Akiva Goldsman Says Appetite For ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Spinoff From ‘Picard’ Is “Undeniable”

Ever since the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard wrapped up in April, fans have wondered if there will be a continuation of the Star Trek story set in 25th century. Now one of the key players behind the scenes is showing support.

Goldsman is an advocate for Legacy

Akiva Goldsman co-created Star Trek: Picard and was co-showrunner on season 2. And he has high praise for season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas, offering his support for the idea of Terry’s “Star Trek: Legacy” spin-off, telling Cinemablend:

Well, I think what Terry did with Season 3 is so extraordinary, and I think that the appetite for it is, I think, undeniable. So certainly, I am a huge advocate of some version of that continuing. It was so spectacular, I think, what he did. And so, you know, right now, there’s no pitching of anything. Right now the world is uh shut down [due to writer’s strike]. But, you know, I would really hope – let me put it like this: I signed the petition [for Star Trek: Legacy] too.

The petition Goldsman is referring to is the one that is now approaching 60,000 signatures. This level of support is almost twice that for the post-Discovery season 2 petition calling for a show set on the USS Enterprise with Captain Pike, which preceded the greenlight for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Ensign Sidney La Forge, Mica Burton as Alandra La Forge and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Picard series finale (Paramount+)

The Academy Award-winning Goldsman was brought in as an executive producer and director for the first season of Discovery after a showrunner shakeup, and he was later instrumental in convincing Alex Kurtzman to move forward on Strange New Worlds, becoming a co-creator along with Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet. Kurtzman has already said he has heard fans “loud and clear” regarding Star Trek: Legacy. Goldsman’s advocacyalong with the Nielsen chart rankings and  critical buzz (Rolling Stone just named Picard one of best shows of the year)—should keep the idea alive within Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout production company and Paramount.

As noted by Goldsman, no development can take place during the ongoing writer’s strike and Paramount is currently more focused on cutting costs to placate Wall Street. When things settle down, Star Trek: Legacy should be on the top of the list for discussions about further expanding the Star Trek Universe for Paramount+.

Executive Producers Akiva Goldsman, Michael Chabon, and Alex Kurtzman with Patrick Stewart at NYCC 2019 Picard panel

UPDATE: Picard team promotes Legacy

A number of members of the cast and crew of Star Trek: Picard have been amplifying social media messages around the original CinemaBlend article about Goldsman’s comment as well as follow-up coverage. Jeri Ryan and Todd Stashwick, along with showrunner Terry Matalas and others, retweeted TrekMovie’s article, as did TNG actor and director Jonathan Frakes, adding “I’m in.”

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If the enterprise-G is a neo Connie and it’s more TMP TOS eta styling over TNG as Picard S3 was then I might be in given the Starfleet has to deal with Picard and David Marcus Picard having left all the young officers traumatized at having killed senior officers, etc. hopefully Seven too learns why Shaw wanted her to reconnect with her Anaka / family side Vs. When she was kidnapped, forced to commit xenocide, etc.
I like that with PIc S3 we got the TOS TMP motion picture tv show that TNG should have always been from the get go. Just wish Saavik was around (and why not draft her, she’s a Vulcan and maybe still alive!)
That being said the exploring the galaxy while space is still wild, androids can’t do everything and a Fédération with lots of learn in Strange New Worlds seems more fun.

Watch, all of a sudden, the same people here who have taken potshots at this good man (who I have always defended) are going to be acting like he’s a genius, and will be agreeing with him, concerning these comments. LOL

Of course they are. Self interest is a powerful motivator. It’ll all be rainbows and Skittles until Seven and Raffi kiss and make up (or something else that offends their delicate sensibilities), then the usual suspects will be knives out, again.

Put Seven and Raffi in a bedroom scene together and I automatically like whatever series or season that’s a part of. :-)

Push Raffi out an emergency hatch into cold and airless outer space and I automatically like whatever series or season that’s a part of.

… well, after the bedroom seem at least. :-)

If only Matalas had been as effusively positive about the work of his colleagues running other shows…

You could tell in some of his interviews that he was buying his own PR.

…. not everyone agrees that the other shows deserve effusive support.

… and not everyone is sold on Matalas

Hey no matter how much good things Mr Goldsman says, I still can’t forgive him for Batman and Robin.

No, not really. My opinion of his poor writing and showrunning has not changed a whit.

That’s exactly my opinion on Matalas.

Hell will have frozen over before you ever hear me saying much of anything good about this guy — best as I can tell, his most watchable credit is the LOST IN SPACE movie, and that ain’t sayin’ much. It’s hard to say he did more damage to trrek than anybody else, but geez, it has gotta be close.

Love the idea of LEGACY. It would require Metalas’ involvement if it were to carry over the same tone as S3. It was a great balance of the old and new.

Exactly! Old and new! This is the best of both worlds. We get legacy characters every so often just like we are currently getting on SNW, PRO and LDS, but we’ll also have new characters that will start to shape the 25th century just like VOY and DS9 helped shape the 24th century when TNG left.

This would excite people on a major level and more so than Picard did because it won’t be about one character anymore, it will be about the universe as a whole again (and yes on a starship, that’s very important too ;)). Again, there is not a single reason not to do it. And why it’s inevitable IMO.

