See Worf And Sisko Work Out Their Past Issues In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Defiant’ #6

Tomorrow IDW continues the summer Day of Blood summer crossover event with the release of the sixth issue of the ongoing Star Trek: Defiant series. The Star Trek: Defiant series is written by Chris Cantwell (Iron Man, Namor, Star Wars: Obi-Wan) and drawn by Angel Unzueta (Iron Man, Star Wars: Poe Dameron, The Flash). We have a 5-page preview and all the covers for issue 6.

Star Trek: Defiant #6


The crossover event between Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant continues here in part two of DAY OF BLOOD! Worf and Sisko begin their trek to Kahless’ spire to stop the false prophet’s siege of Qo’noS with each other being the last man either wants to rely on. Meanwhile, Spock takes the bridge of the Theseus, reuniting with his old friend Captain Montgomery Scott and desperately attempting to keep the Red Path’s Bloodwings at bay.


Cover A by  Malachi Ward

Cover B by Angel Unzueta

Cover C by Liana Kangas

RI cover by Rod Reis


Five-page preview: 

Defiant continues on Wednesday

Star Trek: Defiant #6 arrives on July 5. You can order issue 5 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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I don’t think Worf would hold onto a grudge for being dressed down by Sisko after saving Jadzia. Generally, I don’t think the comic book really captures the voice of these two characters.

You are right. this is just ONE of my issues with this comics

you are 100% correct, Worf had so much respect for Sisko, and Sisko for Worf. The author got their relationship COMPLETELY wrong.

In many ways I feel Worf respected Sisko more than he did Picard.

Worf hads treated Sisko with so much disrespect that it gives the impression that Sisko is the worst captain that he have seen

Totally agree. Sisko a little bit sounds like himself but Worf doesn’t at all. By the end of DS9 and ESP Nemesis he seemed to have been able to move on.

Yeah. I’ve been enjoying the main title, but dropped Defiant after a couple of issues. The cast’s voices just never felt right to me and there weren’t any new characters for me to hang around for. I’ll probably pick up issues 9 & 10 to see what they do with Hugh, though.

Oh Hugh is in those two?

First of all, Sisko did not say to Worf that there was literally no chance of him ever having a command of his own. Sisko simply said it was “unlikely”. That was just Sisko being honest. Sisko doesn’t make the rules. And that was an important mission Worf backed out of.

But yeah, this comic does not capture the Worf-Sisko relationship at all. It’s too bad.