‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Team Gearing Up To Start Production On Season 3

As we reported last week, the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike (following the end of the WGA strike in September) means that all the various Star Trek projects can now move forward. The end of the actors’ strike now allows for casting, auditions, promotion, and (most importantly) actual production. And there are already indications that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is getting set to move forward on the third season of the series set on Captain Pike’s USS Enterprise.

Back to work on Strange New Worlds

Production for the third season was “just about to start” before the WGA strike began in early May according to executive producer Alex Kurtzman. Producing director Chris Fisher told told TrekMovie they were just one day away from flying in the actors before they shut down. During the strike Fisher and producers in Toronto kept a rotating plan going so they could remain “weeks away” from being able to go into production once the strikes ended. And true to his word, over the weekend Fisher announced on Instagram that he is headed “back to Toronto for work” this week. The original plan from May had Fisher set to direct the first episode of the season.


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According to a listing today at the Directors Guild of Canada, pre-production for season 3 of Strange New Worlds (under the production name “Lily & Isaac”) restarted today, with production set to start on December 11, and running through July 2024. Much of the pre-production work had already been completed by May including building the visual effects for most of the season for the AR Wall set.

The stars of the show are also getting ready to start filming again. Actress Jess Bush (Christine Chapel) posted an Instagram Story on Friday that she was subletting her flat in Australia for six months. In a separate post celebrating the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike by sharing a behind-the-scenes video from the filming of “Subspace Rhapsody,” Strange New Worlds director of photography Benji Bakshi replied to Bush with “Can’t wait to see everyone again soon.” And today Bush posted a new Instagram Story asking if anyone in Toronto had a covered parking spot she could rent.

On Friday actress Melissa Navia showed she is ready to get back to work by posting a picture on Twitter of her character Ortegas with the message “Let’s gooooo.”

Season 3 could debut in late 2024 (in theory)

The big question is when would the season debut? The double strikes will certainly have an impact on the release of Star Trek but there is still content already expected to arrive in 2024. The fifth and final season of Star Trek: Discovery has already been set for early 2024 on Paramount+ and it’s likely the fifth season of the animated comedy Lower Decks would be ready to debut by late summer or fall of 2024. The second season of  Star Trek: Prodigy is set to debut on Netflix sometime in 2024.

If production on Strange New Worlds season 3 starts on time in early December, filming for one of the ten episodes could be completed before the Christmas break with the other nine episodes filmed in the first half of 2024. For the first two seasons there was around a 15-month gap from the start of production to season premiere. If this pattern continued we would expect season 3 to debut in early 2025, and this may be the most likely scenario. But it’s possible things could move along quicker this time.

From the season 2 finale of Strange New Worlds (Paramount+)

For the first two seasons of the show, Paramount+ and Alex Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout production company were juggling a lot of concurrent Star Trek projects during the post-pandemic rush back into live-action production. With Picard wrapped up and the fifth season of Discovery already complete, there is less for Secret Hideout to juggle. Do the losing 6 months of, Paramount+ is also facing a lack of live-action scripted content (Star Trek and otherwise) going into 2024 so they will be motivated to move things forward as fast as possible, especially for Strange New Worlds which is one of only a handful of their shows to rank in the streaming top 10. It’s also worth noting that the show is expected to use the AR Wall even more for the third season, and much (if not all) of the visual effects work for that has already been completed. It’s likely other visual effects work has already started, especially following the end of the WGA strike which allows the showrunners to oversee the work. Bear in mind that other post-production work, like editing, would start as soon as January after the first episode is shot.

So in theory we could see the debut of season 3 in late 2024. One way to make this happen could be to split the season into two halves to allow time for post-production to be completed on the second half of the season, as they did for the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.

The full cast of Strange New Worlds is set to return. Season 3 will also feature Scottish actor Martin Quinn as Scotty, who made his debut in the season 2 finale “Hegemony.” The showrunners have teased that more TOS characters are “inevitable,” although it’s unclear if we should expect to see them in season 3.  Even though the show will remain episodic, the Gorn are set to return as a recurring villain. Co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman did confirm the series would continue to “genre hop” and attempt to once again do it “bigger and better” in season 3. After season 2 which included a crossover with the animated series Lower Decks and a musical episode, it’s hard to imagine bigger “big swings,” but hopefully we won’t have to long to wait to see them.

Martin Quinn as Scotty with Carol Kane as Pelia in the season 2 finale (Paramount+)

Section 31 and Academy?

There are two other live-action Star Trek projects in the works. The first expected to go into production is the Section 31 streaming movie event starring Michelle Yeoh, reprising her Discovery role as former Emperor (turned Section 31 operative) Philippa Georgiou. That project has a completed script (by Craig Sweeny) with Discovery producing director Olatunde Osunsanmi set to helm the project. The original plan was for that project to film in Toronto this fall, but it too was delayed due to the double strikes. In October at NYCC Alex Kurtzman confirmed the Section 31 movie “is happening” and he noted that Yeoh has remained focused on returning to Star Trek even after her career got a big jolt following her Academy Award win earlier this year. “What she did with all of the power she had accrued is make sure that Section 31 was moving forward,” said Kurtzman.  There is no indication when production will start on this project, but it could be soon. Even though the Section 31 movie would share some personnel and assets with Strange New Worlds (including the AR Wall) in his August interview, Chris Fisher pointed to how the Discovery and Strange New Worlds productions often overlapped in the past. “I don’t see why everything Star Trek can’t start up and start to get going,” said Fisher. Like with Strange New Worlds, in theory, the Section 31 movie could be ready in time for a late 2024 arrival, but only assuming production can get going soon.

As for the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series, the writers’ room for that YA-focused show restarted work in October for the first season. Even before the strikes, the series was already planned to go into production in 2024. Few details have been announced for the show including the cast or even the time setting, although it is assumed to be set after the events of Star Trek: Discovery season 5 in the 32nd century. At NYCC in October Kurtzman (who is a co-showrunner on the series along with Noga Landau) confirmed “We are officially going to start shooting next year.” Starfleet Academy will also be filmed in Toronto and while the team up there could handle two Trek projects at the same time, it almost certainly could not handle three. So production on this show would have to wait until after one or both of the other projects complete, likely the Section 31 movie. And that assumes they would have enough scripts and pre-production work ready in time. The Academy series is expected to arrive on Paramount+ in 2025.