Can we start a petition to cancel Star Trek Academy? Or ungreenlight it?

Why do you want to cancel another Trek show for? You do realize that it won’t make Legacy come quicker right? Star Trek is at it’s best when it’s shows are diverse and full of variety. I as a Trekkie don’t want Trek shows following the same formula like TNG-ENT did as it started to get repetitive/boring story wise. I want Trek to continue to go in different directions then past shows.

If we are being honest in the current streaming environment three concurrent live actions shows are unlikely. If the majority of Star Trek fans has a choice I would assume the vast majority would want a legacy show that continues from Picard’s coattails versus an Academy show that we presume follows Discoveries coattails. After all Picard Season 3 has been significantly more popular than any season of Discovery.

I would love to have both, but if it’s one or another let’s continue the 25th century story all day long over an Academy show that seems to have mild interest across the board.

Nah, Pic S3 was a one-shot fan service, sentimentality kick thing that cannot be readily to translated into a successful long-term series, and I think P+ know this, regardless of any fan polls.

That’s why I doubt we get Legacy as a full series, like, ever. We might get a TV movie or two though – that’s what you should focus your well-meaning hopes on.

Completely disagree. Picard Season 3 served two purposes. One; a send-off to the TNG cast, so dearly loved and two, a primer for the rich legacy universe of Berman era Trek where an established universe can be the foundation for new stories, new characters while providing opportunities for the many varied established characters and lore to be further explored and expanded upon. Better still, many Trekkies, turned off by some of the newer Treks, are desperate to re-engage with Star Trek and will help rebuild Trek’s current dwindling ratings popularity. It’s a win, win scenario for Paramount!

Come on, the entire last two episodes of Pic S3 were a complete ripoff of Return of the Jedi, but you and other fans choose to overlook that because you totally bought into the fan service and sentimentality. That season was some of the laziest storytelling in Star Trek history, and was much closer to Star Wars then the problem-solving, advanced culture and crew that made TNG great — they blew all that up and went full JJA — Picard S3 was NOTHING like Berman’s take on TNG.

So now here’s the real problem with Legacy. We will get the bad storytelling and Star Wars-like action adventure elements that Matalas is comfortable with (e.g. I guarantee you the Matalas will not be able to resists using Jack’s Jedi-like brain powers), but we will not be getting the one element which held together the S3 mess — the TNG crew emotional reunion (with the original cast’s very good performances) and closure. Without that, Matalas’s approach will fall apart like a house of cards.

So if they do Legacy, I think we are all headed for a huge letdown.

<i>the entire last two episodes of Pic S3 were a complete ripoff of Return of the Jedi</i>

You keep making this accusation; I fail to see any basis for it whatsoever. (I admittedly follow very little Star Wars stuff, beyond having watched the movies.)

If your point is that Jack Crusher showed some telekinetic powers, this was hardly unique to Star Wars and its Jedi knights; given sixty seconds, I could probably name ten Star Trek episodes that feature telekinesis of some sort, starting with both TOS pilots (“The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before”).

If your point is that 1701-D strafed the surface of a much bigger craft: well, maybe. But so did Japanese kamikaze fighters in real life.

If your point is that the relationship between a father and his son was tested, that was even less unique to Star Wars; I’d invite you to read Homer and get acquainted with Odysseus and Telemachus, for starters, to say nothing of TWOK.

You’re getting warm!

I posted before here my comparison of the return of the Jedi’s last one third of the movie to the last two episodes of Picard season 3. It’s the same freaking story, with direct character substitutions.

If this was Trek’s ROTJ, who were the Ewoks?

The point is half of the crew is doing a supporting mission on a nearby planet while father and son are initially fighting each other then overthrow their evil overlord…and at the same time Lando/Data is doing his amazing piloting to take a large ship into the center of the death cube and destroy it, right as the other two storylines complete their pieces.

It’s same freaking story, and Jack even has Jedi like powers to boot

The audience – some got fried, some cheered.

Berman’s take on TNG? You mean his creative vision? Pardon me while I choke on that suit’s creative vision, which was as crippled as the music choices he forced on the show.

Because there is realistically only so much STAR TREK that the market can absorb at one time, and as things stand that market is close to, if not already, saturated.

I didn’t found the storys from tng-voy or enterprise were boring at all. It mainly was television at it’s best!

‘I didn’t found the storys from tng-voy or enterprise were boring at all. It mainly was television at it’s best!’

I never said i found the older Trek shows boring.
I said i didn’t want any of the newer shows to follow the same formula like TNG-VOY-ENT did as it ‘started to get repetitive/boring story wise’ with VOY-ENT following a similar story formula as TNG.

TNG was great with a different story approach than TOS had. DS9 again different and was a breath of fresh air for the franchise and is my most favorite Trek show.

VOY and ENT while i do enjoy both shows very much they had a lot of stories that felt they were taken from TNG and given a bit of a spin writing wise but still felt that they belonged in TNG.

As a Trekkie i want new stories with new characters with a show taking a different direction to previous shows.

That is why i love Discovery so much as it was very different to what came before and gave me the fresh air that DS9 gave me which is why Discovery is my 2nd favorite Trek show.

