‘Star Trek: Section 31’ Movie Reportedly Prepping For Production

The strikes are over, so the people who make Star Trek are getting back to work. Following up on our report earlier this week that Strange New Worlds has gone back into pre-production on season 3, there is a new industry report indicating the Star Trek: Section 31 movie is prepping for production as well. The Paramount+ streaming event will star Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh reprising her Star Trek: Discovery role as former Emperor (turned Section 31 operative) Philippa Georgiou.

Michelle Yeoh is finally getting back into space

When Section 31 was announced by Paramount+ in April, the plan was to start production in the fall in Toronto, but the actors strike delayed any filming. Now that the strike over, it looks like things are getting back on track. A new production listing update from the Directors Guild of Canada includes the Section 31 movie (codenamed “Dovercourt”) under their “Rumour List,” with a prep start time of November. This is an early indication that the team is getting ready to move forward into pre-production on the project. That said, this isn’t an official confirmation and these listings often change. For example, Section 31 appeared on the same DGC list over the summer with an October production start date, which obviously didn’t happen due to the strikes. So this report isn’t as solid as Strange New Worlds season 3 going into pre-production, which has a set production start date and more production details on the DGC list as well as corroboration from members of the cast and crew on social media.

At NYCC in October, executive producer Alex Kurtzman gave an update on the project indicating that star Michelle Yeoh was making sure the double strikes didn’t derail her return to space:

“So we are back on our feet after the strike with Section 31. It is happening. Michelle [Yeoh] is just the most extraordinary person on every level. She had one of one of the most unbelievable years that anybody could ever have in the history of ever, and she had a million opportunities to hit the jackpot on it and do other things. And what she did with all of the power she had accrued is make sure that Section 31 was moving forward.”

A script (by Craig Sweeny) was completed before the WGA strike began in early May. Discovery producing director Olatunde Osunsanmi is set to helm the project for Paramount+. Even though both season 3 of Strange New Worlds and the Section 31 movie will share assets and some stages, including the important AR-Wall virtual set, both projects could run in parallel. Production on SNW and Discovery have overlapped in the past. In an August interview with TrekMovie, Strange New Worlds producing director Chris Fisher said he saw no issues with both productions moving forward after the strikes concluded, saying “I don’t see why everything Star Trek can’t start up and start to get going.”

Michelle Yeoh in Star Trek: Discovery “Die Trying” (Paramount+)

Georgiou is back, but who else?

So far there are no details about the plot of the movie or even confirmation of the time setting, although it’s a good bet it will be set in the 23rd century. It has been described by Michelle Yeoh “Mission: Impossible meets Guardians of the Galaxy.” The Paramount+ announcement did include this synopsis:

In Star Trek: Section 31, Emperor Philippa Georgiou, joins a secret division of Starfleet tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets and faces the sins of her past.

So far the only cast member confirmed for Section 31 is Michelle Yeoh. One possibility would be Shazad Latif who played Ash Tyler, last seen taking over Starfleet’s Section 31 division in the season 2 finale of Star Trek: Discovery, however in May of this year he said he hadn’t heard anything about the project. The official Section 31 movie announcement from April did include a statement from Yeoh:

“I’m beyond thrilled to return to my ‘Star Trek’ family and to the role I’ve loved for so long. Section 31 has been near and dear to my heart since I began the journey of playing Philippa all the way back when this new golden age of ‘Star Trek’ launched. To see her finally get her moment is a dream come true in a year that’s shown me the incredible power of never giving up on your dreams. We can’t wait to share what’s in store for you, and until then: live long and prosper (unless Emperor Georgiou decrees otherwise)!”

Official announcement image

First of a series of streaming Star Trek movies

This project actually began as a TV series, with development announced back in 2019 ahead of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. Michelle Yeoh first appeared in the series premiere of Star Trek: Discovery as Captain Philippa Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou, a mentor to the series focal character, Michael Burnham. Captain Georgiou died in episode 2; however, Yeoh returned later in the season to play her Mirror Universe counterpart, Terran Emperor Georgiou. Mirror Georgiou returned to the prime universe with the crew of the USS Discovery and became a recurring character through season 2 as an operative of Starfleet’s black ops Section 31 intelligence division. Georgiou also joined the crew as they jumped into the 32nd century in season 3, and eventually exited the show through The Guardian of Forever with an arc that was designed to set up a Section 31 show for her.