Michelle Yeoh from season 3 of Discovery (Paramount+)

This is a developing story so stay tuned to TrekMovie for more Star Trek production updates.

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WooHoo! Absolutely the news I wanted to hear — thank you, Trek Movie!

Best of luck to everyone involved in making Strange New Worlds. You hold our hearts in your hands, but I know you’ll be careful with them. :-)

Y’know, I’m beginning to wonder if one sticking point for any potential LEGACY series is more about logistics than storylines. Like, the commit to shooting north-o’-the-border for all things not PICARD might in itself be enough to keep LEGACY from happening, if LEGACY folks aren’t all inclined to join that migration.

I think it’s just about money. Obviously Paramount is just pulling back on Trek shows in general since only 3 are in active production for P+ with SNW, LDS and now SFA. Technically PRO is still around another season but I guess if it gets a season 3 it will be paid for by Netflix.

Maybe that’s the OTHER option and they can just license it to other streamers. I think Netflix and Amazon would snatch up an idea like Legacy in a heartbeat but I don’t think Paramount want something that big in the hands of its competitors. And I still think in the end Legacy can probably happen on P+, it will probably just be after the next current show is done and maybe without Matalas if he’s already moved on to other projects.

As far as migrating the show up to Canada, sure some may not go but others would. I guess it would be a question if Jeri Ryan would relocate there considering she would be the star but they managed to convinced Anson Mount to do it for SNW. Just throw more money at them….but yeah, see above. .)

Also Matalas made 12 Monkeys in Canada for four seasons along with several other producers who worked on that and Picard, so I don’t think he would have any issues relocating the show there either.

Unfortunately Paramount just seems too broke to make more Star Trek, both for TV and definitely for movies.

As much as I want Legacy or at least a live action show post nemesis, I know P+ has no money or subscribers except trekkies. It is doubtful we will get anything like Legacy.

I honestly think while a lot of people want the Legacy show, I think more people just a 25th century show in general. In other words they will happily take a Captain Seven on the Enterprise show but they will probably be just as happy if it’s a show in that period with all new characters and a ship too, at least hardcore fans.

So even if Legacy is deemed to expensive to do they can make a smaller show with new characters (but have legacy characters show up like we seen in all the shows) and they can pay a lot less for the main cast which the Academy sounds like it will be. Either way it will probably be a few years until we get a 25th century show of some kind now.

To be fair, Anson lives in Connecticut. Travel time to Toronto is not that bad.

Yeah true but he still away from home for months when making the show, but it is closer.

the fact that PIC S3 was the first time ST was in the top 10 for streaming shows should be enough for Paramount to greenlight the show. DSC never ranked that high and its spin-off academy won’t either.

I believe it was posted here on TrekMovie that Paramount+ only started allowing their shows to be tracked around the time of Picard S3.

Do we know that for certain? I thought I’ve read elsewhere that CBS All Access didn’t report those numbers, so we don’t know about Discovery, Lower Decks or earlier seasons of Picard.

I wouldn’t count out the Academy series if Paramount hires some hot young actor/actress to be the star. The tween/teen crowd could go crazy and actually watch Star Trek just for him/her.

SNW actually ranked higher than PIC S3 several times in its second season.

I’m guessing that any of the non-legacy TNG cast would be delighted to have the steady paycheck, not to mention association with a beloved franchise. Jeri Ryan might be an exception, but she could probably be talked into it. As cities go, Toronto ain’t bad (though I remember Ellison’s disappointment when he discovered — it was the first red flag — that he would be going there rather than London to oversee “The Starlost”).

I think most actors will do it as long as its a sizable enough role. Frakes for example had no problem going to direct episodes for both SNW and DIS although he lives in California, but Frakes would probably direct episodes in Saudi Arabia if they asked him so not a great example lol.



It wasn’t till X-FILES that the ‘made in Canada’ label stopped being a red flag for me. Sure, SUPERMAN shot a little bit up there, but mainly, Canada had a cheapo rep for the longest time. Would definitely have been the case at the time of the ‘LOST (I still don’t think I’ve ever seen an ep all the way through, even though I avidly anticipated it and tuned in regularly at first. Kinda like Space1999 that way, though I did actually sit all the way through most of those, just to watch the Eagles cruise by and blow up, and even kinda enjoyed some of s2 with Maya and the more relaxed cameraderie.) STARLOST might be the main reason for me hating most stuff shot on videotape (ALL IN THE FAMILY and BARNEY MILLER excepted, along with ANDERSONVILLE and STEAMBATH.)

edit addon: must be 70s sf tv week or something, cuz goodwill got in PLANET EARTH and GENESIS II on DVD yesterday and when I got home from work, my wife asked if I had ever heard of Gene Roddenberry’s SPECTRE, which she found either on youtube or some minor streaming platform (we lasted about 10 min, whereas I remember watching the whole painful movie back in the 70s … I liked the lizard monster devil but remember thinking it was an utter waste of Gig Young and especially Robert Culp)

The bigger genre hop stuff makes me wonder if they are going to try to up the game from TRIALS & TRIBS, perhaps by QuantumLeaping one of Pike’s peak folks into a classic TOS character and have him interact for a whole hour with an old episode. Seeing Ethan Peck jump into Kevin Riley’s body in THE NAKED TIME might not be all that, but seeing any contemporary actor from SNW have to emulate Shatner in TURNABOUT INTRUDER would be … wild, to say the least.

Of course, they couldn’t really go there for that one because if Spock mindmelded with a Piked Kirk, things would be REALLY confusing, making Spock wonder if the Janice Lester adventure might well be their last mission together for years …

Fate of V’ger might be the other big thing for them to address, but since the populist view is that TMP remains only NicheTrek, V’ger, being less than fourscore kilometers in length once you lose the surrounding fart cloud, might not be ‘big’ enough for them.

The way I giggled at “fart cloud”.

Thank you for brightening what has been a pretty crappy day!

Great to hear. Not surprisingly obviously but still nice to hear it confirmed.