Lower Decks again different and i like that along with Picard S1-2 which were different and i enjoyed them.
S3 tried to do TNG S8 and imo it didn’t live up to the hype though i am happy that the TNG crew got a proper send off and that the Enterprise D got a better ending than it did in Generations.

Prodigy is great and is my 3rd favorite Trek show and as for SNW it tries it’s best to be a hybrid show of TOS and Discovery.
I enjoy the show and it’s attempt to be like the older shows while also be like the newer shows too It doesn’t quite work for me but i do appreciate the different direction the show is going and look forward to seeing it grow.

I love the idea of a Starfleet Academy show and how different it can be to previous shows and i hope a Legacy show also tries to be different too.

No, but maybe you should do a GoFundMe to support you Getting a Clue ?

You really should read your comments before hitting the ‘send’ button.

Go right ahead, start a petition, the link is right there on the change.org website. Be sure and let everyone know how that works out.

There is no reason for such a petition. Don’t want to watch it? Don’t watch it. The petition would be pointless and unnecessary, since there’s zero chance it would have any effect–nor should it.

Exactly! And we can just have both. And chances are we WILL have both. ;)

If you don’t want to watch the Academy show, just don’t watch it. If you don’t like the Legacy show, just don’t watch that either.

It’s pretty simple. And fanboys like me will be watching enough for everyone.

Agreed, in the sense there is tangible and vocal support for ‘Legacy’ not so much for ‘Academy’ … Paramount are financially ‘tight’ … one would imagine they’d want to place their limited resources into a project which 60,000+ folk are eager to actually watch.

Makes most sense!

I’d love to see a ship headed by Seven, with first officer Raffi and helmsman LaForge. I don’t really care for the whole thing with Picard’s son, though, and I would much prefer NOT to have Jack in it. (No disrespect meant to Ed Speelers, who was wonderful.)

I’d also prefer that Seven, Raffi, LaForge, and the other young crew members carry the show, without cameos from the TNG cast. Let this be SEVEN’S show, not TNG Season 9.

I mostly agree, although I find Raffi grating. I don’t like her energy. For the rest yes, I do like the new young crew, particularly the LaForge daughter at the helm. I do like Jack but the only reason he would be there is to give Patrick Stewart a reason to appear from time to time and frankly Stewart, with all the respect he is due, should not even have come back for Picard.

I started out loving Raffi in the first season, but by the end of it, I found her completely annoying. And she managed to get even worse in season 2. But I will say I ended liking her a lot in season 3 which proves end of the day it is the writing that makes a character great. Even an amazing actor can only do so much if they have to follow what’s in the script. But I know she is still divisive among fans but I would be fine with her continuing.

And I like Jack as well,but I understand why others don’t. And he was originally a bit off putting to me and I STILL don’t like the son thing, but yeah there would be no season without it. It did end up being very important in multiple ways.

As for Stewart, I think he’s done. Maybe he would pop up in a finale or something but I’m guessing it would be pretty rare if at all.

A TNG show like PicS3 had Seven in it (PIC S1 & 2 also) – so I guess a Seven show could handle TNG charakters too

I am looking forward to seeing a Star Trek Legacy show though i wish they wouldn’t have Picard’s son Jack Crusher in it as i disliked the character very much. Though perhaps if the write the character very differently i might accept him.

I hope the show is not episodic and follows a serialized storyline as we have episodic with SNW and that is enough imo. I hope the show lives up to the name Legacy and dives into more detail on the legacy of Federation and more on the political side of the organization.

I would be OK with a Seven-based series, but without Jack Crusher, and maybe. I have no confidence that Matalas will be able to resist going “full Jedi” with Crusher, and having him use his special powers to get him and his compatriots out of any mess.

I mean, Matalas basically made Jack like a Jedi. He can do most of the stuff Jedi do, and I fear it’s only a matter of time before he is moving around objects with his mind. It will be too much of a temptation for Matalas, who already carbon-copied the last two eps of Pic S3 from ROTJ.

I don’t really need a series that is more Star Wars-like — I don’t need Matalas’s, “Rise of Picard”, which I think Legacy would morph into over time. Matalas gives us similar Trek to JJA, he just does it with much more fan service, and communications with the fans, that’s all.

For a Star Trek Legecy to Work. Matalas has to be the show runner.

The combination of Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers is doing a truly fabulous job on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. A lot of people liked Picard Season 3, but Matalas isn’t the only one who can make great Trek.

Goldsman was the one responsible for Picard season 2 though and that was a huge dumpster fire on every level. He seems to be doing a great job on SNW though so you never know I guess.

But I agree, Matalas isn’t the only great writer they have running this franchise. Along with him and Meyers, they also have Mike McMahan, Aaron Waltke and the Hageman brothers. All these guys are making Star Trek great again, even if you don’t like or care about a specific show. The last year is the most positive I have seen the fandom since the mid-90s. SNW, LDS, PRO and Picard season 3 have all gotten huge praise.

Kurtzman basically hired fanboys to run these shows lol. But luckily very talented fanboys. It’s probably a reason there is so much nostalgia bait happening in all these shows today but it’s working. It’s really working. ;)


That’s no guarantee of success. I’m of the opinion he caught lightening in a bottle with TNG Season 8.


