Watch: Boimler Meets Pike In First Clip From ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’/’Lower Decks’ Crossover

This sixth episode of season 2 of Strange New Worlds (“Lost In Translation”) just arrived today, but we are already looking forward to the next episode: the much-anticipated crossover with the animated comedy Star Trek:  Lower Decks featuring both Jack Quaid (Boimler) and Tawny Newsome (Mariner) jumping into live-action.

Boimler meets Pike

The latest episode of The Ready Room, the official Star Trek aftershow, focuses on today’s episode but also includes a clip from the next episode titled “Those Old Scientists” (a callback to the season 1 Lower Decks episode “No Small Parts”). It features a confused Brad Boimler in the sickbay of the USS Enterprise, meeting Captain Pike, Dr. M’Benga, La’an, and Una. (The clip starts at 29:01.)

The crossover episode is scheduled to be released on Thursday, July 27 on Paramount+.  It’s getting an early premiere this Saturday for attendees of the Star Trek Universe panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con.  

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No holodeck!!! YAY!!!

Nope no holodeck my friend. I didn’t think there would be. It would not be as much fun if they are not meeting the real guys.

I’m so relieved!After these are the voyages I didn’t think there would be either but I was still afraid.

If anything,I think TATV taught them that would’ve been the wrong thing to do. ;)

I argued it from day one it wouldn’t be a holodeck story because then that would just make it a LDS episode and not a SNW one. That was the biggest issue with TATV, because it felt like a TNG episode and not an Enterprise once it was revealed none of the ENT characters in their own show (and fucking finale) was actually real. I still don’t know what they were thinking???

Now if this was a LDS episode and they were on the holodeck meeting Pike and Spock, it would’ve been fine IMO, but still not as much fun either. ;)

Yep I agree completely. You don’t even have to be a fan to know TATV was not well receieved.

Yep for sure. TATV would be OK if it was a TNG episode but being an Enterprise one just made it bad.

And those bastards killed Trip! 🤬

Trek really needs to stop killing the hot engineer guys. First Trip, and then Hemmer and Liam Shaw. Better not kill off anymore. If they bring back Scotty, Barclay or O’Brien back to kill them I’m gonna be so mad. Or do that to Billups. I have my types and I prefer them staying alive. I had enough of my crushes dying since Weyoun did like 5 times.

Wait….you think Hemmer is hot? NOT judging, just a first I’ve heard someone say this lol.

A lot of people think they are going to kill Pelia off to bring in Scotty. I don’t think that will happen since they already did it with Hemmer, but…

Yes! Engineer men is one of my types. Guys from Andoria are too. Put them together and the only way they’d be even more my type is if it was Jeffrey Combs. I say when Shran is the only Combs character that I don’t have a crush on but Andorian or Aenar men otherwise. One of the biggest tragedies of PRO being cancelled is that means we won’t be seeing Tysess again either. As long with everything else that we lose with it.

And they better not kill off Pelia. But I mostly meant Scotty after TNG Relics. I really don’t want Scotty on SNW but I wouldn’t complain at the same time.

But seriously if I said I had at least one guy I thought was hot from every Trek show, I wouldn’t be joking.

LOL this is what I love about Star Trek fans when you specifically find Andorian men and engineers hot.

I hear you about Pelia. As I said I don’t think they will, my guess she’ll stick around at least two seasons but I suspect Scotty will show up by end of season 3 the latest to replace her.

You have a crush on Liquidator Brunt, pink skin?

Yes. Also wow hi how are things on Andoria.

I don’t agree with the things he says but then I don’t support the Dominion at all either and Weyoun is my biggest one.

Weyoun, even though he was on the wrong side, was pretty damned cool. The way he handled DuKat was perfect. Not even Sisko could command that kind of respect and obedience from him

I’m guessing that Pelia will leave after this season, but I don’t think they’re going to kill off the engineer two seasons in a row.

From what I’ve seen her character has been polarizing this season with fans. Truth be told if it weren’t for the strike I think she would be around for S3 but now I dunno.

“I think he did too much LDS.” – Admiral James T. Kirk

Saw the episode and it’s probably the best of the season. Though I haven’t seen 9-10 yet.

Number One has a history that we must know nothing about………he didn’t even blink when introduced to La’an either…….

I noticed that too. Maybe by the 24th century its on record she served there.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Boimler memorized all the senior officers of all the Enterprises.

Yeah he seems like his character was built to reflect the fanbase when first concieved.

Maybe she invented the crew handbook to end all crew handbooks and Boimler looks up to her as an absolute icon of internal process development competency

I loved that clip. His laugh was so cute. He’s so cute.

Gay thoughts aside for now. I wonder what kind of portal. Do iconian gateways travel through time too? Is Carl back again? I guess we’ll find out.

Quaid is a great actor

he voices a good Superman aswell

Ahhhhh thats on my weekend to do list!