What began as the pilot episode for that Section 31 show was later reworked into the script for the Section 31 movie. It has also been reported that Paramount+ is looking to this project as being the first of a series of streaming movies, with a new Star Trek movie for Paramount+ every 2 years. There are no indications yet if Paramount+ is still sticking with this plan or what the next movie would be.  At NYCC in October Alex Kurtzman, who oversees the Trek TV franchise, said he had just met with Paramount+ executives, and “there’s a bunch of new things now in the works, which is really, really exciting,” adding “there’s no shortage of support from Paramount Plus for the Star Trek Universe.”

Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou in “Terra Firma, Part 2” her last appearance in Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+)

Even before the strikes, Paramount+ didn’t set a release date for Star Trek: Section 31 so there is no telling when it might arrive on the streaming service. Currently, the only completed and confirmed Star Trek content for Paramount+ is the fifth and final season of Discovery which should arrive early in 2024. The fifth season of the animated series Lower Decks is currently in production and is likely to arrive late in 2024. Strange New Worlds will go into production next month but it is unclear when season 3 will debut, but it may not possibly be until early 2025. The second season of the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy will debut on Netflix some time in 2024.

This is a developing story so stay tuned to TrekMovie for more updates on Star Trek: Section 31 and other Trek projects in development.

Keep up with news for the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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A Star Trek movie where the genocidal baddie who eats people is the hero?

Come on, who’s got a good title?

Georgiou is an exploration of the intricacies of nature vs. nurture, which is pretty Trekkish at its core imo. I know people like to throw out the Space Hitler moniker and stuff, but I feel like diminishing her to her past is to miss the point of the character.

And what could be more timely than whitewashing the horrific crimes of a political leader’s past?

How is this whitewashing? She’s not being played by a white actor. Cumberbatch’s Khan was whitewashing. This isn’t.

Don’t be so obtuse and literal-minded. JC didn’t even put ‘ ‘ around whitewashing, so there is no reason to go there on this.

Huh? What are you talking about? There’s no reason to be so abusive. My question was a valid one.

Julius means whitewashing the character’s genocidal evil past and turning her into a hero. He is referring to her behavior, not her race.

Whitewashing (other than, you know, fences,) has traditionally referred to coverups with the goals of improving reputations, especially of corrupt or otherwise criminal leaders.

Contrary to popular belief, the term whitewashing doesn’t come from the idea of a person being white. The phrase comes from the notion of painting over a fence with white paint to redo it.

Well said. The person obviously doesn’t understand what whitewashing means.

So you mean like after the allied forces defeated Nazi Germany in WW2 – The American government went to Germany to recruit Nazi scientists…

That’s just it, though, there can be some moral ambiguity and insight into the average human being with a scientist who worked for a fascist and genocidal government. There’s enough wiggle room to make a story like that work, as you can see in the 1960 movie “I Aim at the Stars,” which is about Von Braun’s past.

But when it’s the leader of said fascist and genocidal government, who wielded absolute control, then it becomes more of a bizarro, comical take on things. I mean, just picture Hitler himself secretly working a desk job at the US Government. I can’t picture someone with the dramatic seriousness of Michelle Yeoh playing him. I picture Mel Brooks or Taika Waititi.

This entire concept has always been deeply silly.

Actually, that would be an interesting premise: Hitler didn’t die, but is forced to work for the US, with another face and assumed guise, in order to do penance for causing WW2, with the mission of using his former “assets” to fight the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The question is: can Hitler be trusted, and will the US keep its word to protect him from his former victims?

DSWynne I want you to read that back to yourself and consider how deeply dystopian and disturbing that plot line is. It would be a shocking, unusable premise for a US TV show.

That said, it’s also not the right way to look at Georgiou’s rehabilitation on Discovery. The whole point of her character’s arc is that she comes from *an alternate universe where brutality is the prevailing ethos*, but once she’s in the Prime universe, she’s able to adapt to their values.

If Georgiou were on the level of a Werner von Braun and we could ask whether or not that person really believed in the monstrous world from which they came, whether or not they were forced to do the things they did, then that might be interesting to follow their progress. But rank has its consequences, and, again, someone who was the leader in charge of the monstrosity trying to find redemption strains credulity and comes across to me as absurd as, yeah, Hitler marching around the offices of the Pentagon.

“Donner und blitzen! I am not your Secret Santa, Donna from accounting!”

said Julius Caesar…lol

PS: You don’t understand what whitewashing means

Such a good point. Lets’ explore that. The Emperor is effectively dead in her universe so now born again in the Prime with all the nurture that she’s experienced, how does she thrive, fail and learn. If she were to return to her universe should she answer for her past absolutely, but since that is not going to happen why not explore how the nurture has or has not changed her. I for one find it intriguing.

Let’s suppose any of the tyrannical leaders like Hitler, Sadam, Goebells etc… somehow ended up in an alternate universe in any Sci Fi movie. Would any such movie have the nerve to make them the heroes?

