‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Nominated For Emmy Award

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced nominations for its second annual Children’s & Family Emmy Awards and for the second year in a row, Star Trek: Prodigy was on the list.

Prodigy sounds good to the Emmys

Star Trek: Prodigy was nominated for Outstanding Mixing and Sound Editing For An Animated Program. The animated Trek show about a group of alien teens who find adventure after discovering a Starfleet ship (with a Hologram version of Captain Janeway) is going up against Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, I Am Groot, Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While not identified on the Emmys site, the team nominated for Prodigy is Matt Kilmek, Brittany Ellis, Otis Van Osten, and Tommy Sarioglou.

Series creators and executive producers Dan & Kevin Hagement congratulated the team on Twitter:

The team also got congrats from the official Star Trek account

The Television Academy will announce details for the Children’s & Family Emmy Awards ceremonies next week.

Last year Prodigy was nominated for Outstanding Animated Series and production designer Alessandro Tiani was awarded an Emmy for Individual Achievement in Animation, which is one of the jury awards handed out at the ceremony. Jury awards for this year will be announced at the end of the month so there is a possibility for more honors for Prodigy.

Still waiting on Netflix

After being removed from Paramount+ over the summer, Star Trek: Prodigy was licensed to Netflix in a deal announced last month. The first season (which was previously available on Paramount+) will released on Netflix later this year, presumably in December as the show was not included when Netflix recently announced November releases. Work on the second season is close to being completed and Netflix has announced season 2 will debut in 2024, but we are still awaiting details on when and how the 20-episode season will be released.

A clip for season 2 was released over the summer revealing the return of Robert Picardo as The Doctor, now taking over duties of managing the former crew of the USS Protostar as they join Admiral Janeway on the USS Voyager-A and her mission to find Chakotay.

The Doctor gives the provisional cadets a briefing in Prodigy season 2

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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Yes! Prodigy sounds absolutely phenomenal; so cinematic and captivating.

Agreed. It’s by far the best animated Star Trek series since the original Star Trek animated series in the ’70s.


It is! Prodigy is not only my favorite animated show (but mostly tied with LDS) it’s my favorite show of all the NuTrek shows, period. And equally excited to see the Voyager A do her thing next season.

Unfortunately the short sighted thinking of all the assholes who run Paramount+ were willing to give it up completely to save a bit of money none of them will remember saving in about another year. They lost a gem of a show.

Well said, Tiger2. No better way to describe their mistake.

Move the show straight to Netflix. Why considering to erase one of their best product!? An unnecessary slap on the face to the fans and the whole Prodigy crew, who are exceeding in their creativity and performance.

Thanks Jay! :)

And I bet a small part of them regrets it now because probably the only two shows that will even appear next year will be Discovery and Lower Decks. And they know there will be a big subscription drain by all the Trek fans. It’s probably happening now since LDS is done and there isn’t even an announcement yet when DIS is coming back.

And I remember you saying a year ago now that your son really got into this show and became a Trek fan for the first time because of it. That was the entire point of the show. I’m just curious has he gotten into any other shows since Prodigy? And does he plan to watch season 2?

I knew from the beginning it would face great struggles as kids don’t really watch as many cartoons as they used to. Why watch a cartoon when you can game all day?

I’m 100% convinced more adults watch the show than kids do. ☹️

But at least the ones who do watch it will help them get into shows like VOY or TNG in the future if PRO is their first show.

Hey bud. I gotta admit for myself that Prodigy doesn’t feel like a kids show. It feels like it’s pretty mature, certainly more so than the toons I had as a kid.

I’m just happy Netflix swooped in and scooped Prodigy up so it can live another day. Certainly I believe that P+ was short sighted in blocking Prodigy and I was SOO not happy but I can’t wait till S2 comes out and when S1 comes out first I am going to rewatch the entire first season, not just to see it again but to have my voice heard that if Netflix is going to take a chance on Trek I’ll be there to support it.

Prodigy started off pretty weakly, but it got better as it went along. If you can stomach the annoying main character, Dal, the rest of it is quite good. For me, it comes in third among Star Trek’s animated series. From best to worst:

1) Lower Decks
2) The Animated Series
3) Prodigy
3) Very Short Trek’s fourth and fifth episodes
4) A clogged toilet spilling a decade’s worth of feces all over my new rug
5) Very Short Trek’s first three episodes

Wow we basically have the same ranking I have with the exception of TAS since I never seen it outside the first episode. One was enough for me lol. But everyone tells me the one with Spock time travel to his past self is really good and will try to watch that one one day. The irony is everything I learned about TAS came from LDS.

Also, LDS and PRO are basically tied for me too; but if I was forced to choose, Lower Decks beats it by a nose. Then Prodigy followed by the last two Very Short Treks. The fourth one especially is great. The first three are stinkers though.

I also really hated Dal too in the beginning but he grew on me by mid season.

For me, Prodigy is the absolute best, by a long way.

Great to hear! 😎🖖

Well deserved, congratulations!!!

They deserve an Emmy for best show. The storytelling is out of this world.

Go Prodigy! Well deserved.

100% agreed.

So true! 👍

the little starship that could…

*blink* I wouldn’t have said that sound editing was the best thing about Prodigy, but I’m glad they’re being recognized in some way.

You guys really gotta do an article on the resurfacing of the original 3 foot enterprise model, it’s breaking the internet

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Prodigy. First for their pickup by Netflix and now for the Emmy nomination. I don’t watch much animated Star Trek (although I did like the last two episodes of LDs) and I have not seen TAS since I was a kid, but for some reason Prodigy reeled me in last season. Super happy they got picked up for another season, even though I don’t subscribe to Netflix – still it is great to know the cadets’ adventure will continue!

Netflix recently unveiled a new tier where it is only $6 for the month. if you binge watch enough, you don’t even have to see ads.

Worth signing up for one month to see the new Prodigy season, IMO.