Patrick Stewart Envisions One More “Extraordinary” TNG Movie Follow-Up To ‘Star Trek: Picard’

After the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard, which brought back the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, fans have been wondered if there would be any follow-up. There has been a lot of buzz about a possible “Star Trek: Legacy” spinoff series focused on the USS Enterprise-G under the command of Captain Seven (Jeri Ryan), but Patrick Stewart is also thinking about what could come next for himself and the TNG crew.

Stewart wants a “goodbye” movie

In a joint interview with LeVar Burton, Patrick Stewart talked to IndieWire about season 3, including the moment he visited the remade bridge of the Enterprise-D for the first time as it was being completed:

I went down there and I walked around the bridge alone and simply allowed all the memories to flood back. And yes, there had been some time-to-time difficulties, of course there have. But mostly the bridge signified to me creativity, work, and companionship. And also, dependency. As Jean-Luc Picard I needed every single one of my fellow actors up there. And I think it was the same for all of us. There was a combination of dependency and freedom.

Burton chimed in on his reaction:

And the bridge of the Enterprise reminded me of how much fun – because that was the one set where we would all be in a scene together, right? The rest of the episode we were all out doing our separate things. But on the bridge days, they were raucous. We were reveling in each other and reveling in the work. And it was glorious. It really was.

Patrick Stewart as Picard in “Vox”  (Paramount+)

Bringing back the Enterprise-D and its iconic crew was all part of showrunner Terry Matalas’ vision of turning the third and final season of Picard into “proper sendoff” for the TNG cast. But it looks like Stewart isn’t ready to say goodbye, yet. After noting and laughing off how he was “advised not to talk about” a Picard follow-up, Stewart said:

I think we could do a movie, a Picard-based movie. Now not necessarily at all about [Jean-Luc] Picard but about all of us. And to take many of those wonderful elements, particularly from Season 3 of Picard and take out of that what I think could be an extraordinary movie. I keep telling people and mentioning it, and so far there’s been no eager response, but it might well happen. And that would be I think a very appropriate way to say, ‘And goodbye folks.’

Burton indicated he agreed, but was satisfied with the ending provided by season 3 of Picard:

And I think for the most part, I think all of us feel this the same way, basically. I this is indeed it, I don’t believe we could possibly have gone out in a better moment for the crew, and for us as a family.

It has been 21 years since the final Next Generation feature film, with the box office disappointment of Star Trek: Nemesis ending a run of 4 TNG movies. Since then Paramount pivoted to the Kelvin universe tentpole movies but has struggled to get a 4th movie past the development stage. The enthusiasm for Star Trek: Picard season 3 has, at least, put the TNG crew back into the conversation. If not a theatrical feature film, Paramount+ could do a made-for-streaming movie. The upcoming Section 31 movie starring Michelle Yeoh is reportedly the first of what they’re hoping to be a series of Star Trek streaming movies.

Paramount did keep the rebuilt Enterprise-D bridge set, just in case.

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge, Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker and Patrick Stewart as Picard in”The Last Generation” (Paramount+)

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They should use The Borg as the main villain. Haven’t heard from them in a while.

You set off my sarcasm detector. Slightly.

Could we also throw a Soong or 2 in there?

Maybe a female Soong this time … A Soong of Bernadette?

And this time go full Picardenstein — have them somehow recover his old corpse, then use special Borg and Changeling technology that we have never heard about before to reanimate his corpse…and then have the movie be Bad Picard vs. Good Picard, and at the end, Jack has to use his Jedi-like mind powers (and this time he gets the upgrade to Jedi-like telekinetic capabilities through a 30 second plug-in, using a random cable that’s laying around, to an old Borg relic, aided by a Tuvok mind-meld) to save the day.

Star Trek: Picards (plural, like Aliens)

That sounds so much like a William Shatner novel!!

I see your point! :-)

Obnoxiousness works better with brevity.

And retorts works better with thought.

They should kill Data off properly, in a good, fitting way, and then bring him back.

So long as Spinner gets his yearly check cut — that’s the priority!

And then after his return, kill him off in a fitting way, and then bring him back for a nice moment with Picard, Geordi, Jenna D’Sora….. yeah… that’ll stick.

Sir Stew has certainly mellowed from his far more restrained enthusiasm for more Star Trek, say 10 or 15 years ago. Many here would comment we don’t want any more but I myself would watch it.

The Picard finale was finished with the poker shot that mimics the final shot of TNG finale. And the show gave a conclusion to Picards personal nightmare, with the Borg. It came off reasonable well.

