See The Refit USS Enterprise Return In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes’ #1

On Wednesday IDW launches a brand new mini-series that takes us back to the 1970s with Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes. The five-issue series is set immediately after the events of the movie and it’s written by Marc Guggenheim, creator of the Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow CW television series. Echoes features artwork by Oleg Chudakov and colors by DC Alonso, along with a series of different covers for each issue. We have details, covers and a 5-page preview.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes #1


When a space anomaly thrusts a bounty hunter and her target-a criminal mastermind-into their universe, it’s up to Kirk and his crew to stop them from unintentionally starting a war with the Romulans and unleashing a superweapon of foreign tech onto the system. But the strangers from another universe are more familiar than they assume for underneath their helmets are their doppelgangers from an alternate reality!


Cover A by Jake Bartok

Cover B by Oleg Chudakov

RI Cover by Luke Sparrow

RI Cover by Rod Reis

Five-page preview: 

Echoes begins Wednesday

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes #1 arrives on May 17. You can order issue 1 or upcoming issues at TFAW or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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That’s a beautiful ship set to explore the final frontier while it was still wild.
The encylopedia conjectured a whole new 5 year mission there, they should consider doing that with the Kelvinverse cast (though bring on the monster maroon uniforms!).
Sounds like an interesting story too.
Still love the DC comics set at that time period, some of the best Trek ever.

DC’s comics weren’t set after TMP. They were set after Star Trek II. Marvel’s comics and the newspaper strips were set after TMP.

Yes sorry, I meant TOS movie eta Vs TMP specifically.

A whole bunch of novels were set in that era, though, right up to a bit before WOK.

There’s actually over ten years between TMP and WOK. For some of it Spock was in command, but there may even be room for *two* five-year missions in there.

It’s going to be tough to beat Untold Voyages.

The A still looks beautiful! Was so happy to see it on Picard last season. A little disappointed we didn’t get to see it in action though. I thought we were going to see the D, A, NX-01 refit and Voyager all team up together in the finale, but I now realize that would’ve been beyond unrealistic lol.

This comic looks great, I just wish I read comics. ;)

That’s not the A. That’s the actual Enterprise. The original refit. The A was another ship (Yorktown?) just renamed. Shakespeare was wrong. A rose by any other name would NOT smell as sweet…

Ugh, yeah I always think of the A when I see the refit lol. Thanks for the correction!

It seems to be a common issue since they even made the same mistake on the Short Treks episode Ephraim and Dot

Shane Johnson, in Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise, said the A was a ship called the Ti-Ho which was not a refit but built new in the “refit” style. But Mr. Scott’s Guide doesn’t match canon (or what became canon) in a number of ways, most notably his chronology, which he took from the Starfleet chronology.

Yorktown would be fitting in that it was Roddenberry’s original planned name for what became the Enterprise.

(If the A was a new, or relatively new, ship, it’s harder to explain why it was decommissioned after TUC, but I can still think of a few reasons it would be- the damage, the class being replaced by Excelsiors, etc.)

I never thought of that!

All those ‘analogue’ ships in the museum could have been manned by a bunch of ‘old wrinkles’ and the combined cavalry could have assisted the D! Maybe even a few old Klingons on the Bounty! That would have been so cool. A lot of old bridges to rebuild though.

I was really hoping to see Shatner-as-Kirk on the A, a hope even more built up when we saw that his body was on ice. Alas no. :-)

Lookit that, a Colonial Viper…..Galactica can’t be to far away.

Amazing how this movie still resonates after lo these many years…

this is gonna be a Star Wars crossover, isn’t it? those little ships look WAY too damn Wars-y for it NOT to be . . .

Wow! is that a Viper from Battlestar Galactica?

i was always confused….between ST TMP and ST2 TWOK did Admiral Kirk have a 5 year mission on the Enterprise refit?

I don’t recall if it’s canonical or not, but most of the beta-canon stuff def has him on a mission for at least a few years (Marvel did a run before DC, plus several ST novels over the years have him commanding the ship before returning to Starfleet.)

That’s definitely a colonial Viper from BSG. This is maybe going to be some next level fanfic.

After a couple of drinks…..maybe an X Wing?

Reminds me of a Star Wars x-wing

To those of you claiming that looks like a Colonial Viper:

It doesn’t. Totally the wrong design. Look up the Viper on Google Images.

I was thinking more like SW E-Wing.

I am so into this!!!!!