I think not.

When writers on DS9 found that some elements of Trek fandom sympathised with Ducat, they were extremely concerned. Hence the one where he’s in the cave with Sisko.

I think the point is that she is fictional. There are no real life victims to disrespect and therefore makes this Star Trek, Sci-Fi, make-believe universe a great place to explore such a question.

I agree to a point, I think for many Trek fans having a character that believes in tyranny goes against everything Trek is about. It’s exactly why I hated the idea of a Khan show (ugh). I didn’t want a show about him just as much I didn’t want one about Georgiou.

Now that said, if you have a show where the character can at least grow and change then that’s at least interesting. Khan couldn’t, because we already knew he was going to stay an a-hole no matter what, that was part of the problem. With Georgiou they can still explore why she is who she is and MAYBE change her to a better person (although they never tried on DIS). But I don’t know if she can redeem after what she did and the old guard would obviously believe she can’t. But the new people in charge, I suspect they will.

“Georgiou is an exploration of the intricacies of nature vs. nurture, which is pretty Trekkish at its core imo. I know people like to throw out the Space Hitler moniker and stuff, but I feel like diminishing her to her past is to miss the point of the character.”

I agree with this completely, the PROBLEM is they never explored that on the show. The Space Hitler thing stays BECAUSE Georgiou has never, not once, taken any remorse for anything she did as wrong. She was on that show for three seasons, name one scene where she admitted what she did was wrong or bad?? Someone responsible for billions of deaths.

And if you want to argue it’s just the nature of people in the MU, again, great! Now tell me one scene in Discovery it was ever remotely explored after 3 seasons? Georgiou never once changed her attitude about anything. OK, then explore that. Maybe she just CAN’T be a different person….not once has it ever been brought up to know.

This is part of the problem with DIS for me, they actually had a chance to explore a MU character we never got to do. They had a well known actress who could’ve been given more to do but instead she just spent that time strutting around and acting like she was just the ultimate bad girl and relished in it. There was no depth to the character.

One of Discovery’s biggest problems has always been that it never follows through with developing anything it sets up. It’s all form, no substance.

Yeah, DIS has had some amazing set ups, more so than any show prior. They go big every time but then rarely go through beyond the peripheral. Georgiou could’ve been the most complex character on that show and yet I can’t tell you more than two things about her: She was a harsh emperor in the MU and really cared about Burnham. Oh and loves having sex with anything that moves. Ok, three things.

Oh she also loved eating Kelpians. OK, the list just keeps growing. I may have to take back what I said. ;)

She also hates Tilly. At least they gave her one good quality.



Just want to say. She helped the mirror universe Suru threw Valahara and saved him from being eaten. She wanted to change her universe for the better. Looked like she was going to be killed for it. She’d learned a better way to live. She’s.not Thea heartless person she was.

No you’re definitely right. That happened in her last swan song episodes, I just wish they started going that way much sooner and give us more insight into the character and not just when it was literally time for her to leave the show; which they obviously did to soften her for Section 31.

But I will say it’s a good sign we will get more of that in the movie hopefully.

I agree! Georgiou could be a great way to explore nature vs nurture and to what point does redemption becomes impossible, and what if somebody is truly beyond redemption?

And it’s not just that, but the Mirror Universe isn’t the evil opposite of the Prime Universe — it’s a mirror to the Prime Universe. It shares some of the same values as the Prime Universe, but they managed to corrupt those very same values. I honestly wish Star Trek did something with the Mirror Universe aside from just using it as a campy change of scenery, it could work really well as a commentary to how our values and politics can be corrupted.

The issue isn’t whether space Hitler can be rehabilitated. The issue is – does anyone care? They’ve had 5 years to do something interesting with this idea, and haven’t done it yet. Time to move on.



SUBLIME DIRECTIVE (to be used ironically)




THE CONUNDRUM OF DEFENSE (it’s a title I thought up for my first TNG spec back in the 80s, and it seems a shame to let it go to waste.)

(and if the Guardian is involved) TIME’S UP

ALL THE LIES THAT ARE MY LIFE (just to see if the Ellison estate is still functional)


Y’know, if they’d cast Kirk properly (assuming that is even possible), having a young Kirk involved with s31, even unknowingly at first, could have been dynamite.

Or maybe just

Star Trek: Yum Yum

They could get that Gene character back, real respectful like.

Star Trek: Forty Festive Ways to Cook Kelpians and Other Royal Recipes


“Fan’s Gonna Hate — The Motion Picture”

…the trolling adventure is just beginning

Technically, she didn’t eat people… she ate Kelpians. The Klingons ate people.