A final movie naturally could finally give us Q as the centrepiece. It seems the most obvious and appropriate final adventure which basically takes us right back to TNG pilot, its finale, Picard series and much else. And it seems an opportunity for a different kind of movie too. I can’t see how they’d suddenly turn Q into a psychopath and out for revenge. If Sir Pat wants a movie just give him his movie. It may turn out not so good but I’m optimistic in thinking it’ll be a lot of fun and an great opportunity to totally wipe away any remaining bad taste left from Nemesis.

no – they also wrapped Q and Picard Sr, twice now….

Yeah this ship has sailed. Which does not mean they will do something like this. Because as entertaining and nostalgic as the 3rd season was (i was not immune to that), it was honestly creatively bancrupt.

Season 3 Picard was by no means perfect.

Can an even better and more satisfying conclusion be done? I think it’s possible.

I understand though why many would disagree and be happy to never see Sir Pat and the rest ever again. Personally I keep an open mind. If it happens I’ll be looking forward to seeing and watching. If not, that’s OK too. Sir Pat isn’t going to be around to play Picard for much longer anyway so it’s not like we’ll be worrying about this for a long time to come. If this ‘movie’ actually is going to happen, it has to happen in the near future.

I’m glad you brought that up. The writing on season three was pretty ordinary (at best); it got by thanks to some admittedly well-done nostalgia. But the TNG ship has sailed.

In regards to the success of the third season, which was a TNG season, it seems the TNG ship hasn’t sailed at all for many people..

Nothing ever truly dies in Star Trek, that’s for sure. We probably won’t see another movie happen but the characters will continue to show up in some form especially due to their still immense popularity 35 years later.

He’s old, the clocks ticking, and he knows it.

He hasn’t played a great Picard since S1 — my opinion.

of TNG, right?

We seem to remember season one of TGN very differently…..

I’m not saying the season was great, I’m saying Stewart made a great impression on me during that season, one that diminished rapidly during season 2, when I became half-convinced he either had a permanent head cold or an issue with nose candy a la Heather Thomas if you ever saw the TJ HOOKER she did. Not saying he didn’t have some good moments later, but let’s just acknowledge that in terms of TREK captains, for me he is well below Kirk and Sisko (who for purposes of comparison, I will cite Connery and Dalton in Bond terms, while Stewart would probably come in on the George Lazenby level.)

I think he had his moments in S3 but for the most part I have to agree. I think everyone felt like their old selves except him. But I think a big part of that is that he isn’t the distant Picard from TNG, he is much closer and much much more willing to accept flack from his his crew

LOL, no, I don’t need more of Picard and Q.

I would totally watch it. But I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t be terrified that it wouldn’t also mess up the new great TNG finalie that we have after Nemesis messed it up decades ago.

Give Terry Matalas the reins to ST. It doesn’t have to be ST Legacy…just give him complete control of the franchise & fans would be happy

I would not. I consider myself a fan btw. But yes, granted, a portion of the fans would be happy. Another portion of the fans would be more cautious :)

I would love for the franchise to have more writers who understand what Star Trek is and why it’s so important to people.

Hear, hear. Exactly.


Matalas Trek… Fan service, nostalgia-bait, cameos, references and easter eggs. No thanks.

Shatner’s still alive, maybe he and George kiss and make up…..

As long as those fans don’t care if each season of a show contradicts or flat out ignores the last.

I’m totally fine with ignoring seasons 1 and 2 of Picard save for some very small very extremely broad strokes so… yeah.

Which TOS did often.

Yeah but it was the 60s and it wasn’t a proper franchise yet so TOS’ continuity is pretty malleable. Less excuses nowadays.

I’d agree with you if he knew how to write good Trek. All he knows is how to trick people into thinking he does. What a mad genius.

I’d agree with you if he knew how to write good Trek. All he knows is how to trick people into thinking he does.


Make Trek Great Again — 2024


I would rather Matalas be the show runner of a single series, Star Trek: Legacy, for example, if that happens. Kurtzman is doing a fine job as the modern-day Berman. As long as he hires the correct show runners for each series, and actually lets them do their jobs, he is fine where he is.

I don’t want that at all. I really want a Matalas Legacy show but I think different voices are important to have as well. But it is odd, some fans think Matalas hit the sweet spot of what Star Trek is (or suppose to be) while others think he made it feel too dark. That’s the odd thing about season 3, it was a pretty dark show lol. It felt closer to DS9 instead of TNG in many ways IMO. It didn’t feel as cheerful or bubbly as SNW or LDS, put it that way.

But I don’t mind Trek being a little dark. That’s never been the issue for me at all. But I don’t want it all cynical and foreboding either of course.

We’re are getting the Legacy Series! In December, the Picard Legacy Collection will be released on disc for all of us.

So see, we are getting Legacy…just not the one we thought…lol

Who ever it is they put in charge, it must be someone who understands and executes the vision of Gene Roddenberry!

I would agree Sean. Picard S3 actually had me properly excited for ST again and I’ve returned to the season several times already. IMHO the best Trek in at least 20 years and I’d love to see more from the mind of Matalas.