I don’t think it would be even be a question of Matalas coming back. This guy is now beloved and for marketing purposes alone he will be there.

Akiva will move Raffi out and put in a Gorn First Officer.

Agreed! I’m not a fan of his interpretation of canon.

Nope Thx. Enough “old” Trek. Time for a young fresh crew with no boundaries to established characters. That always distracts and makes it harder to get envolved with the new characters.

Agreed. The franchise needs to move on from JJA/Matalas Trek, which is centered on fan service and Star Wars-like adventures.

Seven is literally the only legacy character on the show so far. They have a DOZEN legacy characters on SNW; including Kirk who shouldn’t even be there now. There will probably be at least a few more besides Janeway in Prodigy next season. LDS, ironically, has a completely new crew but they are rotating more legacy characters on the show now.

So what am I missing? Guys,they ALL have legacy characters. Have you been distracted by all the legacy characters that shows up on SNW? Because there are more OLD characters now on that show then new ones lol. Seriously. Old characters: Pike, Spock, Una, Uhura, Chapel and M’Benga. New characters: Ortegas, Pelia and La’An who is also a Noonien Sigh (ugh).

And throw in the recurring legacy characters: Kirk, Kirk again, T’Pring and April.

And to make this clear, I’m fine with most of them there. It just seems like an odd thing to me, especially when every show out there is now doing it minus Discovery. SNW is the worst culprit by far.

And of course Discovery leaned heavily on Michael’s connection to Spock and Sarek from the start. I don’t think the show’s increasing divisiveness is a product of not having familiar old characters anymore, just the change in tone. But it’s weird how the word “legacy” is triggering to people now. We couldn’t get enough of crossovers and returning favorites in the 90s, it’s only when they felt forced in Enterprise that this got added to the list of complaints. During peak Marvel Universe hype, I recall plenty of people lamenting that Trek didn’t lean into its interconnectedness when it had the chance between the TNG movies, DS9 and Voyager.

This is a huge franchise and it’s a very established technique for spin-off shows across the board to recast old characters or ease a new cast in with a few familiar favorites. I don’t know what makes Trek above this tactic compared to say, Law & Order, NCIS, Frasier, Torchwood, Angel etc. TNG was a risk that paid off, then the next two shows were set in the same timeline. It’s all well and good to say one wants a totally fresh start, but it’s bizarre to single out Star Trek: Legacy as some sort of dirty idea that is holding the franchise back. They’ve been doing versions of it for ages and it’s worked while still providing lost of variety.

Also remember in the 90s Trek it was a tradition that in the pilots of the shows someone from the previous show would appear (McCoy in TNG, Picard in DS9, Quark in Voyager and Zephram Cochrane in Enterprise (technically First Contact is a movie but its the same principle) and I used to love these nods. This is the one thing I wish new shows would continue to do.

Yeah, I loved that.

And of course DS9 went as far as to have a TNG recurring character become a regular. I think we have firmly established audiences can invest in sweeping and interwoven continuities with shared characters flitting in and out between them. Having a live action 25th century show fits right into that for me.

I enjoyed those appearances, but they were all (perhaps save for Picard in “The Emissary”) very short cameo appearances to “pass the torch” and whet the audience’s appetite for new material. They were an amuse bouche, not the entree, and definitely not the main course.

We couldn’t get enough of crossovers and returning favorites in the 90s

That’s an odd take, given how sparingly those TOS crossovers occurred. They consisted of (1) a 30-odd second cameo by DeForest Kelley as a kind of “passing of the torch,” (2) a semi-sequel to “The Naked Now,” which was among the worst TNG episodes, (3) Spock and Sarek’s re-appearance, which was treated as a Very Special Event in TNG, and in which both characters were long-lived and had changed markedly since TOS, and (4) Scotty in “Relics,” which was really the only example of a nostalgia-fest in TNG comparable to what we saw in PICARD. It was one episode out of 178. PICARD’s nostalgia-fest lasted a whole season.

Not a fair comparison, but I also wasn’t just thinking about TOS. I was considering TOS, TNG, and DS9 and Voyager’s characters mingling off and on. But at least add to your list Kor, Kang and Koloth, Trials and Tribbleations and Flashback.

The comparison to TOS callbacks in TNG… I get your POV but I don’t quite agree because the premise of TNG is not directly connected to TOS beyond it being the same universe decades later and an Enterprise. None of the TOS crew were part of the TNG cast, whereas Picard is an actual legacy character and 20 years is not the same as 75. So bringing back people from his life makes more sense from a story POV. That it gets tangled up in squees and member berries is another matter, but on the face of it to me it’s scratching an itch the 90s shows attended to plenty of times as they cross-pollinated.

Minus the incredibly grating Raffi, this sounds fantastic.

I know I can’t stand her. Also having her as first officer destroys the balance between male and female captain and first officer since DS9. Yes DIS was all over the place at first, but has settled into the male/female split.

You forget Georgiou and Burnham on the Shenzhou. And so what? TOS and TNG paired a male captain and first officer. We can’t see two women?

I didn’t forget, I mentioned the DIS situation. And no we shouldn’t be getting any single sex combo ever again. TNG started in 1987, I thought we had progressed since then?

