan servIce, but I have zero interest in Legacy. That’s because Pic S3 was way too much JJA-Trek for my liking — Matalas basically gave us Return of the Picard (a total copy of ROTJ).

So I don’t need to see Jack leading The Picard Awakens — because you just know he won’t be able to resist using his The Force-like powers (derived from the Borg) all the time in Legacy.

Though Picard S3 is a clear improvement on S2 it didn’t strike me as living up quite to the amount of hype it was being given by various Internet ‘celebs’ or whatever they can be described.

I’ve decided I don’t like the actor who played Jack Crusher. It’s just my honest opinion.
He was, as everyone has said, not exactly a believable 23 year old due to too many lines on that face to play that age. Just seems an odd decision to not just make him 34 or 35 anyway.

Don’t really buy into the Bev/Picard romance taking place around Nemesis. It’s just doesn’t make sense to me.

The final moments were probably overdone. We didn’t need the Q epilogue, we didn’t need a recheistened Titan, we didn’t need a cartoonish Jack playing with the ‘RafSeven ladies’ at the end.

The Legacy thing that’s being talked about.. I want to see perhaps a Seven led series, with perhaps Raffi and Elnor too in the mix. .

I didn’t like how Picard ended in feeling like a blatant sales pitch for a different ‘potential’* series.

The nostalgia was far too on the nose at times I think.

I do like the season as a whole. Its the only season of any new live action trek I’d describe as ‘good’. Now having said that I have only attempted to watch Discovery S1 and first bit of S2. Strange New Worlds I would say is OK and not quite clicking so far for me. But I’ll likely check out S2 and hope it grows on me.

Well said!

I really loved season 3 but I still agree with a lot of your points. 👍

And not a big fan of the Jack actor either. And I don’t understand why they hire actors who look too old for the age they are supposed be playing? Same issue with the new Kirk on SNW.

There’s no great way to continue on with the existing TNG cast as is. The better option would be a ‘legacy’ series in animation form and then you can rope in TNG and DS9 and post-return Voyage. No worries about age, etc…

So……Are we getting Legacy run by Terry Matalas? Come on, Paramount, THAT is what we want, and we WILL watch it, and you’ll get great ratings and make money. Its a win-win for everyone. But this Starfleet Academy and Section 31? I know some fans are interested, but because of the job Terry Matalas did because he KNOWS STAR TREK, most fans I talk to aren’t interested in either of those projects. (not all, but most) Give us more Terry Trek!!!!!!!!!!

well at least for now after SNW we won’t be getting any new live action trek thanks to the writer’s strike :(