Granted he did better than everyone else SH has hired. But based on his S3 I am not convinced he is the right choice. Although if the only options were Matalas or any of the others SH has already used then hell yes go with Matalas. I just think Trek can do better.

I don’t think he’s better than Michelle Paradise (major sarcasm ;)).

This fan would not like that, at all.


I agree.

Please don’t.

Interesting to see how others are reacting here though.

I’m ok with it if:

1) it is written by Terry Matalas and his team.

2) Bring in Seven and the crew of the Ent-G.

3) it is directed by Jonathan Frakes

4) Make it a streaming movie. Make it for the trek audience rather than trying to turn it into a summer blockbuster.

5) Make this the final final TNG film.

But, I’m happy with S3 as the goodbye, so if it doesn’t happen, that’s cool.

I agree with you. Except, this already happened with Picard Season 3! I think that Sir Patrick realized how good his TNG acting company are, how well they all get along, and that, if done correctly, a final-TNG send-off would be fantastic. He also liked the money and accolades the season received. But it already happened! No need to do it again. I am totally satisfied with PS3, just stop.

Agreed. Everything Stewart wants from such a film has already happened. I also note that he said there’s “been no eager response.”

True! And if the movie was terrible, it would be disappointing and a distraction from S3. They should leave on a high note.

I doubt it happens anyways.

I think oddly enough that’s what it is too. He was originally against the entire TNG cast coming back. But then once he was talked into doing it, he realized how much fun they had together being back. And then add the big ratings and how well received the season was by fans partly because they were all back together, he probably wants to keep that going.

And the money definitely doesn’t hurt lol. I saw somewhere he got around $750 thousand an episode. If true, that equals to $22.5 million for 3 seasons. I would be begging to do more too lol.

Yea, they all act better than he does now.

Stewart was certainly upstaged by Frakes in S3. Who would have thought that? And Frankes hasn’t acted in years. Patrick has lost all the charisma he had 20 years ago. Not a knock. We all slow down and lose abilities. Except Shatner it seems. LOL

Yeah Frakes was amazing. Always loved Riker but this season it was a huge step up, but he got a much more emotional arc he’s ever had as well.

Well said Kevin B and I agree with all your points.

Provided there was competent writing involved and an original, engaging story, sure, I’d be watching.

As much as I’d like to see the crew together once again….
it’s already been done to perfection. .
Leave it alone. Let’s end on this very, very high note that was Picard Season 3.

TNG got its goodbye with Picard season three. That was a wonderful exit. Let it end there. It’s time to focus on other areas of the franchise.

Yeah do it. Give M’Talas the project and give him a science consultant, for the science part of science fiction. That was a bit small in the last season of Picard, still way better than before, though.

The love and family of the Next Gen cast is so obvious — the chemistry, it’s all about family. As a TOS fan who was very skeptical about a so-called ‘New” Star Trek series waaaayyyy back in 1987 (and quickly grew to love and and embrace the show, and the others that came afterward) I loved Picard season three because “our” crew was back.

I honestly feel that Picard season 3 is the movie we never got, the proper finale.

However, if the cast is willing to do it — AND — this is a big ask, the WRITING and STORY is excellent, why not?

But please, please, please — no more Borg, no more time travel, no more MELANCHOLY Picard.

And insist that Frakes directs it!

If the writing is good? Sure! Let’s see more of the Next Gen cast!

“Warp Me!”
“Make it So!”
“Hit it!”
“Punch it!”
(And whatever Seven Says)

7’s should be: Just F#*@in’ GO, already.
There’s how many ships in the fleet? And every captain has to have their phrase? That wells gonna be dry by now.

I’m a TOS fan who was NOT skeptical of TNG back in ’87. The only thing I did not like going in was setting it so much further in the future. I get why they did it but as a TOS fan I was not on board with it. But I grew to be fine with it. The problem was the characters. Only Worf was interesting. The rest were boring people who had exciting jobs. As a result, I only cared about Worf and no one else. I was more interested in the Trek story than the people. Any episode that dealt with the other characters was dull and boring. Ultimately I watched mainly because it was new and not a rerun. But the show itself never really got me going. It always felt like a pale imitation of TOS. And Stewart had the acting chops and charisma to make even mediocre episodes watchable. When DS9 showed up, I liked it MUCH better. The characters were more interesting. Had more depth. There was more empathy for them. It was a different setting. It had a lot of things going for it TNG didn’t have.

All that said I did like Nemesis and it really felt like a good ‘finale’ for the TNG group. Doing this S3 thing really felt unnecessary the entire way. I never cared what became of this group. Save for Worf. Who they didn’t explain what went on his last 20 years for some odd reason.

And that “tag line” foolishness… Why do they make that a thing? It’s inane.