I don’t think the show will come out until 2025 now seeing it’s already November and we know the long turnaround to make these shows today. Maybe they will do a split season as mentioned and like they did with Discovery and Prodigy when those still needed time to finish. So its possible, especially if P+ is just hard up for content or Trek subscribers.

I am very curious about Section 31 since that has a great chance of getting out next year provided Yeoh and others schedules are open. That will probably be the next project we see after season 5 of LDS.

It’s kind of sad that I’m hoping Adolf’s Section 31 movie will come out sooner than later because of the lack of Star Trek we can have next year lol.

And I’m trying to stay more positive about it now in general though. Trek has had an amazing year this year, the best since the 90’s IMO. I would hate for DIS and S31 to kill that vibe next year, especially if LDS and SNW gets pushed back to 2025.

That Section 31 idea is palpable nonsense. Destined to fail.

Let me make it clear about S31 I don’t really care about it one way or the other. I’m only watching it because it has Star Trek in the title basically. And I’m happy it’s just a TV movie now that I can quickly forget if it sucks instead of a five season show they kept saying was going to happen until it didn’t thankfully.

That’s where I’m at with Sec. 31, if the film is lame I can just forget it ever happened. I’m just glad it’s not going to be an entire show. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised…

Yeah I’m trying to stay positive about it too. People think I go out of my way to hate everything in NuTrek but if that was true I should absolutely hate Lower Decks. 😂

But I just really hate MU Georgiou mostly. I know she has her fans but I think she’s a discaple character and very badly acted by Yeoh. And I just don’t like genocidal maniacs being the lead in my Star Trek shows or movies but that’s just me. Call it a pet peeve I guess.

But maybe my mind will be changed. We’ll see.

Yeah, I feel pretty much the same way. I’m not a fan of the Section 31 concept to begin with, and Emperor Georgiou is anything but my idea of an interesting character. I’ll watch it, but only because it has Trek in the title and I’m kind of obligated to, being Michelle Yeoh’s future husband and all.

It’s A TV movie, Not A Series.

LOL! I’m actually looking forward to the Section 31 movie, but now even more due to circumstances.

I agree though, I think this was generally a solid year for Star Trek IMHO. We got the second half of Prodigy, Picard season 3, SNW season 2 and LDS. All of these got pretty solid reviews but obviously it doesn’t mean everyone liked all of them or every episode; certainly not this board lol. And I still had issues with both Picard and SNW (mostly its wonky canon issues) but minor complaints when all said and done. Absolutely adored both PRO and LDS, but still some minor issues too.

And I think 2024 is looking up in Star Trek content now, especially since PRO found a new home. But even if SNW doesn’t show up until 2025 we have DIS, PRO, LDS and most likely S31. If SNW can squeeze in next year then it will actually be more Trek then there was this year. But at the moment the only two things that are confirmed for next year are DIS and PRO. The others are in a holding pattern although I don’t know why LDS wouldn’t show up next year? It didn’t have the same issues like the live action shows did with the strikes and it sounds like it was written a while ago and probably being made now, but we’ll see.

That’s true about Lower Decks. I hope you’re right and it will still come out next year.

Waiting until 2025 to see my boy Rutherford and my girls Tendi and T’Lyn would be torture.

My girlfriend would be OK with it though. 😂

Maybe they will start Short Treks up again.

Yeah that would be a great idea. But I think we are going to get lots of Trek next year regardless. DIS and PRO will definitely show up (and PRO will be 20 episodes, YAY). LDS seems like it will show up around the same time it does every year, late summer-early fall. SNW and S31 are obviously the bigger question marks but it’s at least possible they will show up. I’m still betting SNW won’t happen until 2025 but S31 will probably make it with a much shorter shoot and TV movies don’t have the same crazy turnaound like theatrical movies. It will probably be shot and budgeted like a two part episode and the script is already written.

I could watch Michelle Yeoh read a phone book for two hours and I would love it. She’s a great actress and I love Emperor Georgiou. Section 31 and LDS are the only Trek properties. in pre-production/production that I’m bothered about

I always made it clear I’ve never been a big MU Georgiou fan but I do like Michelle Yeoh a lot and I’m intrigued to see how they will handle the character in S31. I’m definitely excited about the movie now because they have a chance to widen the universe with it if it’s a story with a big scope. Hopefully it will be.

I am also very interested in the Academy show but I seem to be a minority on that one at least here lol.

Great news! 😀👍

AR walls are fantastic tools, but I hope these productions save some money for a little good old fashioned location filming, and I don’t just mean in a Canadian forest.

Star Trek: Discovery venturing to Iceland in season 3 was a real visual treat.

Best o’ both, man. Send a plate team to shoot stand-ins and extras in uniform on location, then use that footage as a basis for the VR wall imagery (assuming you can emulate the lighting in a credible fashion.) It’d be cool to see TREK able to depict weird worlds like what we saw in INTERSTELLAR.

Like they’re going to give the actors all these streaming bonuses and then also do more location shooting, — and all that all under the continued environment of all the streaming services still losing money?

Dream on dude, that’s as likely as a successful new Camp Lejeune mineral water business venture. :-) lol

Well in the finale we got to see an actual town.

Yeah, and it was literally a town lol. But these shows cost tons, so they do what they can. It is funny the two big locations we got last season were very contemporary settings.

Yeah it made no sense lol. Why are you going 5 trillion miles to another planet and turn it into a 20th century American small town? What is even the point. You can’t find someplace to do that on Earth?

But it was done to save money so you shrug and move on.

How do you know there would the space, or that it would even be legal or practical, to establish a primitive settlement on 23rd century earth? Does that make any more or less sense than it did for the colonists in “This Side of Paradise”?

It looks like a really tiny town. It just seems odd you have to make something like that on another planet. Why would Earth be against replicating a part of it’s history? They are not remaking questionable places like Nazis Germany, North Korea or Mar-a-lago. But whatever it’s not a big deal.

It’s been a long time since I seen This Side of Paradise. You have to catch me up a bit. I remember the story with the spores and everyone including Spock acting like they are on LDS but I don’t remember anything about the colony itself other than being one.