Star Trek: First Taste

Star Trek: Kelpian Revenge

Star trek: Into Cannibalism

I am happy

Are you ‘jerry’ from the novel and film SPHERE?


Can’t wait now. It sounds like we will get it in 2024 if they start in the next few months. I’m hoping we will get more news on it soon. Now I DON’T care when the movie takes place but if I had a preference I would like for her to end up in the 25th century for two reasons, one it gives a possibility a few legacy characters like Worf or Bashir shows up (but not holding my breath for either) and two we can see where Section 31 is after Sloan’s tenure with the organization. We know it still exists thanks to Daystrom Station. And I just want more 25th century stories. ;)

OR maybe they can go another way and she ends up in the 22nd century during the Romulan War when Section 31 is at its infancy. And it also would be a way to undo Trip’s death and bring him back. Yes none of this has a chance in Pakled hell of happening, just let a fanboy dream. ;)

But even if people aren’t interested in either Section 31 or Georgiou, it still opens up a lot of fun possibilities of where it can take the universe!

I would love to see her land in the early 25th Century and work with Worf and Bashir. But since we’re dealing with the Guardian of Forever, maybe the story has her visiting Section 31 at various points in the organization’s history? How cool would that be? I mean, it would be a great way to show some love to ENT. They could also tie into the SNW-era and let us catch up with Ash Tyler, L’Rell, and Sarek. Oh, and I agree, finding a way to undo Trip’s death in actual canon … bring that on please!

That would be amazing too, if the GOF was involved and was helping her on her quest by showing up in different points in history. See if that’s what the original show was about I think more people would’ve been excited for the idea instead of just trashing it. I think many felt it was just going to be Georgiou going around making coups everywhere lol.

Obviously we don’t know anything about the direction but I do hope it’s something that goes beyond just a mission impossible style story. If you’re going to call it an ‘event’ then go big, get ambitious! But I’m open to whatever they do, just as long as its good.

I don’t see how you have a Georgiou-centric S31 film without the GOF? I mean … the Guardian sent her back in time … maybe “Carl” helps her come full circle in her journey as a Prime Universe resident?

If Discovery has done one good thing it’s that it gave us Carl/GOF back! Totally love that guy ..uh machine. Why hasn’t he shown up again??? It would be perfect if he showed up Lower Decks. McMahan would go crazy with it! 😆

LOL you and I do not agree on DSC, and that’s fine, but I don’t know about the GOF showing on Lower Decks. I love the series, and Mike McMahan is a genius ..but I dunno … like maybe if one of the main characters passed by “Carl” in the hallway of a starbase … that could eb funny

Yeah you know my views on Discovery but I never want you to feel bad about it my friend. And I am staying positive for season 5, I promise. I do want to like this show.

But I think Carl has amazing potential to be on LDS. Think of the ultimate time travel parody like similar to City on the Edge of Forever that changes history and Carl has to send the Cerritos crew back to different time periods to reset time. But every time someone goes to the past they just keep making the future worst lol. They can come up with some crazy situations like Boimler ends up on Earth in the 1960s during Woodstock or Tendi is in the 2200s the day after the Romulans lost the war or Mariner is there the day of First Contact when the Enterprise crew is there and bumps into Riker and Deanna.

IDK I just think it would be perfect for LDS to do something with it. It’s surprising LDS hasn’t had a time travel story yet.

Yep, gotta get those legacy characters in. That’s all fans care about.

You’ve become extremely annoying and one note. It’s no point. Get a new shtick already.

And you’re wrong since I clearly said I DON’T care what era the story actually lands in, that’s just a preference. I did say that correct? Hence I’m OK with the movie having no legacy characters in it. So your argument, per usual, is flawed if that’s ALL I cared about.

But of course I don’t expect a response beyond ‘legacy characters’ and ‘nostalgia’.

You literally said you would like it based in the 25th century because it would mean legacy characters. Two of your three paragraphs spoke of legacy characters, Worf, Bashir, Sloan, Trip. I mention it often because legacy characters is literally all anyone EVER talks about in these comment sections.

OMG, make it stop!

Emily, I specifically said I have I DON’T care where the show lands, but that the 25th Century would be a preference if I had to choose one, it doesn’t mean it’s the only one I care about. Do you not understand what I’m saying here?

This is what you responded to me: “Yep, gotta get those legacy characters in. That’s all fans care about.”

That last sentence is why you have become very very annoying. Besides the fact you are nothing but a broken record who wants to reminds us time and time again fans only want legacy characters and nostalgia, it is just plain wrong.

