See Quark Start Regretting A Deal In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Dog Of War’ #3

This week IDW continues its new mini-series celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The five-issue “Dog of War” mini-series is touted as an exclusive “lost episode” set within the timespan of DS9. It is written by Mike Chen (Star Wars: Brotherhood) with art from Trek vet Angel Hernandez. We have a five-page preview and all the covers from the third issue.

The Dog of War #3 (of 5)


The Deep Space 9 crew throw a farewell party worth a corgi’s weight in latinum! But just as they prepare to send off Latty, they are met with the screaming siren sounds of a security breach, and not only is the prized corgi nowhere to be found the Borg headset is missing as well. Now the crew must put their heads together to retrieve their pup and keep the tech out of enemy hands!


Cover A by Angel Hernandez (also available in black and white)

Cover B by Adrian Bonilla

Cover C by Andy Price

RI cover by Liana Kangas (also available unlettered)


Five-page preview:

The Dog of War continues on Wednesday

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Dog of War #3 arrives on Wednesday, June 7. You can order and pre-order individual copies at TFAW or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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Why is Oliver Queen in this? LOL

Okay those ears aren’t Vorta ears. Not Weyoun then.

Corgis are not my favorite breed, but I love that Dalmatian with the Klingon dagger!

I met a very nice but sassy Dalmatian named Domino at a dog cafe (called “Pawsitive,” near Bayswater, highly recommended) in London earlier this year. I could totally see him copping that ‘tude.

Are we still taking this seriously?

Unlikely, but that doesn’t they shouldn’t report on it if they want to.

I’m still vaguely following because the Dominion is supposed to be involved in this and I want to see if that means Weyoun or if, like all new Trek when it mentions the Dominion, it just means typically Cardassians and sometimes Changelings and Vorta don’t even get mentioned.