My best friend is watching it and telling me how good he is too. I can’t watch it myself but I can believe it.

Can’t wait for it to be Friday night already!

I only watched the first episode of that, but I was very pleased! He plays a good young Clark Kent.

Team “Gay for Boimler” Showing up!

Quaid has a role in Oppenheimer. That’ll likely be the first movie I’ve seen since the plague.

I know! I won’t see it because it doesn’t interest me at all, not even for him, but I hope it really helps kickstart his career.

Well, I don’t want his career to kickstart “too” much, because I don’t want him snatched away from Lower Decks. Voiceover work is more flexible at least.

I don’t either. Trek needs to hang on to him for as long as possible. If anyone needs to let him go, it can be amazon.

…and lucrative. Most times I think they can just do it from home these days.

Also I dunno if Iconican gateways can travel through time but we have seen tech like that that could as early as TOS in the ep where Spock and McCoy got lost in time and as late as Daniel’s era.

Isn’t the “guardian of forever” an iconian gateway? And we know the section 31 movie involving Philippa Georgiou happens after she steps through the guardian, so …

That Lower Decks uniform looks stellar in real life!

It really does! They did a great job with it.

OMG, Boims trying not lose it is already hysterical. 😂

This is going to be awwwweeeesooome!

The funniest thing (so far) is the quick aside “Hello” to Dr. M’Benga Boimler gives

I laughed at that as well!

Where’s Butcher?

I think you mean Bones… :D

The Bone Butcher

It’s funny I was actually more excited about seeing the clip for next weeks episode than the episode that aired. Yeah, it looks fun and it’s crazy it’s both the second comedy and time travel story in one season.

Also kind of interesting Mariner isn’t with Boimler and he’s not surprised she isn’t with him, so probably some bigger stuff going on.

tbh? I got the implication that they were separated because he passed out and she didn’t. And she’s the one who told Pike that they were from the future.

Yeah, but he’s not freaking out or asking where is she, so I assume he thinks he got there by himself for some reason. It’s interesting Pike already knows he’s from the future but the uniform basically gave it away lol.

hmm or maybe he knows he needs to focus on getting home and not doing too much to contaminate the timeline. I still think Pike knows because of Beckett. We’ll just have to see.

No I just mean he doesn’t seem to know Mariner has gone back in time with him, that’s all, but she’s obviously there too. I just thought it was interesting. And maybe Pike does know because of Beckett, but seem like he would’ve mentioned they found his colleague. That’s why I think it’s a bit more going on story wise. But yes we’ll have to just wait and see.

Oh I understand now sorry

No worries dude! :)

It’s kind of making me curious when Pike asks how far from the future he is from whether he is even wondering if he comes from Discovery’s time. I’ve sure it won’t even come up but I’m still curious.

Wow that is a great point. And I forget that the Enterprise has been directly involved in time travel before thanks to Discovery; so none of his is a big deal to them when they already had Red Angels showing up 900 years from the future.

Yeah for like a lot of the Enterprise crew they would be like wait whaaaaaa? But for Pike, Una and Spoke they’d be like *facepalm*, this again? LOL

Honestly for most of Starfleet, this is probably just another Tuesday for them lol. You would probably have to assume every ship runs into these kinds of things pretty often at least according to every show and movie that has existed so far. But if you are serving on an Enterprise, ANY Enterprise, you know you are in for some time travel shenanigans at least a few times a year. ;)

Yeah true. :)

Maybe Boimler goes through this portal by accident, and Mariner follows him through a little later to try to save him. It is the kind of thing that Mariner would do.

Yep, this is definitely possible.

That def sounds like a Boimler Mariner situation lol

Dude you were 100% correct in your prediction…take a bow! ;)

Time travel sucks. Call me when they get back to the big E exploring, colonizing and/or protecting strange new worlds.
Though thank goodness not the holodeck. The only thing that sucks more than time travel and adults not saving people from nuclear attacks, etc is them playing in the holodeck when could be exploring, colonizing and/or protecting strange new worlds.

“Call me when they get back to the big E exploring, colonizing and/or protecting strange new worlds”

Only they’ve done literally none of that on the show so far this season lol.

They’ve done some good episodes – explored an asteroid on a collision course with a planet, did a first contact, protected, etc. When they do that, the show shines. When they TNG it with the time travel, eck. Only that it looks good thanks to TOS aesthetics, characters and environment makes it watchable honestly (but props to it not looking like some old folks sitting in chairs in a convention with a door behind them).

I’m talking about this season. ;)

They’ve done literally none of that so far and a reason why I been a little disappointed in the season. And every show has done those things time and time again, even your hated TNG. Many many many times.

And TNG didn’t introduce time travel on the show, TOS did, correct? So why do you keep blaming it on TNG and not on TOS? This is just a Star Trek trope literally since 1966. Every show and movie has done it, can you point out one that hasn’t? SNW has now done it three times and it’s only 2 seasons old. This is why it’s a headache trying to have a conversation with you.

