‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Warps Into Streaming Top 10 Chart

Following in the footsteps of Star Trek: Picard, the new season of Strange New Worlds is proving popular for Paramount+, arriving on the Neilsen top 10.

Strange New Hit!

Today Nielsen revealed their top 10 streaming charts for the week of June 12-18, which includes the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 premiere, “The Broken Circle.” Strange New Worlds debuts on the chart for original streaming shows at number 7, with 338 million minutes viewed (Nielsen’s metric for streaming).

This is the first Paramount+ original to appear on the charts since May when the season 3 finale of Star Trek: Picard came in 9th place with 400 million minutes viewed. That was actually the third time for Picard’s 3rd season on the Nielsen chart. The only other Paramount+ original show to make the Top 10 was the Yellowstone prequel 1923 earlier in the year shortly after Nielsen began tracking Paramount+ shows.

Christina Chong as La’an “The Broken Circle”

Without Nielsen data from the first season of Strange New Worlds, it’s hard to draw comparisons. However, last summer Paramount+ revealed season 1 had the strongest performance of any original Star Trek show to date. The series was also the second-highest-ranked original show for the launch of Paramount+ in the UK.

It will be interesting to see if Strange New Worlds can stay on the charts throughout its second season.

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This is awesome but I feel like SNW has been declining in quality since the first ep this season, which is a shame considering how strong last season was. I truly hope it gets better. It is like Discovery level bad all of the sudden.

I have to admit I like S1 better too but I am still really enjoying this season. The thing we have to remember is S2 went into production before S1 even aired so they had no feedback to go off of. I suspect S3 will be WAY different in numerous ways.

I feel the opposite — the series is hitting on all cylinders this season.

Are we even watching the same show? Season 2 is now 5 episodes shown out of 10 and they’ve all been well worth watching.


Episode 1 was a lowpoint for the season, and for the show in general. The quality has only gone up since episode 1.

I disagree, the only bad episode in S2 was the first one, that one WAS Discovery level bad. But the rest have been good, some more, some less, bit all good.

I actually liked the first one personally. It’s the fourth one I thought was bad.

I think the issue for a lot of folks was that the first one shouldn’t have been the first one. It was fine but more of a midseason episode than a season premiere.

I can certainly agree with that. I don’t know why they didn’t just start with the second episode but people have theorized they wanted something bigger and more actiony to start the season with.

I kinda feel this way too. I like season 1 better so far. I mean I really like season 2 episodes 1, 2 and 5, but episodes 3 and 4 I didn’t care for. I had less episode in the entire first season I didn’t like.

I’m just hoping the whole ‘big swings’ is not something they came up with afterwards, to cover themselves, because they all thought the season was hit and miss.

Bro…saying SNW is Discovery bad is like saying a bad Christopher Nolan movie is comparable to a bad Lifetime movie. It could never be THAT bad. 😵‍💫

But I partly agree with you this season has been more on the meh side for me and season 1 was far better. The only two I really liked so far was this last one (really enjoyed it) and The Measure of a Woman. These two are probably the best in the series actually. The others are below average to outright suck.

I’m still excited for the Lower Decks episode like everybody too. But if that one blows I’m going to be majorly depressed for a month.

I’m hoping the season improves in the second half.

I agree about the decline in quality from last season to this one, but stop short of Discovery-Level Bad. If it was as bad as that I wouldn’t be tuning in at all.

Yeah as someone who has been very down on Discovery lately and thinks its become a truly awful show to the point I was considering not even watching season 5 when it came out, I can’t think of any episode of SNW so far that is as bad and almost teeth pulling as a Rosetta for example. Just a truly embarrassing episode. Nothing has comes close to that with SNW IMO.

OMG Rosetta was just a laughable episode.

“I feel this was a place full of love.”

Just bleeping kill me. 🙄

I’m with you but I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment to have my head examined because the numbers show that this is the most popular Star Trek going right now; and, story-wise, fans seem like they’d be happy if cast members just read a phone book while making funny faces.

This season has been good – Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow was probably the best SNW episode

Charades was really the first one where we got the entire cast for an entire episode

We really don’t need the Chapel-Spock romance – it was always better from afar

WOW!!! Number 7!!! That’s impressive! Suck it Emmys! I dunno what is going to happen to P+ as a whole but I hope this bodes well for Trek after the multiple strikes that are happening now are over :(

Lots of people watching doesn’t = a high quality, Emmy-worthy show.

It did with The Mandalorian, which is basically a fast-food comfort version of Star Wars that’s kind of cool to watch, but is rather silly and shallow when you get right down to it.

Mando is really just an update of the Japanese Lone Wolf and Cub series of films/TV shows, converted to the SW universe. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it! But it ain’t all that and it still got 3 Emmy wins. And there is no way it gets those wins if it’s not hugely popular.

“silly and kind of shallow” … congrats you’ve just described Star Wars. Or at least what the original trilogy is/was.

Mando = lots of people watching. lots of people raving about it.
SNW = lots of people watching. no one raving about it.

SNW = lots of people watching. no one raving about it.

This statement falls into the category of MAKING SHIT UP.

Who is raving about S2 of SNW? The majority find it ‘meh’.

No, the majority on THIS board find it MEH – But it is obvious that people have been raving about it.

But it is obvious that people have been raving about it.

Exactly! Thank you.

You clearly said:

SNW = lots of people watching. no one raving about it.

No one, means 0 people are raving about it. That’s a false statement since I can provide numerous examples of people and critics raving about it.

So yeah, that’s making shit up.

I’m not saying SNW is worthy of a Best Drama Emmy, but it’s got excellent reviews from critics and obviously plenty of people are watching it – and on a streaming service with a much smaller footprint than Disney+ and Netflix. I’m not quite sure how you quantify how the general public is raving about it. Even in the 90s I didn’t really get a sense of DS9 catching fire with anyone but hardcore Trekkers and TV Guide. SNW maybe isn’t prompting gushing tweets like say, episode 3 of The Last of Us, but this feels like unnecessary conjecture on your part. Who did you poll to back up this assertion?

As for Mando, it’s deserved plenty of its accolades but it’s not a deep show and the Emmys at least caught on. It’s not nominated for Best Drama, while Andor is.

Of course they also nominated Obi Wan Kenobi for Best Limited Series for some reason, so I still take their judgment with a grain of salt.

The Mandalorian is an incredibly dull show. How it ever got an Emmy nod is beyond my comprehension. The pacing is the worst I have ever seen. They could have cut all the season into a 2.5 hour movie with better pacing. Same with Kenobi. What a disappointment all the Star Wars shows were.