The Omicron settlement in “This Side of Paradise” consisted of 100 colonists whose main purpose seemed to be farming, and whose philosophy was to get by with as little technology as possible. Pretty unobtrusive, yet they chose to make a year-long journey from earth to settle a world of their own. Why? Without knowing the details of earth’s political and legal setup in Trek’s future (which we actually to this day know less about than, say, politics on Vulcan or the Klingon homeworld) it’s really difficult to say. In his novelization of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, Roddenberry postulated that much of life in the 23rd century had moved underground to allow the environment to revert to its pristine state, but that’s been pretty much ignored by subsequent productions. Maybe, for all the material prosperity, there are too many people to allow for such settlements. Or maybe the colonists just preferred to strike out on their own. That would actually be my preferred explanation in both cases, but my point is that it’s fairly presumptuous to declare that plot point nonsensical in the absence of more information.

Bro it’s just my opinion relax. I can go for that idea though, but it still seems ridiculous to me they had to go another planet just to recreate a small town. But I’ll say it again it’s not a big deal and it was obvious it was done for more budget reasons than story which I can understand.

It was clearly done for budget reasons because it didn’t factor into the story at all. That was the only thing I was bothered by it. That’s why I really loved New Eden, the setting was clearly done for budget reasons as well but they really incorporated it in the story and fleshed it out in an intriguing way. That episode is still one of my favorite DIS episodes for that reason.

In this case, I think it was just one line by Pike why it was there and that was it lol. And I hear what Michael is saying but it would’ve been stronger if that point was part of the episode like it was in This Side of Paradise. In this case it was pretty lazy how it was just thrown in and nothing beyond that.

New Eden is actually one of my favorite episodes in the franchise. They did a great job with both that story and gave us some great insight into Pike

Wow I said something completely positive about Discovery and it wasn’t snarky either. I guess I’m getting soft in my old age. 😄😥

Bring on S3. Great to hear production is ready to start and the cast and crew will be returning soon.

As I said in another thread, too bad the cast has to deal with a Toronto winter instead of a nice sunny warm summer and fall, as originally scheduled. Oh well, at least spring will be something for them (and us here in Mississauga Toronto) to look forward to.

I hope they get back to (better) storytelling and get away from ridiculous love triangles gimmicky plots, big hair and other such nonsense. Fans wanted SNW to deliver straight-ahead storytelling and without the emotion schmaltz of Discovery. Bring us some great stories, please!

Agreed. I’ve had enough musical and animated crossover BS now.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. To me, S2 was an overall letdown I likely will not be revisiting, save one or two episodes.

2 of the 3 worst Trek shows in history are now finished (Disco S5 yet to be broadcast)

So SNW is the only live action show in production, if it does not realise its potential in this third season then it likely never will.

Apart from TOS, Season 3 tends to be when Trek shows either stay the course or are proven failures. Enterprise was the exception to this but it has been true with all other Trek TV made since 1987.

SNW and the academy show are the last chance saloon for Kurtzman era TV Trek then it simply HAS to go into a hiatus, they can not just keep churning out sub-standard Star Trek.

I will watch a 4th JJ movie but then I need a break from that, there is nothing worth investing in with Star Trek today with my heart or my brain.

PLEASE do not make a Legacy show, it would represent the worst of what has gone wrong with Star Trek and really seven of 9 is not that interesting a character and Jeri Ryan has argaubly had a bigger bite of the cherry than she deserved – look at how many more interesting “legacy” characters have NOT had this treatment before you bite my head off.

Part of me is sad to say this but I want / need them to stop making Trek for a decade until someone knows what the hell to do with it.

Nothing’s as bad as Enterprise.

Go rewatch it, negative Nelly. It’s not as bad as you think.

No, it’s worse. Both Voyager and Enterprise are, on the collective whole, cheeks.

Nope for me it’s definitely Discovery and the first two seasons of Picard. Totally dreadful.

Those shows being bad don’t negate what I said.

It does for me because I really like those shows. I’m only a Trekkie today because Voyager was my first show. That was the show that introduced me to the franchise. Not my favorite today but still third after TNG and DS9. Those three shows will always be my trifecta of my top tier Trek.

But also hated Enterprise originally (God did I hate it lol) but third and fourth season changed my view completely. Those seasons are still some of the best Star Trek out there for me and the show is tied with SNW.

But it’s cool if you disagree! 😎🖖

Actually my top 3 shows are DS9, TNG and VOY in that order! :)

I never ‘hated’ Enterprise but it was easily my least favorite back then, but a big part of that was that I hated it was a prequel more than anything; which should tell you how excited I was about Discovery lol.

I hated Enterprise so much I stopped watching it after the first 12 episodes. And it was mostly the same reason I just didn’t care about it being a prequel, I just wanted more 24th century stories. But I also thought the stories were slow and boring and I really really hated both Archer and T’Pol at the time. Couldn’t stand them. But I loved Trip from the beginning and was my favorite instantly. So I didn’t completely hate it but the character wasn’t enough to keep watching either.

But I also have to emphasize this was still at a point I didn’t consider myself a Trekkie. By that point I had only watched Voyager and TNG. I had only seen the TOS movies and a few episodes of that show and DS9 which I also didn’t really like at the time either. So my mentality was just very different but I knew I would never like Enterprise or could ever get into DS9 because it felt nothing like TNG and VOY.

Safe to say things did eventually change. 😂

And when I finally gave Enterprise a chance later (literally not until 2009) I fell absolutely in love with T’Pol, especially in season 3 when I thought the whole show became awesome. She’s now one of my top 10 favorite characters and my third favorite female character after Janeway and Seven, so you just never know until you give something a real chance.

I keep hoping the same for Discovery…but still failing four years later. 🙄

I actually remember you talking about you giving up on Enterprise early on. I have also relayed this story countless times but I stopped watching after the first season and I didn’t watch it again until 2013, so I have you beat by four years lol.

But I want to make clear it wasn’t just being a prequel why I stopped watching. Like many the show just didn’t grab me much in general and I was honestly just a bit tired of Trek by then. Unlike you I had watched everything multiple times for 20 years at that point and definitely when TNG started. By the time ENT came around I needed a break frankly.