Well I agree with you, that’s why season 2 to me doesn’t seem so hot vs. Season 1 which had way more space exploration / final frontier.
I am not quite sure what’s going down, I worry the writers room is getting diluted by other series… kind of like how the bridge seems purposely sabotoged with a replacement of the visually stunning and exciting colors with the monochrome colors (TOS just screams color on the bridge).
Sorry, Picard telling Q how great he is is NOT exploring the galaxy. Nor is playing holodeck. Him getting used by the Borg though, that was great so you are right that occasionally they did.
Time travel was ok for the first time as a rare event when it was a closed loop and almost never done. I.e. City on the Edge of Forever erasing a change. Star Trek IV being closed loop for comedy.. eck, okay. “What Ifs” like Balance of Terror that get erased, eh, ok. But now that it’s time travel every week. Assignment Earth outside the novelty and characters was horrid… Captain’s Log.. we’ve gone back in time as done on a routine basis to watch world war 3 and everyone die, just 25 years after world war 2 killed a couple million. Oh yeah, and we have no records from the Eugenics era.
That is a TOS plot like Spock’s Brain worthy of TNG Season 1. How’s that worthy for consistancy, if it sucks, I’m not going to pretend it was good even if it was TOS.

Dude time travel wasn’t a rare event lol. They did it EVERY season on TOS and then in TVH. Time travel has been a staple in literally every season of Star Trek. On DIS, PRO and PIC they had entire seasons based around it. The Kelvin movies ONLY exist due to time travel, correct? So I don’t know what to tell you? But it’s been a part of every show and every movie series….and it’s not going anywhere, ever. It’s just a part of Star Trek like colonizing planets or discovering a new life.

The irony is SNW has done more time travel shows this season than actual exploring or colonization lol.

TNG explored the galaxy more than TOS did lol. They did way more first contacts as well, Q being their first on the show. These arguments are just bizarre.

“Time travel has been a staple in literally every season of Star Trek.”
And as they do it again and again Star Trek becomes less and less relevant, more fantasy than sci-fi and lamer complete with declining audience.
“On DIS, PRO and PIC they had entire seasons based around it.”
Yes… sucky horrid seasons.
But this – no: “It’s just a part of Star Trek like colonizing planets or discovering a new life.” NO time travel is NOT part of that. You can colonize planets and discover new life WITHOUT time backwards time travel (I suppose we might have some relativistic travel forward)
Guess when it was novel, TOS. Everything after that, repetitive.
Can we go back in time and stop that trend so the show can have more exciting explore the universe stories and more stories without a reset button where actions matter? I’d like that time travel story.

They been doing it for 57 years now lol. I think we’re a little past (no pun intended) the poiint if it’s ‘relevant’ or not. Also the biggest and some of the most popular movies of each series, The Voyage Home, First Contact and ST09, all used time travel and all those movies were loved by most hardcore and new fans. It’s just part of the strange and kooky universe known as Star Trek as its always been.

But I understand you and others don’t like it personally, but many people like me do and happy to see it used. But even I can admit they probably can do a bit less of it at times too.

Oddly enough there is ONE show that hasn’t used time travel yet and its LDS lol. But I guess this episode now technically counts for them and I think McMahan said there will be time travel in season 4 but don’t quote me on that.

But this – no: “It’s just a part of Star Trek like colonizing planets or discovering a new life.” NO time travel is NOT part of that. You can colonize planets and discover new life WITHOUT time backwards time travel (I suppose we might have some relativistic travel forward)

YEP !!!

But this – no: “It’s just a part of Star Trek like colonizing planets or discovering a new life.” NO time travel is NOT part of that. You can colonize planets and discover new life WITHOUT time backwards time travel (I suppose we might have some relativistic travel forward)”

He’s saying that time travel is, at this point, in the DNA of Star Trek, not that it’s a fundamental component of exploration.

Thank you. I thought that was obvious…guess now.

It absolutely is.

I have a feeling the final 3 will have a lot of that. They were pretty adamant that this season would be all over the place and if the first 1/2 didn’t have it I have a feeling the 2nd 1/2 will.

I’m really hoping you’re right because oddly enough the ‘strange new worlds’ in the title hasn’t been shown once so far although we have gotten some interesting strange new aliens in the last two episodes at least.

Yep agreed. I can’t wait to see some new worlds and maybe even some new aliens that haven’t been in canon before

May fortune prove you right… more strange new worlds, exploring, defending and colonizing new planets please. Ugh… just reminds me of the potential of ENTERPRISE that they wrecked wanting to play TNG.
We need a time travel episode where they go back and redo Enterprise properly complete with a post WW3 Earth, first colonies, first contacts gone wrong, ships without subspace comms, nuclear weapons, war with the Klingons, Romulans wanting Earth captured, Klingons wanting us dead, no phasers on stun, no transporters, primative humans trying to show the logical Vulcans and passionate Andorans how to work together, etc.