I hear you, but if you accept Mando for what it is, it’s a fun little show (note: I have only watched the first 2 seasons). But it’s way overhyped and did not deserve 3 freaking Emmys — that’s the problem.

I absolutely loved Kenobi. I don’t know what people were expecting, but it worked great for me.

Mando is DEFINITELY way overhyped… and definitely not worth the hype. I was actually really looking forward to it because of the premise and that Jon Favreau was attached. The concept looked great! But wow… do those episodes drag on! I had a very hard time keeping focused. It is like they stretched each episode to pull in the allotted time. I watched the first season… MEH. Stopped watching the second season after 3 episodes. And that was it for me. I was shocked that it got an EMMY nomination.

Mando season 3 is listless, but I’ve been impressed with what they’ve done with a lot of their stories, and proving Star Wars could work on TV was no small task. Andor is 100% their Deep Space Nine – adult, great world building, dark, layered, ultimately rewarding.

Agreed on Kenobi though. What a waste of talent on a plot that was barely 2 hours of material.

Emily, maybe NuTrek just isn’t for you. I haven’t seen you say a single positive thing about any of these shows. And that’s OK obviously, but also its OK to tell yourself that and just focus on whatever the older shows you happen to like. It sounds like none of these shows will ever satisfy you.

Lots of people like and dislike all kinds of things for many reasons. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s just preposterous (and a particularly pernicious form of gatekeeping) to claim without evidence that the majority of the audience shares your opinion just because you say it does. Certainly, justified or not, the majority of critics’ reviews of SNW S2 have been positive since it began to air. That’s just an objective fact.

Fully agree, but sadly she’s not the first one here to do that, not by a long shot and another reason I wish we had an ignore button here.

I want to keep enjoying Mando, but man did I not like Season 3. Haven’t even bothered to finish it. I’ve got two episodes left but I just couldn’t find a story thread to care about this season

I have just watched the first two seasons, but I’ve been hearing that this new season is weak, so you have confirmed that. Maybe I will skip it then. Thanks

ironically, it’s more Trek-like in that it has a strong monster of the week vibe, but then it doesn’t have enough of a central core to fall back on. It kind of feels like a whole bunch of fetch quests which all resolve in 1.5 episodes

Season 3 was an exercise in frustration. He was a supporting character in his own show.

I may skip it then. What’s the point if he’s relegated to a supporting role?

I think there’s one really interesting episode which felt like an episode of Andor, and Mando isn’t in it apart from the beginning and end

It shouldn’t. But more times than not it does. TNG was only nominated in it’s 7th season. Don’t even tell me season 7 was it’s best. It was nominated because of popularity. Which is EXACTLY what ratings numbers reflect.

I wish Prodigy could have hit such numbers (heck, Lower Decks, too), but alas, some people won’t watch animation no matter what, so they start off at a disadvantage before even a frame has been seen.

The funny thing is the production quality of Prodigy was so high I had a hard time even looking at it and thinking of it as animation. It certainly didn’t look like anything I had when I was a kid.

Oh, totally. Along with everything else one might say of it, it’s arguably the most visually lush show in the franchise. Its only real competition on that front is SNW.

Oh ya, SNW looks amazing too.

Agreed. I think once they labeled it a ‘kid’s show’ it turned fans off right away. There were certainly people who watched it and still deemed it as such but I think for most people who watched it saw it as so much more, certainly on this board at least.

It’s so funny to me cause LD is the “adult” show and Prodigy is the “kids” show but they feel like the total opposites to me

LOL true. But I think the problem is people perceive PRO as TOO young. LDS is definitely a kids show as well, but its closer to teenage level. It’s no way they can market LDS to a 7 year old that literally had an episode that included an orgy scene lol. And the level of cursing is wild on that show, they just obviously bleep it out. My guess so it won’t be rated mature because the point is they WANT younger people to watch it too, but closer to high school age instead of elementary.

PRO does come off as a mature show to me as well. But perception does have an impact and I saw many people writing they didn’t like it was a bunch of kids on a starship and none of them were in Starfleet. Trek fans can be very fickle sadly.

ya LDS can’t be a He-Man level show for sure. More like 7-12 graders I guess. The thing about PRO tho is that the characters are lovable like they are made for kids so I get that. But man, the time travel stuff in that show is so complex I would say it is some of the most complex time travel in all of Star Trek if you look at it from the perspective that we are examinging as the audiene the effect before the cause. That never happens for us and as a kid… like… WHAT?

Exactly. Prodigy is actually a very complex show, more complex than I think a lot of us thought it would be. I really thought every episode was going to be holographic Janeway explaining how warp drive work or what Klingons are, etc. Instead they just dived right in and made the show very Trek-y but also did it in a way to introduce kids to the universe since the characters on the show had never heard of Starfleet or the Federation itself. I think this show is very thoughtful and found a way to keep both new and old fans interested. But I guess not. :(

I loved the time travel plot the most. Again, done very well and smart. I know some fans are sick of time travel but they have to get over it lol. It’s not going anywhere, especially when DIS, PIC and as said PRO had an entire season based around time travel. And it looks like SNW will do two episodes this season alone. They keep doing it because its been part of Trek from year one and most of us love it.

I know lots of trekkies are sick of time travel but I never get tired of it. I’m one of the few ppl I knew that liked the idea of the temporal cold war. Just not the execution per se. But this took it a step further cause like I said we were right there with the kids in not knowing what the heck was going on. We didn’t come from the future like Chakotay. We didn’t even know there was a future at first. That totally blew us away. They found a way to make time travel and a mystery story the same thing and that was brilliant. I would love them to try something like that again.

Yeah, I loooooove time travel stories. I can’t get enough of them and Star Trek is really the science fiction franchise that does them the best IMO because they still find creative ways to do them LIKE the Temporal Cold War as you said. I too was disappointed in how it was executed overall but I like the idea very much and happy it’s been resurrected in both Discovery and now SNW. I would love to just do a full TCW mini-series in fact and you can cross characters over from any show or time period and just give us the full on story, but I’m fanboying too much now.

And that’s why Prodigy was so good because we had no idea we were watching a time travel story until midway through the season. I loved that Chakotay is stuck in the 25th century and they have to find a way to get him back…assuming we’ll ever see it. Ugh.

But l hate when we get really bad ones like Picard season 2 turned out. Look well Prodigy did it and how badly Picard did it. It’s night and day and we have to keep emphasizing Prodigy is the show for 8 year old but it was actually thought out way better than people making the big TNG sequel show.

But I always get excited when I find out a Trek story will be time travel based. Another reason why I’m so excited about the LDS episode.