Why does logic constantly die on the internet? Yes,if they announce a show starring Kirk, Picard or Janeway involved I along with most of the fanbase would HAPPILY watch it with bells on. Buuut, if they made a show without a-n-y of those characters and gave us only brand new characters, I would be equally excited about that too because believe it or not I’m just as invested in new characters who I want to see and grow as I am in legacy characters. It’s also why I have said about 50 times now I’m excited about the Academy show (that you conveniently seem to ignore). And to further prove this to you,. I will name all my favorite new characters from all the present shows: Tendi, Shaw, Saru, Vance, Dal, Rok, Hemmer, Rios, Book, Boimler, Mariner, Soji, Shaxs, Rutherford, Jankom Pog, Dr. T’Ana, Pelia, Zero, L’Rell, Tyler, Ransom, La’an, Elnor, Gwynnm, Nhan, Billups and holographic Janeway (I mean technically she IS a new character right? She’s not the real Janeway so that should count I think! JUST GIVE ME THIS!!!!)

In all seriousness Emily, it’s not a binary choice, either/or as much as you seem to accuse everyone here of doing. Believe it or not you can be invested in both. I know, it’s shocking like how some people can like cats and dogs. But I don’t personally associate with those freaks.

But I will assure you, as a STAR TREK fan, I’m invested in the universe first and foremost. They introduce a legacy character, great, I’m totally on board (unless it’s Khan…or Harry Mudd; NEVER liked that guy). But if it’s a great NEW characters like the ones I mentioned above, I’m just as invested as you are. And guess what if we get amazing new characters in this movie like some of those, I will care about them too, OK?

Now can you leave me alone with this silliness? Thanks

Actually I take that back about Harry Mudd. I like the new version on Discovery a lot actually. But let me make it clear he’s not he only character on Discovery I like just because he’s a legacy character, OK? I have named quite a few others on my list above I also like on the show too. I’m just commenting I like him as well. Are we still good?

I won’t lie to you man, but I would trade nearly all those new characters if we got Sloane or Worf to appear 10 minutes in this movie! 😁

I have no shame although I would definitely keep Tendi and holographic Janeway around! In my book it’s a new character too lol. Good to see you made Tendi your #1 choice. 👍

Actually I think Tyler is the other character that stays because if Georgiou goes back to the 23rd century he will still be the head of Section 31.

You know, the guy who was recruited into it for about 3 and a half weeks before they made him in charge of the entire organization. The same guy who six months earlier was revealed to be a Klingon double agent who was literally sent to take down the Federation from within…now he’s running their top spy and black ops agency. That’s kinda on par with an ex Soviet KGB agent who was originally sent to take down America is now running the CIA… after he was recruited into it about a month ago.

You can’t make this up…I guess you can, just badly.

Every time you think it can’t get any dumber than it already is, Discovery asks you to hold its replicated beer. 😆😂😄

“I won’t lie to you man, but I would trade nearly all those new characters if we got Sloane or Worf to appear 10 minutes in this movie!”

LOL, well if we get Sloane or Worf back, then that’s just a given bro! Although he should be in at least half the movie to replace all those guys. ;)

And no, my list wasn’t based on any rankings lol. Tendi was just the first character I thought of although obviously I absolutely love her of course. She’s one of the best new characters to come out of Star Trek and every season they make her even better while building up to her (very) shady past lol.

But I actually forgot a few more characters I really like: Kovich, T’Lyn, Sydney LaForge, Culber and Captain Freeman. I’ll be honest about Freeman, the first two seasons I just tolerated her but she has gotten better every season and now is a great character IMO. Just more proof why LDS is such a solid show, all the characters have really grown and become very likable. She’s still not a great captain but after season 4 she’s getting there IMO. But still not quite at Janeway, Pike or Picard level yet. ;)

As for Tyler, yeah a lot of his development is pretty nonsensical but welcome to Discovery lol. I still think the Voq thing is ridiculous but I really do love Tyler too and it would be great to have him show up in the movie since he does run S31 supposedly (but only if they can’t get Worf, Trip or Bashir back first….that’s a joke Emily ;)).

Yup! Deal with it!

Star Trek: Redemption?

I love that connection and some legacy characters back in the mix

Nostalgia. References. Legacy characters.

Emily: The One Note Poster

The idea of redeeming someone who has murdered billions is nonsensical, though. She’s not a redemptive person.

I agree with this as well, I just don’t think someone killing so many can be ‘redeemed’. Of course what’s funny this is all in the back drop of Lower Decks and bringing back Locarno. Many people, including McNeill himself said the character couldn’t be redeemed and partly why he wasn’t on Voyager. And it was just one death and obviously jjust an accident. I think even McMahan agree with that but not sure.