I grew up as a TOS fan as well but I was completely accepting of a new show the day I heard about it. I was still very young at the time so all I cared about is that I was getting a new Star Trek show and characters for the first time in my life. The funny thing was I remember thinking it will probably only go 3 seasons like TOS,get cancelled again and that would be it forever. I couldn’t have been more wrong lol.

Either way the set of the Enterprise should be kept for eternity

It’s my understanding that James Cawley and company have been exploring the possibility of obtaining those sets from Paramount and having them at their Ticonderoga Star Trek set tourist facility. I was there just a month ago and discussed this with him briefly in general terms — I don’t have any actual information to share beyond that as he was coy about it other than saying it was an option. Incidentally, they are trying the buy the warehouse next to their existing one, and the entire TNG set of sets will go in that expansion warehouse.

Agreed. And it’s always nice to have just in case. ;)

Let’s all remember that “Nemesis” was partially based on ideas by Stewart and Spiner and that Season 3 was specifically made to undo that dumpster fire as much as possible to give the characters and fans a better send off. Get a writers room of Next Gen.vets together and MAYBE you’ll have something to work with but please stop letting Trek actors stick their fingers in the pie.

Also, as sensitive as I am to issues of ageism, Stewart was looking a bit shaky the last time around and that was shot a couple of years ago. Maybe the man should take a few notes from Cary Grant and call it a day already. Trek is notoriously clueless about too many trips to the well and a lot of fans need to learn when to say, “I’m good.”

Totally agree…what we got was fantastic – let it lie.
Dont let the actors have so much influence on the story and scripts ie:
Case in point: ST V & ST Nemesis!

Actually a better example of Stewart letting what he wanted get in the way of a good story is Insurrection.

I honestly can’t disagree with any of this.

I think Spiner’s input was that he felt he was aging out of Data. He wanted Data to end. And he was right. Nemesis was the one and only time I actually felt a little empathy for the character. He had grown as much as he ever was going to. His journey had nowhere else to go. Nemesis really had a “finale” feel and was a good send off for this group. Bringing them back was absolutely unnecessary. As I said in another post, S3 is their “Crystal Skull”. Would have been better to let the existing finale be their swan song.

Yes, if it is:

1) a continuation of S3 with the legacy actors balanced with the new generation (and honors/respects both);
2) it is about discovery/exploration and not a revenge-villain-of-the-week;
3) Matalas is the showrunner;
4) it restores the optimism of Trek;
5) is a standalone film – not spread over ten hours.

There are some interesting threads left dangling at the end of S3 that could make for a compelling film.


I’d be interested in seeing modern technology “properly” leveraged to do something set back in their prime.

Deepfake or high-end CGI … so we could see something set on the Ent-E or 90’s era Ent-D.

I would rather they left well enough alone. All Good Things was a great wrap up…then the movies happened. Season 3 finally closed the book in a way that while not perfect was very well done and quite satisfying. Lets not have another Generations or Nemesis. Bow out gracefully.

All Good Things wasn’t even a finale. It was a mediocre episode and no character grew in any way or moved on to other things. A good finale usually includes a change of some kind. In this case, literally the very next week they started shooting Generations. Nemesis… That very much felt like a finale. Characters grew. They moved on. It was a very satisfying finale for them. Never understood why people wanted more after that. TUC was a great finale, too. I loved TOS but was satisfied that was the end.

Well, I’d argue that in AGT Picard accepted/embraced the reality that these folks are/will be his family (it’s just a poker game, but…), but yeah.

Let’s just stick with the happy goodbye we got with the final episode of Picard season 3 and not go to the well again.

Kelvin/TNG crossover movie. Bring in Bob Orci to write and Frakes to direct

I doubt Paramount wants to even pay Pine at this point lol. Putting two crews together would with that kind of money is probably a non-starter. Would love to see Frakes direct another movie though.

D&D bombed so thats gotta cut his price down :D

D&D bombing is probably yet another nail in the coffin for another Kelvin movie altogether though if their so-called star can’t seem to make a hit out of anything including the last Trek movie he was in. I’m not blaming Pine for why they can’t get a movie off the ground but it has to be a factor at this point.

I think at this point the best Pine can do in terms of Trek is some kind of a streaming series since his cinematic box office clout is disappearing. Maybe they can do a Kelvin universe miniseries or some sort of huge multiverse crossover event bringing together captains and characters from the different universes for a big adventures since that seems to be the “in” thing these days.

yeh a P+ movie (after s31) for the 60th anniversary – TNG.meets Kelvinverse.

YES YES YEEEEEEEES, BRING ONE LAST TNG MOVIE!!!! Hopefully I will get an answer there if Data now still has the super strength he use to have and just simulating age.. or if he lost it..