PIC S2 started so great but the problem was none of it made any sense and what’s worse it’s so obvious it was a symptom of the telephone game. Q has powers, wait no he doesn’t, oh, I take it back, yes he does! We went to the past because Q put us in an alternate reality. Wait, no, it was because Picard needed to grow a heart. Awwwww…. Anyways… I digress…

Regarding PRO. Lets say, worst case scenario, we do not get a season 3, or even see season 2. If Chakotay is in the 25th, maybe live action could take over and find him. Maybe a time jump from the end of PIC Captain Seven and the Enterprise G could find him and we could see a Seven / Chakotay reunion. Truth be told I was never a fan of that coupling but who knows if done right?

Yeeeep, it started off great but ended up not so great lol. And Q was all over the place. I still can’t even figure out if Q sent them to the past or not and why he was working so hard to make sure his ancestor don’t go to Europa if he was there to help Picard with his tragic backstory mother issues? Sigh

Sorry to bring that up lol. I really really hope we will see season 2 of Prodigy obviously. But sure I wouldn’t have a problem if the Legacy show happens and they partly the Prodigy story line to wrap it up in a way. But I think they should stay faaaar away from the Chakotay/Seven romance plot, but she obviously still cares about him and would help. And it would be the perfect excuse to bring Janeway back in live action. But OK, we’re going in fanboy over drive now lol.

But of course with P+ woes and there is now both a writers and actor’s strike happening, we may be lucky if that service is even around a year from now, much less the other shows themselves. Prodigy may not be the only one looking for a new home soon.

But it’s why I always love talking to you, you like to ‘go there’ as much I do with this stuff. ;)

Hey Abbot and Costello, give it a rest already!!!! You and Amirami are all over this board talking to each other in a friendly way, cracking jokes, agreeing with one another and having a rational discussion about your love of Star Trek without insulting each other!

Some of us can’t take this much goodwill on a Star Trek message board guys! 👎

Instead you two should be more bitter and hostile arguing with as many people here as possible who disagree with you telling them why their opinions are worthless and that the show you really hate that they like SUCKS and shouldn’t even be considered canon.

Do you two even know where you are???

Not everyone here wants to read posts between two people who happen to like and respect each other while discussing like minded opinions about a TV show. Save the love fest for Twitter or a Trump rally. 🤮

LOL! wait, so which am I?

You’re clearly whomever is the better looking one! 😁

You know what. I won’t fight you on that. ;)

LMAO, nice one!

The irony is I been accused of ‘bullying’ and attacking others because they don’t like a particular show (and by same people who spend their days getting into fights with people here constantly and who I asked to ignore me several times, you can’t make this stuff up) when in reality I actually don’t care about anyone’s opinion good or bad. Even if I disagree I want to have a conversation about it, not challenge them over it. But yeah I usually gravitate to people who just wants to have a normal conversation and geek out about Star Trek more than anything like Amirami, even if we disagree at times too. I’m far from perfect, but I don’t want to spend my time on message boards getting into useless back and forth fights all day with the same six people and I have certainly done it lol, but I do try hard to avoid it. I don’t think most people here want to do that.

I certainly don’t have an issue disagreeing with people and telling them why, but only if it’s a civil conversation. But certain people wants to see it as a fight or a challenge and not a debate and who I usually don’t bother with those discussions. I actually try hard to stay out of the mouthbreather fights that erupts here lol.

Some of us really want to come to places like this and have a fun conversation with other like minded fans while discussing our ups and downs with the franchise. Now apparently some people want to be upset about this too lol. It’s really a strange board at times.

BTW, what did you think of the episode? Did you like it?

EDIT: I just saw a post of yours where you said you liked it but haven’t been a huge fan of season 2 as a whole. The season seems to be more divisive this year for sure.

I absolutely adored this episode man! It was so much fun. It felt like a live action Lower Decks episode to me. At first I thought I was going to hate it. I thought they were going to make Spock a little too silly but tuat wasn’t the case by the end.

I absolutely laughed out loud when Spock showed up with the Starfleet beanie on. That’s something Boimler would’ve done. And I didn’t know a Lower Decks writer wrote this until after it was over. And not just any writer but the one who wrote Wej Duj, still one of my favorite Trek episodes ever and plays T’Lyn! Then I was like OK this is why this episode was so awesome and now even MORE excited for the crossover episode! 😎

It was so smart to put Lower Decks writers on this show and make even more funny and better.

It is funny how Starfleet throw it’s logo on everything these days lol. Dude, they are worse than Disney.

And I agree, it did feel very much like a live action Lower Decks episode. Spock Amok felt the exact same way and people on Reddit dubbed that episode Upper Decks. I didn’t know it was a LDS writer either until I saw it one of the reviews. I’ve seen other people remark only a LDS writer would be clever enough to name thousands year old interdimensional aliens ridiculous names like Yellow and Blue and turn them into galactic customer service reps. All their scenes were comedy gold. No one has that kind of sense of humor writing for Discovery. ;)

And it only proves SNW is light enough that it can handle broad comedy. It’s very weird to me because some people look at this show as ‘serious’ and I look at it at the complete opposite as very light and fun. And probably why I’m not bothered over how relaxed and jokey the crew is every mission.

Sure they have darker episodes like episode four but that’s not the basic tone of the show at all. And even that episode wasn’t ‘dark’, just more serious minded I guess. But yeah the Gorn stuff comes off dark for sure now that they turned them into Xenomorphs and I don’t approve at all, but whatever.

Anyway I am more than up for more comedic stories on this show and you’re right the LDS episode bolds even better now since this one seems to be more popular than even I thought it would. It doesn’t mean everyone will like it and I suspect certain people will hate it no matter what lol.

But I can probably agree with people who didn’t like this episode because they are making Spock too much of a punchline which I have been complaining about myself. But I thought how they did it here was at least clever, so I’m OK with it.

I mentioned the same thing about Yellow and Blue on another site and that they feel like a very LDS type of aliens, especially Yellow hanging up on Pike. 😂

SNW feels like a dramedy if you heard that word before. It has some dramatic stuff but comedy is always infused to relieve the tension. All the shows do it but not every episode. Pike is the perfect example. He’s always turning everything into a dad joke, even in serious situations. Picard, Sisko or Kirk might make a joke at times but rarely when things are tense. So I get what you mean.

But I’ll take Star Trek any way as long as it’s good. Picard season 3 was very serious, no LDS comedy stuff at all but still a lot of funny moments. But Picard season 3 was just on another level for me than LDS and SNW. I love these shows of course but Picard is what pulls me in the most as a fan and why so many want the Legacy show now.