Oddly enough Enterprise was the show who did the most exploring in the franchise second only to Voyager. With NuTrek, Prodigy is the show that has explored the most as well. LDS is second so far. And PIC is the least out of all the shows easily.

For all the talk of TOS exploration, they only discovered new life and planets 13 times lol.

Real exploring isn’t showing up and meeting a humanoid alien who wants to be just like you in a flying hotel where it’s so comfy you play holodeck.
Exploration historically is hardships, learning what you don’t know surrounded by those who don’t even like that you are there but maybe, just maybe they’ll be your friends.
Colonization is trying to live somewhere where you can’t phone home for 1000 starships to come save you and you have to learn and work together to survive.
And when you screw up you don’t go back in time, you die or you live and learn.
ENT could have had that to the max but did not deliver. Instead we got phasers on stun, transporters and peace with the Klingons to make some writers comfortable in one hour. Just horrid!!
And for what, some time travel arc that made so little sense they ignored it themselves? Ugh, so bad that not even a great actor like Scott Bakula could save it (who by the way when he has time travel uses it to logically save people).
13 times for the first time – that’s exploring and that’s why it’s legendary.
That’s what Star Trek should be, not a generic label where anything outside Picard being used by the Borg to kill people is a nonsensical Snoozefest.
TNG they met a lot of aliens who want to be those enlightened humans and no one remembers them (exception – the Borg especially when using Picard to take our Starfleet was awesome). TOS had alien aliens – Andorians, Vulcans, etc and they are remembered. Lose the wallpaper galaxy and bring back the Strange New Worlds and embrace that we are a young imperfect species with lots to learn.

Dude, ‘real’ exploring is hardly real on Star Trek lol.

It’s funny you act like meeting god like aliens every other week or running into planets that happen to look literally like Earth trillions of miles from it would be some normal thing in real life. It’s all sci fi hokum, period.

TOS met plenty of Q like aliens, time traveled and other fantasy type stories like Shore Leave and a ton of parallel Earths which would be ridiculous in real life. Between those it had a few episodes where they met more regular aliens for the first time or ran into a colony. But a lot of their ‘exploring’ were fantasy type stories like running into God like aliens and parallel Earths which would be ridiculous in real life. In fact, the FIRST ‘new’ world TOS went to was in Miri which was a parallel Earth planet lol. And what’s more funny is majority of the planets TOS went to were actually planets other Starships had been to like in Piece of the Action and Patterns of Force. So this idea that TOS was on the forefront of discovering new things is not remotely close to reality because most places they went to Starfleet had already been to lol.

Enterprise is the best show when it comes to actual exploring because nearly every plane was actually NEW…and didn’t meet a single Q, Apollo or Trelane either and only one parallel Earth. But yeah, tons of time travel. ;)

Real exploring isn’t showing up and meeting a humanoid alien who wants to be just like you in a flying hotel where it’s so comfy you play holodeck.
Exploration historically is hardships, learning what you don’t know surrounded by those who don’t even like that you are there but maybe, just maybe they’ll be your friends.

Well said!

“Real exploring isn’t showing up and meeting a humanoid alien who wants to be just like you in a flying hotel where it’s so comfy you play holodeck.
Exploration historically is hardships, learning what you don’t know surrounded by those who don’t even like that you are there but maybe, just maybe they’ll be your friends.”

Sounds like you are desperately trying to defend a season that doesn’t work. That was NOT the show’s original premise.

This is why I really don’t want to get into these ‘debates’ with him. He cherry picks everything to death. Facts rarely matter.

Well ya never know, we have already been reintroduced to the Temporal Cold Wars this season. And we have Discovery in a Post TCW era. Maybe between the two one day something could happen. I mean I’m not holding my breath but ya never know, I might like a Pike/Daniels ep

Exactly, they already made it clear how much time travels matter in SNW since it literally changed their entire time line in the process.

I mean don’t kill the messenger, no one is forcing them to do all these time travel stories where you have ships jumping to the 32nd century, Temporal wars affecting 300 year old canon, Prime Spock stuck in the 23rd century while Chakotay is stuck in the 25th century or Picard traveling to the 21st century so he can deal with his mommy issues while creating an alternate timeline Borg in the process.

This is what Star Trek is, period. And the irony is they have ONLY upped the game with time travel with modern Trek since a lot of classic Trek would do a time travel story but then mostly just reset things by the end. What’s interesting about so many of these new stores beginning with the 09 movie is that the reset button is becoming more nonexistent and we are seeing things play out on a bigger level now.

If you think any of this is going away, think again.

in terms of time travel stories I would never think they would go away, I just want them to be responsible with it. I liked Daniels cause it meant Archer could travel through time but not under his own power so to speak. Its exactly why I didnt like the red angel suit.

I’m not a huge fan of time travel stories but I like them in Star Trek.