Look, I’ll watch this cast in anything, but it’s tempting fate to go for another goodbye after Picard ended on a pretty decent note for everyone. Popping up now and again in a 25th century show I think is fine, but making a magical final movie is dicey and 2 hours is rarely enough time to do everyone justice anyway.

Agreed. And I rather just have another 25th century show in the end. I think most fans prefer that to another TNG movie…or any movie frankly. Notice there are no petitions being made or a drumbeat by fans to get another movie made nearly seven years after the last one.

But the 25th century show idea is not going away.

I would love a movie……but honestly don’t envision it coming to light. Picard season was a beautifully done season with an amazing sendoff for the TNG cast. A crew I grew up with with the past 30+ years.

That said, time has made it’s presence known with the Picard series. My gut tells me their wanting to do a movie is just a high from the final season, but I sadly don’t think it will happen if it’s not greenlit by sometime this year, and in production by next.

I hope they consider closure to “Conspiracy”, the only outstanding story arc left open from ST-TNG.

Actually, if/when we get a Star Trek: Legacy series, the open-ended “Conspiracy” story is something I would love to see Captain Seven and crew tackle and resolve. Send the Enterprise-G on a deep space assignment to figure it out. Have a couple “legacy character” moments in the first episode, then the rest of it just be Seven and crew.

I like your thinking.

“Conspiracy” seems to be one of the most common predictions fans were making about PIC S3 before it streamed. That episode was – for me, at least – one of the high points of TNG S1 and it would be nice for a new series to pick that up.

The problem with the set up we were left with is the characters aren’t good characters to center a show around. It is possible with good writing they could evolve into complex and interesting people. Most DS9 characters started out off putting or dull but every one evolved into something deep and complex. The problem is that requires writing skills that have been 100% absent from anyone Secret Hideout has hired. Also the limiting nature of 10 episode seasons precludes any real exploration of multiple characters. The prospects just aren’t promising.

Don’t really need another TNG movie. Where do you go with a semi-retired admiral, his Starfleet Medical girlfriend, and the Starfleet Academy Nepotism class of 2403ish?

The Wrath of Laris leaps to mind, since the doctor knows what ales Romulans …

A fourth final send off? Thanks, but I’m good.

How many “final tours” have bands had over the years?

But yeah. I liked the post.

Chers been at it for what, twenty five years now?

Yes but not a “saving the Galaxy/Earth”-Adventure.
A mission that is important to the TNG crew and not necessarily to Starfleet.

What about Sela? Even Tasha (from the alternate timeline) may still be alive, despite Sela’s claims that she was executed.


And Patrick, if you think this is great, well have I got an investment deal for you in my new Camp Lejeune Mineral Water franchise.

It’s funny to read the comments here and how “weapons free” people are when it comes to firing at Picard/Patrick Stewart. These same voices staunchly defending every atom of Strange New Worlds and Discovery. Definitely no agendas going on lol.

Well that’s how it goes. People who like something will defend it to their last breath even with all its apparent flaws but when they hate something will find no redeeming value in it whatsoever even if it is popular and well liked.

Most Trek is actually pretty well liked these days. For Picard to make the turnaround it did is extraordinary given how awful season 2 was considered by most fans. Discovery is the only show that still seems to struggle with Trek fans overall but maybe season 5 will have the same turn around like Picard did and it too will go out with a bang.

I really thought we were all here because we like Star Trek. I confess, that is 100% on me for not understanding it’s not the case.

We do, but we all have our particular tastes or preferences of what we want to see; especially since the universe (now a multiverse) is as big and diverse as ever. But that’s the thing, no matter WHAT they make, we watch it all anyway, just maybe complain about it a little more. ;)

For me personally it’s not a matter of wanting to see anything in particular, all I desire from any show are solid, well written stories with characters that are developed and behave in ways that make sense. Dialogue that isn’t cringe inducing. Modern Trek has quite lacked all of that in many ways. I really had no problem with the concept of Discovery or Strange New Worlds but the execution of both has been quite painful. I have no such fan allegiance that I will watch just because it’s Star Trek. I stopped watching Discovery a few episodes into Season 3. I stopped watching SNW a few episodes into Season 1. I checked out Episode 1 of SNW and have checked out for the remainder of the season there too. S1 and 2 of Picard were painful to get through and I would not have bothered with Season 3 if Robert Meyer Burnett had not said it was different from the first two Seasons. It still had issues but I at least enjoyed watching it.

Bit of a rambling rant but I’ve been holding that in for awhile. hahaha Maybe someday there will be more Trek that appeals to me but until then I am content to not watch anything that isn’t up to my standards. I’m 48 now. Life is too short to waste on anything other than the best quality.

New Horizon, I’m curious but did you used to posts on the IMDB boards by any chance? Your handle looks familiar.