It’s just too bad we had to watch two horrible seasons before we got some good TNG again. 🙄

Yeah Picard and SNW are night and day of each other, but that’s fine because the point is to have shows with different tones. Season 3 of Picard was deadly serious and even bleak although it was actually really funny through the entire season. I don’t think I laughed so hard in some of those episodes, especially with Worf and Riker. But I have seen people who hated the season complain that it was too dark for them, which I understand. I didn’t have an issue with it personally but I get it.

That’s why SNW is so nice to have after that because it’s so cloying and bubbly…like root beer. ;)

And then after that, it’s going to get even more fun and light with LDS which I can’t wait for now. That’s why I like this era of Trek, it can go from dire to silly and a little something for everyone.

But I enjoy SNW because it doesn’t take itself that seriously. A great example of that is watch an episode of TOS. Most of them are tense, drama filled and deadly serious most of the time. Kirk looks and sounds like he’s has the entire galaxy on his shoulders making big decisions. Then watch an episode of SNW with Pike in his apron cooking people dinner, the tone doesn’t feel anywhere close to TOS or even TNG for that matter and that’s OK with me.

Oh but I notice you and others don’t like the Chapel and Spock hook up but I love it. But I’m not attached to TOS to like you guys here and the original was sooooo boring. This Chapel is closer to Majel Roddenberry other famous character Laxwana Troi than deadwood Chapel on TOS.

So I don’t care they are overwriting canon. It’s basically just a different timeline anyway.

That would also explain Amanda because on this episode she’s not only super hot but looks about 35.

But then like five years later in Journey to Babel she now looks like a grandma and suddenly aged 30 years. 😂

To make this very clear, I actually don’t have a real issue of putting Spock and Chapel together. It’s not something I need either but I’m fine with it as long as they just make it clear it’s not suppose to follow TOS canon. For me, it’s very simple, either follow canon as much as possible, or just say it’s not in the same timeline and do whatever the Pakled hell you want. What bothers many of us is they try and treat the audience like we’re utter morons by somehow pretending all these changes still (kinda?) fits canon but anyone with eyes and a brain knows it doesn’t. They tried that with Discovery and that obviously didn’t last very long. Now they are trying it again.

In TOS Spock and Chapel never had a romantic relationship, period. It literally goes against the entire dynamic of that relationship. And Spock and T’Pring certainly weren’t having relationship problems because Spock was so enamored and deeply in love with Chapel which is even more absurd; he barely acknowledged her on the show. And Chapel had no idea who T’Pring was anymore than T’Pring knew who Chapel was. And now they are both in a love triangle with the guy. It’s ridiculous and silly to suggest any of this was implied in TOS. I guess we also have to pretend Uhura utterly forgot who T’Pring was, someone she knew about for 5 years according to SNW.

But yeah, after episode three, they basically made it clear it’s in its own timeline now, but I still feel they are trying to thread a line and it’s so ridiculous. We’re only 15 episodes in this show and so much of TOS canon has been changed to a ridiculous level. I don’t even see the point of trying anymore but maybe that’s the thing, they aren’t trying anymore.

And you’re completely right about Amanda lol. Great point.

I hear you. They should just make it clear it’s another timeline but I guess they already have. But I’m cool either way. I really like them together and I can’t stand T’Pring mother or most Vulcans since they are utter dipbleeps and up their own bleeps!

Poor Sevet man, I totally felt for the guy. This how guys like that end up running off with a Dabo girl to Risa when you have to put up with that for 100 years or so.

And if you’re Spock and you have to choose between saucy super hot anything goes Chapel vs T’Pring with all their annoying Vulcan rituals while questioning everything you do, it’s not even a contest.

I’m shocked there is no Vulcan sex ritual and all the family members must be in attendance for your first time to observe and tell you how you’re doing it all wrong while giving astute lessons on how to logically apply Vulcan techniques for a most efficient orgasm. 😂🙄

Vulcans can seriously go suck it bro!!!

T’Pring is hot and Chapel is not. Chapel’s cute, though.

LOL! OMG, now I can’t unsee this.

But I agree, they have made the Vulcans act far too superior and basically dicks. For a group that pretends to be ‘enlighten’ they don’t exude it very much when it comes to accepting humans unfortunately.

In TOS Spock and Chapel never had a romantic relationship? I’m not so sure. Spock clearly changes at some point before serving under Kirk, and we have no idea what his relationship with Chapel was before this change. I don’t think SNW violates canon in this respect at all.

No they never had a relationship outside a professional one. It’s not even close. The show made it clear Chapel loved Spock and Spock never gave her the time of day. And no one goes around calling their ex-girl ‘nurse’ or ‘Miss Chapel’ all the time, especially in private.

Up until this show, no one has ever remotely thought Spock and Chapel had a romantic relationship in 57 years. Why is that? Because they never had one.

haha ya totally me too!

come to think of it, I don’t think they would ever revisit Seven / Chakotay now that Seven /Raffi are a thing. But the friendship will always be there I suppose. Of course tho I do wish that PRO would come back for S2 somewhere like Amazon. Frankly tho I don’t see how a S3 could happen without Paramount’s at least partial involvement since they have such a death grip on the Trek IP.

Regardng PIC S2, the only possible way I can wrap my head around any of those MASSIVE inconsistencies is to just say it was a season long version of Tapestry round 2. It was all just in Picard’s head via Q. I mean Q is alive in Pic S3 and since PIC S3 had OG Queen I prefer to say Jurati queen never happened. As far as I am concerned in canon we jumped from season 1 right to season 3.

As for the fate of P+ who knows. I know streaming as a whole has had a lot of issues lately. Even before the strikes. Everyone is hurting right now. The writers, the actors (not the famous high paid types mind you), and tbh even the studios. Streaming is almost killing it for everyone except the consumer. It almost makes you wish Blockbuster was still around lol ontherwise I might have to go to my attic andfind my dad’s rabbit ears HAHAHAHA.

I kid you not, but this morning I got an article on my phone with a Jeri Ryan interview when she was asked to be on Picard and she made it clear if they wanted her to continue the relationship with Chakotay she would’ve turned the role down, so it was never going to be in the cards. At least not for her.

I am more positive we will see season 2 of Prodigy, but not so much if it will ever go beyond that. There was a time everyone would just assume Netflix would most likely pick something like this up, but after how Paramount/CBS screwed them over with Picard and Trek in general I don’t see them rushing to get it and probably another reason they weren’t begging them to keep Discovery. Sadly I think they are out of the Star Trek business outside of licensing the classic shows.

