Watch ‘The Home Of Star Trek’ Promo From Paramount+ Shown At Comic-Con

Before the Star Trek Universe panel kicked off at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, Hall H attendees were shown a new promo for the franchise, which is now available online.

The Home Of Star Trek*

The brand-new promo is titled “Home of Star Trek” and it highlights all the classic Star Trek television shows (including The Animated Series), the new Paramount+ original Star Trek shows, including moments from the most recent seasons. It also includes moments from the Star Trek feature films (TOS, TNG, and Kelvin).

Paramount+ used to tout its Star Trek content with the tagline “Every Series, Every Episode,” however it can no longer do that due to the removal of Star Trek: Prodigy in late June. It is significant that the new promo includes clips from the Star Trek movies as prior promos focused primarily on the Star Trek television shows. This could indicate that as the “Home of Star Trek,” the films will no longer exit and return to Paramount+ for extended periods. These periodic exclusive third-party licensing deals have been common over the last few years, but all 13 Star Trek films have been on Paramount+ since June 1, 2023.

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They need to bring back Prodigy, because that decision was just stupid.

They weren’t the first streaming service to remove content. They won’t be the last. It’s a business decision based solely on the (money) numbers. Unfortunately.

And in doing so made themselves not the home for Star Trek.

That is true. I am very curious about the finances for that show. Budget, streaming ratings, cost savings of pulling the series, potential costs for licensing it exclusively or non-exclusively. We have a little data for its Nickelodeon ratings – not great for a pricey show but it was one of their top performing series, for what it’s worth. Its just that the channels ratings have cratered.

Tough to deal with these decisions in the dark.

It’s apocryphal but logical scuttlebutt that Prodigy was canceled and shelved because it was actually performing well, and it was valuable enough to bring in a profit for Paramount. If Netflix was suffering and needed to auction off an asset, what would bring in more money than Stranger Things?

Exactly. They worked so hard to bring every Star Trek show and movie exclusively for that site just to destroy what they were doing by letting one of them go. And there is no guarantee that will be the only show that will be let go in time either.

It’s highly unlikely, in my opinion, that it will be. Shelve Discovery 5, take a tax break. Strange New Worlds could bring in some cash. Why stop here?

If they shelve Discovery I doubt most fans will miss it. They keep showing stuff from season 5 and there is no hype from it at all and it’s the last season.

I’m just waiting for it to end now.

Not a shock that a business wants to make money. Besides Prodigy was never originally going to be a Paramount Plus show. The original plan was to only have it air on Nickelodeon.

Not what I was saying. I’m talking about their decision to remove one of 12 shows from their channel. Even if they canceled it, fine. But removing it? That prevents them from being “the home of Star Trek.” A bad decision from a marketing standpoint.

About Prodigy, they are shooting their own foot.

Marketing, yes. But if it gets them an infusion of cash for what seems to be the lowest profile series, and one they technically could put back on P+ when the deal expires (assuming Paramount survives the streaming wars), then that’s a small hit to take for their bottom line.

They certainly deserve the flak they are getting for what otherwise would have been a triumphant promo campaign.

Doesn’t matter what the original plan was. The show debuted and lived on Paramount +, end of story.

The story has changed somewhat.



Well, how can I argue with such a well-reasoned response?

Wow that really flew over your head. YOU are the one who replies “No.” all the time.

Prodigy was never originally going to be a Paramount Plus show. It was going to be solely a Nickelodeon show.

…which isn’t relevant to what I was referring to, which was their decision to remove it from the site. There have been 12 Star Trek shows to date, and only half of them are Paramount Plus shows. The point is that by only featuring 11 of the 12, they are no longer able to call themselves “the home of Star Trek.” It’s not a good business move, as that was a sound tagline.

Cringe. Maybe don’t talk about business decisions when you clearly know absolutely nothing about the subject.

Of course they can, I have no idea on why you assume they can’t. There is no legal bar in making that statement. Now if they made a statement exclusive home to all Star Trek series not available anywhere else, then you might have a point.