I really liked how the events affected the timeline and how the Borg ended up in the 22nd century.

And while I hated the first JJ verse movie I liked how it created a new universe. I just think it sucks but still a cool idea.

I’ve never liked the kelvin movies but i did appreciate how they did it without affecting canon!

I was never really onboard with doing a TOS reboot. It was a big shrug for me and I been a fan since the 70s. But once I heard how they were going to do it is what got me onboard and generally excited for them. And even though others like Tarantino don’t like it, I still think that was the best idea they had for those movies.

Def. For those like Tarantino that want to say Pine is Shatner to me, so be it. For us, it’s a seperate universe.

Fortunately Tarantino will never make it.

Yeah with one movie left for him it would never be trek

Yeah, they have been using time travel as a HUGE part of making other stories for literally 20 years now. When they previously did time travel stories on TOS-VOY, they been pretty good at just keeping those stories within an episode or movie. Sure it could have a bigger effect but we never really saw them and the story usually made it clear everything basically went back to normal.

It really was Enterprise as the first show that used another time travel story to affect their timeline in Regeneration. And I’m pretty sure when they did that. they just wanted a creative way (and within canon) to bring in the Borg. But since then the time travel stories have made a bigger impact on the universe overall and that’s also when people were suggesting the events of First Contact created a new timeline. And that’s because Regeneration was really the first time we saw an altered event carried over into another show. That’s never happened at all.

Now they are using time travel stories for the long term thanks to Enterprise and the TCW with shows like Discovery and SNW. And we never got season long time travel stories before until season 2 in Discovery. We know that’s what Brannon Braga originally wanted with Year of Hell but he was shot down because they wanted to keep Voyager episodic as possible at the time. The irony is today he could’ve done that story line no problem. It speaks not only to the serialization of Star Trek in general but how creatively they are willing to use time travel to shake up the universe in the long term.

Sadly like what happened with SNW and DIS I think they just use time travel to cover up their mistakes. Discovery made no sense in the 23rd century so they shoved it in the future.

With SNW they been doing a lot of crazy stuff with canon too and used the Temporal Wars to clean up that mess as well. I don’t have a problem with either if it makes the stories more interesting.

Loved how they did it with Prodigy and hopefully we’ll see it resolved somewhere. Janeway has to get Chakotay back!

And I really want Carl to come back too. How come we haven’t seen him again when he helped Adolf go to another century?

That guy is awesome! Maybe he’ll be back in the Section 31 movie.

No I don’t either. I loved the idea of DIS going into the far future, which is where it should’ve been all along. SNW has a better reception for sure but I think making it an alternate timeline will just give them more freedom. I also think the issues with DIS and SNW are very different in the sense SNW does look and feel like a show in the 23rd century, just with some narrative and character contraindications. DIS just felt out of place period and it was always trying to stick a square peg in a hole. Spore drive, enough said.

But If I’m being honest the only true time travel story that was done proactively in the modern era were the Kelvin movies and why it (mostly) worked. But that’s another thread. But it was made to extend the universe and not ‘fix’ it and why I like it. But I also knew it was never going to be the definitive way on how time travel works in Star Trek. It would create a mess; especially with how much time travel happens on these shows. If it really was a rare thing (like one story every 5 years or something), then OK it could work. But Alex Kurtzman helped come up with the idea and notice he’s not forcing ANY of these shows to follow it either. And another example how we shouldn’t take this stuff so seriously. They will change or invent whatever they have to for the story.

I would say Picard season 2 is really the worst use of time travel I’ve seen on this show in a long long time unfortunately (it just doesn’t make any fucking sense). But I already went into a rant about it a few days ago with Amirami so I’ll let it go. ;)

And I like to see GOF/Carl back too.

Ugh… just reminds me of the potential of ENTERPRISE that they wrecked wanting to play TNG.


 When they TNG it with the time travel, eck.

100% AGREED !

I love the hypocrisy of so many here who complained about the humor on some of the previous SNW eps this season, but now when the humor is from their beloved LDS, FREE PASS! LOL

This is Picard S3 all over again — the minute the usual critics of the Kurtzman her get their TNG fan service, their brains depart and Bad Star Trek is just fine so long as it has TNG character moments for the geriatric generation of actors to make them happy.

I mean, the level of self-delusional hypocrisy by some fans just kills me — and most don’t even realize how foolish they look when they throw their usual critiques out the window when they get TNG fan service they want.


Celia Rose Gooding is so pretty. I wish they’d keep her usual hairstyle, like the one in this clip. She’s perfect as Uhura, but her hair on SNW doesn’t suit her, in my opinion. They’re doing no justice to the actress with that cut.

I don’t mind the actress hair but I too would like it if we had Uhura’s look as well. Maybe it will come in future seasons but as Quality of Mercy shows she will still have it in the future as well.

Quality of Mercy is the one time I wish they’d given her the TOS style hair. Otherwise, its years earlier so its fine.