But I’m not blaming it on fatigue alone, if the show was just better, I would’ve happily kept watching it even if still not wowed by it. But yeah I just feel Trek should’ve took a few years off after VOY but that’s for another thread.

And I admit I really don’t understand the obsession to keep making prequels? Every fan I talked to, especially back then wanted to keep going forward. Some people liked the Enterprise premise but I certainly didn’t. Just didn’t care at all. And when we got JJ verse and then Discovery just more eye rolls.

I really do like SNW a lot though but because we now have shows going forward again and more shows in the 24th century again which is what I been wanting since VOY ended. So I’m not against prequels but it was annoying that’s all they kept making when so much of the fanbase wanted shows to keep going forward and not backwards.

Today they finally got the message! 😂

That’s the thing, I don’t think it was obsession or even a mandate to make more prequels, I just think the people who made it at the time just wanted to tell stories in a specific setting or premise but it just kept happening.

The entire irony about Enterprise is that UPN didn’t want a prequel, that was literally the entire problem. It was Berman who did. And UPN didn’t want it because it was convinced the fanbase itself didn’t…and they were probably mostly right lol.

But I understood why they wanted to do it. I was never on board with it, but I understood it. Same for the Kelvin movies. I was never into a TOS reboot at all but it made complete sense, especially with the argument the prime universe just felt burnt out and they wanted to start anew and where it all began. It was an amazing idea in fact. Like Enterprise, it has divided fans and wasn’t that successful in the sense it didn’t truly reboot the franchise in a new direction but it did get new fans into the franchise if nothing else. And now they can watch all the old stuff the new movies were meant to leave behind lol. That’s what happens when you only make 3 movies…and do absolutely nothing else in that universe but I digress.

But I’m sorry when it got to DIS, it should’ve went forward again. I still think that was the biggest mistake because fans were eager for a post-Nemesis show. I don’t mean they were begging to see Picard or Janeway again and many wanted it to go 50-100 years after VOY. I personally would’ve preferred that as well. Many just wanted to start anew again but still pushing forward. This idea most fans wanted just more TOS stories was beyond tone deaf. Yeah some old TOS fans still living in the 60s wanted that and even a lot of them wanted to keep going forward as well. But again, like ENT and the Kelvin movies, it was mostly down to what the people making it wanted, Paramount/CBS didn’t care. And we saw what ultimately happened with DIS. Again NOT for being a prequel, but for being a bad one like a lot of people considered Enterprise.

To me its the entire Khan issue with STID, most fans didn’t want it in the first place and then when they got it anyway, they did it badly lol. Same issues with ENT and DIS IMO. That’s just a recipe for disaster as we been seeing since 2001.

And I know I’m harping on DIS here but that’s what was so frustrating about that show because it was pretending to be set in the 23rd century but yet EVERYTHING about it screamed the 25th century. It was just so bizarre. You make a show that is suppose to capture the TOS era and yet it looked and felt more advanced than the TNG era. Just odd.

Now SNW finally gave it that balance and it learned from all of DIS mistakes (well most of them), but like you said mostly because we have been getting post-Nemesis shows with it. If people knew Picard was coming sooner than maybe the whining about DIS wouldn’t have been so harsh for fans who wanted to go forward. But at that time, it feel like that’s all we were going to get for another decade when the fanbase was crying out for new settings and time periods. Now we got both, the best of both worlds IMO.

Actually I was one of the people who thought when we got a new show after we got 10 JJ verse movies, it was going to be a post Nemesis show because so many people wanted to know what happened to the universe after that. Prequels bore people like me because we already know everything, we just don’t the details how it happened. 😴

So I was really surprised they made Discovery a prequel after how bad people hated Enterprise…and now they hate Discovery even more lol.

But like you said not for being a prequel but for being a bad one. Star Trek just can’t get them right it seems no matter how many times they keep trying. Like I said I like SNW but does it feel like a true prequel to TOS? Not in the least lol. I don’t buy Khan’s great great grand daughter was on board and hitting on Kirk , or Kirk was singing and dancing with Pike, his brother and Spock were working buddies, Uhura was the Hoshi of the 23rd century, T’Pring were buddies with people on the Enterprise or Spock had a thing for Chapel (or that she’s super hot but I’ll let that slide haha) and on and on. It’s all pretty ridiculous but at least it feels like Star Trek and it fits in the 23rd century. And you can just tell yourself it’s in another timeline which it probably is now anyway. I like the show but it has a lot of weird issues as well and why even some old TOS fans have problems with it.

But Discovery was just so absurd with spore drives and time travel super suits, Section 31 running Starfleet, etc, it felt less organic in so many ways

Now it’s in a new time period in the future a thousand years later and it’s still the most advanced ship in the fleet. 😂🙄

But Discovery still have to be Discovery I guess.

I’m not pretending Picard, Prodigy or LDS are perfect but these shows actually feel consistent on what came before and don’t feel so out of step with the rest of canon like so many of the prequels do. You said it, most fans were not begging for them but then they make them badly and give haters like me more ammo lol. Why do they keep making them if they’re’re not going to even try to make them feel like legit prequels? 🙄

I agree about the post-Nemesis shows and it’s just more proof it’s so much easier to tell stories going forward than backwards. And I don’t mean that for every show or movie but when you have 800 hours of episodes and 500 of them take place in a time period ahead of your show, its not going to be easy no matter what to keep it all consistent. That’s obviously even true for sequel shows but it is easier for those, people can’t deny that. At least for the people making Star Trek today. I have not heard about a single canon violation for LDS, Prodigy or Picard and we’re not talking about literally 90 episodes between the three shows so far. Not a single one. And if there is one , most can explain away with time gaps or maybe Q did it. ;)

And while I too love SNW, you know I don’t sugar coat the canon issues. I think they are just as bad as DIS in many ways, but it’s more character related than story related (when you DON’T include the Gorn) if that makes any sense? And I’ve seen people on other boards like Reddit who are DIS fans but feels SNW gets a pass for its canon violations or that people are willing to overlook them. And to be honest they’re not wrong. But this really proves what many people have always said when it comes to the canon issues, if they simply like a show more in general then its easier to ignore them. If you don’t like a show, then the issues are more glaring and a problem.