As for Picard season 2, actually on another site I had met another fan who happened to be an entertainment reporter here in L.A. and he told me through a private chat the season was originally suppose to be very different and more complex with a deeper story line. But then he said one of the producers decided to save money on the show and deep sixed those scripts and rushed new ones before the season started and probably why there were so many glaring plot holes and inconsistencies along with just so many dumb and boring scenes. He never told me the name, but I’m 99% it was Goldsman. And I asked him directly and while he never confirmed it, he didn’t deny it either. ;)

But it would explain why the story felt so flat, especially after the first two episodes that felt like it was setting up something more grander than what we got.

As for streaming, its truly remarkable how it was suppose to be the savior of Hollywood but instead has become a noose. I watched an interview with the SAG President and she said a big reason they were striking because actors are no longer getting royalties over shows they once got but also because everyone is just working way less. There are more shows on than ever but because they are so limited now with just 6-10 episodes, most actors can’t make a living at all outside of the big names in the credits of limited shows.

She was also complaining they are spending tons on producing these shows but very little of it is going to the actors. In the old days even if an actor didn’t make a lot, they were able to work consistently to make a living and that’s now being taken away from them too.

Getting this back to Star Trek, I’m sure everyone working on these new shows are getting paid adequately but I doubt any of them are becoming millionaires like the 90s shows because there are only 10 episodes a year now vs 26, probably none of these shows will never go more than 5 seasons where as the other shows got 7 if they were successful enough, there are practically no royalties like the sweet syndication deals they used to have and merchandise is practically nonexistent in NuTrek. I remember an interview from Brent Spiner back in the 90s where he said the Data merchandise sales alone gave him enough money not to worry about working. Back then you just made tons of money with all the episodes you made, syndication royalties, merchandise and of course conventions.

And with the new shows they probably all worry about the future of their shows right now and don’t want to be the next DIS or PRO because unfortunately they are on a site that isn’t making any money off of streaming and maybe never will. Enterprise sounds like it was in a better place on UPN lol.

It’s a mess.

That was one awkward thing, just how similar that episode seemed to be to the plot of Picard season 2.

LOL, barely outside of Trek fandom even know that show exists, and it has won zero awards.

Sadly true. I think animation is still a hard thing to get around for some Trek fans. It sucks Prodigy couldn’t get past a single season. That’s just depressing to me as someone who loves it so much.

Lower Decks at least has a bigger audience but probably nowhere close to the SNW or PIC obviously.

Prodigy really surprised me. I shrugged, gave it a chance – and was very surprised to find that although a bit ‘kiddy’ it was very watchable and entertaining.

Nice to see you here man! 😀

And agreed. I was nearly the same way. You heard my story before but I just didn’t have a lot of interest in either LDS or PRO until after they aired and fell in love with both. But I don’t think I would’ve gave either much attention at all if I wasn’t so dissatisfied with DIS and PIC early on. I just wanted to connect with any show at that point and it was more like desperate times calls for…

To this day I never watched TAS and it sounds like a lot of older fans never watched it either.

People just don’t really associate Trek with animation. It’s surprising how well LDS is doing since TAS got cancelled in season 2 and Prodigy in season 1.

But those were dubbed kid shows and LDS wasn’t which probably helped it more.

Congratulations! It’s a win for Star Trek!

Picard season 3 and SNW season 2 are having a great run for sure.

Yep, as I predicted!

This the most popular Trek series of the Kurtzman era.

A more accurate comment would be that it’s the most popular current Trek series in the streaming era. There’s no basis to retroactively compare other shows to this metric.

OK, you win the academic debate point on this, but lose the “are you shitting me?” likelihood of me being wrong on this if we had earlier year data. :-)

There’s a snowball’s change in hell that any of the earlier years of the Kurtzman-era series reached the level of viewership that we now have here, and which Picard S3 also did close to as well on. But, sure, I can’t conclusively prove this.

I’d think the franchise’s most popular series (though not show, obviously) of the Kurtzman era is probably actually the Kelvin timeline movie series. I certainly don’t think it’s anywhere nearly the best, mind you, but plenty of other people do love them, clearly enough for them to be quite popular. I very much doubt the SNW viewership is very much like the attendance numbers of even the least-seen of those three movies, though I certainly do agree SNW is a hell of a lot better than those movies are on the whole.

Well when I say the Kurtzman-era, I am talking about the TV franchise that Alex Kurtzman has led, not the JJA movies.

Apples and Oranges

You can’t even inconclusively prove it. It’s just as random a statement as saying whatever metric P+ was using for Discovery (or the first two seasons if Picard) was sufficient for them to keep making more. Neither or both could be right.

What a silly argument. It’s a common sense assumption that I think most fans would say is likely true given the expansion of P+ and these two latest series getting much more media attention and positive buzz — it’s not some random conclusion like a coin flip or a random number Excel cell calculation. Are you kidding me?

Dude, if there was an online betting for this right now I could do, I’d put $500 that the season average streaming viewership numbers on Pic S3 and SNW S2 are the highest to date as compared to the streaming numbers on any previous seasons of the Kurtzman shows. I’ve paid attention and read all of the articles on P+ and the Trek series’ since DSC started to have a very high confidence that I would win that bet — that’s not random — that’s called paying attention and drawing a conclusion that I believe is highly likely to be proven to be correct.

Sure is!

I could see someone making the argument that PIC S3 was more popular in the sense of award nominations and it not having an immensely popular season from the same IP preceding it, but that’s really getting into splitting hairs, and I don’t really care to go there.

But man, SNW has really renewed my faith in Star Trek. It’s the only live action one that I go back and re-watch.

SNW works because it feels like 90s Trek and you can just pop in any episode and get a fun story. That’s what most Trek fans had since TOS and frankly what a lot of them missed when we got stuff like PIC and DIS. This just works so much better even if you still don’t think the show is amazing in itself, it provides great comfort food every week and a big reason why I love it.

Couldn’t agree more – I want this scale/style of storytelling. Even if one episode isn’t to my liking, there’s a good chance that there will be something to like in the next one.

SNW also works because of Captain Space Dad, err, I mean Captain Pike :)

Well said!

Yeah exactly, the format just works so much better in general. It’s also why fans like Lower Decks as well IMO.

When DIS and PIC premiered, they were trying to copy what today’s TV shows look like, but it wasn’t what old Trek fans wanted. They wanted more TOS and TNG, not those specifically (although some did lol) just a similar format and tone to those shows they grew up with which had a mix of serious and light shows and a different adventure every week. They were just too serialized and felt too bleak. Now if they were just BETTER shows then people would’ve liked them for what they were and people was very excited for Picard.

But SNW scratched the itch most older fans wanted which proves, yet again, Kurtzman DOES listen to fans and a big reason why I think all these shows lately has gotten such positive fan responses (although sadly it wasn’t enough for Prodigy).

Great “comfort food” or medocre junk food? SNW to Trek has become the Taco Bell of Mexican food. Pandering to folks with low expectations / standards.