As for your points about the new shows, I hear you on some of it, I do. I’m not a huge fan of Discovery but I never stopped watching it. I have thought about not watching season 5 straight away but now since it’s ending I’m going to watch it, but I probably would have anyway.

Outside of the canon contradictions (and I don’t rate the show based on those), I don’t have the same issues others do with SNW, especially when compared to DIS.. I’m just being honest but I think that show is heads and shoulders above DIS. Could it be because of the nostalgia component, maybe, but I’m not obsessed with TOS even though I grew up with it. I’m not really obsessed with any one show though. DS9 is my favorite, but not begging for a reboot of it either. As far as SNW, I just feel the stories are written better, characters are more relatable and I just like it’s not about saving the freaking galaxy. That alone makes it better lol.

But overall, it just seems to be way more good than bad when I compare it to both early PIC and DIS.

As far as PIC, yeah I had a lot of issues with that show too and season 2 I think was the most dire season of Star Trek ever. And I couldn’t tell you how excited I was about that show orginally. Probably ten times more than I was about SNW because I loved we were finally going forward again. But yeah maybe it’s not always good to get what you wish for ;). Season 3 ultimately won me over but I know it had it’s problems too just like I recognize SNW still has theirs. But like that show, Picard season 3 just got more right IMO even if ultimately it still fell to the end of the galaxy plotline. And I won’t lie, the nostalgia factor helped a lot too.

But I hear you. I know not everyone is won over by these new shows and to be honest I wasn’t sure I would be either. But I can say I do mostly enjoy them and I still consider myself a much bigger Berman era fan but I don’t find that era perfect either, not by a long shot.

Here’s a wild-ass thought: Perhaps some people liked DSC and SNW, but didn’t like Picard, and thus they have more positive comments on the two series they liked, and are more critical of the series they did not like.

Could that be it? LOL

Your comment is right up there with someone questioning — as if there is a hidden agenda — on why some people love to sunbathe and others prefer staying out of the sun and wearing hats.

Here is my AGENDA — I like two of these series and don’t like the third! OMG, you’ve exposed me…BUSTED! You got me, man, you caught me red-handed! Hahahaha!

Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?

;-) All in good fun. I actually admire your dedication to liking all Trek — I seriously do!

Well, I’m exercising the same freedom of walking into a thread and saying I don’t like something. The “Picard is Star Wars” thing that gets spammed in every thread by people who like SNW, for example, ignores the Pike-Enterprise doing barrel roles and traversing space in a blip like it’s the Millenium Falcon. The Picard takedowns are about as thoughtful as the Starfleet Academy and Disco disses that crop up with the same frequency of opportunism and it’s clear that most of the people who take the time to always and only say negative things about SF and Disco *did* have an agenda. Sad stuff!

That’s fair regarding some of those comments. I always try to back my particular comments up with why I am making the comments (even though I can come across as “dickish” with my sarcastic sense of humor at times), but you may disagree.

However, I would be the first one to point out that JJA also went too much Star Wars in the films, and I have said as much before. In fact that was part of my point here recently on this topic, as I see many fans here who made that legitimate complaint on the JJA Trek movies who now choose to completely ignore and overlook the SW elements in Pic S3 — like they don’t even exist. So yeah, that’s hypocritical in my book. But is that an agenda, or is it just human nature? An agenda implies a conscious strategy I think, right? I think that is giving too much credit to some fans here, lol.

And I am sure I have been hypocritical from time to time here with my comments. After all, no one’s perfect. ;-)

I see people complaining about the Enterprise belly rolls in the first episode of SNW but I didn’t have a problem with it at all. But I didn’t have a problem with the Enterprise D flying through the Borg cube either. That was actually one of my favorite parts lol.

I responded to this with a screen shot for how I would have preferred to see the D flying through the Borg Cube. Said it would require approval but I don’t see it appearing yet. :(

I agree with most people they wrapped up the story in season 3 and did it beautifully IMO. That was the entire point. That said I would watch it in a heartbeat lol. I think theatrical Star Trek movies are dead for quite awhile since they can’t make the money like real blockbusters, but I can see another TV movie given how strong season 3 did in the ratings. I don’t think it WILL happen, but you never know. ;)

But it is funny how Stewart was originally so adamant about not doing a TNG reunion story and now he is full on about doing more TNG. We would’ve had that for three seasons if he wasn’t so bullish about it but hindsight and all of that.

Haha so true and so ironic.

As for another TNG movie, IMHO they had a great sendoff, so lets end it there. Personally I would prefer a 25th century Legacy series and maybe we get cameos or better yet recurring TNG characters.

Yeah a 25th century show is a much more interesting prospect for most fans. And it’s still a way to use the TNG cast without them being there all the time. That’s probably a more better idea and we can still see a few characters here and there like when they pop up on LDS or PRO.