You have a very quota-driven definition of “progress.”

I want Terry back into Star Trek, but I know it will be a long time before and if it even happens. As long as Akiva doesn’t touch it. I prefer showrunners who honor canon rather than reconning it.

Just more proof kids the Legacy show is only a matter of when and not if! ;D

This is the biggest no-brainer since Picard itself was announced. Goldsman obviously wants it too since he was the same guy saying he could see Picard going for years longer if Stewart wanted to keep doing it.

The show was a ratings and critical hit. It actually grew the market with younger audiences. The actors still want to do it. It markets itself and Matalas probably has a dozen ideas what is next for Captain Seven and the Enterprise G.And we have an entire new century to explore using both old and new characters. So yeah, there is no reason not to do it.

And it’s great to see this site push so hard for it and keep it on the radar. It’s going to happen people, just have to be patient. :)


Paramount, above all, is a business, and Star Trek is their product. With Picard season 3, it was both a critical and popular success based on every metric we’ve seen, especially audience engagement. Beyond the positive reaction of Strange New Worlds season 1, it’s the first Star Trek series in a while where I’ve seen a broad cross-section of fans get excited from week-to-week, and where the internet reaction wasn’t a “meh, yeah, that was ok, I just hope next week improves.”

If you want to do more Star Trek, it’s a no-brainer to give Matalas the green-light given the reaction.

I know there are people that don’t want this direction, but I don’t get the “we need to move beyond ‘Old’ Trek” from the same people that praise Strange New Worlds every week. That makes no sense. That series literally just redid “Balance of Terror” and is entirely based in re-contextualizing “Old” Trek, but when a hypothetical Legacy series wants to revisit previous characters and places in building new stories, that’s too much?

“I know there are people that don’t want this direction, but I don’t get the “we need to move beyond ‘Old’ Trek” from the same people that praise Strange New Worlds every week. That makes no sense.”

This is the biggest head scratcher. For the record, I don’t see this in many places. It’s a tiny tiny tiiiiiiny minority of fans I have seen with this view. But it’s so bizarre to me if you are claiming you don’t want any more legacy or old characters and yet you are pining for more Kirk and McCoy to show up which are literally the oldest characters in the franchise lol.

The reality is these people are just old TOS fans who just doesn’t like or want more TNG based shows. That’s all it is. And that’s fine, but don’t pretend otherwise, especially when they just look like hypocrites. But the overwhelming majority of SNW fans wants this show too, I count myself in that. ;)

To me SNW is the biggest nostalgia bait we currently have. I loved the season finale, I’ve seen it four times already and plan to watch it again tonight, but that’s pure fan service and nothing more…and probably why I watched it four times lol. It’s also the highest rated episode of the season on IMDB. So it’s hypocritical BS when fans are pretending they don’t want the Legacy show because they want something ‘new’. SNW and Picard S3 has been proving the very opposite of that.

And I also pointed out in another post SNW easily has more old characters than new ones; the only show so far to have that. Yes, Picard season 3 obviously had the same thing, but the difference is that’s not what the Legacy show will have. Sometimes I want knock my head against a wall online. People keep making arguments that aren’t even true. It’s not going to star Riker, Worf, Troi, Data and Picard. It’s going to star Seven, Jack, Sidney, Raffi and probably a few more bridge crew characters we saw last season. Now I suspect that maybe another legacy character will join the show and we probably get a few recurring TNG characters showing up, but how is that any different than DIS (first two seasons), PIC, LDS, PRO and yes SNW which is the worst culprit? It makes no sense to me. It’s like talking to Trump voters trying to explain why it’s OK for Trump to keep 30 boxes of classified documents in his bathroom he admitted to stealing but Biden should definitely go to jail lol.

Paramount knows this thing will be huge and why I have zero doubt it’s coming. For pete sakes, we have Lower Decks, an animated comedy about low level ensigns doing things like trying to find a drunk Klingon to get him to a conference and yet this thing is a hit lol. TPTB know how big of a hit it is and why they are crossing them over with SNW next season.

If a show like LDS can be a hit, how in Kahless name would the Legacy show not be lol. This will probably be the biggest show out of all of them easily.

It’s coming bro, it will just take a little time, that’s all. And I fully support the Academy show because I want something completely new too. We can simply have both lol.

And I also pointed out in another post SNW easily has more old characters than new ones; the only show so far to have that. 

Except that the legacy characters on SNW (setting aside those from “The Cage”) have mostly been a weaker point of the series. I exclude Uhura from that, solely on the strength of Celia Rose Gooding’s performance; she doesn’t look like Nichelle Nichols, but everything else suggests she really is a young version of TOS Uhura. I also exclude M’Benga from that, again on the strength of Olusanmokun’s performance (the TOS M’Benga had very few scenes, though so Olusanmokun had a lot of freedom to interpret the character).

But the others? Sam Kirk and his ‘stache have added next to nothing. Jim Kirk was (at least based on “Quantum of Mercy”) terribly miscast. Chapel the extrovert is simply nothing like TOS Chapel. Gia Sandhu nails the part of T’Pring in terms of her voice and kinesthetics, but it was stupid to bring that character on SNW; the mystery of T’Pring was part of her allure in “Amok Time.” She was supposed to be someone betrothed to Spock in young childhood and not seen since, not someone whom Spock is boffing on Friday night dates.