I just prefer Uhura’s original look, but yeah in the timeline it’s fine.

That’s the only visual complaint I have with SNW — they have beautiful actresses with great hair, but they seem intent on going with with either crew-cut-level or inexplicably unattractive hairstyles for female characters. Very odd?

Nearly 30 years after Voyager premiered and here we are picking apart women’s hairstyles on the show. Funny how the men’s grooming is never critiqued in these ways (with the exception of the discussions around Pike’s gloriously lofty locks).

Oh and it looks like the episode will happen as some of us predicted, that maybe it will start animated but when it switches to live action, the characters aren’t aware of the difference themselves and in reality they really shouldn’t just like Janeway, Riker or Kirk never recognize they were once animated.

This is definitely the more logical way to do it; especially it being all canon.

Yep it seems like pre-portal it will be animation and post portal it will be live action. And maybe if we see them going back at the end again we will see them going back to animation.

Yeah I think that’s exactly it and maybe how we will probably see Pike and La’an in animation since we see them beaming back with Boimler and Mariner in a clip too.

Oh I never considered SNW characters in anamation, That’ll be cool!

Oh yeah a lot of people have been assuming we would see at least in animated form. And then there is this pic:

Cool huh? Apparently it’s from a comic but why is is Pike drawn in the image of Lower Decks? I suspect that was taken from the episode. We’ll know soon. :)

OMG that animated pic of Pike is hilarious. Let’s hope that ends up in the episode for sure. 🙂🤞

Yeah, I really hope so. I’m pretty sure we are going to get an animated Pike by the end of the episode but I am prepared to be wrong (and sad).

lol, even in comic form Pike has the awesome hair

LOL he does!

I think Frakes said that the beginning and ending of the show are in the Lower Decks animated world?


Do you realize how freaking moronic that sounds…lol, give me a break.


Look dude, I’m at a much better place and having a lot more fun with less stress on this site since we stopped talking to each other. Just move on, stop addressing me directly or indirectly, I’ll keep doing likewise and we’ll be just fine. Thanks

Do you not remember writing this? This is what you wrote to me 8 days ago in the OTHER thread where you claimed you weren’t talking to me there either. Like WTF? Is your memory failing you or something??

Oh and you’re not happy with LDS? Wow, you’ve only said this a thousand times now. I.don’t.give.a.shit. I only care that you leave me out of it!!!!! Can you just do that, please?

I 100% apologize, I did not intend to reply to a post of yours (I meant to reply to amirami)

My bad — I will be more careful in noticing who I am responding to in a long thread like this. You are correct to harshly respond the way you did, as I would have done the same.

OK no worries. And I was only that harsh because of what you wrote above. So it was weird but we all make mistakes.

I think so as well. That would be cool if we see them go from animation to live action and back again! 😎

Yeah it’s very clever if true. So can’t wait to see how they do it and I’m hoping we do get an animated Pike as well! :)


Anson Mount mentioned that there is an animated Pike a few months ago. I don’t know if that means that Pike will visit the future, or if somebody on the Cerritos will have a picture of him on a PADD or something, or if there will be an animated sequence on the Enterprise.

Niiiice! I do remember a joke at comic con about it, but I didn’t know if he was being serious or not. But yeah, how could they pass this up if true? It’s just too bad animated Riker won’t be there to give him a bear hug lol.

It’s nice to see most people are excited about it! :)

The best part of this clip is how Pike is trying to reassure Una, but he can’t actually think of an alternative explanation.

That just looks so F’ing stupid.

CRINGE !!!!!

Did you get the memo? Cringe culture is dead. Also I love how you just didn’t say anything about me just being gay over Jack Quaid. don’t get me wrong though, I appreciate it.

Also have you seen that LEGO blockbuster thing that they have at SDCC, it looks pretty cool. It just has their most recent sets but it still looks effing awesome. I wish I was there so I could get all of the Sonic the Hedgehog sets.

Dude, OMG, thanks for directing me to that. That is awesome!

Brings back memories of my childhood when my family rented TVH over and over and over again from Blockbuster. We’d get in the car to go there and I’d just say “where are the nuclear wessels” so we’d rent the whales movie.

Awesome. I do miss going to Blockbuster on Friday night.

OK, lol, let me be more clear then — I am personally cringing over what I see here — that is what I was referring to, not Cringe culture. :-)

Ah gotcha

I wonder if we’ll be seeing any other Lower Decks characters in animated form. It would definitely make sense for Ransom to make an appearance to remind us why he calls this the TOS era.

I wonder that too? We know only Mariner and Boimler show up in live action form but it would be odd not to see the others unless they are just not on the Cerritos when they time travel.

OMG we’re probably getting a LDS season 4 trailer this weekend too!!?

I can’t wait, the next week will be fun talking LDS with this episode and hopefully trailer!! 😀👍

I hope so! And a release date. August is right around the corner now. We need that release date.