And that hasn’t ever been the case during its full run. As Prodigy did air outside of Paramount +. Thus they can and have been able to use that description for a simple marketing point.

I’m sorry, it is plain and simple. They are punishing us (audience/fans) due to their own greed. They pulled the plug so we can all feel how upsetting are these “cruel and unfair” (writers/actors) strikes…100% cool promo, 100% not cool for not including Prodigy.

It is impossible these executives are loosing money. Streaming is here to stay. People will sign up to pay and people will always watch these episodes.

I have never seen these companies crying so much about profits. But they are all now in the same wagon, just now that writers and actors are fighting for better wages and benefits.

It’s a shame they have erased Prodigy and cancelled Discovery. Matalas Trek should also get a green light.

Punishing us? LOL that’s pretty kinky of them.

Could use a better word, right!? Me choosing the right word, could be as challenging as Rom trying to say something to Leeta.


That’s not how it works. Are studios selfish and vindictive? Yes. I’ve faced more than my fair share of that at work before the strikes began. Would they cancel a show to punish viewers? Absolutely not. Doing that would mean that a) they listen and read to what viewers say, and b) they care what viewers say. They don’t in the slightest. They can’t punish you when you are entirely off their radar. This decision was not made by anyone who is even remotely monitoring what fans have said or done. They tend to cancel shows for monetary reasons, or because ratings have dropped and can’t be fixed, or because new studio heads decide to change things. But as fan punishment? Nope.

That’s not happening. Time to move on.

What’s not happening? Not following. I commented that removing Prodigy from the P+ website was a mistake, and your response was “That’s not happening. Time to move on.”

Well, you said “They need to bring back Prodigy” so his answer makes sense whether one agrees with it or not.

But more people watched the “clown show” animated series, and so the more serious animated series got the axe given I’m sure Kurtzman was told by the bass that he had to drop one series given the overall streaming budget issues that all studios are facing.

We fans got what we deserved based on what unfortunately more of us watch. Vote for a clown, expect a clown show.

It wouldn’t have been Kurtzman’s decision. This decision would have come from people higher up than him. Kurtzman produces the shows the studio let’s him produce, and he doesn’t produce the shows they cancel–but that decision is at the studio level. In any case, I wasn’t commenting on the cancelation. I was commenting on the decision to remove it from the website when they’re claiming to be “the home of Star Trek.”

If you’d been paying attention to what the striking actors and writers were actually saying, you’d know this wasn’t Kurtzman’s decision.

I said the I expected that the brass told him he had to drop one series. I think it’s reasonable to assume he was asked his opinion, or at least was part of the group that provided some inputs before the decision was finalized by the suits. Feel free to disagree.

My main point was that LDS had a bigger audience than Prodigy, hence it got the axe if the point was to cancel one of the two animated series, which I suspect it was. So the clown show continues, and the quality Trek animated series is no more.

What to cancel still comes from studio brass even in the age of streaming and if the numbers they’re looking for aren’t there, they’ll pull the plug. They sign the checks, they make the call and they’re not looking for an opinion on how to move forward or which show to keep producing. “We’re canceling Discovery but want to move forward with a one season order of the Academy series with an option to produce more. We’re also not moving forward with Section 31 as a series but if Michelle Yeoh wins that Oscar we can do a one-shot movie.”

As for “Lower Decks” and “Prodigy”, “Prodigy” skewed younger just as they had hoped whereas “Prodigy” skewed older than had been intended. Kids weren’t watching “Prodigy”, their parents were and that worked against a series produced specifically for Nickelodeon and which was intended to introduce Star Trek to a much younger audience. For “Prodigy” it was a combination of money, demographics and viewership.

“Prodigy” skewed younger just as they had hoped whereas “Prodigy” skewed older than had been intended”. Huh??? Prodigy skewed younger and older, all at once?

It’s for everyone except middle-aged people ;-)

…and it’s a huge hit in nursing homes for the very old…Prodigy parties with Jell-O treats every Saturday night.

