Podcast: All Access Gets Into Production On New Star Trek And Talks To Walter Koenig About Original Star Trek

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 165 - TrekMovie - Walter Koenig

[Walter Koenig interview begins at 21:13]

UPDATE: There was a problem with the initial audio file appearing silent, especially on Spotify. This should be fixed by refreshing your feed. We have published a second ‘fixed’ version of the pod so look for that if refreshing the original episode doesn’t work. HERE IS A DIRECT LINK TO FIXED VERSION ON SPOTIFY.


Anthony and Laurie start with a news round-up now that the strikes are over and everyone can talk Trek again: Strange New Worlds season 3 is gearing up for production (and Jonathan Frakes will be doing some directing) as is the Section 31 movie event, guest star Elias Toufexis is excited about Discovery season 5, and Mike McMahan’s talking about the next season of Lover Decks. There’s also news about the missing 3-foot Enterprise model that used to sit on Gene Roddenberry’s desk, which may have just resurfaced after 46 years.

Today’s big interview is with The Original Series‘ Walter Koenig, who talks about life on the set back in the 1960s, the scene he filmed but never saw in Generations, his take on people who say William Shatner overacts, and his uncomfortable moment on the set of The Wrath of Khan.

They wrap up with a quick plug for each other’s recent appearances on other podcasts—The 7th Rule‘s news show and Trek, Marry, Kill.


‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Team Gearing Up To Start Production On Season 3

Jonathan Frakes Returning To Direct For ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 3

‘Star Trek: Section 31’ Movie Reportedly Prepping For Production

New Villain Actor For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Hyping Season 5… And His New Ship

Mike McMahan Teases ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 5 Storylines For Tendi, T’Lyn, Mariner, Ma’ah, And More

Rod Roddenberry In Talks To Recover What May Be The Lost Original Enterprise Model From ‘Star Trek’ [UPDATED]

Robert Butler Dies: TV Director For ‘Batman,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Hill Street Blues’ & ‘Moonlighting’ Pilots Was 95 [Deadline]

Stephen Kandel, Writer on ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Batman,’ ‘Mannix’ and ‘MacGyver,’ Dies at 96 [The Hollywood Reporter]

Deleted scene from Star Trek Generations


Tony: Laurie on the Trek, Marry. Kill podcast

Laurie: Tony on The 7th Rule – The Main Viewer

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Could just be me, but there doesn’t appear to be any audio for this episode on Apple Podcasts. I tested several other episodes/other podcasts and this is the only one. Just passing it along in case there’s an issue

Hi, there was an issue earlier, but it’s been resolved. Try again (refresh your feed or reload app) and you should be able to get it. Thanks for flagging!

Got it now, thanks Laurie!

I’ve tried Spotify on two separate devices and still no audio.

We just uploaded a new version it has FIXED in the title.

Love the idea, but it would be great to get Walter better audio, considering how valuable he is. A pro mic and a podcasting platform like Riverside.FM etc. That would cost $100 or less…

Great interview with Walter, loved hearing from him. Sometimes I forget that TOS was a 60s show. I mean, sure, intellectually, I know it was done then, but Walter reminded me that yeah, back in the day, ensemble shows weren’t really a thing. You had the leads, then you had supporting players, and that was the way it was. Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelly had the weight of the entire show on their shoulders, and its success or failure depended so much on them.

Just like it’s not a Marvel movie without Stan Lee in there somewhere, it’s just not Star Trek without Frakes in there somewhere. He really is becoming the Honored Elder of Star Trek, and the Academy show would make a huge mistake if they didn’t have Frakes involved.

Any chance of snagging an interview with Andy Robinson? He couldn’t really talk about the audio version of his book due to the strike, but now, maybe he would. A Stitch in Time is so good, and the audio version is also so good, would love to hear from him. The story of how he even came to write that book is so interesting, would love to hear him talk about it.

Somewhere on Ebay
USS Enterprise. $1000.00
Buy it now! $1500.00

Hi still getting silence on Spotify when I play the podcast. Still looks like there’s an issue there – at least for me! Thanks

For some reason, Spotify didn’t update when the other apps did! Thanks for the heads up, we are posting a new version now. It says FIXED in the title.

Thanks – seems to be fixed now :)

What a kind, humble man. Thank you Laurie for this great interview. You see that M. Koenig really respects Shatner.

I picked up that he was being very gracious as well. He also made it a point to provide some context around how 60’s television worked in regards to its series leads.

I never really understood the complaints about Kirk’s death. He intentionally jumped onto a collapsing bridge to get the remote that they needed to save millions of lives. He absolutely went out as a hero.

I also don’t know exactly what the lines that Koenig wrote were, but I think more dialogue would have taken away from the impact of that scene. Just seeing how shocked Scotty and Chekov were worked fine.

Laurie – Wasn’t this the model that was strung up and sent whooshing by the camera (probably combined with a camera zoom) in the opening credits? If it is, it has been seen in ALL the TOS episodes :)

I THINK that was the bigger one that ended up at the Smithsonian.

No, that was supposed to be the 3 INCH model (which may have been bigger than 3″ but sure wasn’t 3 feet.) Not sure how you could make that small a model look decent though w/o a macro lens