It seems like it has to be. This show comes next and SNW will be over in a month now. So we should get both a trailer and a date. When will it be a better time?

But Paramount+ seems to be in such a bad place these days let’s just hope it’s still around in a month. 😂😕

It needs to wait to die until after I finish my DS9 rewatch and ENT watch. Or just put the shows somewhere else because I don’t have a working tv or DVD player.

No you’ll be OK for awhile lol. I’m guessing if P+ really dies it’s probably a few years away. They just added Showtime out of sheer desperation and want to see how that goes first.

BTW, just curious but where are you with your DS9 and ENT watch? I’m thinking of rewatching Enterprise again and may do it after LDS season 4 ends. DS9 is probably the show I have rewatched the most outside of TOS back in its syndication days.

I am at Far Beyond the Stars on DS9. So almost done. As for ENT, I’m still stalled in S2. I think trying to juggle two at once tripped (ha) me up so I’m focusing on finishing DS9 before I continue ENT. Then I can get tripped up over Trip Tucker.

Nice! I would just focus on DS9 since you’re closer to being done there and then finish Enterprise.

I rewatched the entire franchise back in 2021 chronologically and that was a lot of work lol. But it was really fun when I got to the 24th century shows and I was watching TNG, DS9 and VOY concurrently at times since they overlapped a lot.

I could not manage that. I’d just get confused about where I was when I got to those three and have to just watch them separately. A friend watched the entire franchise that way and had a list of episodes/movies that he worked from and I couldn’t manage that either. I’d get to VOY and be like I will watch: Tsunkatse. Then a week later be like did I watch VOY? Oh well I will watch: Tsunkatse. So watching them separately works for me the best.

At first I didn’t think I could either. But I was watching like 3-4 episodes a day and this was during the pandemic and I was following a chronology list. At first it felt a little too much even for me but once I tried it it was fun to break things up a bit. I doubt I will ever do it again though lol.

But I am thinking of rewatching the entire franchise for the 60th. By then we will have a few hundred more episodes and maybe a movie if the Section 31 movie happens and maaaaaaybe another Kelvin film by then but not holding my breath on that one.

No I’m joking of course. I give it 6 months! 😁

In all seriousness it’s cool you’re watching both shows. Last year me and my girlfriend watched TNG, VOY and ENT. She has seen a lot of TNG and VOY already but very little of Enterprise. Surprisingly that’s her second favorite show now after TNG. She likes that it feels the most contemporary and loves Trip and T’Pol together.

Unfortunately she can’t get into DS9 at all but not giving up yet! 😉

Just curious have you showed her the Kelvin movies yet lol.

It is too bad she can’t get into DS9 but not everyone is going to love everything. My girlfriend likes more Star Trek than she doesn’t like these days but was never big on the animated shows or Discovery. Seems to like SNW and season 3 of Picard though.

Nooooope! So far so good ! 😁

No I tease, there is no real reason we haven’t watched them other than she hasn’t been interested to watch them yet. She knows how much I hate JJ verse but I don’t mind watching them whenever she wants to. I got through every Neelix episode including Homestead where she watched that one twice because it killed her to see Neelix leaving the show (actually that one was pretty good I can admit it, especially since he left ;)).

So I can get through those movies since I haven’t watched any of them for six years now. Beyond is the only one I care to watch again though.

Yeah it sucks about DS9 and she still thinks Lower Decks is abysmal and has zero interest in watching the crossover episode but would’ve if Tendi was at least there. But let me also remind you her favorite shows are The Bachelorette, American Idol and Love After Lockup. The last one is a real show. So let’s keep some perspective here. 😉

But yeah you can’t win them all!

LOL, I literally googled Love After Lockup. As George Takei would say, Oh My! It’s amazing the type of reality shows are still out there today. You guys sound like you’re on a completely different level in terms of taste in shows so it’s great she likes Star Trek at all.

As for Star Trek, my girlfriend originally didn’t watch the show at all but we actually liked and enjoyed a lot of other things together. In her case, she had nothing against it, just never been exposed to it until she met me. She couldn’t tell you even the name of a single character other than Janeway and Voyager and that’s only because she watched Orange is the New Black and liked Kate Mulgrew on it and knew she had been on Star Trek. But couldn’t tell you a single thing beyond that.

So now she watches it with me but still not a hardcore fan, strictly a casual one. But she definitely likes it and its fun to talk to her about it now. Voyager is easily her favorite show but as said she loved Mulgrew thanks to OITNB but more so after she watched Voyager. But she also really likes DS9 too and has seen a majority of all the classic shows. She seems to like all of them. She also liked the Kelvin movies but thinks they come off too actiony and not Star Trek enough although she has no issue with Khan in STID either. OK, I’m just rambling now lol, so will stop here. But it’s always fun to talk to others who got one of their relatives or friends into the show even if still more a casual one.