If that guy can’t be redeemed then Georgiou has no chance in Pakled hell lol. For the record, I do think Locarno could’ve been, I’m only going by what the writers and actor thought.

How many people does someone have to kill to be irredeemable?

I’d probably have a lot more interest in this if it were about the original Philippa Georgiou instead of her MU doppelgänger, especially given that I’ve hated the whole Section 31 concept from the get-go. But I love Trek and Michelle Yeoh; plus, you never know. So I’ll be there to watch, if under protest.

I have loved s31 from the start, but that’s largely due to the dynamic tension inherent in what’s-good-for-fed-ain’t-necessarily-in-the-charter-or-the-spacegeneva-convention aspect. Putting a TrumpHitler into that is like laying out cutlets for piranha, there’s no complexity inherent that I can see.

It’s kind of like the phase2 Xon problem. They tried to go opposite from Spock, with a character who didn’t have emotions but was going out of his way to understand to work with those around him — and that never sounded like it could work as more than a comic runner, whereas the Spock dichotomy was always of value dramatically.

JMS could probably make this kind of thing work, but I don’t see anybody on the Trek side stepping up to bat scripts around at that level of functionality.

I’m all for challenging and pointing out the contradictions in Federation ideals (the Feds being a stand-in for us), but as a matter of taste and philosophy the Section 31 concept is for me several bridges too far. Not only do those creeps apparently have carte blanche to carry out clandestine activities including murder and genocide with minimal oversight; they can also (according to Sloane) snatch and execute Federation citizens without trial if they think it’s warranted. If a society is only as good as its deeds, not its words, then the Federation is damn-near worthless, for all the do-gooding, prosperity and science. As a fan, I try not to think about it. I do agree that such an organization thematically fits much better in JMS’ sandbox.

Just another b5/ds9 parallel, as JMS had some ‘area 13’ or somesuch show up for a second or two in s2 as the base for political skullduggery, only to be shut down and never again appear because it was too much like some video game (as I recall anyway.)

Yeah, and Joe’s 23rd century Nazis were about as subtle as the warring racists on “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.” The actress who played the protocol officer who tries to seduce Sheridan was particularly awful, with only Jeff Conaway’s Everyman character’s slowly dawning horror as he realizes what he’s signed onto providing any nuance to that plot thread at all. There’s a lot to really admire about B5, as I confirmed with a rewatch a couple of years back, but it was far from perfect.

JMS seemed to draw a lot of his cast from skinemax programming (even Conaway, come to think of it), and I think that actress is one of those. I could pretty much do without season 5 altogether except for the day in the life ep and one of those fate of londo shows, I don’t think I’ll even include it when next I rewatch (has been 7 years, and that was on my dvds, which probably don’t look as good as what they have streaming now.) I always like the idea of ending with the end of s4, because DECONSTRUCTION OF FALLING STARS was often pretty terrific, whereas — despite the near-universal love for it — I’ve never been able to get through SLEEPING IN LIGHT in a single viewing, and find JMS as director to be a real disappointment.

Was thinking about watching the animated movie, but cartoons really aren’t my thing.

Whereas I love animation, but have come to really detest the current genre media fetish for multiverses, which is apparently a major plot point in the B5 movie. The conceit is that any set of circumstances which appeal to the dramatist is now possible with an infinite number of alternate realities to choose from. The problem is that if anything is possible, then nothing matters.

I thought the idea behind “Deconstruction” was very interesting, and daring, as the episode makes it abundantly clear that much of what the show’s characters fought, suffered and died for came to very little in the long run. I wasn’t thrilled with the execution, though, which like so much of B5 featured some really subpar guest star performances. I’ll have to view it again with your opinion of Joe’s direction in mind, but overall I much preferred “Sleeping in Light.”

Because the last part of s5 wasn’t available where I was living when it first aired, it was years before I saw LIGHT, so I had hyped it over a long stretch in my mind. Even so, when I revisited the series in 2016, it still just felt like nothing to me, no surprises, very flat, like ticking off boxes.

So in that sense, totally different from DS9’s finale, which I and my wife both initially found boring and forgettable. When I talked her into watching it again years later, we both found it awesome, which it has remained. Still not sure why we didn’t take to it at first, outside of finding the Sisko/Dukat faceoff too much like WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE-lite.

Usually I have the bad initial reaction to stuff adapted from novels, where it takes a couple viewings to settle into ‘well, this is a movie, it’s gonna be different’ feel about material (HUNT FOR RED and JURASSIC 1 were both like for me, but I can tell you beat-by-beat what I found objectionable with those films, even now, because I still feel those problems when rewatching, but don’t let it detract from experience.)