SNW certainly has its problems but it’s generally a satisfying comfort food type of show the way LDS and PIC season 3 felt like, so people will just shrug it offf if the stories are coming off better. DIS had an uphill battle the second the Klingons were introduced on that show and that was literally from the first scene in the pilot and it’s been a tug of war ever since.

A few things come to mind here.

1) I like some of both Voyager and Enterprise. I still think they’re cheeks. Enjoyment doesn’t necessarily require quality. I might spin up (as Bill Adama would say) Scorpion or Terra Prime on the ol’ Paramount+ machine, but I have no problem saying the shows are, on the whole, booty.

2) It’s not a zero-sum situation in which there is only so much “good.” Two shows can be bad while two other shows can also be bad (in this case, we probably do, on balance, have four bad shows!)

3) “But it’s cool if you disagree!” I…know?

But I disagree they are bad shows though. VOY has been one of my favorites from day one. YOU think they are bad, which is fine of course and others do like Discovery too, but yes I know we can go on this merry go around all day lol.

The acting is alternatively wooden and overwrought, episodes are derivative (of episodes that are better executed,) a high percentage of the characters are collections of tropes rather than fleshed out characters (which is then exacerbated by the poor acting in a way that doesn’t happen on, say, TNG.) I’m less interested in whether something is “good Star Trek” or “real Star Trek” and more concerned with whether or not I think it’s a good show when I’m evaluating it.

YOU think they are bad”

Yeah, man (AFNIE, sure.) I recognize that this is a difference of opinion. I’m just comfortable defending my opinion, and don’t need the validation of my opinion’s right to exist from folks around here. We are (at least on my end) not a bunch of sophomores in the dorm at 3 AM.

Again I disagree, I had no issues with the acting, I think Janeway, Seven, the Doctor and Tuvok are some of the best played characters in the franchise. Not so much Chakotay though lol (but still love him). As far as characters being ‘tropes’ welcome to Star Trek lol. That’s a lot of science fiction, Star Trek especially. How many stern admirals or hot shot pilots we gotten on these shows? How many brilliant engineers are there who has saved the ship time and time again? Every doctor are moral to a tee who will do everything for their patients and every Captain is upstanding officers who will die to protect their crew and the Federation at all cost (although I will give DIS a bit of credit with Lorca, it shied away from that the first season….and then we got Pike lol).

As far as being fleshed out, I think B’Elanna, Paris, Seven, Janeway and especially the Doctor were very fleshed out and were different people by the end. More couldve been done for Harry and Chakotay though. And listening to Delta Flyers most of the actors felt the same.

But again, yeah they are all opinions, so its no point to keep going. It just sounded like you were speaking for everyone or gate keeping but that’s obviously not the case reading this and why I even responded.

Cool man! 👍

Yet it is VOY that really got Netflix in Star Trek as it was by far the most watched on their service.

How’s the Immortal Technique line go? Universal truth is not measured in mass appeal.

ENT season 4 is arguably the strongest season of any Trek TV show – including TOS!!

I don’t have a particularly high opinion of TOS, so your already hilarious assertion isn’t bolstered by tacking that on. But…sure. You can argue anything if you’re annoying enough.

Glad you liked it, even if I can’t begin to fathom how you rate it that highly. I didn’t, for the most part (as I mentioned in an earlier thread, the Vulcan arc was a particular disappointment), but if it worked for you, that’s great.


LOL. Dude, when you are not getting in trouble you are spouting silly BS. The entertainment value in your posts is just precious! Thanks :-))

Sorry, but far from it being “silly bs”there’s nothing wrong with rating “Enterprise” more highly than other shows if that be your preference. No one should apologize for liking what they like.

Agreed. It’s all just personal opinions and no one should be belittled for theirs. I actually don’t think TFF is THAT bad for example but I know I’m in the minority on that one lol.

“No one should apologize for liking what they like.”

Seems to me like someone should have enough confidence in their tastes and opinions to be able to defend them.

No one is getting on anyone’s case for defending their opinion, but for belittling someone else’s. That’s a HUGE difference there and isn’t tolerated here.


Enterprise has a Rotten Tomato audience score of 80% which is higher than all the modern shows at the moment. It was tied with SNW which had an 80% score in season one but has dipped a bit to 78%. It’s season 4 rating is slightly higher at 83%.

Now it’s still on the lower end of the classic shows, only beating out VOY which is also around 78%, but all those are great scores in general. Most of the modern shows are currently in the 70s as well minus Picard and Discovery which are well below. I will say Picard season 3 has one of the highest seasons though at 90% which is on par with some of the best rated seasons of TNG, TOS and DS9 that also rated in the 90s AND the only new show to rate that high so far.

But Enterprise is actually one of the most well rated shows today. Again it doesn’t mean everyone has to agree (I always have to make that a disclaimer lol) but the show is definitely well liked in circles today.

No, it’s worse. Both Voyager and Enterprise are, on the collective whole, cheeks.

Well said!

Sure. check out season 5 of, Enterprise. Oh Wait..

Where did I say season 5? Oh wait… I didn’t mention what season. 🙄

SNW seems to be pulling in the viewers. So long as I tell myself it’s all an alternative universe, it works for me.

I’m all for giving Matalas the keys. He smashed it out of the park with Pic season 3 on a tiny budget. The larger budgeted season 1 and 2 were poor IMHO.

I’m not trying to start a fight but with the kid Khan revelation being born much later doesn’t it just make it an alternative timeline from the prime timeline at least? I argued it at the time, but for me it does. I mean it’s literally the definition of a timeline being altered because you can’t have Khan born at two different times in the same universe, so yeah. And with all the crazy canon stuff this show pulls, it makes things sooo much easier lol.

But I know others still disagree and that’s OK, it’s fun just debating it. ;D

That’s how I treated Discovery in first season as well. Now it’s so far away it doesn’t even matter.

I’m not really bothered by the canon issues with SNW like others for some reason… but I do think dead weight Kirk still sucks.

Yeah still not a fan of the new Kirk either. I like him a little more…but as Spock might say, extremely little.

The new Kirk is more wooden than a pine tree. I still have no idea how that guy got the role?

