See Sisko Face Off With Space Dinosaurs In Preview Of ‘Star Trek’ #14

This week IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series continues the new “A Savage World of Glass and Bone” storyline, which has Captain Sisko and his crew trying to stop a war with the Tzenkethi, described by co-writer  Collin Kelly at NYCC last month as “gigantic space dinosaurs.” Kelly co-writes the series with Jackson Lanzing. Marvel and DC artist Marcus To has joined for the new arc. We have covers and a preview of issue 14.

Star Trek #14


Captain Sisko and the crew of the USS Theseus team up with Starfleet Operative Kingsnake-a.k.a. Harry Kim-to stop the war-loving Tzenkethi from launching their fleet across the Quadrant. Unfortunately for Starfleet, however, the Tzenkethi leader has a surprise guest of his own who will stop at nothing to thwart Starfleet’s plans. Meanwhile, when the crew is greeted by continuous-and frightening-earthquakes, Dr. Crusher realizes there is more going on with the planet than they may be able to survive.


Cover A by Marcus To (also available as B&W variant)

Cover B by Rachael Stott

Cover C by Philip Murphy

RI cover by Jake Bartok (also available in variant)


Five-page preview:

Star Trek #14 available Wednesday

Star Trek #14 arrives on November 22. You can order issue 14 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

Volume 2 collection now coming in 2 weeks

IDW’s first collection from the Star Trek series was released on July 18. Volume 1 (titled ‘Godshock”) collects the first six issues from the series. You can order Volume 1 in hardcover from Amazon for $20.07 or $7.28 for ebook/Kindle. The second volume (titled “The Red Path”) collects issues 7-10 and was originally planned for this Tuesday but has been moved back to December 6. You can pre-order Volume 2 in hardcover from Amazon for $24.99 or $7.65 for ebook/Kindle.

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Trek titles be like: An Adjective Noun with Noun and Another Noun. Profound!

I am consistently glad that none of this is canon.

I am similarly glad it doesn’t need to be canon to be enjoyable.

I do like the uniforms, though.

Just a heads up on the Volume 2 hardcover “The Red Path”; release date’s been pushed back a bit to December 5.

I love To’s art