Most of my favorite literary adaptations are of the loosey-goosey variety (APOCALYPSE NOW, BLADE RUNNER, RAN, and even FORBIDDEN PLANET), where a big part of the fun is seeing how well the creatives managed the task of pouring old thematic wine into new bottles. Since I generally find straight-up adaptations to be redundant anyhow — if you want the original experience just read the damn book — it’s a rare film like SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE that manages to please me for its fidelity to the source material.

It’s not too late for the Guardian of Forever to switch the bodies. C’mon Carl!

Excellent news……I’d surely like to hear about additional seasons for SNW’s and LD’s, as well.


My guess is P+ will announce renewals sooner rather than later for those two – SNW and LD are popular shows.

Surprisingly, I’m starting to get excited for this movie.

I’m glad there will be new trek, and they want to make new double-length episodes for P+, but… oh how I would love to see some Trek films on the BIG screen and sound of a cinema…

a movie is the way to go. In reality – the last three seasons of Picard were just too drawn out movies. If they had just made those individual seasons into movies instead they may have fared better. The same could be said for Ahsoka over in that other galaxy

Agreed. Same issue with DIS as well, especially season 4. If season 4 of DIS would’ve been a 2 hour movie, it could’ve been amazing. Picard season 3 was described as a 10 hour movie by Matalas but I agree it would’ve worked better as a movie as well and I really liked it but it still had too much filler.

Most all streaming series — shoot, an awful lot of 21st century network series — feel like massively overpadded novels that would have been better served with a quarter or less of the screen time. I think BOSCH dug itself out of that trap by starting to adapt at least two novels into each season, but even with that I’ve noticed the new season of BOSCH LEGACY has got the leaden padded feel that almost made me give up on the original series at year 2 or 3.

Part of the problem, for me anyway, with SF streaming shows is that they are just overloaded with VFX, I guess to compete with features and GoT-level expectations from audience. Can anybody really claim that the weird Bill&Ted-time-channel-looking turbolift in DSC was a necessary storytelling device? Then again, s3 of PICARD felt almost cheap with its lack of ship shots, which were often so uninteresting visually that they registered more as annoying intrusions. I guess I can manage to complain about anything.

2026 P+ movie – Star Trek Secret Wars

Dude, watch the latest South Park, people are over the multiverse lol. In all seriousness, I’m still OK if Star Trek went that way, at least for a movie, but I think audiences in general are starting to feel a bit tired now.

Star Trek 2009 kinda already did it. Trek already got it out of its system years ago.

They used alternate timelines to launch something that could stand on its own with the Kelvinverse. More crossovers would miss the point, for now.

I’m all over Marvel’s Secret Wars because its fun though

Certainly true although since the Kelvin movies are DOA right now maybe a multiverse type of story with prime universe characters could produce real hype; if they can get a movie out before Trek’s 70th birthday. Bringing back Kirk’s dad is not going to get fans running to the theaters to watch it at this point lol.

But I don’t think it’s going to happen, because I doubt they even have the money for that type of scope if another movie ever does happen.

I’m curious to know what timeline she’ll be in.

I want it to be in the 24th or 25th century.

That would be awesome!

Also agree! ;)

I really DON’T like Section 31. I really DO like Michelle Yeoh. It’ll be interesting to see which prevails in the final product. :-)

Perhaps the script writer wrote a story which turns the whole idea of Section 31 on its head? Maybe the crafted story is something really Trekkian? Fingers crossed. Either way, having an Oscar winner complete this project is a positive sign of P+’s commitment to Trek. Hopefully we soon get renewals for SNW and LD.

I hope the writer gave us something appropriately Trekkian! I guess we’ll see. :-)

Considering that several of P+’s Top-Ten episodes were SNW, I think renewing it is a no-brainer. From what I hear, animation is cheaper to make, so that bodes well for LD…

It’s a no-brainer to me for LD to get a sixth season. As for SNW, I think it would be more than appropriate for Paramount to greenlight a fourth and fifth season.

I’m not all that interested in Section 31, but I don’t doubt that a competent director and team could make a compelling story about the subjects it’s closely tied to, like surveillance, authoritarianism, or even the military-industrial complex. Those are all timely subjects that could receive the Star Trek treatment without making Section 31 heroic or “bad-ass.” I just don’t really have a lot of optimism based on who’s involved.

I am looking forward to seeing this though I still wish we had gotten a TV series but hopefully if the movie is a hit on Paramount+ and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be we might still get it.