It’s skewing out of control…lol

My bad. That was meant to read “Lower Decks” there. Posting after midnight leads to all sorts of stupidity…

Which is it, skewing young or older?

“Prodigy” shoudl have read “Lower Decks”. My bad.

So…“Lower Decks” skewed younger just as they had hoped whereas “Prodigy” skewed older than had been intended.

“Kids weren’t watching “Prodigy”, their parents were and that worked against a series produced specifically for Nickelodeon and which was intended to introduce Star Trek to a much younger audience.”

This is literally history repeating itself with TAS. In the History channel Star Trek docu-series, they said that’s why that show got cancelled so soon. It was meant to grab Saturday morning kids but mostly the older fans were watching it, so it was dropped.

And I still question how many adults were watching this show because it was obvious lots of fans weren’t watching it either, at least when compared to the other Trek shows.

It’s really unfortunate but that’s how it works. As disappointing as it is, everyone understands it. But it’s still dropping it from the service altogether which is what really irks people.

I just don’t see what the problem was with the old formula. Franchise fatigue by the time of Enterprise is one thing, but now, you make a snazzy show that appeals to a family audience and you have a way to get kids watching and turn them into fans for life. No need for three-dicked Klingons who eat humans, rape scenes, or gory torture that makes the shows TV-MA. SNW is largely following the old playbook in that regard, and that’s smarter than trying to program for kids specifically IMO. Starfleet Academy might work in that regard but there’s also the risk that younger audiences could reject it as pandering.

I think what they wanted to do wasn’t just to get kids into Star Trek but they also saw how much $$$ kid programs and movies can bring with a big enough IP and probably the real reason they wanted to tape into that demographic.

Remember when the show first started, they were already saying they could see Prodigy being a theatrical movie down the line because most animated movies cost relatively cheap but can bring in $500+ million easily. Look at Super Mario Bros. That movie only cost $100 million and made $1.4 billion. And then you add in the merchandise sales something like that creates and its even bigger.

That’s what they WEREN’T saying but Paramount has multiple popular kid shows from Paw Patrol to SpongeBob and see how lucrative those have been for years and was probably hoping they could do the same with Star Trek with tons of kids merchandise to sale. I mean everything about Murf screamed he was created basically to sell toys. SNW is a good show kids can like, but there is nothing on there you can merchandise to a 7 year old either.

But they found out the hard way (again) it’s just not that simple with Star Trek unfortunately.

Has there been any news on where Canadians will be able to stream the new episodes, what with everything leaving crave?

Probably Paramount+ in Canada.

Radio Free Yukon

For whatever reason, in the UK, Paramount Plus has never had Into Darkness or Beyond. Star Trek 2009 has been there from the start and never leaves. I guess the latter two are a must-have for another streamer, as they’ve paid to have them for well over a year now (Since P+ launched in here).

Star Trek 2009 is currently airing on Netflix US also. I think its a silly idea to keep all their IPs on one streaming network anyway. Better to sell it out to anyone that wants it and make money. Having everything exclusive is bad business.

I agree. Sony was the only studio to stop and think, “Ya’ know, licensing content is a steady revenue stream and has been easy money since, like, forever. Who the hell needs a streaming service?”

Disney has multiple outlets and 200 million subscribers to exploit exclusive IP for revenue. Paramount not-so-much.

I loved the way they wove it together, such that the captain from one ship would give a command, and a crew member from a different ship would answer. Having the themes running through all of the series was a really cool experience. Nice job, whoever wrote the script for this one!

radio silence on Star Trek Academy…..thats good news to me! gives me hope for a Star Trek Legacy or a Terry Matalas lead show

Star Trek Academy is on pause because of the strike. Everything else is on pause also. Star Trek (Last of the Summer Wine)Legacy is just your fever dream.

