Watch: ‘Star Trek: Infinite’ Gameplay Trailer Reveals Details For The Grand Strategy Game

After being teased last week, the developers behind the upcoming Star Trek: Infinite chose Captain Picard Day to release a gameplay trailer and more info on the grand strategy game set in the Star Trek: The Next Generation era.

Star Trek: Infinite gameplay

Paradox Interactive and Nimble Giant Entertainment revealed the new trailer today for Star Trek: Infinite, coming to PC this Fall. The game promises to take players “on a thrilling journey through space, placing them in the heart of the galactic struggles between the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.”

Here is the new trailer…

Pick your Star Trek power

Star Trek: Infinite puts players in command of one of four major powers in the galaxy: the United Federation of Planets, Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Union, or Klingon Empire. Each major power possesses individualized traits, stories, quests, and more to make their play feel distinct. Players can send fleets to explore the Alpha and Beta quadrants, manage an economy, and navigate diplomatic endeavors.

Star Trek: Infinite screenshot

“As fans of the Star Trek franchise, we are committed to creating a game that stays true to the spirit of The Next Generation, in both its ideals and lore,” said Martin Cao, CEO of Nimble Giant Entertainment in a statement. “Working within these bounds still allows for a wellspring of opportunities. Star Trek: Infinite rewards explorative play, gives players freedom to choose how they respond to the events that unfold in front of them, and provides a strong sense of identity as you lead your empire through the galaxy.”

Star Trek: Infinite screenshot

According to Paradox, Star Trek: Infinite will remain faithful to franchise lore and give players “endless choices and the opportunity to shape the destiny of their favorite Star Trek powers” as they emark on an “unforgettable journey through space, encounter new civilizations, and forge a path among the stars.”

Star Trek: Infinite screenshot

More screenshots

Star Trek: Infinite screenshot

Star Trek: Infinite is coming to PC this Fall.

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Looks like a Star Trek Fleet Command

I wish either the announcement video or the website gave more information. I assume it’s a 4X game, but I wonder if it is “real time” (with maybe a time dilation option) or turn based?

Since it’s made by the same developers as Stellaris, and they’ve kept most of the game elements the same, I would assume it’s real time

It’s not by the same devs, only the same publisher. Stellaris was developed by Paradox’s internal studio, while Infinite is being developed by Nimble Giant Entertainment.

The New Horizons mod for Stellaris is sooo similar to this. Makes sense as Stellaris hails from some of the same people as this game.

But if anyone wants a similar fix, I heartily recommend it. You start in Archer’s time and they’ve painstakingly added a ton of species, planets, details, and missions from every show.

It looks like any generic 4x game that could have been released 10-15 years ago….. Comparing this to Homeworld *sigh*

Lmao this is LITERALLY a Star Trek Stellaris! Look at the u.i., the fonts, the character images, the system view… it’s almost the same game xD

This is fine by me, however, because I’d rather have an official licensed Star Trek product than Stellaris with a Star Trek mod. I guess that Trek mod was popular enough for Paradox to see $ signs!

Why rather a licensed product than a Mod?

The New Horizons mod isn’t 100% perfect, but the love and time put into it is palpable, and it’s still being updated to this day. It’s a total conversion with well-written missions pulled from all the shows and films, lovely ship models right down to most of the one-off aliens across all 4 quadrants, most major characters coming in as Leaders, far more than 4 Empire races you can play as, flagship Enterprises you build and decommission at Utopia Planitia, great music choices, updated UI and SFX and every opportunity to hew to how the stories unfolded or take your own path… It’s really well done.

An official version of this will have better graphics and faster load times and be more streamlined, but it won’t have the same depth of experience and variety. Not until it gets its own mods.

Nothing says Star Trek like a war game

Then play it diplomatically then, it’s an option in these games.

Deep Space Nine says hi :)

It’s a 4x strategy game, you can totally win peacefully

This reminds me of Star Trek Armada series.

Is it Armada? Is it BOTF? Is it maybe a mix of both?

More BotF than Armada, as it’s a grand strategy title, based heavily in Stellaris from the Steam description (and from the same publisher).

This more era focused version of the New Horizons mod for Stellaris. Probably my favourite game by far. I love 4X and Star Trek and this is great fun. I can’t imagine this will be any better than that…but, take my money…

Oh look Birth of the Federation…

I don’t know – I have to say the “Star Trek Armada III” mod for “Sins of a Solar Empire” looks far better than this.

I love Stellaris, just wish had more time to play. Just wish they had more of the license that we could get the great exploration years with TOS style ships, TMP movie era ships, try to quickly skip the ugly TNG era to get to neo-Connies lol That being said loved Stellaris that will probably get this, even though will have no time to play (like Stellaris)

all those systems listed in the side bar remind of the old classic Star Wars Rebellion