I’m glad that Discovery was a ratings success (and it has been and that is a fact that no one can deny) for Paramount that it ushered in another golden era of Trek with spin off shows like SNW (which I admit I don’t enjoy as much as Discovery) and future shows like Starfleet Academy (which I’m interested in seeing).

It’s a shame that Paramount’s money troubles caused Discovery’s life to be cut short as it and the cast deserved 7 seasons but than again Streaming shows rarely go past 5 seasons. Heck I can see SNW ending after 5 seasons too along with any other future live action Trek shows.

Will watch anything Michelle Yeoh is in. She makes 60 the new 40. I’m around the same age. As a lot of OG Trek fans. There’s a lot of grey hair at the yearly Trek Con in Vegas. Star Trek can survive if Paramount keeps in mind that Star Trek is an all ages franchise.

To be fair they did try that with Prodigy to turn kids onto Trek…but it didn’t fare too well.

Maybe it will do better on Netflix though.

Happy 😊

Not excited about Section 31 the Adolf chronicles but maybe it will surprise me. I’ll take this over a show any day though.

Hopefully Yeoh will bring her Oscar on set to remind her to act this time.

Just want to know if Ash Tyler is coming back.

Out of all of the announced projects, this is the one I’m the most excited for!

Has there ever been more effort put into a project the fans wanted less?

Starfleet Academy is giving it a run for its money…

I remember reading or hearing about the possibility that David Cronenberg’s character of Kovich would appear in this. Is this still happening? I think it makes a certain kind of sense of him appearing but I also didn’t hear any concrete information about this.

Woohoo! The strikes really had me worried that this project was going to have a similar fate of eternal development hell to JJ’s ST4. Nothing but respect for my Emperor!

Yeah.. No thanks. ST: Legacy is more important to the franchise and it’s fans.

Very few want this version of S31.

Polled them all did you?

I’m hoping the next movie will be a Capt. Shaw / Titan-A prequel to Picard S3

By next, I’m assuming you mean after the Michelle Yeoh/Section 31 movie?

First thing: Michelle Yeoh.

Second thing: Shazad Latif. PLEASE bring back Shazad Latif. He was SO good in Discovery.

I second this. We know Ash Tyler was put in charge of Section 31 at the conclusion of DSC S2. I would also add Jason Isaacs. The S31 film is the perfect opportunity to meet Prime Lorca.

I despise Section 31 as an idea, and I don’t much care for this character, so I’d prefer this didn’t happen at all.

So, who could any other movies be about? Which existing characters from which series merit that spotlight?

As an Asian-American I was so very excited at the potential of Captain Georgiou being an inspirational leader when I heard Michelle Yeoh had been cast… instead they decided to kill actual Captain Georgiou off and replace her with the mirror universe alternate with questionable motives. The role was still well acted but just… it was still a bit of a let down.

I’d rather have a prequel to Discovery following actual Captain Georgiou if they want to have Yeoh return. Felt somewhat like a bait and switch when Discovery first started.

May Olatunde Osunsanmi learn to lock down the camera and not swing it around so much.

A-friggin’-men to that. And for everybody to knock it off with piling reflective oddities up between the lens and the subject as the camera prowls around the set.

Well, at least the people that wanted to watch this will get it. I will wait a few months after the release to watch it. I’d rather have Star Trek Legacy

In other Trek (1)4 movie news, Chris Pine commented that he’s not heard anything at all about an upcoming movie. He inferred it’s likely years away.

I guess I’ll take that as an early b-day present; except for some very nice moments that Lin and co delivered in BEYOND, I’ve really hated the JJverse, especially the 09, which together with the CraigEra for Bond and the first two MATRIX sequels, really soured my view on franchise filmmaking.

We’d likely disagree on the JJ movies to some extent, which is okay, but I am sympathetic about laziness in the movie franchise industry. I won’t see a Marvel movie in theaters – 33 movies in (and counting) and they have basically told the same story. Over and over and over.

Not sure where to drop word of this, but THR has a Noah Hawley interview that sheds a sentence or two of interest about how exactly his Trek project got shut down. When I post links, the posts seem delayed, so just go to hollywood reporter page and scan down to NOAH HAWLEY HAS BEEN OFFERED THE WORLD and click on that to read it. Sounds like exactly the kind of corporate dumbthink that has doomed or compromised so many Trek projects in the past.

I was in Ticonderoga for Shatner weekend and someone familiar with production mentioned they would be available for Section 31 if they wanted their help, but was told “Oh, this wouldn’t really be like working on Star Trek.” *rolls eyes*

Simply, I would like to see Captain Georgiou adventures as in the other series.