I never loved fratboy Kirk in JJ verse either but at least that guy has charm and personality.

Yeah I remember you were not a fan lol. Maybe next season will be an improvement though for both DIS and SNW (not holding my breath on DIS just yet either). And yes you can always take a break if the shows are not doing it for you. Picard season 2 was actually the first show in NuTrek to make me at least consider it. I really hated it that much lol..

At least you’ll keep warm this winter with such a hot take!

You’ve apparently never seen Enterprise. Or the first couple seasons of TNG. Or Generations. There’s no shortage of less than stellar Trek offerings.

Or Nemesis. Still the worst thing for me outside of Threshold.

See I don’t have a big issue with any of those since I love Enterprise and never thought TNG season 1 was the worst. NOT great lol but I actually think DIS season 1 is currently the worst season of Trek IMO.

Then perhaps you can just stop watching. Those of us who enjoy modern Trek will carry on just fine.



I remember when I said a couple months back that they could start production again very quickly and that we could get a premiere by late 2024, and I got roasted alive here for saying that — multiple people insisting that it would be 2025.

What ever is missing in your life that’s making you write these kinds of posts, which you keep doing time after time, you’re not going to find it here. Golden retrievers are wonderful dogs and give unconditional love. A nice bouquet of flowers to your better half is also a good start.

Come on, it’s been a while, didn’t you miss me?

Certainly your responses and the fake outrage in them is something in life that I count on — the entertainment value makes it all worth it. Thanks!!!

It’s not outrage, just slight annoyance. And entertainment value is the point.

Before you throw your shoulder out there patting yourself on the back remember that late 2024 and early 2025 are only a few weeks apart. A lot of stars need to line up for late 2024 to happen. P+ has already announced getting their Taylor Sheridan shows back up and running is a priority, the only thing we’ve heard about Trek is from the Trek people. More broadly, there’s a seven-month backlog of work across the industry as a whole, and production space will be scarce. The FX guys have suggested that a good chunk of their work for season three is already in the digital can, but is it really? I’d still keep my bets on early 2025 for season three. What I’d really like to hear is an announcement on further season(s), for both SNW’s and LD’s.

Oh, and while we’re at it, if SAG had followed your negotiating advice, they would have ended up with a pretty s**tty contract. Management caved on almost all the points, yet decided they could live with that. As we can’t seem to look to public leadership to help the working people these days, it’s nice to see unions stepping up. Teamsters stepped up for UPS. UAW got a helluva deal. All the entertainment guilds came through. Good job, SAG!!

Yep. The potential restoration of the clout of ordinary working people is one of the few silver linings I can see these days.

You are correct that SAG got more that expected — yeah, I admit to being off on that one a bit. That being said, the WGA deal went down pretty much exactly as I suggested the agreement be based on.

I was one of the few people here who tried to look at the issues from all perspectives, and not just willy nilly take a side because it felt good because the media told me I needed to take that side. And I remain proud that I did that.

So in summary, I was 1 for 1 on my objective view in relation to the outcome on the two strikes, and you were 1 for 1 with your total advocacy view related to the outcome of the two strikes. We tied!

Nobody cares.

You obviously do, or you would not have taken the time to reply.

Thanks, groupie! :-)

Cool. I just hope S3 is better than S2 as i found it to be one of the worst seasons of modern Trek.

I liked it but not as good as first season. But TOS is my favorite episode of the entire show!

It was a very strange and uneven season. When it got right, it got it *right- but when it fumbled the ball, it crashed and burn. The quality was all over the place.

The Spock/Chapel romance was a complete non-starter. Such a snooze. But anytime La’an was on screen, I was hooked (even if there is zero need for her to be a descendant of Khan).

Yes, agreed about La’an. Good, well-rounded character with depth, played by a talented actress, but no need whatsoever to have her related to Khan. Imo.


Agreed about La’an, love the character but the Khan thing feels so unnecessary.

Have to chime in both about La’an and the ridiculous Spock/Chapel relationship. Neither one makes a lick of sense lol. And I like all three of these characters, especially La’an, but she should’ve just been a completely original character and no attachments to a legacy character. Unfortunately that just seems to be part of the modern shows, at least the live action ones, and to tie a new character with a legacy character.


I just don’t get it? We had 5 prior Star Trek shows and oddly enough no one was ever related to anyone else on another show. Funny enough we haven’t gotten it on the animated shows by some miracle; at least for now. Again you would think LDS would pull something like that and make Boimler O’Brien’s nephew or Mariner Geordi’s cousin but that show has more restraint than fans sometimes gives it credit for.

i’m hoping in Season 3 when they get to the Gorn prison they discover prime Lorca. they need to bring that character back on SNW!

That would actually be pretty cool! 😎

Does anyone actually like the Gorn on SNW, other than Akiva Goldsman?

I wonder which TOS character will be added this season. My guess is Sulu.

I like a couple of the shows that have featured them, but not the fact that they’re the Gorn, which was completely unnecessary.

I’m okay with them. Given Starfleet’s ‘in canon’ spotty record keeping, I can even head canon away why Kirk didn’t know about them years later.

I personally don’t mind the reboot of the Gorn. The original 1960s rubber suit alien, although great for a 1960s audience used to low budget science fiction movies from the 50s, was fine for something made more than half a century ago – but it needed upgrading. Perhaps they could have just kept the version from Enterprise.

That said, they could have also easily just created a NEW alien – perhaps an offshoot of the Gorn or just one of the cold-blooded reptilian species that “populated that part of the galaxy”. Space legends, as Spock referenced in TOS’ Arena, could have been referred to – so today’s fans would know this new alien species is “related” to the Gorn, without worrying about cannon issues. A quick and easy solution.

Sometimes writers and producers don’t realize there are easy solutions that accomplish the goals (a Gorn-related alien who is new villain for SNW) without any controversy of those who still like the Arena Gorn story or the CGI version created for Enterprise.

That would have made a lot more sense and been a perfect fix to canon. BTW I will defend most writers in that they do have great ideas for easy solutions, but it is the ego and narcissistic nature of some show runners that will squash such ideas. Goldsman has stated that he always wanted the Gorn to be like this since he was a child, therefore he will make it so, regardless if it makes sense or not.