Well I consider it comfort food personally but I know others like you that are unhappy with it see it as junk food.

I don’t think the show is perfect at all and I still don’t like it more than any of the classic shows, TOS-ENT. But yeah I won’t lie, I do like the nostalgia bits a lot being a TOS fan, but I think the stories are at least interesting and fun. Nothing groundbreaking, but serviceable.

You haven’t liked any episodes this season?

I know Kirk is a pigbro and The Original Series is unintelligible garbage to everyone under 40, but Kirk in “Shore Leave” had the line, “”The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.

From a writing standpoint, it takes a lot of hard work to make something seem simple. What might seem like junk to you and me clearly isn’t to the rest of the world, which means we’re wrong; and, as Captain Kirk suggests, we probably have **simple** minds, since we must hold the show to some higher standard known only to us. The wisdom of the crowd (this message board and the streaming ratings) shows that this is the best and most popular Star Trek ever made. We olds are better off stepping back and logging off. We have no idea what quality entertainment is when it’s right in front of us.

I’d say it’s much better fast food, like say Five Guys or Panera. But Lower Decks would certainly be Gordito-level food.

Ironic that your disgust towards LD stops at your unconditional love for SNW, as this latest episode was written by a Lower Decks writer, directed by a comedy director, and later in the season there will be a Lower Decks crossover. The people making Strange New Worlds love Lower Decks and seem to see its value.

No one’s perfect.

I have always said SNW and LDS basically have similar comedic tones, LDS obviously just goes muuuuch broader with it. This episode very much felt like a Lower Decks episode and now I know why lol, someone from that show wrote this one.

Also why I wasn’t shocked over the announcement over the LDS and SNW crossover because these are the most lighthearted and comedic shows in the franchise right now. People couldn’t get over the animated stuff to figure out how they would do it, but the characters on LDS wouldn’t feel very out of place in general. On Picard or Discovery for sure lol, but not on SNW.

I agree

Good points, Stockworth!

“The Trek show jumped in at number 7 for original streaming programs, with 338 million minutes viewed (Nielsen’s metric for streaming). This is the first Paramount+ original to appear on the charts since May, when the season 3 finale of Star Trek: Picard came in 9th place with 400 million minutes viewed.”

The trick for SNW will be to hold on to those numbers from week-to-week and to build on them through the end of the season.

That said, and based on these numbers, it further illustrates that Paramount might be better served by producing and licensing content rather than operating a streaming service. Both Picard and SNW would be reaching far more people and Paramount would be pocketing a lot more cash.

…while giving up on the hope of distribution revenue and control entirely in TV. That’s a very hard pill to swallow for a company with a history of dominating TV. If they raised the white flag and licensed to Netflix it would just edge them closer to a monopoly. Feeding Amazon would not be much better, Hulu doesn’t have that much larger an audience and licensing, it would be an Also Ran on Disney+, and selling to Apple makes the argument of a larger audience moot.

I would still argue that even though the seas are choppy, Star Trek is better positioned as the flagship of Paramount+ and a Paramount crown jewel IP, rather than one of a dozen at a bigger company. We may not always love or understand how they treat it, but it’s going to remain a top priority to them to keep alive.

Paramount and other streaming services are all producing content at a substantial loss, with profitability years down the road. Netflix, Amazon and Disney can take the hit and regroup while others lack the resources to do so (Disney and Amazon have multiple revenue streams and Hulu is expected to be folded into Disney+). What they’ve all discovered is that streaming as currently structured has adopted an unsustainable business model.

While Paramount+ is now the fifth largest streaming service, their subscriber base is a third that of Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon. Peacock has failed to gain traction and has roughly a third of Paramount’s subscriber base (Comcast is expected to make a move for Warner Bros. Discovery in 2024). Paramount’s best options are to either join forces with another studio to create a new, shared streaming service (ironic, since that was the intention of Hulu when launched) or follow Sony’s lead and simply license and produce content for others, something they and other studios have been doing for decades.

Paramount is a studio in need of additional revenue streams and Paramount+ is a drag on their bottom line.

They also don’t have other businesses outside of the entertainment industry they can fall back on to get them through this, unlike Sony. I think merging Peacock and Paramount+ is the best solution.

But if they don’t wedge their foot in the door now, they’ll never be able to, and streaming is the future. Paramount also knows how to monetize ad sales incredibly well, so there’s some hope they can scape by and get over this hump. If they fall back to being an arms dealer, then eventually they’re just going to be a collection of production companies and a movie studio, beholden to distributors and the already tenuous state of the box office.

There was absolutely a lot of complacency on their part – they were half-hearted about making CBS All Access a thing even though it was on the scene in 2014 only a year after Netflix’s opening salvo in the streaming wars, aka House of Cards. They sold so many new and legacy shows to Netflix and fed its growth, and waited too long to get into the original programming game as Netflix gained scale.

But I still think it’s worth finding an equilibrium where they can maintain and grow a subscriber base but not spend so much money that it’s not profitable. The growing pains are real, Prodigy being a high profile casualty. But if they don’t try they absolutely will have no skin in the game and will be beholden to a shrinking number of buyers who will have more and more leverage in the future. That probably means fewer epic $10 million/episode shows, more international offerings, fewer movie stars, more reality tv and documentaries. But that’s not the end of the world.

All of the studios would’ve been better off licensing, but the point of tech is to get around labor unions/collectives, which is what streaming did.

I know that responses to Ep 1 have been a little all over the place, but I really enjoyed it, and it’s good to see that it had enough viewership to make an impact.

Good job, Strange New Worlds cast, crew, and creatives! Well deserved!

GREAT TO SEE! I’m happy Trek is making a bigger impact in terms of ratings. And it also proves when fans like a show they will obviously watch it in droves. It’s not a big surprise considering how popular the show was in its first season, but its nice to get real data of how these shows are actually doing now.

Excellent news and well deserved. Hopefully adds to its chances of longevity as soon as people come back to work and it wont be a strike casualty. Hoping Academy and 31 wont also fall victim to it.

If the ratings are this good now, imagine how strong they can be when we get to the LDS crossover episode??? I think that will be huge lol.

If for no other reason than Jack Quaid is a pretty big star and Trek doesn’t have him in live action til now.

Dude I had no idea who Jack Quaid was until Lower Decks lol. But I never watched The Boys either. I imagine he and Karl Urban geek out talking about their experiences on Trek though.

The crossover episode is certainly the big one too. And we get two big comedy episodes this year at minimum. I’m happy! :)

TBH I didn’t either lol but when I did start watching the show and stuff man he just started popping up on my computer everywhere!

