Podcast: All Access Talks To Dave Blass And James MacKinnon And Celebrates The End Of The Actors’ Strike

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 164 - interviews with Dave Blass and James MacKinnon - TrekMovie

Anthony and Laurie are very happy the SAG-AFTRA strike is over! They briefly cover what this could mean for the various Star Trek productions, then keep celebrating good news as Prodigy season 1 has a launch date on Netflix and scored an Emmy nomination. They talk about Walter Koenig joining The 7th Rule podcast for a TOS rewatch.

For the main part of the pod, we play the full audio of our two new Star Trek: Picard interviews conducted to help promote the new Picard Legacy Blu-ray box set. The podcasters spoke to production designer Dave Blass about what went into building all the sets and what didn’t get seen in season 2, along with some thoughts on what he would do differently for the Enterprsie-G if Star Trek: Legacy ever happens. We also spoke with makeup artist James MacKinnon about updating the Ferengi, the Borg Queen, Worf, and Data along with developing the looks for other TNG characters returning in season 3. The discussion also includes some frank talk about when to use (and not use) CGI de-aging.


Actors Strike Ends – What This Means For Star Trek Production

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 1 Coming To Netflix On Christmas Day

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Nominated For Emmy Award

Walter Koenig To Join ‘The 7th Rule’ Podcast For ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ Rewatch

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Production Designer Talks Upgrades To Enterprise-G And Hopes For ‘Legacy’ Spin-off

Interview: Dave Blass On Rebuilding The Enterprise-D And What You Didn’t See In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3

‘Picard’ Makeup Designer Reveals ‘Star Trek 4’ Pre-Production Shut Down In 2022 Over Script Issues

Interview: James MacKinnon On Updating TNG Characters And Classic Alien Makeup For ‘Star Trek: Picard’

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Possible hint that SNW season 3 starts shooting next month? Jess Bush posted on her Instagram stories that she’s subletting her place in Australia starting in mid-December for six months (give or take).

Thanks for that!

Thank you for those incredible interviews. Just like Laurie is obsessed with subspace rhapsody, my obsession is Legacy. I listen to the soundtrack all the time, rewatched the season about 10-12 times, and support Terry whenever I can. I just started 12 monkeys and love it.

Dave and James did an incredible job with the production. It honored the past but also gave us a logical evolution since TNG.

I know Legacy may not happen, but I’m still hoping it does. If it does, I’ll keep P+ forever. I took a survey for P+ and it asked me what can they do to make their service better and I replied, “greenlight Legacy and hire Terry Matalas.”

I’m looking forward to Walter next week. Have a great weekend.

Looking forward to some real news on what is actually going to happen with Trek productions now that the strike is over versus all this well meaning “news” from Trek internet talking heads who are pretty much just theorizing like all of us fans what is going to happen next, because just like us fans, they don’t have any real info on this. That being said, I do love these podcasts! :-)