They would have done much better to focus on Pike and his own crew, as they did in DISCO and that Short Trek with the engineering cadet.

For the record, I would’ve been more than fine we got less TOS characters and made this more of a Pike focused show. But as I always say, not any of this remotely surprised me because the people making the show are just as much fanboys/girls as the people watching it. So I knew it was going to be more a TOS prequel show than a Pike one. I just read on another thread Carol Marcus is now showing up this season lol. You already got his brother and baby mama on the show, why not bring in his parents on as well? This is fan service for fan service sake only. Again, fine if the show was actually about Kirk, but it isn’t.

But to also be honest, I do like most of the legacy characters. Yeah Chapel is basically another character entirely at this point, but I guess they had to ‘modernize’ her, especially if you’re a new and younger fan. The old Chapel wouldn’t have passed muster today. Still they have rough shodded over canon to the point you have to wonder why even bother to have her be Chapel? Just bring in a new character Spock has the hots for and you can do anything because there is nothing that says Spock didn’t have previous relationships on the Enterprise before….but we knew it wasn’t with Chapel either.

As far as T’Pring, this is always the problem with prequels when you have a show that can honestly showcase a character we barely knew before which is a GOOD thing, but it also just completely goes against canon. I really like T’Pring, but her character really shouldn’t be this involved on the show anymore than Kirk should. But the producers just see an opportunity to really delve into their relationship. It’s nice to see why they ended up breaking up. But same time nothing we seen on screen matches canon since T’Pring didn’t even know Chapel existed and now it’s become a love triangle. None of it makes sense even if I do like both characters.

I hate both Kirks, in terms of their appearance on the show and their casting. I know both actors are trying and with Sam, it’s not just the actor per se, it’s just the characterization that bothers me. With his brother, it’s definitely the actor. But maybe this season I will come around to both but neither should be on this show at all IMO. At least not this soon.

Everyone else I can at least around.

With Picard season 3, it was both a critical and popular success based on every metric we’ve seen, especially audience engagement. 

I think this is broadly correct, and it’s important to note that it resonated with mainstream critics, not just diehard sci-fi buffs. I wouldn’t label season 3 as a masterpiece (although the first half came close), but it showed there is a market for serious, contemplative Star Trek.

It showed that — gasp — that you can broaden that market without dumbing down the franchise with workplace comedies, outta control zaniness, bug-eyed animated characters, kiddie fare, young adult angst, and so on. Shockingly, it turns out that people really were waiting for some adult Star Trek.

Legacy would need massive retooling from what was teased to be appetising for me. Looking back on Picard with time to come down from the hype, season 3 was the weakest season and I can’t say more of the same is quite what I want.

Also let’s be real, how long before all these fickle people demanding it turn on it like a lot of comments have towards SNW.

I’m just not excited by what was proposed as a show concept in the finale, or in Matalas follow up interviews and tweets.

More, the state of the early 25th century Starfleet and Federation is darned depressing, counter-aspirational.

But is there a market for something in that era. Absolutely.

The concept just needs a lot of adjustments.

Losing Jack, or making him a flag officer’s aide-de-camp (as I have seen proposed elsewhere), would make it much more interesting.

Moving Raffi and Worf over to S31 would be a good move also.

And that’s fair TG47, you just didn’t like what we got in the end.

Literally the same reason why fans hated the idea of a Section 31 show. What we got in Discovery from them didn’t make a lot of fans excited about the show’s prospects, including me, and a lot of people downright hated the lead character (never a great sign lol). So it’s not a shock why it eventually turned into a TV movie. If fans were really begging for a Section 31 show like they were with SNW and now Legacy, that show would’ve happened. Even if you buy that Yeoh is just waaaaay too busy to do a show she oddly signed up for in the first place, you can still make the show with other characters LIKE Worf as you mentioned (and would be a hundred times more popular anyway lol) and just have Georgiou show up a few episodes a season. Done.

So I get it because I felt exactly like you did, just with a different show. Now I would’ve supported it if it happened, but wasn’t begging for it either.

But with the Legacy show, yeah, fans are craving it on a level I haven’t seen ever. So why it feels inevitable unless Paramount+ just stop making Star Trek shows. ;)

But yeah I don’t disagree the show can’t make adjustments if fans have certain issues with things. I mean they do with shows currently running. You can agree throwing Discovery 900 years into the future was a huge adjustment lol.

They listen to the fanbase. It’s why we got Picard season 3 in the first place. If there is really something not working with the Legacy show, they will most likely pivot. But I don’t see any red flags as to not make it at all.

The problem with Picard season 3 and I do use that term loosely because I did love it is that it was a very hollow concept. It was a TNG reunion and nothing more which don’t get me wrong set my heart a flutter as the D is my generation’s childhood Enterprise but the fact they had no plans if they couldn’t secure the entire cast shows a bit of creative bankruptcy.