LOL! And he’s going to be in Oppenheimer as well. How sad is it, when the actor I got excited for most was him when I saw his name in the credits.. Not Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr, Cillain Murphy or Kenneth Brannagh, I got excited when I saw the actor from the animated comedy I love was in it. ;D

I suspect it’s not a big role or anything though.

He seems to me like one of those actors that comes out of nowhere and has like one of those careers that shoots up FAST! Like Downey Jr for various reasons took a long time to get to his Iron Man stage of his career.

He was always going to have a leg up on other young actors because of his parents (and The Hunger Games was a heck of a movie to make his start with), but he had the talent to sustain and build on that.

Yeah I agree. I think he’s becoming more known inside the industry obviously but he seems to be a rising star at the moment.

m’dude – watch The Boys! It’s a lot of fun and you get to see Karl Urban who is just generally awesome

No believe me I know. And I really do plan to watch it one day. But man, there is soooo much fucking TV on these days and I only have so much time, I’m already backed up watching shows other people have suggested to me on multiple occasions including this board.

Perfect example, someone on Reddit suggested to me to watch the show Person of Interest around the time Discovery season 2 was on and the discussion of A.I. started and I was saying how I would like to see more A.I. stories. Someone told me to try that show because of it. This was now four years ago and I finally started watching it a month ago. ;)

So I will definitely watch it at some point, but it’s really hard to keep up with all the stuff out and even shows that ended years ago now.

I also recommend The Boys. Great series.

Well you also recommended me Severance that DIDN’T take me four years to watch lol, but it’s easier when its only 9 episodes. ;)

So I will definitely watch that show too if you like it so much.

That’s fair. I’ve pared down most of my TV shows, and since I work from home 3 days a week, I can throw something low-commitment on in the background on a slow day.

But hey, with the big SAG-AFTRA/WGA strike, you might have some time to catch up!

I feel awful for saying this because these people are fighting for their livelihoods, but it’s a little nice things will actually slow down content wise for some of us. I just can’t keep up, I do have something of a life lol.

But I think I’ll wait until The Boys finish its next season and then will just binge the whole thing. Oh wait, I guess that next season is not happening anytime soon now so maybe I’ll try to watch the series in a few months then.

He’s so awesome on that show. I first saw him as McCoy and thought that was his typical role but NOPE. McCoy is so NOT thy typical role he plays. this is.

I first saw him in Bourne and LotR, but McCoy really was what brought him to the front of my mind.

Then there’s Dredd, too. He’s great. He won’t do a role unless it’ll take him to a convention.

I’m enjoying him in the new Superman show. But that is partially because, at least 2 episodes in, it feels like the exact same show as Lower Decks. Superman is Boimler and Lois is Mariner.

Just as a clarification, Paramount stated that SNW had the strongest debut performance. Not overall performance.

Too bad the show is on strike now.

Yeah I can tell you’re very very sad man. ;)


That’s interesting. I didn’t know shows go on strike.

I just found out last night

But like at a show level? Is it like the cast and crew as a whole decide to do so? Honestly asking

Actors and writers are both on strike now. We may not see a third season of SNW until 2025 (along with a number of other series).

I think the really notable thing is that it is Picard Season 3 and Strange New Worlds which are the only Paramount+ shows appearing in this chart. I would hope that the executives are not missing that fact. My guess is that from SNW’s first season and Picard’s third season, that’s why we saw Prodigy and Discovery cancelled, and likely we will see a Legacy or a Kirk show pop up before that Academy show. And the Georgio movie is probably dead.

With the strikes, there won’t be anything announced at ComicCon.

According to others, Paramount+ wasn’t officially part of the Nielsen streaming charts until earlier this year. So that would explain it and I’m guessing those shows might have falling in the top 10 charts, especially both of their first seasons when there was so much hype for them.

Paramount as a whole is having a terrible year, so I am half expecting it to announce further drawbacks on everything it produces for its streaming platform. Paramount+ canceling PRODIGY feels like a warning sign of a larger trend. I hope I’m wrong.

I don’t think you are; I *hope* you are, though. My guess is that SNW won’t get a third season, Starfleet Academy will never get made, and we won’t get “Legacy” until, like, 2026. As for “Section 31,” Yeoh might well opt to take on other projects outside SAG territory, just so she can keep working; in which case, I bet “Section 31” is kaput as well.

SNW is the star of the network right now, so it’s getting several more seasons for sure. What you won’t see ever is Legacy — they know Pic S3 was a one-off thing for older fans and that a Jack Picard and Seven show isn’t likely to bring in the viewership numbers they would want given TNG old cast will not be on it, and also given how lackluster the Mulgrew experiment on Prodigy turned out.

I think Academy will be full go after the strike actually, since it’s going to be a relatively low cost series without big stars, and filmed in Toronto. I agree that Section 31 is probably dead though now. LDS will be cancelled after S4 too.

I don’t think “Lower Decks” is going anywhere, but who knows?

As for SNW being the star of the network… the network is dying a slow, painful death. And the industry is about to be shut down for months on end, quite possibly until 2024. It’s going to be easier to kill shows — even successful ones — than it is to keep them on ice until the weather is better.

LDS has apparently been getting cancelled about as long as people who hated DIS was predicting that show to get cancelled lol.

I agree with you, it’s not going anywhere unless as you said it and SNW both gets gutted due to all the chaos happening in Hollywood right now. But these are really the only two shows that are still in production right now and the only ones that can probably produce any content for next year if these strikes gets resolved by the end of the year.

I actually think the Section 31 movie can still happen as well because AFAIK they already wrote the script for it. And again, they are probably going to need whatever content they can get up fast for 2024.

And like you, I still think the Legacy show will also happen a few years later because it would be utterly insane not to do it. But of course only if Paramount+ doesn’t just die before then. One or two shows hitting the top 10 every few weeks is not going to save it lol. They are probably going to have to restructure it in a major way…again! How, I have no idea and I doubt they know either.

One thing is definitely true, the next year will be very interesting for both Star Trek and Paramount+.

The script for “Section 31” is written, yes, but since the Screen Actors Guild is now on strike, no SAG projects are getting made until that’s resolved. And all signs point toward it not being resolved anytime soon.

Which will prevent there from being any movement on “Legacy” at all. My guess on that is that the series will end up being made, but won’t be made for Paramount +. I don’t know who will license it, but I think somebody will. And maybe they’ll want to keep making SNW as well, who knows?

Wait tho, which script for S31 is written? Was it the pilot for the show or the revamped script for the streaming movie?

The movie, I assume, but it doesn’t matter if there are no actors who can be in it for a good long while. That’s the issue here.