In an interview, Matalas made a point that he didn’t see the season as TNG season 8 as fans were calling it, but actually like Star Trek 11 (or maybe 10.5 since there already is an 11th movie ;)) since it was essentially a long movie and a way to wrap things up that Nemesis was suppose to do but failed at in many people’s minds. And just a much happier ending as well. I don’t think they need to mess with that now.

its just Stewart doesn’t know what would make a good story. He wanted Picard without the crew, and for movies, he was directly involved with the story of Nemesis. And the Toyota TRD sequence was because he wanted to race trucks on screen…. Because that’s so Starfleet.

Yeah I think Stewart is much better at acting than writing. ;)

They need to do a movie and explain wtf happened to the Enterprise E.

Maybe they should just make that a Short Trek lol. When I think about that, all I hear in my head is Worf repeating his dialogue from First Contact – “prepare for ramming speed.”

If they greenlight a film for this crew, I would lay down odds it would be a P+ exclusive film, like the recently-announced S31 film. Instead of solely featuring the TNG cast, though, how about blend the TNG cast with the DS9 cast and the VOY cast? Of course I’d rather that be a four or five part miniseries instead of a two-hour film.

I think every film for the next 5 years or so will be exclusive to P+. I would like them to still try and put a P+ movie in a few theaters for a week or something just for fans including the Section 31 movie but yeah not holding my breath.

As far as blending DS9 and VOY into a TNG film, I feel that’s a given at this point although it was pretty disappointing we didn’t get a single DS9 character in season 3. Sigh

Well Matalas has pointed out a few times there were money issues. But yeah, other than the vague reference to Odo, it would have been nice to see O’Brien or Dax or Kira or hell, even Quark. I stand by my miniseries comment though. Blending the casts together should come with a huge story, something that can’t be told within two hours.

Regarding theaters, yeah perhaps each P+ exclusive film could have a small run in select cities/theaters before streaming.

Yeah I know, but still would’ve been cool to have ONE DS9 character.

I definitely could see a miniseries happen as well if they can’t get a full on 25th century show on anytime soon. I actually used to say that about the Pike show when I was skeptical a show would be made. But it’s a big reason why I think they will do the Legacy show just because it feels like a no-brainer at this point. I think it will easily be the most popular show on right now; especially at the level fans want it.

While they were showing S1 or S2, I was hoping they would make a 2-hour TNG send-off movie after S3. But instead, we have the 8-9 hour in S3 and I am satisfied. S3 has already set a high bar for Sir Patstew’s wished TNG final movie, if they are doing it it has to be a really good ine.

Never can say goodbye
No, no, no, no…

Visitors to the fleet museum think they’re seeing holographic representations of the -D crew, but in fact they are seeing the real thing … because the Picard Bunch, like their real-life counterparts, don’t know when to pack up and go home.

Actually, that premise might be good for a GALAXY QUEST installment, assuming TPTB get it on its feet this time.

Honestly, what more could there possibly be told at this point? I thought the finale to Picard Season 3 was the perfect send-off for the TNG crew.

Meh, not even sure Matalas should necessarily make this one. Sure he can be good at making cool Trek but he can clearly make b.s. Trek too like his Enterprise-G thing

I want to want this to happen, and hardcore don’t.

Missed the boat really, if season 3 was a proper movie it may well have been a hit leading on to the new cast, but they’ve told the story now. .

At this stage would like the legacy series or P+film with the new crew

How many farewells do those lot get?

Three so far if you count “All Good Things”, the Nemesis movie, and Picard season 3.

Star Trek movies, at least the big budget theatrical movies, seem to over based on what we see.

TNG is never going to do better as a send-off than Picard season 3. They should let it sit there. Bring back the characters for story arcs and guest appearances on the Star Trek Legacy show. That should be their cinematic future, if they have one.

Seems to me they already got a send off movie. Season 3 of Picard reminded me a bit of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Nothing about it felt special. The lead was obviously way too old to be doing this sort of thing. And an overall “meh” or “why?” feeling about the whole thing.

That was the general troll response.

So to you anything someone says you don’t like is a “troll response”.

Noted for future reference.

No, when someone like you trolls for the sake of getting a rise out of people, it is a troll response.

No. Just no.

against Stewart’s best judgement, Metalas got the TNG cast back for season 3 and gave us about as good a story as we could hope for…. Mostly because Metalas was left alone and did it in the cheap.

Stewart is a fine actor, but he doesn’t know a good story…. What have his biggest contributions as producer led to? Nemesis, and Picard seasons 1 and 2.

season 3 gave us the best moments fir all these characters. A two hour movie cannot do that. A $150m movie will get way too much studio input, and it probably won’t make its money back leading to issues for the franchise, Let’s go with ST Legacy (how I hate that name).

I still remember a cringey interview on The View before Insurrection where Stewart talked about how he got them to make Picard do the mambo. Great actor and seems like a nice guy, but “indulge the actor” has never been great for Trek.