The plot of season 3 is very much a fanfic level thing, you can’t tell me Dominion Borg team up isn’t on every fanfic site under the sun. The adherence to continuity is one of the worst of any installment like when you look into it it doesn’t make a lick of sense. With attempts to remedy it’s bad continuity with tweets being quite poor.

The next next generation are just too old than they can canonically be, be it wonky casting or again a lack of care about the placement which would be surprising given Matalas seems passionate about the franchise but maybe he is too close and just carelessly wrote a fanfic.

Then you just get to subjective complaints about the Titan being renamed and the general quality of Jack as a character just being Wesley 2.0 but subjective gripes aren’t constructive.

But when you add it all up I just can’t get excited about the concept of Legacy as it doesn’t come with many prospects that build my confidence. Me personally I would make its opening story or if it were an event movie like Section 31 would be a Q story that ends with a small reset button of Jack not getting Mary Sued into Starfleet and the Titan-A keeping its name. Maybe a story about forging your own legacy outside of the shadow of others so not following in his parents footsteps and not having a ship renamed just because. There would have to be a compelling plot to accompany that of course like Jack’s presence will only ever cause tragedy. No reset buttons just for the sake of it.

My maximalist nature makes it a pain for me to say no don’t want this show as I want a new star trek episode 365 but I have no desire for legacy and the way some people are just like cancel XYZ for this flavour of the month just sours me further because these fair weather fans shouldn’t be catered to, especially when some things they want to cancel they dislike for all the wrong reasons.

Dude, this is 100% valid. I get your points and I actually agree with a lot of them and I loved season 3 overall.

It sounds like its not for you so I can’t really blame you for not wanting it. You laid out your arguments well. But many people DO want it and I understand why they do and I support them since I obviously want it too.

But yes I agree with you that I don’t think it helps when these fans say things like they want the Academy show cancelled for the Legacy show. But the other problem is they seen it work with the Section 31 show and SNW and they are hoping lightning strikes in the bottle again lol.

I have been called many names here over the years (most of them probably true ;)), but unreasonable is not one of them. I have NO problems if people are honest and say they don’t want such a such show. Isn’t that’s why we have message boards? Same time though, if a show you don’t like gets made, no one is forcing you to watch it either.

But I’m just being honest here, it’s all much ado about nothing IMO when you have five shows running and to choose from. If you don’t like the Legacy show, you still have LDS, PRO, SNW and SFA to watch and hopefully like more. I get it, it’s human nature to want to like it all but you don’t have to. And I suspect the people making these shows don’t expect every fan to like all of them either. So people just focus on the stuff they do like and not get so bothered over the 1 or 2 shows they can’t stand. But I know that’s easier said than done. ;)

But if you are just tired of nostalgia bait and fan service overall I totally get that. But sadly, I think we’re going to get more of it this year and not less. And SNW will probably be the second biggest culprit this season.

I do love me some fanservice and nostalgia don’t get me wrong. Crossover is the word most warming to my soul. But there has to be purpose to it. Plot above all.

I completely agree with you, I don’t like Prodigy so I just don’t watch it. It doesn’t hurt me in any way but alas internet discourse is seldom civil especially when hive minds clash. I’m very glad for the rare opportunity to discuss opposing viewpoints pleasantly.

I accept that my worries and my grumbles are possibly for the same reason I’m complaining about; I’m too close to the franchise on an emotional investment level. And I want to want and enjoy every new Star Trek show that comes out.

I come here to discuss opposing viewpoints, not shut them down. Some people sadly don’t seem to understand why message boards exist unfortunately.

See Prodigy is my favorite show in NuTrek. I didn’t think I would hate it or anything but I didn’t think I would love a kid’s show this much either lol. But I understand why people like you don’t like it. It’s OK, really. And maybe in time you will change your mind.

As far as the Legacy show, I don’t think there is nothing I can say to you that will make you feel better about it. And while I’m 100% certain it will get made, I been wrong on a few certainties before lol. I can only say IF it does, maybe it will surprise you. Someone else said it best, we don’t really know what we’re going to like until we just see it. I was convinced I was going to love certain Star Trek shows (or shows in general ;)) and hate others just to have the opposite effect and that include shows currently on now.

The best example was Discovery in season 3. Believe it or not, out of ALL the shows, SNW, Picard seasons 1-3, etc, season 3 of Discovery excited me the most than other show because it finally was doing what I was hoping Star Trek would do once Voyager ended and go off into a new century and just begin anew. I don’t mean a TNG sequel show like Picard, I mean start completely over from scratch where we know nothing about anything. Leave all of the old stuff behind. I was so excited but sadly only to be let down lol. It is what it is. Maybe I will love the last season. And I’m still excited for the Academy show because I still want more stories in the 32nd century…just better ones. ;)

As far as Legacy, it’s all just a pipe dream right now anyway and it’s probably years away if and when it does happen with everything going on. I’m hoping the Starfleet Academy show will be good in the mean time and hoping that will also prove all the naysayers wrong who think that will be just as bad as you think the Legacy show will be.

I too am very excited for the prospects of more 32nd century content. I love the aesthetic of it and really want to see more of the ships in action especially the Eisenberg class. It’s such a beauty in my eyes.