Yeah, that’s what I mean, it probably won’t happen until all of this is resolved, but I imagine these services will start to feel very content starved and they will push to get whatever movies or shows that at least already have scripts and actors they can shoot with. Maybe the S31 movie won’t happen for other factors of course but it probably has a better chance over something like the Academy show which was just entering pre-production and was probably a year away minimum before anything would get shot.

As for Legacy, I actually agree it will probably will just get picked up by someone else if Paramount+ folds and SNW with possibly Lower Decks will go somewhere else too. They can all end up at Amazon since ironically Amazon already had all these shows on their service in other countries, but was losing them when P+ started to push for a global presence. All these shows could end up back there again.

I don’t think LD will get cancelled but frankly if you had asked me the same about PRO I would have said the same so what do I know lol. Frankly with the way things are going right now the only show I would bet on in Vegas is SNW.

Oh yeah, I fully agree lol. I’m not taking anything for granted, you would be nuts to do it right now. And I remember telling you six months ago I was most afraid of Prodigy being the first show cancelled at the time. So yeah, all these shows can go, LDS and SNW included if things really go sideways for some of these services in the next few months.

But yes if they only had to keep one between LDS and SNW, its a no-brainer SNW would be the one kept. It’s just depressing where all of this has gone so quickly when a lot of us assumed we would have 5 shows on together for at least a few years and that dream barely lasted a year.

I get the impression Lower Decks S5 had already been fully written by the time the writers went on strike, and at least partly recorded (and as an animated series, it would have fallen under TAG rather than WGA anyway). It’s possible they’d already completed voice recording before the actors went on strike.

Of course, the dropping of Prodigy shows the streaming division is willing to just pee away even work that’s largely done, but I also suspect Lower Decks is both more widely viewed than Prodigy was before the cancellation and also less expensive to produce, so it’s probably safer.

We didn’t hear anything about it being cancelled along with Prodigy, whereas we did hear about a bunch of non-Trek shows being dropped form Paramount+ (three others at the same time, then a whole bunch of others shortly after). Lower Decks could easily have been one of those if it was underperforming, but wasn’t.

The big issue I see with it (and with all non-reality shows, animated or not, Trek or not) is that the actors’ strike could last any amount of time. While I think it’s quite possible they’d already recorded all of S5, I’m sure there’s nothing for S6 or beyond, and while the writers can still work on Lower Decks the actors can’t.

I hate to say it, but 2024 is quite optomistic. I don’t see them getting operational till like mid 2024 at least. Of course I have less than zero insider knowlege and I am less than a layman but I have seen my fair share of wide spread strikes in my days and this is a huge one. The biggest problem with this one is that the studios don’t have much to bargain with. What the writers and actors are asking for is fair, but to be fair to the other side, it is quite obvious is that the studios are failing from streaming themselves. There isn’t any $$$ to budge with on either side. The only option I see is to collapse the concept. :(

Not with SNW being a Top 10 streaming show. Even if P+ is dying, they will preserve the top shows so that they can sell the streaming service to another provide. So SNW and the Yellowstone shows are iron-clad secure in my opinion.

Don’t bet on it. If the strike stretches into a lengthy enough amount of time — and it might — then it’s going to mean there are a lot of sets sitting around unused, locations sitting around unused, etc., but all of it requiring money to be spent to keep it free for use whenever the strikes wrap up. At a certain point, there’ll be a cut-our-losses attitude that will lead to lots of shows dying.

I hope none of that happens, but all indications point toward both sides being fully dug in. It’s likely to get VERY ugly, and once the ugliness starts it will claim a lot of victims.

That’s another advantage for keeping Lower Decks….there are no sets. 😊

The TNG older cast wouldn’t be on it but I’m sure they would be guest stars from time to time. Also it would star Jeri Ryan who is still a huge Trek draw for fans. I’m not saying that show will ever happen, but SNW wasn’t supposed to either till fans clamored for it. Of course our biggest problem right now is the writers AND actors strikes going on which is unprecidented since like the 1960’s. Ahhh what a time to be alive, ammirite?

Even with a relatively unknown cast, an Academy series will probably still clock in at close to $10 million per episode, much like Discovery when it debuted and probably a bit north of that once both strikes are settled. An Academy series is currently at the mercy of the number crunchers and studio execs. If they’re looking on an out they’ll pin it on delays due to two strikes and then follow up with the challenges of shifts in streaming and related expenditures.

As for a Legacy series, it’s actually the safer bet of the two with the current state of streaming, where it’s not just about demographics but subscriber churn as well. The success of “1883” and “1923” is a reflection of this and both skew a bit older than current Star Trek offerings (and Star Trek already skews a bit older). Without Patrick Stewart as part of the cast, production for Legacy would likely shift to Vancouver or Toronto, reducing production costs.

As for “Prodigy”, it was intended as a foray into kids programming to introduce a much younger audience to Star Trek and it just wasn’t marketed well. Kids didn’t tune in and adults dismissed it as a show intended for children.

The only safe bet right now for Star Trek is SNW. Everything else is up in the air and for a variety of reasons.

The only safe bet right now for Star Trek is SNW. Everything else is up in the air and for a variety of reasons.

We agree on this point for sure!

I actually think the two shows that would be logical to have would be SNW and the Legacy show. End of the day most fans want either more TOS and TNG era Star Trek and those would provide it the most obviously. Even if the TNG cast isn’t on Legacy full time, my guess is a few of them will have recurring roles and they can also tap into the vast amount of characters that exist in this period and what they were already doing with PRO, PIC and LDS anyway.

It’s a no-brainer of epic proportions, especially to the fans out there who like SNW, but really not into prequels and want to keep going forward which seems to be the majority of the fanbase right now or we wouldn’t have 4 (and maybe still 5 if the Academy show ultimately happens) post-Nemesis shows on.

Weird. Deadline isn’t showing Trek in the streaming Top 10 for that week and it also claims to be Nielsen.

My mistake. In the ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING category Trek is in the Top 10. This article makes that clear but I missed it.

Thats cool. IMHO origonal programming catagory is more important anyways because that’s what shows you where your production money should go.

On the heading of the rightmost column of the ratings chart, what’s that “Persons 2+” thing about, right in front of “total minutes viewed”?

I believe that’s referring to the number of viewers when streamed.

Meaning… people in the room watching each stream? How would they know that?

Last week’s episode was a new low, just Terrible.
Not only are they completely retconning TOS, these characters are completely unrecognizable. Come up with New characters, don’t sh*t on the old ones by making them completely different than their origin.
Aside from that, just bad writing- t’prings parents being the overused& offensive Troupe of Jewish stereotypes was too much.
Great sets, actors & effects- total failure with writing and understanding of what Star Trek is….. or was