As much as I love the Picard character, P. Stewart is just giving me the impression he’s blinded by his ego in thinking that he’s more popular than he actually is. Give it up already. It’s done. Why don’t you play admiral Nelson in a reboot of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea while you’re at it?

While I would enjoy a final movie, I’m skeptical about what would work and whether there’s a story to tell.

What is the genre of this story? What it shouldn’t be:
–straight-up action
–sentimental geezer movie
–personal drama
–Big Baddie

What might work:
–mystery (maybe even a murder mystery!)
–chase after a McGuffin
–prisoner rescue/breakout
–courtroom genre
–political (prevent war OR galactic misunderstanding during first contact)

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a mystery. Something where each character has something special to add, because few shows have such a brilliant cast of characters.

I wouldn’t mind a big sci-fi movie, such as meeting a mind-blowingly different alien race a la Close Encounters. The issue there is the creativity needed; such a story wouldn’t need to rely on Star Trek to exist, it could function separate of the franchise. So what’s a good enough story but not quite good enough a story on it’s own? Lol.

A political/courtroom thing might work and could blend the mystery genre into it. Why? Because this crew is experienced and a special group: they should be able to see things that others in Starfleet don’t, so what if a huge case essentially pits the ethics and morality of the best crew in Starfleet up against a system that isn’t the best and brightest? In a way, it’d be a good metaphor for our times, and allow the cast to show the difference between mediocrity and true excellence.

I’d LOVE a courtroom drama. We’ve never gotten that. Not to a full -extent of like “A Few Good Men”, for example. Star Trek VI did have the court scene, but it was brief. I’d love for there to be an opening where the Enterprise crew suddenly gets involved in an incident, and maybe was set up intentionally by an antagonist, or even better, the situation leads to a disaster so bad, the Enterprise crew is called back to earth to testify, and then it becomes a witch hunt like “The Drumhead”, which was such a good episode. You have a great idea here. Maybe the first act could be the incident, the second act could be the trial, and the final act would culminate into a final conflict, and close with their acquittal. Law and order also did this extremely well. You set up the crime, then begin the investigation, and end with a tense courtroom drama that leads to either a conviction or acquittal. Great stuff! Something we truly have never seen in a Star Trek movie..

Picard made peace with his experience with the Borg, brought down the Collective once and for all, and also filled the loss in his life after his brother and nephew died…. there would be no more Picards… well now there will be. Season 3 was a fitting send off for him, and I think it would be a mistake if there was more Picard stories.

I think it’s time to move on from the TNG crew as one unit, they can still be involved with great adventures, but let’s spread them out a bit.

I agree, as I said above. I want to remember Picard season 3 as the cap off for the TNG crew. If they do another, it would risk not being as good. They went out on a high note, and that is how I want to remember the TNG crew’s final voyage.

I like Stewart’s enthusiasm. But Picard season 3 WAS the send-off, and the final adventure for the TNG crew, especially Picard. Most of us (not all) thought season 3 was fantastic, and would love to see another. But its just not practical. Patrick Stewart is too old at this point, and to be fair, William Shatner said he’d love to return as Kirk. He’s over 90 now. It would look ridiculous. You have to go out on a high note if you can. Lets think of Indiana Jones. Who doesn’t want to see Harrison Ford do Indy again? Its a nice thought, but that swashbuckling adventure is a young man’s game. Most people do not want to see an 80 year old Indiana Jones who is old, and out of touch, and not physically capable (realistically) of doing what needs to be done. Just a comparison. The TNG crew got a outstanding send-off and final adventure (not perfect, but still great). Don’t go to the well. I love these characters, but when I look back, this is how I want to remember the end of the TNG crew. On a high note, with a big, emotional, epic thriller/adventure that ties in the entire series in a nice tight bow. Always go out on a high note. Let it be.

I’d be down for a Beverly Crusher movie – I think there are stories to tell there. There’s got to be more to her than “likes orchids and has terrible taste in men.”

While it’s always nice to see Stewart, Picard’s story has been nicely wrapped up. The character is in his 90s. There are still stories to tell, sure.

As much as I loved the finale of Picard, I feel like they already gave them a beautiful send off. Let’s not get greedy. I would love to see them occasionally pop in on Legacy, but see no reason to do a goodbye movie.

At some point TNG has to have an ending (spin-offs notwithstanding) and I think Picard season 3 did that well. I think it’s time to let it be.

I think at some point bringing the cast out again and again to extend a story that’s been wrapped well plus possibly the Enterprise-D will just lead to declining quality and staleness.

I’m happy with what we got. I don’t think it will happen now anyway. I really enjoyed Picard season 3 and hope for more content from Terry Matalas based in the early 25th century.

Need to revisit Kirk and the “Phoenix Project.”