Watch: Badgey Returns In Clip From Thursday’s ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

As the title (“A Few Badgeys More”) implies, the seventh episode of the fourth season of Star Trek: Lower Decks features the return of Rutherford’s evil AI creation Badgey, again voiced by Jack McBrayer (30 Rock). The new episode arrives on Thursday, but we have a clip available to get you started early.

Badgey promises to be helpful

Badgey was last seen in a post-credits scene in the season 3 finale, where (installed in Rutheford’s old eyepiece) he was retrieved in the debris left over from a battle with the Pakleds.  This new clip (via Collider) now reveals who found Badgey: the Droomani. And the scavenger ship captain is really excited to find some Federation tech, until…

Episode seven actually features the return of three “computerized villains” from Lower Decks, with AGIMUS and Peanut Hamper being the other two. Check out our earlier preview for more details. “A Few Badgeys More” arrives on Paramount+ on Thursday, September 28.

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Star Trek’s greatest villain returns!

Yep, Badgey is incredible!

Here’s hoping for a live action version of Badgey showing up in Strange New Worlds, or heck, how about a Kelvin version of Badgey showing up in the new Star Trek movie?

For SNW’s season three inevitable crossover ep, I would love it if this time it was Badgey and Peanut Hamper showing up on Pike’s E. And why not also make that a musical ep?

That does unironically sound kind of awesome.


Totally with you! This actually does sound a bit awesome! 👍

This will be the 900th canon Star Trek episode, movie, or short!

Live long and prosper, indeed. :)

“I will burn your heart in a FIRE” – Badgey

I love that hilarious maniacal bastard.

I guess we should have seen this coming. We already knew that the Drookmani were salvaging that battle since they tried to salvage Peanut Hamper. But Badgey sure taught that guy a lesson.

Goodgey gang, Goodgey gang, Goodgey gang, Goodgey gang, Goodgey gang, Goodgey gang…

Bruh I can’t believe I totally called that episode