Yeah we’ll probably get a LDS trailer this weekend. And you’re other favorite show, a DIS trailer lol.

I’m actually excited for both but obviously a more more for LDS.

Oy Discovery. 🤮

Maybe the trailer will be good?

Whatever. But very excited for LDS!!! It sucks none of the actors will be around this weekend. The LDS panels are always the most fun. 😀

LOL, it could be a good season. We’ll see.

It’s weird we’ve heard nothing about season 4 of LDS and it’s coming out this summer. Actually you’re right, it really should be around the corner since they specifically said it will come out in the summer. Unless things just change again, we should get season 4 literally next month.

Yeah. I know we talked about it before more than once but it’s not necessarily a guarantee that Peanut Hamper returning means that agimus will too. That plot thread could just as easily be dropped. So official confirmation of agimus is something I’m waiting for.

Otherwise it’s like wow where’s a poster, or leaked episode titles or anything. This time last year we knew they were going to DS9.

No it doesn’t but they were literally put them next to each other at Daystrum last season, so I don’t know how they can avoid Agimus unless one of them has been permanently moved. But of course you’re right, they can drop things at a moments notice. I thought Riker was showing up in third season and I could’ve swore Frakes said he would be back but maybe he was just throwing people off the scent he was coming back in Picard.

But per usual the promotion on these shows are weird. Sometimes we get stuff 6-7 months like the Picard season 3 trailer and then others much closer like SNW season 2. And with LDS if it’s coming out in the summer they should’ve started marketing at least a month ago. I think Paramount is trying to save on marketing or something.

There’s also the fact that they’d have three evil AI in this season. So if they have to drop any it’s more likely to be agimus because 😮‍💨 Peanut Hamper is the most popular of the three and Badgey is basically the show mascot. Badgey doesn’t work for me personally but that’s just how it is. It seems like agimus is the least popular of the three.

It would suck since it’s Jeffrey Combs but agimus being a dropped plot thread wouldn’t be the first time for him. Especially if he just never returns either. Wouldn’t be the first plot hole for Combs there either. A lot of his characters fell into plot holes. (When will Brunt return from the one he ended up in with Rom… When will we actually see more of the effects Rom must be having as Grand Nagus… When will Rom return… Also wow every single Vorta did too. Even the ones that died. And Shran with everyone from ENT… The list goes on…)

I hope that’s not the case though. If any must be dropped I’d rather it be Badgey.

Yeah I think Badgey will be back for sure because his vengeance is personal against Rutherford. Agimus just wants to rule over others like Khan and Peanut Hamper has turned her back on Starfleet values and also probably blames the Cerritos for her predicament. It would be crazy if all three joined forces lol.

agimus can rule over my heart. And take over my ship to use for his drone army. If I had a ship.

It would be crazy but I kinda hope not. I have a lot of other thoughts just about plot threads from season 3 alone that they still have open. Those three. The Breen. William Boimler. That reporter.

I don’t think the focus will solely be on them of course. And LDS is like SNW and its mostly episodic, just keep some story lines going in the background like the Pakleds in season 2. I actually hope we get more Breen and yes William Boimler being part of Section 31. I forgot all about that until now. But I think season 4 will be a fun and diverse season.

Is it still coming out as soon as this summer? I would have thought with DISCO coming in JAN that LDS would be pushed back to early fall. Hope I am wrong of course.

Last update, they mentioned both SNW and LDS coming out in the summer. But this was before they cancelled PRO, so who knows now? Maybe they will push it back. Hopefully we’ll get the date this weekend.

Tomorrow we should know but if it’s pushed back they needed to already have told us. But at least in twenty four hours we will hopefully have something.

Yeah after they cancelled Prodigy on us it will hurt if they push Lower Decks too.

I’m enjoying SNW a lot beyond a few sucky episodes this season but Lower Decks is what excites me the most as a Trekkie!

oh ya i totally forgot news would prob come out this weekend

According to, the WGA, SAG-AFTRA strikes are affecting new content on Paramount +. As a result of the strikes, there will be fewer Star Trek releases in 2024 than originally planned, and may extend into 2025.

Thanks for the update!

I’m very curious to see how DISCO is going to end. IIRC the reshoots were done before the strike to change the season finale to a series finale.

It’s s going to end with a lot of hugging and crying.

I heard the reshoots consisted of Burnham and Tilly holding and crying on each other shoulders over the sad loss over Grudge the cat due to an apparent suicide.

Remember how Picard ended with the gang playing poker and everyone laughing and joking?

Discovery will just be sniffles and crying for like 6 minutes over the credits. No music ..just sobs.

It’s going to be very emotional. 😥

Bro….spoilers! ;D


According to, filming on season five of Discovery was completed before the strike, but ADR, additional dialogue recording was not.

Uh oh thats not good!

Video unavailable

Kind of annoyed that Carol Kane doesn’t actually speak with the raspy whisper that Pelia does. I always need the subtitles on for her scenes.