It’s not a case of radio silence. It’s by necessity, because of the strikes. No new shows are currently in production while the actors and writers are defending their rights. SFA will go forward as planned once the strikes end, from what I’ve been hearing in the industry. As for Legacy, that is not something currently being considered by the studio–that is just a fan-led effort. It would be fun, though.

For the millionth time, SNW, STA and S31 are on hold due to Hollywood’s labor issues. No one anywhere is working on a Picard spin off or any future show where Alex Kurtzman has contracted Terry Matalas to begin development. Again, because of the labor issues. If the starts align, after the strikes are over, and Matalas does get a contract, any future Matalas produced show is years away from broadcast.

Tawny Newsome was just interviewed about being on the writing staff of the Academy show. That indicates it is moving forward.

Like you, I would much rather see a Star Trek Legacy series run by Matalas and his Picard season 3 team.

Tawny Newsome mentioned on The Ready Room this week that she has been hired for the writing staff on ST: Academy.

It was mentioned on the last Ready Room, aired yesterday.

Yeah, but that Ready Room was made some time ago, before the strikes. Newsome can’t talk about the show now, nor can any other writer and/or actor talk about their works, until the strikes are over, as it’s seen as promotion, which the strike conditions established by the guilds forbid.

Someone on Reddit claimed it was made over 2 months ago. So I wouldn’t over think it if true.

Dude, there is a strike on, plus Tawny reconfirmed it just before the strike anyway — what are you talking about?

Weird comment???

Meh. Wish they left the ship called the Titan at the end.

The Titan or the USS Liam Shaw

How do you know the Academy show won’t be good? I know the only thing fans seem to want these days is nostalgia-bait, fan service and legacy characters but you have to realise that Trek needs to go forward rather than constantly relying on the old.

That’s not how this works. If Academy is canceled because the network is unraveling, Legacy is dead.

Legacy isn’t happening.

That asterisk leads nowhere, heh.

Can they really call it the home of Star Trek anymore? Its just the home of some Star Trek now.

Considering they own the IP, don’t see the problem. Plus they have the majority under the P+ banner. The only thing I can tell that is missing is Prodigy, and that’s not saying much.

A nice reminder that the franchise has created a helluva lot of quality entertainment across the decades.
Hopefully, this will contiue.

Time to start over again then…

The Home of Star Trek…except for Prodigy and most of the Trek movies that beam on and off the service at random intervals…

They should just call it “The Home of *some* Star Trek” and nobody would be able to complain.

Where have you been? People will always find reasons to complain.

Already said it, but Prodigy seems to be the only thing that’s missing, and that’s not saying much.

Yet another example of the sin that DS9 hasn’t been remastered.

I hate to give studios good ideas to circunvent the effects of the strikes, but right now would be a great time to remaster those and air them as Paramount+ exclusives…

I memorized the entire “risk is our business” speech” in 1968 and wrote and rewrote it verbatim hundreds of times in notebooks, in envelopes, in letters, in boring college classes, when I needed inspiration or hope, when I needed to connect with Star Trek friends.

Prodigy is outstanding, visually beautiful, exciting. I prefer it much more than Lower Decks, which feels loud and whiny…none of the characters feel like Starfleet material.

It’s really great Paramount finally realize they also have 13 Star Trek movies along with the shows to promote too.

But yeah, the omission of Prodigy is just total ass. It’s so mind boggling dumb and depressing what they did to that show. I get Paramount+ is hurting financially but this was short sighted beyond belief when you are claiming this is the one stop shop where you can watch Trek all in one place.

And if you read the comments section of that video, it’s not a surprise what 90% of the posts are complaining about.

Tony, Boimler didn’t just shout “Riker!” Went atop the saddle-he shouted as he mounted it. As in the Riker Maneuver.

I liked it, but the LDS “silly characters yelling” stuff sucked the gravitas right out of it for me.

At 1:33, I don’t remember seeing that clip from Prodigy Season 1. Is that something from Season 2?!

Ah no, it was from a Short Trek.