As usual agree DeanH!

I really don’t mind them using he Gorn in principle but it is very distracting and really make canon a mess. They could’ve just made a new species closer to the Gorn and did whatever they wanted with them but it is what it is now.

I won’t be too shocked that we find out in season 3 the Gorn has aligned itself with the Borg to take down Earth the way things are going lol.

Yes, I like the SNW Gorn.

I’m guessing Roger Korby will be introduced this season since Chapel is headed off to work with him.

I’m soooooooo disinterested in more 32nd century trek…..

I’m one of those weirdos who really love the 32nd century setting but sadly I feel DIS has squandered it so far. But I understand if it feels too far and disconnected from the other show eras.

Yeah the 32nd century is a snoozefest, but you have to blame that on Discovery.

I hope SNW can get back on course with some strange new worlds, exciting epic stories, exploration and colonization, etc. We need more Yellowstone in space and less cartoon comedy.
I felt like at the beginning they had it, the right ship, the right crew, the blue TOS heavy phaser banks, the colors on a functional bridge, the strange new worlds and new civilizations on the final frontier… and then as it became successful it got infiltrated by TNGisms reducing Trek to just a bad soap opera in space.. (complete with bland red phasers used by everyone, time travel resets, non situational comedy, technobabble and monochrome displays).
This keeps happening again and again, they start strong and get lazy.
Prodigy – starts off with kids on the frontier, ends up with Voyager-A complete with nonsensical time arc.
ENT… you could have had Yellowstone in Space with primitive humans exploring the galaxy trying to survive while proving themselves and then one hour later you had peace with the Klingons, phasers on stun and transporters.
DIS – Oh yeah back to the age of exploration and war with the Klingons. Except by the way magic mushrooms give you instantaneous travel, no Klingon D-7 battle crusiers, starfleet has 1000 starships already and we’re going into the far future where everyone should be perfect and love each other.
Then they wonder why viewers hit the lifeboats to escape back to watch Star Trek II for the 4324324 time. They get soooo close to the magic and then like poor marksmen they keep missing the target…
Problem with the 32nd century, outside the rebuilding of the Federation, the new tech is boring as it is too perfect with too perfect humans.
Look to the TOS writers guide: “The time is somewhere in the future, it could be 1995 or maybe even 2995. In other words close enough to our own time for our continuing characters to BE FULLY IDENTIFIABLE AS PEOPLE LIKE US, but far enough in the future for galaxy travel..” and “believable of characters, their actions and reactions is our greatest need”, “IF YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE WHO ANSWERS: “THE CHARACTER ACTS THAT WAY BECAUSE IT’S SCIENCE FICTION”, DON’T CALL US, WE’LL CALL YOU.”

I don’t want or need Yellowstone in space. We have plenty of Yellowstone. If that’s what you want, P+ already has plenty of that for you.

So Wagon Train to the stars is dead! Long Live Star Trek TOS!

Discovery season 2 had D7 ships.

After the war.. ironically we have never gotten the Constitution vs. D-7 battle.
I mean in the 80s you used to buy model kits and games so you could see that play out.
Anyone remember thinking it was going to happen based on the Star Trek VI poster with the K’tinga?!?
Why anyone would go out of their way to bring back the TOS era complete with a Constitution class Enterprise and then decide “let’s leave out the D-7 for the war” and show nothing… why?!?!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!
Taking a deep breath some TNG writer would have had it where they fly around like fighters and one phaser hit and the Enterprise is crippled or the D-7 explodes anyway so probably for the best. Sigh.

Can’t wait for SNW S3 to get back into full-swing production. Bring on S31, Academy, and hopefully some form of Legacy.

I’m as hyped about season three of SNW as I am about season two of Prodigy. I also hope that Enterprise would get retrofitted into the post-2265 version, albeit the enhanced and augmented version. Hit it!

With IATSE most likely going to strike next year and that union being present in Canada, I hope they film as quickly as possible. Because Hollywood is going to have another shutdown.

Please can we have more episodes to balance out the comedic elements. Season 2 was great but needed more actual Star Trekkin’.

SNW is one of the stronger entries of the Kurtzman era but still lacks a certain quality. To me the dialogue is still a bit cringey and trying to be too modern. Also I have given up on the show being canon as it has taken too many liberties. However I am happy to treat it as a separate universe

Is it just me or does the scale of the ship seem too big for a constitution class?

My thoughts on more TOS is mixed. I feel they should focus more on the shows characters and focus on a pre Kirk show, but it seems like they want to redo TOS.

I think Gene had it right when he didn’t want TNG to reference TOS in the beginning, it allowed TNG to become its own show without having to rely on the previous show. Seems to be the opposite now

Good points. I absolutely LOATHE every time a character in a modern Star Trek production uses current slang. It makes so sense and completely takes me out of the show. I can just see Kurtzman or Goldsman chuckling to themselves when someone says “hipster” or something thinking they are so clever. They are not. I used to like in early TOS movies when McCoy would say “he’s not exactly operating on all thrusters” or something like that, which made more sense in their timeline. (BTW: this is why I am not a big fan of TUC due to the current metaphors like “only Nixon can go to China” etc.)

I also wish the banter on the SNW bridge would be more professional when in presence of the captain. Maybe I like a Captain Jellico style of command more, but this version of Pike is way too lenient.

I hear you, though they actually used quite a bit of 20th Century slang in TOS.

My thoughts on the show exactly. Treating it as a separate universe in my mind helps me enjoy it much more.

They upped the scale of the SNW Enterprise by about a third, while reducing the crew complement by about half. For reasons I can’t begin to fathom.

The Band’s getting back together.

They really did a hatchet job on Spock on Season 2 and I feel they need to course correct the character in Season 3.

They really painted him as being awful to women. He cannot trust T’Pring to the point where he drives her away and she decides she needs a break from him. Then not five minutes later he falls into bed with Christine – and then becomes distant in 2×08 with her when she needs him the most. When he ends up driving her away, he makes out that he’s been wronged because she won’t put him before her career like she wants.

I want to see Spock the Starfleet officer, no Spock: Heartbreaker. The soap opera elements on his Season 2 were one of the worst bits of the last run of episodes.