If Legacy surprises me I will be all for that. I wanted a Captain Rios show then a Captain Shaw show. I love Seven and Raffi and Sidney and Elnor, there’s lots of ingredients kicking around but as I said before most of the changes I would make are based on more subjective criticisms.

Exactly, the 32nd century still excites me even if the show that’s set in it doesn’t. And to be honest, I don’t care that much about the Academy idea. I’m fine with it, but I just want more stories in that setting. If I’m being more honest, I don’t even care about the Legacy show that much itself, I just want more 25th century shows and stories as well. I know we’ll get more 23rd and 24th century stuff in the future, but it’s the 25th and 32nd centuries they can build on for a decade because it’s all new. That just excites me.

So it’s really just about doing more stories in the 25th century I’m convinced we will get more of. Maybe we won’t get Matalas specific show but we’re getting a show eventually. It’s just too good of a period to pass up when you have so many legacy actors at your disposal and a fanbase begging to get a continuation in this period of some kind, so I remain optimistic. :)

Yeah I can’t say academy as a premise enthuses me, children in TV shows and films are just a bad idea. Children in real life are a bad idea too but that’s neither here or there. But yeah give me that funky fresh 32nd century with its beautiful ships and uniforms.

Yeah I think if they fill it up with too many kids or teens that will turn fans off, but I suspect they will just as many adult characters as they have teens on it. I would love for Admiral Vance and Kovich to be part of the show too; even if they just pop up here and there.

Sure, it must have been the weakest season – that’s why it created the biggest petition in trek history and became a huge critical and financial hit. Makes sense.

It is my speculation that that is down to the TNG reunion we got and not on its own merits. All hypothetical obviously as we got the reunion but I do suspect had we been teased with a Captain Seven spinoff in a season more in line with 1 and 2 that this would not be a discussion and comments would just be rampant with the shows detractors.

I do worry people are blinded by short term hype and will quickly denounce any potential legacy show as soon as it stops being exactly what they imagined it would be. Look how people turned on Picard season 1 and even SNW.

People loved seeing the TNG cast again, myself included, but that isn’t what legacy will be and if you strip away the reunion from Picard season 3 I don’t think you have enough there that people will love for several seasons. Certainly not the fair weather hive mind.

Of course it’s all academic at this point.

His resumé is largely woeful with “The Crowded Room” being his latest misstep, but he does still have major clout in Hollywood, so it’s not a bad thing having him vocally in a Star Trek show’s corner. It’s just a crapshoot as to whether his creative involvement hinders the actual storytelling.


Goldsman was the guy that helped get SNW on air so this is even more great news! He’s a hack (Picard season 2 and Discovery enough said), but he carries a lot of weight in Star Trek these days and he wants it too.

The Legacy show is a sure bet! Let’s keep it going Trekkies, we’ll hopefully get it sooner than later! 🖖

I think it’s a bit harsh to call the guy a hack. Obviously DSC and PIC were not the right fits for him, but he’s the one who pushed for Pike and SNW. Hopefully he sticks with SNW, since he’s clearly doing something right over there … but it is nice he sees the value in Legacy.


If the writing would be a whole lot better than Picard Season 3!

If the writers’ strike could go ahead and kill that Academy series, and free up money/resources to work on Legacy instead…that would be great.

They should axe the Academy show and just put those resources to getting the Legacy show going.

Goldsman instills no confidence in me whatsoever. To me, his contributions to Trek have been woeful. Still hoping for a Legacy series, but if he could stay far away from it, that would be great.

Goldsman may not have been the right fit for DSC, but he’s been wonderful for SNW. Given his comments, though, I’m sure he would prefer a Legacy series go right back to Terry Matalas.

Everyone involved with PIC in any way seems to want LEGACY (will we abbreviate it LEG?). Obviously everything – including Academy and the S31 film, both of which I really want – depends on the resolution of the strike. Hopefully the powers that be pull their collective heads out of their collective a*&es and give the writers/creatives what they are asking for.

It’s sad that they finished filming PS3 A YEAR AGO and had no idea how good it was. The least expensive season to film of any live action Star Trek streaming series and then it gets the highest ratings of any of the other Trek shows, by far.

If they (Kurtzman & Goldsmith) actually understood Star Trek this show would have been given a 4th season order and they would have been halfway through filming the season by the time of the writers strike.

Now we will be lucky to see a 4th season by 2025 but more likely 2026!

i think Paramount should hear us loud and clear…..let Terry Matalas run Star Trek or give him a show, it doesn’t have to be ST Legacy. I’d love a show set between ST6 and TNG.

still wish they kept the ship the Titan-A or called it the USS Picard cause you could argue for a 2nd ship show if it was one of those names….having two shows at once with both of them being on different Enterprises is a tough sell to tv execs, would seem redundant in their eyes IMO

I wonder how many of the folks calling for Legacy think that we would regularly be seeing Frakes, Burton, McFadden, Dorn, Spiner et al? Because I don’t think we would.

I think Jeri Ryan is great and underrated, but I think the grounds for a stand-alone show are pretty darned thin.

At least on this board, it doesn’t seem to be a factor at all. Most people understand its about the next next generation as they have been saying for months now and it will be Seven’s show. Sure I suspect we will see Riker or Worf show up here and there, but they won’t be on the Enterprise G with the main cast either.