Sadly true. They are currently the fifth largest streaming site. And even though it’s great to see shows like Picard and SNW enter the top 10 Nielsen ratings, it’s still sad to see only one show even make it when sites like Netflix, Apple and Disney+ dominates the top 10 with shows and movies.

And btw, Star Trek only enters the top 10 when you are looking at the original show viewings. But when you look at overall viewings, ie, the views that just shows the stuff people are just watching the most, original or third party content, P+ or Star Trek is never anywhere on those lists most of the time.

And without new content there’s really no incentive to keep a P+ subscription active until there is. I stopped watching Discovery after season 2 so once Lower Decks airs its final episode of the season this fall I’ll be putting my subscription on hold until SNW and Lower Decks return.

Yep, I’m cancelling the day after Lower Decks ends. And I’m not even sure I will resubscribe to watch Discovery right away when that starts because that show sucks so bad. I might just pay one month and binge it since it’s leaving and I don’t care about it.

I don’t want to give Paramount anymore of my money than I have to after what they did with Prodigy and it sounds like many others will be following suit.

There’s still 12 seasons of classic Five-0 (and other good non-Trek shows and movies).

True, but a lot of us already own digital or physical copies of most of the stuff we’ll watch endlessly and repeatedly.

Buy the Blu-Rays, 4Ks etc – then your home can be the home of Star Trek

Sadly, that’s where I am now. I stopped buying physical media for years – the exception being things like the Star Trek 4k movies. But now I am buying some seasons again – I got SNW Season 1, and will be buying Picard Season 3. And I got Zach Snyder’s Justice League because I am concerned there will be a point where you can’t just watch them on whatever services I have.

Plus, with the right set-up, the quality is slightly better than streamed services.
CDs are another one I prefer in my collection

At this point they should just sell their library or partner with someone like Netflix or Amazon .

So they finally acknowledge JJ verse is a real thing (unfortunately) but no Prodigy. 🙄

Paramount+ is probably on it’s death bed anyway but taking away Prodigy was a bad move. One of best shows in the franchise and quickly became part of my high tier Trek show that I always watch along with TNG/DS9/VOY/LDS.

Lower Decks and Prodigy is actually tied for me and I thought I would hate both of them.

And these clowns cancelled it after one season.

Paramount+ just entered into sponsorship deals with several European soccer clubs so claims of its imminent death may be premature.

That’s probably the wrong expression. It’ll probably be around a few years. Let’s call it a terminal illness instead.😔

Where was Prodigy?

Paramount+ has canceled Prodigy before its 2nd season and has also taken the first season from its service. That’s why it’s not part of this promo.
By all accounts, they’re trying to sell rights to the show to another party (either another streaming service or TV).

I believe that a no-brainer would be to take The Animated Series and redo it with high quality animation. I think Paramount would generate a lot of excitement with a move like that. Would contracts need to be renegitiated with actors and actor’s estates, I wonder? Does anyone here actually know the answer rather than just venturing a best guess?

Does anyone here actually know the answer rather than just venturing a best guess?

I assume nobody here has seen the original contracts so unless someone from the studio chimes in all you will get will be guesses.

Why your video links are always “Video unavailable”?

Paramount+ tends to block its videos outside of the US. So whenever Trekmovie links to a video by Paramount+ it will probably be unavailable if you’re not in the US.

The irony of that after canceling and removing one.

Not seeing how that affects the fact that they have EVERY OTHER iteration of Star Trek. They aren’t saying they have every Star Trek content ever created.

A friend of mine says that the new MAKING OF ST II book is available early at ComicCon also … I don’t think it comes out ‘for real’ till a few months from now. If trekmovie has anybody on site, they should be on the lookout for it.

I wonder if there might be a merger of Paramount+ and Vudu coming. Walmart+ already includes a Paramount+ subscription. Buying out Paramount, or just Paramount+ would give Vulu/Walmart a good library of both films and exclusive content to continue to battle Prime/Amazon.
The difference being is Amazon isn’t always interested in profit, and Walmart is. Paramount might not be profitable enough for Walmart..